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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Jubilee Government Behaving Like PEV 2008 Never Happened

What really caused the blood letting in Kenya after the 2007 Presidential elections?

Chief mediator of the talks that led to the forming of a grand coalition government, Koffi Annan was clearly well informed on the reasons. You just have to look at the agenda for action that he helped construct. Apart from the formation of all inclusive grand coalition government there were urgent reforms suggested (only the one on the judiciary took off) and that those responsible are brought to justice (has never happened and is unlikely to ever happen). Then there was the formation of the truth, justice and reconciliation commission. Sadly even as you read this efforts are at advanced stage to use the "rubber stamp" parliament to find ways to amend certain sections of the report. And that is after alarms have already been raised that even that report that people want to fiddle with had already been altered in some sections.

Who informed Bwana Kofi Annan? It was our very own politicians, which means they are well aware of why Kenyans suddenly saw red after those ill-fated polls.

But how are those same politicians behaving now? Recent parastatal appointments by President Uhuru Kenyatta have raised temperatures considerably. And not only from the opposition, some of the loudest critics are JUBILEE people. In fact it seems that "this small matter of a few appointments" is threatening the very survival of the ruling coalition proving that it is NOT a small matter.
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Kenyans went berserk in 2008 as a culmination of decades of injustice and the fact that the national cake has really belonged to only one tribe and momentarily to a second tribe that is the only other tribe apart from the first to ever produce a president.

In other words the government is rubbing salt on the same wounds that caused trouble in 2008. JUBILEE is behaving as if the PEV never happened.

There is an interesting new study just out that assesses how Kenya avoided another round of widespread ethnic violence in the March 2013 elections and what steps still need to be taken. The report for the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect was conducted by Abdullahi Boru Halakhe, an expert on security and political analysis of the region, and a former journalist reporting from his native Kenya for the BBC. Read more details HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We, the people, can not change the past nor can we replace what was lost during the deadly political mayhem that unfolded after the 2007 general election.

The cyclical post election violence could have be prevented and can still be avoided in future if the government and country's security agencies carry out their operational duties as effective as they are expected by the law and constitution, without letting the country and Kenyans down.

In the meantime, there are so many of us, Kenyans from all walks of life, who still share our bitterness and disbelief over the fact that the murderers, looters, rapists, financiers and their political kingpins have not been brought to justice since August of 2008.

What a rotten banana of a republic Kenya continues to be fifty years later!

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