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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thugs protecting top cops tell Kavuludi: Stop or we will kill you

Johnstone Kavuludi
When you are dealing with the police you are really dealing with thugs who are much more dangerous then the other conventional thugs. This seems to have been confirmed by death threats that
National Police Service Commission Chairman Johnstone Kavuludi (pictured) and other members of the police vetting panel have recently received. Hilariously police are investigating.

Shockingly this is not the first time for Kavuludi and his colleagues to receive death threats. Actually they received a rather graphic one last year (on August 30th) when a carton containing a human head and two hands was
dumped outside their headquarters which was then located on University Way. On the carton, was scrawled a warning to one of them saying, “you’re next.” Nope this is not a scene from some horror movie, it is happening right here in the banana republic. The latest death threat is a letter sent directly to Kavuludi.
All this comes at a time when the office of the president has directed Kavuludi NOT to announce any verdicts of the vetting panel until the names have been cleared by the OP first. Now, now why would they want to do that? To doctor the list of sacked officers perhaps?

In my latest raw notes I reveal the corrupt ways of an officer who recently appeared before the vetting panel.
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Anonymous said...

Pole sana Kavuludi. This is a clear sign that you are doing a good job.

These top cops are all thugs and they must go.

Anonymous said...

NPSC members should continue to develop and maintain an iron will, and unwavering desire to bring about real change within the entire police force.

Talking of overdue change that should have been surgically implemented after 2003, but unfortunately, the powers that be never bothered to clean up the whole police, let alone help strengthen law and order, as well as national security.

Kavuludi and company at NPSC are the only the people who can act like dendrochronologists and go about the real business of separating a lot of deadwood, if not rotten wood, from the police and give a few hardworking and ethical senior officers to steer the police in a totally new direction.

So far, majority of the vetted officers and the three - King'ori, Kimuli and Pamba - who have yet to have their day of grilling before NPSC, seem to have used their status at one point or another in order to engage in extra curriculum activities of encouraging gratitude and extracting gifts, what is infamously known as zawadi ya mkubwa aka kodi ya bwana kubwa.

Finding new ways to solve old problems and eradicate deeply embedded ills, a culture of dysfunction and decay within the police, is the only way forward.

Otherwise criminals in official police uniforms regardless of their rank will continue to destroy the police, at the same time put public safety at risk and threaten national security for another ten years.

Anonymous said...

The post-colonial bwana-kubwa mentality is so prevalent in 2014 and continues to erode any sense of real discipline and professionalism within the police and other security agencies.

As a result, the men in question have continued to be promoted with no merit and allowed to command various departments and sections of the police for all the wrong reasons.

These are men - and women - whose view of public safety, policing, and national security do not have any relevance whatsoever to what professional police departments or law enforcement agencies in the developed world are all about, or should be.

The men and women with a deeply warped bwana kubwa mentality are the very same people who have been robbing the public and country, a real golden opportunity of being served and protected by a well trained and properly functioning professional police force from the mid-late 1960s to date - January, 2014.

The time has really come for the current deep seated culture of corruption and decay among the police top brass, rank and file, to fixed once and for all.

Hope NPSC will end up coming to the rescue without any of the usual heavy-handed political interference from the president's men who always (pre)tend to speak on behalf of the big man at the State House, just because they are known to have easy access to the main gate or backdoors to State House, and at times to chase after political crumbs all the way to Gatundu.

Anonymous said...

Some police officers know that corruption, greed and hunger for power have a strong hold on them, yet they still cannot free themselves from the deadly vices they picked along way after graduating from the infamous police boot camp at Kiganjo.

Anonymous said...

Have a damn question to ask some of the SPOs; how some of them manage to amass such large quantities of personal properties, and huge sums of millions and millions of cash?

Anonymous said...

Corruption does impair functioning among senior and junior police officers, and that is one of the reasons why curbing criminal activity in the city of Nairobi and around the country remains unmanageable.

Anonymous said...

The sun rises every morning, a fact known to the majority of us, however, there will come time as it normally does when our individual lives will finally set at an appropriate date or what some may consider to be on an inappropriate - premature - date and day of their lives.

Sunrise or sunset, the question remains how did senior police officer manage to build a Sh15bn estate at a time was serving the nation as an intelligence chief?

It's very unfair to say unpleasant things or ask unnecessary questions regarding the previous lives of people who have already exited life as we know it.

However, how did a humble civil servant end up amassing 61 properties across the country and shares in 22 companies, only to leave them all behind without a proper will?

Lastly, did the current impaired crop of seasonal senior police officers learn from the best among their role models - cherished predecessors?

Anonymous said...


Are you surprised or shocked that Kavuludi is being threatened, shadowed, stalked and harassed by criminals elements from circles of political thugs, business thugs, underworld thugs, closeted tribal thugs and foreign thugs?

Deadly thugs who stand to lose their buckets and barrels of ill-gotten bread and butter, and above all, the guaranteed protection under utumishi kwa wachahe wenye mali?

?What do people expect when some of the above mentioned are business partners, or are heavily invested in i.e. the Sh15bbn estate, (more than) 61 properties across the country and shares in the 22 companies?

The business of quid pro quo in the old sense of scratching the backs of others so that they in turn scratch the backs of those who scratched them is a currency that fuels greed, corruption, impunity, hunger for power, primal survival instincts among top government officials and underworld kingpins.

Anonymous said...

Let some of us hope that the next police chief - IG of police - will take the initiative to restore the standards, ethics, and professionalism that is nonexistence within the country's national police.

Anonymous said...

The stern warnings and deadly threats from the thugs protecting top cops may have won the day after all.

We, the people of Kenya, have been known to be very crazy given the manner in which we go about the most essential business of reconstructing or transforming
some of the country's important institutions.

How crazy will the people and the nation become if the sickening and tiring tradition of doing the same things over and over in the same old dysfunctional manner while expecting different results, is allowed to continue?

For instance, the never ending recycling of underperforming, unproductive, unethical, rogue, unpatriotic and unprofessional senior police officers is what has sabotaged public safety and continues to compromise national security, including any real efforts for overdue constructive changes within the police.

Senior police officers continue to be allegedly cleared even when and where there have been so many red flags, unanswered questions, conduct becoming senior police officers, and other known involvement in illegal and criminal activities dating back to the last twenty years.

By all accounts, it is evident that there are few bad apples and several rotten bananas within the nation's police force.

Why have senior and junior officers who to be compromised by the daily temptations of embracing greed, bribery, extortion, providing protection and information to corrupt individuals, and rubbing shoulders with criminal elements, been cleared and found suitable to continue serving in the police force.

So far, much had been expected from the NPSC, in terms of carrying out a better job and making courageous decisions, such as shedding off the undesirables within the top brass, rank and file, in order to enable the national police force to undergo a real transformation and become a professional law enforcement entity.

Anyway, without sounding too subjective, the NPSC should have done the public and the police force a very great service by not retaining King'ori, Kimilu ("Kimuli") Pamba and other senior officers who have outlived their use and welcome as far as serving on the police force and the nation are concerned.

What a sad day for the Kenyan public and country, as well as a very unfortunate outcome for hardworking senior and junior police officers who had expected to see real changes take place within the entire police force, with the hopes of working under a totally new, functioning, professional and trustworthy leadership - police top brass - and senior police management in various departments and regions of the country.

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