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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ringera Best Person for Demanding KACC Post

He has the INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY demanded of an infant anti-corruption authority like KACC. He knows the shadowy Anglo Leasing ghosts inside out. He waxes Shakespearean like no Kenyan justice. And above all else he acts and thinks in the right first language.

Why would you give 2.5m monthly salary to a novice who will get overwhelmed with such a wage? Not even the most active president Kibaki can handle that much money.

Justice Rignera has no equal in Kenya’s judicial circles. In one fell swoop, the dragon slayer chopped the limbs of all legal scoundrels with his radical surgery.

Only Ringera with his unique hindsight correctly read the hitherto infant official mood in advance. Ahead of his time and before other Kenyans, he helped weed out unpleasant judicial faces. Hail Aaron.

Ringera is incorruptible thanks to his unique pay cheque. he has not betrayed his principal briefs in any way. And who else would have the guts and temerity to demand more powers to prosecute fraudsters?

Right tongue
Kenyans must learn to give credit where due. Ringera saved us international embarrassment by defending our sovereignty when one John Githogo took his phantom plays to the global gallery.

Ringera is a proven true patriot who sings no partisan tune. he deserves a second stint at the helm of KACC to complete the reign of banishing Anglo Leasing ghosts lest. Any other nosy choice will only succeed in flinging the loaded cupboard wide open. Please re-appoint Ringera and let the worms rot inside the drawers.


Anonymous said...

No--dont renew his contract and replace him with a MAD-er one.

Anonymous said...

ODM should propose Githongo for that position.

Anonymous said...

what a pity

isn't there any one group of people that can be trusted anymore,

not women, not pastors and church leaders, not political leaders, not policemen or courts, not even ringera and kacc,

what a sorry lot

Mwambu said...

Lest we forget, "Judge" Ringera was the person who accompanied Kiraitu Murungi, when both tried to negotiate with John Githongo by trying to prevail upon him (or was it to blackmail Githongo Jr, on matters regarding Githongo, Sr), in the infamously secretly recorded tapes that Githongo availed to the world.

I believe both Ringera's and Kiraitu's voices can be heard desperately making the plaintive plea to Githongo to "NGO SROW".

So, yeah, Ringera is a great pick to head the highest integrity office in Kenya; he is UNCORRUPTIBLE, INCORRUPTIBLE, FAIR, and of course, has impeccapable INTEGRITY. Just like Kibaki.

So, there.

Mama said...

Hahahaha! That really made my morning.

Let's re-appoint Ringera, even if he has nothing to show for his 30mil a year!

Anonymous said...

am reading "It's our turn to eat"
very interesting.......this should be mandatory reading in all high schools....just as mau mau history should be mandatory reading so as to facilitate acceptance, peace and meritocracy in the future.

Now why would Moi require in 1985 local schools take 80% students from local tribes; the book says by the first time one meets another tribe it is in the university; back in the 60's one primary class had students from as many as 10 tribes and 3 races ...?!

papa plus said...

Yaah right! That is the same thing that everyone said of Kivuitu before the elections and look what happened?

I've seen this game before...

Victor said...

By the way

Has anyone noticed that all factories that kibaki "revived" are all collapsing, looks like the smokescreens were not strong enough.

Lets get someone to blame so that we can go retire and play golf again

Anonymous said...

The said factories were doing just fine before ODM plunged this country into chaos. its the economy silly. ODM helped Kenyan go from 7% to a healthy 1%GDP. how greta

M-Pesa said...


On may 22 I wrote...

"A good Luo buddy of mine recently told me he was sacked from EABL simply because his surname starts with an "O"...What a shame and just where is this country heading to? I would challenge the EABL to publish all the names of over 200 employees fired in a recent purge! Actually if there's a decent MP reading this, why not take this hot potato into parliament? Where are the ODM MPs when their core supporters are being targeted in mindless sackings?"

One week later, EABL boss Gerald Mahinda is quickly moved to South Africa, while two directors Wanjiku Mugane and William Kalema abruptly resign! What's cooking?


Anonymous said...

KACC is not as important as some people think - ok the money is good but they only make recommendations to AG Wako. Now knowing both Wako and Ringera, i would say if we had to choose one of them then Ringera would probably do a better job. He does really care about producing results. Anyway KACC will not be given prosecutorial powers and Wako will continue to be AG and receive their reports which he will show to the big boys before he makes a decision.

Philip said...


First of all a country in Kiswahili is "Nchi" and not "Inchi". The later can mean the unit of measurement "Inch".


He reeks of smell of corruption. Ringeera is another side of Wako's body. Just like Wako he also sees no evil and hears no evil. When pushed to the wall, we have become so familiar with his excuses, "Judiciary is the barrier".

I would have wished that if Ringeera believes it's judiciary that impinge their efforts to prosecute corrupt personalities, than they could have set a website that tells their progress in fighting corruption and which people they have taken to court, their offences and what they found out - for I believe that sometimes it's better to shame the devil if you can't fight than to go back and sit comfortably on your lounge and do nothing.

We know very well that nothing has been done to Anglo leasing culprits, but it was the action of bringing the whole ordeal to public limelight that made them to cower with fear and partly prevented further looting of funds from the public coffers.

Similarly Ringeera, even if he can't take corrupt people to court, could have brought all findings to public limelight, for I believe this could have prevented those who want to attempt to steal from us to do so.

This is what Citizen Radio was doing with their programme "wembe", which had slight impact in fighting corruption.

Generally Ringeera should have played a major role in fighting corruption than Mwalimu Mati and some young reporters in Standard and Nation Media station, unfortunately this has not happened that way. The later three makes KACC to look like a club where people go to chat and discuss corruption related stories they have read in Nation and Standard Newspapers.

That's why I'm also giving Ringeera a "wembe".

Philip said...

...and I'm also giving the whole of KACC a "wembe".

... and also I'm giving Efficiency Monitoring Unit a "wembe".

...Kibaki and Raila are also not left behind.

Anonymous said...


It is sad that you miss the "good old Moi days" when illiterate Kaleo board members would cough, sneeze and spit their yellow mucus on the corridors of our parastatals. Sorry buddy, those days will never return. Get used to the new world of Luo/Kikuyu cutthroat competition.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION for Anon 11:02 PM,

You said:

"The said factories were doing just fine before ODM plunged this country into chaos. its the economy silly. ODM helped Kenyan go from 7% to a healthy 1%GDP. how greta ....."

You are living a lie.

The truth is that everything started going downhill after Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE the elections of December 2007. The violence and chaos that occurred after that was - 100% - a consequence of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's THEFT of the elections.

If truth be told, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the principle perpetrator of the Post elections violence by his THEFT of the elections.

Anon 11:02 PM, living a lie and trying to convince people that it is the truth - pumbavu truth, actually - will never work; it always leads to eternal embarrassment eventual loss of face. If this has not happened to you, it will eventually come to pass. You will be left with a lot of "egg" on your face.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:48 AM

NO sane Kenyan expects the ODM rapists and murderers to understand leave alone to accept the damage their barbaric PEV caused our beloved country. So save your small-minded thoughts. Even your primary school teacher doesn't expect any better from you. Your are mentally defective ab initio.

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka TeacherT,
Habari ya Kenya? the beauty of living in MIJINJO Island is that we don't believe in breeding TOOTHLESS BULLDOGS for window dressing

watu wa Uganda ni WAJINJA sio WAJINGA. we don't even have lawyers the wa-jaluo just get mad and uproot railways its effective bro.have you ever heard of any corruption taking place here?INCHI uhuru, sovreignity. and by the way i did not insult anyone

Endeleeni ku kaa tu na hizo ma-ineffective tax payers waste of money window dressing. Na budget yenu inasomwa kesho? mta ambiwa tena hakuna pesa lakini kuna kazi moja inalipa mtu Ksh2.5 per month. nyinyi wa Kenya ni wajinga sana

meanwhile join me on the ISLAND for lunch today bro won't you? samaki kavuu iko tayari.
BYOB(Bring Your Own Boat)please

Anonymous said...

It seems Wako fixed professor Alston in Geneva. All African countries representatives and non aligned ones believes he overstepped his mandate. The man may not have his contract renewed.

ProgressiveKikuyu said...

In a normal country, Ringera would have resigned eons ago. But Kenya is not a normal country, or is it?

Githongo for KACC czar.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 AM,

Continue living a lie. A big fat lie. You are a gone case.

However, the TRUTH will eventually hit you with a bit BANG in future when you will have no alternative but to face the truth and nothing but the truth, although it will be a bit too late for you. You will be suffer eternal embarrassment and eventual loss of face.

You will be left with a lot of "egg" on your face the way any current talk of Mungiki/Vigilantes chopping off their own fellow tribesmens heads off (chop, chop, chop, chop.....) makes you squirm with a lot of visible discomfort, embarrassment and shame.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 AM,

has it occured to you that you are the one who is mentally defective?

Your comments alone give me the impression that you belong to the school of thought that subscribes to the following defective values :- deception, fraud and theft. no offence. Just making it plain (calling a spade a spade)

Anonymous said...

The cartoon accompanying the post says it all. All the looters, thieves, fraudsters and the rest of the Nyangau's want Ringeera to remain on the job of "allowing" them to be "industrious," "enterprising" and "hardworking." Phew!!

Kenya is in shit.

reliable said...

The PEV violence was the work of 'Pumbavu' Kibaki and his Gikuyu nationalists in State House Nairobi. The burning of that Kiambaa Church was hatched and plotted in State House Nairobi by a cabal including Kibaki to deflect attention from an election that they had stolen between December 27-29, 2007. To the best of my knowledge, no Kaleo was involved in burning that church.

remember that it was Hutus that shot down the plane carrying the Hutu president Habyarimana thereby prompting the genocide in Rwanda.

Anonymous said...

Yes, bring Githongo back. He can cover up his lack of savvy with another book. Lots more material this time around.

Anonymous said...

"It seems Wako fixed professor Alston in Geneva. All African countries representatives and non aligned ones believes he overstepped his mandate. The man may not have his contract renewed."

Very well deserved.
And did you hear what they said about his report? A carbon copy of the Human Rights one. What an ass. He forgot he was on the United Nations payroll. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:05AM,

To say that the Kaleos didn't burn the Kikuyus (women and children) in the Kiambaa church is like saying the Mungikis didn't circumcise Luos right on the tarmac in Naivasha. It is the kind of denial that differentiates between the civilized and the barbarians. And you seem to have choosen the side of the cavemen by instinct!

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:35AM,

You are hurting the feelings of the ODMorons by celebrating the humiliation of their newest Mzungu hero, "Prof." Alston, the fly by night investigator.

Anonymous said...

Desturi zenu Wakenya ni zaa ajaabu, munawatahiri Wajaluo barabani? Hiyo si ungwana hata kamwe!

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I heard PNU Secretary-General and Cabinet Minister Kiraitu Murungi (he of telling John Githongo to "Ngo srow" on angloleasing and other thefts by the Mt Kenya cabal in power) regretted the formation of the coalition Government, terming it the worst arrangement in the country’s history.

Well, to Kiraitu I only have one thing to say:

If Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki had NOT STOLEN the elections, all of this would not be happening.

You STEAL elections, you have to live with the consequences.


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:57 AM,

Hizo si desturi za wakenya wote. Hizo ni desturi za wakikuyu. Usitu changanye na wao.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that sometimes Githongo would forget to switch of the wire while in the toilet and it would record his funny asshole noises? But it wasn't funny to the British M15 guys who had to transcribe the tapes.

Anyway, where is Githongo when ODM needs his funny noises most?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:57 AM
Don't forget Kibaki's stealing of the election had some unintended benefits. For example, the Luos got free circumcision from mungikis in Naivasha. Ama sivyo?

Anonymous said...

I recommend Professor Alston for KACC job as he may be looking for one soon. We also believe foreigners are better than Kenyans. The problem is that this guy is likely to plagiarise all past reports done by Ringera and other Kenyans

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:06 AM,

Here we go again. You, a typical panua mongrel - deceptive and fraudulent to the core - trying to mischiviously change the subject - which is very uncomfortable to you for obvious reasons ......

Anonymous said...

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki’s (2002) inaugural declaration: “corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya” made to roaring applause one hot December day at the tail end of a dramatic election year back in 2002 now reads like a line of pure comedy penned by a cynical scribe scripting the great African leadership farce.

If they replayed that clip on television today, you would likely choke on a chortle for how far the present reality is from that lofty ideal to which we attached our national hopes back then.

For this big let down, the buck stops with Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki. He has greatly betrayed Kenya big time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, plus he has even tied raira's (our savior) hands tightly behind his back, so he cant do any reforms, save by way of mouth. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Ati Ringera is incorruptible? Many lawyers, clerks and magistrates know of the day at milimani commercial Courts when Ringera threw notes of money out of the window just in time to avoid anti corruption catching him. And it was so hilarious. so when you sing his praises, I see a person who just knows how to do PR.

Anonymous said...

You people have missed Taabu's sarcasm by a whole mile. Here is a glimpse of his catch:

......above all else Ringera acts and thinks in the right FIRST LANGUAGE.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:58 AM,

We can see thru your pumbavu sarcasm. Good try, but not good enough. You tried to be patronizing while splashing us with contempt (like your hero Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki). You keep on coming back to a place where you have been banged 10 - nil without fail.

But, sorry, we see you for what you are: a Warthog. You and they never learn any lessons.... Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki must be another Warthog what with his rapid serial goofings, bumblings and blunderings, ... and only addressing press conferences after being threatened with SLAPS by Lucy.

A Wharthog will always be a Wharthog - heavily intoxicated with UPUMBAVU.

Anonymous said...

Taabu wewe, shida mingi! sindwe. If you step in Meru or anywhere near Meru> Kubaff!!!

Anonymous said...

That Kibaki orchestrated the burning of the Kikuyu church, Kiambaa, subsequently burning 25 Kikuyus is fact. Like the Parmehutu Hutu hardliners who shot the plane carrying Habyarimana, Kibaki and his tribal cabal planned and executed the burning of their own and blamed it on Kaleos.

If a group of 100 plus Kaleos was involved as falsely alleged, why then is it that not one Kaleo has ever been arrested or charged for these murders despite the State offering cash inducements of up to Shs.100 M.

Kibaki staged the fire to deflect the world's attention from his having stolen the election.

NURU said...

@8:36 PM I seem to agree with you on this one because I, too, recall George Bush's untrue statements regarding WMDs in Iraq.

In the run-up to the Iraq war in October 2002, Bush sent Colin Powell to the UN Security Council to say: "Iraq has got mobile labs to build biological weapons. They are illegal. They are against UN Resolutions and we've so far discovered two. And we'll find more weapons as time goes on. But for those who say we haven't found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they're wrong, we found them."

If Bush 'found' the WMDs, what happened to them? Of course now 6-7years laterr, it is now obvious that the WMDs never existed to begin with.

Like Bush, Kibaki has knowingly lied about the killings at Kiambaa Church because he is complicit in perpetrating it.

Anonymous said...

It's more sinister than that as Bush was also involved in the Kiambaa church murders. Remember he was the first to congratulate Kibaki? And to make matters worse, its alleged that the so-called Kalenjin warriors (if they ever existed at all) were American marines. This goes to prove just how much the west wants to destroy us!! Very sad, I must add.

Victor said...

Looks like Zimbabwe is a mirror image of Kenya

Anonymous said...

ANon 6:02

For GDP to slide from 7 to 1% due o an activity that lasted no more than 3 months (dec 27 - Feb 15) is an indicator that the perhaps the economic growth is not largely due to our agricultural activity but more on tourism and donor activity which as you know were the largest impacted.

THose industries should have had sufficient stocks to absorb a 3 month interruption, in any case central and coast province was largely unaffected and we hear this is the most industrious zone, so unless you are suggesting that the RV and Western Kenya is the true source/backbone of industry.

UrXlnc said...

Mr Akula says that he heard his attackers ask: “When will you people give us the new constitution or the jobs that you have promised?” “Mheshimiwa mkilete kazi, hatutafanya hii maneno, hata sisi hatupendi, ni njaa inatusumbua (Honourable, give us jobs and we shall stop this, we don’t like it, but we are hungry),” the carjackers told the MP.

Anonymous said...

A Kikuyu at the head of KACC? Would you put a dangerous and devious animal to guard your livestock.

No Kikuyu except the Mjaruo Githongo.

Nidhamu said...

@UrXInc, I can guarantee you 100% that these scumbags were Kyuks most of whom have no morality or ethics whatsoever.

And to imagine that we share the same country. Ughhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, put mjaruo githongo on there and hope that his heart doesnt give way in the process.
Meanwhile, what's happening in the Mau? Is it true that the kalenjin are soon to move, en masse, from ODM to UDM? You guys are the ones with the inside story.....heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey police,..... POLICE!
See Anon 1:20 (who likely is urxlnpee); he uses tribalistic, kikuyuphobic language that's against hse rules of common decency.

One Wife Man said...

...."he told the gangsters that he had already exceeded the KSh50,000 limit...."

he he he.....clever ruse or wrong victim?

UrXlnc said...

One Wife Man

i'd say nice try but it didnt help anyway since..

... they drove within the city, buying time. At midnight, they went to an ATM and withdrew the money ...

Anonymous said...

Why is pointing out the truth Kikuyuphobic? The fact is the fact-these thugs scumbags will turn out to be Kikuyu. What is wrong about pointing out the truth? If you feel offended then tell your people to become more moral and ethical.

Anonymous said...

@1:24 stop whining like a little sissy girl. For starters, most Kikuyus are decent civilized folk like Githongo, Kiai, Muite, et al. It is the 90% of the thieving atavistic criminal types that mess it up for the rest. Now if you are a thief like Jomo, Kibaki, etc, then you are pis#@*d off because the truth is smacking you right in your ugly face.


Anonymous said...

Actually, my face is not ugly....far from eye on the forehead, a couple of warts on my cheek (as in warthog),hair streaming from my nostrils down my chin, six bottom teeth yanked out...Hard to beat.

But honestly, the police here in KK are just like the Kenya police. House rules are clear, but just because the police fear big men like urxlntpee, they refuse to sanction his hate speech. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

respect for pluralism will lead to peace and prosperity

The spiritual leader of the world's Ismaili Muslims stood before a crowd of University of Alberta graduates on Tuesday and implored them to use their education to spread Canada's success as a multicultural society.

The world is suffering through a "deficit" of ethical conduct and respect for pluralism, and educated people are badly needed to guide humanity on the right path, the Aga Khan told a packed Jubilee Auditorium.

"A pluralistic attitude is not something with which people are born --an instinctive fear of what is different is perhaps a more common human trait,"he said.

"But such fear is a condition that can be transcended, and that is why teaching about pluralism is such an important objective at every educational level."

The Aga Khan was receiving an honorary doctor of laws degree at theUofA's spring convocation

Anonymous said...

He gave an impassioned speech that touched on several global issues, including what he described as "faltering instruments of government in many countries of Asia and Africa."

"We have learned that simplistic systems don't work, whether built around the arrogance of colonialism, the rigidities of communism, the romantic dreams of nationalism or the naive promises of untrammeled capitalism."

The Aga Khan also spoke at length about ethics, not only in government but in all areas of society and the need for leaders and academics to provide an ethical example for people to follow.

"We know from recent headlines about scoundrels from the American financial scene to the halls of European parliaments - and we can certainly do without either," he said.

"When a construction company cheats on the quality of materials for a school or a bridge, when a teacher skimps on class work in order to sell his time privately, when a doctor recommends a drug because of incentives from a pharmaceutical company, when a bank loan is skewed by kickbacks, or a student paper is plagiarized from the Internet - when the norms of fairness and decency are violated in any way, then the foundations of society are undermined."

Anonymous said...

Chris Kumekucha,

Where are you? When we complained about some of your Kikuyuphobic posts, we did not mean you run away. Please come back. We have had enough of Taabu, the resident genocidal Hutu of Kumekucha.

Mwana wa kibeti, give us a sign that you are around and reassure us that you have not abandoned us to the hatred of those who celebrate the deaths of others or the rapes of little "adui yetu" girls.

Only you Chris can queiten these genocidaires!

Anonymous said...

i used to read Kumekucha one year ago where it was full of leaked information good for us the public and behind the scenes news but this days its just seems like it has turned to a street kind of junky blog... useless...

Anonymous said...

Why are @12:11 AM and other Kikuyu genocidaires complaining when it is Kibaki who is culpable for the fire that devoured 25 of his own tribesmen.

The same Kibaki who asked his intelligence operatives to set the fires to divert attention from the fact that he had stolen the elections and thereby garner international sympathy. Think dumbos, think.

If as some Kikuyus like to hallucinate, some 100 plus Kalenjin warriors committed the crime, why is it that to date, not ONE Kalenjin has ever been arrested or charged with the arsons? Not one.

And do not call others genocidaires when you guys have Mungiki, your own version of the Hutu Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi, that were responsible for slaughtering almost 1,000,000 innocent Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

NURU said...

Kofi Annan has given Kibaki and Raila up to the end of August to set up a local tribunal to try last years post election violence suspects.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04 AM,

I agree with you 100%. How come not a single Kalenjin has been found guilty of the crime of burning that Kiambaa church? This is despite all the [power] levers of the police and judiciary being controlled by homeboys from the Mt Kenya region.

This can only mean one thing: this story of Kaleos buring the Kiambaa church is a figment of the fraudulent minds of these Mt Kenya fellows.

It is very possible, as you say, that the whole incident was engineered by Mt Kenya mongrels to divert attention from the election that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki stole - in broad daylight - and somehow to "fix" the Kalenjin for reasons best known to the Mt Kenya elite who conspired to STEAL the elections.

After all we have seen Kikuyu's engaging in some very mad extravaganzas and festivals of targeting, zeroeing in, descending on and very swiftly CHOPPING their fellow tribesmens heads off.... very mad and primitive behaviour.

Now, if they can do these ghastly acts on their own fellow Kikuyu tribesmen and women, how about the rest of us Kenyans? Your guess is as good as mine. Burning their own fellow tribesmen and women in a church is not beyond them - remember, chopping their fellow Kikuyu's heads off not such a big deal to them.

Anonymous said...

@2:56 AM, you are beginning to get my drift.

Let us all remember that on the 29th December, 2007, the world was beginning to question and castigate Kibaki for an election universally deemed fraudulent and suspect. Then, voila, some genius in Kibaki's inner circle hatches this arson plot at Kiambaa Church as a way to shift/deflect attention from their stolen election.

The second reason why Kibaki opted for the arson strategy at Kiambaa Church, was to get an excuse/justification to use the instruments of oppression, i.e, the security forces, to shut down the media, curfews, etc almost in a martial law sense.

Remember that to date, not ONE Kaleo has ever been arrested or charged with murder, despite the state offering Shs100m in bribes to implicate someone, anyone.

Wangu wa Makeri said...

I stopped checking on Kumekucha now since it's all about Taabu and his usual garbage.

I am wondering is Chris aka Kumekucha alright?
I never thought I would miss you Chris but unlike others contributors, you're a breath of fresh air. Kumekucha is not the same without you Chris. Come-back please!
I'll pay you handsomely just to keep you here!

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:56AM:

If Kikuyus were burning their own in Eldoret, then by your reasoning, it follows that Luos were burning and circumcising their own with machetes on the tarmac in Naivasha to attract international sympathy ... eh? Get some sense and decency in your genocidal head!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you must come back now!

The GENOCIDAIRES have taken over Kumekucha and turned it into a sewer of their hallucinations.

Chris, you must come back now and cast the demons back into the swines!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No amount of begging will make Chris come back. He sold Kumekucha and took off with his Kikuyu wife to Seychelles. Get used to the new sultans or go face Mt. Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Raila continues kumanga manga duniani. And when he is in the country, he is just giving orders to the Luos to do this or that, such as get circumcised, etc. Is this the change ODM promised?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, it is better when Raila is away - the Luos get to live their life!

Anonymous said...


Holocaust denial is the claim that the genocide of Jews during World War II—usually referred to as the Holocaust[1]—did not occur at all, or in the manner or to the extent as historically recognized.

Key elements of this claim are the rejection of any of the following: that the Nazi government had a policy of deliberately targeting Jews and people of Jewish ancestry for extermination as a people; that more than five million Jews[1] were systematically killed by the Nazis and their allies; and that genocide was carried out at extermination camps using tools of mass murder, such as gas chambers. [2][3]

Holocaust deniers do not accept the term "denial" as an appropriate description of their point of view, and use the term Holocaust revisionism instead. [4] Scholars, however, prefer the term "denial" to differentiate Holocaust deniers from historical revisionists, who use established historical methodologies. [5]

Most Holocaust denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Holocaust is a hoax arising out of a deliberate Jewish conspiracy to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other peoples.[6] For this reason, Holocaust denial is generally considered to be an antisemitic[7] conspiracy theory.[8] The methodologies of Holocaust deniers are criticized as based on a predetermined conclusion that ignores extensive historical evidence to the contrary.[9]

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26 AM,

This is for you and all the other panua mongrels who are now in "panua defensive mode." No amount of twisting the truth or introducing diversionary tactics will get you anywhere. Only your fellow panua mongrels - with the same warped sense of reasoning - will "believe" such trash.

Here are some home truths for you:

* Speaking the truth about you fellows is not being Kikuyuphobic. It is simply calling a spade a spade. I want to challenge you to tell us that Kikuyu's have not been engaging in ghastly extravaganzas and festivals of chopping the heads of their fellow Kikuyu's off with wild abandon. Tell us it has not happened. Use all the panua inspired "Academic" arguments such as Anon 4:06 AM... they will fall flat on their [panua] faces with a very loud THUD.

* I repeat once again, not a single kalenjin has been found guilty of the burning of the Kiambaa church despite all the levers of influence in the police force and the judiciary being firmly in the control of the Mt Kenya homeboys.

The Kalenjins are innocent; get that thru your thick skulls and stop spinning absurd fairy tales about being the the victims while infact you are the aggressors.

* If truth be told, and we must speak the truth, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the principal cause of the Post Election Violence and the chaos that followed due to his blatant THEFT of the elections in broad daylight (just like his soul mate Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe).

* All you panua mongrels calling for the "return" of Chris (Kumekucha) are doing so because the truth that you are being told has become to hot to handle. It hurts you fellows deeply. Your panua hope is that Chris "comes back" and deletes comments that may be deemed to be uncomfortable to your panua sensibilities.

In summing up: FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT will not lead you anywhere that is worthy of admiration and positive emulation. Abandon these pumbavu values, They only result in eternal embarrassment, personal self humiliation and enormous amounts of shame. But then again, do you people have any sense of shame? I doubt it.

Andruid said...

"ODM should propose Githongo for that position."

That would sound like a political gimmick. The KACC needs more than gimmickery to make it work properly.

Methinks that irrespective of whoever gets picked Ringeera or otherwise is being set up ina aorganisation designed to fail. After all what sort of anti-corruption commission could possibly expect to get anything done if its prosecutions of government affaisr involve working through the very same attorney general's office that would probably have given legal clearance to the very deals that it is meant to unravel.

It amounts to asking, as Mr Githongo put it in a lecture at SOAS, the big fish to fry themselves.

Anonymous said...

Andruid @ 7:12 AM said...

"ODM should propose Githongo for that position."

Andruid, why only ODM? PNU should also propose him.

Anonymous said...


Uhuru delivers tremendous budget. Even Taabus tribal chief Ruto has commented "Uhuru thought outside the box" Well well well, even as we saw Oburus contibution is filling his masters glass with water, despite planting many moles in an attempt to incert errors. Now what will the idiots say on this? hehehehe
Its a beautiful evening in Nairobi, enjoy

Andruid said...

Andruid, why only ODM? PNU should also propose him.

Its not the party behind the proposition, but the proposition itself that would amount to a political gimmick.

the problem is that the KACC is designed to fail, irrespective of how righteous the fellow who runs it is. Reread my post

Anonymous said...

More power to Uhuru!!

Victor said...

Anon 8:36

Relax, we all know that anyone can read a document. Obviously you are taken in by the ceremony. Lets study the proposals and what problems they intend to solve. And more importantly lets see the follow through. We have seen some of these political stunts before such as reducing number of cars per VIP all they way from the fiery Nyachae, and recently with Kimunya and yet the fleets have grown larger with more "chase" cars.

Take time to analyse the budget and dont be carried away by the smooth talking minister.


Anonymous said...

@4:06AM, what an intellectual lightweight you are; please go back to elementary school. But first, let us get our terminology correct.

The term "genocide" was coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish legal scholar. Defining genocide in 1943, Lemkin wrote thus:

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.

Did you read and understand what Raphael Lemkin wrote in his 1943 essay?

In recent years, genocides have included:

- the Jewish Holocaust in Europe

- Pol Pot

- the Rwanda Genocide

- The Former Yugoslavia

- possibly, Darfur

To add credence to the term genocide, so that people like yourself don't use the term loosely, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia emphatically stated:

"The aim of the Genocide Convention is to prevent the intentional destruction of entire human groups, and the part targeted must be significant enough to have an impact on the group as a whole."

So, my friend, a perusal of the PEV events in Kenya per the Kriegler Commission and the Waki Report indicate roughly the following ethnicities killed:

Luo ------- 278 killed

Kikuyu------ 260 killed

Kalenjin---- 200 + killed

Sir, are you telling us that because more Luos were killed relative to Kikuyus, ipso facto, genocide was perpetrated against Luos? Or should we, therefore, imply that Kikuyus are genocide deniers?

After all, more Luos were killed than Kikuyus.

Her Majesty said...


I love YOU!! come back! Your writing is so sexy man, I dream of you all the times! You are a gift to women like me and that's why I log into Kumekucha.

Wangu wa Makeri

Anonymous said...

"Luo ------- 278 killed

Kikuyu------ 260 killed

Kalenjin---- 200 + killed"

Bulls*** numbers.

the Waki report lists deaths by district and province, not ethnicity.

Mwambu said...

My figures add up or are within a ballpark estimate, meaning they fall within a reasonable range of values.

If I recall correctly, a few months ago, either The Standard or the Nation did something similar and came up with roughly similar numbers of Kenyans killed in different districts as per the CIPEV, the KNHRC Reports, and other investigators, such as Human Rights Watch. The only problem lay with identifying approximately 119 dead people.

Now even if I were to use the most lax standards ever invented in the statistics of mathematical science, no more than 300 Kikuyus were killed in the PEV.

So let us make the assumption:

Kikuyus killed--- 300

Luos killed------ 278

Kalenjin killed--- 200+

Should we, therefore conclude that genocide was perpetrated in Kenya post-election? Against whom? Roughly as many Kikuyu were killed as Luo and, by the way, roughly as many Kalenjin were killed as Luhya or Kisiis. Should we, therefore, argue that Kenyans were committing genocide against their opponents? Hence Kikuyus perpetrated genocide against Kalenjins, and vice versa.

How different is it, to say:

Luos killed--- 278

Kikuyus killed--260

Kalenjin killed---200+

Sorry to inform you that even though there was NO GENOCIDE in Kenya post-election, there were vicious ethnic inspired killings and murders that deserve full investigation and proper accounting for.


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