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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Westgate shocker: Police were shot from behind as they closed in on terrorists

Western intelligence and security sources continue to criticize the way the Kenyan government handled the Westgate terror attack. Apart from pointing out that virtually all the information given by the government has proved to be false (something Kenyans have been suspecting all along) the latest reports have introduced some very disturbing new revelations.

The report praises the police tactical team and says that they were actually closing in on the terrorists when KDF soldiers shot them from behind in circumstances that have never been explained.

The reason why this new revelation is so disturbing is because for months now persistent rumours have been doing the rounds that the KDF and other security organs in the country actually aided the terrorist attack. That coupled with some very strange things that happened during the attack (still unexplained) makes this probably the most disturbing news that has ever emerged that is linked to the terror attack.

This latest report also confirms earlier indications that there were very few terrorists involved in the attack and states that they were actually only 4. Interestingly one of them was injured in the attack and had a very serious leg injury but somehow still managed to escape with the rest.

Full details published in the latest Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Report

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