Friday, November 30, 2018

Join club1999 for virtually FREE and Get ALL The Information you are looking for

Kindly read up to the bottom of this page to avoid kicking yourself later for opportunities missed
YOU have a golden opportunity to become a member of club1999 right now (that is how you will get the info you seek) and access lots of other sensitive info.

NO Need to send me any cash.

All you need to do is send an email to;

You will receive a response in seconds that will require you to confirm your request for membership. Just hit the reply button and reply to that message without doing anything else. That is it. You will be a member of club1999 (platinum member).


To confirm your membership and keep your account active you will need to make a small donation (you can donate as little as 10 Kenya shillings. (10 bob is more or less FREE would you not agree?) to our ongoing efforts to cover the 2017 elections effectively. You can do this through m-changa. Go to the m-changa site now to donate via Mpesa, Paypal and many other options

OR if in Kenya use your phone as follows;

For Mpesa users the pay bill number is 891300 and account number is 11674

To donate on Safaricom:
Select Lipa na M-PESA
Enter Paybill 891300 Account 11674

To donate on Airtel:
Go to Airtel Money
Select Make Payments, Pay Bill, Other
Business Name MCHANGA, Reference 11674

To donate on Equitel:
Go to My Money, Select Send/Pay,
Select Account, Enter business number 891300 Enter account number 11674

email me at umissedthis at as soon as you have made your donation and I will send you the info you want plus full membership.  
This is a chance to not only be a customer BUT a part-owner of the Kumekucha brand and cause. And when we reach our target for cash to cover the elections you will be able to get as a donor/investor (no matter how small your contribution) A life membership to club1999. Isn’t that GREAT??
Do not hesitate donate/invest now, for as little as a Kshs 10/- donation you can gain membership into club1999 NOW.

Note that over Kshs 100 donation will give you 3 FULL months platinum membership. (you can go with this or scroll to the bottom to see the other donation suggestions).

Of course this does NOT stop you from being a fully fledged subscriber of club1999 (Golden member) where it will cost Kshs 1,999 or ($19.99).  Go to club1999 site now to get payment details for that.

All those who subscribe now and current paid up subscribers will be placed on the list of donors/investors and will automatically earn life membership to club1999 when we reach our target. So it is in your best interests to tell as many of your friends about this as possible. 

What advantage will you have when you pay the full membership fee? 
Apart from being a donor/investor to this project you will get a six months membership to the club as opposed to donors who will get only one week membership at best for every donation made. You will also have full unlimited access to the latest and get all eBooks past present and future for free (platinum members have limitations).

Are you familiar with the very popular crowd-funding concept that has really taken off in Western countries? This is where customers and others support a project financially and have the joy of seeing it come to life and thrive. M-changa was the closest thing we could find in Kenya to aid us in Kumekucha in setting up what is really a crowd-funding campaign and is being run on that precise approach and kind of thinking. That means that I will be making periodical reports to you as donor/investor on our progress and how the funds are being utilized in covering this the most important elections in the history of our country. You will be joining Kumekucha has self financed everything for over 12 years now since the inception of Kumekucha.

You will agree with me that these elections are very important because they impact even on those who currently do not have a say, that is our children as well as our grand children for many generations to come. That is what politics does to a nation and it does not matter what side of the political divide you fall at the moment.

Other donation suggestions
Over Kshs 300/- ($3) nine (9) months (platinum) membership
over Kshs 500/- ($5) one year (platinum) membership.
Donations of Kshs 3000/- ($30) and more will be given life membership to club1999 (Golden member). 
* Plantinum member limited access and service
* Golden member unlimited access and Full services including personal dossiers on any information requested.
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