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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another Obama? Kenyan Becomes Finland’s First black Member of Parliament

The Kumekucha blog has plenty of friends in the US and some of them are serious political analysts in a country where the politics is complex. And so when we became the first blog to predict an Obama win in the race for the White house (long before primaries had even started) many laughed at "how naive Kumekucha was." And that included my own late Dad (who visited the US several times) and close advisers to former President Kibaki. It is now laughable that when the then senator Barack Obama visited Kenya and tried to see the president, Baba Jimmy had no time for him. Well hardly a year later President Obama hardly had the time for Kibaki (LOL!!)

Now another man with a Kenyan father (in Kenya we believe the child's father decides their tribe) is making waves in politics and this time in Europe. Fascinatingly the guy's story reads like a replica of Obama's (he too came to meet his father's family in Kenya). And his achievements are even more mind boggling than Obama's because his mother's country is over 95 percent white, making it one of the most homogeneous countries in Europe.

Despite our political mess at home, there is obviously something very special about us Kenyans.

Read the story of Jani Toivola (pictured) Finland's very first black member of parliament HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Wajaluo wamekua wakiringa but now us lunjes have our day.

This man is definitely a Luhya from his facial features.

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