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Monday, February 10, 2014

Deadly State House PR Spin Machine At It Again

There was a time recently that legislators referred to Aden Duale as makanga wa State house. This past weekend those Kenyans who may not have had any idea what the heck mpigs were talking about got to fully understood the rather appropriate tag.

Duale is the key tool used by State house for spinning purposes.

Now not everybody understands what spinning is so wiseguys please be patient for a minute for me to explain. Everything in life including the marketing of a product but especially politics is ruled by the perception (and NOT necessarily the truth) of the relevant publics. No matter how bad the news is you can change (spin) the way the public should receive it for your own selfish purposes.

Let me give an example from an old movie that I downloaded and watched this past weekend. The movie is called Thank you for smoking and it proves that you can market poison itself successfully to folks who do not want to commit suicide. You just need to be good at spinning stuff. Anyway without boring you with the details the chief protagonist is a spin expert for tobacco companies at a time when the public in the US is beginning to realize that tobacco smoking is damaging to the health (despite tobacco companies spending millions to prove that no research has conclusively proved this). A sexy female reporter seduces him and gets all the info she wants via pillow-talk (always, always works). The guy is devastated when she publishes her article and reveals all his killer moves to kill millions who continue smoking because he is so good at what he does. "I thought what we talked about when we were F****** was off the record," he screams at her shortly after he is fired.

But the spin master is not cornered yet, not even after the kind of article that should have been the end of the story. He calls a press conference and tells the public that the said reporter obtained her information by seducing him and wonders if this is the official policy of the very respectable newspaper for getting stories.. Naturally the attention of the public shifts completely to the said seductress (forgetting her article).

Now what we are being told with a straight face is that the ICC cases were engineered with the sole purpose of ensuring Raila Odinga's smooth passage to power. The "confirmation" of this is what former ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo said in some radio interview in the Netherlands. I have reviewed that interview and I can assure you that he DID NOT say anything that could be remotely interpreted the way Duale interpreted it.

But who cares? According to the grassroots supporters of Uhuruto the government has said it and so it must be gospel truth and that is the end of the story. As you read this some Kenyan grazing cattle in the countryside is saying to himself; "Kumbe Raila is such a nasty piece of work? Alitaka kumaliza mtu wetu"

To be honest with you I have never seen such an efficient spin machine as what has been installed in the banana republic just now in the heart of State house. Even Herr Hitler himself would have gone green with envy by just getting a glimpse into their work.

And remember that now that somebody has kicked up the dust attention will be diverted from other more important issues of the day like that smelly railway project that your great grand child will still be paying for by the time they go to their grave.

Very very smart!

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Anonymous said...


Who are the real puppet-masters, hired puppeteers and puppets who are usually manipulated at will and for as long as they are of use to their political masters?

Anonymous said...

Attention will be diverted from other more important issues of the day like that smelly railway project that your grand child will still be paying for by the time they go to their grave.

Did someone, a well connected individual, with an ear to the ground and both legs firmly placed within the higher circles of power, let the cat out of the basket by uttering the following - to close a long term friend - to the effect that the Chinese have been literally granted unlimited access to own and operate as many oil wells they will be able to discover in the northern region of the country, in return for the railway construction.

So, why are those in charge of the nation's dwindling coffers claiming that several billions of shillings will be allocated to fund the massive railway project, when a behind the scenes payment deal has already been reached in exchange for oil wells?

Hmmmm! The list of red flags, wider negative impact and real threats to the nation's future economy as well as political stability continues to ooze like a septic wound in 2014.

Further, the house on the hill cursed by so many native people during the dark era under the colonials, has far too often been a leading purveyor of arrogance, unpatriotic, hubris galore, corruption, impunity, destructive tribal politics, the usual modus operandi of very irrelevant economical mechanism, dysfunctional political leadership, never ending wannabe little (e)uropean mindset, among other things.

So far, the powers that be have fostered hardship, distress, unnecessary political tensions, and famine, or at least have allowed them to fester undisturbed.

We, the people, should have been given a chance to have a robust conversation about the pros and cons of that smelly railway project that will continue to over burden the next four generations of Kenyan patriots.

Ultimately, in all things we, the people, are going to remain victims of despotism rather than being conscious and active participants in the democratic work of companioning others, walking alongside them as equals rather than viewing them as perceived enemies - kabila adui and prople who should never be allowed or welcomed to the monthly sessions/opportunities of eating together.

Ole wetu!

Anonymous said...

The 'smelly railway project' may end up becoming a leading massive construction fraud scheme that will involve powerful puppet-masters, spin doctors, several associates, well connected insiders, consultants - the pseudo kind - and puppets aka paper pushers.

The 'railway-for-cash-project' will be eaten together by a chosen few through several channels, one of them being countless fraudulent procurement of construction materials and strips of land at 400% inflated price tag by the time the whole project reaches completion at one or another at a later date.

The public purse will soon be at our disposable. Therefore, we have to make as much money as we can because this railway project is a golden opportunity for us and it will not last forever.

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