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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Raila and Nyanza MPs very worried about Kidero cash

What is Evans Kidero (pictured) really up to dishing out large sums of money in Nyanza? It has merged that a meeting on Monday attended by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other top Luo leaders was called to discuss this precise issue.

It seems that Kidero's "partner in crime" in this issue is one Dalmas Otieno. The two are working together and very closely with the JUBILEE government because in many of these fund raisers they turn up with the President and Deputy president's contributions.

Those who know Kidero well say that he is an extremely ambitious man who refuses to see obstacles and always goes for the seemingly impossible. This is precisely how he has become such a wealthy man. Hence it is no surprise that one of the busiest governors in the country faced with a mountain of challenges in the almost ungovernable Nairobi can find the time to criss cross Nyanza dishing out huge sums of money and seemingly chasing another agenda when his plate is already full.

Admittedly no matter how many meetings CORD and ODM hold thye can do very little to touch Kidero at the moment or to derail his political career. In any case the fact that Luo leaders are feeling nervous about his activities is a clear indication that Kidero is no push over and needs to be taken very seriously.

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