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Hazina "Lunatic" Project Reason For Kidero's Case Being Revived

Kumekucha Exclusive

Kenyans get bored easily by scandals involving very prominent Kenyans these days. After all what else is new? BUT there is a mega-scandal that involves some of the highest offices in the land that is brewing which will even greatly endanger the lives of ordinary Kenyans. Some analysts believe that this is the reason why Governor Evans Kidero's assault case against Shebesh is being revived all of a sudden because he is right in the thick of it.

Let me try to quickly break it down for you in simple language.

Kidero has been under IMMENSE pressure from (name with-held but get it for FREE HERE) and also (name with-held but get it for FREE HERE), both extremely powerful people in Kenya today, to okay a lunatic project right in the heart of Nairobi that will endanger the lives of many ordinary Kenyans. Not to mention the fact that approval of the said project will flout many planning and safety codes in the city.

1. This project intends to build on an already existing structure (Hazina Towers). This on account of the extra weight alone is a no no. The foundation of the building may not be able to properly support the extra weight of more floors. Additionally the building could easily become unstable, experts are warning.

2. Hazina Towers has no more space to expand on the ground without encroaching on other peoples' property. Since the project is designed to use the FULL space of the plot, the only way to include parking, service and access roads would be to encroach onto other surrounding plots, illegally of course.

3. The biggest problem is that the Project OWNERS (and there are many) want the building to start and continue while the the building is still occupied. This alone will put this crazy project on Time magazine for the most dangerous construction project ever! You can imagine the consequences of trying this.

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It is for these reasons that Kidero revoked the building permit  (works approval) that was given out in 2010.

The truth is that (name with-held but get it for FREE HERE) has already "eaten" from NSSF on the project and is so desperate to get it underway as he committed to NSSF. The other powerful personality (name with-held but get it for FREE HERE) has now been roped in with the promise of more heavy duty cash should he unlock the stalemate and have the project continue and a certain cabinet secretary (name with-held but get it for FREE HERE) is also in on this mix.

Fake letters have even been pushed into Kideros' face purportedly from President Uhuru saying the project must continue, but Kidero has remained adamant that he will not give the authority. He even went to State house late last year specifically to complain to the president that the pressure was too much. Uhuru told him to hold his ground as he was in the right and denied having ever written the said letters. This shows just how desperate people are on this project to the extent that Kidero has been fearing for his life. Uhuru meanwhile has his plate full on other urgent matters of state and of course the ICC battle.

All their attempts to bribe Kidero have failed. Kidero should know only too well that should he give the permission the resultant mess will be his not to mention the high risks of accidents. That could easily see him lose his job and more so end up in jail (it is that serious).

These bigwigs are now determined to get Kidero out of the Governors seat and get someone in who will quickly approve the project.
Reviving the Kidero assault case seems to be the first chess move in that direction.

For all his faults and violent ways Kidero is right on this one but finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

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Anonymous said...

The 2013 scuffle involving Kidero and Shebesh is still an ongoing circus that has the public hooked as always.

Lest the same public forgets one ugly fact that there is a large percent of politicians, senior civil servants and businessmen and women who have done things that are blatantly wrong as well as crossed so many lines by all legal, ethical and moral standards known to humanity.

As outlined in the Hazina "Lunatic" Project, the real problem or issue that the DPP should be addressing is not just the alleged assault incident but, rather, the real presence of systemic corruption in high places of power and within the private sector is what the DPP and his legions of agents should be concentrating all of their efforts on 24/7 - for the reminder of DPP's time in office.

No matter how many times the governor's self-defense - groin - saga is sliced and diced for public consumption, the outright evil - Kenya's slow demise - remains that of sanctioned corruption and impunity galore.

Woe unto the citizenry that has chosen to bury their collective heads in the unpredictable sands of Kenya and decided to see no evil, hear no evil and confront no evil in the next ten years - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Sadly, a fifty-year old loud cry for the beloved country continues in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Wow.Sisemi kitu

Anonymous said...

What type of knee-jerk reaction do most people engage in when someone, an assailant, strikes, kicks, yanks, knees or gropes them in the groin?

Governor Kidero was let down by his official security detail, individuals who should have made sure that a safe distance is maintained at all times between the governor and any agitated guests or outsiders present within his office, or around him when in public.

In a worst case scenario, the governor could have been shot, knifed or maliciously injured by a hired hand or people with an underhanded political or personal agenda.

Anyway, when all has been said and done, it is hoped that security measures at the governor's office and residence have been reviewed and updated in order to avoid similar incidences in the future.

Anonymous said...


Kitandawili!! (spl) Why do high rise buildings in most African capitals end up crumbling down like a house of cards or sand castle?

Anonymous said...

Those of us - people - who live in a post-Freudian world tend not to divide persons so neatly. We tend to see mixed motivations, the noble and the base in each person.

That being said, Gov. Kidero is not off the hook given his background as a former whip cracking happy nyapara in charge of the vast sugar plantations - larger than Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti and Malawi combined - of western Kenya, although certain segments of the general public should not hesitate to cut him some slack.

Further, a group of well organized people may have ulterior motives in soiling Kidero's name and political image, and have never hidden their dislike and diehard opposition towards the current governor of the former clean and 'green city in the sun' that has now become famous for huge human and vehicle traffic jams, sprawl, gross violation of building codes, largest slums - Kibera, Mathare, etc. - in Africa, corruption, disparity between the fortunate and those less fortunate, crime, unemployment, dysfunction, lack of basic services, et al.

on the other hand, the real political players and puppeteers responsible for stage managing the whole despicable - groin - saga will begin to emerge from the political woodworks if the drama of what he says she did and she says he did at the time drags on for months without the expected cutthroat results.

Anonymous said...


Don't ask why, what, where, when, who or ..., but just keep in mind that lisemwalo lipo, ikiwa halipo laja kwa sababu majumba makubwa husitiri mambo. "The bigwigs [who] are now determined to get Kidero out of the Governor's seat ..." live in political glass houses yet they are so busy throwing wheelbarrows full of kokoto at Kidero, a person who had been considered as a "friend" because he was viewed as an enemy of an enemy during the last general election campaign. Hazin(_) "Lunatic" Project itaendelea kuvunda (kuvunja) kwa sababu haina ubani.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Kidero will now have to green-light the Hazina "Lucrative" Project as part of the agreement of being granted a last minute out of court - jail - card, call it golden political opportunity by any other name, thanks to one senior member of the judiciary.

Well, if Kidero goes along with the deal, then he will compromised and owned for as long as he is the governor of Nairobi.

Let it be known by Kidero and company that cutting any deal with the ... has its long term unintended political consequences.

One wonders what type of message is being sent out to the rest of the general public, and especially the younger generations of future governors, senators, parliamentarians, women reps, politicians and people of influential means?

Mmmm! There are no legal consequences for slapping a woman or man across the face in public or in private as long as the high court of the land looks the other way or grants its calculated blessings for whatever political reasons.

It's now clear that one unorthodox problem - a clash between the first governor of Nairobi and a woman representative - needed an unorthodox solution thanks to the judicial powers that be in the land.

The former deputy chief justice must be hissing because of the manner in which a similar concession was never offered to her by the powers that be after she had been accused of a slightly pinching a security guard on the tip of her nose during a busy end year shopping season ta one of the country's prestigious malls.

So, was the ouster of the former deputy chief justice a case of double standards or well calculated political maneuvers at the time, or both?

As an old mantra proclaims, "Though the wrong seems oft so strong. The laws of the land are ruler yet."

Unfortunately, the whole issue of opting out of going ahead with prosecution in this particular case - under the order of a top judicial officer - sacks big time, but that's part of life as it were in many countries on the African continent.

Anonymous said...

Will Kidero face the same fate that has befallen Joe Rickey Hundley, the now former aerospace executive?

Joe Rickey Hundley received an eight-month prison sentence on Monday - January 6, 2014 - for slapping an 19-month-old boy on a plane. He was fired from his executive position at AGC Aerospace & Defense. He apologized to the mother of the toddler and blamed the incident on his alcoholism. - AP

Time will tell whether Kidero will end up escaping a similar fate or not, now that Shebesh -one of the alleged assault victims - is adamantly against resolving the slapping incident at City Hall that took place in broad daylight and a small portion of it was some how conveniently captured on camera.

Anonymous said...

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