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Saturday, December 28, 2013

"You are a traitor," Alfred Keter tells William Ruto

Alfred "JUBILEE horror movie" Keter

What is really going on with these URP guys. First of all it was Goovernor Isaac Ruto taking on the whole of JUBILEE over the percentage of national funds to be given to county governments (remember that saga?) Now just a few months later URP produce another anti-JUBILEE Monstor, more terrible and frightening than Isaac Ruto ever was. His name is of course Alfred Keter. That name alone sends cold chills down the spin of many in government. yet this is a youngster, fairly good looking and first-time legislator.

According to the Kenyan Daily Post, Keter is now telling Ruto not to waste his time and funds touring the Rift Valley (as planned for January) to rally waning support for JUBILEE. Keter says that it will be a waste of time just like the recent presidential trip to the same area.

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