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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran: Foolish to Fight Twitter, Chase Shadows

Iranian people’s revolution may not succeed in uprooting the CLERICAL REGIME propping the incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But they are living proof of how political dynamics and times have changed these past few years. The message is universal: no evil regime can succeed in using old tricks to trash a people’s will.

For those still living in fortresses of DENIAL and living beautiful lies they better wake up from slumber. Or continue cheekily asking for evidence. Well, as far as elections go PERCEPTION is everything and numbers only go so far to vindicate the same.

Gatekeepers of Islamic revolution may have gobbled more that they could chew. They remain oblivious of the fact that they are not elected and cannot purport to regulate free and fair elections.

Iran’s fiasco rings so familiar to our own experience on the bungled 2007 elections. The prize of rigging elections is incalculable. Dictators and scoundrels can only ignore perception and expand their egos at their own peril.

Familiar fiasco
And the symmetry is so striking and awash with obtuse impunity. In Kenya, the TV screens went blank and when they broadcasts resurfaced the pyramid of deception was so glaring. In Iran they went a step further to make it look landslide with Ahmadinejad’s topped up 63% but the coloured lie lost all the paint in the face of an enlightened public who knows better.

Even Ahmadinejad’s FAIR and SQUARE bravado sounds so familiar. Add to that Ayatollah’s speedy congratulations spiced up with the rider it was divine assessment and the true God must be raging with furry and feeling scandalized.

The time is up for political dinosaurs. No amount of posturing and GOING EAST will wash. Iran has borrowed Michiki’s script in gagging the press oblivious of the magic of information age. Revolution via twitter #IranElection and citizen journalism cannot be legislated.

Bastardize democracy
Not even banning rallies would stop Iranians from stroking embers of 1979 Islamic revolution albeit to remind the 12 pretenders so-called Guardian council of IN-BY-THE-SWORD-OUT-BY-THE-VERY-BLADE.

We live in an age and times that renders any form and amount of oppression unsustainable. The location and composition of a country doesn’t matter, the objective remain the same: DON'T BASTARDIZE DEMOCRACY.


Mwambu said...

Iran under the Mullahs is patently more democratic than Kenya under Kibaki. At least the Iranian Supreme leader, Khamenei, is forcing them to recount the votes unlike in Kenya were Kibaki brazenly stole an election in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the reason Ahmedinajad visited kibaki for advice. Birds of the same feathers stock together. He really took the advice to the letter, going to Russia as his country burns. kibaki also left kenya burning and flew to Ethiopia for some stupid OAU meeting or was it AU. Wow

Anonymous said...

The ODMOrons refused a vote re-count, knowing full well that their ballot theft would be exposed.

And ne'er forget this--> that the bumpkin supreme ordered mass violence against the kikuyu, including stealing of their property and later a boycot of their enterprises.

And also dont forget that the bumpkins theft began even BEFORE ballots were cast--eg the killing of policemen, and an outright denial of the outcome even before it happened.

Wacha nisiseme zingine.

Lakini, the points of comparison between these two elections are few n far between. There is very good reason why POTUSA wont meet with kassin bumpkin. But he will meet with Aimadinnerjad. :))))

Anonymous said...

eti Kivuitu alienda Iran last weekend kupeana advice kwa Guardian council

papa plus said...

Hey, at least we are good at something. If Kivuitu can make money as a consultant on how to win elections then so be it.

Vikii said...

First, I am a big fan of President Amedenijad--yes you read that right. It is time someone told me who should decide whether a regime is proper or not. It has become a shameful practice that the American society and their President get to make that decision. Amedenijad and the ayatollahs are not everybody's idea of a perfect leadership--especially when he calls the Holocaust a 'myth'- but I hate it when Obama and his bunch of evil Americans lord it on everyone. They have managed to FOOL everyone that the problem is not Carter, Bush, Obama and the other crooks who would rather have user-friendly regimes in the oil-rich nations of the world, but the ayatollahs and their crony Presidents. I was happy when Amedenejad, after addressing the UN General Assembly in both 2007 and 2008, did Larry King interviews to tell the Americans and their dishonest politicians on their own grounds that Iran is not the Phillipines. Even as recently as last month, Amedenijad sent a PUBLIC INVITATION to President Obama as the President of the country that leads and inspires most of this propaganda about what a rogue regime Iran is for a PUBLIC DEBATE. Instead of hiding behind cameras everyday in Washington DC, the respectable thing for the American President is to accept the invitation and tell the world what it is his country does better than Iran. Anything short of that is dishonesty. It is cowardice! When they are ready, both Brown and Obama should debate him on international television and get asked the hard questions.

On the election, who decides whether an election was free and fair or not? The Media? The LOSING candidate? Harvard political science professors? Who? If according to opinion polls published days before the poll Amedinejad still led (and these are by American pollsters), what convinces Taabu so hard that the election was usurped? I mean are people disputing the victry itself or the margin of victory?

More substantially, should we always take as gospel truth the rants of declared election losers? I am not saying there were no irregularities, but I think it is dumb, unintelligent, actually stupid, for us to base the election-usurpation allegations solely on what the losing candidate and his supporters claim. They can claim anything and they have evry right to. But it is, in my opinion, pretty audacious to expect that we all must consider an election stolen because you think so. So if Taabu was not reading too much western press and confusing it with the bible, he would actually back his post with real evidence. Hiyo ingine ni choir tu.

Anon 3.38, Martha Karua, as an ELECTED PNU MP and an outgoing minister, demanded a RECOUNT of votes in all 210 constituencies. The fellows on the other side, your side, were demanding a recount in selected (selected by them)constituencies. When she did, that party being the party of the unintelligent hecklers shouted her down with not-so-smart questions like "who are you" to which she retorted that she "WAS A KENYAN". So if you think any election was stolen in Kenya, you have two choices; shut up or put up--prove it or leave with it. There is no third way about it!

Vikii said...

And before you can "leave" with it, u need to first LIVE with it. My bad!

Anonymous said...

It is very bad that 'dinnerjad dismisses the holocaust. For that he should be spanked HARD.

But substantively, this election result just simply mimics the ones that got Dubya into office (minus the MAD-like protest). So what's the big deal anyway?

As for you KK police, you'd better not dump my posting, seeing that am not hailing your beloved 'democratic' process.

papa plus said...

Vikii you must be high. back track to the holocast which you give a cursory mention; what do you believe? Was it a myth? Do you also believe that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth?

papa plus said...

Am-a-dinner-jacket is off his rocker. Rigging happens everywhere, even in the US. But there now exists a laziness of such proportions that even an effort is lacking when it comes to rigging.

Explain to me how Am-a-dinner-jacket could garner majority votes in all constituencies? Even his opponents home towns?

There was no polling going on in Iran. The last polling I think was held weeks before the election and it was done by phone. That is hardly a poll.

In any case, if Am-a-dinner-jacket proffeses that Iran is indeed a democracy albeit in its own fashion as say Uganda and the movement; then he should allow dissenting voices to be heard and peaceful protests to be carried out with the media having access. But no, like Kenya, the president knows what is best for everyone.

Anonymous said...

At least they know the difference between protesting and genocide. ODMoron would right now be busy raping infants while mumbling haki yetu.

What scum.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the looser is complaining of irregularity does not mean they won. The recount could just confirm the results that the opposition lost. Some intelligence reports suggest that Mr Ahmadinejad might have genuinely won the election

The good thing about this protest unlike what happened in Kenya,the protesters are not targeting those who exercised their democratic right by voting for Ahmadinejad

Philip said...

Kumekucha kweli imeanza kuwa na mambo makubwa sana, eti Ahmadinejad alimtembelea Kibaki ili Kibaki amweleze jinsi ya kuiba kura.

Sa laaala! Mambo makubwa haya.

Sasa basi Mousavi aje amwone Raila ili Raila amweleze jinsi ya ku"share" serikali, kama alivyomweleza Tsvangirai.

Na mwishowe tuwe na Iran ambayo iko na Rais na Prime Minister.

Philip said...

ama sivyo wenzangu na nduguzanguni hapa Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

ODMorons are standing by just in case the Iranian opposition needs expatriates who specialize in raping and murdering political opponents' womenfolk. Unfortunately for these barbarians word has been sent through Orange House that in Iran there are no "kabila adui" little girls and old women to rape and murder. Moreover, even if they had them, there is no Kiambaa church to rape and murder them in. The ODMite learship has shared this dissapointing news with the rank and file; they are begging them to keep their zippers up untill 2012, when they expect to have a feast of barbarism here in Kenya ...

Mwambu said...

@12:44 AM and other Kikuyu genocidaires, the fact is that very few Kikuyus died in the 2008 post election violence that stemmed from Kibaki blatantly stealing an election against the will of Kenyans. Here are the numbers:

Luos killed--------278

Kikuyus killed----- 260

Kalenjins killed----200

Luyhas killed------- 178

Kisiis killed--------118

Based on these approximate numbers from the very objective Waki Commission it seems to me that Kikuyus killed more other Kenyans than the other way around.

Are Kikuyus genocidaires?

Anonymous said...


The correct picture is

Kikuyus killed (by other tribes) - 260

Other tribes killed (by Kikuyus and police force) - 856

Mwambu said...

@1:09 AM, thank you for corrrecting me on my analysis there.

Fact is that the number of other Kenyans killed by the joint forces of Kikuyu genocidaire, Mungiki, and the security forces of Kibaki committed genocide against approximately seven hundred and seventy four to eight hundred and fifty six Kenyans. Meanwhile, 260 Kikuyus perished.

So Kenyans, tell me, should we therefore conclude that Kikuyus are genocidaires?

Raila Hater said...

We don't know whether Mousavi was defeated honorably or not. But despite all this, we have not heard him telling his supporters to burn mosques with children inside, neither has his supporters carried out ethnic cleansing like the one Raila planned and orchestrated against Kabila Adui for voting Ahmedinajad way.

Yet the genocide architect Raila wants us to believe that the violence he sanctioned was spontaneous. Shame on him

M-Pesa said...

I don't have an iota of evidence on whether Iran's elections were stolen or not. But I really enjoyed the live television debates involving the two main contenders and transmitted around the world.

Imagine Kibaki facing Raila with Basset Bayuka acting as our own Larry King? Yeah right, in your dreams mate! Obama may have already given dozens of interviews but our Kibaki is just too busy to field any silly questions. Hio ni upumbavu tu!

Another important factor in Iran's "stolen" elections is that we have no genocide, just riots. The loser has not called anyone "kabila adui," railways have not been uprooted and women have not been raped or burnt alive in some mosque.

Also to note, Iran's "Kivuitu" was not hijacked by mean looking men from their special branch to swear Ahmedinajad in the heat of the night.

Vital lessons indeed!

Anonymous said...

Burning mosques in Iran? You mean the way Kibaki ordered the Kiambaa Church burnt down to deflect from his stealing the election.

Iranians are too smart to emulate Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a cold-blooded killer who will do anything to get power! And those who worship this buffoon, they too will not escape the wrath of God!!

Anonymous said...

If Raila iis a cold-blooded killer then Kibaki is colder and coldest. And may I add, a bufoon of the highest order.

Actually, Kibaki is a cross between a baboon-chimp mix. Just look at his face carefully with his wide flaring nose, beady, shifty eyes and sinsiter look and all.

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me how many Kikuyus were killed in Luo land by Luos?

Anonymous said...

Anytime a regime be it Iranian, Italian,or Kenyan frustrates the hope for change amongst its people,then the people will require an outlet to protest their anger and disillusionment and the proper outlet should be provided for them by their government rather than openly trying to discourage them from airing their grievances

but venting frustration is just one side of the coin the main problem is why did those regimes suppress change and deny people reforms in the first place?who is fooling who here?if you are a dictator by any standards you should expect your people to have grievances they want to air because which you placed that burden on them in the first place!

Then again sometimes the leaders of these countries reflect the genuine will of those who elected them, useless electorates who are unthinking footsoldiers blindly supporting their meal tickets into occupying positions of public office in doing so propping a corrupt system up because of their short term memory low bar expectations. voters are their own worst enemies even worse than the Waki 10 contained in that envelope

Ken said...

I really don't understand... As Vikii asked, who decides on whether an election was rigged or not? The loosing candidate?, the media?, the loosing candidates supporters?

This trend is becoming increasingly worrying.

Ahmedinajad may have had the support of the rural people but not those of the townfolk and as time has proved, the rural folk win you the vote not the townfolk.

In Zambia, a few years ago, there was Levy Mwanawasa against Michael Sata. While Sata was busy making populist remarks and holding mammoth rallies in Lusaka, Levy was in the grassroots.

Sata won all the cities of Zambia (Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Victoria), Levy won ALL the rural votes.

Sata cried foul, but who says by winning the town votes he had won the election?

This is the kind of crap we want to get rid of. The rate at which things are going, we will no longer have need for elections.

The two most popular candidates will just be settling on a coalition government hence reducing the need for people to vote and in the process saving our wives, mothers, sisters and daughters from those mad rapists and also saving ourselves from arrows, fires and machetes and police bullets.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:22 AM,

you asked

"can someone tell me how many Kikuyus were killed in Luo land by Luos?"

Answer: None. Absolutely none.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, who says Raila had won the election simply because rapists, murderers, and stone throwers formed a large segment of his voters? Raila will win only when they groups constitute the majority of Kenyans. Otherwise, Kalonzo should be practising how to recit the presidential oath of office.

Anonymous said...

Judging by some of the talk that is coming out, few understand the Iranian revolution and their dissent from Ahmadinejad. You are talking about an ideological clash between the rightist and moderate. Iran has had a semi-democracy at least, in Kenya even in demanding democracy it has to be at a cost of harming others.

People in Kenya fail to realise that you cannot even begin to move towards a democracy if you do not understand what a democracy is. Democracy means collective decision making, not majority rules as some people may think. When you see some bloggers talking about how the kikuyu's or GEMA's or Luo's should admit fault and pay penalties, you fail to get down to the root of the problem,which is that in Kenya we have disproportionate representation, even Kikuyu's, GEMA's, Luo's and all the other tribes are not adequately represented at parliamentary level.

Listening to some of the policy options ODM and PNU have released, you really wonder whether they even understand what they are suggesting.

Anonymous said...

Kenya belongs to GEMA and Kambas ONLY!
Anyone else is trespassing or have overstayed their welcome.

Luos pack up your asses to go back to Southern Sudan!

Anonymous said...

Are the ODMorons still boycotting Equity Bank and Citi Hoppa? Last year, it sounded oxymoronic when Raila was ordering these people to boycott the buses when in actuality they cannot afford a bus fare. If you doubt it, you should go in the morning and see them stream on foot from Kibera to Industrial Area. Even the annual migrations of Masai Mara are not as spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41 AM,

Kikuyus are very cold blooded killers. Look at what they have been doing with increased intensity since Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE the elections. They have been extorting from their fellow Kikuyu's, Kidnapping their fellow Kikuyu's, chopping off the heads of their fellow Kikuyu's, forcing their fellow Kikuyu's to hang themselves in the dead of the night, scaring and frightening their Nairobi resident Kikuyu brothers and sisters from visiting rural central province......

Kikuyu's have already started facing the wrath of God for STEALING THE ELECTIONS and the ghastly, gory and savage things they are doing to themselves .

Kweli Mungu halali. Kikuyu's will chop themselves into oblivion.

This Mungiki/vigilante nonsense is not about to stop, it's going to get worse. These are the painfull "fruits" of FRAUD, DECEPTION, THEFT and living a LIE.

May you punish, torture yourselves and kill yourselves even more. The rest of Kenya is watching you with amusement. Should you dare to try and "export" your savage and primitive behaviour to other communities, we will not allow it. We will make sure you fail so that this savage behaviour of Kikuyus remains "locked" within the Kikuyu thieving community where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Why is our PM restlessly loitering around the world like a man who has no home? Is there something seriously wrong in his household?

Taabu said...

In the face of election disputes, the best option is middle ground aka KATIKATI. All else is doom and people are better advised to look far and beyond for the ORDAINED.

Mwambu said...

Ken, I would support the gist of your argument, but not in its entirety.

While the rural vote is crucial in country like Kenya with a demography favoring rural folk, in the Kenyan election of 2007, this vote was almost split down the middle for the two major candidates.

In Iran, while the rural vote was crucial, the critical mass of the urban poor were the crucial tilt vote for Ahmedinajad, which in addition to his conservative rural support base has led to this his putative win.

Sata of Zambia, on the other hand, was facing a popular president in Mwanawasa, a man many Zambians deemed to be clean and uncorrupt. Sata was considered by some to be too erratic plus his open admiration for Mugabe did not endear him to some Zambians.

In sum, there are cases like Kenya with Kibaki or Zimbabwe with Mugabe, where regardless of what the opposition did, the incumbents were hell bent on retaining power at any and all costs.

If you may recall, in Kenya, prior to the 2007 elections, PNU bigwigs, and ODM-K's Kalonzo were saying that: 'Raila is unelectable'. In Zimbabwe, supposed "King of rural vote" Mugabe once said: "It does not matter, even if he wins, Tsvangirai will never see State House."

In retort, Tsvangirai said of Mugabe: "Mugabe can't win the election but he can steal the election. He could just announce victory like Kibaki."

In sum, some "wins" are not what they are made out to be.

Anonymous said...

'Raila is unelectable'
You will hear this again as we approach 2012, even if kassin comes a-campaigning, which is highly unlikely this time around.

What we are likely to see in this coming round of elections, if we reach there, is an intensification of what we have started to see right now. An outright intimidation of the kikuyu by the Mungiki, sponsored and supported by the buffoon, who has gone off to geneva to defend his little army. The funny thing as rumor has it is that foreign intelligence are well aware of this and as i understand are ready to take him out if that means some stability in kenya as the rest of the horn goes to the dogs.

But then I doubt this post will see the light of day and so it should serve as my ongoing conversation with the moderator clowns, of which there havent been few. Bon chance!

Anonymous said...

Are the Kikuyus a bunch of bufoons that Raila could go right in the center of Kikuyuland and support a Mungiki sect that is 100% Kikuyu.

This begs belief and imagination. Moron!!

Anonymous said...

Fools like taabu know nothing about how the world works. Americans removed a democratically elected president to install the Shah. Amricans, unlike the Eu, dont want to say much because they will be reminded of this. That said Ahmedinijad most likely won. Iran (mesopotamia) is the cradle of human civilization. They invented writing and the wheel. Most of the OT stories like creation, noah and tower of babel were borrowed from there by the hebrew slaves. Iran was always a major power in that region and they will regain that once they have nukes. The problem with israel is that it is a country of europeans, calling themselves jews. The people who were kicked out of that place by the romans (europeans) were of the same color as the other surrounding tribes. Now you have pure whites in the middle of palestina.

Anonymous said...

I predicted it and I am not surprised it is happening. Panua mongrel commentators of this blog have started to blame Raila over the MADNESS that is happening in the Kikuyu community when this MADNESS is clearly something that the Kikuyu community has brought on itself via it's pumbavu values of EXCESSIVE GREED, EXCESSIVE WORSHIP OF MONEY, FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT as a way of life.

The blame for the self inflicted TERROR, MADNESS, MAYHEM, CHAOS and the BRUTAL GHASTLY and GORY murders of Kikuyus by their fellow Kikuyus in central province and the Kikuyu diaspora in Kenya lies squarely with themselves. They are 100% responsible.

They created the monster of Mungiki and now it has come back home to roost (terrorize them). No one else is to blame for these savage happenings in central province and the Kikuyu diaspora in Kenya but the Kikuyu's themselves.

Kikuyu's, GREED, EXCESSIVE WORSHIP OF MONEY, FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFt are very pumbavu values to live by. The "fruits" of these pumbavu values is what your community is begining to harvest right now and will continue to harvest until you change your primitive values.

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila is in constant contact with the Mungiki leadership. He himself has admitted to sending presents to the Mungiki chief (Maina Njenga) in prison. Raila is daily spervising and coordinating the police go slow on Mungiki. He is currently in Geneva advocating Mungiki's position to the UN.
What other evidence do the blind ODMorons want to realize that Raila works for Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35 AM,

You can repeat your lies, distorted and malicious half truths a thousand and one times but they will NEVER become the truth.

Ati you say:

"Raila is daily supervising and coordinating the police go slow on Mungiki."

What bullcrap! You have no shame saying such a blatant lie. No wonder you people chop the heads of your fellow Kikuyu tribesmen off. You have no sense of civilized behavior even to your own Kikuyu people

This is the cause of the silly savage deeds Kikuyu's are brutally inflicting on one another as if there is no tomorrow:


That, central province people, is the root cause of your current woes - which, by the way, are just beginning and are bound to get worse as time goes by as you people have chosen to live in DENIAL. The more you continue to live in DENIAL, the more the self created monsters that are terrorizing and haunting you will continue to grow in size with more devastating consequences.

Now we know who is actually committing genocide on the Kikuyus: The Kikuyus themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that whatever topic is brought up in the thread in this blog of yours, it ALWAYS ends up in a Kibaki vs Raila, Kikuyu vs Luo exchanges by the bloggers? I don't think you should be proud that you have a "popular" blog. A good blog is where contributors stick to the topic from start to finish. Also, it is one in which there are many DIFFERENT contributors. In this one of yours, it is the same three or four contributors who keep coming under different identities-including "anonymous." I can easily decipher this from their vocabulary, level of argument and grammar (let alone spellings).
Next time your counter tells you that you have hit another million, subtract all anonymouses and all contributions that are not in line with the topic. You will find that hitting a million is a long shot.

Anonymous said...

why waste time reasoning with MAD people?

Anonymous said...

Show me your friends and I'll state to you your character.

Iran, Libya, China are Kenyan new friends since 2002. What can you expect of our duly elected leader?

Mahmoud stole the votes and guess who coached him? RAO was not even informed that he was coming. Why? The Iranian came to Kenya to learn how vote cooking and tallying mathematics work.

Kenya (Emilio) told him: for every vote Musaawi (opposition) gets multiply it by two.

Musaawi 34%, Mahmoud 67%. Womderful Emilio, you are the best teacher from Makerere.

What remains now: Mungiki riding pikipiki on the streets of the capital. Emilio told Mahmoud: shoot over 1000 demonstrators and there will be calm. Make him PM and there will be peace.

Let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with our PM? Three weeks ago he was in South Africa consulting a witch doctor. Two days ago he was in London changing clothes in a dry cleaner, and today he is busy representing Mungiki at the UN. Doesn't he have something better to do that can benefit all Kenyans?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:45PM,

You forgot: when the the buffoon of PM is in Nairobi he is busy looking for empty presidential parking spaces to park his ass, or measuring his motorcade against that of VP to see which is longer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the PM should go to Moi Stadium with a rent-a-crowd of 10,000 and security detail of 20,000 and call the three Kenyans unfortunate enough to get to the stadium "Watu Pumbavu". Or maybe he should go to State House and sleep.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki started long ago when RAO was still nothing. All Kikuyu politicians signed an MoU with Mungiki in 2002. They all took an oath with Mungiki.

Thugs with same feathers stick together.

Stop blaming other Kenyans for our Kikuyu devil acts. We love money too much and have no morals.

We used to tie our sick in the bush and let them be eaten by hyaenas before the Mzungu came.

The Mzungu taught us how to kill, how to hate, how to cook english potatoe, how to risk to steal money and how to play golf. Nothing else.

Let us not blame ourselves for our weakedness.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki started long ago when RAO was still nothing. All Kikuyu politicians signed an MoU with Mungiki in 2002. They all took an oath with Mungiki.

Thugs with same feathers stick together.

Stop blaming other Kenyans for our Kikuyu devil acts. We love money too much and have no morals.

We used to tie our sick in the bush and let them be eaten by hyaenas before the Mzungu came.

The Mzungu taught us how to kill, how to hate, how to cook english potatoe, how to risk to steal money and how to play golf. Nothing else.

Let us blame ourselves for our weakedness. We have to change our morals and Mt Kenya will be a worthy place to live in.

Anonymous said...

Agwambo is the minister for foreign, he is the president and PM. This is because Wetangula the Dracula insulted Obama and Brown. He is afraid of travelling.

The Mugumo tree fence sitter is also afraid to go and sell Kenya in the US and UK. He will not be given a visa.

Agwambo is the only one who can do it and he is doing it with pride.

Mwambu said...

The problem in Kenya is that many Kikuyu derived their mores from a culture that is backward, immoral, and unethical.

The rational and moral Kikuyus are not the problem, however, the primitive types manifest in Mungiki and VIGIRANTEs that resort to brute force (pangas, garrote, etc) and who are wont to use excessive violence without considering other alternatives, clearly are a national problem. Their actions affect me as a Kenyan resident even though I am non-Kikuyu.

I am not sure how the rest of us, non-Kikuyus, are supposed to cohabit with a barbarian culture whose existence is inimical to the norms of societal progress.

Having said that, NOT all Kikuyus are Mungiki but all Mungiki are Kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

"We used to tie our sick in the bush and let them be eaten by hyaenas before the Mzungu came."

The kalenjin did the same, as did the Maasai. Only the Luos buried their dead, a full fledged funeral with gilt-edged coffins and 21 gun salute. Yes, we are the only civilized ones. We will rule kenya for the next 100 years.

Anonymous said...



German Nazis hated and killed the Jews;

Ahmadenajad hates the jews and would love to obliterate them;

Raila was taught by the German Nazis, esp one Heinz, during his years of study. Thats why Raila worships and adores Germans, just like Ahmadenajad;

Kibaki rejected Ahmadeenajads proposals during his visit to kenya thats why he turned to Raila;

Raila readily warmed to Ahmadeenajad after he was angered by the US for being denied access to white house to take a Photo with POTUS;

Ahmadenajad is Railas friend, thats why the former mounted for him a guard of honor yet he is a mere minister;

Ahmadenajad is the chief patron of Al Shabaab and has been warming to kenya to soften us in our anti terrorism stand on somalia by offering cheap oil;

Raila in his greed has fallen into this trap with promises of campaingn funding and support in 2012 from Iran;

During Railas visit he breifed Ahmadeenajad on Al shabaabs progress and even advised him on PEV before annoucing victory in the just concluded elections;

That Raila is now an advocate and supporter of Al shabaab is no news since he has previously supported islamic radicalism; he included in his manifesto a setting up of Sharia courts in NEP and Coast 'federal states


@ 10:27 PM the connection goes something like this:

Kikuyus hate and kill other Kikuyus.

Isn't that what is happening between your Mungiki and Vigirantes?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.04 pm, so now civilisation is judged on the basis of Western ideals?

shaka said...

Kenya has set a precidence in a new way of state governance that though sanctioned by US is a big threat to democracy.
If you know you are going to lose an election,just mobilize your tribe for war and violence and pay the electoral body to declare you a winner.
Your opponent will not accept defeat.He will mobilize his supporters and community against yours.The result will create uproar internationally leading to a power sharing agreement and finally a coalition governmenet.
The wave started in Kenya, went to Zimbabwe it is knocking doors in Iran.
The next culprits will be madagascar.
We need political scientists to study this phenomenon and baptize with some name.I suggest KibaRaocracy(named afer the founders Kibaki and raila)

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