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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Kidero, Shebesh to be charged 4 months later... Why??

Why wait 4 long months to charge somebody in court? Do police investigations take that long? More so for a case where there are video clips of exactly what went down?

Strange but I am afraid very normal in the banana republic where courts and court cases against individuals have been used as political weapons and "tools of the trade" for decades. But we have an independent judiciary now, I can hear you wondering. Relax! That has got nothing to do with who prosecutes cases. Apparently the file has been in some cabinet at the DPP's office gathering dust all this time but was suddenly retrieved yesterday. Why?

Both Kidero and Shebesh will be charged. Kidero will face assault charges whilst Shebesh will answer to the minor offense of creating disturbance.
Famous Shebesh slap of September 6th 2013 was captured on national TV. Moments later the Nairobi governor told the press he could not recall slapping anybody or anything about what had just happened. Within the hour charges and P3 forms were flying to police stations from both Shebesh and Kidero.

We know that Ms Shebesh has been threatening to go back to Raila Odinga and ODM where she launched her political career not too long ago. We also know that her relationship with the JUBILEE high command has been going through some trying times recently But in Kidero's case we may need to dig deeper. The Nairobi governor is still on an extended passionate honeymoon with the ruling JUBILEE government. What could possibly have gone wrong in the middle of this happy time?

Interestingly the DPP has ordered Kidero to be charged with assault which means that the claims he made of being assaulted in the groin by Ms Shebesh have been cast aside. If this is indeed true and Kenya were not a banana republic then it would have opened quite a number of smelly cans of worms. Giving a false report to the police is a criminal offense that 10 witnesses and Kidero would have to prove they did not commit. And then there is the doctor at Mama Lucy hospital in Komarock who signed the P3 form that Kidero presented to the police as "proof" that he had indeed been assaulted.

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Anonymous said...

What about the politicians, civil servants and criminals who were involved in the 2007 post-election violence?

Including other well known characters who have been busy looting public property, government coffers, land grabbing, smuggling of sub-standard imports aka "licensed goods", counterfeit medications and beauty products, fake motor vehicle spare parts, expired fertilizer and agricultural products, construction equipment and materials, dumping of hazardous materials, etc.

Will the DPP find the courage to order all of the people involved to be charged as well in 2014? Or is he just going to end up playing political games in order to appease various high profile individuals in the gallery?

There have been more serious political, immigration, financial, ethnic, police, military, educational, medical, business crimes, among others committed in the last ten to five years, yet they have not been investigated nor the known culprits brought to justice?

Anyway, let the DPP make an example of the two individuals, so that it serves as a lesson or teachable moment to other high profile politicians who have come to believe that they are above the law in Kenya and deserve special treatment wherever they are, or whenever they travel throughout the country.

Anonymous said...

The DPP's order to charge Kidero and Shebesh is nothing more than a well coordination operation of smoke and mirrors. The public will have to wait and see what happens next at the DPP's command or so-called order.

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