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Monday, June 08, 2009

Omar Bongo Dead: End of Reign of Dinosaurs

These dinosaurs treat their countries like personal property. They consider themselves deities and woe unto those who dare challenge them.

We ordinary mortals owe plenty of gratitude to heart attack as liberally dispensed by Mother Nature. The attacks are not only MASSIVE, but so faithful they comprehensively accomplish the task which no money nor power can buy. The scoundrels may fraudulently escape tax for now but not the equalizer and only constant, DEATH.

President of Gabon Omar Bongo was not only Africa's longest serving leader but also the SHORTEST in stature. His diminished height may have been a source of personal and emotional insecurity hence the brutality meted on his perceived opponents.

With typical African BIG MAN mentality, Gabon’s PM denied Bongo’s death in Spain as earlier reported from there. But you cannot cheat death and he has eventually faced the truth by making the sad news. What is more, Bongo lost his latest wife (daughter of Congo Brazzaville President Dennis Sasso Ngueso) just two months ago.

Next customer please
Make no mistake, Gabon is not out of the woods yet. Ali-Ben (Bongo Junior) is the heir designate and as the present Defence minister he already has his fingers on the levers of power. Add that to the fact that his sister Pascaline (ex-FM) was the father’s chief of staff and you get a true African dynasty.

Gabon is an oil rich country with only 1.4m people making it officially one of Africa’s richest countries, but is it? No prize for guessing.

Mother Nature should expedite dishing the favour from Cairo to Harare and all the ROT SPOTS in between. That would free Africa from these dinosaurs who suffocate their people with unbridled IMPUNITY. Next customer please!


papa plus said...

See, sometimes when things look grim and you think life sux for you; it pays to remember that someone somewhere has it much worse than you.

Some of these countries have very very meek and docile citizens. One thing you can thank Kenyatta and Moi and now Kibaki is the fact that they made sure that Kenya had a literate and educated citizenry. I remember watching BBC during the PEV and they showed some orphans taken in by some church, and I noticed tow things; when interviewed they all spoke in English and second, there were two kids in the background playing a board game - Chess!

For a place like Gabon, illiteracy rates are through the roof!

Taabu said...

Wewe, wacha kucheka kwa matanga.

Mama said...


The news at 7pm just showed that Gabon's leaders are denying that Bongo is dead!

Vikii said...

Here we go again. Instead of changing our ways, voting for leaders we know are upright and shunning the crooks that populate and actually control our politics, we start praying for the death of those in positions of authority. Pathetic!

So now that the President is dead, does that solve Gabon's problems? Did the stencil which generated Omar Bongo cease to exist? Think.

Anonymous said...

taabu isnt your god Moi one of these dinasours? This idiot took kenya decades back in his long rule. It is suprising that kaleos in the army, many of them illitrate, begged moi to do a 3rd term but thanks to kibwana this was thwarted. It is even more puzzling that some fools here now blame the old toad, kibz, for everything. I tell them, we didnt miss chris until a super idiot came along, talk of shida!

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Taabu,
What do you have against SHORT MEN?age&height are nothing but numbers bro the image of beauty is all lies in the eyes of the beholder au sio?the real matter is what we do with what lies in our hands

death and taxes happens to all of us- Kenyan MPs have managed to dodge the second lakini nani anaweza ile ya kwanza?if only they knew the God they have been praying to is mercifully a BLIND dispenser of JUSTICE malipo na hapa hapa duniani. that said may President Bongo rest in peace

PS:-many fishermen will tell you,(even us here in MIJINJO) that they enjoy low atmospheric height for ease of plying our trade& drawing in our nets

Anonymous said...

Who told you Kalenjin are illeterate. By the way they rule the whole world in athletics and they have brought honour to Kenya in Olympic Games.

When Kibaki stole the elections Kalenjin stood to be counted and thought a lesson to thieves i.e. Kikuyus being let by the duly elected and sworn thief in chief Mwai Kibaki..

Mwambu said...

Kibaki is receiving compliments from his fellow election thief, Mugabe, in your posted photo. Mugabe is thanking Kibaki for teaching him how to steal elections.

Here Kibaki is telling Bob Mugabe: "Don't worry, erections in Africa don't amount to anything because an incumbent like myself who is intent on hanging on to power at any cost will get that power. After all, in Kenya, I stole the erection from Raila Odinga, and you, my friend, Robert, you followed the script I gave you and also stole the erection from Tsvangirai, he..he..he!"

Anonymous said...

As we celebrate the death of a despot and wish it upon other despots, below a statement/question that should give you sufficient pause to realize just how hollow, short-lived and narrow-minded such celebrations are:

“Whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force.”
The federalist papers- Alexander Hamilton

Anonymous said...

It is not an either/or proposition. It is possible to have both accident and force PLUS/AND reflection and choice for establishing good government. Now there is nothing hollow, short-lived and narrow minded about that. I am celebrating the demise of this dinosaur called Bongo, just I would celebrate Kibaki's.

Anonymous said...

You're even less intelligent than I'd thought. What a pity!

Loco said...

@Anon 1 and Anon 2 it is quite sad that after all that we've been through as Kenyans your specific arguments immediately degenerated to tribally charged diatribes instead of constructive commentary relevant to the issue addressed by this post.

As pertains said issue, I am somewhat with Vikii on this. We shall kneel in prayer till we scuff our knees but THEY shan't all be spontaneously and simultaneously stricken by heart attacks or lighting. What needs die as a matter of import is the "Stencil" that generates such leaders

But that is just MY two-cents.

Loco said...

Kindly excuse the following typos and any others I may have overlooked in my previous comment.

*needs TO die

Abass said...

The one million dollar question: Are the citizens any different from these leaders? Are these leaders aliens from an unknown planet? How likely is it that if a citizen of Africa (Kenya, Gabon etc) is picked at random that he will be any different from Bongo and Kibaki? Sometimes, we like to blame others but we need to have a closer look at ourselves and pay attention to the reflection in the mirror. Just today, the Standard was reporting a very new and dangerous criminal activity: kidnapping kids. And you bet if you ask the kidnapper, he will wax lyrical about how bad Kibaki is!

Sorry guys, we can all wax lyrical about the evilness of Kibaki and co. but until we change ourselves, nothing will change.

papa plus said...


I would have cried at his late wife's funeral because she was a very beautiful and well put together woman. But for this guy Bongo, I have no tears!


chola said...

Papa plus you ignorant twat you sound like that TZ PM, who believed everybody in England was well educated, cause they all spoke English

Anonymous said...

Some people here are history challenged. Those good gavas in Europe were not brought by the kings, who claimed to have a divine right to rule. We are always quoting the Hebrew Bible about what god said to David or some other king. David, solomon and the others were some of the most corrupt and brutal dictators the world has ever seen. Like someone said "the will of god and the will of king David are exactly the same". David and Solomon lived for many years enjoying the sweat of the people who believed the kings hAd been chosen by god. This is where we are in Africa, about 360BC.

Anonymous said...

Be careful who you wish death upon. How do you know a member of your family doesn't have a date with death? Dont be so quick to wish someone dead

Anonymous said...

Abass, you must be one intelligent guy
QN: What is the difference between Bongo and Taabu? None. Bongo suppressed free speech, so does Taabu who NEVER stomachs critism. Take any African anyday and give them Presidential powers without checks and you will find most of them misusing it. Look at Taabu, he was given unilateral rights to write here and he misuses it MOST of the time just like the 'dinasaurs' he talks abt

Anonymous said...

Idiocy never ceases in Africa. So Taabu blames Bongo, Kibz, Mugabe etc etc. You are forgeting that we have many Bongos in parliament, Church, in our Companies, our courts/ govt bodies, at home, school, blogs like this...The only difference is the magnitude of the powers but behaviour is SAME to the last drop. The same idiots walk home and ask 'What is wrong with Kibaki?'

Anonymous said...

You are all just the same. You see a fool get promoted and then immediatly starts lording it on everyone even waiters in a bar 'Wewe haraka lete tusker tatu, unazubaa nini!' They cause a jam in traffic after buying their new junk then say 'Jinga wewe, utafanya nini? who are you?' And its just a small promotion in a small company in a small country in a continent full of small people

Anonymous said...

What do you expect in a dark continent where parents go home before their children and dont worry about it; where a PM is concerned about being given a mobile toilet than providing the same in his constituency; where a president gets in a foul mood and calls a press confrence coz a small journalist says he has 2 wives (which is true) while kenyans die of disease and starvation; where a former president/ dictator who started tribal clashes castigates his tribe for doing what he taught them to do?

Mwarang'ethe said...

We have asked this question, and we seek to repeat it.

Is the colour of a stream not a reflection of the soil it passes through? If that is answered in the affirmative, it can then be said that, leaders are nothing, but, a reflection of the wider society they are born and bred.

Or, let us put it this way. If you seek to check the quality of water in a pond, don't you get a sample and once you get results you generalise?

Anonymous said...

Most of you here are just mini-bongos. Look at the way some people respond to little critism/ opposition to their comments. What if you had bongos powers? wouldnt you kill 'flies' with a hammer?

Anonymous said...

Anon said 'And its just a small promotion in a small company in a small country in a continent full of small people'

Hehehehehe very funny but true

Anonymous said...

Kwanza Taabu is a big headed Tribal Bongo number 1. Deletes comments he considers 'abusive' to him/ his kind/his party while doing exactly the very same to others
You simply take the cake!

Anonymous said...

Look at how difficult kenyans are even here in this blog. How do you expect to rule them without a sledge hammer like Bongo. Chapa wao kabisa!

M-Pesa said...

It's goodbye and good riddance to bad and old rubbish. I hope the commode he called his soul forever burns in hell!

Next Please...

Anonymous said...

Mpesa i sincerely wish the same for you. Can you be next? pls volunteer

Anonymous said...

Rot in hell and leave the good name Mpesa put of this

Katana said...

@2:49PM you are on to something here. In the Kenyan context, when did Kenyatta, Moi, or even Kibaki ever rely on choice and reflection.

Everything about these tyrants has been about narrow self-interest. Ditto, Bongo.

Anonymous said...

Now Taabu you have put a death curse on yourself

Not M-Pesa said...

Anon 1:30AM - Your life must be quite pathetic for you to be so evil.

Anonymous said...

This comment deserves repeating:


Kibaki is receiving compliments from his fellow election thief, Mugabe in your posted photo. Mugabe is thanking Mr pumbavu for teaching him how to steal elections.

Here Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is telling Bob Mugabe: "Don't worry, erections in Africa don't amount to anything because an incumbent like myself who is intent on hanging on to power at any cost will get that power. After all, in Kenya, I stole the erection from Raila Odinga, and you, my friend, Robert, you followed the script I gave you and also stole the erection from Morgan Tsvangirai.

I Join Taabu and the rest in saying: Next customer please. May Heart attacks, strokes and their assorted "medical" relatives strike the election thief called Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Good points Abbas and Katana.
Katana: The same applies to Kenyans. They need to think carefully when picking their leaders at time 1, instead of wishing them death at time 2. This is a problem all around the country.

If, God forbid, Taabu is granted his wish that Emilio is promoted to glory. What next? Hon Dr. Kalonzo?

Anonymous said...

Leaders are a reflection of the people they lead. For example, Moi is a reflection of Taabu, who during moi's time was given a scholarship over more qualified kenyans just because he was a kaleo. Unfortunately, he only specialized in wishing other people death.

Anonymous said...

Taabu misses Moi alot because if Moi were still president Taabu would be "somebody." Now he has nothing useful to do but wail and rant all year long.

Anonymous said...

His name is Omar Bongo Ondimba. Has changed names twice. What i dont get is: these fools' africanness is only in names. But you are all right in saying all africans are the same. They basically have no morals. I understand in Gabon people start opposition parties so that ondimba can (could) buy them. I think mo1 was doing same.

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka MwalimuT,
A quick survey of recent politicians across Africa reveals that the SHORTER they were the more likely they were to have been ticking time bombs waiting to explode and seeking appropriate avenues to vent pent up frustrations long held inside

if only equally SHORT SIGHTED VOTERS had not graced them with the opportunity to lord tyranny and dictatorship over them blaming mistakes made on skeleton in the closet issues

Africa needs giraffe like citizens who see far into the future past their noses instead of hypocritical fanatical footsoldiers masquerading as long suffering masses. secretly these low-self eteeming second class citizens crave to hear the refraining insult "PUMBAVU" hurled at them in public to chuckle in the comfort of the 3 corners house secretly affirming their own inferiority complex as inadequate human beings

papa plus said...


If you don't understand something, the intelligent thing is to seek clarification. Look up literacy rates in Gabon and Kenya and then make an informed judgment. Your comments suggest that you are probably one who might have benefited immensely from a good education. It helps I tell you. Be it in English (Kenya)or French (Gabon).

Anonymous said...

papa plus,

Education is obviously something good to be pursued. In fact if you asked me, if possible, it should be made COMPULSORY for everyone in Kenya

However, to lead a worthy life, education alone is not enough. It must be accompanied by attitudes, values and norms that put a premium on honesty, honour, fairness, respect, goodwill and service to others.

Without these values and norms, education is but just an empty vessel waiting to be filled with vile values and norms such as FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT.

Kenya is in the doldrums because we have overemphasized education without instilling good values to go with this education. We all - at least 95% - have very rotten values; this cuts across the board, even church leaders, the pastors, bishops etc, have some very rotten attitudes, values and norms. You just have to look at and observe the likes of Cardinal Njue to see that the majority of us are completely rotten to the core.

Things are just too ridiculous. The county's President - who came to power by way of STEALING the vote of Decemeber 2007 - insults people by calling them pumbavu twice on madaraka day and these people just laugh as if it is funny. We are sick people. No wonder President Obama of the United States of America has opted not to visit the land of his father and relatives due to our concentrated state of bad manners and lack of any shame as we indulge in these same bad manners.

Bottom line: Education without wisdom is useless.

Anonymous said...

Things are just too ridiculous. The county's President - who came to power by way of STEALING the vote of Decemeber 2007.....

Just look at that picture of him and his fellow election thief Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Heart attacks, strokes, cancers - of everywhere - should strike at these two monumental THIEVES. It is their likes who have helped in making Africa the disaster it is.

Anonymous said...

This is a piece to remember.

But.... as God-loving people, we should not wish our enemies death. But should rather pray to them.

I pray to Bongo so that the Lord should forgive him and let him join the Kingdom of God. God should bless Gabon to remain peaceful and give her rulers who can deliver justice and services to the people of that nation. Amen.

Taabu said...

Right advise directed to the wrong person. Sorry to disappoint you but I am no preacher. You are in good company just cram that verse and repeat it while foaming at the mouth aided with a powerul speaker. At the end ask for people to panda with sadaka so that they can repeat yawns as you join the bank queue with their money.

We are not devils because of lack of preachers but plenty of pretenders who flock churches every Sunday with hearts bleeding EVIL. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Before you wrote this, I never believed there is a Kenyan who is awake.

I have been fighting this blind education in our country and everybody has been threatening me with a sword.

Really, education is useless, if there are no ethics.

My neighbour once told me. Boy, study law and you will become a millionare overnight. That was the time Medicine was a poor man's profession in Kenya. Instead, I went for Medicine and am proud to say that I've saved many lives of poor rural people without asking for a cent. I feel satisfied with the little I own.

Bro, let's hope many Kenyans will understand what you have simply stated here.

Anonymous said...

and what should happen to raila? burnt at the stake?

ProgressiveKikuyu said...

It is patently obvious that some posts are more equal than others. To those who have greatly added to the topic, "Omar Bongo Dead: End of Dinosaurs," many, many kudos.

I have particularly enjoyed reading the comments by:

Anonymous@ 3:06AM,
Anonymous@4:23AM (wit&humour)

Great job, guys and keep it coming!!

papa plus said...

Anon 6:25

Agreed. At the heart of the matter is a total lack of morals, ethics, integrity and whatever thing that makes one look at the bigger picture other than the self/tribe.

However, can you imagine where Kenya would be with an illiterate citizenry? Way past the doldrums...

I still think that sometimes it is not wrong to take stock of where we are. Kenya is not USA, UK, India, Mexico, Argentina or Thailand. If we are to look at ourselves in terms of standards, we would measure up with Nigeria, Namibia, Egypt...that is where we are. Just keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

an ape calls himself a progressive kikuyu then praises his own posts and those of his 'kind'. Then hope that we are idiots like them and fall for their silly games. Its easy to spot a baboon even when they wear clothes. Hopeless

Anonymous said...

mpesa calls himself 'not mpesa' to put up a lame reverse coment. Well you must be very evil yourself to wish others death. Remember what you wish others will be wished on you. And stop your silly games we all know you are the same person, jeeezzz

Kiama said...

Yaani there is no young reader to rule Kenya and Africa? As I look towards 2012 my vote is targetting only the type of reader who is pro people and non-tribal. The first ability is to solve the problem of PEV violence.

ProgressiveKikuyu said...

An ape calls himself a ProgressiveKikuyu then praises his own posts and those of his 'kind'. Then hope that we are idiots like them and fall for their silly games. It is easy to spot a baboon even when they wear clothes. Hopeless

This fiercely proud progressive Kikuyu 'baboon' is infinitely smarter than you, and has just corrected your grammar and syntax.

Last I checked, Githongo, Kiai, Maathai were also progressives and Kikuyu. Not all Kikuyus are reactionaries, FYI.

Anonymous said...

Who told you Kalenjin are illeterate. By the way they rule the whole world in athletics and they have brought honour to Kenya in Olympic Games.

When Kibaki stole the elections Kalenjin stood to be counted and thought a lesson to thieves i.e. Kikuyus being let by the duly elected and sworn thief in chief Mwai Kibaki..

Kales are stupid and Illiterate. Who on earth would kill a baby in the name of stolen elections except an illiterate lunatic. Taabu, you might wish death to others but it might be coming for you, lets see if you can cheat it if it decides its you since you are not a dictator. holy crap/shit.

Flash Chat said...

We are all the same whether you are President or an employee. Nobody on the Earth can insure us from death and other fatal accidents. Others are left just to chat about the gone.

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Anonymous said...

the so called progressive kikuyu err luo. Peleka your nonesense to the toilet. If you have nothing to say, dont say it here. Ape!

ProgressiveKikuyu said...

It is peleka your nonsense to the toilet. Not nonesense you ape.

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