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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Migingo- Is is a Luo affair?

The fight over the small island Migingo is now tribal. It is war between the luos of Kenya and the Uganda. President Museveni in his address over the issue has literally provoked the Luo tribe in kenya.

I think a patriotic Kenyan need to say no to Museveni and remind him that the Migingo land, fish and water are one thing that belong to Kenya and not Luos.Museveni is now becoming arrogant and disrespectful to Kenyans. Kenyan are not under dogs by any standards and we (Kenyans) are willing to resist this kind of aggression.Insulting words against any tribe or person of Kenyan citizen is aimed at Kenya and we are watching the Ugandan president keenly.


Anonymous said...

Is it a luo affair? YES They made it their affair so let them handle it; better still let them go to war with museveni since they are so tough. Kibs, pls give these guys guns to go fight UG

Anonymous said...

Kwanini luos like kuchokoza everyone in EAC?

FACTS said...


Statement - Vigilantes went to burn Martha Karua`s home because she is a mungiki . [Vigilantes are on a burning spree of mungiki homes and thier sympathizers

Fact - Murtha Karua blasted "extra judicial killings of Kenyas " weather you are mungiki or not.

Lets be serious people since when is propaganda facts - when the Judge becomes the Jury we damn well know what the outcome is.

The fact still remains that books were cooked this is acknowledged and documented. You cannot change the facts despite how much you long them to be otherwise.

Museveni is a crackpot and we should not waste bandwidth discussing him ... he will be handled at an appropriate time.

adui aka kanoo where are YOU ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.33am, you are just thick in your head.I wonder which Kenya you belong to.The guns you are talking about should be used on your stupid ass

Anonymous said...

Why do you want Migingo so badly? You have alot of unutilised land in Nyanza and alot of water and fish. Stop laziness and uproot the hynich(whatever) weed.

M-Pesa said...


An attack on our Luo brothers is an attack on all of us Kenyans. After the 9/11 attacks on Twin Towers, French newspaper Le Monde famously proclaimed on it's front page that "WE ARE ALL AMERICANS NOW!" Well I say, We are all Luos now!

Maybe we should not be so harsh on dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He clearly knows our leaders are useless and gutless. Give him an inch and he will grab a mile.

Let's blame the Kenyan leaders especially Kibaki and Raila for being so cowardly and wimpish. Come to think of it, they are not leaders but rulers.

To to other MPs, treat Museveni's childish insults with the contempt they deserve. Don't swallow his bait! MIGINGO IS OURS AND MUSEVENI ADMITTED THAT!

Ken said...

My humble suggestion is this:

Since NOTHING puts the duly elected in a foul mood unless his wife / wives are mentioned, and M7 seems to know this as well, Orengo should take matters into his own hands.

He should exercise his powers and give Ka-Rucy a 4 year lease of Migingo. This way, if M7 attacks, he will put the duly elected in a foul mood, and we can be sure Migingo will be safe until atleast 2012 (If we will get that far)

Anonymous said...

Luos when will you learn restraint? Self control is the greatest virtue and lack of it leads to self destruction eg look at what you did last year by burning Ksm to the ground, now many of you lost jobs and are now resorting to homosexuality and other morally decadent behaviour

KenyaLuv said...

I am not even a Luo Kenyan Luo's is attack on all of us.Museveni is a fool and should not insult Kenyans. Yopu see Sam Okello how it feels when a whole tribe is castigated? Now you are feeling a taste of your own medicine.Tribalism is sooo backward & Museveni should keep his stupidity to himself!

KenyaLuv said...

meant to say
*but an attack on Kenyan Luo's is an attack on all of us

Anonymous said...

MPESA said 'After the 9/11 attacks on Twin Towers, French newspaper Le Monde famously proclaimed on it's front page that "WE ARE ALL AMERICANS NOW!" Well I say, We are all Luos now!'
Please please please take your crap and shove it. Speak for yourself; YOU are now luo not 'we'. Migingo will only be a kenyan issue when luos stop making it theirs. Until then, let them fight for the 1 acre rock

Anonymous said...

Another illustration of failed leadership of the duly elected president. Which president allows another to abuse his subjects as mad. Kibaki continues to disappoint. He goes in history as the president who cared least about this country.After fighting so hard to steal the elections one would imagine he would fight equally hard to show he is in control but alas!
I now agree with our tanzania brothers about the EAC. You cannot treat with these nyangaus and form a lasting union.If kibaki does not care for his own country what damn will he give to say TZ or BURUNDI.
And reducing the affair to a tribal one will not wash.Its only normal that the most affected raise alarm.
If moi or kenyatta was the president this nonsence would never have happened.

Anonymous said...

This Museveni/Migingo nonsense is what happens when a country (Kenya) has a very weak, lethargic and pumbavu leadership (by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki).

Uganda/Museveni can clearly see that we have a pumbavu "duly elected" president and that is why Museveni has the guts to invade Kenya and hurl insults at us without a care. He knows that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki "can't touch" him.

Weak, lethargic and pumbavu leadership by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the cause of all this nonsense.

KenyaLuv said...

Let us not do tit for tat...Kenyans should stand in solidarity. Just because Sam Okello talked out his elbow doesn't mean we should act the same. All Kenyans must stand together and serve Museveni with the contempt he deserves. Let him not divide and conquer us, we must be smart.

Anonymous said...

You will be "watching the ugandan president" alone. Even the maps Standard Group has been providing show that only the island is in uganda. Basically the western shores of the island are in UG. M7 is simply saying: have your rock but dont touch the fish in the UG waters. Sounds fair to me.

But why are we surprised at m7 refering to the people there as "jaluos". Isnt that the way we talk in kenya? we talk of those "maasais", "wakambas", "somalis", "waluyia" etc. there are no sach people as kenyans. m7 is dealing with jaluos and he knows them very well, from the obotes, okellos and konys.

Anonymous said...

Since luos are number 1 bashers of tribes like Kiuks when they are killed by Mungiki, why are they seeking 'kenyan' support. Patriotic card is unleashed when on the other side of the fence
Okello, i thought you said Kikuyus are not kenyans, so why approach museveni as a country?

KenyaLuv said...

Kibaki & Raila should make a statement condemning Museveni's tribal filth

Anonymous said...


M-Pesa said...

A friend of mine has a funny theory regarding Migingo isssue. He tells me that in Kenyatta years around 1975, a bomb went off in OTC bus terminus killing dozens and thus helped to DIVERT attention of the people away from political murders and an embattled Kenyatta regime.

In Moi era, the professor of politics would used cabinet reshuffles in 1 o'clock news bulletin and surprise the entire nation hence succeed in diverting attention. People would talk about the reshuffle for weeks and it would be too late before anyone noticed that somebody had been detained or millions had vanished from the coffers.

Well in Kibaki/Raila era, Migingo seems to be the preferred secret weapon of diverting the attention of gullible masses! Look, we are all whining Migingo and no one now remembers rotten choppers crashing or Uhuru and Oburu Odinga and their 12 billion "typing error" at the TREASURY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okello the village idiot,

Since you said the 10 million Kiuks in the heart of kenya are not kenyans, then why do we say migingo is kenya territory? There is no kenya without Kiuks

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello aka Sam,
Unlike the luo who are scattered in several countries including Uganda, kiuks are only in kenya. So we are more kenyan than you. Maybe Okello is actually a south sudanese who fled into kenya and is now yapping away. Or maybe your parents were ugandas who got our 'easy to aquire' IDs...its possible since many Ugandans fled into kenya during the war years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Tanzanians reluctance to join the East African Community. The Know about our so called "industrious," "enterprising" and "hardworking" nature - a certain community from Kenya has committed more that enough car jackings, robberies, thefts, forgeries and fraud in their country.

Isitoshe, they saw the senior most member of that same community STEAL THE ELECTIONS of Dec '07 in broad daylight, had himself hurriedly sworn in in secret and in the dark! Lets be honest with ourselves, who, in their right minds, would want to associate with such THIEVES? Tanzania certainly does not want to and their fears are justified.

Anon 3:09 AM, you said and I agree with you 200%:

"After fighting so hard to steal the elections one would imagine he would fight equally hard to show he is in control but alas!
I now agree with our tanzania brothers about the EAC. You cannot associate with these nyangaus and form a lasting union.If kibaki does not care for his own country what damn will he give to say TZ or BURUNDI."

As Anon 3:10 AM said:

Weak, lethargic and pumbavu leadership by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the cause of all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

There is no diversionary tactics in this affair. Kibaki has simply failed and we should stop making him a genious by default.

Anonymous said...

Okello, Okello, Okello we know you told Sue to post this to divert attention by raising nationalist sentiments. Well, you are still 'painted', and we care least about Migingo

Anonymous said...

Why are you assuming that M7 is talking about Kenyan Luos? Maybe he is talking about Tz, Ug, South Sudan luos etc. He didnt say Kenyans so am not offended at all.

Good afternoon Kenyans

Anonymous said...

With the current poor state in security in our country, George "goldenberg" Saitoti still has the nerve to say that:

"The government did not intend to carry out major reforms in the force as that would be tantamount to bringing a “revolution” to Kenya."

Read the story here:

Forgive me but I think I am right, what Kenya really needs is a REVOLUTION and not the current status quo.

M-Pesa said...

Did you know when Mad Ugandan president Iddi Amin Dada claimed that Uganda extended all the way to Naivasha he had been paid to divert Kenyan's attention from the political murders of the likes of JM and Tom Mboya? Who knows whether bully M7 has not received Kenya's legendary "kitu kidogo?" M7 will do anything to save Kibaki's hide including sending his army in Kisumu to crash the riots of that "stolen election!" Guys open your eyes, it's all a gimmick!

Anonymous said...

How do you say Migingo is not a Luo Affair? It belongs to Luos! They chased Kikuyus out of Luo Nyanza and burned their property last year. Remember the Kimwa Hotels, flats and factories worth Shs.400 millions that were burned to the groung? Go tell the Meru owner to go fight for Migingo because it is part of Kenya and he will think you are nuts.

Anonymous said...

This luo confusion is too much
So i suggest that before the boundary commission determines the border, we should first embark on a verification exercise to determine if all luos holding Kenyan IDs are actually kenyans. We dont want to elect a Ugandan into state house unknowingly

Anonymous said...

Our pleriminary fact finding investigation has found that Sam Okello is NOT a Kenyan. Sam is a Ugandan spy who was sent to Kenya alongside many other spies to distablise this country. His posts in Kumekucha are his continuation of this assignment to create disharmony, disturb peace and cause divisions among the kenyan peoples. NSIS have confirmed this and a report sent to Immigration. His deportation will occur anytime from now.

Anonymous said...

Is this true? KK why have you allowed an alien enemy to do these unpatriotic acts?

Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised that Museveni has no respect for Jaluos? First he has a lot of bad experience with Ugandan Jaluos (the Acholis, Kakwas, and Langos) - the destroyed Uganda when they were in power. Second, he can see from a distance how Kenyan Jaluos burned their Kisumu down and uprooted the railway line. He knows they are easily emotionally aroused and destructive.

My feeling is that Museveni is frustrated that Kibaki doesn't have the balls to tame the Kenyan Jaluos like he has tamed them in Uganda or as Kenyatta and Moi delt with them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry m pesa someone is signing on my name kanoo and abusing you. I never abuse anyone on this blog ever even when we disagree.

Andruid said...

I do not think there is any substance in Museveni's hot air.

Anonymous said...

Before this country declares war with Uganda, we want a verification exercise to deternine 'our' luos. For all we know, we could have Ugandan Luos in our army who will sabotage us in the event of war. There is no difference between UG and Kenyan Luos since the look and talk the same; they both dont know Kiswahili etc. GUYS, THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE. We all know that many alien Somali, Asians, Rwandese, Congolese even Luos have been easily getting Kenyan IDs and this is dangerous

Anonymous said...

Jaluos should not go around picking fights like high school boys. The Kenya govt has repeatedly told them to tone down their rhetoric while the Migingo affair is being sorted out peacefully. But they would not listen. Insted they uproot the railway and call Museveni names and when he replies in kind, they want other Kenyans to join them in their hooliganism. Even the Kalenjins have said enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Okello and your friend Odilo,

Please answer this questions:
1. Are you Kenyans?
2. If so where is the evidence?
3. If not, who gave you the right to comment on kenyan matters?

Please answer before we report you to immigration

Anonymous said...

M7 has accepted the island is ours. what we want now is the soldiers to stay in water, put their flag there. as for fish, we can scare them away to other areas

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.00am
Reporting to immigration wont help. The Minister of Immigration Otieno Kanjwang is himself an allien of Ugandan decent. Have you asked yourself why Kenya is now flooded with alliens from left, right and center?

Anonymous said...

kumekucha has gone to the dogs. The level of debate is too low and immature.

Anonymous said...

In addition to giving UG migingo, Kibaki should hand him over the entire luo nyanza, including our part of the lake. The lake and are provide negligible contribution to our beloved nation. Several attempts to help luos have failed. Instead, they burnt businesses and industries belonging to Asians, Kiuks and Kisiis who have been feeding them

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Tanzanians reluctance to join the East African Community. The Know about our so called "industrious," "enterprising" and "hardworking" nature - a certain community from Kenya has committed more that enough car jackings, robberies, thefts, forgeries and fraud in their country.

Isitoshe, they saw the senior most member of that same community STEAL THE ELECTIONS of Dec '07 in broad daylight, had himself hurriedly sworn in in secret and in the dark! Lets be honest with ourselves, who, in their right minds, would want to associate with such THIEVES? Tanzania certainly does not want to and their fears are justified.

Anon 3:09 AM, you said and I agree with you 200%:

"After fighting so hard to steal the elections one would imagine he would fight equally hard to show he is in control but alas!
I now agree with our tanzania brothers about the EAC. You cannot associate with these nyangaus and form a lasting union.If kibaki does not care for his own country what damn will he give to say TZ or BURUNDI."

As Anon 3:10 AM said:

Weak, lethargic and pumbavu leadership by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the cause of all this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.09am said "kumekucha has gone to the dogs. The level of debate is too low and immature"
Why are you talking about debate and not the provocative tribal and stupid posts/ articles in the last four days by KK and its agents? What you plant is what you sow!

mwendwak said...

...You know reading all this, i cant help noticing the rather tribalistic comments/stances we are making/taking, however Kenya is a sovereign state, UG's backside shud be kicked. kwani they woke up one day n realised that they were missing an island!(n guess who had is..yes kenya!)M7 knows our leaders r asleep on the job(makin typing errors n selling stuff). God save us all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.15 the village idiot
Please stop reposting your comment. We have read it and deliberatly chose to ignore it. live with it or shove it up your fuckin ass!

Anonymous said...

B.Obama should intervene in this. He is a luo son and he cant see Museveni taking Migingo. If American say no then Museveni is no threat.

One Wife Man said...

Sue aka Sue,
hallo and long time welcome back with hot topic re-inaugural post

Mgingo is not a luo affair but a Kenyan one so if Museveni wants to drain the lake and take all the fish Kenya can employ all the luo to build a track to mgingo using zile reli wame ng'oa we'll export fish there- more than one way to skin a cat

otherwise usipote sana hivyo Sue

Anonymous said...

UG is our biggest trading partner, with the trade very much in kenya's favour. we are not going to jeopardize this just so "mad jaluos" can steal fish from ugandan waters. I agree luo nyanza should be ceded to UG. M7 knows how to tame this strange race.

Anonymous said...

We are not interested in EAC. We care least just like we dont care abt Migingo. Are we fighting for FISH? What does it contribute to our economy? Dont we get fish from all other lakes and our vast indian ocean. I say Kibaki hand over Luo Nyanza with the lake to Uganda NOW!

Anonymous said...

Can someone say Enough is Enough and use the stick.

Anonymous said...

Jaruos will always be Jaruos,

Here is a classic example;

Anonymous said...

5/13/09 4:42 AM

hehehe I see mischief in your obama comment

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20 AM,

The TRUTH hurts. It hurts real bad!

"Weak, lethargic and pumbavu leadership by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the cause of all this nonsense."

Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,


Anonymous said...

The only stick to be used should be to the boys who are crying over a rock and disrupting the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Why are luos so fast to uproot the railway but cant uproot the water hyacinth which has clogged the lake? This is the reason fish are fleeing into UG. DEAL WITH THE REAL PROBLEM

makena said...

"B.Obama should intervene in this. He is a luo son and he cant see Museveni taking Migingo. If American say no then Museveni is no threat."

Sod the recession, Iran, Pakistan, unemployment, Afghanistan, and all other matters affecting America, Migingo must come first, eh?
Those of you advocating war over one acre piece of land ned to seriously think about how much war costs. Can we afford it? Are your loved ones gonna be fighting?

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa well said

The main story is cooking the books - thats factual and documented , we need to solve that problem first. Musoveni wanted to be paid for the work he did for Kibs... the cost of the survey was how many millions ??? he new all alongs where Migingo lies.

He will be dealt with at an appropriate time.

The fact is books were cooked and have been cooked for a long time , thats why we live in a BANANA republic , lets get answers here and everything else will fall in place. The centre is imploding

Wasee musi tupe mbao !time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:34

We have no need or desire to take on M7. Suffice it to say he will be dealt with at an appropriate time. Madmen and idiots like you don,t deserve the attention they seek

NOTE: we dont call Ugandans or M7s tribemates name. We will deal with the lunatic when the time comes

Anonymous said...

Museveni is very smart.

He knows the kind of tribalism that exists in kenya. People would rather cede their country to another state than defend their country if another tribe will benefit.

It's not even as if we need to go to a violent war with Uganda. Kenya can strangulate that economy in one week. But with that pile of excrement sitting in State house and a weak fool calling himself PM; we are now acting like the weaklings in this issue. KENYA IS THE STRONGEST EAST AFRICAN NATION & WE SHOULD ASSERT OURSELVES AS SUCH. Otherwise we will be bypassed, ALL kenyans will suffer as a result.

If one part of kenya should become part of Uganda, what are the arguments against giving them our entire state?

Anonymous said...


Kabila adui said...

Kanoo@12:47 has tabled some nice facts.

The dots can be connected for you (mr FACTS) in the following manner.

Note that the maize was sold by the newt (i.e. Fidel Castro Odinga) to southern sudan despite a ban on maize exports (fact). By snatching maize from the mouth of starving/dying Kenyans a neat profit of at least 300% was turned (a fact).

Now, awarding a tender to the highest bidder is not standard practice in the transparent administration of public affairs, not especially in the case of one Agwambo, who has time and again declared zero tolerance ( a fact). By selecting for the highest bidder maize was bought at 3 times its price per ton with the end result that slightly over 3 million bags LESS were purchased (fact). I will not mention the food shortage and starving Kenyans nor the identity of the highest bidder.

Given that Raila Odinga chairs the adhoc committee on food security (note that Kenyans are starving, STILL) and given that he's a very powerful man, prime minister no less, he should step aside to allow further investigations of these disturbing facts. I do hope that before he steps aside, that he'll comment on WHY exactly he fired one of his aides (another fact) and also provide a status report on the forensic audit into the NCPB he ordered (yet another fact).

It is really sad that the stuttering bumpkin attempted to dump on Ruto just to cover up for his and son's transgressions. He and Luo ODM MPs failed to turn up in support of Ruto during a critical motion. That will not be disappear quickly.

There might be similar things going on in the oil industry. Maybe the watchdog MARS group can shed light on this one? ;))


Ps: and the name is KABILA ADUI, you have to be reminded even though a major rallying cry for the messiah and his troops a little while ago. Don’t mutilate my name.

Pss: i had sent to previous post--sorry bout that!

Anonymous said...

I never ever thought I would say this but I miss Moi.

Anonymous said...

I miss moi too. They guy was effective in containing Luos

kabila adui said...

I have to agree with the poster--Museveni should lay his grubby hands off Migingo. I wouldnt go as far as saying we're all Luo now (that's stretching it somewhat) but that silly, disrespectful, flatnosed air head from Uganda is in dire need of an enema. I still dont think we should scrape the bottom of the barrel and wage war on this, but is there something known as international environmental law, or whatever? Museveni should be named and shamed for his unprovoked aggression against Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.54
Are you confirming that sex is what you consider bigger stuff? Bigger than the poverty stiffling your region? This is the problem with APES

Anonymous said...

Migingo affair is for all Kenyans not Luos - just every Kenyan should be concerned about Mungiki and not just Central Province. When shall we learn to differentiate between patriotism, tribalism and politics?
Even the land in Pokot which Museveni has taken should be a concern for all Kenyans. When Somalia demanded North Eastern Kenya - Kenyatta committed our forces to fight - he did not say ati that is a wariahe affair.

Anonymous said...

Anon you said 'Museveni should be named and shamed for his unprovoked aggression against Kenya'
Correction: M7 has not provoked kenyans but Luos. Remember he said Migingo BELONGED to Kenya but FISH belonged to Uganda meaning he is targeting what took luos there. He even mentioned them

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:10 AM and 6:15 AM (the same person)

I have said it before on this site and I will say it again: hate destroys whoever carries it, and tribal hate is no different.

And with that goodbye kumekucha.

Anonymous said...

Please we will fight for pokots and NEP any day but Migingo NO!

Anonymous said...

aNON 6.20
If that is the case, why are you hating Museveni/ UG? Wont that hate destroy you too?

James Marasi said...

too many Anonymous' posting here .Anyway everyone should relax we cant fight over a rock .Museveni is museveni i dont see why some are attacking kibaki. He can not be responsible for what museveni says.

ps.An attack on luo's is an attack on luos dont drag the rest of kenya into your disputes. Its funny how you now want 'lesotho' to act .what happened to haki yetu chants .If you have a problem with Ugandans-you are men they are men sort yourselves out

gurey said...

A Trip to Istanbul

Last month I attended and international defence fair in Istanbul which was attended by among others 14 African defence ministers without the Kenya being represented in the fair. It was all about firepower. I happen to attend a dinner with the Uganda delegation who assured me that Kenya is wasting time on the boundary issue and Migingo is part of Uganda and their is no way they are going to ceede an inch. I calmly reminded the team that Migingo has always been part of Kenya. The Tanzanian delegation was non commital on the issue. In both team the Tanzanian and Uganda I had personal friend whom we attended university together. I come out of thedinner very frustrated as Kenya sovereignity was not respected.

The Ugandans clearly are of the school that their is lack of leadership in Kenya which has two power centres who are unable to tackle issues emanating from Kampala. The Uganda team are not comfortable with one of Kenya leaders{whom I cannot name for legal purposes}.

You can quote me on this that Uganda will have the upper hand on this issue.

Abdi Greek

Anonymous said...

Oh well, anon 6:19 am, if you can accept the ruminations of a madman. And he goes to say that in TZ. Why cant he come here???
Anyway, I just think this guy has us cornered-- esp if you think about the costs and benefits of engaging Uganda more aggressively on, dont even go there.

FACTS said...

adui .... I dont dispute the statements you are making what am looking for are the FACTS maybe you dont understand what I mean.

FACT - A fact is a pragmatic truth, a statement that can be checked and either confirmed or denied. Facts are often contrasted with opinions , statements which are held to be true but are amenable to pragmatic confirmation or denial.

We know for a fact that books were cooked becouse they were
1. Doctored .
2. Published.
3. Presented and defended as true.
4. Retracted as false when the heat was on

Those facts. Give me a play by play of the spin you are try to pass here as facts or go back to your ..... pole lts just stick to the facts

Let the chips fall where they may , just convince me , I have not said Uhuru is a culprit - YET but the facts sure dont look very good.

Over to you baba, Convince me not with statements but with FACTS

Anonymous said...

One thing we all need to know is that the reason Museveni is talking with so much contempt for Luos is because of the history he has had with them.

Just like Kibaki, Museveni is also facing opposition from Luos and their cousins in Uganda. By the way Museveni got power after toppling a Luo! Or is it cousins to Luo?

I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

...........and by the way the Ugandans fishing next to Migingo island are also Luos!

Anonymous said...

.........and the Uganda military men who were sent to guard Migingo island are also Luos!

It's just like South and North Korea. That's how funny things can be.

Anonymous said...

The posts on this blog are meant to be from progressive, educated, youthful Kenyans mostly residing overseas?

Then Kenya is in a lot of trouble.

I will pick my Tanzanian brothers and sisters across the border any day.

Gibunguchi said...

You all should shut a F**K up. I find you comments childish and unsentive. barshing your fellow contry men because they not from your tribe clearly shows why quite frankly no Kenyans in their right minds will ever let you lead this country of ours again. We were(Kenyans from all tribes)happy to remove Kanu from power, but you have proved once again that you are more interested in being your(kikuyu) Central provice leader rather than being national(all tribes) leader. Enjoy while it last, cause you may not see this leadership position again until you prove that you are grown up to lead Kenya again. Peace, and bless Kenya people. S. Gibunguchi.

Anonymous said...

They proved adept at raping and killing defenceless women after the polls, let them fight for their own island.... Go M7, Take Kisumu next

UrXlnc said...

well here is what m7 wanted to say

this sounds pretty much like our very own mutua, a lot of language and very little content, but like i said previously m7 is seriously eroding confidence or denting his image in being seen as front runner for leading regional integration (a cause which he has attempted to champion) if he continues to be source of discomfort or divider.

Anonymous said...

Should Kenya and Uganda go to war over Migingo, the world should look no further! The media, Kumekucha, The Standard and the numerous other blogs, being at the forefront of this campaign, will have played a big part in encouraging two countries to go to war! I have been following the posts and stories in the Kenyan Media with interest. Have we forgotten what happened in nearby Rwanda?

UrXlnc said...


apologies, forgot to credit that link to your article published elsewhere

kabila adui said...

I'm afraid I dont understand you. I did make statements of fact. What you should have asked me for is PROOF beyond reasonable doubt. Sawa? So I will beat you to it and ask you to PROVE that the reports were in fact doctored by honorable Uhuru Kenyatta and not just typos and further that there was an intention to steal. Therein lies the difference. In one case there was actual allocation of mais to highest bidder a next of kin to the allocator plus actual export despite a ban. In the other case theft is a matter of tremendous conjecture and blind faith. Contrary to everything he says, Raila Odinga is just another common thief and he should step aside for investigations, what he had wanted Ruto to do in the first place. I am really glad he is getting increasingly more religious (baptism and all) as there might be an element of contrition in all that drama. :))

Anonymous said...

"I will pick my Tanzanian brothers and sisters across the border any day."

What EXACTLY do you mean? Please let Kumekuchans debate the best way they know how. If you want to be useful you should be specific and target improvement and not just thumb your flaring, hairy nostrils at them. Go away.

kenya moja said...

Museveni is one really sly and evil person. He knew how kenyans start acting like buffoons whenever tribe is mentioned, and he knew how to divide us like fools to reach his sinister agenda. He knows how divided we are as a country. Now he insults luos who are kenyans just like me and you, and tries to make migingo a luo affair and not a kenyan one. We all know that it is a kenyan affair and whatever happens in kisumu affects all of us one way of another. Museveni is learning from our leaders how to divide us like sheep very easily.

Some FOOLS have apparently fell for this old age divide and rule tactis, thinking that they are not affected by migingo. If anything do you think museveni will stop at migingo? And will this not give a green light to other autocrats in the region nursing expansionist dreams?

We need to make sure musevenis move is counterproductive, we did to use this opportunity to unite and heal because migingo affects ALL of us. We need to unite as kenyans first and reclaim migingo for kenya and not for luos. People tend to unite and ond under crises and this is a perfect opportunity. We need to shun tribalism if ever we want to become developed. We have seen time and again that a president from our community does not add ugali to our tables. Uhuru was not going to share that 10 billion with averaga kikuyus like you and me. I do not see any reason to support him when he has tried to impoverish me and mine even further by trying to steal our meagre resources while people are starving.

Kenyans are being harrassed from all corners. It is impossible to live a normal life and to get to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We are being harrassed by corrupt politicians, ruthless thugs, police extortions, mungiki etc. And these do not chose their victims according to tribe. When you leave your house in the morning you do not know what will happen to you before you come back, will you be robbed by a policeman? ur phone picked in the matatu? shot by a gangster? and much more. And these do not distinguish between tribes.

The politicians use our money to get bodyguards, choppers and the latest cars. They are not affected by all this. And they do not even have the decency to pay taxes. And here we are fighting and hating each other for their sakes. Yani how stupid are we really?!?!


Anonymous said...

yada yada yada. The same tribalists are now nationalist. I say fuck all of you. When you are happy/quiet kiuks are killed by mungiki you didnt think they are kenyans? When you burnt asian n kisii businesses you didnt think they belong to kenya? When you say certain tribes shouldnt rule are you saying they are not kenyans? Fuck all you hypocritical bastards. I will not deal with m7 until i feel i am respected as a kenyan. Until then migingo is not a kenyan issue, period!

Anonymous said...

you say migingo affects us, pls explain how. The fish coming from there earns a drop in the ocean. Unless you are saying our pride is damaged and therefore we should go to war? school of life dictates that you approach pride with wisdom

Anonymous said...

lets wait for obama he will help us, save us from the bully m7. Only usa can save us now since kibaki is quiet

FACTS said...

Adui at 9:28

I did not say that Uhuru doctored the figures - those are your words, what am saying is the math did not add up due to the FACT that the supplementary budget was -

1. Doctored.

and I reached that conclusion due to the FACT that

2. It was published.
3. Presented and defended as true.
4. Retracted as false figures

I will qualify why I say doctored. When a column of the budget is locked, it does not unlock itself to allow changes.

We know those FACTS, on the question of typos, its improbable that whole new categories of expenditure which where not there at the onset would appear mysteriously due to a typo. Try to write a whole sentence with typos it would look something like this:

steeling bi innfleting figass 60 M ksh - you can spot that a mile away.

I can understand if due to "fat fingers" you punch a 9 instead of an 8. But calling addition of new categories[lines] of expenditure a "typo" is streaching it a bit too far.

Setting drama aside, the typo alibi can be very easily discounted if we can get an insight on the software involved. We would instantly check the controls it offers here on the net. I believe you are computer literate so you know what I mean.

I can assure you software at the treasury is not that cheap. There are controls to stop that kind of thing and they were broken down.

A heist is a heist is a heist no matter how you try and defend it. Its fortunate it was exposed. Its time to bury the belief that you can do "anything as long as you dont get caught. That is a motto we should do away with - I dont have to remind people here who was the high priest of that belief - suffice to say that " fruits of a tree fall close to its roots " The best thing to do now instead of trying to move the goal posts is to ask YOURSELF.

1.How was this done.
2.How was it possible.
3.Who is responsible to spot such
errors of addition.
4.Exactly what "error" was it?
5.Who "discovered" it was a typo and when and how was it investigated.

"fat fingers", "typo", "computer error" "sabotage" which is which ? You have taken your pick from the menu presented which is ok, but please defend it with FACTS we all can accept and act on.

When rhetoric moves from stupid MP for questioning to Organisation full of moorons dont know what they are talking about to, computer error to typo and the finale " sabotage by my enemies " .... What do you expect ?

I hope its not HIM but I have to admit something is very fishy , I hope you like the dish btw.

About Raila tafadhali drop both the judge and jury stance and take us step by step through your allegations with supporting FACTS we might be slow to slow but we both want the same thing.

We will support you to get rid of any rot that stops progress. Maybe you can start a campaign with your MP to pry open Gava records and present these missing paper trail of " maize scandal " documents so we can have the FACTS and the crucufy him. Any theory why we have not seen a single document ?

Adui ...There are many "typos" in this reply my spell checker is generating "errors" , damn! somebody has "sabotaged" my electricity , my applications are "crashing" as my computer is closing down.

Over to you again Baba.. Lets take Nyundo down too but with FACTS not hearsay.

Anonymous said...

we must first verify who is kenyan and who isnt. Since luos are in several countries in the region, lets know how many holding id cards are truly kenyans. i have always wondered how luo numbers always surge during elections yet they are 5th largest tribe

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck does Museveni think he is?
-- Muhindi

Anonymous said...

muindi the problems not m7 or uganda, we are the problem. If a neigbour pushes the fence yet you burnt down your house, what do you do first? fight with him over a few inches of land or build a new house? you all have to accept that kenya is sick. i believe most of us here are below 40, yet we are now more tribal than our parents. Lets fix kenya first, but can it be fixed? i am begining to lose hope

kabila adui said...

I throw my hands in defeat and/or exasperation. YOU WIN! You have all the FACTS. Those were not typos and hon Uhuru Kenyatta INTENDED (as fact--whatever that means)to steal 9 plus billion kenya shillings. Hope this makes you happy, dadi. On the other hand, the newt, favired by his half-blind bumbling father went ahead to sell maize to their people in southern sudan. This is as it has been documented. So...YOU WIN!

muigwithania2.0 said...

Migingo migingo kila siku migingo . what about the thousands who are homeless within Kenya. Many of us really dont care if migingo people are kenyans or Ugandans.That a debate we could care less about

Anonymous said...

As former finance minister Michuki says that backdating the forensic is unnecessary and costly hehe

This means that it MUST be backdated, more slime comng out. Thank you Mars group you are real kenyan heroes. The rest of the wapumbavu continue shouting jaluo this kikuyu that raila this kibaki that PNU this ODM that while you are being fleeced clean.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Luo and yes this issue should be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Museveni has been made to believe that the problem of Migingo is between him and "mjaluos" not between him and a sovereign country called Kenya. Considering the close relationship between Kibaki and Museveni including the help Museveni gave him after the stolen election to beat up and shoot the same "mjaluos" on behalf of Kibaki this makes a lot of sense to me.

Could it be that president Kibaki in his talks with Museveni over Migingo actually speaks in the same manner? I wouldn't be surprised. This is a bloody shame for the country. I am glad the local papers are giving the story the prominence it deserves. I am deeply embarrassed for the republic.


A fresh diplomatic row broke out between Kenya and Uganda on Tuesday after President Museveni claimed that the disputed Migingo Island “may be in Kenya, but its waters are in Uganda”.

The Kenya government reacted swiftly and angrily, terming the Ugandan leader’s remarks as “arrogant, unintelligent and callous”.

Foreign Affairs assistant minister Richard Onyonka said he was shocked to hear the “negative tribal language” President Museveni used against a community of a friendly country and asked him to spare Kenya such diplomatic spats.

“Our work has not been easy and for President Museveni to deal such a blow to efforts aimed at resolving the dispute, shows disregard for intelligence and good neighbourliness,” he said.

Speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, President Museveni declared that the disputed Migingo Island is in Kenya but the water surrounding it belonged to his country.

The Ugandan Head of State said Kenyans will not be allowed to fish from the island that has been at the centre of a diplomatic row between the two countries.

“The island is in Kenya, the water is in Uganda. But the Wajaluos are mad, they want to fish here but this is Uganda... hii nchi huru (this is a sovereign country). It is written here in English... from this point, the border will continue to go in a straight line to the most northern point of Suba Island. Mpaka inazunguka kisiwa (the border surrounds the island)... one foot into the water and you’re in Uganda,” President Museveni said.

Unlike a month ago when he termed the row “shameful”, President Museveni seemed to be spoiling for a fight over the island. He indicated that the uprooting of the railway in Nairobi’s Kibera area would not bother him as long as he continued to bar Kenyans from fishing around the island.

He added: “So, I have been telling those Jaluos who were rioting... wanang’oa (uprooting) railway... see, I want to discuss with them... if we implement this hakuna mjaluo atavua samaki (no Luo will fish) in this water.”

President Museveni made the declaration only a day after a survey aimed at resolving the ownership of the one-acre rocky island was launched.

In a joint communiqué in Nairobi on Monday, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetang’ula and Uganda’s third Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja said the survey would put an end to the simmering row.

On Tuesday, Mr Wetang’ula told the BBC that President Museveni was confirming what Kenya has been saying all along. He added that as neighbours, Kenya and Uganda wanted to resolve the Migingo issue without confrontation.

“As a minister, I do not want to dwell on what President Museveni said or what he meant. We are doing a survey as agreed in order to solve the issue and Kenya and Uganda have a good relationship in the spirit of the East African Community,” Mr Wetang’ula said from Qatar.

During the press briefing in Nairobi, the leaders said that the project would take two months and would include the survey of the entire Kenya-Uganda border on Lake Victoria. The evaluation will be guided by a 1926 order in council, the 1963 Kenyan Constitution, the 1995 Ugandan Constitution and other relevant documents.

The survey team is led by Kenya’s director of Lands, Mr Ephantus Murage and his Ugandan counterpart, Mr Justin Buogi.

In Nairobi, MPs from the Nyanza region told off the Ugandan President, asking him to concentrate in affairs affecting his country. They also accused him of pre-empting the findings of the survey.

“Mr Museveni should know that Migingo Island and the water surrounding it belong to Kenya,” Nyatike MP Omondi Anyanga told journalists in Nairobi.

The MPs accused President Museveni of dealing with Kenya “aggressively” and asked him to instead focus on “leadership problems” facing his country.

Mr Onyonka, who spoke to the Nation on phone, fell short of asking President Museveni to apologise. “Our neighbours should be careful and stop such callous remarks which might cause tension and bad blood,” Mr Onyonka said.
« Last Edit: May 12, 2009, 10:27

Anonymous said...

I really like this. Thank you M7 for making Kenyans once again realize that there is a President who is the Head of State and is not co-shaired in responsibility with RAO.I think what we need to realize is that Migingo is not a luo affair but the luos have played into the hands of M7. When anything goes against their wishes they begin to self destructi.e. pulling down the railway. It is true that the waters are in Uganda but island is in Kenya.. So we have to find a way to co-exist. The fishermen need the fish and the ugandans need the island to land on...Lets not make the mistake of thinking that we are so entitled!
Cheers all !

Anonymous said...

Sorry initially posted in the wrong place
I am ashamed that I have to stoop to pinprick of irritation at the level of hatred amongst all Kenyans. To begin with, there's the problem of wearily having to answer my friends plaintive question each time a significant tribal question is flung on my face: why cant we have Kenya not Kikuyu, Luo ,Luhya chieftaincy? The answer lies with lack of oversight and selflessness when looking at issues affecting Kenya. When anything happens we are clouded by tribes not personality. At the moment we are obsessed with Uhuru‘s 9billion saga, dwelling on his tribe not Uhuru as a person. Assuming it was a scam, would any Kikuyu unless with vested interest want Uhuru to have done that? Hell no!! And was he sent by fellow Kikuyus , hell no!!!. So what are we left with, opportunistic, self drive to satisfy ego in the name of castigating others without considering how it affects others.

The answer is simple. At a personal level, few people are as charismatic, capable and ruthless as we are witnessing now, against the expectation we are driving the nail of tribalism deeper everyday which will haunt us and our children. But there's history too. Not all Kikuyus carry the stain of crime, thuggery a large proportion would like to live with the rest of Kenyans in peace. The anti-tribes should be avoided at all cost since it will not contribute positively to our history.
The ethnic hatred simmering in our midst will bring centuries of guilt to bear with the devastating impact that Kenyans will never forget for generations. For the most part, we have been here for less than 50 years of independence will be brought down to its knees through myopia, spite and hatred. We should at this time distance ourselves from the historic crimes that still torment us from 2007 elections alongside misdeeds of the past regimes.

There's also a part of me that feels indignant on behalf of other Kenyans that makes me an apologist to crimes am not part of though identified with. When I wake up every morning I am reminded of my rich culture or background negatively not how it contributes towards uniting us and bringing all cultures for prosperity of our nation.

The question to us all is whether we represent a fundamental change in Kenya. Many are desperate to believe. For all sundry we represent the past that we often criticise since we are living proofs of tribal bigotry, conservative and epicentre of empty rhetoric.

The problem that these challenges manifest is that their ambitions are necessarily limited to piecemeal concessions. They can only wield power as long as they remain victims—downtrodden and excluded. The moment they succeed, they lose the power of moral suasion.

What Kenya needs in plenty are bargainers? These are Kenyan leadership figures who strike quite a different deal by saying to other tribes: "I will not use Kenya’s horrible past against you, if you will promise not to use my tribe against me." That way, everybody wins; human beings often feel flattered and win back what we would call “tribal innocence”. We have to appreciate that all of us acquire freedom from the cage of the tribe. Starting with Jaramogi Odinga, Dedan Kimathi, Paul Ngei, Achieng’ Oneko, Bidad Kagia, a series of our forefathers who sustained a brilliant crossover bargain and could be compared to: Poitier, King, Bill Cosby and, quintessentially, Oprah Winfrey.

So which Kenyan bargainers would be like Obama? Remember when he recounted the story about how he dealt with the arrest of a high school buddy for drugs. Obama's (white) mother marched into his room demanding details. According to Obama's own account, he gave her "a reassuring smile, and patted her hand and told her not to worry." This, he wrote, was "usually an effective tactic" because people "were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves… such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."

From our perspective, all this is puzzling. It is almost impossible unless you've experienced it to grasp how profoundly tribalism is shaping our daily encounters in Kenya. When watching TV in our living rooms (for those who can afford the luxury) we yearn for hot news, namely who would be sacked, lynched or God forbid died in a plane crash. Our propensity to rumours and conspiracy theory has bedevilled us into peddling lies and reinventing calamities for others.

As for our greedy politicians, this separation makes the guilt associated with yoke they have subjected us to, everyday manipulated and reminded that we belong to them not ‘us’. But if all of us could see fellow Kenyans beyond the tribal banner, then maybe we may imagine that King's post-tribal nirvana has arrived. A vote for change in any upcoming election away from ethnic divide is a pain-free negation of our own tribalism.

For the poor underclass and beyond our selfish leaders there may be the latest messiah, but there is anecdotal evidence that where different cultures have prospered to the extent that they are grimly competing for jobs and property amongst themselves, they don't buy tribalism. I would guess that this is because the people who actually experience just how far Kenya remains from post-ethnic harmony are those who think freely and love Kenya.

The major shift should be used for the nation’s political advantage without having any impact on inequality. This is another tall, charismatic, ‘tribless’ approach endeavouring to dislodge the poor rich divide from its dominant position in Kenyan public life. The post election violence in 2007 should have been a wakeup call to heal the age-old fracture. In a sense, this may establish that we aren't what we used to be—and that placating this is as important as any other national agenda. What the75% poor Kenyans hope for is a lift from squalor conditions they are subjected to by chieftain/tribal cahoots.

Do I say more but I am proud of my background, being a Luo but first and foremost I see myself as a Kenyan and will never stoop to cheap talk/bashing others criticising their actions whipping tribal undertones. I love the Kenyan in me and will never at any time be dissuaded from fighting our people’s course. My advice to Kenyans is to desist from parachuting into discussions without thinking of how it will impact on others. With the upsurge of the small village we are in now, thanks to internet the braha it has brought is a case of thoughtless paradigms that surmount to lack of foresight/vision. How much do we contribute to our employers in terms of time when we spend cumulatively half day on the net peddling hatred?

Anonymous said...

anon2:44 AM
before trying to be a fool here why not try and settle your ghost towns in central province? where everyone is afraid to leave their homes after 5:00??
Kibaki can't even sort that for your kinsmen and you panua domo here?


Anonymous said...

ANON 11:49 AM
i LIKE IT WHEN YOU KIKUYU'S OPEN A CAN OF WORMS ON CENSUS!!!!!- I guess your tribesmen hid the truth from you- go through this government last census and please inform us learned kenyans which is the largest tribe in Kenya!!??

oooooops!! not kikuyu as the lairs have tribe to say... and cover up. the lies were blown out and the myth shattered ages:):) where have you been.? I guess they used dead voters voting card in the last elections in central important to other tribes in Kenya this year? after Kibaki and his goons hid this facts from the Kenyans people? that the Kikuyu tribes was not the largest in Kenya??

go read the facts and come back here and say it loudly-" which is the largest tribe in Kenya" ?? let me not embarrass you more !!

( did you ask yourself why the census project was very

Anonymous said...

anon11:30 AM
are you for real or you are a kibaki or Alfred mutua impersonator??

who didn't care when mungiki was and still killing innocent people in central? and now there is a vigilante group that is doing the same?

isn't michuki and Kibaki who said they will hunt them down? if your own tribesmen prefer to kill their own instead of judging them with the law? isn't it the citizen of that province to fight and stop them?

have you seen people killing each other in migingo island? the only crime they have done is uproot the railway line.. but they have been talking and screaming loudly for every kenyan to hear their problems and that is why kenyans reacted

meanwhile while central province remains with ghost towns known of the Citizens are stopping the mad men Kibaki, Michuki, uhuru e.t.c to stop using the police and hiring thugs to slaughter their own tribesmen

and even now they are targeting Martha Karua( do you feel sorry for her when she went on BBC gloating while the police continued shooting innocent kenyans??

shame on you.. go fight for your people in central province- the rest of Kenya tried , maina kiai, muite, PM and you told them to shut up and leave you alone..

Central province protects murderers- how can anyone help them??

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