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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Did Blogger die because of Shebesh/Sonko nude photos?

ImageIn politics perception is much more important than the truth and in most cases the facts don't really matter when perception has kicked in. And so to avoid complications with all those Kumekucha readers out there who are JUBILEE damu let's stick to perception for what I am about to say to introduce this very sad topic.

The JUBILEE government is going to be remembered for causing the media plenty of grief. As to whether this is true or not, let's leave that discussion for another day. For now let's stick to the perception out there. Let me also leave out at this juncture all the info I have received about several bloggers fearing for their lives and the warnings I too have received over my own safety. By the way in-case you did not know bloggers have also been carefully targeted by several legislative moves from the government including the one insisting that all domain names are registered within Kenya (but that is a story for another day).

In view of this perception some facts about the recent death of a blogger who has become very famous very suddenly in recent months can easily be linked by wananchi to the JUBILEE agenda and policy of silencing any media voice that is not for them.

Kahodha Roy Ogolla (pictured above) was the blogger who released the shocking Sonko/Shebesh nude photos to a gaping Kenyan public. Now a few days ago he died in what was reported to have been a road accident. Fine. A lot of Kenyans die on the roads especially at this time of the year so nothing fishy there, ama?. Only that a prominent JUBILEE politician had promised to finish the late Ogolla only a few days earlier. But it gets even more interesting.

The autopsy report is inconsistent with the road accident theory. The post mortem report says he died of liver bleeding, but his body has no physical injury. And yet they say the car rolled several times and he was thrown out on impact. Young Ogolla was also reportedly with a lady in that car, no one knows where the lady is or who she was. 

In other words there were no eye witnesses to the said road accident on a public road, at least they have not come forward so far.

This smells of a cover up of sorts involving the usual "heavy stones that cannot be turned." Admittedly the young blogger was fairly careless in the way he went about things, even openly revealing the source of his stories. However it seems that he had some information that was way too sensitive.

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