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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kibaki Rigging Plan May Have Been Hatched in 2005

There is rapidly emerging evidence that the plans to rig the 2007 presidential elections were hatched as early as 2005.

The Kibaki plotters realized quite rightly that the media would be crucial in their evils plans. Little wonder that the Kibaki administration produced more media bills or bills affecting the media than all the previous administrations since independence in 1963, put together.

The next part of the plan was to quietly influence appointments in all key editorial positions. The plan succeeded.

Nation Media Group: CEO - Linus Gitahi (From Nyeri)
Editorial Director - Wangethi Mwangi (Murang'a)
Managing Editor (Daily Nation) - Bernard Nderitu ( Kiambu)
Managing Editor (Sunday Nation) - Mutuma Mathiu (Meru)
Managing Editor (Business Daily) - Nick Wachira (Nyeri)
Managing Editor (Daily Metro) - Julius Maina (Not sure which part of Central)
Managing Editor (Taifa) - Wainaina Kiganya (A Kikuyu from Kangemi)

NMG's only publication not headed by GEMA is the EastAfrican. It's headed by a Luo - Jaidi Kisero.

The Citizen: The owner, SK Macharia, owns at least 10 radio stations, a TV, a newspaper, and some unused radio frequencies. He's from Gatanga in Thika. The owner and his media outlets are rabidly pro-Kibaki. Majority of his key staff are from Central province. The radio stations command a big following especially the Kikuyu FM radio inooro, in Central province.

Kameme FM: Owner, Rose Kimotho, is from Nyeri District and her station - plus the newly launched K24 TV channel (gosh, it looks like a Jua Kali TV station) are pro-Kibaki. Rose is also a known Kibaki damu and she was very instrumental in Kibaki's campaign for a 2nd term. Kameme FM is very influential in Nairobi and Central province and its presenters openly campaigned for Kibaki.

KBC: The -state-owned KBC has the widest reach through out Kenya.
MD - David Waweru (Nyeri)
Editor-in-chief - Waithaka Waihenya (Nyeri)

During the Dec campaigns, anyone watching KBC would have thought Kibaki was the only presidential campaign competing with himself! All the other candidates were largely given a blackout.

Before the elections, the Minister for Information was from Nyeri (Mutahi Kagwe) while his Assistant was Koigi wa Wamwere (a Kikuyu from Subukia).

Capital FM: Owned by Chris Kirubi - the political turncoat who signs to the tune of anyone occupying State House.

The above are the biggest media outlets in Kenya and from the look of things, it's evident that they are under the firm grip and control of the Gema community.

This gives Kibaki an edge over his rivals since the media only churns out what is good to the ears of Kibaki and his sychopants. In addition to having a grip on the media, Kibaki has ensured that all key ministries are occupied by Gema. Six out of the 17 ministers who were appointed by Kibaki are from Gema. Kibaki (President), Saitoti (Provincial Admninistration and Internal Security), Martha Karua (Justice), Uhuru (Local Govt), Michuki (Roads), Kimunya (Finance), Kiraitu (Energy).

The Head of Civil Service, Francis Muthaura, is a Meru while the Chief Justice, Evans Gicheru, is from Nyeri. The two influential men were very instrumental in swearing Kibaki for a 2nd term like the thief he is in the lawns of State House.

This blogger is reliably informed that there used to be fireworks in the newsroom of NMG during the electioneering period. Tribal tensions reached fever-pitch high during vote-tallying. Linus Gitahi (who knows nothing about journalism) used to attend editorial meetings to direct what was to be published and he banged tables sometimes when some editorial chiefs tried to defy him. Linus wanted pro-Kibaki stories (that is exactly the reason why he was appointed Nation media group CEO. Any na├»ve person who believes the cock and bull story about share holders should take another look at the shareholder’s structure of this newspaper).

The Group Managing Editor of the Nation Media group, Joseph Odindo, a mere figure-head in the midst of Kikuyu editors, is widely known to be sympathetic to ODM leader Raila Odinga. Linus and Odindo often clashed as they tried to influence publication of stories that were favorable to their political inclinations.

The NMG newsroom has always been torn along tribal and political lines. Kikuyus call the shots since they are the majority and occupy key positions. Most Kikuyus openly write stories that are favourable to Kibaki. Odindo represents the minority but some junior reporters call him a “Raila extremist.”

In this kind of set up, is it any wonder that Kenyans are not getting the true picture of what is happening on the ground from our media?

P.S. When you see the big picure of the whole evil plan hatched in 2005, it becomes rather obvious as to why people get so nervous about what is published in Kumekucha and choose to stay and make nasty comments rather than move to other blogs and news sites.


Ahmed Noor said...


You also forgot the Nation Media Group opinion editor is Magesha Ngwiri (Kikuyu) who probably beats Mutua, the Dubai counterfeit in his silly pro-Kibaki comments and support. If you have read the Nation, pliz I advise that you do a sample of the Nation and The Standard between dec.1-27. 83% of the opinions written in The Nation were written by Kikuyus. In fact, I wondered if no other Kenyan was supporting him (Kibaki) even. Ngwiri makes sure that no opinion that critically examines Kibaki's evils is publsihed.

Anonymous said...

As usual- its not a surprise, that is GEMA at work.

Anonymous said...

All those enterprises mentioned, other than KBC, are private companies. Both citizen and NMG have received a lot of good-will from the NARC government over the last five years. Infact the former is the unofficial state broadcaster and in my opinion the main culprit in polarising this country along tribal lines due the hate speech in their numerous venacular FM stations. However, as private companies, these companies are free to employ whoever they want regardless of their ethnic origin.

We have only ourselves to blame for voting-in Kibaki in 2002, and later allowing him and his chronies to pollute the Bomas constitution draft. It is regrettable that he hopes to get away with this presidency at the cost of thousands of Kenyan lives.

But who will stop him?

Anonymous said...

Its devastating to see whats going on home, it would be easier if you preached peace and give people space to pick up the pieces and mend their lives. Already companies have started to lay off people due to none profit making in the past weeks. As you said if this continues we will soon be faced with civil war. I like your articles but don't you think its time for a break and as well as too late to blame each other?

blessed said...

You seem to forget that Standard is headed by Paul Wanyaga (GEMA). He was put there by Moi to appease the GEMA government.
Since then, he has made sure that Standard is GEMA compliant

Onyango said...

hehehehhe ahhahahah NONSENSE!
Chris, and Phil and other owners of Kumekucha, this is just ANOTHER LUO EXCUSE. It was used so successfully in the campaigning period, now that we are done with campaign, lets get back to work.
Dont bring foolish tribal sentiments, you need to be RESPONSIBLE--shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Chris what is the price of Nation Media Groups Share today? what about The Standard Group. Befro you bring you Luo reasoning think twice.

Last year you started distributing nasty sexual scandals about senior people at Nation. You thought Kenyans will take your cheap nonsence seriously.

I am kindly informing you that I have some damning evedence of yourself messing around with several women (both married and single) that i'll release to your wife at the appropriate time. I will also post them on the internet soon.

Your past has come to haunt you now.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of you Chris, Phil and your team. I thought you guys appreciate entrepreneurship? How many LUO have been denied a Media License in Kenya? What is wrong with individuals using their wits in Business to create great media houses despite where they come from. If Luo's and the rest use this as their excuses, then somebody more intelligent than you Chris should tell them to work harder. Do you have to wait for S.K Macharia to bring Luo's the first FM station as they watch and move around. Its hard work MEN. Think twice b4 you put some of this things in writting guys.

Bobie said...

Chris I have been an ardent reader and in some cases a supporter of your cause but this time, kindly and with all due respect I reckon what you are doing here is a dangerous precedent that can easily lead to another Rwanda but only you are doing it over the internet whereas they did it over the airwaves.

Kenya does not need this sort of inciting and provocative material right now. What we need is reconciliatory and healing words. Last I checked Kenya is still a capitalist economy and most of the companies you mentioned are owned privately and therefore reserve all rights to hire who ever they deem beneficial to the nature of their business.

Some already suggestible character on the ground in Kibera will only find your piece nothing but fuel for hate and more violence. Anyone reading this Blog for the purpose of getting the news as opposed to sussing out different opinion or point of view is likely to be hopelessly misinformed at least or serious indoctrinated and thus the status quo is therefore only likely to prevail. The situation is already polarised enough and what is needed at the moment is more concerted efforts to rescue the country and not more fuel for the fire. Rise above it. Please

Taabu said...

Anon@3:22 spare us empty threats. If you want to MANUFACTURE anything about Chris good riddence to fifthy rubbish. Such shameless and hollow blackmail have no place here, keep them to yourself. What an OAF you are, numskull.

mungiki said...

taabu be careful what you write.We are ready to finish this country just to pay back what has been done by the jaluos

chris said...

They have comletely run out of ideas and have now been reduced to cheap threats.

Mrs Kumekucha laughed so loudly when she saw the comment @3:22am. Her exacts words: "I know about your past nobody can tell me anything new."

The other strategy is to claim that we are inciting people here in Kumekucha and that dire consequences will follow. The greatest incitement is refusing to tell the people the truth or hiding the truth from them.

Only the truth can set Kenya FREE now.


chris said...

If there is one major thing that the Kibaki administration has proved, it is that it is very easy for a government to influence appointments in the private sector and even in the church.


Bobie said...

Yes Chris... The Truth according to you; this is subjective opinionated reporting. Please tell us, what is the objective of the piece in question? Sincerely

Anonymous said...

anonymous@3:22 get some dirt on me as well i don't want to be left out - and while you're at it on your way out, shut the door behind please

Anonymous said...

I know your bitterness but let me ask you a question. Since you claim to be very educated why couldnt you advice your kinsmen in Kisumu to spare at least the food kisoks and groceries shop when they were rioting. I understand to obtain food in Kisumu one has to que for a whole morning.

Jaluos emotions and their being unreasonable cost them the presidency, Kenyans couldnt simply stomach their stupid pride. I shudder at the thought of a jaluo drunk with power in Kenya.
Untill they grow up they can think of the presidency after many generations to come.

Anonymous said...

I got an SMS today...That we should shun the nation....I did that in 2004 and i have never turned back i only read it in the salon when i am on a dryer coz there is nothing else to do...Just check todays headline...The other day i went to uchumi and the only milk that was there was brookside... a lady retorted sitaki nitakunywa black tea....Phil just what if we decide not to use their products as a sign of mass action....Knowing well that Brookside in Eldoret has not been opened since the black sunday after elections......I think it should just be a way of fighting back silently...let us use alternative products....
My friend works in circulation & distribution at NMG and he told me that this year they are trying to look for ways of selling more in the western region

Bobie said...

Has this now become a centre of tribalism excellence; an Anti-kikuyu forum? Shame on the lot of you! If you call yourselves Kenyans then I am ever so sad for the fact that I do too. A very sad day for Kenya indeed!

Anonymous said...

anon@6.01 you must be a very thick woman. I copy of nation is read by 20 kenyans, i copy of standard is read by 2 kenyans. Nation is owned by Aghan Khan not Kikuyus.

Dont better dont drink milk forever because currently the entire Rift VAlley is paralysed and all KCC factories are closed. Only those in Nrb & Central kenya are operating. Even other milk processors are just also getting raw milk from central kenya.

Also dont shop in Nakumatt because Harun Mwau has an interest in it. Dont even use city Hopper because its owned by kikuyus. Dont even use a taxi in Nairobi because 80% are owned/driven by kikuyus. Dont even watch news or listen to Radio because there is a Kikuyu presenter. Make sure you skip those articles written by Kikuyus when you read the standard.

Have nothing to do with Kikuyus you stupid woman. I wonder whether you checked the landlord of the salon you go to ensure its not a kikuyu property. If your landlord is a kikuyu just leave his house and rent one owned by a nonkikuyu.

Have nothing to do with Kikuyus and you will had your mass protest. Even dont be treated by a kikuyu doctor if your are dying.

You will have won. Then Kibaki might resign and hand over to Riala perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Chris surely!! I read the article twice and I think this was not the right time to post such an article. You already knew who owned these companies and you have succeeded in adding more fuel to the fire. This should be a time of healing. Your article is all about tribalism. GEMA vs the rest of Kenya and you should be clapping your hands for a job well done in ensuring that wedge is maintained. Why dont you bring topics that will make us feel united. In a previous article someone stated that when we all drink the precious waters of Ruaraka, we dont think of it as a Kyuk, Kale, Kao or even Jango beer, we all think of it as a Kenyan product. Tusker! One country One Beer! Now find another product and unite us instead of dividing us further.

Anonymous said...

If people from the GEMA community want to hide behind sweeping the dirt under the rug in the name of "peace and reconciliation" instead of telling the truth as it is, then why is it that I have not read from anyone of them coming out in the open to tell their folks to tone down. I haven't seen GEMAs standing tall and saying that as a community we are also part of the problem and we need to change and set a good example that heal our country.

As a matter of fact I expected those from GEMA community who believe in preaching peace to come out and start moderating the kind of language used by some of their members on this blog and many other blogs especially against Jaluos because they may not be cause of the problem bedevling Kenya right now.

Whenever I read people's comments like on the piece written here and any other blog, I am amazed at the kind of language used by GEMA people and yet in between the lines they are still chocking up the words of "peace and reconciliation". I think it is high time that GEMA people begin to realize that their can only be true peace and reconciliation if it begins by each of us. By the way I wonder why you people believe that if their is a concession to be made, then it is the Jaluos you to take the lead and yet when an opportunity presents itself that is "cooked and ready" (y'all know what I am talking about) then it is the GEMA to take the lead ahead of other communities.

I bet as a Kenyan the solution to our problems will only be realized if we each begin asking ourselves tough questions and do not be cheated that denying the truth can redeem us from our afflictions.

Vikii said...

I think we had this exact same discussion last year.

Well. Chris lemmie tell you something; If I said I respected you, i lied. I have been oK with your pro Raila Odinga propaganda, I have been OK with all the mud you threw at Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta and Mwai Kibaki the whole of 2007. I have respected your right to have a political inclination. Of course I have always expressed my disagreements with 90% of your opinions, but I always said why I did not buy an ounce of all that.

I told you a while back that it is time you started thinking like a Kenyan and not a Luo. Do you know how many posts you made last year about how the luos are the best people in the world and how they are so undeservedly hated? Do you remember all those Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya and John Robert Ouko glorifications. On the other hand, do you have track of how many Anti-kikuyu posts you have made here? I am sure you remember your(and Phils) laughable declaration that we need a Truth and reconcilliation commission for the "kikuyus to apologize to other communities".

I will tell you the truth; this has got to be the lowest we can get. I notice you are challenging those of us who do buy your crap to go to other sites. Well, like I have always told you, this is your blog and we cannot dictate to you. Over the last couple of weeks you have gotten invaluable reinforcement from Mashada that perfectly pushes your agenda. Moving on to another site or doing something else is not as hard to some of us as you think. My only hope is that somewhere along the way you will notice the vanity of your hate mongering. I must repeat that I will never be party to outdated raw tribalism.

Chris, I know that together with your faithful personal Assistants in this blog and the wonderful Anonymous people who actually do not insult people, do not go tribalistic (All they do is saying the truth just like you),you will have a wonderful time when some of us are out of the piture. You will definitely have a field day. In short Chris, if these are the kinds of debates you want us to engage in, then I am sorry I will do exactly what you want me to, I will move on. Of course I know I will not be missed, but that is not what i am calling for. I am talking against openly dangerous tribal talk that can only push you right to the centre of hell.

Anyway, you guys have fun and it is my sincere hope that this kind of talk will propel someone to power. If it doesnt, then I dont know what will. I am out.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:35 I am afraid you are the one who is NOT clever. The woman is a genius. The boycott idea is brilliant. It is a non-violent protest that will send a very strong message out. It will even be more effective than mass action.

Anon @ 8:09 ODMers have their faults but you PANUA guys miss the point completely with this helaing thing. It is like raping a woman and then calling for healing. The only way to helaing is for the vote thief in state house to step down. NOTHING ELSE will bring healing. You people have really misjudged Kenyans. Pole sana.

Patriot Damu

chris said...

Anon @ 9:04 Please stay OUT permanently. PLEASE. PLEASE.


Anonymous said...

At Anon 9:22 am Patriot Damu; I did not say I was PNU nor did I say I was ODM so please do not refer me to any political affiliation at the moment. My simple request was informing Chris that this article is just catalysing the hate that is already being seen. If you continue digging such things, am sure PNU guys will do the same and the whole cycle will continue and no solution will be found. Now why dont u name another product that product that unites us. I can name one that I remember vividly. Remember the vegetable oil advert before wrestling in the 90's. Had different people from different tribes showing why the cooked using the kind of fat. At that time we all knew that Biwott owned that company but we never thought of it like that, we all used that mafuta as KENYANS!. Now step up to the challenge and unite us instead of finding stuff to divide us.

Anonymous said...

Why is this silly cunt Vikii still posting on this blog. There are many dicks that are dry right now as a result of Vikii not using her mouth for its intended purpose and instead wasting time and space typing nonsense. Vikii if you've forgotten how to deep throat please put a call in to Kalonzo!!

Taabu said...

Somebody is trying to be CLEVER by half here by impersonating Vikii. Unless bro Vikii has mutated he is not the type to throw in the tattered towel. If its the REAL Vikii then he must not contemplate defecting. To me the loss is personal. Dare you Vikii?

Anonymous said...

I worked at Nation before I left for Canada under Odindo and those menioned above. It is true that NMG has tribalists at the top. Odindo is not a tribalist at all. In fact, of all the Editors I have worked under, he is a very professional man and had it not been for him the NMG's EastAfrican would not have been what it is now. And Odindo is not an extremist either. I remember bringing him a story that I had found through other sources that were not verified, and he refused to publish it until the sources were verified. It is very sad that NMG has become what it is now.

Abass said...

Whatever you say, such kind of appointment for a paper that wants to appear national is very disproprtional and stinks of vested interests. I mean if you have 9 Kikuyus out of say 13 other Kenyans in a certain media company, chances are that that media company will be pro-Kibaki. The reverse is also true. It is not tribalism that Chris is perpetuating, it is tribalism that he is fighting by exposing this.

Abdi said...

I don't Chris exposed anything. This is already in the public domain. Just compare Nation edition during Moi and Kibaki era and you will get all your answers without Chris or anybody telling you the obvious.

Nation has dramatically changed to the point that I think it is no better than a Gov't mouthpiece. Reminds me of Kenya times during Moi days. No wonder Kibaki regime only advertises Gov't announcements there AND not more open publications like the Standard. I think even the Standard is not reporting the whole truth due to limitations imposed by Media bill.

A good example is the infamous APs that were transported to polling stations. Guess what? the Nation writer claimed that a mob in Mbita had beaten "election observers", while everybody knew they were APs to be used as PNU agents. Kudos to the standard for exposing that sensational story.

Anonymous said...

Carol Mutoko has become another Panua and wiper on kissFM another transforming mouth piece of the government.

Anonymous said...

Its not in me to be anti someone or tribal inclined. My growing up does not allow me to be. Neither does the God that I believe in expect me to do so. Since, am very inclined to pleasing my God more than any other man alive on this our kenya, being a tribe hater cannot be my thing.
Now you, are obviously a tribe hater. And you need to stop. A time used to be when reading this blog was fun and informative. Now your inclination has changed. You are not just informing us the reader, you are equally trying to color our thoughts in a direction that a person of conscience shouldn't try to do. So stop please. If you cant write something of worth in times like these that we find ourselves in, then don't write.

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to Kiss bcoz I cannot stand the trash that comes out of Mutoko's mouth.

She is an absolute fool under the illusion that she is the most intelligent woman in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:35 you are too emptional for a man...Go spit to the wind...I dont use kuyus taxis...I drive my own car....and if my car is down my boyfriend will drive me, and apart from the taxis that are found idling in Tom Mboya street....My mechanic is working in Jow Motors owned by a jaluo.I dont make my hair in an estate saln...go meza wembe and infact a kuyo doen't make my hair...They just dont understand that art....For your information KCC Eldoret is working..Get ur facts right And i take Tuzo...Spin Knit is owned by a muindi....Nakumatt is owned by a muindi and dont forget they gave ODM 25 m for campaigns....I listened to Hope FM ...The presenter Is Yafesi Musoke and Homeboyz and the presenter is Steve Ndeda.....My doctor is Dr. Odhiambo/ And my dentist is called Wafula/my gyna is called Dr. Koduol... You won't catch me dead in a City Hoppa ....My Pastor is Rev. Oginde and they have a church on Valley Road....My CEO is a luhya....I am not a fan of waru i eat healthy managu and osuga.......And if i really have to use tomatos i use tomato paste and onions..i use garlic......I just wanted to annoy you...Next time you want to utter your nonsense go spit to the wind....and anothet thing i am a lady that don't go after rich men....I am a very independent woman...So if the heat is too hot get out of the kitchen....So u see if i want to survive ..i can do without seeing a bunch of arrogant chest thumping people like you!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot......I watch news presented by Michael Oyier & Beatrice Marshall & Muli...If anyone else i watch CNN and Al Jazeera...By The way iam not a fan of news i would rather watch Gardener's daughter or sleep....I buy my fish and meat at the famous butchery in city marked owned by a nice asian lady...I dont drink so you wont find me in a pub...And if i were i would go to Kengeles owned by Mr. Bell, My house is in Langata (Onyonka Estate owned by a Kisii) I dont bank in Equity nor Co-operative bank neither Family finance ..If barclays/stanchart close i will bank in a mattress account....So have you seen i can definately do without u....If God was threatening me i will be scared and lastly Kibaki is not my president coz i dont even notice him....How does he help me...I can also do without him....Our watchie is luhya i dont need Mungiki to protect me....

Anonymous said...

Anon @1.18
That's what I call all up in your face and ass attitude but do I say!

Anonymous said...

Get your facts right on KBC. David Waweru is from kiriaini in Muranga while Waithaka waihenya is from Githunguri in Kiambu.

Anonymous said...

All thanks to God for you Chris.I wish to ask every PNU/Kibaki affiliate who gave them the will to decide what we should say/write or not.What happened to our freedom of expression?Oops! I sholdn't even be asking, they think they can 'sit' on us just coz they managed to force their way to statehouse.But juz so they know we DON'T need and will NEVER heed their orders on us to stop doing what we do.A person should simply express their ideas, either for or against whatever topic we have, NOT tell others how they are tribal and they(kyuks) are the saints working on peace and reconciliation.BIG UPS to all those who can live without kyuks like i can. Live long ODM/Raila supporters.

Anonymous said...

For all kenyans, we have come a long tough way to be incited against anyone.our experiences have taugh us better than anyone can ever do, that we are different and we cannot change that. we don't have to pretend that from now on we are one Kenya, we would be running away from the truth. What we need is RESPECT for one another no matter the differences we have, whether political, tribal,social or wealthwise.Our leaders should be on the frontline and all kenyans should follow in this and all our problems will fly away.Like: if Kibaki had respected the choice of majority of kenyans, the PEV would not have been in our history,If a robber had respect for a richer person, he would not steal from him and so on.This should make THE KENYA WE WANT.

Anonymous said...

Now am happy we r getting somewhere; no more 'stop this stop that' comments.But Chris, how come i don't see any new comments lately?Are people tired of kenyan politics? Well, its understandable with all that has happened lately that we no longer know whom to support.It's also important to try and remain sober with all the madness around.
I've been trying to observe the happenings in the coalition governmet lately and i realise how Kibaki is one Ungreatfull fellow.What has he done to appreciate his king-maker of 2002?NOTHING!Except his plan to take him down politically as he retires.Am afraid it might just hatch coz sincerely, everything in the current government is degrading the Prime minister bit by bit.Raila should be more carefull coz he still has the chance to be a president while Kibaki's is to await the 2012 whistle to go home forever.As for Raila's supporters, we should remain focused and aware of all that's happening.Let's make the change we've desired for so long in 2012.

Anonymous said...

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