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Monday, January 13, 2014

Chilling Link Between Wetangula, Mutula And The ICC cases

I long for the old poorly educated journalists to come back. Many of them have joined their ancestors now and others are in quiet retirement. When I joined journalism almost 30 years ago I found them and I feel so privileged to have interacted with those hard-drinking ordinary folks who did extra-ordinary things. Their copy was full of grammatical errors (stories were actually re-written by sub-editors in those days) but they had something our journalists don't have these days. The ability to smell a story from a government press release that does not quite make sense. 

Today our well educated journalists are just press release copy and paste scribes. They write well and there is less work for subs but in the end the public suffers reading polished English and no substance. That is why one of them linked the Wetangula shooting incident to the Harun Mwau one where bullets were fired from inside the car (remember that one?). Talk about two incidences that are as different as night and day.

And that is why when the intelligent public is looking for answers in the Wetangula shooting incident the mainstream press is just confusing everybody even more.

Did somebody fire shots at Senator Wetangula’s car last Thursday or did the senator and CORD leader Raila Odinga just create a story? And if they created a story what would the motive possibly be?

Those are the questions that most Kenyans are asking. But here are some other questions they should also be asking; why are the police in such a terrible rush to prove that there were no shots fired at the senator’s car? Why are the police behaving out of character here? We all know that their investigations take a long time and usually in the interim they keep their mouths tightly shut about any possible theories. Why is it different this time round? Why are the police so desperate that they have now put pressure on the senator’s driver to change his statement and say that he hit a billboard?

Let us assume for a minute that the CORD gang are liars and that Wetangula faked his own attempted assassination. That would mean that he is in the wrong career. He needs to get to Nigeria pronto and start acting in movies because the performance he gave of being shocked at the police station was Oscar winning quality that would make him a front runner candidate to win best actor. So shaken was Wetangula that Raila’s security detail had to escort him to his Karen home that night. Well we know Kenyan politicians are serial liars BUT they are certainly not good actors. I read their body language all the time and report back to you things that turn out to be true. And so do so many other Kenyans out there.

As I write this chills are going down my spine because this whole charade has some similarities to what happened to Mutula Kilonzo shortly before he died last year. Just look at this chain of events and you will understand what I am talking about.
Full details published in the latest Kumekucha Real Time Intelligence Report

Any case of a human life being threatened should not be taken as lightly as this Wetangula case has been taken by the government and the police. Not to mention the fact that the man we are talking about is an elected leader of the people who has right to full protection by the police. Launching a propaganda campaign in the press on such a serious matter to prove points of view that are yet to ascertained by any solid evidence is nauseous to say the least. Anybody who sits down to really think about it will see clearly that the guilty party are trying to defend themselves vigorously and early in lieu of the investigations being completed. So who is going to trust that their findings will NOT be fiddled with like so many things are fiddled with in the banana republic (not only elections).

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Anonymous said...

The onus is on the senator, he needs to provide the body of evidence - vehicle riddled with bullet holes - in order to confirm his version of what really transpired during last Thursday night.

Some of us may not have seen a single picture or several pictures of the senator's damaged vehicle - blame it all on the country's news-happy media houses -, however the burden of providing evidence to prove or disprove whether someone did indeed fire a shot or shots directed at the senator's vehicle, rests with the senator.

The senator, his driver and other occupants in the vehicle are the only persons who are in a position to help with any ongoing investigations that will enable the authorities ascertain the truth and facts of the matter.

Otherwise trying to persuade the court of public opinion will remain an uphill battle for the senator and his political supporters.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the sad fact that any case of a human life being threatened should not be taken as lightly as this Wetangula's case has been taken by the government and the police.

Unfortunately there is a lot that is not being disclosed by the authorities, and especially by Wetangula's camp that has yet to share, if they are willing, any pictures of the damaged vehicle with anyone of its widows or windscreen shuttered, unless it was a wild shot in the dark.

Did the senator overreact and now he is unable to retract or recant his initial report to the police?

Or is there more damaging information that the authorities and other political players are afraid to disclose due to fears of a backlash from the public?

Anonymous said...

The senator has two options, he can afford to offer a self-deprecating assessment that fills out true picture of what is alleged to have taken place against him in the course of Thursday of last week.

Or he should come clean and show some form of actual prove to support what he says really happened on Thursday night of last week.

On the other hand, the death of Mrs. Matilda Lelei, the wife of Mr. Stephen Lelei's, OCS Kabete, not only speaks for itself but speaks volumes about the several failed attempts that have been made against the OCS of Kabete.

Condolences to the Lelei family, friends and relatives. May the soul of Mrs. Matilda Lelei RIP.

Anonymous said...

When all that is legal and illegal under the constitution has been said and done for and against Wetangula due to whatever political reasons, the ugly fact is that the police force remains a bastion for decay, endemic corruption, criminal enterprises, abuse of power, unpatriotic senior officers, a very tainted top brass as revealed by the vetting process, etc.

Woe unto a country and people who are under the so-called 24/7 protection by a police force that has been infected by the cadre of self-serving senior officers as seen and heard about during the ongoing NSPC's vetting process.

Anonymous said...

Does the senator's alleged shooting incident really warrant any further serious investigation by the authorities given what they ending up discovering about what really happened to Harun Mwau's vehicle, at a time he had claimed that it was slightly scratched by a - stray - bullet. In other words, it was an attempted assassination that never was, while the politician's life was never in any danger to begin with.

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