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Friday, January 04, 2008

Kenya: The Loss of Innocence.

It is slowly becoming clear that the violence in the slums of major Kenyan cities and the bushes of Rift Valley have as much to do with the outcome of the elections as with the resentment of perceived Kikuyu domination. Any lasting solution towards peace must involve avenues to address and possibly dismantle the perception that Kikuyus are out to systematically reap where they did not sow. It is time to be real my friends.

Before we can move on, we must all agree that the manner by which Kibaki was installed president does not help the situation. In fact, the arrogance portrayed by his key players, from KICC to State House and beyond, has only cemented the ill anti-Kikuyu sentiments spreading like wildfire across the nation. Even the Kikuyu elite and some poor Kiambu village folks are patting themselves on their backs in congratulatory acknowledgment of having stolen this one 'legally' . The rest of the country is in awe and amazement at how this heist of voting rights was completed in very short order. FACT: The presidency was stolen. Yes my friends, it is time to face the truth.

Back to the violence. Every chap of average intelligence is well aware that the burning of churches in Eldoret will have to be avenged. The killing of Kikuyu folk countrywide will have to be avenged. Let us keep it real folks. Mungiki folk have been sharpening their pangas since the eve of Dec 27th, 2007. Yes my friends, these jamaas are fast regrouping and this time with the support of every Kikuyu who saw pictures of heavily protected Kikuyu-folk-laden convoys enroute from RV to Central. We will never be too sure but we have an idea of what the humanitarian govt. forces deployed in opposition areas are all about. Looking for answers in the bullet riddled bodies in Kisumu morgues is of no consequence. Yes my friends, ukweli ni mbaya. We are all victims.

So what next? Mungiki will soon strike and more tears will flow. The govt. will then follow-up and use all its military might to purge any signs of anti-govt. rebellion. After a couple of weeks of running battles, the Kenyan people will get tired and slowly revert to their normal day to day activities. They will give up to the powers that be at which point, Kazi Itaendelea. Yes folks, let us not imagine that Kibaki will step down or budge from the seat of power. The reality is that Kenyans must pay rent and put food on the table. We actually will have no choice but to retreat to our obscure shelters as we watch Kimunya, TransCentury and other assorted Kibaki lieutenants share out Safaricom among other delicacies. Yes folks, with one policeman on every street for months, an uneasy peace will return to Kenya. What about the anti-Kikuyu sentiments? What of those who say that Kibaki's action has legitimized every fallacy they've heard of Kikuyu's before? Yes we will walk the streets again, but what will happen when lets say a Luo man driving in the deep of Nyeri accidentally knocks down and kills an old Kikuyu woman crossing the street? Do you now see the type of scars a stolen election has etched onto the Kenyan psyche? Will we ever be brothers and sisters again under a tattered flag that does not recognize the value of our votes? These wounds will remain with us for years after these jamaas have retired to their Muthaiga homes. These wounds will follow us to every ballot box going forward. These wounds will determine the city we choose to work in, the schools we send our children to and the areas we choose to open up businesses. These wounds will make us turn a blind eye to the evils committed against our brothers from other communities. With these wounds, the jokes of Bwana Ojwang and Mama Kayai will loose meaning. With these wounds, some sheng words such as Musakhulu, Musapere and Mujaka will no longer be politically correct. The reality is that some of us are very happy with the turn of events. Some of us are mad as hell. All of us will remain insecure for years. Ask yourself why, the next time you board matatu number 16A to Kayole.

We will return to our work stations throughout the country and use the next five years trying to relocate to work areas close to our native homes. Only an insane Luo man will take up that promotion in Muranga town. This is serious trouble my friends. You see, the thing is that as a country, we have lost innocence. We can never talk of Rwanda with a chip on our shoulders. In all, the theft at KICC has made us grown men. Never again will we be able to propagate the notion that Kenya is a peace loving country. We are as fallible and as volatile as all other African countries. Kenya, as a bastion of democratic ideals, has been buried by the actions of Mwai Kibaki. This is the only man who could have ordered the PNU machinery to stop and desist from topping up the vote results from his strongholds. This is the man who may have chosen to resign after seeing the questions raised by the ECK chairman and some commissioners, observers etc. Any prudent man of singular leadership qualities and intelligence would have averted the crisis at KICC by doing the right thing......i.e. let the people decide.

But more importantly, when the election news is old news, what will Kenyans do to ensure peace in future? This is what I suggest. First and foremost, the fallacy that Kikuyus are bent on dominating other Kenyans must be dismantled. Let us choose to really get to know our neighbors. More often than not, you will find out that the struggles faced by most Kikuyus are similar to those faced by all Kenyans. They are just as poor and led by a coterie of the same bunch of inept leaders that the rest of the country displays. Whereas it is unlikely that you will find other communities doing business or settling in Central Kenya, the prevalence of Kikuyus in other areas may well be a simple result of population growth. If we have ever needed each other, this is the time. This is the time for national healing and reconciliation. Do not expect solutions from political leadership. Let us join multicultural churches. Let us demand that our workplaces reflect the face of the country. Let us choose peace.

If we continue fighting and shedding blood on behalf of our political leaders, nobody will be left behind for them to lead.


Anonymous said...


I am saddened that we have all fallen for the allure of ODMs "truths". The devil is hard at work and will do whatever neccessary to turn the lord's people around! The international media especially in the EU has taken an offensive position against our nation. If u have read the details of **** Morris' Orange Revolution, this was an important step, conquer the media. Then, ODM borrowed one from hitler's own handbook, "lie, lie and top up ur lies with more lies and it will become true!" In Meru where they claim results were cooked, the public, along with ODM agents were at the announcements of the votes tallied. For example in Nithi, the results that emerged were as stated by ECK. ODM agents signed the form 16 and verified form 16As from all polling stations. The
total turn out was something like 95000 out of 126,000 which is a normal 75%. Reports from Nithi indicate that people were not allowed to enter bars, matatus, shops or even go home if they had no ink on their finger after voting! Meru came out in droves to vote! The reason: Raila was booed heckled and thrown out of Meru during campaigns. He then asked them why they did not vote Orange during referendum and then told them that they will cry in December. Meru is greatly angered by these statements and said that there
weapon is their vote. Raila wanted to deny them that right. On the night that Kibaki was down 1 million votes, he had only tallied 185000/1.7m votes from
Central and 85000 from Eastern. The delayed votes from Kibaki strong holds was part of a planned strategy. Many stations reported refusal by ODM agents to sign forms and multiple contest over results in parts of Central, Kisii, Eastern and Kikuyu Rift Valley. Meanwhile, ODM flooded the ECK with their results from
Rift and Luo Nyanza to create an artificial lead. The results from Luo Nyanza as PNU agents, at an important meeting with the ECK with all party agents, at 4am
found that Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley had areas with 95% or even over 100% turnout and some polling stations where everyone voted! Figures from today's Nation:
-Sigor 115%
-Eldoret North 116%
-Mosop 97%
-Emgwen 103%
-Baringo N 92%
-Narok South 120%
-Bondo 102%
-Kisumu Rural 120%
-Karachuonyo 94%
-Rangwe 92%
-Ndhiwa 93%
-Nyatike 95%
-Mbita 95%

Highest in both cental and Eastern is Othaya: 90%. Evaluate the rigging claims for urselves!

Meaning that even the dead and terminally ill in hospitals voted in Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley! Trust PNU to be fast asleep as this happened at the polling stations! At that meeting, ODM realised that from this audit,
upon revisiting all the 210 constituencies with all the relevant documentation, that Kibaki had won. Despite all their rigging and tribal inferences, ODM were out! Ruto rushed to deliver word to Raila who went to a press conference late morning. He came out before results were released and said that he does not
want to pull off an Abiola (Research on Abiola) and does not want to resort to turning kenya into an Ivory coast! He implied he would not accept defeat of any
sort. He also told his supporters to be calm until the announcement. This was to give them a signal to cause chaos upon announcement. Later, Raila walked in2 KICC geurilla style. He walked thru the plennary hall where everyone else was seated and stormed into the ECKs private chambers. With his entourage, they blockaded the ECK from leaving the room to announce results! This took place for hours all the time he was coercing the ECK to do what he wanted. When it wouldnt work he went outside to address a press conference rejecting
anything that the ECK would announce! Upon his re-entry into the plennary hall ECK arrived and Kivuitu began his announcement of the results from
molo. Kibaki lead in that constituency. Raila himself literallily converged on Kivuitu as Ruto began to involve himself in physical confrontation. GSU had to
step in and escort the ECK out as ngilu tried to grab onto Kivuitu and stop him from leaving. Why was everyone including the media get thrown out? Some
press members comprised a large group of hecklers that were a big part of the planned ODM chaos. They had to be removed! ECK went to the VIP room and with official observers and KBC announced the result. Another question, why did the ECK take so long to announce even when they knew the winner? First, delayed results, second, ODM interference. The third thing was happened today. While the agents were at the ECK for the meeting last night, the results were apparent and Kibaki had won. His agents reported back to him. Kibaki asked ECK to stall the announcement so as to allow for the army to assemble at the barracks and go into red alert as well as to position the police countrywide! This also allowed time for the CJ to be taken to statehouse early. A vacuum at such a time could result in military rule if their is civil strife! Kibaki was thus quickly sworn in. He also wanted to call on a million plus supporters to stream into uhuru park where he would be pronounced president and sworn in seperately. The govt took action. It blocked all live broadcasts to avert this coup attempt The lack of media has enabled the govt to keep out inflammatory messages that will cause worse strife. Kikuyus in Eldoret have been killed like a
nonsense. In Kisii migori, after the results came out,ten people killed in less than 15 mins. In Rift, Kalenjins are killing each other. In one estate they burnt house after house while throwing people out into the street and killing them.A friend's house was in that estate. Her whole family, kalenjins, regretted voting for Raila and giving him the mandate to cause chaos. She said that it might be her last day as all her neighbours were out on the street dead! Kikuyu homes and businesses have been burnt to a crust in all slums. The Luo have destroyed their own home in Kisumu and now Kibera is all on fire! All this for the selfish ambitions of Raila! He called them out as he followed **** Morris strategy to the letter! Kenyans chose Kibaki. He is a national figure! He had over 25% in 7 provinces and even 17% in Nyanza and Raila had that in only 6 provinces and in central and eastern he
had just 2% and 5% respectively. Most impressively Kibaki got a large tally of votes in Western, North Eastern and Coast! We need to unite at this time to refuse militant rulers in our country who refuse to follow the rule of law and will
take power by force. He blatantly dissmissed the laws of Kenya in sunday morning's press conference by saying he does not care for the courts and will not set foot there to settle his grievances! He has chosen to use force and the blood of Kenyans to seize power! We refuse! We pray against it! He cannot deny us 10 million kenyans who turned up, stood for seven and a half hours and even lost our IDs to exercise our constituitional right! We are here and we are
together as peace loving KENYANS. Join us in solodarity. We love Kenya too much to see such abuse of our laws and unity! As for the EU, I take a stand to publicly denounce them. Their comments are based on their own selfish vested interests in this country. The fact of the matter which u all know is that the EU has been a loser throughout the five years Kibaki has ruled! They have lost billions of Euros in trade to the far east and they are not happy about that at all. Fact: Kenya engages with China for a large majority of its trade which was previously monopolized by the EU. Fact: Kenya has given over 90% of all its contracts to China for infrastructure! Fact: Kenya is no longer dependent on the donor funding to draw up its budget! Kenya relies on local revenues for 95% of its budget with the other meagre 5% shared out between donor funds from China, EU and US. In comparison Tanzania and Uganda draw up 78% and 88% respectively of their budgets from donor funding. The donor community is full of sharks who use donor money to siphon trillions out of their own economies! Fact: Kenya has been the torch bearer for the rights of African and Pacific nations to have fair and unbridled trade with the EU. They are making ALOT of progress. EU has gained nothing from Kibaki's administration and wants him to go! They want us eating out of their hands like we did in Moi's time. This is neo-colonialism! Divide and conquer. It has happened in too many African countries for us to be blind here in Kenya! We refuse EU control of our Nation! They want to turn us against ourselves so as to take strategic positions in the process. They are looking for ethnic cleansing and genocide to overule Kenya. Never!
Kenyans, open ur eyes, the war is not within but with those around us!

Liberator said...

The stroke shall be the solution. Yes, It will be sooner than God intended!!!

Liberator said...

The stroke shall be the solution. Yes, It will be sooner than God intended!!!

Liberator said...

The stroke shall be the solution. Yes, It will be sooner than God intended!!!

Monica in Canada said...

Kalamari at 12:36 PM - when i read your article, i felt like peeing on myself.

I`m only 16 yrs old and i`m worried what will happen come 2012 elections.

Why would this men ruin Kenyans life.
USA should intervene.

Monica`s friend in Canada said...



Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.43 p.m. QUOTE THE SOURCE OF YOUR LIST: it includes figures that NTV later admitted were erroneous but in your rush to blame everything on ODM you have chosen to ignore reality and mislead Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

The first post is simply ridiculous; yet another effort to pull wool over our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Get lost Anon!!!!!!! The incumbent was in control of the institutions and machinery that managed the elections.

Anonymous said...

Anon. is today the first day you set your eyes on that fradulent list? It has been doing rounds on the internet for days but we shall not be fooled.

Vikii said...

First of all Kalamari welcome back. My first question to you is; Where do the kikuyu people come in all this? Let us say Mwai Kibaki rigged the elections, what has that to do with the Kikuyus? In 1992 Daniel Moi rigged Ken Matiba out. Why did we not blame the Kalenjins for attempted dominance of the other Kenyan tribes. Why did we not use defeatist words like Koibatek mafia? You see it is this dishonesty that makes me ready and willing to bear all those little insults the ODM fellows are known for. I did not vote for Kibaki but until people redefine their grievances afresh, I will not be party to this narrow-mindedness. Let us say what we have to say without invoking things like "our kikuyu brothers, luos,...". What does that Kiambu villager know about rigging? This is just damn idiotic.

Two, I am challenging anyone (especially those who are informed) to tell me when Nyatike, Ndhiwa and Karachuonyo registered a voter turn-out of above 75%. I have a report handbook for the '92 elections signed by both Zaccheaus Chesoni and Samuel Kivuitu. The statistics for both the '97 and 2002 elections are available even to little kids out there. How then do you now turn around and tell me they are now registering 95% voter turn-out?

You know what guys? As much as we want to end violence in Kenya and as much the will of the people has to be respected, you cannot keep lying to yourself that it was only the PNU that involved itself in election malpractices. People have to own up but the moment you choose to play the smarter one, failure is guarannteed.

Anonymous said...

Andy Capp: yours are truly words of wisdom. Kenya's loss of innocence is the reason why we must tackle the issue of fradulent elections TODAY.

NOW THAT WE HAVE TASTED CHAOS on a larger scale (i.e. as compared to Likoni or Burnt Forest etc.)returning to even deadlier chaos in 2012 will be easier - unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!!! More pink statistics from PANUAs. The things people will invent to deflect criticsm!

Anonymous said...

The true feelings and sentiments of Norman Nyaga about certain communities in Kenya ??

'leo ningekuwa waziri wa Internal Security (If today I were the minister for internal ecurity) ... Kalonzo would be inside today. Juzi alikuwa anaenda Mombasa na vijana ambao hawajatairi wa Baghdad.' (Recently he went to Mombasa with uncircumcised Baghdad boys).

Norman Nyaga, Government Chief Whip and MP for Kamukunji
16 Oct 05
Runyenjes Town

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, good piece, well written and confronting reality head on.

UNFORTUNATELY, the first response hijacks what is a sober and reconciliatory post with staged figures that have been doing rounds on blogs for days.

Anonymous said...

We cannot dispute the fact that national resources are not equitably distributed.

Certain groups and personalities have been able to accumulate capital faster and have hogged huge chunks of the Kenyan economy.

It is beyond argument that a certain ethnic group dominates high capital commerce in Kenya.


rhyymemeaster said...

Annonymous @ 12.43pm

This is a desperate attempt to undo what already happened. Signs that the election will be stolen were on the wall long before the elections. Why go on and unilateraly appoint commissioners even when former pres. Moi agreed to a IPPG solution? The answer to who stole the election lies with kivuitu and the commissioners full stop.

Anonymous said...

All well said. One of the most forward looking posts I have seen for days on any blog.


We need to deal with that matter, it is a gaping wound that is standing in the way of true reconciliation and healing.

Anonymous said...

RHYMEMASTER: Thanks for your words of wisdom.

We need LEGISLATIVE measures to change the entire ECK structure.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Anon. @ 12.43. Fellow Kenyans, here is a fine specimen of those amongst us WHO ARE STILL STEWING IN DENIAL.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 12.43. Something tells me that at this stage, half the constituencies in Kenya would probably have 100%+ voter turn out.

ECK WAS CAUGHT RED-HANDED IN Central and Eastern Province and they were quick to DOCTOR figures to shift attention from their thieving hands.

Anonymous said...

Stop taking us back. As Kalamari says, the elections were corrupted.

We need to accept this fact and address it appropriately so that the nation can move on.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts for ODMers who are still in denial despite complaints with irrefutable proof filed with ECK (long before December 29th), not to mention statements and observations by local and international media that their party was just as complicit in vote tampering in certain constituencies. Wake up and face reality, this is why your party is now agitating for a new election, both sides have very dirty hands.

kitumoja said...

The delivery of this nursery script by the ill-informed writer manifests the invadility of the "points" outlined.

The writer could do with some free nursery education or better still an ounce of research on readily available data, of which he/she can present to the 126,000 (some-imaginary) Nithi voters.

I am glad that my imaginary friends voted. I can now publicly and safely say I envy these imaginary voters ... atleast no one can hurt them, or burn their houses, or take their livelihoods. These are truly fortunate "Kenyans".

Luckily Mathematics is strongly entrenched in the system of education in Kenya, hence most of us learnt the art of counting straws a long time back. The ECK has its flaws, we still have the straws, even if it means awaiting 2012. This is a last and I must admit unthinkable resort.

Some of them will drink uji from Kamiti using these very straws!!!

Anonymous said...

ENOUGH OF FINGER POINTING. The elections were fradulent; we can all agree on that.

Kibaki has agreed to a fresh election if ordered by the courts. Archbishop Tutu is hailing Raila's efforts at mediation as patriotic.

If we are truly interested in PEACE THEN WE SHOULD BE LOOKING AHEAD:

a) Solving the humanitarian crisis.
b) Supporting leaders who are genuine in their attempts to find a way forward.

kalamari said...

Vikii, wacha kupigana na semantics. If 'anti-Kikuyu sentiments' don’t register anywhere in your brain, then it is clear your plane was flying towards China the other day.
I think we can find ourselves in dangerous positions if we choose to deny what is clearly in the public domain. People on the streets are not talking about how PNU has stolen the elections. In fact PNU is quickly varnishing in the Kenyan lexicon. Word on the street is that the 'Kikuyu' have stolen the presidency. You can deny this and display idiocy. As a matter of fact, you can choose to underestimate that villager in Kiambu. Offer peace before reality comes to bite you in the place where the sun doesn't shine.

Anonymous said...

KITUMOJA: You are hilarious!!! For the first time a laugh has escaped from my lips in days.

ECK is a rotten institution as it exists currently. No Kenyan can trust it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kenyans have lost their innocence. The ethnic animosity this election has created can only be compared to that arising from the "Little Election" of 1969.

What are we going to do about it?

I suggest that we comprehensively attack and reorganise the institutions that resulted in a flawed election and champion social justice.

Anonymous said...

KENYAN ELECTIONS OF 2007: Only one contender got to choose the referee.

ECK MUST BE OVERHAULED. We cannot afford this sort of violence every five years.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is Kenya needs to CHANGE DRASTICALLY.

While TransCentury is busy hogging everything it can certain regions in Kenya remain desparately poor.

Why in this day and age do we have Kenyans starving to death every other year? Is the weather always to blame?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki's actions poured salt on tribal wounds that have been festering for 40 years. We are in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.43, this is not the time to amuse as with your statistical gymnastics.

What we want are real solutions that begin with the acknowledgement that the elections were rigged. Plain and simple.

Vikii said...

Kalamari I have heard this crap for years now. You admit in your own post that the average Kikuyu is as hard-hit as everybody else. We had Moi for a quarter of a century and he did everything that can be described as evil to the Kenyan people and we never talked about his tribe .What I am trying to prove to you against the little lies that Raila Odinga has been feeding you with about Kikuyu dominance being aided by their being in power is that John Michuki and chris murungaru do not represent the kikuyus just like Raila Odinga and Conjestina Achieng are not the official representatives of the Luo community. You are talking tribe when you should be talking class, my brother.

Trebor said...

This is one of the most thoughtful and balanced entries I have read since this madness that Kenya has slumped to begun.

One of the key issues raised is the stoppage of the perception that Kikuyus are hell bend on grabbing everything especially power.

Well the ball lies largely in their court. For starters, they must show the rest of the country that they can be team players especially where national leadership is concerned.

It is a well known fact for example that kikuyus will not vote for a candidate from any other community as long as there is one from their community running for office, even if it that candidate is not the best.

Example: when the rest of the country united to vote out Moi through rejecting Uhuru, central province still largely supported him with the likes of Njenga Karune even desserting Kibaki becasue he was in a coalition of (gentiles)

Other communities including the Luo have demonstrated that they can be team players which is what we want Kikuyus to be able to demonstrate. So naturally when the entire country united to vote against grand corruption, nepotism, cronnyism and expulsion of colonial relics intent on protecting what they have stolen, the Kikuyu largely voted for continuation of the status quo.

This is what is fanning all that anger directed towards the Kikuyu cross the country. It is ineresting to see how quiet for example central province church leaders are. Where are they? Where is Njoya, where is Mutava Musyimi, where is Gitari? They are quiet because 'mudu wa nyuba' is in state house.

This is I believe one of the biggest issues that has to be adressed. Central province has to stand up and demonstrate to the other communities in Kenya that we are on the same team. We will show you this by scoring the next goal for the team.

Join the rest of the nation and make a stand against this regime. For if they get away with this this time 2012 will be another blood bath as Kibaki and his cronnies will want to hand over power to another person from their League of thieves.

Anonymous said...

Ruthless leader Raila Odinga battles to save 'rightful' victory

Anonymous said...

We can continue to haggle. In the meantime, tens of thousands of displaced Kenyas are facing starvation.

Nyanza's Red Cross co-ordinator is the latest to add his voice to the desparate cries of humanitarian workers all over Kenya.

Anonymous said...

TREBOR many thanks. The ball does largely lie in the Kikuyu court and they need to demonstrate they are team players.

Since independence, various communities including Luos have rallied behind Kikuyu leaders but they are yet to show us that they are willing to throw their weight behind anyone who does not come from the House of Mumbi.

Vikii said...

Trebor, my home is more than 400 miles from the foot of Mt. Kenya. I am not kikuyu but I will plainly tell you that you have no business instructing people to vote this way or that way. It is the democratic right of each one of us to vote as they please.

Anonymous said...

So Vikii let us not waste our breath, Kyuks are not team players (Ref. Trebor).

However, it is not too late for them to learn and shelve their ethnic mistrust of others.

Kenyans are very forgiving and will welcome them back to the fold.

Anonymous said...

In the Kenya of tomorrow: No ethnic group or political party will be able to play it alone.

The days of KANU ni mama na baba ended with Kenyatta and Moi.

Anonymous said...

I wish we would all focus on the HUMANITARIAN DISASTER that is unfolding in Kenya as well as the solutions that must accompany reconciliation and healing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:43
Find something better to do with your time and spare us that nonsense! Mwizi Kibaki is directly responsible for the chaos in Kenya

Anonymous said...

PROF. ALI MAZRUI has decried the violence that has followed this election as the most damaging episode to national unity since the assasination of Tom Mboya in 1969 (Standard Jan. 5)

Anonymous said...

Mazrui has also recommended that we should consider power sharing as one of the options for resolving the chaos.

He suggests that M.P.s be sworn in, head for parliament and ammend the constitution to allow for the creation of the Prime Minister's post.

You may not agree with Mazrui. But this is what Kenyans need: positive BRAINSTORMING.

Anonymous said...

@Anon12.43: If you would understand what happenened before elections, you would not be talking this rubbish. ODM asked the Big Man to level the field. The big man refused.

ODM told ECK of rigging intentions. Infact a commentary in the E.A.Standard simulated the rigging methods the Big Man would opt to. Indeed we experienced the delaying tactic which resulted in TOPING UP. This brought chaos because Kenyans are not stupid.

Enough people have died. Not only Kikuyus. Many Luhyas, Luos, Kalenjins, Digos, Kisiis, etc. Infact the largest casualty has been in Nyanza, where the GSUs didnt spare their bullets.

I have a house in Myanza but I'm a Kikuyu. My neighbour(a Luo) reported that the house has not been burnt down. He has invited me back, when calm returns.

NObody should revenge. Think about the consequences. My fellow Kikuyus have Matatu fleets in Nyanza, Rift Valley, Western, Mombasa and Eastern. If Mungiki is allowed to revenge, then Kikuyus would lose alot. We are the only tribe, which has made it in whole of Kenya.

Mungiki, please think about our businnesses in various parts of the country.


kalamari said...

Vikii, I think we misunderstand each other. I abhor the perception that Kikuyu's are dominant. That said, I'm not making up the realities of thoughts.

Above all else, I'm calling for unity and national reconciliation. You see, there's a reason why 'big men' must wear 'big shoes'. In Kenya today, Kibaki can be considered to be the ultimate 'big man'. It is a pity that PNU leader is very comfortable in 'bathroom slippers'.

Anonymous said...

Back home, people are seriously worried about how long this chaos can go on.

Schools and universities need to re-open. Small wonder KNUT is pleading with leaders to talk.

Trebor said...

Vikii, you miss the point. I do not pupport to tell anyone on how to vote. But you know as well as I do, that that is how every community in Kenya feels. That kikuyus can only vote for one of their own. Now that is VERY VERY dangerous.

That notion must be changed for future peace otherwise this violence will happen again. Surely is it so difficult for them to support other communities?

Anonymous said...

Viki, yes it is their democratic right but also yes, they never support other communities. Raila showed that he is a Kenynan and supported Kikuyu, when it was his turn, the result is what we all see. And I look forward to that day when they will surely rob Kalonzo and I will wait for your response then.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kimani @ 2.41 p.m. I hope you really are Kikuyu because you make me believe that there really is hope the horizon.

If there are More Kimanis out there then the sun will surely come out soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Im looking forward to that too, if Kalonzo jumps into bed with Kibaki thinking he will get Kikuyu support in 2012... ha ha atalilia chooni.

Anonymous said...

Vikii could you take a few minutes to read Kimani's post above. Such foresight is rare.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:24, you claimed: So naturally when the entire country united to vote against grand corruption...

However you neglected to recognize that the old KANU is the new ODM with its old relics and a few young bloods for presentation purposes. Lets look at the line up.

Henry Kosgey - Responsible for the collapse of Kenya National Assurance, loss of Ksh 270m during the 4th All Africa Games through the bringing in of shadowy conman Dick Berg.

William Ruto - Facing criminal charges and cases for the theft of Kshs.282,000,000 which includes the fraudulent sale of parts of Ngong Forest.

Musalia Mudavadi - Raila said it best "Mudavadi was the Finance minister in 1993. He first paid out the Sh5.8 billion in export compensation and then the Sh13.5 billion. I know what I am talking about. I stand for the truth and the VP and the President should come out and prove me wrong."

Raila in his own words: "I came to Moi’s aid when the Government wanted to take away his houses and sue him over Goldenberg during my days as the Minister for Roads,"

Just to name a few, fighting corruption is surely not a viable platform for ODM. One wonders what time of Kazi would take place with these types of characters in office when they have exhibited what they do best.

Anonymous said...

Why is Kibaki still insisting on an end to the violence before he begins negotiations?

That approach is primitive and insincere, the Kenyans dying of exposure and starving in make shift camps need him to begin negotiations TONIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.51 p.m. your selective sampling is nauseating. The truth is that outed corrupt leaders exist in all parties.

Anonymous said...

Now civil servants are being ordered to return to work. We need life to move on but surely those civil servants need peace, a home and a meal to return to at the end of the day.

The pressure ought to be on leaders not hapless, helpless civil servants who are spending most of their days making sure they have food on their table for the next meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emi in mombasa said...

I think trebor has a point.
Where is Njoya, where is Mutava Musyimi, where is Gitari? Hopefully they are safe wherever they are.
After all this chaos they are not talking even a word? I hope Moi did not do something very serious to them like he did to Oyugi.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:51. How many people have to die before you stop defending one of your own. Instead of giving me links to stale stories, (Oh you forgot to include the one which shows Kibaki was Moi's vice president for ten years and actually he was one of the advocates for single party rule) answer my question concerning the fact that kikuyus will only vote for one of their own. Can they vote for a candidate from another community? CAN THEY? DO ANSWER THAT PLEASE

Vikii said...

Now gentlemen you are proving what I have always thought; That the unrest is not about rigging but Kibaki's (a kikuyu) being president. When you say kikuyus dont vote for other tribes, what does that serve to show?

If elections were rigged, we have to agree that has nothing to do with kikuyus. It was done by a clique of people. If their mistakes should be paid for by all kikuyus, why dont we hail the same kikuyus as the greatest there is because for heavens sake Ken Matiba, Maina kiai and John Githongo are kikuyus. Blame those who deserve the blame, please.

Those fellows talking about Kalonzo, you are being strange because in Raila's own words 'tens of thousands were stolen in Ukambani". Whose votes were those? This is not about Kalonzo or Raila or any community for that matter. This is about Kenya. Address the problem and blame those who deserve the blame. Tribal chauvinism can only take you to hell.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Vikii, Vikii, Vikii. Stop condemning posters to hell. All we are asking for is the truth.

Other groups have proven they can be ethnic culturally and multi-ethnic politically BUT NOT KYUKS WHY?

Anonymous said...

Vikii, it should be "now ladies and gentlemen" women are posters too.

But that is besides the point. The question remains unanswered. There is nothing wrong with our varied ethnic heritage, the problem is that one group in particular cannot transcend itself politically.


Anonymous said...

Vikii, the tribal sentiments being directed towards the Kikuyu are mainly because a very small clique of kikuyus stole from and raped the nation. The only people who seem to be defending him as entries in this blog have shown and based on the steely silence from very vocal defenders of freedom from central province appear to be kikuyus.

Vikii said...

But they dont have to. You cannot victimize them for that. You have a right to choose to do the same and they have a right to keep doing it. And apart from 2002 when Raila odinga was pushed to the wall and joined other leaders in backing Kibaki, how many other times have the luos done it?

Anonymous said...

No wonder some people have suggested that Cen. Prov. be made a state within Kenya i.e. another Swaziland inside South Africa. Hah!

Anonymous said...


Other groups have supported Kyuks since independence e.g.

a) KADU in the sixties.
b) Odinga in the sixties before Kenyatta stabbed him in the back.

Anonymous said...

Vikii you are fighting the wrong fight.

Use your time and energy to talk democracy, peace and reconciliation.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you baffle me. Instead of wishing my question away with cheap rhetoric about pushing people to the wall, JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION. Im sure every blogger on this site is waiting for the answer. CAN KIKUYUS VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS NOT FROM THEIR COMMUNITY? Vikii please...

Vikii said...

What are you guys trying to prove here? How pettier can you get? Are you saying the kikuyus were not entitled to the right to vote for Kibaki or whoever they wanted? Address the problem which according to you is a rigged poll. You are not any better than those who think Luos are stone throwers. This stereotyping is part of the problem we are in today.

Anonymous said...

TREBOR: You forgot to add that Kyuks who dare to support a person who is not "mudu wa nyuba" always have a miserable end.

- J.M. Kariuki he of Kenya is a NATION OF 10 MILLIONAIRES AND 10 MILLION BEGGARS fame.

-Bildad Kaggia: dared to side with Odinga in KAU.

Both these Kyuks felt the wrath of Kenyatta with Kariuki actually being assasinated.

Vikii said...

And would you blame Kenyatta or all kiuks for what befell Kaggia and JM?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Vikii... cant answer the question huh? Didn't expect you to. Well there you go. That is the source of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, Vikii, Vikii, this is not about stereotyping but HISTORICAL FACT.

Kikuyus are isolationist and yes, they have every right to be. However, they ought not to resort to thuggery to maintain power.

Also, can you answer the anon. above who has pointed out that Kyuks who cross the ethnic line are usually punished by their own?

Vikii said...

I think these are the kinds of debates I would be better off staying away from. You guys go on with what you know best.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go Vikii. Running away from the truth. We are raising a very serious issue here, part of the reson the country is bleeding. The best path to healing is confronting your demons. Untill we answer the question you are running away from Vikii, ir at least address it, this blodd bath will happen in future

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 3.06, you forgot to add TOM MBOYA to the list of those who were stabbed in the back even after supporting Kyuks.

Vikii utajibu swali au la?

Anonymous said...

anon@2:53 are you nauseated because you just found out the true colors of those whom you fanatically support or are you nauseated because you are in the inexplicable state of denial?

anon@2:56 please read the comments on corruption again of anon@2:24 (presumably you) before you respond any further. Kwani which corruption was ODM claiming it going to clean up? Its rather obvious they were campaigning on the platform of cleaning up the Kibaki administration's alleged corruption or were they going to create new corruption so they could pretend they were working hard to clean it up?

As for your last question, when you learn to recognize Kenyans as Kenyans then you will appreciate that it is their democratic right to choose the candidate that most appeals to them. Do not ask me how many more have to die for it is that type of thinking and segregating of ethnic communities that promotes ethnic cleansing and genocide that we are seeing today happening in parts of our country.

Anonymous said...

It is a pity that we had to point a finger at our Kikuyu brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Kenyans (If there is at all any remaining): It is about rigged elections and nothing else. A Kalenjin is a good man, a Luo is a good man, a Kikuyu is a good man, a Taveta is a good man, if not offended.

There is only one person who offended them: Kivuitu. But he was authorized by Kibaki. So it is Kibaki who offended them ALL.

My fellow Kenyans send this tyrannt to retirement. We want Uhuru to play a bigger role. We want Githongo to lecture in Nairobi instead of Oxford.


Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is that Kikuyus posses a superiority complex, nurtured since birth. They have been schooled to adore the Mau Mau who 'single handedly' fought for independence. They have been sensitized to believe that uncircumcised men are not 'complete men'. Their disdain for other tribes is clearly not their fault per se, rather the culprit is the upbringing.

Part of the solution must involve the re-education of Kikuyu infants. A new approach must be used to nurture Kikuyus into Kenyans instead of simply 'Kikuyus'. Ama nime danganya?


Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 3.19 I am not interested in reading the long and ridiculous posts of another denial syndrome patient.


Anonymous said...

Kimani... I have a lot of respect for you way of thinking. Despite that however, do you think you can answer the question raised by Trebor?

Anonymous said...

KIMANI, your moderation and wisdom are most welcome. KUMEKUCHA KWELI.

Kikuyus have been failed by leaders from their own ethnic group and now the Kikuyu poor are bearing the brunt of their actions.

We love our Kikuyu brothers and sisters, I wish we would see that love returned in the political arena.

kitumoja said...

Does anyone have any useful statistics on the largest land owners (Read families) in Kenya? Please share the top 20.

I don't think we can entertain any thoughts of a ka-small Swaziland in Kenya. Based on the above statistics (assumption), you will indeed find that the average Kikuyus in general own very little of Central province. I could be wrong but I am not wrong.

Further to the above, all Kenyans combined probably own a mere fraction of "that piece of land known as Kenya". In comparison, a few 100 (or much less) families own expansive tracts of land, including an Etonian in Kamiti.

So, I ask most naively, what is it that we are fighting for? We lost the land in 1963; we have brave landless Mau Mau fighters (mostly Kikuyu) to prove this.

We have now lost our right to democracy and a just state. The next phase, at the expense of leaning towards prophecy, is probably a complete loss of control of the economy through privatization; we know the big fish will be eaten soon.

We will possibly wake up to reality when we are left with nothing to loose. At this point I actually feel proud that the Llemi triangle is part of Kenya. At least I can migrate there, in the meantime, before they find some oil in that region, then they can come rig there as well --- an oil rig in this case.

We are not loosing our innocence, we are loosing our identity.

Anonymous said...


Hakujibu Swali.

I have no hate for my Kikuyu brothers and sisters, but they need to stop believing that only one of their own deserves to lead them and others.

Anonymous said...

Kitumoja you have really brightened my day. That Ilemi remark just killed me.

Nevertheless I do agree with your land ownership analysis. J.M.'s remarks that Kenya was a nation of 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars rings true today.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, I am waiting for the day when Kalono will be robed by the same people and I will wait for what you have to say then. I also want Kalonzo to be mad a VP so that we will see what difference he will make and what he has to offer. It will be a good platform for him to convince us to give him more than a few hundred thousand votes.

Anonymous said...

Well answered anon@ 3:31

This is a fact we have freely discussed and joked about over many a Tusker. Even the voices of reason from Central province in this blog and elsewhere know that is the plain truth. Most would however rather ignore it at this sorry time. But they know it is the truth

Anonymous said...

Yes, I voted for ODM although I'm a Kikuyu. I admit that many of my tribesmen vote only for Kikuyu candidates. This is evident in the 2002 elections where our votes were divided: Uhuru Vs Kibaki.

Kikuyus need time to realize that we are also Kenyans. Our business interests should make us mature. So far we are not all that far: We still think of Kikuyuland when voting. My friend Maina has a music production studio in Homa-Bay. He is loved by the Luos. If a Luo (e.g. Oluoch Kanindo) had a studio in Kiambu, he would already be a dead man.

I appeal to my tribesmen to be mature. This moment is the turning point.


Anonymous said...

Kalamari, Derek here. Sorry I have come in a little bit late and wish to thank you for your post. I have liked reading it and in all fairnes, you have what many people think.

You talk about the Kikuyu thing, Mungiki and even bring in the vengeance bit, which according to you, is expected.

Kalamari, if you look at the violence that has visited the ODM strongholds, why do you think it is selected. Why is a Kamba living in Eldoret not being attacked and why is a Luo man working in Kiambu not being attacked in retribution to his kins' murdering spree in Kisumu or Kibera.

Whatever people may say, and I repeat. KIKUYU NI ADUI is the thing we should all adress here. It has happened in Rwanda and Somalia. Let us face it.

Mungiki on the other end are not state-sponsored. They are just another publicity seeking rag-tag outfit that thrives on publicity not different from the Hezbollah or Mehdi Army in Iraq.

This Kenyan violence just points at the porous imaginative boundaries that exist amongts us. It only tells us that the British, in their colonial mastery just managed to make Luo and Kikuyu know their tribes and that they are elitist and the others are smaller.

Kalamari, what do you think of an old woman inside a church being burnt, simply because she was Kikuyu and because it is 'alleged' that Mwai Kibaki 'stole' the vote. In any case, tempertures were at bioling point from the election day, when Raila Odinga 'missed' his name in the voters roll.

Lets us stop dwelling on that. I say that as a soiciety, we all stand guilty. Guilty of letting a young tribeless Kikuyu boy in Kibera klnow that he is not LUo and a tribeless kalenjin girl, born of Kalenjin dad and Kikuyu mum knowing that they dont belong to Eldoret.



kalamari, sorry for being this late.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, instead of KALONZO taking a firm stand for democracy he has been busy PROSTITUTING himself and his party's 15 seats at the door step of the latest dictator on Africa's block.

Anonymous said...

Those propagating MILLION MAN MARCH, next week, schools will be open, the landlord will come knocking and bills will have to be paid. Some people have been away from work for the last one week and soon, the eceonomic reality will start biting.

Stop cheating other bwana. Fanyeni kazi. Because we are a working nation na Kazi inatakikane iendelee. Ugandans are suffering because of tribal and political tension in kenya. What a mean lot we are?


Anonymous said...

Kalonzo asijali. Kazi ATAPATA. He is not prostituting. In 2000 Raila Odinga betrayed the opposition to Join kanu and even disbanded the Nyanza Development Party. Remember that?

It is only bad when others do it but not Raila Odinga. PLease leave kalonzo pekee yake. Concentrate on making ODM a stronger opposition. And I am sure it will melt.

Soon when the same people shown the door are nominated, like Muite, Tuju, Kituyi and Kombo, things will be bad for some of you.

Wachana na Kalonzo. After all the name calling, poleni sana!

Anonymous said...

Tuju Kituyi Kombo nominated? Not before Karume Mwiraria and Wambui???

Anonymous said...

Eh!!! Kimani!!! You are truly a rare specimen. Such honesty and intelligence is rare.

That is why some of us maintain that we don't mind living together with our Kikuyu siblings. All we want that they reciprocate.

Anonymous said...

The BIGGEST MISTAKE Kibaki can make is to return the Mwirarias and Kombos back to parliament.

That will be nothing but arrogance par excellence demonstrated in dictatorial technicolour.

Anonymous said...

Huseini you are very right. But I would say that we Kikuyus have an infiriority complex, having been subjected to unbearable treatment of the white man.

My grandfather told me that the uncircumcised man from Bungoma mistreated him so much during the time of state of emergency.

My grandfather apparently could not differentiate between a Luo and a Luhya or a Kalenjin. He believed that all OTHER Kenyans arew uncircumcised, meaning bad people. Indeed my people dont trust outsiders.

What should we do? The 8-4-4 has been a terrible setback. We should turn all Provincial schools into National Schools where our boy and girls can learn more about more from the other tribes.

I was at Kisumu Boys at high school level and I can assure you that I know what I'm talking about.

Kenyans be Kenyans


Anonymous said...

Well spoken anon@3:52. Kimani is honestly a very sober minded man in this whole situation. He is bold enough to confront the demons and that makes him a big man. I wish a lot more of our central province bros reasoned like him. Thanks Kim for being realistic unlike one Derek and Vikii.

Anonymous said...

MY FELLOW KENYANS: Want some good news from Kenya to brighten your day?

Read The Daily Nation's headline story and keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Kimani, it is a pity that your type is rare at the political level.

Those who have dared to exercise your wisdom were cruelly smothered by their own.

And yes to all: Do read Nation na ombeni kwa bidii.

kalamari said...

Derek, I cringe when I think of the screams emanating from that burning church. At the end of the day we are simply human beings. Nobody deserves to depart the world in such a manner…especially for reasons that might have been avoided.
I must ask you to stop using the word 'alleged' when describing the theft of the presidency. Tuko pamoja so let's talk truth only. I think an important aspect of solving our predicament ni kusikilizana in full understanding of why we are where we are today. You see, the reality is that Desmond Tutu is not a tourist.

kalamari said...

The Nation story is good news. That said, I'm beginning to believe this democracy thing is not the end all. Can you imagine such a crisis in 2nd century Africa. Si our old men would just sit around, shoot some breeze and swig some wine…….and solve this thing in about six hours.

It may not be a bad idea to constitute a 100% representative 'supreme council of elders' and have it entrenched in the new constitution. Hi mambo ya kusumbua Tutu in his old age can be embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Kenya's humanitarian crisis being discussed in BBC. It is not only sad but also shameful.

We have fallen from grace really hard.

Our leaders need to move quickly. Today's Daily Nation story is encouraging but we need more real soon.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Educated brightened my mind. My dream is to become a mayor of kisumu in 2012 and an MP of Kirinyaga 2017 and then a final lap: a REAL president of Kenya in 2022. Be on the watch.

If Obama can risk it in a white man's land, why not in my beloved country Kenya.

No prejudice, no tribalism, A-Levels with compulsary 4-yr education in another province, 1-year pre-universty social attachment in a foreign province. As a president, I will introduce 10% Hurdle for all parties, sothat only National parties get their people to parliament. NO coalition before elections. ECK commissioners nominated by all national parties.

Kenyans please think kenyan. Kenya is not Only about Tusker!


Anonymous said...

Kimani, you are a gem! May the force be with you.

Question to all who think the recent events are not an assault on our democracy: would we have responded by saying all is well and go to court to seek redress for your grievances if Moi or one of his sons had done this? Let's take a step back and ask ourselves the real reason some are OK with what has happened. Remember, this is not the last election Kenya will have.

Anonymous said...

It`s like being an A+ student to F.

Did someone send some jojo from west Africa to Kenya?

Urogi, i mean?

this was not all about elections.

I think some pots were being cooked as we innocent Kenyans headed for elections.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.23 well put. I agree 100%.

Theft is theft no matter the ethnic group of the thief.

Let us foster democracy today for posterity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 4.20 - The truth is that Kenya needs to get its house in order as soon as possible.

There is no doubt in my mind that the humanitarian crisis would disappear overnight if peace returned. Hard working Kenyans watarudi mashambani with dilligence and determination.

Our leaders do need to move fast and yes; read the Daily Nation headline story.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

As a Kenyan, I got down on my knees and PRAYED really hard yesterday.

The praying aspect was not new, but I rarely get down on my knees.

The Daily Nation story feels like a sign from God. Things should continue this way.


Anonymous said...

Let's Have hope but not high hope.
People like Karua, Kirauti Murungi will block anything.

The DN news is no good news. But you know as well as I do, hopes die last.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will continue hoping against hope.

Kenya must not only survive but thrive after this country. This event has taught us just how priceless democracy really is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a word of prayer never hurt a sincere offerer. Prayer is actually the only thing some of us can do for our country at this point.

Anonymous said...

Good night and peace out. Naenda kuomba.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just read the D. Nation story and yes, it is a refreshing read. We should keep moving forward from here.

However, the Anglican Church at home should stop calling for a re-count and re-tally. I think we have all moved beyond that. Even those who are non-ODMers will agree that the security of the ballot papers and tally sheets has been compromised.

Kinyamu said...

I`m a Kenyan and my family and myself were not displaced or killed.
But i`m imaging if we were displaced and right now in the cold with all our earthly belongings looted, what would i do.
1. i would ask God for strength and then form a coalition to prosecute the perpetrators.

2. Ask for forgiveness before going out personally to confront Kivuitu, Raila and Kibaki for turning our life upside down for exercising our democratic rights.

My grand father once told me that after colonisation, what is happening in Kenya today is neo colonialism.

I believe him now.

Finally, if there is no change in Kenya now, we will be fighting and killing each other until the end of time because Kenya is a neo colonialist country.

IT SERVES THE INTERESTS OF THE WEST. 75% of our wealth is owned by foreigners.

eg. Britain, USA, and others.

We need to be independent and think as kenyans and not ethnic/tribal.

Otherwise the west is capitalising on our weakness of jaluo, kikuyu, Kisii cheap talk etc.

What happened to Turkana by the way?

Did they immigrate to Ethiopia or Sudan.


Anonymous said...

Please Kenyans, let us not get too happy over every positive step or despair at every footage we see on the TV. This issue will take long time to solve. And I pray that our leaders will address the root course of the problem so that we won't have a child being thrown into fire in a church again. We must address the Kikuyustan dynasty that many Kenyans feel is the course of all problems.

Anonymous said...

IT will be over by the end of the weekend or by Tuesday the latest. Too much economic pressure on both sides. After all a dollar speaks louder than a 100 votes (which in my opinion is immoral).

Anonymous said...

Kenya is in turmoil because 1. Kibaki is liberal & an advocate for free speech but he is not a decisive "battle" commander; 2. Odinga is a radical & an advocate of lawlessness. Odinga has held speeches stating that no poor person should pay ANY rent. 3.The USA wants to have any Kenyan incumbent president as a puppet of Haliburton, World Bank, IMF et al.(read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins); 4.multi party-ism is never for Africa with its various ethnic groups bunched together in just one this multi-ethnic cohesion working for Belgium too ?

DivideMeDivideMe said...

Kibaki is probably planning a G. Divide the country into 43 countries, because, after all, that is what they really are.

Anonymous said...

After this election and its aftermath i have come to the conclusion that both Raila and Kibaki are arrogant, self serving, egotistical,small minded people. i have no respect for them at all until they stand together and decry the violence and ask for it to cease. Neither "presidential candidate" can convince me that they care for the common mwanainchi. to convince me otherwise, they need to leave the statehouse and their luxury hotel suites and go spend the night giving aid to those displaced in kibera, kisumu and eldoret. touring the city morgue and releasing press statements are meaningless when you are sleeping in the cold.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.25, Raila has been up and about and has even toured City Mortuary.

Both sides seem to be making positive noises and since they are the leaders we have for now, all we can do is hope that they build on that momentum for the benefit of all.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7.21, your remarks offer a weird sense of comfort.

Kenyans are too capitalistic (relatively speaking - regional history) to fight for too long.

However, as Anon @ 6.22 says, we ought to be cautious. WE NEED LASTING PEACE and we need to ensure we don't push problems under the carpet or rush for band aid solutions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kimani. You are a true Kenyan hero like the many Kikuyus who voted for Raila. They are more than most Kenyans realize.

Patriot Damu
P.S. Long live my sober Kikuyu brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Yes Patriot Damu @ 9.20, "sober" is they word to underscore in your P.S.

Anonymous said...

Kimani, when were you in Kisumu Boys?


mike said...

Annonymous @ 12.43pm has written a lot of nonsense. I think he/she is very idle. I cannot even give him/her my points coz he/she won't understand.

Anonymous said...

This is the weeping soul. Watch my youtube video compilation of Kenya election pics...the truth unbiased. Includes some never before seen images

Anonymous said...

Interesting story,,2235778,00.html

john oilepo said...

Kenyans cannot be fooled. A day before the results were announced ECK called for agents of all parties and formed a verification committee led by ECK Commish Riunga Raiji which confirmed that there were problems with 48 constituencies. Why wasn't the verification report made public?

How were the results of those constituencies reported?

How come up to now ECK has not released the official tallies of all the polling stations and constituencies and how they add to the presidential totals? Is the cooking to arrive at the announced totals getting a bit tricky?

Now I know why Maths is not everyone's favorite topic.

Anonymous said...

Bright Minds only attacking Kikuyu's and Kalamari, a guy I detested long before the elections, comes up with an "excellent piece" which only serves to galvanize the wishful thinking and self affirming feelings of ODMers! If you dont like Kikuyu's, its your damn problem. They will always be Kikuyus, and they are also Kenyans like you. All of you here who are against the first post, please vote for Kimani when he stands for presidency as he has declared. Ofcourse you wont do that, because he is another Kikuyu trying to extend the Kikuyu dominance(a very petty subject by the tribalist Kalamari). Go back to work all of you, Kibaki has the wisdom to govern for the next 5 years. Unfortunately you may not like it, ODMers leaders may wreck havoc. But if you think Kibaki will give in, think again. Raila aliona Simba amenyeshewa na 2005 refurendum akadhani ni paka. Ameona cha mtema kuni VOTE07. Tuonane wasee.

Paul said...

How comes ODM-OLD KANU GANGED UP with all the the tribes to beat Kibaki`s PNU?

I think Kikuyu`s have to be very careful dealing with these other tribes from this point on, who even never fought for independence from the British.

They were just mating, fishing and throwing stones in the lake.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41 AM do not underestimate the ability of the other Kenyans to push for justice. Kibaki might decide to seat tight because he has the state machinery which he used to rig the elections and surround Uhuru park, but at the moment their is an uprising against the rule of law which if not taken into consideration by the clique around him will overwhelm the state machinery and by then most of us wont be alive to defend any immorality(stealing) as they do here.

The uprising might not be about Kikuyus per se, but about a push for justice and respect for the voice of the common man and a message to the ruling elite. Remember thugs and hooligans will of course taken advantage to loot.

Way forward: Kibaki should put Kenya first and make the toughest decision ever by ignoring the advice of the clique around him whose interests are paramount, then agree that there elections weren't free and fair(unlike what he read from his statement) as Kivuiti did, then allow the AG to file a petition to annul the results then order a general(or presidential) election within the next 18 months with a newly negotiated ECK.

But to dupe yourselves that Kibaki will seat at statehouse for another five years with the better part of Kenyans knowing that he is there illegitimately is a fallacy and a potential bomb whose consequences will surpass what we've seen so far because what is bound to build up is a citizenry which lack confidence in the justice system, rule of law and the constituition which unites us as a nation thereby anarchy will take centrestage.

Kenyans who are endowed with work in the major towns will of course report back to work and shrug they dont care whether its Kibaki or ODM in govt, but remember that most of the youths taking advantage to loot and kill are jobless and for sure looking for an opportunity to pay back to the society which instn't perturbed whether they exist or not.

Who should deliver the message of peace and justice to all: All concerned Kenyans, who trully believe that there is a problem which came after the vote-tallying and sitting on the problem want solve it but aggravate it, therefore as citizens we need to petition Kibaki to make the right decisions for all Kenyans.

What can you do? Jam all the media stations with a message of peace but end with a message of justice for all.

Concerned Kenyan

Anonymous said...

Paul @ 4.09, do not SHORT CIRCUIT HISTORY.

Many Kenyans fought the British long and hard. The only reason some of them are not remembered much is because there were no television cameras as were present in the fifties.

I will mention the struggles of just three (1890 - 1925).

a) Remember Ebei? He was Turkana. They fought one of the longest resistance wars of any ethnic group in Africa against the British before their defeat in the twenties (c. 20 years).

b) Remember Mekatilili and Wanje wa Madorika. This female and male duos led the Giriama in their bitter uprising against the British - coast province.

c)Remember Koitalel arap Samoei: another great leader, another bitter struggle - The Nandi.

Kenya is for all of us, even the Luo (esp. Mboya and Odinga) were important in mobilising people for independence in the sixties.

Tamtam said...

Great piece Kalamari.

An interesting piece by Binyavanga Wainaina on the threat of speaking in your mother tongue.

Tamtam said...

Forgot the link, here it is.,,2235785,00.html

Hellen Okello said...

Hi, Briner aka Tamtam. The e-mail you sent Sam as Mamma Toffee...and signed tamtam of kumekucha was recieved....thanks for trying hard! Now i believe you were once a spy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Kenya is ablaze. Let us use this space for charting the way forward and not personal agendas.

Niema said...

Can the Government resurect the Mau Mau who beat and chased the British from Kenya to deal with Prime minister in waiting OLD KANU Ruto`s militia in Eldoret?

Ruto should be taught a lesson. said...


Wed, 2 Jan 2008 08:05:02 -0500
From: Maurice Nyaware

It’s right to keep each one of us in Diaspora who has access to our beloved web “”’’.As you know we are all astonished with the self declaration of Jaraboun’s win.What I can say is that some of the reliable source back from home says that, the peoples President is not locked in and his fellows like Ruto and Orengo Jimy is also not in,they are all expected to hold THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENDT INAGURATION at the venue that have not been mentioned at 2pm, so far it is that the deaths fom Dagoreti.Mathare, Kariobangi, Kayole and some other estates in Nairobi may be 50 in number’s there have been fights through out the night since Kibaki imposed him self yesterday .The forces are also devide and this is said to couse more havoc scince the majority of the foces are wakale and this are pro Aguambo. Otherwiase this is the time when force should be implemented to achieve the demand of the people as it is said when diplomacy fails Force should be implied, the reasone why am saying this is for the reason that the Court will not solve this situation and if some body is thinking of international community this still will fail couse Okuche as you know they are nincompups who do not look at this as a national concern but away of making more “”Mbesha”” .this is way I say lets find a way of making use of our forces THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

Listone O

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