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Monday, December 30, 2013

Nyaribari Chache by-elections results: Ford People in shock win

In shock results just in from the by-election in Nyaribari Chache, Ford People’s candidate Richard Tongi has won the seat (beating favourite and incumbent Chris Bichage of ODM by less than 400 votes) garnering 10,100 votes.

The result is a clear indication of the influence and power of the Nyachae family who surprised everybody by suddenly getting very involved in this by-election. A section of the press speculated that some family members may have been using the election to test the waters for future political moves in the area. Retired Simeon Nyachae is the founder of the Ford People party.

However analysts on the ground say that this is a move by Simeon Nyachae to strengthen Ford People with the intention of using the party's strength amongst the Kisii community as a bargaining chip with the JUBILEE government. This is the direction Kenyan politics has persistently stuck to which promotes tribalism but secures political power for leaders who can Marshall their tribes to vote as a block.

Nationally the results are a blow to the CORD coalition which has now lost one precious seat in a parliament where they are already the minority.

Read more details about the by-election results

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


For your information, the Kisii community is larger, smarter, wiser and politically diverse than one man who was at one time a post-colonial government administrator and well connected businessman.

The man is now among a generation whose time - five decades - has come and gone, and it is an opportune time for the Kisii community continue fielding a breed and generation of politicians to adequately represent the region at the local, county, regional and national levels.

Some of the "family members" - in question - who have and still continue to benefit by association, have a real uphill battle come the next general election, as well as in any future by-elections in the region.

After all, 9,712 votes went to ODM, 9,049 were cast in favour of TNA, the other 10,100 were offered to FP, and the others got the leftover votes.

The outcome was not a landslide by any measure nor was it a stamp of approval for one former prominent regional politician and members of his family with political aspirations.

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