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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now ODM, PNU Crisis Talks Postponed To Friday

Senior police officer and wananchi mingle around the car belonging to the late MP David Kimutai Too in Eldoret at the scene-of-crime where he shot and his partner serious wounded. Following the news of the murder, there have been reports of tension in Western Kenya towns of Kericho and Kisumu, while in Eldoret demonstrations have been held outside the Eldoret Police HQS.
The ODM /P NU crisis talks that were launched yesterday by both President Kibaki and Raila Odinga have been postponed to Friday.

The convener of the talks Kofi Annan did not give any reasons for the postponement which came against the backdrop of the murder of Ainamoi Member of Parliament David Kimutai Too in Eldoret earlier today. At the same time, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in an apparent change of mind, plans to visit Kenya tomorrow (Friday) to add his weight to the efforts of Mr. Annan toward ending the crisis.

Kibaki is presently in Addis Ababa attending the AU summit while Raila Odinga spoke at an ODM press conference in Nairobi (Pentagon House) where he termed the murder of the ODM MP "The second killing of an MP belonging to Orange Democratic Movement is part of a plot to reduce our majority in parliament".

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner has announced that the assailant, a unnamed police constable, has been arrested in Turbo along the Malaba - Eldoret Road and is currently in police custody in Nakuru. The alleged murderer will appear in court tomorrow, the police commissioner promised.


Kenyan Son said...

The guy is arrested in Turbo and within hours, he is in Nakuru? Doesn’t Eldoret have courts? Don’t we always try those who committed the sins in the same city?

Anonymous said...

Why is the international community treating Kenya with kid gloves?

What happened to the United States that sent us Smith Hempstone?

I am afraid things are about to get worse, especially if Democrats ascend to power.

Anonymous said...

The U.S, and Europe have chosen to stand by the sidelines as they are doing in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Kibaki is in a hurry to surpass Kenyatta's political assasination record.

Anonymous said...

I hope they are reading Kibaki the riot act at the A.U. Summit, the Chairman has been making some positive noises...democratic wishes must be respected and that genuine democratic reforms must emerge from the chaos.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka must be very proud of his government...

Anonymous said...

The military interim govt idea might end up being the one risk Kenyans have to take real soon.

Anonymous said...

Only a new constitution (2002 draft) will set Kenya on the way to recovery.

The current chaos is still not beyond control. It would end very quickly if people were presented with something to make them believe in the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that this murder was as a result of a love triangle then you can believe anything. The MP was targeted by the PNU operatives as one of the organizers of the Eldoret violence and a plan deliberately put in place to eliminate him. All the spin about girlfriend/wife are all nonesense. This is war declared by PNU against the rest of Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Moi would never have left for that conference in the midst of such a crisis.

Can somebody bring Kibaki and his cronies back to planet earth? This is getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I am fed up!!! Bring in the military and let it oversee constitutional reforms.

Kibaki is not serious about negotiations and his visit to Ethiopia proves it.

Shaddy said...

Hi Chris,

Would you kindly stop the moderation? Let Kenyans come to Kumekucha and weep for their bleeding motherland.

Taabu said...

What a PROTRACTED LABOUR PAIN? Surely problems come in doubles. Whatever the motive of the kiling, Kenya remains at the bottom of the deep hole. A PC with the audacity to shoot an MP is a reflection of the ANTIONAL IMPUNITY. Please don't preach to me about police explanations. FYI I have been there to witness previous reasons on TJ, JM, RO, OM and now recently Were and Too. Our police force just like one loud mouthed Mutua have a template for every scenario-deny, deny, deny. While Mutua is paid to rant, policemen don't have that luxury.But look. We are in for a rude shock, aren't we? Poor Kenya and Kenyans.

Shaddy said...

Jukwaa is reporting that the woman is actually a cousin to the MP.

Hellen Okello said...


Can you confirm this? Is the woman a cousin to the late MP?

kalamari said...

The most important question right now is; What is Kibaki's motivation to stay in power? Is it to protect his family or his close associates? Is it to maintain or increase his assets? Is it to protect non-GEMA tribes? Is it to protect GEMA tribes? Does he still have dreams or transforming Kenya into an economic powerhouse? Is Kibaki's prime motive to ensure delivery of human and civil rights and services to all Kenyans from all corners? Is Kibaki looking forward to devolve power and ensure equal distribution of resources to all regions? Is Kibaki anxious to ensure that peace prevails? Last question; Is Kibaki equal to the task?

In my opinion, Kibaki's only motivation to linger on to power is to ensure he doesn't go down in history as the first Kenyan one-term president (no matter how democratic). I think to him, such a record would be embarrassing even in death. To him, this is a failure that he cannot fathom. It is in fact doom in his mind. Having seen what has transpired in Kenya, Kikuyus who still believe that Kibaki is most concerned about their wellbeing or preserving their interests are just idiots.

I say this because, every sane Kenyan knows that true long term healing will only come through a transitional government that revises the constitution, replaces the ECK, consoles and resettles the aggrieved; thereafter leading to fresh elections of legitimacy and confidence in the eyes of all/most Kenyans. Without absolute legitimacy, PNU alone will not achieve this fete.
By militarily enforcing peace and order, Kibaki will in fact survive five more years. Five years that will see Mungiki and other amorphous militias arm themselves in preparation for a final Armageddon. Five years that will see Kenyans retreat to their tribal cocoons in droves. Five years of festering tribal wounds. By forcing himself on the people via the 'peace of the gun', Kibaki will have postponed full-scale genocide by many years…when it finally happens, he will be dead of old age anyway so why should he care.
What Kenya needs is a truly legitimate leader. There's no question Kibaki is not. If he is worth his salt, he should be bold enough to reface the electorate and prove his dominance. Hii mambo ya ku-lounge huko state house when opposition MPs and hundreds of Kenyans are being shot left and right hatutaki.

Anonymous said...

This is love gone sour definately. Don't worry ODM'ers, you will still retain the seat after the by-elections. This is an ODM zone for heaven's sake!

Minutes after this 'crime of passion', Raila was screaming it's another assasination by the govt. And that's supposed to incite the slum dwellers once again!

Why politicize this cruel murder Hon Raila for cheap political gains? Violence only breeds violence and we should know that by now.

Let the law take it's course. Well done to our brave officers for moving swiftly and arresting the suspect.

hellen Okello said...


I know you're aware Mashada sent people packing. Can you kindly open your blog for Kenyans to debate?

Anonymous said...

Keep yapping Bwana Kalamari, another elections when hundreds of thousands of PNU supporters have been displaced from their homes? What a genius! The last thing Kenyans want now is another elections without peace.

Had Kibaki given up already, what Kikuyus have suffered would just be a small fraction. As a Kikuyu I can assure you that most of us are ready to be lead by anyone except the Pentagon! And the ECK having declared Kibaki the winner, only the courts can reverse that decision.

Thanks the AU and Britain recognizes that fact. For your info, the EU observers made it clear that both PNU and ODM had stuffed the boxes in their respective strongholds. It just happens that the better thief carried the day!

Anonymous said...


I have been sending New York Times' JEFFEREY GETTLEMAN email (click at his name above each article) to protest his shallow reporting on Kenya.

The man has already decided:

a)Kibaki won the election (see Were story of 30/1/08).

b) Kimutai's murder had nothing to do with the election.

c) Mugabe Were was killed by ODM (above ref.)

d) Kalenjins caused Kimutai's death because they have been killing Kikuyus (31/1/08)

e) The current problems are all about ethnic hatred and jealousy for the Kikuyu. No analyses covering land, constitution or democracy.

Please help me stop this man. He is acting like the government's U.S. propaganda man.

I am fed up with his hotel room reporting.

Anonymous said...


Just so that you can come back to your senses like Kibaki, as soon as you face about the same tribulation other Kenyans are facing, you will never think right. If both ODM and PNU rigged, doesn’t your immune brain tell you that a righteous election is needed? Do you really think Kibaki will ever lead the whole of Kenya? Over 4 million voters disown him. Make it 15 million with their families. Do you think those in camps are going to be protected for 5 years by Kibaki’s soldiers? Will they dare go back to their homes and live peacefully? If you are not seeing what we are seeing, something is rotten in your brain or you are blind.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: Jeffrey Gettleman seems to believe that Kenya's opposition is simply a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.11; Relax - everybody knows Gettleman is a nutcase.

Phil said...

Love triangle you said? Upuuzi mtupu I say.

That was the MPs cousin sister ridding with him in the car.

This is pure execution. The arrested assailant may just be your mungiki adherent who has been recruited into police for the sole purpose of dealing with ODM. These are the guys who have been wrecking havoc in Kibera, Kwangware, Kariobangi, Riruta and Kangemi.

I tend to agree with the anon who said "Unconfirmed reports say that the MPs being executed are those that received bribes to vote against marende of over 10 Million shillings each. They took the money and ran. It is said they were 5 from western and rift valley. so 3 to go.....lets wait and see"

Until the police come with a more plausible story. Shame on Kenya.

kalamari said...

Anon @ 8.04. It is such idiotic tripe circumventing your oblongata that will see continued death of innocent Kenyans. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Replacing the ECK in its entirety must also accommodate a brand new voter registry. You must remember that a lot of dead people voted in 2007. Why are thinking backwards?

What I'm calling for is a total overhaul of our electorate process..i.e. including an impartial commission, new voters cards, registry etc. A PNU government has no credibility or ability to achieve this. Only a transitional government can have the fortitude for such drastic measures as both sides have vested interests. Further, my hope is that such happens after resettlement of the displaced after thoroughly dealing with land issues.
Please stop thinking like a Luo/Kikuyu/Luhya etc. Think Kenyan and think long term peace. Even the non-GEMA tribes can get guns. Think!!!

MILAN said...

Phil, If it is actually established the the shot lady is Mr. Too's relative, then KIBAKI IS A CONFIRMED THIEF, AN IDIOTIC BRIBER and now a GREAT MURDERER.

Anonymous said...

The US, EU and other democracies are accepting flawed and unfair elections out of political expediency, Human Rights Watch says in its annual report.

Allowing autocrats to pose as democrats without demanding they uphold civil and political rights risked undermining human rights worldwide, it warned.

HRW said Pakistan, Thailand, Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Kenya and Russia had been falsely claiming to be democratic.

The World Report 2008 summarises human rights issues in more than 75 nations.

'Playing along'

In the report, HRW said established democracies such as the US and members of the European Union were increasingly tolerating autocrats "claiming the mantle of democracy".

"In 2007 too many governments, including Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Russia and Thailand, acted as if simply holding a vote is enough to prove a nation 'democratic', and Washington, Brussels and European capitals played along," it said.

"The Bush administration has spoken of its commitment to democracy abroad but often kept silent about the need for all governments to respect human rights."

HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth said it had become too easy for autocrats to get away with mounting a sham democracy "because too many Western governments insist on elections and leave it at that".

"They don't press governments on the key human rights issues that make democracy function - a free press, peaceful assembly, and a functioning civil society that can really challenge power," he added.

HRW said the West was often unwilling to criticise the autocrats for fear of losing access to resources or commercial opportunities, or because of the perceived requirements of fighting terrorism.

"It seems Washington and European governments will accept even the most dubious election so long as the 'victor' is a strategic or commercial ally," Mr Roth said.

Aid donors

HRW highlighted Pakistan as an example.

It said the US and UK, its largest aid donors, had refused to distance themselves from President Pervez Musharraf, despite his "tilting the electoral playing field" by rewriting the constitution and firing the independent judiciary ahead of February's election.

It also argued that Washington's acceptance of the result of the Nigerian election in February 2007, "despite widespread and credible accusations of poll-rigging and electoral violence", had encouraged the Kenyan government to believe that fraud would be tolerated in December's presidential poll.

And it said the US and some allies like Britain and France had made it harder to demand other countries uphold human rights by committing abuses themselves in the "war on terror".

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and other European leaders were criticised for their reluctance to allow Turkey to join the EU, despite its improved human rights record.

HRW said the EU "lost leverage itself and diminished the clout of those in Turkey who have cited the prospect of EU membership as a reason for reform".


Among the countries where the watchdog said human rights atrocities had been committed were Chad, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

Burma, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam were criticised for severe repression and closed societies.

When asked about the claims made by HRW, US state department spokesman Sean McCormack said he had not seen the report, but insisted his country did not promote false democracy and condone human rights abuses.

"In terms of the United States and this administration speaking up in defence of, and advocating for, and putting its effort behind its rhetoric, I don't think there's any question about where we stand in terms of promotion of democracy," he told reporters.


Anonymous said...

FACTKenya Yahoo Groups

To all Kenyans who support the removal of the illegitimate government of Mwai Kibaki and his corrupt cronies by any means necessary please visit FACTKenya yahoo groups for a political discourse.

Please be advised that FACTKenya as a forum will not tolerate tribal bashing against any ethnic groups resident in Kenya like, the Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalejin, Kamba, Kisii, Meru and all others.

Rabet Maatari.

Bored blogger said...

Chris thanks for removing moderation, you are true son of kenya.

Anonymous said...

kwani chris has been touched. thanks anyway. Come over we shall fully convert you.

Shaddy said...

We love you Kenya...

Kenya...our beautiful...
We bleed with you...

Anonymous said...

Chris: DO NOT HESITATE to reintroduce moderation the moment the Mashada types descend on this website.

Kumekucha is too classy for that sort of filth.

Anonymous said...

anon at 8.57; thanks for the HRW info. That could explain why we are missing the Hempstone type action from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

annon 9.22....don't use words ovyo ovyo. If you have anything constructive to say it. Otherwise please say what you have to say without using any riddles. We are past that age.

Anonymous said...


I have just read Gettleman's report on the Too murder. I had never had of the man much although it seems he is well known (Anon @ 8.21).

Alfred Mutua has cloned himself and landed a job at the New York Times!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is truue what Gettleman's report gentle man is reporting. Its the painful truth as far as ODM IS CONCERNED. Mr Were was consindering defecting and his killing in no doubt related this. I point no finger to anyone but i fear for many of the ODM mp's who are conteplating to jump ship.

Anonymous said...

Gettleman is a true hero! I concur to every word. ot biased, fair and very transparent.

Anonymous said...

Think twice before you praise a newspaper (NYT) that calls us all atavistic.

Nobody is a winner in that sort of scenario.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 9.31; let us not push problems under the rug. We cannot point fingers at the Kalenjin.

For all Kenyans to win; we must emerge from 2008 with a new constitution and economic policies that benefit all.

Anonymous said...

annon 9.40...if you don't appreciate reporting of such calibar then I cannot help you my friend. This guy is not taking sides with anyone but only reporting what is exactly happening in kenya. He is not biased like most of us and I commend him for that. Check the relationship between Mr were and Odinga over the past few weeks leading to his death and you will understand what i am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Raila is not serious! This guy cannot just blutter words like that bana! What kind of leadership is that? "The second killing of an MP belonging to Orange Democratic Movement is part of a plot to reduce our majority in parliament" (quote,Raila). This are the kid of comments that we do not need without any fundamentals. he is only calling for bloodshed and a failure to the mediation process. Sometimes you tend to wonder mmmmmmm( quote, black-eyed peas)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So if it true, it is enough to get killed because you come out of the same hotel door together with a Kenyan MP and that's a reason for you to get killed ????????

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 9.45 and the rest debating Gettleman; could you please take the debate on that American journalist elsewhere.

Kenyans are getting killed. That is true and I think all of us agree that to safeguard our nation in future we must have a new constitution and land reforms.

Don't waste your energy on an American journalist who fails to ground his reports on the core issues. He is not part of the Anan team.

Anonymous said...

either you like it or not annon 9.57, you definately do not know why the MP was shot dead and all you can affrod to make is assumptions. Well, where have those assumptions led us? have they actually made things better for kenya or misearble for the avreage kenyan? who is suffering you ( who is apparently in a safe haven or in diapora behind a comp.) or the poor kenyan in the street? what do we have to loose if we await for the reason behind the killing of the MP? In short, would you rather have bloodshed due to your assumptions and forego an investigation into the killing of the MP, WHICH MIGHT SAVE A FEW THOUSAND LIVES

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.08 I agree we ought to have investigations. We can learn from our assasination experts; the Kenyatta-Moi gang.

Past investigations: Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, J.M. Kariuki, Robert Ouko etc.

Gent said...

Raila is quick to point fingers at the government before getting the facts straight. He was the first to say that Mr. Were was killed by the government even before the police issued a report. He's doing the same thing now with Mr. Too's demise. As a political leader you should always remain calm during troubled times so as to assure your supporters and countrymen. You should be the voice of reason and the pillar of strength for the people that you represent. Raila has not shown any qualities at all of being that sort of a leader, instead he makes outrageous statements that sometimes make me wonder if this guy is for real. 'Obama is my cousin' etc. Do you really want someone like this overseeing a young democracy like Kenya?

Anonymous said...

MY FELLOW KENYANS: The fact of the matter is that we are living under a dictatorship with media bans that even Moi did not install.

Kenyans have always lived under dictatorships.

We need to overhaul our constitution to protect us from bad leaders and to keep them in check.

Anonymous said...

GENT @ 10.21; Kenya is not a democracy - never has and never will be under the current constitution.

Anonymous said...

These killings are all deplorable M.P. or ordinary mwananchi.

Kibaki and Raila must commit themselves to a speedy peace process. However, with Kibaki living for Addis Ababa with his house ablaze, one wonders how long Kenyans must wait.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.31; Amen - what more can I say?

Shaddy said...

Jukwaa is reporting that three Mungiki would be assassins were intercepted in Eldoret on their way to Western to continue killing more MPs.

Why can't our military step in now?

Kenyans lets unite and call on our military to save our beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

I must say I was a staunch supporter of PNU but in the past month, my opinion has drastically changed, neither kibaki nor Odinga have Kenya's best interest at heart. I am aghast at how kibaki is taking the current situation in Kenya so lightly hoping it will brush off, you do not under any circumstance as a leader jeopardize your peoples lives. This is not a trivial matter in any way whatsoever. Sipping tea with Annan is not solving anything. As for his rival, he needs to stop blubbering too much without thinking….don't be too quick to give press conference after press conference yapping the same thing for a whole month,come up with new ideas and or solutions to our current grievous state of affairs.

Shaddy said...

anon @ 10:49AM, I agree. Raila should stop the press conferences. They are not helping any.

He should be talking to the military now.

Anonymous said...

I am joining those calling for military intervention.

We need them to act as an interim govt while the peace process goes on and an agreement is finalised.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! President Paul Kagame's military option is something Kenyans need to seriously consider.

As each day goes by, it is sounding less and less ridiculous.

Kenyan Son said...

I concur with the military take over. Conquer them wicked and cruel in their hearts. Conquer them people. Conquer Kibaki. I said it last week and even yesterday. It is now or never for the military to intervene though I know that most commanders are Kikuyus. The young comrades should speak up otherwise, they will soon start loosing their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

At this pint Kibaki is doing nothing...he should just step down...please explain to me how you can watch innocent people die day in and day out and go to bed with a conscience?
I do not vouch for Raila either...we need a fresh new leader, not correlated to either of these people. I know it is wishful thinking but that would-be ideal .

Anonymous said...

The U.S. said (Daily Nation of Thursday 31/1) said it would intervene more directly if the peace talks fail to float.

Well, they should be talking to the Kenyan military too.

It is time for our combat boys to soil the shiny boots!

Anonymous said...

with all the payukaring that is going on here we are still dead in the waters my fellow kenyans. We are in the same boat we will sink to the depths of the ocean together. Captain Raila is very adamant the he will steer us clear of rough waters but his echoes for motivation are leading to mutiny and death within the realms of the boat. Captain Kibaki is trying steer the boat to clear waters but it seems we have no engines as they have been destroyed by the rough waters. death is everywhere, we are loosing crewmen and although we might see a horizon its just an illusion. Someone needs to control captain Raila from making comments that will divide us just like that, and may be, just may be, we will overcome our this terrible ordeal that has befallen us. Like the titanic, we will sink to the bottom and only the most fortunate like Raila and Kibaki will escape the final dive.

Anonymous said...

accoding to reuters alertnet,the FBI has offered to investigate the murders

Anonymous said...

trust me, FBI is bad news. According to FBI, both cases are closed. They have already made their mandate and investigations before hand and all they have to do is hand in a report. Ofcourse, they have to make a techinical apperance in kenya to substantiate that report. Kenyans, any american intervention will spell the end for kenya. For those who are well informed you know what i am talking about. Control of the East African region is a key strategic succes in the fight against,,,,,bla bla bla

Anonymous said...

We need intervention and not mediation or we might as well kiss Kenya godbye.

Anonymous said...

it depends on what kind of intervention. Intervention does not necessarily work in most cases due to the conditions attached to it. Its not so much to do with the period of the intervention its more to do with the agreement that brings it about and the outcomes. The Us-led intervention in Somalia was not effective as they would have liked but they still control sections of southern somalia for strategic reasons.

Anonymous said...

I would not ahve much confidenc in FBI.
I Mean, didn't they take over the murders of the kenyan family in Gerogia last year and up to now, no word or arrests on that investigation ?

Anonymous said...

annon 11.27 and the you think blackwater will give a damn either you are Luo or Kikuyu? To them, we all look the same regardless of our tribe. And if this guys decide to have a lil'bit of 'black-hawk down' fiesta we will be left asking...weren't we all the same boat?

Anonymous said...

Intervention in the sense that they put direct pressure on the leaders to make them act quick. Currently kibaki is under no pressure and neither is Raila, they are being spoon fed at the cost of innocent lives. Annan can only make them shake hands in public for so long. That is not helping the ordinary homeless, bitter Kenyan in mourning. These leaders have not had any adverse effects soo far ,the crisis needs to affect them directly so that they can see the urgency of the problem at hand. First things first, they need to surrender their passports and those of their immediate family members ..the EU or United States need to block them from gaining entry to their respective countries .Trust me their mind frame will change .They will wake up!

Kimeli said...

Those who pretend to be "moral" and are making "between the lines" statements about Raila as they feebly try to "drag" Kibaki in as well, so that they hide their nefarious prejudice must realise that people can read between the lines. Those pussyfooters who are saying Raila shouln't talk should admonish counterfeit Dubai machines like Alfred Mutua and Mungiki spokesman Eric Kiraithe rather an elected person whom 6 provinces are looking upto him. He should comment on every issue and give his side of the story. When Dubai counterfeit machines like Mutua vomit on the people's shoes, whom does he represent? Not Kibaki? Bogus! What happened today was a cold blood assasination and nothing more. Where on earth did you see the Kenyan police "revealing" the truth when you are saying we should wait for "investigation"? Which assasination was solved? Bogus. This killing also comes in the wake of the removal of Kimaiyo the Kalenjin from the Operations Office, throwing him away at the "heritage" ministry (hehehe) and replacing him with a Kikiyu. There are is more to the ear than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, who is a proud kenya amongst all you here? kwani, what is the whole essence of kujivunia kuwa mkenya? Are we that low that we are looking up for some military intervention to solve problems brought about by our legislators in particular Kibaki and Raila. Check yourself in the mirror bana! before you ask for help. We will come out of this with dignity and any soft speaking kenyan should hold their head up and give mediation a chance. We as afrcans need to own-up to our rensposibilities or else we will follow suit in familiar trend that has seen our neighbours to the dogs. Lets stand up and set an example on how politics should be carried out in Africa. Kenya style.

Anonymous said...

Kimeli, we do not need this right now, blame game ndiyo imetupeleka mahali tupo.

Anonymous said...

@KIMELI..WE DON'T NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU HERE...stop with the insults and fowl language, we are all having a decent argument before you brought your filth here. It's people like you who give moderators unnecessary work . If you cannot respect peoples opinions keep off please.

Anonymous said...

KIMELI; Thanks for exposing those who want us to be contempt with an undemocratic govt and an uncertain future for Kenya.

As for intervention: If the U.S. and E.U. is serious, the should FREEZE AID IMMEDIATELY. That is the type of pressure some of us are talking about.

The international community must stop equivocating.

Anonymous said...

Kimeli hold steady. Those who wish to have Kenya's future elections decided by a small clique of PNUers are the same ones attacking you.

Anonymous said...

Kalenjins, Kikuyus and Luos are not to blame.

We must blame all those who have governed us with an undemocratic constitution for decades...

As well as those who are content to continue doing so.

Anonymous said...

10yrs from now, (kimelia kenyan in dispora having a chat with mzungu fulani)

Mzungu: Hi there young man?

Kimeli: I'm good, yourself?

Mzungu: good, good. so where do do you come from?

Kimeli: I'm from Kenya (softly)

Mzungu: How long have you been here?

Kimeli: about 2 yrs now.

Mzungu: You like it?

Kimeli: Yeah, its ok. not too bad..blinks kidogo on the lefty.

Mzungu: Kenya is it in south-africa?

Kimeli: arrg..It's in East Africa.

Mzungu: so your family is here?

Kimeli: yes.

Mzungu: what made you come here?


Anonymous said...

These anonymuses critizing Kimeli are pretty much our obstacles at seeing through this foggy times. Them suckers moved top officers like Kimayo to facilitate the assassination adventure. This guy was assassinated and if not, did Mugabe Were kill himself? These anonymuses are just throwing words from their computers in their save havens the same way Kibaki and his idiots are doing through Mutua.

Anonymous said...

But do you think freezing aid will directly affect kibaki? Nope, he will comfortably seat in state house and drive his big limos till his time is up . Blocking entry is more powerful, lets see who will be smiling if lucy,jimmy,Ida ,Fidel, etc cannot leave Kenya for one reason or another and are held hostage in their own country

Mash said...

i am now very sure that Kibaki and his clique are out to cause chaos. I voted for this man because I thought he was the better devil but what has happened over the past 1 month is more or less shocking. Two murders within one week, all shot, both from ODM, with plain motive of MURDER in both cases; nothing was stolen, no confrontation-THESE ARE POLITICAL ASSASINATIONS..and I am tired of defending PNU, am tired of defending Kibaki..

We have not seen such irresponsible leadership-even Amin may have been a brute but at least he pretendedto be a man of the people. Kibaki has walked away from these talks once again to some stupid AU forum-I have lost two relatives one in Uasin Gishu and one in Ndeiya; I'm just tired of this government, its not a government, its a shame, a conspiracy to say the least-Its placing the future of everyone from central province at risk-Like it or not.

I think the people who ought to stand up and say no to this mobsters are MT.KENYA MPs, Beth Mugo I voted for you-Do something; you are protecting a Hyena who keeps attacking cubs and shamelessly cheers to every kill. I lost hope in Kibaki when I saw him nodding and smiling when meeting business people at state house-I was shocked. people are dying and the man has not even stepped out to address the nation or at least re-affirm that there is a government.

I am just getting angrier...cant type.

Anonymous said...

YOU odm'ers have been limited to either some mental incapacity or have been caught up in what is termed us Raila mania. Kibaki is to blame as much as Raila is. I cannot help you along this lines as most ODM'ers are hell bent to burn kenya to ashes until their desires are satisfied. Satisfied to the extent where they derive no satisfaction from what they have achieved due to the destruction that took place beforehand. for example kisumu township. Rooting up railway lines, chasing out young kids as young as class 1 out of class to express their opnions. ODM'ers I could go on but it seems that I have just retreated to the fact that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Anonymous said...

I also questioning his mental capacity. Is he in moderate health or even mentally capable of leading a country? This is definitely not the kibaki we knew 10 years ago. It seems like he as lost touch of reality .Something is going on with him for sure!

Kimeli said...

anon 11:59,

I find your excuse rather childish. Stating hard facts don't make things bad my dear. First of all, Kibaki pussyfooters tell us to wait for the results of the "investigation". Hehehe. I ask you, since 1963, which assassination case was resolved? Secondly, why is it that PANUA tribal hordes are demanding that Raila should "keep quiet." By what law, by what justice? He said what happened today was assassination and it was indeed. They are preaching childish stories like "love triangle" (look how well constructed it was) and even say the dead MP pleaded with the Mungiki employed thug not to kill the girl. Which video recorded that? Furthermore, how do you spray bullets at a man whom you didn't ask his identity? Look how naive Police are? They said as he (Mutai) "pleaded" to spare the girl, he was shot dead. Do you think the killer couldn't even ask who Mutai was? Whether he was a cousin ( he is), a brother, a father etc? And where on earth do you someone spraying bullets at his/her fiancé for "walking" with someone else?

Friend, when the US wanted to kill the Pakistani President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1988, it had to kill its US ambassador in Islamabad by making him ride in the Presidential plane so that the Gen. wouldn't suspect anything. As it took off from a garrison, it was shot all died. Ironically, the US was the first to denounce the “criminal and heinous act.” Do you remember Kibaki’s words when Were was killed? “I condemn the heinous crime” (old stories boy). What happened today was simply what was done in many years ago both within and outside Kenya. We want justice, don't say we are already divided, because from the days of the legendary thief: Kenyatta, we have never been one. This was a poor teacher who didn't suspect anything. He wasn't a hardened politician who watches over his shoulders. Whichever way whatever, Kibaki will see the truth.

Mash said...


Nimechoka na serikali ya Kibaki. I am not saying that i now support Raila-No. But Kibaki MUST step down. He has neglected his duty as the 'duly elected'. He MUST STEP DOWN. This man will get us killed. I dont know if people are seeing the seriousness of this, and how we are slowly slipping into a hell of tribal hatred. Yes its the stolen elections that caused all this. Kibaki wont allow a re-run, kalonzo has been bought, Raila wont back down, Kenyans wont listen to their leaders anymore; because of the disrespect they have shown them. This is sad to just say the least; Kazi iendelee indeed-What a FRAUD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mash! with all due respect those are just assumptions and hearsay. It seems you have been vindicated by all the unsubstantiated claims fueling bloodshed. All the best my brother, Peace is not far.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.19 ..don't throw stones in glass houses. Have you seen what mungiki has done lately. I'm 100% kikuyu from nyeri but I am not blind .This has nothing to do with tribes or political has everything to do with saving OUR NATION

Kenyan Son said...

Sorry Mash! I feel you. You are one of our lost sons who just got born again through the powers of righteousness. We saw this earlier and it is not wrong to see it a little late. Souls in ODM and are not out against Kikuyus but against something called injustice. We are against a guy called Kibaki whom the learned and scientists have long determined that he is insane. You’ve named one; that he could not surely meet with business people and attend the AU while his country is burning. There a lot more. He is senseless and mentally unstable. Wicked hearts like Michuki , Uhuru, Karai or Karua for that matter and Kalonzo are just topping up the illiteracy and ignorance upon the suffering of our people. The guy is in state house and we are in Kenya and that is why he is loosing touch.

Anonymous said...

Kazi itaendelea and it is as we speak. Jikaze bana! kenyans who loose hope better start applying visa because it is not time for the faint hearted. Kenya will see the day of light and we do not need THIS MASH. NOT AT ALL. You need to have faith otherwise you will be consumed by anger and despair to the point that self-destruction. Most of my brothers have succumed to that. all the best.

Mash said...

Lose a close relative and then come tell me about hearsay..This is beyond the political spin PNU has adopted it. Ask yourself-how will Kibaki or PNU be remembered? Think? Since when have you seen such animosity? Is there a government in Kenya? Why are killing squads heightening tensions just as things are cooling down? Where are young Kikuyu leaders like Uhuru and Kiunjuri to calm the youth and revoke retaliation as its self destructive? Who will protect our women and children? think-These killings will create a blot effect kind of thing and the nakuru episode shall keep recurring in major towns-What then will we say..its all hearsay?? That Kibaki has tried his best? Shame on you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @12.30pm

You are another son of a bitch. You with Kibaki makes the first two sons of bitches. Go to hell with your Kazi iendelee... Idiot... Kazi iendelee na mamako....

Anonymous said...

@ kimeli. You are bitter with the wrong people , We are all frustrated Kenyans who need answers and solutions very fast . There is no need for hurling insults. That is not helping the situation at all. GROW UP

Anonymous said...

Mash, I cannot help you beyond this point but remember we are in the same boat. If you decide to jump i will not jump with you. Like many kenyans alike, we are determined to see this through. we are prepared to own-up to our rensposibilities and give mediation a chance. we are preapred to see that those who have incited violence are brought to justice swiftly. we are prepared to understand that kenya is more improtant than the reat of us. We are prepared for a political sea-change that will sea Kibaki and Raila ousted from goverment business. We are prepared to save kenya and if you are not then that's just you. No amount of propaganda, hearsay and assumptions will deflect our focus to the key issue: Peace then justice for kenyans , then politics.

Mash said...

Do you people know how easily this government is walking away from refugee camps; even in some instances ordering closures..its left to NGOs to take up a bulk of the responsibilities..what serekali is this? Where will these people go? Kazi indelee? Are you people in Kenya?

When Kibaki makes irresponsible statements like' Duly elected' Yes this is the comment that marked the first Kaptembwa killings last thursday-Was he resposible enough to send in GSUs? Was he responsible enough to get on KBC and address Nakuru residents to stop killings? Or were the DOs quick to offer temporary shelter at Afraha and Nakuru show grounds 54 bodies later and a dusk to dawn curfew..

We must alienate this man; otherwise things look bleak for many of us..mark my words.

Kimeli said...

anon@ 12: 35

I'm bitter, and everyone is. Then? And which were the "wrong" people that I blamed? And what's your solution? GROW UP? Where? A place that has been invaded by Mungiki? Frustrated Kenyans? So I'm not one? Blame Kibaki and Kibaki, stop "anon" games here boy. The solution is for Kibaki to DIE. Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

annon@12.34 ......i bet you could hack me to death if you had chance. Anyway, virtually, you have already killed another kenyan...see how easy it is. Now did that feel better? Has it solved anything? oh! watchout

Mash said...

Time is ripe for a transitional government that is serious and cares about the LIVES OF KENYANS. i dont care if parliament is dissolved-But people need to live freely and we should not be held at ransom by roadside gangs while our leaders enjoy a 'cup of tea' while delegating-talks that you and I know are headed nowhere. Kibaki has basically made any future central province candidate unelectable-Just gauge the mood on the ground. And thats my rant...time to move on

Anonymous said...

ODM''ers we will not allow you to run this country dry for your information. And that is not to say that i support violence of any kind at all. But do not forget that many kenyans want to see a lasting solution to the dark days. Your comments are well taken but unfortunately they have no place in the lives of the average kenyan. I am very pro-life and will not put politics in front of my fellow kenyans. I dont care if the elections were rigged, i don't care if Raila has been cheated, I don't care if injustice has been done to ODM'ers......I care about my fellow kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:44.

If you are telling us that Kibaki is right, you are equally as dead as Kibaki. I don’t think Kibaki is alive. If you are not feeling for your people and cannot vision bigger for your people, you should be considered a dead man. How tha fuck you can come out and tell us kazi iendelee while my brothers and sisters are holed in camps? That is why I was asking you if you meant Kazi iendelee na mamako.

Again, You are another son of a bitch. You with Kibaki makes the first two sons of bitches. Go to hell with your Kazi iendelee... Idiot... Kazi iendelee na mamako....

Anonymous said...

@Kimeli ..By frustrated Kenyans, I mean you and I. Please save your breath and frustrations for Mr. Mwai Kibaki...get access to secluded State House and make sure to wear a bullet proof vest unless you want it to rain bullets on you ..once you are in ,give him your 2 cents and oh..dont forget to call him a "pussyfooter"….a word you seem to so freely use

Anonymous said...

Mash, keep your pro-ODM politics aside with all due respect. this is not the time to talking about trasitional goverment and politics? howmany kenyans will die before such politics are implemented? I am not refuting it but the common mwanainchi needs to be protected at all costs even if it means heavy handedly pinning down perpertrators of violence.

Anonymous said...

annon 12.52...I cannot help, but stay on tune...tutawafundisha not to be primitive...aha!....this is not kisumu. I'm not a kyuk for your information but that just shows how shallow minded you are. Your constructive dialogue skills are out of the window...isn't that surprising given the violence we have in kenya....mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

ODM'ers please don't go ahead of yourselves...its not good for you. Mtoto akilia mpe wembe.

Anonymous said...

GEMA Republic as the only feasible solution.

Anonymous said...

there is no feasible solution without lasting peace and structured justice. Peace and justice go hand in hand. You cannot call for a re-run of an election, its like calling for mass murder. the foundations of justice must be established. The arm of the law have to come down heavily at no costs to anyone who crosses the line. Kenya has reached a point where the law has to take drastic measures.

Anonymous said...

I only wonder if we will ever live in peace and harmony with each other ever gain. The wounds are so deep and the scars will never heal. How unfortunate. My cousin a Kikuyu gets married to a Lou on Saturday. A day they had both planned for a year. Now relatives from both sides have boycotted the whole affair. This is even worse than racism. All because of greedy leaders. I am one angry Kenyan

Anonymous said...

The late indonesian president was very effective to administering law and order indonesia. He was a key contributor the key economic development in indonesia. But the basis of his leadership was based on military rule and his military background. He was perceived as a dictactor by most media and revered as a statesman by most of his followers.
Although he was able to restore peace the foundations of justice were not implemented and that is why he had adversaries especially the west. Unlike Kenya, the political landscape in indonesia is religously driven rather than tribal driven. Given that 90% of the population is muslim his work was significantly cut out. this means he could effectively cut out any opposition and get away with it.
Anyway, indonesia has come a long way and it has sort to get awat from its military attachment. they realise that justice is fundamental if there was to be a lasting peace. The late president had done some work for them by protecting the population from anarchy and death but what he forgot to do was to give people their justice.
The mediation process in kenya is meant to establish the foundation for justice as well as deliver peace throughout kenya my fellow ODM'ers.

Steve said...

Kibaki is sending the wrong message going off to Addis. WTF? Is it business as usual? Does he really have the interests of the common man at heart or is he too 'presidential' for their plight? Jamaas, this is denial. Absolute denial. It has sealed the fate of PNU. Mark my words. Write them down on your calendar/diary dated six months from today.

Steve said...

Anon 12.52 quit being so mofo condescending. Do you think PNU has a monopoly on civility. Grow up - ethnicity is simply the vehicle for expressing economic frustrations.

You're braying is getting stale..

Anonymous said... contrast, he has done the right thing by all means. The UN chief will be in kenya as a result of this and we expext him to contribute to the mediation. Ok! before the ODM'ers chaps payuka, he has not gone to gather support for his goverment, which abviusly he won't get. He is there for a day and i believe he is on his way back. His main objective would have been to put the interest of kenya first.

Anonymous said...

In the Standard Friday Edition, the family of the late MP confirmed that he was indeed related to the female policewoman and have taken offence to the allegations of the love triangle. How do the police draw such conclusions? This is obvious foul play. My question is, who will answer for this?

Anonymous said...

aleast Kibaki is doing somthing constructive than Raila. Raila is contributing to more bloodshed my making comments that are not objective at all. Wherever he gets this comments from it must be his mis-interpratition of the words of the man himself "Martin Luther King".

Anonymous said...

annon 1.40 Don't payuka now my dear, related they were but love triangle.....lets wait and see what the other camp says.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Too's family has established that the murdered lady was a relative to the slain MP. Who do you trust? The cops or the family? I think the stupidity index of all who believed the cops' love-triangle shenanigan has just multiplied ten-fold.

Gentille said...

Mr Too was related to both the woman and her late husband who died 4 months ago. It was he (Too) who was the mater of ceromonies and also the woman was his own relative as well just like the husband. Even Too's mother was shocked as to how they could come up with such cheap stories.

Anon@ 1: 53

You must be sick ala Kibaki. Which camp? Mungiki? You are stupid. Your myopia shul not render you brainless.

Anonymous said...

anon@1:41 Gone are the days that we take such that MK has dished out lying down, and ride into the sunset and wait for another day to redress the wrongs perpetrated. The time is now, the season is staring us in the face, it will be a long & arduous task, nevertheless it will be accomplished. Any sane, reasonable person can see that he cannot, and will not rule for 5 years under the prevailing circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Now the Nation Newspaper reports that they interviewed the slain policewoman's brother Kirui and he admitted that they were close friends but is unsure to what extent. The paper then says and I quote "The Nation learnt from a relative that the MP had spent the night in the house of the traffic officer at a new estate near Langas, some four kilometers on the Eldoret-Kapsabet. "
Two newspapers with two very different versons . The media in Kenya is biased and useless….you cant even tell what is credible anymore!

Anonymous said...

Kenya will keep loosing its stand in the world.

From The East African Standard

Kenya has been excluded from a new Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union.

Kenya has traditionally championed peace and security matters in the continent, but was not elected to the prestigious council.

The country was earlier expected to lead the council in its formative stages because of its record in peace missions in Sierra Leone, Yugoslavia and East Timor.

The Standard could not independently confirm if Kenya had been proposed for a slot on the council.

But sources said Foreign Affairs minister, Mr Moses Wetangula, put a strong case on Kenya. A source at the summit was quoted saying that on Monday, Wetangula tried to block plans to have the crisis discussed.

But countries such as South Africa demanded that the Kenyan conflict be treated like others in the continent.

Rwanda and Uganda were picked to represent eastern Africa, dealing a major diplomatic blow to the Kenyan delegation in Addis Ababa.

The two countries, now enjoying calm after decades of internal turmoil, have slowly taken over the enviable position Kenya enjoyed before the disputed presidential election results that has torn the country apart.

President Kibaki and Wetangula are leading the delegation to the 12th Ordinary Session of the AU, which elected members of the council.

Other countries appointed to the prestigious PSC, modelled on the UN Security Committee, are Burundi and Chad (Central Africa), Tunisia (Northern Africa), Swaziland and Zambia (Southern Africa) and Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali (Western Africa).

The AU also condemned the violation of human rights in Kenya as the post-election crisis. AU Commission Chairman, Mr Alpha Oumar Konare, warned that unless speedy measures were taken, Kenya could degenerate into genocide.

"We cannot sit and observe another genocide, after what happened in Rwanda," he said.

Konare called for greater international participation in resolving the post-election crisis that has left nearly 1,000 people dead and half million homeless.

The economy has also been battered to the tune of Sh190 billion.

Konare called on AU Foreign ministers to ensure the implementation and respect of good governance, democracy, non-indifference and gender equality.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:43 PM...obviously you are the one who is clueless, prevous post already revealed the lady was an immediate cousin.
Now who is payukaing, get your facts right..oh why dont you tell us what the Incompetent police will say this time?
Now that they are able to "INVESTIGATE" a crime and report the findings within ten mins..then lambast the rest of us very brilliant kenyans for "concluding and jumping into comnclusions" while they have just done so.
You must be very stupid, purely and plainly, without an effort to believe that hogwash. "they were but love triangle"

Anonymous said...

My Fellow Kenyans It is quite clear what is Happening. The two Mps's are from two diffrent pro - Odm Communities, the Kalenjin and Luyhia. This is attempted intimidation of elected Mps from these parts . However the solution is quite simple. People from these regions should be vigilant of the activities of "Administration police" and protect your Mps . With this step taken any foolish assassin would be caught and face instant justice needed to bring these mindless killers to thier senses. Thier actions are acts of Dangerous Stone throwing From within a glass house. The Stones can be thrown Back"


khamis said...

just a question, to what extent can we blame mr kivuitu for the mess,or should it all rest with kibaki?

Anonymous said...

The price of AK47 from Uganda has tripled in the last week.This is going from arrow to bullet clash.As a former Kenyan (As I believe there will never be Kenya again).I ask the Kikuyu to tell Kibaki to show some feeling,that he really sees that the situation is dangerous and not deny the reality.This makes people even more angry when he travels to Ethiopia when the country is burning.I'm sure there are those who are not blinded by tribal hate will see my point.Lets save things now as from next week it might get out of hand.

Anonymous said...

STOP BLAMING ODM or creating illnesses such as Raila-mania.

The fact of the matter is that WE NEED DEMOCRACY and Kibaki proved within 100 days of his term that he was not interested in democracy.

We are witnessing the culmination of decades of poor governance.


Anonymous said...

I will support whoever is gives my country a new constitution and land reforms - Kikuyu, Luo or Kalenjin.

Anonymous said...


Kariru said...

Is this forum devoid of moderation?

5th Estate said...


The killer of the Late MP is Known, He is now under police “custody “ – incommunicado, since the love story angle is now unravelling, I don’t see how he will be left to survive to tell the REAL story, he will be “briefly”- appear in court ( for pictures and the 4th estate to muddy the waters) then he will be sprinted to remand whereby he will promptly and here mysteriously commit suicide be poisoned or engage in a fatal brawl with other “ criminals “ - END OF STORY. Right now he is in police custody where nobody has access to him. Has he been appointed a lawyer? and advised that he has the right to remain silent? It will be interesting to see who will be representing him in court and the judge presiding in the case today. Only that will tell you a lot.

I would advice his lawyer to raise the issue of safety as he is a lame duck – A PATSY, then again the lawyer could be there for the sole purpose of defeating this, we will see today in court.

If there is any investigative journalist out there, THIS IS IT , from the police reshuffle, Kibaki gone AWOL, Moi maybe told conveniently by his intelligence to “ lie low” big things are on the works ? the commissioner reading from a script and calling it love gone sour , the appointment of the lawyer , the judge , the alleged murderers training and career and postings within the force ,the motor bike for the flopped gateway – was it properly issued according to regulations, when and at what time and by who ? HIS contacts, the relatives and friends of the deceased. This one is BIG, its open like a book and they don’t get any bigger than this.

The Godfather perfected the art of using OUTSIDERS when the HEAT was too much and it was absolutely necessary to do what was required when control was slipping. Unfortunately in this case a lot of people take this personal , this is NOT a gangland settlement and will not pass.

LET THE CASE BEGIN, I hope there will be a transcript of the court proceedings if nobody has anything to hide.

Anonymous said...

you can't sleep with a kisiis girl and expect to get away with it.

Now that the story is coming out odm are shown as just domo domo as usual.

the guy was sleeping with the gal and the boyfriend just went ballistic.

at this rate any time a luo or kaleo dies anywhere on this earth, Kibaki will be responsible in order to distabilise the ODM movement.

come on guys be a bit reasonable.

Anonymous said...

AFFAIR OR NO AFFAIR, assasinations or no assasinations, violence or no violence...


We shall never prosper or experience long term peace without a GOOD CONSTITUTION.

Kemmy said...

Anon @ 2:02, I'm also wondering the same thing. Why is it that the Nation and Standard have two different statements from supposed family members that are completely contradictory? Some unnamed family members (in Nation) claim that the woman was having some sort of "friendship" with the MP while the Standard's story has a Mr. David Kirui, the woman's elder brother, and Langat, the family spokesman, claiming that the two were neighbors, good friends, and cousins.

It is also interesting to note that the Standard has a story in which the MPs say that some of their colleagues have received the same SMSs on their phones and the Marakwet West MP, Mr Boaz Keino, showed the press the message which said something about keeping off someone's wife.

Something definitely doesn't add up and it's pretty clear there's foul play involved. What's sadder is that the press is unreliable in their stories. Either that or they're also being used to peddle lies.

Wanjiku-Mombasa said...

There are lots of guys out here who are just finding it harder and harder to defend PNU and Kibaki. They're sounding so ridiculous whenever they open their mouths. This Kibaki guy and his government of half cabinet is difficult to justify. PANUAS are looking for the slightest string of defense and hanging onto it. Like today in the office they are all hanging onto the love triangle thing so desperately. And yet that story has already started developing holes. I'm telling them, this guy has ignored you completely. He does nothing to keep his supporters going. He locked himself into statehouse and completely ignored his supporters. And now he's away on more important matters than you PANUAS? To attend meetings of the impotent AU?

I'm Kikuyu but I'm always advising my fellow Kikuyus to bond with other Kenyans as opposed to clinging to an illegitimate government knowing very well it can only last so long. It is important for us to know that statehouse will not host another Kikuyu president for a very very long time. Come the next general elections and the next and the next, any Kikuyu candidate will just be putting himself/karuaself up for ridicule. And if we want any good for ourselves we better start bonding with fellow Kenyans now for the sake of our future and our kids.

Anonymous said...

what sort of leadership was ODM going to offer Kenyans.

Imagine only armed with one month salary and the boys are all over town messing with other peoples wives & girlfriends. Shame. Even Mugambe Were had dropped a woman in Eastlands just before he died.

Anonymous said...

Why do PNU supporters bother with these ODm zombies?

yes, yes , Kibaki sent that traffick cop to kill Too. and whose better than a cop riding a police motor bike in full uniform to carry out an assination? and even better, an assin they all knew (read your gutter piece EAS)

As for the killings and those in Naivasha and elswhere, they are part of the 'spontenious Election Violence' you know...the same one that saw you and your messiah cheering the razing of infants in a church....yes that one.

Naivasha people are very angry that the election was stolen....thats why they are dragging `Luo and Kale women from matatus and hacking them to pieces. I hear they are slowly moving towards Nairobi so we are in for some great fun.

Yeah, lets all kill innocent kids as we protest the stolen election just like Ruto and Kosgei have shown us.

5th Estate said...

Is the man in court yet ? or is he already dead ?


The killer of the Late MP is Known, He is now under police “custody “ – incommunicado, since the love story angle is now unravelling, I don’t see how he will be left to survive to tell the REAL story, he will be “briefly”- appear in court ( for pictures and the 4th estate to muddy the waters) then he will be sprinted to remand whereby he will promptly and here mysteriously commit suicide be poisoned or engage in a fatal brawl with other “ criminals “ - END OF STORY. Right now he is in police custody where nobody has access to him. Has he been appointed a lawyer? and advised that he has the right to remain silent? It will be interesting to see who will be representing him in court and the judge presiding in the case today. Only that will tell you a lot.

I would advice his lawyer to raise the issue of safety as he is a lame duck – A PATSY, then again the lawyer could be there for the sole purpose of defeating this, we will see today in court.

If there is any investigative journalist out there, THIS IS IT , from the police reshuffle, Kibaki gone AWOL, Moi maybe told conveniently by his intelligence to “ lie low” big things are on the works ? the commissioner reading from a script and calling it love gone sour , the appointment of the lawyer , the judge , the alleged murderers training and career and postings within the force ,the motor bike for the flopped gateway – was it properly issued according to regulations, when and at what time and by who ? HIS contacts, the relatives and friends of the deceased. This one is BIG, its open like a book and they don’t get any bigger than this.

The Godfather perfected the art of using OUTSIDERS when the HEAT was too much and it was absolutely necessary to do what was required when control was slipping. Unfortunately in this case a lot of people take this personal , this is NOT a gangland settlement and will not pass.

LET THE CASE BEGIN, I hope there will be a transcript of the court proceedings if nobody has anything to hide.

Anonymous said...

The EU, USA, Britain, AU, China, why dont you morons wonder why every one is opposed to you?

Why dont you stop to wonder why ODM wont produce even a shred of evidence on the so called rigging even while Orengo is busy earning money filing petitons in court (same courts he says are corrupt) for Mps? Check it out you zombies.

Why dont your stupid brains wonder why kibaki would kill mps in ODM zones where the next MP is guaranteed to be ODM as well?

Why dont you morons wonder why every interested group including the Human Rights Watch group are classifying the RV killings as organized ethnic cleansing?

Why dont you fools wonder why Ruto et all did not do what sally kosgei, uhuru and others did in their constituencies to actively stop the killings?

Why dont you zombies ever stop to consider that you might actually have been taken for a ride? dont believe it, just consider it. Dont be so bloody one minded like tse tse flies

Kimeli said...

Ministers recruiting Mungiki (AP)

Anonymous said...

as i imagined, the link does not exist.

Raila's domo domo too as usual

Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Kimeli this article on ministers recruiting mungiki is not available. haifunguki.

Kimeli said...


Just "COPY" the whole link that I provided. From here: "" to here. After that, open a new page and then "PASTE" the whole link that you copied to the opened page. Like where you write "" for example. Then the AP article will open. Hope you will get it this time.

Anon@ 1:22,

You must be the dimwit who also claimed the girl killed was a Kisii. Huh! That's the elements who are defending Kibaki here. God the Almighty. Your ilk proves the uncurable disease of Humanity's ugliest man: Kibaki the Hippo. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Aon 1:22 that is the page that is not opening....It is even said look before you leap...Domo domo ni wewe

Kenya's Turmoil Is Gang Opportunity
By KATHARINE HOURELD – 12 hours ago

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — As Kenya splits along ethnic lines and the body count spirals, desperate residents say they are turning to once-hated gangs for protection.

And some say politicians are using gang members as militias.

One gang recruiter in Nairobi said she receives about 30 calls daily from people seeking membership, and politicians — including a government minister — are offering money for weapons to fuel the furor over the presidential election.

At a camp for displaced families in Nairobi's Mathare slum, she led the crowd in a Kikuyu song before asking those whose homes were burned or looted whether they would consider joining the Mungiki gang. Much of the postelection violence has pitted President Mwai Kibaki's Kikuyu against other ethnic groups.

"If we are many, we can go and chase those people," she explained, the ragged crowd staring at her designer sunglasses and gold high heels delicately poised above the mud. "This is the time to join us."

Hands shot up around the circle.

Elsewhere in the slums, recruitment is under way by gangs associated with other tribes. The Taliban, for example, is made up of members of opposition leader Raila Odinga's Luo people. The origins of its name are unclear, but appear more inspired by the Afghan group's fearsome reputation than its extremist Islamic ideology.

The Mungiki began as a quasi-religious group dedicated to promoting Kikuyu culture in the 1980s and flourished during Kikuyu leader Uhuru Kenyatta's failed presidential bid in 2002. The Taliban and other ethnic militias, like the Sungu-Sungu and the Chinkororo, emerged in response, members say.

The state-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights says strong "circumstantial evidence" links the police to more than 450 execution-style murders of young men last year during a crackdown on the Mungiki. The police deny it.

The crackdown ended two months before the Dec. 27 election. The violence that followed has claimed over 850 lives.

"Why are we seeing Mungiki still harassing people here?" Odinga said Wednesday in Nairobi's Kibera slum. "Mungiki is the unofficial arm of the government. They are the ones who are being brought here because the government wants it to appear as if it was a civilian thing. So the police provide the cover."

But police chief Ali Hussein says he is not aware of any gang mobilization within Nairobi.

Slum residents accuse police of firing at random, killing innocent civilians, or simply refusing to come into the slums when the gangs prowl the alleyways at night.

"The head officer said, 'Let them fight each other. We will come in the morning to pick up the bodies'," said a member of the Taliban gang. He said he called police to report the murder of a Luo friend in the Mathare slum by a group of Kikuyus. "When they didn't come, we had to go out to protect ourselves," he said.

The gang took to the streets armed with machetes, he said.

He, the Mungiki recruiter and the other gang members interviewed by The Associated Press spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of police or gang reprisals.

Several members of different gangs said rich businessmen were offering gangs about $15 a day to protect their property. Politicians on both sides — mostly at the local or regional level — also offered cash to buy guns, the gang members said.

The Taliban member said he knew of 10 fellow gang members who had bought guns recently.

"They (the politicians) are coming to search for us so we can fight," said a male Mungiki member. Fake Mungiki gangs were being set up, he complained, to get the politicians' money.

That echoed allegations from human rights and other groups that politicians were organizing the postelection violence, citing the long history of orchestrated political violence in Kenya.

Michael Peel, author of a report on gang-plagued Nigeria for British think tank Chatham House, said any alliance between gangs and politicians could spiral out of control.

In Nigeria's oil-rich Delta region, gangs have evolved in a few years from stoned young men with flip flops and old rifles to masked militants with body armor and new rocket-propelled grenades. The money they got from politicians has bought them weapons and influence, human rights groups that follow Nigeria say.

In Kenya, many previously law-abiding citizens say they have turned to the gangs because of the breakdown of law and order.

Muthoni Mwaura, a Kikuyu woman in her 50s with arthritis so bad she can barely get out of bed, says the violence means Luo tenants in her six slum shacks refuse to pay rent. She cannot buy medicine or food for three orphans she cares for, she said.

"They are not paying and I am hungry," she said. "Police demand money to protect you, but Mungiki just want you to join."

Gang membership comes with a price. As part of the initiation, the Mungiki demand that female members undergo ritual genital cutting.

A Mungiki woman in charge of the ritual in part of Mathare slum said she was cutting around five girls a week since the violence started; the whole of last year she cut fewer than 50.

Sometimes girls had second thoughts, so she locked them in her house to prevent them from escaping, she said.

Once initiated, it is difficult for men and women to leave the gang alive. Mungiki recruiters say they will kill anyone who tries to leave for fear they will betray gang secrets. There are no reliable estimates on the number of gang members.

Many Mungiki say they are not yet willing to fight for the government, because the gang is still nursing a grudge over last year's police crackdown.

But they say they are loath to turn away new members and money for guns. Some say they have received word the gang will really begin its "work" in February. The Mungiki recruiter said the gang is stockpiling supplies, including food and weapons, for the coming battle.

Anonymous said...

Why so much fuss about this death. What of the others who have died. Is his life more precious than the rest? Give me a break. Death equalises everyone.

Emb said...

GEMA beating the drums of war.

Emb said...

GEMA beating the drums of war.

Anonymous said...

Mp's cousin?? Am a resident in Eldoret and i hear the woman cop was already bragging she has an mp in her pockets. So stop trying to invoke violence by saying it was a hit!

Anonymous said...

Cousin, no cousin is not the issue! The point is someone tried to plan this execution!
If the lady was a girlfriend to the mp, they hadn't just met on their 1st date.
- Also the stupid bugger who carried out the execution is a married man with kids??
How many time have you heard of a man murdering someone bcoz of a concubine?
-In addition all the policemen who go psycho murder their lovers and shoot themselves- in kenya mostly that's what happens.
-To add insult to injury the guy was found in Turbo after committing the murder in Eldi??
-Then moved to Nakuru, so fast ??
You can fool some pple some time but not all the pple all the time.

Another thing knowing so many Kenyans MP's have been known to be members of K- street does it mean only ODM MP's are involved in these things in xtry where 3/4's of the men from the shoe-shiner to the xtry's CEO have a side kick.......

Anonymous said...

Pls....Anon 4:43 Thank you

Anonymous said...

Pls....Anon 4:43 Thank you

Kimeli said...

Kibaki dismisses ODM and says Raila should GO to "Gicheru" Courts

You thought the UGLY man (KIbaki) was a human being. I have always doubted whether he belongs to the Homo Sapiens. Good!

Anonymous said...

ofcourse Mungiki is recruiting. And tell ruto that mungiki will forever be grateful to him for driving the entire Kyuk population to their ranks.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the motive in Killing the late Were, Kibaki's so called Government has a responsibility of ensuring security for all Kenyans.

Insecurity even prior to the elections can be squarly and fairly put on Kibaki's door, where the buck stops!

This nonsense about love triangle is just rubish. Remember the late MP Tony Ndilinge? The same love triangle hog was was served to Kenyans to swallow and digest.

Even if it was a love triangle affair, security is one of the reasons Kibaki gets a salary and it has been getting worse since he was elected in Dec 2002.

JM - Doha

Ruto said...

anon @6:20

Do you think Ruto is scared of Mungiki? Few of his boys will dismantle them. Ruto is legendary and you can drink cyanide if you hate him. Raila this, Raila that. Now it is Ruto this, Ruto that. Must you be brought with hate for you to steal from others? Shit. Ruto dismantled Moi, Biwott and Kirwa, few drunkard boys like Mungiki and ugly shits like Kibaki and his Hippos like Karua will be mounted by him as well.

Kiss said...


Please get us the reason for the fight in Nyamira district.

So far 10, people died (Reuters), 20-30 wounded and AFP said the same (8).

Kume said...

Policeman hanged

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