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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Big Boys Are Watching Us

It was the big boys impersonating me.

Two days ago I dropped a post here about a contemptuous Kikuyu Kingdom. Many bloggers responded with fire, called me the juiciest names they could recall from their days before they got saved. Obviously there were others who attempted a rational discussion and I appreciated that very much. The free flow of thought is always a good thing.

Today I'm writing to confirm what my good friend Chris has always claimed here. The Big Boys are indeed watching this space. My folks who always track down cyber threats to my work and words carried out a check on who had successfully broken into my profile. When they gave me the report, it brought a chill at first, then another smile, just like the one I had at the Kenya National Library. It occurred to me that The Big Boys are watching us here at KK.

By impersonating me and using a string of anonymous, they wanted to derail the healthy discussion that should have followed my post. They failed. In between the noise, you found men and women who saw my post for what it was...a provocative piece that called on us to look around and see what was going on.

It makes me feel pretty good that through the tireless efforts of Chris and other sharp bloggers on KK, this space has been molded into an authoritative voice for the millions of Kenyan at home and abroad. For those who have friends and relatives who don't read us yet, call them today and let them know what they are missing.

Seriously, if the big boys are reading us, why wouldn't every Kenyan want to know what we are saying? Forget the Daily Nation commentators, read Chris and Taabu and Sayra and Kalamari and Urlnx and our other great minds. The only guy you may want to avoid reading like a plague is my friend least until he honors his pledge to buy me that lunch at Kosewe.

Oh, and avoid reading Sam Okello by all means. That guy, like one blogger said, is bure kabisa.

On this sweet morning in Nairobi, I wish on each of you a cool breeze.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight people, do not let the big boy scare you, many kenyans folow what you say.

Anonymous said...

This reminds of a story done by Chris early this year that Mama Obama was being guarded by CIA. It turned out to be hogwash. The only big guys watching this space is maybe the ones you have listed as 'intelligent'. The others are the voices of reason from the likes of Vikii that you fail to listen to.
So how did you get your account back? Negotiated with the big guys?
How feeble!!!

Bacardi Breezer said...

Sam Okello,

I don't think you're normal. You should be treated with contempt.

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Mr Okello:

With due respect, we are of the view that, there is nothing like Luo presidency. To think so, is absurd.

Likewise, there is nothing like Kikuyu presidency. Thus, for those who think they are defending the Kikuyu presidency, woe unto you.

M-Pesa said...


I will be terse and straight to the point: You have won the shouting match but lost the argument!


Especially those watchies and cleaners sweating it out abroad, yes Kenya ain't perfect and never will, but it's still a great place to live!

There's nowhere like home. Whenever I'm outside the country for months, I miss home kabisa and can't wait for the plane to touch down at JKIA. Who cares about the potholes, matatu madness, congestion etc. Doesn't every city have it's owns hits and misses?

Today I was at the Immigration Department in Nyayo House ground floor and was shocked to see long queues of INDIANS, SOMALIS, CHINESE, SUDANESE etc waiting for their papers to live and work in Kenya. Whenever Italians are being deported from Kenya, they scream, curse, yell and even go to court so as to live here!

I was informed some report as early as 5.00 AM and many will bribe using millions to have Kenyan IDs. These people have chosen to live in Kenya out of hundreds of other countries while our own people are busy hating their own country.

Yes, our politicians are scumbags but at the end of the day, it's up to the citizens to sort the wheat from the chaff. I LOVE KENYA! Mta do?

One Wife Man said...

Samo aka Sam O,
big boys must be the code word for kikuyu kingdom

hacking into your account is yet another example of a contemptuous act this monarchy has perpetrated against you

Mama said...

This blog never ceases to amaze! I would really like to know how someone hacked into a bloggers account here. Why don't these NSIS or whoever just get their own identities and post whatever it is they want?

Sorry, I just don't get it.

Warothe said...


Spare us the CRAP!What you wrote yesterday crossed the line. That was NEGATIVE ETHNICITY at its worst and i was shocked and chilled to the bone.

I am Kikuyu but i will be the first to say Uhuru,Kibaki,Kiraitu carry their own cross. And in the same breath i shall say can Raila,Fidel,Ruto and all the Mau grabbers carry their own cross.

There is nothing like a Kikuyu presidency and there is nothing like a Luo presidency. And may i also point out that the stereotyping and generalizing has no basis in sociology. There is no premise to say that Kikuyus are predisposed to be thieves and Luos are predisposed to be whiners,victims or losers.

I pay my taxes,i pay my rent, Kibaki or Uhuru do not do it for me and even when they steal there is no bank account where Kikuyus go and withdraw. In the same way when Raila steals in the ministry of energy and becomes an oil billionaire and Fidel steals and sells maize to buy more Range Rover Sport Luos do not get a cut.

KumekuchaChris you are acting like a whore who shags more clients to make more money but forgets that her body is decaying and dying. In the same way you hunger and thirst for higher traficf into your site has made you allow SCUM like Sam Okello to post HATE SPEECH here against an ENTIRE TRIBE and fuel the problem of ethnicity.

Yesterday was the START of THE DEATH of Kumekucha. I have read this blog for maybe three years now and in as much as we never totally agreed on everything we always agreed on the need for CHANGE and A BETTER KENYA.

What went wrong till Chris you can sanction a post advocating for the EXTERMINATION of Kikuyus???

God save Kenya!

God bless Kenya!

bart jelsma said...

my humble opinion is formed after reading as much as possible kenyan news and Angela Wrong's book on Githongo 'It is our turn to eat', which i would advise everyone to read.
The observation of some ladies talking deep kikuyu and conclusion that centers of power are run by Kikuyu sounds true in my ears.
Githongo who was a member of Kibaki's government and a Kikuyu himself noticed the same thing and objected to his colleagues speaking kikuyu instead of swahili or english that everyone would understand.
Kibaki and his inner circle of Kikuyus in government believe that it is their right to govern Kenya and therefore it is acceptable to engage in corrupt activities as long as Kikuyus benefit from it and stay in power.
Loyalty to tribe is more important than loyalty to Kenya, corruption scams and stealing an election is therefore acceptable.
Githongo was expected as a Kikuyu not to 'shame' his tribe but to go slow and be loyal to his tribe.However he considered himself to be a Kenyan instead and had to flee.
Because his need to flee fits a trend, a trend whereby until today no high profile person has been prosecuted for major corruption scandals,no person has been arrested over extrajudicial killings by Kwekwe and probably Uhuru will not be sacked over the 9.2 billion because i read Kibaki supports him.
This is the problem,Kibaki and some old powerful Kikuyu use the corruption money to stay in power and to enrich themselves.The Mount Kenya mafia is real.
These people protect corrupt ministers,protect an execution issueing police commisioner and will bite anyone who dares to rattle the snake.
This explains the trend why human rights activists are killed and threatened because they expose government corruption.It explains why their mail addresses and phones are checked and why probably Kumekucha is on NSIS's watchlist. It explains why Odinga complains he is left out and not consulted and why we now have two centers of government.
I suspect the mungiki is also a threat to the mount kenya mafia because the mungiki are kikuyus too and might become a political movement of the young who will demand equal share of the resources/riches that the mount kenya have abundantly.Why is Maina Njenga immediately rearrested?Why does the PNU side of government refuse to accept foreign assistance into solving of Oscar Kamau murder?

Anonymous said...

So comments are being deleted? Amazing!

Andruid said...

You can delete blogs and block users..

Your excuse is in the league of Mr Kenyatta's 9.2 Billion typo

b-carotene said...

Keep Sam Okello type posts coming like the one about the stinking kikuyu kingdom, which he wants to obliterate. Keep em coming. But dont delete our responses that help forward the agenda. That's grossly unfair, no? Useless.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked this post, comments were 40, now 12, Chris is this what you call freedom of speech. You use this blog to stir up ethnic hatred but when people reply to the post you go ahead and delete them.

Watch this space, this blog will not be here for long.

bart jelsma said...

what Maina Kiai and Paul Muite had to say about Kikuyu entitlement:

Today E.A. Standard on Uhuru's missing 9.2 or 14 billion, says that Kibaki has always resisted to have the budgetary process open for parlementary oversight.

The only reason i can think of why he resists oversight is that Kibaki is aware of corrupt deals,condones it and protects the ones committing the crime.

maria said...

these are the kind of posts that make some of us go hmmm and then dismiss you.

maybe the big boys are watching you and trying to impersonate you, sawa. post what comments should not be attributed to you and the anons you think are plants so that we know what's what.

in shrouding your post in vagueness it stinks to high heaven of you trying to side step what many of the 100+ comments were trying to get across. that in saying entire tribes are to blame for problems and only another entire tribe can save us you are part of the problem. how is your post on the kikuyu kingdom different than what politicians have been saying before and since most of us were born about one tribe or another? by identifying the kikuyus as the problem that needs eradication and then trying to brand your thoughts as nationalistic what were you trying to prove or achieve? ama its the echo chamber effect you wanted, with people saying "yes, finish them! and "all kikuyus must go!"?

then comes this post you have put up today saying that read us more! we are the authoratative voice of kenyans everywhere. if you want to widen your readership fine, but don't propagate tribalism in the name of hits on the site. the only reason some people are coming to read (and the reason someone sent me the post on the kikuyu kingdom) was akin to people watching a train wreck or slowing down to see the scene of a car crash. its proof of how low kenyans can go and how much harder we have to work to avoid these myopic "answers" being bandied about when 2007 taught us that we shouldn't play with fire.

instead of patting yourself on the back for a job well done and starting on the internet equuivalent of "they are trying to finish me!" press conference do you plan to take your head out of the sand and engage with those who called you out on your irrational and poorly thought commentary? or at least fafanua, maybe we misunderstood you or something.

and what healthy discussion did you expect to pop up from your thoughts the other day? what i saw was hate speech, i half expected to read that some folks should be lying low like envelopes and that they should go back home and all those other thinly veiled comments that i have come to expect from the career tribalists/politicians/deluded wanainchi with no agenda other than their own and with the thoughts of kenya the country on the back burner.

here's hoping that once you are done congratulating yourself on the "brand new" thoughts on how this tribe good, this tribe bad you will look beyond the yes men and women and engage in something other than demonizing hard working kenyans. until then sorry, i'm not convinced. i have seen the effects of hate mongering and found it repulsive. its just sad that people think more of the same will save kenyans and kumbe we are just digging a deeper hole for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

is this the same sam okello who was in one of the TV stations articulatin how good a president he can make?
in less than half an year he has evolved into a tribal beast. but no, all along he was a wolf in a sheep skin.

leta ingine hypocrate!!!

Anonymous said...

Villagers hunt down mungiki adherents
Written By:Wangari Kanyongo , Posted: Tue, May 12, 2009

Tension is high in Kirinyaga again following renewed door to door search for mungiki sect members by vigilante groups.

The groups launched an attack on bodaboda operators some of whom they accused of refusing to join in the search for the sect members in Kagio town.

The vigilantes whisked away about 80 bodaboda operators to a secret meeting.

The operators claimed that the villagers were harassing them by demanding a Sh50 protection fee.

In the swoop a lady who is believed to be a Mungiki informer escaped death narrowly after the angry youths confiscated her phone which had numbers of the Mungiki followers in the area.

Kirinyaga south district commissioner Kula Hache visited Kagio and Ngurubani town in a bid to ease the tension.

She assured residents that the government is working closely with members of the community policing and had managed to arrest several youths around Kagio market.

Findings of investigations into the murder of 29 people in the area a fortnight ago are yet to be released by the commissioner of police.

The sect members have invaded parts of Central province where they have been terrorizing villagers.

In most parts residents have been forced to pay Sh15 a day for semi-permanent homes, Sh100 for timber-structures and Sh800 for permanent stone buildings.

4th Estate said...

On a lighter note:

Yesterday after my post on “mitumba bookkeeping “I really got tired of all the tribal’s and their rants. I was forced to detach myself from the poison being spewed out and decided to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. On my way out the jingle “Baada ya Kazi, jiburudishe Na …. “ Kept ringing in my head  .KBL has done a very fine job with that jingle am still trying to figure out what’s the trigger as the sound was not on anywhere. Neither was there any logo in sight! Since I was not in any rush I scooped up some loose change and my phone just in case. After about 20 minutes walk, lets just call him MKenyaOne rang, he was wondering what I was doing and the latest in cyberspace. I explained am out stretching and there is this jingle ringing in my head - hoping he would get the drift and in the true Kenyan spirit of “Badala ya kazi “ he decided to join me.

We instinctively choose a corner with low lighting as if “Kenyan politics “is a dirty word and should be discussed under cover or anonymously. We decided to raise the quorum to six, we both are frankly feed up tribal acrobats so we made sure that the next four should come from different parts of our Great Nation and are genuinely interested to be part of the solution.

In no time we were joined by MKenyaTu and MKenyaWaTree, and a short while later in quick succession KenyaFo and MkenyaFaif. That jingle can do wonders, if you want Kenyans to come early to a meeting or anything you organize, I suggest you try and associate it with the jingle; it will be standing room only.

After all were seated and spiced with the usual complaints - which incidentally all of us have and need to vent out once in a while just to remain sane - I presented them with a challenge , since we were representative of our Great Nation of Kenya . Let’s try and discuss this issue without pride or prejudice, everybody agreed and we were determined to rise above the commotion.

We checked through the angles, discussed the MSM reports , the blogosphere was not spared ,we got in touch with the “usual suspects “ to get fresh ideas or angles from any side that would move our quest forward. We always came back to the big WHO. Who authorised the changes, who did the changes, who supervised the changes, at that point we decided to stop as speculation could end up influencing our conclusion. I could see the drinks were also beginning to take their toll and we had started recycling with innocent spin what others have said before us. We had started going in circles, it would not be long before the circles turned into oblongs 

At that point we decided to quit and call it a day. I left my friends with what I thought would be the best way to close my “mitumba bookkeeping “concerns finish this discussion with something that all can agree with - I asked how about looking at this through MATHEMATICS. What results would we find? It would be fitting to put their “error “theory to test. Since our mental capacity was somewhat diminished at the point we did not come up with a formula but we generally agreed on what would be the best approach.

So here it is - the day after and to the director of the budget we will allow YOU to put the computers in your office to good use - at least for once checking the posibility of your own "errors". You will be shocked to see what you find !

How many letters are in the supplementary budget?
How many numbers are in the supplementary budget?
How many numbers were wrong?
How many letters were wrong?

What is the probability of only getting that subset of numbers wrong, and not a single letter + the rest of the remaining correct subset of numbers wrong ?

“Badala ya Kazi “is a registered trademark of 4th Estate but you can use it freely and lastly all characters are fictitious – They do NOT exist, apart from THE DIRECTOR

kenya2012 said...

I have a problem with the kikuyu leadership not the kikuyus as a people. But those who have made this abnormality to be a reality a the kiuks electorate.

The truth be said, Many kenyans have come to loath the kiuks coz of the way the way Kibaki administration has conducted itself. The highest form of corruption, impunity and disregard of the laws.Empty promises and rhetorics. The Union in PNU is not democratic.

What sam wrote was more that the truth, call him what you want but truth is truth, truth cannot be defended it defends itself. If you have not realised kuwa the most powerful and important dockets , departments and offices are occupied by kikuyus , then i have to say you are DUMP. Security , constitution, finance, CID, central bank, Kenya revenue authority, the presidency.


Controller and Auditor - General
.Mrs. Priscilla Njeri Komora

Public Service Commission
Mr. Titus Justus Kahiga Gateere,

State Law Office
Solicitor - General
Mr. Wanjuki Muchemi
Director of Public prosecution
Mr. Keriako Tobiko

Chief Justice
The Hon. Mr. Justice Johnson Evans Gicheru

Registrar of the High court
· Mr. Charles K. Njai

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance
Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta
Economic Secretary
· Dr. Kamau Thuge

Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service
· Amb. Francis K. Muthaura

Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security
Hon. Prof. George Saitoti

Anonymous said...

It is an open secret that Maina Kiai is a mungiki sect member just like his Oscar friend. He has continued assisting them from his base in Chicago, USA. We know that even Kamahuha, the kanu politician, was an aderent supporter who fled to Dubai in the height of the crackdown. But when he came back he went straight into a 6" hole

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello you are now in alot of trouble

M-Pesa said...

Since Okello mentioned K'Osewe dishes also known as Ronalo, I have decided to post a link showing some of their famous cuisine. In this restaurant, you will find Kenyans from all tribes interacting peacefully without caring who is sitting next to who or which language they are conversing in. No wonder Agwambo, Njonjo, et all visit the place! CAUTION: Don't salivate on your keyboard!!

Anonymous said...

Sam just so you know, they are passing a bill that will bring ethnic hate mongers like you to court.

Kenyan version of peter Kajuga or Radio mille colline

Anonymous said...

those big boys are in your head sam, get it checked soonest before the big boys evolve into big worms that will come crawling out of your ears.

kabila adui said...

4th estate:
I'm surprised you'd be surprised by that. The ease and simplicity of it all, including the "watchdog" conveniently waiting in the wings to blow the whistle was all a little too contrived. Stimulate my intelligence. Please!

mzeiya said...

The internet and the bloggosphere since 9/11 is no place to think inciting words and remarks go un-noticed. some people earn a living through tracing such stuff, so being anonymous and posting hate doesn't mean you wont get noticed... once noticed its rated on which ever grades of threat and acted upon or thrown in trash.

the thing is if someone hacked you he probably also got info on everyone posting in Kumekucka....(yeah im posting too) unless you use linux on your server

Otherwise to add on the tribal situation.. all grown-up kenyans are individuals and never binded to their tribe in the sense yesterdays post mirrored. divide and rule is so old fashioned now it has to be Rich vs Poor to navigate out ALL Kenyan problems peacefully.

click here and avoid reading sam okello said...

You took a swipe at me but at least you should have provided your readers with the correct link. Are you afraid of debate, Bwana Okello?

I asked you a question which I am still waiting for you to answer: if it is okay for you to indict the entire "contemptuous kikuyu" people on the basis the misgivings of some, shouldn't it then be fine with you when Black stereotyping and all the ugliness that comes with it,is applied to you? Are you a welfare, oversexed crack addict of low intelligence?

You are a hopelessly bigoted character and as I said on my blog, only divine intervention can save your likes.

The rest of us should move on and fight for the establishment of institutions which will inoculate innocent wananchi from HATEFUL PEOPLE such can Sam Okello can hate all he wants but know that as soon as his hate causes harm to anybody, then there can never be a "I was only fighting for democracy" excuse.

Grow up...well, that's too much to ask for.


kabila adui said...

Wow Cicero. Man of action, eh? Not bad!

Marianne Briner said...

Sam Okello, where is my money? Why did you eat my money and run to Kenya?


cicero said...

If one is fine with calling kikuyus thieves or stereotyping any other tribe in any way, then he/she should be happy to embrace all Black stereotypes because the racist mind employs a rationale just like theirs.

Anonymous said...

Wewe ni bure kabisa Sam i can bet on 100000000000000 Zimbabwe dollars that i am not a big boy but an ordinary citizen tired of your stupid analysis. Go to hell idiot

Phil said...

Sam I told you MacDOnalds (u guys call it double mac)and strawberry milkshake is not good for U. I didnt kow you voteless disaporans miss local food this much.

I will get ur local number from Chris we arrange to do boiro or madondo in Burma Market near Shauri Moyo or Spare Ribs in Rescue (Ololoo). Kosewe has become too artificial and commercial. Ati, some Kenyans who have never travelled beyond Lari now pretending to be fish eaters more than those who go out to the lake to get that fish, after selling Migingo where the fish comes from. hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Phil ....
He he he

cicero said...

Being in the diaspora does not take away the love we have for our country.

In any event, we should be the ones most concerned about the country because had it not been for the abysmal economic conditions, most of us wouldn't have left in the first place.

Don't try to muzzle people's voices; we have as much rights to our country as you do.

Anonymous said...


Sam Okello was deported from USA ealier this year for breach of peace.
According to American law, it is a criminal offence to write articles that are likely to incite ethnic hatred.

Phil said...

cicero, its a free world.

but why make appearances and reappearances at a forum you so much loath?

I get it. Kumbe if you want to drive traffic to your blog, advertise in Kumekucha for free while at the same time aimlessly throwing barbs towards the owner.

Ni sawa, we shall all be heading to future4kenya, or whatever you call it, soon. thanks

kabila adui said...

I didnt know diaporeans are "voteless". I'm not.
I hold my lovely Kenyan passport (despite being a diasporean for a decade)and my voters registration card, but whcih I didnt use last year for all the kabila adui, madoadoa, kwekwe stuff, which just didnt make the ballot worthwhile.
And no, i dont wipe old people's bums for a living (the standard stereotype of diasporeans), but see no problem with that as honest, gainful employment.
That be it for now.

CLICK HERE for a reasonable discussion on tribalism said...

This is why I am saying that tribalism is rapidly becoming a scapegoat to all our failures.

PEOPLE VOTE FOR THEIR SELF-INTERESTS.Had Sam Okello run for president as he had bragged he would, chances are no sane Kikuyu would have voted for him because it is just against nature to identify with someone who is bent on destroying you. Even babies learn this really quick; you get in the habit of pinching a toddler and see how fast it stays away from you.

It is called self-preservation So he would have lost the Kikuyu vote and instead of blaming it on his blind, exclusive brand of politics, he would have yapped on and on about tribalism.

Same case with Raila and Kibaki. Raila called Kikuyus "adui" and adopted the 41 versus 1 winning strategy...why would anyone be surprised that Kikuyus did not vote for him almost to a man!!!!?

Kibaki called Raila, a national leader with a huge clout and a huge following, "mavi ya kuku" he also did not pay attention to any of grievances that the other side might have had. Is it a surprise that he lost the Western vote???

People vote their self-interest and if their self interest appear to be best preserved by one of their own, that is who they will vote for.

A good enough politician should however be able to make inroads to tribes beyond his just as long as he does a good job of selling his policy and staying away from denigrating people who have votes....Sam, that is common sense politics 101.

One Wife Man said...

Chris and Kumekucha Editorial Contributors,
Today i have noted with great concern that this blog is experiencing a scientific anomaly known as time jumps

I bring this to your attention because each time i visit the blog the number of comments in this post keeps mysteriously changing either increasing or decreasing without making numerical sense. in addition to this strange videos are still appearing beneath the main posts in a disconcerting manner one of them told me about some knight museum

Please say something or rectify this situation if possible as i am concerned otherwise blame will be laid at the feet of the big boys and the kikuyus

cicero said...

I invite you Phil or Sam or whomever, for an on-camera debate on the subject. Let us not snipe and duck...pick a venue, I'll make arrangements.Make your readers proud.

Anonymous said...

Cicero ...

Yada Yada Yada .... we have heard that before. If you truely want to develop Kenya look beyond " his policies " - thats a politician talking - have been there , seen it and are living the consequences. Building institutions is key - thats something bigger than both you and me and your and lousy policies - Kenya is too big for one person and there is no monopoly of good policies evan a kamero can have better policies than yours - Give us a break - New thinking.

How about just starting with oversight with the little we have


non-anonymous said...

anon 9:34 said,

"Building institutions is key"You are basically restating my point but somehow arriving to the conclusion that I am wrong.

What do they call that in Psychiatry?


Anonymous said...

Kenyans are tribalists and are not capable to live as bros and sis.We are least developed in our minds. Developement begins in the mind.

1)Kenyans want cheap money without working
2)Kenyans love everything foreign
3)Kenyans admire culprits
4)Kenyans pray everyday but adore devils
5)Kenyans dont care about others as long as they are doing well
6)Kenyans go to school to be rich and not to get knowledge
7)Kenyans bore into their noses in public
8)Kenyans drink too much
9)Kenyans never use their brains but rather leaves everything to God
10)Kenyans hate fair competition but love winning by cheating
11) Kenyans have no manners

Examples to:
1)Corruption is tolerated even in the villages. Mungiki men are respected. Traffic Police tax Matatus. Nobody says anything
2)Anything imported, however worthless, is highly liked
3)Artur bros were executives in Kenya. Any thug can make it in our country.
5)Fees is being increased everyday. School Principals are becoming the richest Kenyans. Nobody reacts.
6)Prof Saitoti
9)Accidents occur mainly due to bad roads and state of the vehicles. But people still think it is due to overspeeding alone. It is easier for a Kenyan to build a bump and import speed governors
10)Wanjirus, Kipchoges, Oliechs are very few. Thieves are many and are respected more.
11)People eat with hands and prick their teeth after dining. No table manners in Kenya. Go to Ken-Chic Restaurant or Hilton: It is the same.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.32, true but replace kenyans with luos

Anonymous said...

mzeiya, pls if you have been sent to scare us it haznt worked. We must put bastards like okello where they belong. Fuck the cia, if they are so good at tracing pple why havnt they traced osama n other terrorists who are on the net 24/7? If nsis are so good, why do we still have mungiki leaders eating and dinning with the apes and others bent at exterminating kiuks? If they are so good why is okello still eating at kosewe? They should give kwekwe the list to fulfil their legal duties. I have no regrets and i can even help you trace me dennis kariuki, dagoretti

Anonymous said...

i want to know why the govt is using my tax cash transporting njenga with an entire battalion to nyeri; clearing hard working taxpaying kenyans from a 30 km road just to move a parasite; a tick who extorts every coin from even old grandmothers. Just effect the final solution and dont forget sam. Kenyans will make noise but forget just like they forgot oscar

Anonymous said...

anon 10:32 am

Restaurant? What's wrong with that?
But i like your list, dadi, so funny put, so real. Lakini number 11 mzee...:))

Anonymous said...

Obama (USA), Kiir (S. Sudan), Odinga (Kenya), Obote (Uganda), now Sisulu (SA Defence)




Kenya’s in-law is new SA defence minister


The new South African Defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu at the presidential guest house in Pretoria, last week. She is married to a Kenyan academic, Prof Rok Ajulu. Photo/REUTERS

By SAMWEL KUMBAPosted Tuesday, May 12 2009 at 19:50

As minister for Defence in the cabinet named by new South African President Jacob Zuma, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu is undoubtedly one of the most powerful persons in the African powerhouse.

When President Kibaki attended the inauguration of President Zuma at the weekend, it might not have immediately struck him that he could claim the person soon after to be appointed Defence minister.

Ms Sisulu is the wife of a Kenyan, Prof Rok Ajulu, one of the academics who fled the country at the height of the Moi repression targeting independent thinkers and perceived dissidents in the early 1980s.

Prof Ajulu told the Daily Nation on Tuesday that he was not surprised about the appointment since his wife was a fairly senior minister already.

“You are aware she has previously held very senior positions. Having been minister in the Intelligence docket, she has a feel of the happenings in the Defence ministry,” he said.

Prof Ajulu was in Kenya just a month ago, and while visiting prefers to stay in his rural home in Bondo “because it is cheaper”. His wife will accompany him home for a Christmas party later this year where they intend to spend over ten days.

Despite his long period away, Prof Ajulu has never forgotten his Kenyan roots. He has been a regular visitor since the fall of the one-party regime, and maintains close contact with his compatriots from the days of the struggle, including Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Lands minister James Orengo and Health minister Anyang’ Nyong’o.

His daughter from a previous relationship in England, Achieng Ajulu Bushell, retains close ties with Kenya. An international swimmer, she opted to represent Kenya rather than England or South Africa.

Prof Ajulu’s wife had a lengthy stint as former President Thabo Mbeki’s Housing minister, a critical docket charged with addressing some of the inequalities of apartheid.

Major promotion

But her appointment to the powerful Defence ministry marks a major promotion. She is not just in charge of a major budget, but also one of the most powerful military machines in Africa.
The South Africa military has the capacity to launch sea, air and ground strikes across vast swathes of Africa.

Since the end of apartheid, however, it has not been deployed for hostile activities against other African countries, focusing more on peacekeeping operations. It is a vital strategic force in terms of regional security. The new Defence minister and her husband are both children of and veterans of the struggle.

Ms Sisulu is a daughter of freedom struggle icons Walter and Albertina Sisulu and an icon of the anti-apartheid campaign in her own right. She was arrested and faced a life sentence at 24!

Prof Ajulu took the mantle from his father Stephen Odero Ajulu, who was a political activist in the 1960s under the then opposition Kenya People’s Union.

When his father died, Prof Ajulu stepped into the role as an adviser to then opposition leader Oginga Odinga, and then maintained a long collaboration with his son, Mr Raila Odinga.

Prof Ajulu’s father was imprisoned for political activities in Kenya while Ms Sisulu’s parents were imprisoned by the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Prof Ajulu was expelled from the University of Nairobi for political activism and ended up in South African exile via England and Lesotho.

Ms Sisulu also took up political activism and was also imprisoned by the apartheid regime before going into exile to continue her studies at the University of Lesotho. That was where the two met and eventually married in 1996.

As a youthful member of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC, Ms Sisulu specialised in intelligence and after her university education in Swaziland and England served as a key aide of Mr Zuma, then the ANC Intelligence chief.

In 1990, after the unbanning of the ANC and other political organisations, Ms Sisulu returned to South Africa and resumed work as personal assistant to Mr Zuma.

She then joined the government as an administrator in the Department of Intelligence and Security for the ANC. She also worked as chief administrator of the ANC at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa and as a consultant for Unesco’s Children’s Rights Committee.

In 1992, she was awarded the Human Rights Centre fellowship in Geneva. She has published extensively on the subjects of women, the liberation struggle, working conditions and agriculture.

Ms Sisulu was elected to the South African Parliament in 1994 and was appointed to the Housing docket in April of that year, where she oversaw a massive programme required to redress years of racial inequalities.

She held the critical position of Minister of Intelligence between January 2001 and April 2004 and served as deputy minister of Home Affairs between 1996 and 2001. In addition to children from previous relationships, the couple has a son, Olindi Obango, named after his paternal grandparents.

Che Samora Ajulu is the eldest son and is named after the revolutionary Cuban and Mozambican leaders, Che Guavera and Samora Machel. There is also a daughter Ayanda and a son, Vuyo.

Anonymous said...

some ignorant swines including apes have been calling mungiki children of mau mau. How dare you soil our selfless forefathers who gave their lives so that you yap crap here? How dare you associate our brave and hardworking grandfathers with parasites and cowards? Are the pple who were killed in mathira the octegenerian homeguards? do they extort money from the rich class of muthaiga? have you heard them demand for any lost land. They only demand for free cash from hard working kenyans. rao and his apelets like okello support mungiki coz the pple dying are kiuks. To them, a dead kiuk is a good kiuk. They have forgotten the horror done to their tribesmen by them in naivasha. The mzee whos family was burnt and he was left with scars all over; why? They are shortsighted baboons. the time is now to act and dont forget okello please

Anonymous said...

Who was that famous guy who was consumed by his own anger .... ?

Anonymous said...

Ababu Namwamba asked for end to double standards and nearly got a beating for it. What sort of deity worship is this that a whole professor probably with 30 years experience teaching research objectivity, reliability and validity goes bonkers whenever due process is demanded of Raila Odinga?

Wazimu gani hii Profesa Olweny?

UrXlnc said...

Sam - this and your previous post may have been intended to be thought provoking and i sympathise with you on this, but the reality is that ethnicity is still a rather raw subject and a vast majority do not have the capacity to engage objectively with or without prejudice in mature debate on the matter. perhaps you may want to revisit this further down the road.

regretably even as i sense the urgency in your wanting to broach the subject (tackle the bull by the horns so to speak), the fissures/causes for the ethnic acrimony the past several years have not been adequately addressed by the Min of Justice and National Cohesion, or through the Truth & Reconciliation efforts or any other organ that would seek a path to promote nationalism. hopefully such initiatives can be put in place soon and with sufficient information to educate the masses and pave the way for more informed debate.

if your objective is to set the pace, then i would recommend that you modify your approach to encourage more sober debate or else set some guidelines and then strictly enforce some rules for intellectual engagement, as you can see from the many comments here and in the previous section not a whole lot has been worth the effort and judging by complaints a number of comments have also been deleted ostensibly because they were found unsuitable.

i suggest you zero in on specifics of negative ethnicity and their impact on kenya's development. for instance the issues you allude to are in the areas of service delivery and corruption, if you can provide evidence of correlation between negative ethnicity and poor service delivery/corruption then that could be debatable, i however doubt that with increased education levels in kenya that you may get such irrefutable empirical evidence. in the case of kra and the library, you issued some sweeping statements but failed to make a case of poor or ineffectual service delivery. you may however want to make the case that recruitment process appear suspect if only members of one community flood a certain institution. its complicated and we've been there many times, there may be other alternatives to this and these have been captured in the various party manifestos which are not really being implemented right now.

i think there are other ways to confront such issues and for these we need wider and more inclusive participation and/or partnerships sometimes even with people we may not really want to work with.


on a side note

it looks like all that M7 wanted to do was to antagonise Luos,%20but%20water%20is%20ours

or else he has captured on someone's pet peeve.

kabila adui said...

“......But the Wajaluos are MAD, they want to fish here but this is Uganda... hii nchi huru (this is a sovereign country). It is written here in English... from this point, the border will continue to go in a straight line to the most northern point of Suba Island. Mpaka inazunguka kisiwa (the border surrounds the island)... one foot into the water and you’re in Uganda,” President Museveni said.


Anonymous said...


Man jailed for "sleeping with cow"

A man was jailed for five years after he pleaded guilty to having carnal knowledge of a cow.

Peter Njoroge Kihika pleaded guilty to the charges before Nakuru Chief Magistrate, Wilbroda Juma.

The court heard that on the night of April 22, at Maili Sita trading centre, Nakuru North District, Esther Wanjiku Nyokabi heard some movements in her cowshed and accompanied by her nephew, they went to find out what was happening.

They caught Kihika in the act and started shouting forcing neighbours to respond.

Nyokabi explained to them what had happened and said that this was the second time she had found the accused in the act. She said the first time she forgave him after he pleaded for forgiveness.

Neighbours escorted him to Bahati Police Station.

In mitigation, Kihika told the court that he had turned to the animal as all the women in the area seemed to be sick.

"They must be sick as I see them die one by one," he said.

Juma said that the law was very strict on such offences and, therefore, would not be lenient on the accused.

"This is a very serious crime and you deserve to be punished.You will, therefore, serve five years in jail," she ruled.

Sex pest handed 20 years jail term

A sex pest has been jailed for 20 years for defiling a minor.

Kasimu Nyang’au, 59, was convicted by Kisii Resident Magistrate Ms Sylvia Wewa.

Nyang’au was found guilty of defiling a 13-year-old girl in Kisii town on February 28.

The court was told that the minor had been sent by her grandmother Mrs Mellen Nyanchera to Gesonso.

The girl arrived in Kisii town late and decided to ask the accused where she could board a vehicle to Jogoo Estate, in the outskirts of Kisii town.

The old man instead convinced her to remain within the premises since it was too late promising her accommodation.

After a few minutes, he grabbed her and repeatedly raped her.

The girl was rescued by another watchman, Mr Dennis Monari who took her to Kisii Police Station where she reported the incident.

She was later taken to hospital where she was treated and discharged.

The accused was arrested the same day and charged with defilement.

In mitigation, the accused claimed he was an elderly man and had two children in secondary school. He said he was remorseful adding his children would suffer if he is jailed.

—By Wairimu Kamande, Linah Benyawa, Stella Mwangi, Robert Nyasato

Anonymous said...

anon1:30 AM

***What went wrong till Chris you can sanction a post advocating for the EXTERMINATION of Kikuyus???***

your above comment? aren't the kikuyu's doing it to themselves?? Kibaki executing innocent mungiki youths for asking to share his land or the big cake he shares with his cronies??

Please stop embarrassing yourself on here!!

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:30 AM



Police deployed to Karua’s home as vigilantes threaten to strike

By Munene Kamau and Karanja Njoroge

Police have been deployed at the rural home of the Gichugu MP Martha Karua.

This was after a vigilante group hunting down Mungiki sect members allegedly threatened to storm it yesterday. Police said group was accusing the legislator of sympathising with Mungiki sect members.

The officers were deployed on Monday evening. In her recent public utterances, Karua has called for justice on the vigilante members who have been killing Mungiki adherents.

She has maintained that those committing murders, whether Mungiki or vigilantes, should be brought to justice, insisting that no one has a right to take another’s life.

Police in Kirinyaga yesterday said they would keep vigil at the home. Reached for comment, outgoing Kirinyaga OCPD Herbert Khaemba said he was on his way to Taita-Taveta where he has been transferred.

Sources told The Standard the OCPD was transferred following the lynching of 23 suspected Mungiki adherents by the vigilantes.

Meanwhile, secondary school teachers from Central Province have attributed the rise of Mungiki followers in the region to declining education standards.

During a meeting attended by 800 Secondary School teachers from the Province in Nakuru, the teachers said the issue was a major problem.

Central Province Secondary School Heads Association Chairman Elijah Nguyo said the standards of education need to improve urgently.

Mr Nguyo asked the teachers to be in the forefront in emphasising on importance of education to youths.

He said residents should not take law into their hands by forming vigilantes groups. He said some of those killed by vigilante groups in Kirinyaga and Nyeri districts were secondary school students.

Nguyo spoke at Bontana Hotel in Nakuru during the opening of a four-day meeting of secondary school heads. He said Mungiki leaders should realise their extortionist policies were not sustainable. "Devoid of values we are all beasts," he told the meeting.

The association said it had come up with proactive ways to reduce the number of school strikes.

Among the measures is the creation of provincial council of students to enable students participate in the management of schools. Student’s conferences have also been lined up.

The Chairman of the Media Owners Association Linus Gitahi asked the teachers to raise complaints on programmes deemed unsuitable for public viewing with the Media Council.

Anonymous said...

anon9:19 AM

go back to your boring site.. you have nothing intelligent seating in your study trying to feel important to discuss with like minded kenyans..

are you trying to copy or imitate Uhuru??
shame on you... you are a Kenyan clone we don't want to see anywhere in politics representing the voice of the young generation of kenyans... someone must have really filled your empty head with mavi.Was it Alfred Mutua or Kibaki?
ha ya na kazi iendelee uko

Anonymous said...

1:46 PM
ababu Nabwana most Kenyans know he is paid under the table to derail ODM party. Even Martha Karua said so when she got very upset with him:)

Pleeeeeeeez! stop telling us about that turncoat.. look at ababu before he joined politics he even used to borrow money from my cousin..

shame shame!! when you can be bought you become a political malaya.. maybe next he will be offering his ass to be licked
Ababu nabwana is a disgrace to his constituency -- people there are starving why can't he share the loot that Uhuru bribed him with... last year he was bribed by Kibaki and this year sources confirm Uhuru paid him some millions!!!

In Nyanza he is called Malaya wa Kibaki!! shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

anon3:41 PM

Hey you are behind news- kenyans know the island deal was between Kibaki and Museveni (for help during the 2007 clashes)

Kibaki signed off the island to Museveni - but the old man didn't not expect the rath of the Kenyan people...



Anonymous said...

anon11:56 AM

Why are you being a fool?
Maina Njenga is on his way for execution and it will be done in prison

central is allowed to execute its own people( they have give Kibaki a mandate to execute their children)

MAINA NJENGA WAS MOVED SO THAT IT CAN BE EASY TO EXECUTE HIM ... IN CENTRAL PROVINCE JAIL.. Kibaki and cronies have no shame! they smile while they order executions and assassinations!!!

do remember you read the news here!!!

UrXlnc said...

now this is an interesting game of chess

in order to be seen politically correct, the shenanigans at treasury must at the end of the day line up or add up. otherwise, the fallout will be tremendous from the public, donors, partners, parliament etc.

in order this to happen, reasonable scapegoat must be found (computer glitch, saboteur, typo error, whatever). the problem is then how do you engineer this so that the said scapegoat can be confined to only one incidence and secondly how do you explain how the error managed to worm its way through the many cross-check/reference points.

whereas the general public may be appeased by identifying a suitable entity (either low down or further up the food chain) for a subsequent ignominious parade the international community and a few interested parties may not be as understanding.

parliament and its committees will be hopeless at this because, as we all know over 90% MPs are only in this for the cash, and with freeze on spending, no imprest, no salaries/allowances, etc they will quickly throw in the towel and work out a "quiet compromise".

but tell me chris/sam if these people are playing around with figures such as these which are subject to a lot more scrutiny, what can we make of the other figures that have been thrown around re: economic growth, should someone (any volunteers MARS group) take a critical look and allay our fears? Just curious

kabila adui said...

"but tell me chris/sam if these people are playing around with figures such as these which are subject to a lot more scrutiny, what can we make of the other figures that have been thrown around re: economic growth, should someone (any volunteers MARS group) take a critical look and allay our fears? Just curious"

Ever heard of the World Bank, O learned friend? If you'd like, I can hook you up with folks in Nairobi and DC who can help you locate the relevant national data--both cross-sectional and panel, well supervised and consistent too. Just you holler. Forget the MARS nonsense--that's an advocacy group, nothing objective there.
The IMF might be worth a peek too.

Anonymous said...


From Standard.

1. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:39 PM , spatuel .m.mwachari, United Arab Emirates wrote:
this mp should take the example of the security officer who resigned after the air force one took a shortcut just over new york city and yet the prezzy apologised.

2. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:35 PM , Hellen Otieno, United Kingdom wrote:
Mheshimiiwa should be ashamed of making our father Mzee Kenyatta TO turn in his grave in shame.

3. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:19 PM , Annastacia Nduku Jones, Kenya wrote:
He should resign because that is a serious mistake. In every organisation there are proofreaders, how comes such a ministry can claim to have typing errors yet its the most crucial ministry? Kibaki should be serious with his appointments not to take kenyans for a ride.

4. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:18 PM , chuchu alfred adede, Kenya wrote:
computers are not always erring, this cannot even be true to all the ministries and how could he present all erred information. this really tells us how skilled some ministers are. uhuru should resign so as to give room for investigations

5. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:29 PM , Joseph Ngoru, Liberia wrote:
Can someone just check Uhuru's academic credentials? He had the chance to get the best of education but he is used to everything on a silver platter.

6. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:26 PM , festus kibore, Kenya wrote:
yes, he must resign immediately. maize scandal, grand regency, oil scandal; we are actually tired of this govt. if possible may GOD come down and take us local kenyans to heaven, cos if we do take them to kenyan court the are released immediately cos they are gov organs.

7. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:17 PM , DMW, Thailand wrote:
Uhuru should be ashamed of himself, he should respect the intelligence of kenyans. If he is clean as he claims then he should resign to give way for proper investigations into the saga. It's no wonder they (Uhuru and company) want to rule the country by themselves with no regard to the other coalition partner. UHURU OWN UP AND RESIGN NOT ONLY THE MINISTRY BUT ALSO YOUR MP's SEAT!

8. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:15 PM , festus kibore, Kenya wrote:
Yes he should resign. How can he cheat parliament? that shows if it had not been discovered that money could have been lost. how can full govt computer have an error? who did the tallying? the should employ us people who are doing IT IN COMPUTER MANAGEMENT. Only sorry for the poor Kenyans.

9. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 11:16 AM , JOSEPH KIRUI, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign. What is so disturbing is how he was responding to Hon Imanyara's question. His behaviour then showed that there was something he was hiding. It is very bad in modern day Kenya, that many of the treasury officials are from a particular community. Uhuru should go to give way for reforms in Treasury. PS Kinyua should also be investigated.

10. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 11:10 AM , AUDREY MATERE, Kenya wrote:
9.2 Billion is a lot of money! I don't agree that it is typing errors as the Deputy prime minster puts it. There are various sophisticated computer packages that are used in calculating and the input of raw data to the computer is done by human beings; and if there is an error the computer will always show. The Deputy Prime minster uhuru kenyatta should resign.

11. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:59 AM , okumu maurice, Kenya wrote:
mr kenyatta has lost sense of direction to work for the people of kenya therefore if he is brave enough that he is innocent, step aside so that we can know the truth.

12. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:50 AM , cleophus ochieng opiyo, Kenya wrote:
There is nothing like "computer error". These are errors made intentionally by politicians to get funds for 2012 elections. Why don't we involve MPs in budget making? Why did he defend the figures on the floor of parliament? Let Uhuru carry his own cross.

13. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:36 AM , muswahili julias, Kenya wrote:
It remains an issue and history to all the kenyans! The minister is not sharp enough 4 a such post. If it indeed happened without his knowledge why has he not brought His PS to question over the same? How can this happen in more than 7 ministries? Doesn't he always keep draft copies for comparison with edited figures! Let him stop fooling himself and think he is fooling us! hand over da flag!

14. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:34 AM , peter saitoti, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign because he is not competent enough to handle the finance ministry. I really doubt if he has the qualifications. Ministries should not be used to award political friends but given to qualified personnel capable of spearheading development.

15. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:30 AM , patrick bondo, Kenya wrote:
Those saying that he should not resign should know that its now 14 billion and not 9B. Surely people are now talking of Raila, Ruto etc we should know that parliament has the mandate of passing a no confidence vote. If Raila and others are guilty then parliament will pass the vote against them but let us not reduce this to another party tag of war. Uhuru just like Kimunya must resign.

16. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:21 AM , Dennis Moiro, Kenya wrote:
By all means Uhuru should resign. The arrogance he exhibited in parliament is evidence enough to show that the so-called 'computer error' was not, after all an error but a well planned plot to steal taxpayers' money. Uhuru is not capable to run such a sensitive ministry. He should be moved to a ministry of lower sensitivity and learn to mature up.

17. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:07 AM , elius kibet, Kenya wrote:
of course yes. Let him not wait for censure because it will bite him mercilessly. Let him resign or apologise.

18. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:07 AM , ODUOR ABWAO GOMBAS(AZIK), India wrote:
I think we have had enough of these mount kenya MPs in the Finance Ministry. What I will continue to raise is that, must the Finance Ministry be under a Kikuyu MP? Uhuru's predecessrs had also messed up big time. Now I agree with what the slain former Nyandarua J.M KARIUKI once said, that we are creating ten millionaires and one million beggars. And how many errors have occurred since independence?

19. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:02 AM , BARASA JK BRYSON, Kenya wrote:
He ought to resign. What baffles me - even many Kenyans and the world - is just the very basic nature of what happened at the treasury! The fact that he personally read the 'computer erroneous' figures in Parliament is itself attestation to the fact that Uhuru approved of them. There shouldn't be latitude for incompetence.

20. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:54 AM , martin atito, Kenya wrote:
Yes, the Hon Minister should resign. He should do so because he initially could not grasp the gravity of the whole issue. Initially he tried to dismiss it very casually in parliament even casting the questioner and source (Mars Group) in very bad light. A minister who is so casual in his undertakings must not be trusted with such a sensitive and important docket.
21. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:50 AM , Godfrey Wamalwa, Kenya wrote:
Yes, computer error for 9b is just a big joke and no one would want to believe that this could have gone unnoticed.At least i can see some light at the end of the tunnel through few meaningless legislators. Bravo for unfolding the riddle hoping that its not normal cat and mouse game.

22. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:35 AM , meshack oketcch jobita, Kenya wrote:
well he should go only if found to have slept on the job, it's really interesting to realise that a whole finance minister can go to parliament, read and even dismiss others who had seen glaring omissions in the budget like Mwalimu Mati, please guys in the august house get serious and discipline such ministers, the guy is not interested working for kenyans because he is ok.

23. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:29 AM , Johnson Ngari, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign. He brushed the issue aside when Imanyara first raised and accused the Imenti Central MP for failure to understand simple accounting technics. He should have cross-checked the figures before rushing to the floor of parliament for a show-down with Imanyara. This is no computer error Mr Minister. Kudos to Gitobu Imanyara!

24. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:24 AM , samuel Helu, Sweden wrote:
Yes. I really like Ho Uhuru Kenyatta and he has been one of the best MPs in Kenya. However, the Ministry of Finance is too sensitive, very critical and needs someone with a sharp mind. Please just own up and resign or go to a less hectic ministry. That is the most honourable thing to do, Mweshimiwa. On another note, I'm very concerned about tribalism in Ministry of Finance and its Parastatals.

25. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:22 AM , Jesse, Kenya wrote:
I am not one them calling for Uhuru to resign but let people separate governance issues from politics. My question to Uhuru if the error could have not been discovered by Mars group and raised by Gitobu what could have happened. Instead of being arrogant and claiming support from political God fathers, Uhuru should issue an apology to the public for negligence and clean the mess at the treasury.

26. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:17 AM , Peter Kalei, Kenya wrote:
This tribal war will take us nowhere, the matter is still under investigation, after all what mistake did Kimunya make? Ruto? PM? Be patient and wait for the last word from the investigators. The matter was handled by more than one staff at the Treasury. Fellow Kenyans no one tribe can rule this country alone, OR no tribe can force itself to the top alone, THANKS

27. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:15 AM , samuel magutu, United States wrote:
The fact that Hon Uhuru Kenyatta presented to parliament a blunderous report - the most expensive "9- billion computer error' of solid cash, with or without his knowledge is inexcuseable. Who makes computer errors, and why in billions? I mean, Kenyans are not that stupid? This, and other unresolved past financial scandals should be probed and the culprits be exposed.

28. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:07 AM , Erick Owuor, Kenya wrote:
Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta has proven incompetent in that ministry and Kenyans are now scared that so many more "typing errors" may be created by him and his team members. If he needs funds for 2012 he should be clear and we will support him as our fellow youth.

29. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:58 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta first should live up the dream of his father-Kenya's first president, second his name Uhuru which means independence, and third when we clip Kenya from Kenyatta it makes our nation. He is shaming the the trio and telling us computer errors, what! 9.2 billion. This is playing with the integrity of our nation and our money find way to private banks. A WHITE LIE AND THE BLACK MONEY GONE.

30. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:58 AM , jamagunga okeya, Kenya wrote:
After he said in parliament that the figures were correct he should resign and pave way for further investigations. Even in accounting practice one must adhere with financial reporting standards. Which school did he go to? He is not much better than A. Kimunya. He should go to Gatundu south and concentrate with the welfare of his constituents who voted him as their MP.

31. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:57 AM , Kihiu Mwiri, Kenya wrote:
God help Kenya. Going through comments, I read all talk of intelligence, competence etc. But the word tribe is the base. Judge Uhuru as a Kenyan and use the same yardstick to judge every other leader.

32. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:33 AM , DAVID BARASA, Kenya wrote:
How many officers did that figure pass through .Let them say its its investment 2012. Let them spare our taxes.

33. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:31 AM , Abass, United Kingdom wrote:
The finance minister should resign until the matter is e investigated by forensic auditors.

34. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:07 AM , joe kanj, Kenya wrote:
we so quick to make suggestion? wat if censure motion fail like dat of maize? wat do we do next? its high tyme we look at both individual on PNU and ODM, not one side.

35. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:03 AM , Mary murefu, Kenya wrote:
Why should he resign with same structures still in place? First the constitution must be amended to create specific definite structures. This will check occupants of the offices to follow what is prescribed. Top guys are aware of this so please follow them up first before asking Uhuru to resign.

36. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:03 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
For sure we are tired of Grand corruption in Grand coalition and the judiciary rewards for not guilty and the big fish swimming in great waters as the small fish are crowded in jails,with no one to give them justice. 9.2 billion computer error,my goodness and Kenyans die of hunger, it is ironical and ridiculous if Uhuru retains the job then the judiciary system mocks democracy and Kenya is cursed.

37. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:54 AM , Evans Omwanga, Kenya wrote:
During election time they will tell Kenyans they are servants and Kenyans are bosses. A servant follows rules and has respect. After election the boss become the servant and the servant become the boss. Like the case of Hon Uhuru he is the boss, he doesn't follow rules, lacks respect, even where there is a mistake. Instead of being remorseful enough to apologise, he is arrogant. Pls resign.

38. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:54 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
Yes, we are tired of the so-called "I was not aware" and errors, so why should computer errors be put in quote? this shows there is something fishy and 9.2billion is dancing in someones' account. Let the president and the Prime minister come clean and make Kenya a corruption-free society. We are being taken round circles and today a minister resigns and the next day is back in office. Is this democracy?

39. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:47 AM , Benard Timu, Kenya wrote:
the mistakes of his subordinate staff should not be used to pin Uhuru down. we stand to gain nothing by putting pressure on him to resign!

40. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:45 AM , Peter King Mahulo Ohuma, Kenya wrote:
"Typing errors, political enemies, targeting my community, blah blah blah" Its a big shame that we are being treated to this verbal diarrhoea every time a minister is caught with his fingers deep in the honey jar. Uhuru should resign gracefully and Kibaki should look beyond his stomach and appoint someone of high integrity in this ministry.
41. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:41 AM , mdavi, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should not resign until his boss the prime minister does exactly that over the maize scandal. These so-called reformers are employing double standards, somebody please help me. Are they reformers of maize? Give me a break guys.

42. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:34 AM , OTIENO FRED, Kenya wrote:
This act by politicians when in a mess that it is their political enemies fault for there own mess should be treated with contempt. People like uhuru have no credible past records on financial matters that when a scandal like this happens under his watch, i am surprised that kenyans are surprised. Let's face it: Uhuru was placed to finance ministry for succession reasons and nothing else. RESIGN.

43. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:28 AM , CASTRO FIDEL, Kenya wrote:
9.2 B shs error? tell that to the goats, you're incompetent mheshimiwa. Resign.

44. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:22 AM , Beatrice Ekessa, Kenya wrote:
This is a very key ministry of any government in the world and politics cannot play here. I would urge the President to place an accountant at the Ministry of Finance. If we had a Kimunya, the 9.2b would not have passed. I am sure he would have noticed the discrepancy before presentation to Parliament. As a matter of principle, Uhuru should be replaced.

45. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:22 AM , John Gichana, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign to pave way for investigations. Kenyans are tired of these scandals! Let us have a professional in the Finance ministry who understands financial matters to lead the ministry. Uhuru has let Kenyans down and let him not talk of computer errors...errors in almost every Ministry? Let him honourably resign.

46. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:16 AM , mwangemi bashir, Kenya wrote:
Feels bad the manner the Finance minister reported back to parliament to respond to members. He was too casual and adamant insisting the figures were correct and that professional accounts were excellent. I therefore kindly him to resign and pave way for investigation.

47. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:59 AM , N. KERTICH, Kenya wrote:
YES he should resign immediately, it does not mean all the staff are not qualified, who cannot counter check their work. But i do not blame the junior staff who printed, the head should have counter-checked if it had errors. So the head (minister) should first resign.

48. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:52 AM , ADEN FADIT SABE , United States wrote:
The minister is trying to confuse us over the 9.2 billion. How comes it was a typing error? The ministry of finance is not fulfilling its financial obligations. We are sick of all this inefficiency in the government. You know what, only God is going to save us from this mess but not the so-called grand coalition government which is self-centered. They are trying to swallow every cake very fast.

49. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:41 AM , dennis langat, Kenya wrote:
uhuru kenyatta should have resigned long time ago to pave way for investigation.

50. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:35 AM , A Musyoka, Netherlands wrote:
Have we all become this petty! Errors can occur so let's pass judgment after a credible investigation. Have we tossed the innocent till proven guilty out the window or just reversed it? Accountability and transparency is not negotiable but to talk resignation at this point is just but sinister. Should Raila also resign for allegations of family link to maize scandal? Let's be the better judges.

51. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:34 AM , kellah mathew, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru ought to have thrown in the towel long ago, the kind of excuses he is telling kenyans don't just add up, in the first press conference he jokingly said its a computer error. In his backyard he said its political sabotage? Amusingly as the CID is still investigating the so-called computer error. The amount is now mind boggling to 14B, Uhuru come clean.

52. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:32 AM , Philip, Uganda wrote:
I have worked on computers for over 25 yrs and they do not make such errors without human interference. Someone altered figures upwards but somehow decided not to reflect this in the column that captured totals. A smart Uhuru should have accepted the errors and corrected them upwards. But should he correct them downwards then he must accept political responsibility and step aside. Poor Uhuru!

53. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:25 AM , wanje luganje, Kenya wrote:
He should resign with immediate effect. If he thinks it was computer error then why did he not verify the report he read in parliament against the source document before presenting it in parliament? His failure to this is a sign of incompetence. He should quit.

54. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:23 AM , robert maruti wakwoma, Kenya wrote:
I do not think Uhuru understands the budget preparations and the officials at treasury could be taking advantage of his ignorance. Uhuru should be redeployed to another ministry if innocent but all the ministry officials involved should be sent home and be charged.

55. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:22 AM , shaddy ominde, Kenya wrote:
It pure theft considering his initial reaction. The back stops with him and he takes ALL the responsibility because he is in charge. Period

56. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:22 AM , steve gachie, United States wrote:
Mr Uhuru Kenyatta should be held responsible a 100%. He is the minister for finance and should not have presented the supplementary budget to parliament without checking the validity of the figures. His action portrays incompetence considering he is given authority to budget for 40 million kenyans. Mr Kenyatta, you have failed Kenyans. Please resign honourably before you are shown the door.

57. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:18 AM , Rose Macharia, Kenya wrote:
I read malice in all this. Somebody is playing some dirty game to bring down Uhuru.

58. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:16 AM , Bernard Olayo, Kenya wrote:
In my view the Finance docket is such a sensitive one that most presidents would allocate it to the best person they can get from the system. Even from the PNU side I think the president can come up with a much better person. Hon Uhuru's error in this case is not one of commission but one of omission. He slept on a very important job and should therefore resign for neglect of duty.

59. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:13 AM , jackson changwony, United States wrote:
What do you expect from a ministry run by people from the same region from head to bottom? Perfect example of Nationalized Tribalism. I don't think they are there to serve Kenyans but to serve the president, and in extension Mt Kenya region, that is why it does not matter who heads the treasury and the ministry of finance so long as he is from the Mt Kenya region. What a disgrace!

60. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:12 AM , michael knox ojera, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru kenyatta is not qualified to head the finance ministry. Many crucial issues may by pass without him noticing.

61. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:52 AM , Baba, United Arab Emirates wrote:
This is absurd and the finance minister has embarrassed the whole country of being illiterate. He should be ashamed and never appear in public again. A finance minister ought to check his figures before presenting and the reasons are not acceptable even in nursery school. Go home Muheshimiwa!

62. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:49 AM , Phyllis, Kenya wrote:
In fact, he should be facing criminal charges, but who'll arrest him? Either he was an accomplice or negligent. How could he read something he had not counter-checked? Unless he is also lazy, sleeping on the job. The buck stops with him!

63. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:47 AM , Godrick Ramsey, Kenya wrote:
That is the Kenya we wanted after Kimunya resigning, now is Uhuru with a typing error. How long to you need to establish an error in whatever you do? Tell Uhuru time za kudanganya wakenya ziliisha. Sahihi Kenya umechanuka and everybody knows and watches what they are doing there.

64. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:37 AM , kilimo kapcharoi, Sudan wrote:
The man is inconsistent with his statements even telling Hon Imanyara that he has a poor understanding of basic accounting procedures and it now turns out that he is the poorer one. Elsewhere, a minister quickly resigns even for the slightest mistake. But this is Africa and UK will not resign of course unless Parliament censors him him like his predecessor. Iromically, UK stood by Kimunya then.

65. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:35 AM , OWEFU, Bhutan wrote:
This time Kenyans are smart. The days of mt Kenya mafia doing things in darkness and under impunity are gone. Remember Kimunya, Saitoti etc. Their tenure were dotted with scandals like this. Amazing but the next appointment will be from the same region and history will repeat itself. LESSON?

66. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:24 AM , mutunga, Kenya wrote:
9.2b? what a scam? honestly kenya is one country citizens do not learn a thing, maize scandal, oil, subsidised fertilizer, police on shooting spree, mungiki upheavals, etc and you call them heroes? we either learn to refuse dishonest leaders or go to hell as fools.

67. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:51 AM , Rev. John M\'mbirithi Mugika, Lebanon wrote:
He is supposed to have resigned NOW! i HOPE president Kibaki will not form a commission of inquiry.

68. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:51 AM , Bernard Titus, Kenya wrote:
Politicians like complaining every time a serious issue of national concern comes up, by the way almost all the technocrats at the treasury are from his backyard so how does political sabotage come in?

69. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:39 AM , PHILIBERT VNCENT ORAMISI, Kenya wrote:
Kenya is the worst country where leaders steal openly, while the Executive watches silently. I think when this happens the Executive laughs at poor Kenyans, because they are 'wapumbavu'. Uhuru goes to church in Nyeri and tells people ODM is fighting him politically. Did ODM help him prepare the Budget? Did people in Nyeri send Uhuru to steal?

70. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:24 AM , EVANS ADAGI SALAMU, Tanzania wrote:
Accountability demands that the Minister leaves the office for failing kenyans and the same fate should befall the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

71. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:20 AM , luke otipo, Kenya wrote:
The man should take political responsibility and resign. His first railing at Imanyara and Mars group, then claim of computer error don't wash. The tribalists defending him are our greatest enemies!

72. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:27 AM , Abraham Ondieki, Kenya wrote:
He should resign. The sum is staggering and it could be the tip of the iceberg. Kinyua too should resign and an international audit be done. Mr Kenyatta defended the error so vigorously but had not reckoned on the speakers decision. It is this that sent shivers down his spine to an extent that he had to admit quickly to avoid further investigation. Resignation is in order here followed by a probe

73. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:18 AM , Charles Tonui, Canada wrote:
This is yet another big rip-off of the highest order on the tax payers money. I belief the Ministry of Finance is run by very highly trained professionals and for the minister to imply that a typing error passed without detection is a total sham and baseless, the wording has put him in an embarrassing situation. It is a tradition for our Honourable MPs not to own up and take responsibility.

74. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:01 AM , Joe Sulo, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru's body language over the budget mess portrays the picture of a very arrogant man. He is saying it was a computer error. And you better believe it because if you do not uta-do? Secondly, I am not sure Uhuru has the intellectual capacity to manage the treasury. Uhuru should remove himself before he commits Kenya to another Anglo-leasing. Does anybody remember Mwiraria's mistake?

75. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 2:05 AM , naftali mwaniki macharia, United States wrote:
All the members who were in the house should also resign, the bill was presented, and they passed it without asking for time to go through it.

76. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 0:22 AM , Kituku Wa Nguku, United States wrote:
If Uhuru Kenyatta is a real leader, he should quit his job. Do Kenyans really have any self dignity? What happened to the Kenyan pride? Mr Kenyatta is an educated young leader, he is not from the old school politicians. Please quit and if you are innocent of the allegations, then prove those who are tarnishing your name wrong.

77. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:48 PM , sam githinji, United States wrote:
Uhuru can only be judged fairly if proper audit is conducted on the budget. Thus why we have auditor and accountants as professional? This is what citizens should ask for. Otherwise it's fair to express our anger over the error, but unfair to crucify him before we know the truth. It seems many don't even understand what is budgeting, and want to settle political scores.

78. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:37 PM , Sam githinji, United States wrote:
Well its still early and uncalled for him to resign as an auditor, proper audit of the budget should be conducted Let the auditors trace the error as proper auditing doesn't allow an auditor to be a "bloodhood". But rather approach the audit with integrity and ensure all the accounting procedures, policies and guidelines we're followed.Its not timely and fair to demand him to resign.

79. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:04 PM , Benson Okongo, United States wrote:
uhuru should resign! he is a shame to Kenyans!

80. On Monday May 11, 2009, 22:57 PM , WICLIFE OWILI, United States wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta cannot cheat Kenyans that it was a computer error in many ministries like it was indicated, he should be replaced immediately because one ministry can't be held by people from the same community since 2003 up to now, they must have some hidden agenda which other Kenyans may not know, Kenyans should not take the issue lightly.
101. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:41 PM , Pascilisa Barasa, Botswana wrote:
If common sense is common, then Uhuru should know by now that the ministry of finance in Kenya is not like his family's business empire. This Ministry requires a leader with current knowledge on management and economics. This is a ministry which requires high level of concentration. Uhuru is consumed with presidential ambitions of 2012. Since he is Moi' s student, he will go the Moi way.

102. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:40 PM , Wilbert Kenya, United States wrote:
Uhuru needs to know that the lies of computer glitch are no longer intelligent lies enough as Kenyans have had enough intelligence to know the difference between the truth and a lie. He needs not take Kenyans for granted. If he wants to lie he should give an intelligent lie but not something stupid like typing error or computer error.

103. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:38 PM , james k kirui, Kenya wrote:
He should not resign, but in fact be sacked. If it means we going for mass action we are ready to force him out together with his accomplices. This is our money, taxpayers not their father's nor mum's.

104. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:26 PM , Cynthia Zawadi, Botswana wrote:
It was a terrible mistake to appoint Uhuru finance minister. Uhuru's academic background clearly shows that even if he returned to Primary School, he will struggle to pass simple mathematics. Kibaki should at least know that the reason Uhuru's father appointed him (Kibaki) the minister for finance is because Kenyatta respected a professional to manage the ministry of finance.

105. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:14 PM , Chrispinus Charles Barasa, Botswana wrote:
Kenyatta should resign because he has no qualifications to manage the ministry of finance. President Kibaki from old school of economics should at least know that an appointment to such crucial ministry should be based on merits and not tribe. Kenya has experienced terrible financial mismanagement for long time, so we need serious brains. Not necessarily a politician but a strategic manager.

106. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:12 PM , Martin Memeu, Kenya wrote:
I don't know why you tend to make tiny things huge. What's the big issue here? How many times do you make errors en you don't even apologise? 'Standard' we know which side you are, that's why trouble will never cease. Be fair in your news. Hon Kenyatta did no harm in saying it was an error. Unless we have blind MPs, then that's when I can say he should quit.

107. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:00 PM , otieno k job, Uganda wrote:
Yes he should resign. This is because if at all he does not so then the citizens are likely to lose faith in the current coalition government. The Prime minister and the President of Kenya should know that all the Kenyans have entrusted to them a great duty to take them to a better Kenya. His resigning will help the parliamentary committee to be able to investigate into the computer error.

108. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:58 PM , john maina mugo, Kenya wrote:
No because when this issue of budget was being raise other ministers were there yet no one complained about the issue.

109. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:42 PM , Tenik Mr., Kenya wrote:
Absolutely YES. How comes he just read a scroll without scrutinising & hoping to be perfectly written as a bible or koran, these shows how our ministers are idle & dormant sitting only to be spoon fed & carry home plumb salaries. What if he is left to be head of state? will he be giving minor excuses to fool kenyans on corruption cases. Mr Uhuru come clear & explain where you allocated funds.

110. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:26 PM , obadiah, Kenya wrote:
The finance minister need not to resign, it is at this time that he should change the system and appoint an independent audit team( preferably a well established audit firm) that that will look at the point of error then Kenya can stand up and say whether he should still remain in office or not.

111. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:09 PM , fred oeri, Kenya wrote:
Now things have literally gone heywire! If this is not crime by government I don't know what is. If this man does not resign we have not seen the end of scandals by government officials which appear to be going on with impunity-because 'this money does not belong to your mother'. God help us!

112. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:04 PM , Siema Edward, Kenya wrote:
He ought to have resigned like and forget his 2012 ambition. If this is already happening at the Finance level, how much should Kenyans expect at the top level with future 'computer errors?' I would like to urge Uhuru to come out clean on this and stop blaming politics since he had the right to personally go through it before presenting it to Parliament for approval.

113. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:01 PM , Pamela N. Kasili, Kenya wrote:
The minister is trying to fool us. This is one among million cases we have ever had in fiinance ministry in our country. we are sick of all this inefficiency in the government. You know what, only God is going to save us from this mess but not the so called grand coalition government which is self centered. God is watching on us!

114. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:57 PM , DONALD JOSEPH KOECH, Kenya wrote:
Majority of the tenocrats at the Treasury are from Mt Kenya region and I do not expect somebody to tarnish one of their own politically. Those who wanted to loot us but were got red handet. Let them cary their own cross.

115. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:46 PM , Mtimle, United Kingdom wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta's explanations simply don't add up. From haughtily dismissing Gitobu Imanyara's query, to trying to deflect Mr. Speaker's efforts for an investigation to an eventual climbdown and admission in the face of an investigation is simply unbelievable. The new chorus from Mt. Kenya that Uhuru has been set up is frankly sycophantic at best and blaming junior officials is shameful.

116. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:43 PM , SEWE MATHEWS , Kenya wrote:
Why should Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta resign over Sh9.2 billion yet after resighning the President will form a commission to confuse Kenyans then reappoint him to the cabinet.

117. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:30 PM , awelo city, Tanzania wrote:
It is annoying that the Minister is insulting the intelligence of Kenyans. What infuriates more is his 'foot soldiers' way of cleaning his name by blaming the Treasury officials. May God punish them as they deserve.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH AND LIES!!!! LIES!!!! LIES!!! FROM THE DAILY NATION GUTTER PRESS..yet again protecting Uhuru Kenyatta!!!


Kenya budget blunder: What MPs found

*********Sources said the MPs found out that the discrepancy which has affected 36 ministries was caused by a computer error and have demanded that the officer responsible be identified and punished.*********


******They recommended that it must be established whether the discrepancies were as a result of computer software, malice, or sabotage. They also noted that Mr Kenyatta reacted angrily and arrogantly without checking the facts.*****


Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH AND LIES!!!! LIES!!!! LIES!!! FROM THE DAILY NATION GUTTER PRESS..yet again protecting Uhuru Kenyatta!!!


Kenya budget blunder: What MPs found

*********Sources said the MPs found out that the discrepancy which has affected 36 ministries was caused by a computer error and have demanded that the officer responsible be identified and punished.*********


******They recommended that it must be established whether the discrepancies were as a result of computer software, malice, or sabotage. They also noted that Mr Kenyatta reacted angrily and arrogantly without checking the facts.*****


Anonymous said...

Okay so Sisulu eats luo pussy, does that make him Luo? Luos luke kiuk pussy and none has turned to be hardworking yet

kabila adui said...

Neither the public nor parliament should employ double standards especially against Kikuyu ministers and/or MPs. This is grossly unfair, a crude political witch hunt, and will certainly not improve governance and may infact lead to even bigger problems for Keny. Does it means that its OK for Raila to steal maize when people are dying of starvation and oil and wrong for Uhuru to have a typo error, yet there is NO evidence of money stolen? These are Kenyans at their most primitive form and the rest of us will neither allow nor tolerate such partiality. The same standard for everyone! For once the Parliamentarians (not the few Luo ones) are thinking straighter than the emotional mwananchi--I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN So a luo eats sisulus pussy, does that make her luo?

Anonymous said...

Evidence ....... OK adui since you brought the association of Maize stealing and cooking the books

What evidence do you have of raila stealing maize ... ?
What evidence is there that the books have beek cooked...?

Its good to look at the facts instead trying to confuse the issue using HATE.

Just give us the evidence that the culprits have been given an opportunity to defend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.46
If gava wants to finish the chief parasite, its long overdue...good riddance! What am saying is that they dont have to clear a whole road used by hardworking kenyans to do it. What mungiki have done deserves nothing less than the FINAL SOLUTION

Anonymous said...

Marianne Brinner - where are you?

Anonymous said...

Sam, you and Jeff slept with Briner. How shameful!

Anonymous said...

Migingo...........Luos are wajinga fishermen. Why didnt you write that? The big boys are watching and soon you will be caught red handed..........I am one of them. Take location somewhere in the southlands Nrb. You have been attacking PNU but your days are numbered.

KK big boy

kabila adui said...

anon@ 9:24 am:
Click here for some colorful... facts--enjoy yourself:

kabila adui said...

Contacted for comment Olweny said: "I wanted to grab Namwamba and teach him a lesson."

He added: "After Shabir restrained me I pushed him with the aim of him knocking Namwamba and am happy he lost balance and hit him on my behalf.


Mama said...

Chris, Taabu, Okello, Urxlnc, whoever

Please explain how Migingo Island belongs to Kenya and the water belongs to Uganda. I would really like to know.

Museveni has stated in very categorical terms that we shall not be allowed to fish there but has in the same breath affirmed that the island does indeed belong to Kenya. He then went ahead to say 'wajaluo' have I don't know done what!

Anonymous said...

He said this too:

So I have been telling those Jaluos who have been rioting and wanang’oa reli (uprooting the railway line) that I want to go and discuss this with them."

Anonymous said...

Why do luos like provoking everybody. One tribe antagonising the entire EAC

Anonymous said...

Museveni knows that Kenya is divided and knows that by making it a luo issue kenyans will not be united on the matter. Matters luo have been contentious in kenya many times

kabila adui said...

Notes for Sam Okello on how to deal, effectiviely and efficiently with the contemptuous kikuyu kingdom that stinks:

Anonymous said...

M7 knew that Migingo was in kenya, but his aim was to antagonise the luo who have angered him by the repeated incursions into Uganda waters for fishing

Anonymous said...

I have seen comments here which appear to be from kikuyus saying the supp budget saga shows uk's incompetence and he should be removed from MOF.

But a luo who claims to be a professor wants to beat an mp for just mentioning the name raila!

From my experience with these two tribes, i would take a kikuyu any day over a luo. Luos are just -- well museveni has said it -- mad. I know a lot of ugandans, especially baganda. They want nothing to do with luos. Luos may marry the south african defence minister and produce obama but here in east africa they are semi-human. You just cant reason with them. Namwamba is of course right but to a luo he has been bought and must be beaten for even mentioning the name raila! And these goons want to produce "a luo presidency"!

Anonymous said...

I urge luos to master the art of restraint before we trust them with the top seat. If RAO was the president and reacted with the anger of kibera residents, kenya would have been at war, a war the british said would have been the smallest war ever fought in history. History is ladden with men consumed by their own anger

UrXlnc said...


my memory fails me a little, but m7 has reinvented a theme from a story i read long time back in "hekaya za abunwasi" in which abunwasi took ownership of a ground floor of a building and denied the boarders on the upper floor(s) access via the ground floor.

in this case the absurdity or irony is that this is by a president and a person looking towards greater regional integration and not the local village drunk.

i think if you scoop the water around the island you will find two different types, one that is clearly ugandan (if you hold it against the light) and another that is kenyan, duh! and no, the emperor is not naked, ok

FACTS said...


The facts of the maize scandal are ....? and the Facts of cooking the books are .....?

Adui .... take your pick and enlighten us or please take your propaganda elsewhere ... lets see if you can answer this with civility or forever shut up or come back with a diffrent name .. we know your kind.

Haya leta excuse or just ignore it as its your style.

Anonymous said...

Maize scandal facts,
1. Fidel 'Mulika Mwizi' Odinga with a letter from his PM father took over a million bags of Maize from the NCPB storage facilities. The newt sold this loot in Southern Sudan.
2. Raila as chair of the Food security committee ruled that the highest bidder by 3 times won the tender to supply relief maize for govt subsidy. It turned out that the highest bidder was Raila's protege.

now can you handle the facts???

FACTS said...


statements or facts ... I listen to statements and I assure you I can handle facts.

Fact - books were cooked .. thats published and acknowledged

Statement - " Fidel 'Mulika Mwizi' Odinga with a letter from his PM " - if that letter existed i wonder how many seconds it would take before it was published. Oh wait - the letter was destroyed accidentally by ......jijaziye

The judge cannot be the jury - leta ingene kabila adui ... and as predicted you have become anonymous lol

Guka wa Obama said...

To ease Sam Okello's pain here is a something to reinforce the bigotry but with a nice laugh...

The angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said 'I have to talk to you. We have some Kikuyus up here in heaven that are causing problems.

They're swinging on the pearly gates, my horn is missing, they are wearing Savco jeans instead of their white robes, they're riding pick up trucks instead of the chariots, and they're selling their halos to people for discount prices. Furthermore, they refuse to keep the stairway to Heaven clear, since they keep crouching down midway hawking their wings!

The Lord said, 'Kikuyus are Kikuyus. Heaven is home to all my children. If you want to know about real problems, call the devil.

' The Devil answered the phone, 'Hello? hold on a minute.' The Devil returned to the phone, 'OK I'm back. What can I do for you?'

Gabriel replied, 'I just wanted to know what kind of problems you're having down there.' The Devil said, 'Hold on again. I need to check on something.'

After about 5 minutes the Devil returned to the phone and said, 'I'm back. Now what was the question?' Gabriel said, 'What kind of problems are you having down there?' The Devil said, 'Man I don't believe
this.......Hold on.'

This time the Devil was gone 15 minutes. The Devil returned and said,'I'm sorry Gabriel, I can't talk right now. Those Kikuyus have put out the fire and are selling me a match

Anonymous said...

Remeber this, way back in 2005!!!! Guys Kumekucha warned you people. For those who did not read it its a reminder

"There is a lesson for President Kibaki here. He is increasingly becoming like Mr Moi during the 2002 elections. He is not yet paranoid, but his insensitivity could develop into ''political blindness''. Who knows how low he will have sunk by the 2007 elections? And this is what worries me.

Consider a hypothetical situation here. What would happen if President Kibaki decided to run for re-election in 2007 and lost? Would he and his men have the grace to hand over power peacefully? From the way they have behaved in the last one year, I doubt it. And where would that leave the country?

At the risk of sounding crazy, I want to suggest the following: If we thought that Mr. Moi would plunge the country into civil strife, he proved us wrong. Narc is the party to plunge the county into civil strife. You just have to listen to the FM stations and the call-in television programmes to see a pattern. From the name of the caller, you can almost predict what they will say and what side of the divide they will take. In a disputed election, such polarity would certainly take ugly proportions.”

kabila adui said...

Kanoo@12:47 has tabled some nice facts.

The dots can be connected for you (FACTS) in the following manner.

Note that the maize was sold by the newt (i.e. Fidel Castro Odinga) to southern sudan despite a ban on maize exports (fact). By snatching maize from the mouth of starving/dying Kenyans a neat profit of at least 300% was turned (a fact).

Now, awarding a tender to the highest bidder is not standard practice in the transparent administration of public affairs, not especially in the case of one Agwambo, who has time and again declared zero tolerance ( a fact). By selecting for the highest bidder maize was bought at 3 times its price per ton with the end result that slightly over 3 million bags LESS were purchased (fact). I will not mention the food shortage and starving Kenyans nor the identity of the highest bidder.

Given that Raila Odinga chairs the adhoc committee on food security (a fact and note that Kenyans are starving, STILL) and given that he's a very powerful man, prime minister no less (another fact), he should step aside to allow further investigations of these disturbing facts. I do hope that before he steps aside, that he'll comment on WHY exactly he fired one of his aides (another fact) and also provide a status report on the forensic audit into the NCPB he ordered (yet another fact).

It is really sad that the stuttering bumpkin attempted to dump on Ruto just to cover up for his and son's transgressions. He and Luo ODM MPs failed to turn up in support of Ruto during a critical motion. That will not be disappear quickly.

There might be similar things going on in the oil industry. Maybe the watchdog MARS group can shed light on this one? ;))


Ps: and the name is KABILA ADUI, you have to be reminded even though a major rallying cry for the messiah and his troops a little while ago. Don’t mutilate my name.

Anonymous said...

I originally, had reservations when S.O. became a blogger on K'cha.
Time has validated these reservations.
K'cha has lost credibility as a reputable blog.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed that I have to stoop to pinprick of irritation at the level of hatred amongst all Kenyans. To begin with, there's the problem of wearily having to answer my friends plaintive question each time a significant tribal question is flung on my face: why cant we have Kenya not Kikuyu, Luo ,Luhya chieftaincy? The answer lies with lack of oversight and selflessness when looking at issues affecting Kenya. When anything happens we are clouded by tribes not personality. At the moment we are obsessed with Uhuru‘s 9billion saga, dwelling on his tribe not Uhuru as a person. Assuming it was a scam, would any Kikuyu unless with vested interest want Uhuru to have done that? Hell no!! And was he sent by fellow Kikuyus , hell no!!!. So what are we left with, opportunistic, self drive to satisfy ego in the name of castigating others without considering how it affects others.

The answer is simple. At a personal level, few people are as charismatic, capable and ruthless as we are witnessing now, against the expectation we are driving the nail of tribalism deeper everyday which will haunt us and our children. But there's history too. Not all Kikuyus carry the stain of crime, thuggery a large proportion would like to live with the rest of Kenyans in peace. The anti-tribes should be avoided at all cost since it will not contribute positively to our history.
The ethnic hatred simmering in our midst will bring centuries of guilt to bear with the devastating impact that Kenyans will never forget for generations. For the most part, we have been here for less than 50 years of independence will be brought down to its knees through myopia, spite and hatred. We should at this time distance ourselves from the historic crimes that still torment us from 2007 elections alongside misdeeds of the past regimes.

There's also a part of me that feels indignant on behalf of other Kenyans that makes me an apologist to crimes am not part of though identified with. When I wake up every morning I am reminded of my rich culture or background negatively not how it contributes towards uniting us and bringing all cultures for prosperity of our nation.

The question to us all is whether we represent a fundamental change in Kenya. Many are desperate to believe. For all sundry we represent the past that we often criticise since we are living proofs of tribal bigotry, conservative and epicentre of empty rhetoric.

The problem that these challenges manifest is that their ambitions are necessarily limited to piecemeal concessions. They can only wield power as long as they remain victims—downtrodden and excluded. The moment they succeed, they lose the power of moral suasion.

What Kenya needs in plenty are bargainers? These are Kenyan leadership figures who strike quite a different deal by saying to other tribes: "I will not use Kenya’s horrible past against you, if you will promise not to use my tribe against me." That way, everybody wins; human beings often feel flattered and win back what we would call “tribal innocence”. We have to appreciate that all of us acquire freedom from the cage of the tribe. Starting with Jaramogi Odinga, Dedan Kimathi, Paul Ngei, Achieng’ Oneko, Bidad Kagia, a series of our forefathers who sustained a brilliant crossover bargain and could be compared to: Poitier, King, Bill Cosby and, quintessentially, Oprah Winfrey.

So which Kenyan bargainers would be like Obama? Remember when he recounted the story about how he dealt with the arrest of a high school buddy for drugs. Obama's (white) mother marched into his room demanding details. According to Obama's own account, he gave her "a reassuring smile, and patted her hand and told her not to worry." This, he wrote, was "usually an effective tactic" because people "were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves… such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."

From our perspective, all this is puzzling. It is almost impossible unless you've experienced it to grasp how profoundly tribalism is shaping our daily encounters in Kenya. When watching TV in our living rooms (for those who can afford the luxury) we yearn for hot news, namely who would be sacked, lynched or God forbid died in a plane crash. Our propensity to rumours and conspiracy theory has bedevilled us into peddling lies and reinventing calamities for others.

As for our greedy politicians, this separation makes the guilt associated with yoke they have subjected us to, everyday manipulated and reminded that we belong to them not ‘us’. But if all of us could see fellow Kenyans beyond the tribal banner, then maybe we may imagine that King's post-tribal nirvana has arrived. A vote for change in any upcoming election away from ethnic divide is a pain-free negation of our own tribalism.

For the poor underclass and beyond our selfish leaders there may be the latest messiah, but there is anecdotal evidence that where different cultures have prospered to the extent that they are grimly competing for jobs and property amongst themselves, they don't buy tribalism. I would guess that this is because the people who actually experience just how far Kenya remains from post-ethnic harmony are those who think freely and love Kenya.

The major shift should be used for the nation’s political advantage without having any impact on inequality. This is another tall, charismatic, ‘tribless’ approach endeavouring to dislodge the poor rich divide from its dominant position in Kenyan public life. The post election violence in 2007 should have been a wakeup call to heal the age-old fracture. In a sense, this may establish that we aren't what we used to be—and that placating this is as important as any other national agenda. What the75% poor Kenyans hope for is a lift from squalor conditions they are subjected to by chieftain/tribal cahoots.

Do I say more but I am proud of my background, being a Luo but first and foremost I see myself as a Kenyan and will never stoop to cheap talk/bashing others criticising their actions whipping tribal undertones. I love the Kenyan in me and will never at any time be dissuaded from fighting our people’s course. My advice to Kenyans is to desist from parachuting into discussions without thinking of how it will impact on others. With the upsurge of the small village we are in now, thanks to internet the braha it has brought is a case of thoughtless paradigms that surmount to lack of foresight/vision. How much do we contribute to our employers in terms of time when we spend cumulatively half day on the net hawking hatred?

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