Saturday, December 28, 2013

Can President Uhuru tell the difference between tribal and political?

 Former Vice President Riek Machar: Crafty. Seeks violent short-cut to power

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently made a very strange statement about the ongoing conflict in S.Sudan. He said that the conflict was a political problem rather than a tribal one.

In fact strange may be the wrong word to describe this remark and bizarre may just fit in much better. Here’s why. Kenya’s interest in S.Sudan is deep and there is no doubt that the Kenyan intelligence service has been on the ground giving Nairobi regular briefings since the birth of that nation. This means that the Kenyan president has to be one of the most knowledgeable people around on what is going on in the world’s newest country.

The problem is South Sudan is tribal and that should be pretty obvious. Some bitter Kenyans may be quick to add that the president’s understanding of tribal and political may be a wee bit faulty. After all social media is rampant with complaints about how recent appointments from State house have favoured one tribe considerably over the others. Perhaps the way the president sees the issue is that the appointments have not really been tribal but political.

Anyway, sadly for everybody it looks like the problem in that country is going to get much worse before it gets better as this article describes the situation on the ground so well.

Of interest to this blogger is the craftiness of this former Vice President Riek Machar guy. The government in South Sudan has blamed him for starting the trouble by plotting a coup attempt on Dec. 15. Machar denies that charge and claims that violence began when presidential guards from President Salva Kiir's majority Dinka tribe tried to disarm guards from Machar's Nuer ethnic group. From Juba the military clashes then spiraled across the country.

Well, well. Troops loyal to him are clearly very well prepared and are heavily armed. As you read this 25,000 of his soldiers are marching towards Bor in an attempt to retake the strategic town. Did they get all their supplies and organize their readiness on the spur of the moment? Go tell that to the birds. The man has obviously been carefully planning all this for a very long time. And he is very well financed too. Still he seems keen to ensure that his image and PR are top notch as well as his propaganda (a vital tool in any war since the beginning of time) as he seeks a violent short-cut path to power.

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