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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Westgate: Why are the FBI contradicting numerous foreign Intelligence Sources?

 14 years ago FBI experts said that this man, a bitter enemy of the then Kanu regime had committed suicide. This was obviously false even to villagers and both houses of the United States Congress passed a joint resolution calling Fr. John Kaiser’s death "an assassination," and calling for the US State Department to investigate. Still the killers were never identified nor found. Now the FBI is saying that the Westgate Mall attackers died at the Mall when there is plenty of emerging evidence to suggest otherwise. Is this Kaiser II?

Despite confirmation from multiple international intelligence sources that the Westgate Mall attackers (believed to be 4 in number) escaped, the GOK has stuck to its story that they were killed in the attack. But then the same international intelligence sources keep disproving one thing after another that our banana republic government told us with a straight face about the Westgate mall attack.

Now shortly after I recently published some startling updates here about the Westgate attack the media was suddenly awash with this FBI interview where it was said that there is no evidence to prove that the attackers escaped and that they were all killed during the attack (they conveniently forgot to mention that there is also absolutely no evidence that they were killed which would usually be much easier to find).

You can be sure that the timing of that false story was no accident and was designed to counter any buzz that would have arisen from the Kumekucha story.

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The FBI statement had its' desired effect because to many younger Kenyans everything the FBI says is gospel truth. Many would not know that this is not the first time the American crime-busters are telling Kenyans a fib in support of the government of the day. In 2000 shortly after the body of Father John Kaiser was found with the back of the head missing the FBI told the Kenyan public that their expert concurred with the GOK's position that Kaiser had committed suicide. Kenyans familiar with the case were both shocked and confused. To them only African governments were involved in cover ups and the safi kama pamba mzungus would never ever lie.

Mercifully the ploy did not work. Kaiser was a known bitter enemy of the then KANU government mainly because he never hesitated to defend the less privileged against government excesses. In fact the Moi administration even tried to deport him at one time. In any case the Roman Cathlolic Father was a selfless courageous man who knew the risks he was taking and had once famously said in a book he wrote;

“I want all to know that if I disappear from the scene, because the bush is vast and hyenas many, that I am not planning any accident, nor, God forbid, any self destruction. Instead, I trust in a good guardian angel and in the action of grace.”

The situation was only saved when both houses of the United States Congress passed a joint resolution calling Fr. Kaiser’s death "an assassination," and calling for the US State Department to investigate. Still the killers were never identified nor found.

The recent FBI statement raises even more suspicion about the fate of the attackers. Read the startling possible motive in my Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Reports.

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Anonymous said...


Competing narratives can sometimes be resolved by integration. One story may widen to accommodate an alternative narrative within itself.

That being said, the concerned public still wonder why was a so called final investigative report based on nothing more than pictorial evidence accepted as conclusive?

Then how comes an investigation expert was sent from Texas rather from the headquarters in Washington, DC?

Special agents from that part of the world are known for being very thorough and conversant with the basics in dealing with crime scenes, interviewing various sources connected to the case, gathering and handling of forensic evidence, reviewing the same.

While at the same time following any other promising or relevant leads before writing up a final confidential report that ends up being sent back to the headquarters in Washington DC, where a version of the official report is then sent to the authorities in the country where crime occurred.

So, why was protocol disregarded given the fact that a citizen from that particular nation had been murdered in circumstances that were not mysterious at all, given the preexisting volatile history and relation between the victim and the agents or institution(s) that are believed to have been responsible for the gruesome murder of a beloved old and worthy missionary?

Lest the public forgets the fact that the victim was a very loyal individual who had adopted Kenya as his homeland since the early 1960s, at a time when hundreds of thousands of Wengereza and other - two-goodie-shoes - wazungu had hurriedly parked up and left the country before and immediately after uhuru?

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a country where everything and the unthinkable can happen at anytime in the worst kind of ways.

That is one of the reasons why any person who dare finger point, shame, challenge and expose the underbellies of prominent cabinet ministers - present day senators and governors -, big-men and senior government officials, not only risks his/her life but ends up signing an instant death warrant.

Kaiser was not a naïve, reckless or an arrogant person but he was very much aware of the deadly consequences of standing up against impunity and injustice, yet he still went ahead and took a critical stand that many of his peers were unwilling to initiate at time when the country was a police state.

Suffice it to say that Fr. John Kaiser was murdered by agents of death hired by prominent politicians, then let down in big way by an FBI agent who did a very shoddy investigation job, luckily he was posthumously recognized and honoured the Congress and Senate in his country of origin.


Anonymous said...

In a society that never bows to radical change, governance, independence, better standard of living for 85% of its citizens, and all things constitutional and judicial, it will be very difficult to find an iota of evidence that will ascertain whether the four attackers did manage to escape or ended up being smoked during the bungled security operation at Westgate Mall.

Anonymous said...

Is there any slight possibility that Padre Kaiser may have been murdered by a lone wolf or hyena with a score or beef to settle?

Anonymous said...

Why was it easier for so many of us to accept that a female lecturer at Maseno University had killed herself by committing suicide due to marital, mental health issues and other related complications?

Yet it was harder for several million of us to even entertain the notion that a Catholic missionary priest may have taken his own life due to personal, professional, spiritual, political, or other - do or die - issues that may have complicated matters and overwhelmed him in the end.

Without indulging in the cruel art or temptation of finding hidden pleasure in the inequitable issues that usually afflict or encroach on the lives of others in our midst, let's say for the sake of hypotheticals, that the former lecture at Maseno University had been a well known critic, opponent or a very outspoken individual against the former president or prime minister or current government and prominent politicians in her county.

What type of reaction would her death have elicited locally, regionally and nationwide?

All things taken in consideration, her death by suicide would have been a very difficult version for the public to accept by all accounts.

*May the souls of Mrs. Pamela Jaoko K'Ouko and Rev. John Kaiser continue to seek eternal rest.

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