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Friday, January 10, 2014

Wetangula Shooting: It was NOT An Assassination Attempt... So What Was It?

Citizen at One 10th Jan2014
Wonders will never cease in the banana republic. Information just in from a seasoned security expert suggests that last night's incident where the Bungoma senator's car was fired at by unknown gunmen was NOT an assassination attempt after all.

In a compelling detailed dossier to this blogger the expert points to several inconsistencies that seem to rule out an assassination attempt.

So what was it? Actually it seems to have been "a message." Somebody somewhere was trying to send a very clear message to Moses Wetangula who is a co-principle within the opposition coalition, CORD. And it seems that the message got home loud and clear. The Bungoma senator was so shaken that he had to be escorted all the way to his Karen home by a large chunk of former PM Raila Odinga's security detail. Raila arrived at the Kilimani police station where Wetangula had gone to report the incident moments after the 10:45PM shooting where no bullet even grazed any occupant of the vehicle.

The security experts' dossier to Kumekucha describes the gunmen as "skilled jokers" who had NO intention of harming a single piece of hair on the senator's head.

"With the automatic weapons we have these days, even a 90 year old Chuchu (grandmother) with a very unsteady hand would have caused serious harm to the occupants of the vehicle. At that angle (described in reports) and considering that the vehicle must have been slowing as it approached the City Mortuary roundabout, all they would have needed to do was point in the general direction and release the bullets and they would have been sure that at least a handful of bullets would have found their mark," the expert says. In other words it took a highly skilled gunman to miss in this situation."

Whoever ordered the shooting had done their homework and thought through the whole process because the media and all blogs (including the Kumekucha blog) are now busy reporting an assassination attempt and trying to analyze that while the real motives remain well hidden.

Read the Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Report (published just a few minutes ago) to get an idea of what all this may have been about.


Anonymous said...

Is the shooting incident being treated as "a man bite dog" type of criminal occurrence?

By the way, are there any statistics from the police force, CID, relevant security agencies and insurance companies regarding how many motorists have been shot at in and around the same location, or along the road?

What about the number of other similar shooting incidences that have been reported or have taken place in the nation's capital?

Anonymous said...

Was someone or a group of people out there trying to send a direct message that appeals to Wetang'ula's worst fears?

After all, the senator from Bungoma may have rubbed his former and current political opponents the wrong way, not to mention personal enemies, by having survived several attempts to ouster him from the political dominance in Bungoma County, as well as on the ever shifting coalition frontlines that seem to have bogged down what remains of national politics.

The question on the minds of some people is; who is it that stands to benefit most - God forbid - in the event that Wetang'ula ceases to exist as a resident threat to his/her political interests?

Anonymous said...

Thursday's late night attack should not be taken lightly nor trivialized by any means whatsoever, however, there are some people in our midst who would really like to know whether it was an attack randomly carried out by criminal opportunists, or if the senator was indeed shadowed and followed all the way from the airport and targeted thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Wetang'ula of all people! Why pick on him or try to end his emerging political career that has seen him rise from one horizon to the next without self-destructing like some of his former and current contemporaries?

Anonymous said...

Is an angry and dejected individual - or group of aggressive people - who is not politically well rounded trying to seek revenge, unnecessary attention at the wrong time and for all the wrong reasons? Who is the politically aggrieved individual in question? And why was Wetang'ula targeted after the fact - by-elections?

Anonymous said...


Will the failed attempt on the senator's life have a disappropriate effect on any of his immediate political plans, as well as future political aspirations?

Anonymous said...

The word on the streets, in the workplace, and in a fare number of homes within and on the outskirts of the nation's capital is that, the robbery incident involving one of the country's senators who was fired upon by unknown assailants has been overly blown out of proportion due to the fact of his political stature.

Otherwise hard the incident that occurred last Thursday night involved an ordinary motorists, it would have been reported to the police only to end up piled on many similar cases forgotten in a detective's waste bin - incoming paper tray.

A method of police operation that has been the norm in other areas of the metropolitan region and around country, especially in cases where murder of a prominent personality is not committed by the well organized criminal syndicates in the urban and rural areas of the country.

Further, there are several pockets of the general population who are of the opinion that there are strong reasons to believe that the reported attack on the senator was nothing more than a robbery attempt, as opposed to 'an assassination attempt' a on his life.

As reported, the senator's vehicle was heading in the direction or to an area known to be inhabited by very wealthy individuals and high profile corporate employees - who is who in Nairobi - and that is one of the reasons why it may have been attacked as a soft target given the late hours of day.

The failed robbery attack could have been aimed at any motorist driving an expensive looking vehicle, as stated by local residents in that part of the city, and frequent road users who dare risk returning home at that particular time of the day.

Anonymous said...

Wetangula Shooting: It was NOT An Assassination Attempt... So What Was It?

As Kenyans from all political byways, avenues and highways of the country continue to extend unanimous condemnation of last Thursday night attack on the Senator from Bungoma County, and rightly so, because such acts and attempts are uncalled for regardless of the intended target or persons.

However, one of the fact that seems to have been overlooked in the process is that, most prospective assassins spend an inordinate amounts of time planning and preparing for the 'hit' or 'targeting their intended mark'.

Well calculated and intended assassinations are thus rarely a case of impulsive action or botched operations as was the case in what is now being considered as last week's attempt on the senator's life.

All things taken into account, Wetang'ula was riding in an expensive looking vehicle that may have been in the wrong place, at the wrong time and later attacked at the wrong time of the night by the wrong crew of - ill trained and equipped - assailants who may have acted on the orders issued by the wrong handlers who have little or nothing to do with the movers and shakers of the country's political landscape.

Or else, the hit-job could have been thoroughly executed, Kenyan style, the moment the intended target or occupants in the marked vehicle once they had arrived at the main gate of their final destination or residence.

When all is said and done, there is and will be very little or zero fire coimg out of the smoke that has come to be termed as "an attempt on Senator Wentang'ula's political life".

Time will tell what the other side of the story really was.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, was the alleged attack where the shoots somehow missed their targets - occupants - a staged affair meant to elicit public sympathy as well as cultivate political mileage for the high profile politician who is reported to have already declared his bid for the 2017 presidential elections? What really happened and what's going on?

Anonymous said...

We're barely into 2014 and miniature political dramas have began to unfold at a time when the so-called wannabe tribal political kingpins are busy chiseling their half-baked political narrative quests as they brace themselves for the 2017 presidential elections.

Despite all the evidence of improbabilities and impossibilities that are already stacked against well known careerists in the senate and parliament, it is hard to understand why and how certain tribal politicians end up deluding themselves into believing that they have the necessary track record and national appeal that could guarantee them an elevation into the former colonial governor's mansion on the cursed ancient hill.

In the meantime, as far as the miniature political turf battles continue to take on lives of their own, including the recent night attack on a senator; the real truth is out there, and it may come out sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Did Wetang'ula survive a billboard attack or was it a case of much ado about nothing?

Anonymous said...

Where are the bullet holes? Where is the evidence to support the senator's allegations about having survived an assassination attempt?

The other issue is about the blood stains found at the alleged crime scene, was it leftover blood stains connected to any usual unprofessional and unethical activity at the infamous City Mortuary?

Or were the blood stains from a victim of hit and run by driver who did not bother to stop and check what had hit his vehicle, or what he had it during the late hours of the night?

Anonymous said...

What was he thinking? What had he drunk during or after his evening meal? Was he rudely awaken from sleep at the time his vehicle hit a dangling piece of metal broken from a billboard.

The senator who made a blanket statement to the police claiming his vehicle had been fired upon and his head grazed by a bullet in the process, should take ownership, admit his mistake and apologize for the alarming allegations that do not any hold merit.

Unfortunately, he will not be able to shed the label of a senator who cried wolf at a time when there was not a single wolf nor rabid wild-dog in the immediate vicinity of a twenty-five mile radius.

There is not a single shred of evidence whatsoever that a bullet did indeed hit the vehicle nor were any of the occupants harmed in any way, shape or form.

So far, there is not a single monkey on the senator's political shoulders, but it is a silverback gorilla that will remain there for a longtime to come while jokes are traded at his expense.

Anonymous said...

Naff said!

Anonymous said...

When all has been said and done, should the senator's drive be charged with perjury or obstruction if he lied to or misled or if he provided statements after the fact that were designed to thwart an investigation because he was trying to cover-up a very serious mistake when he discovered that the object that struck the vehicle was nothing but a dangling small piece of string attached to a billboard as reported later on by the crime scene unit.

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