Monday, December 30, 2013

Wamalwa tells Ruto to go for 2017 presidency

Deputy president William Ruto has been urged not to wait for 10 years to contest the presidency and to instead stand in 2017 because it was his democratic right to do so.

The remarks were made on Saturday by Kiminini MP Dr Chris Wamalwa (NOT to be confused with former Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa.)
Kiminini legislator Chris Wamalwa

Wamalwa is an opposition legislator but the remarks come at a time when political temperatures in the country have risen to fever pitch with the URP faction of the ruling JUBILEE coalition complaining bitterly about the president leaving them out of appointments even as they demand for the resignation/removal from office of those still in government who during the Kibaki administration went out of their way to gather evidence against DP William Ruto in an effort to ensure that he was successfully charged and convicted at the Hague.

Even more interesting is the suggestion doing the rounds in URP and gaining popularity that President Uhuru steps down for Ruto in 2017 and then completes his last 5 years after Ruto has had a stint in power. Could this have been the rumour that inspired Wamalwa's remarks?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everyone of us has an opinion, so is Wanjohi Pombe bin Tembo, and we are all entitled to our own opinions, whatever they may be.

As far as the next presidential election goes, let the candidate in question break out from the current mold on and seek the presidency on his own volition, merit, political capital, star power and above all, national appeal - from east to west, north to south, and coast to north east.

There is no chance under the skies above Kenya that Kenyatta will be able to step down or be convinced to move aside so that his current deputy may take a bite at the presidency in 2017.

What if the candidate whose name is being thrown around gets granted a chance on a quasi political silver spoon only to end up being trounced by a more formidable political opponent?

After all, it's the majority of voters who will have the final say - individually, collectively, and as a country when the time to seek - elect or select - who their next president will be.

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