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Friday, January 04, 2008

A Compelling Case For A Government of National Unity (GNU)

There are a lot of initiatives that are currently underway to resolve the current political stalemate in Kenya that has resulted to Kenya being compared with Rwanda genocide by the international press. You can do something. Published below are the efforts of few individual Kenyans, some of whom may be known to you, who are taking the initiative because they believe they can influence change. These Kenyans are meeting today Saturday 5th January 2008 at 4pm - Kenya time - at The Cellar (Kilimani). Any Kenyan of goodwill who may be interested or have any positive idea(s) to propose are welcome to join. These are some of the thoughts they have put together and managed to communicate to ODM and PNU.

(The ideas proposed herein are not necessarily those of Kumekucha nor the publisher)

We the undersigned are very concerned that destruction of life and property continues whilst politicians continue to posture. The country faces a meltdown. One of the undersigned has worked in many conflict countries and shared with us his experiences. We should all be determined that our country must not go that route. We should do everything possible within our means to ensure this does not happen.

The emerging evidence is that the electoral process was seriously flawed. Therefore no credible winner can emerge from this process. We are appealing to the two main protagonists to shift from their hard line positions and consider dialogue. There can be no winner in this contest and there may never be one for sometime to come.

The fears of all Kenyans need to be addressed and mechanism put in place to protect all Kenyans regardless. We feel this can only be achieved through an Interim Government of National Unity.

Whilst the issues that put us in our current situation are being addressed, we would like to put up a strong case for the creation of a Government of National Unity (GNU), as the most effective method of quickly resolving the ensuing stalemate as well as solving a number of other outstanding issues in the country.

Here are some of the options available to address these issues:
  1. PNU can take the hard option of going on with business as usual, form a cabinet and prepare to live with the opposition for the next five years. This is not a viable option.
  2. The two parties can jointly file a consent agreement in an election petition court declaring the election to have been irregular and request for their nullification, after which new elections can be held.
  3. ODM can go to court and challenge the election of President Kibaki, and if successful then this can lead to a repeat election.
  4. PNU, ODM and other parties can agree that the election was irregular. PNU and ODM have been seriously implicated in the malpractices. However, other than seeking for a repeat election, they can agree to form a all inclusive Government of National Unity.
The GNU would be tasked to undertake and complete the following tasks:
  • Finalise the constitution including the creation of the position of a Prime Minister position. Mr Kibaki would become the President while Raila would take up the position of Prime Minister
  • Remove the current stalemate and enable the country to engage in more productive activities.
  • Unify the country and recreate the national image. The country needs it if it is to be saved from disintegrating into tribal enclaves under the authority of warlords.
If no action is taken urgently, the following would become the consequences:
  1. The country will degenerate into unprecedented chaos. The consultant mentioned above who has worked with many third world countries that went through similar experiences, is of the view that Kenya is ripe for this type of disintegration.
  2. Many of us, including the very leaders who are refusing to take up action, if not dead or if they will not have run away, will be lining up with other refugees for daily allowances.
  3. We shall lose all the gains we have achieved to date and go down in history as another fallen African republic.
J. H. R MURIGU - murigu(at)
CLIFF MUKULU - cliff.mukulu(at)
KEN MBWAYA - ken.mbwaya(at)
PATRICK NGENGA - patrick_ngenga(at)
MOSES MWAURA - mkmwaura(at)
JAGI GAKUNJU - jgakunju(at)
MOSES NDERITU - mnderitu(at)
MUCAI KUNYIHA - mkunyiha(at)
JOHN KASHANGAKI - jkashangaki(at)
MAINA KARANJA - adijai(at)


Aly said...

Frankly, it seems to me that only if Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga can lead by example and show that they can work together will the country have any hope of putting this tragedy behind it.

I'm not sure how the governance will work exactly but I imagine that can be thrashed out. Is there any other *realistic* option?

Anonymous said...

These is a group of Kikuyus looking for this oportunity to get famous to earn money, watch them out. Trying to put only about two who are not kikuyus will not hide the issue here. Shame on such characters. Will you stop doing business and people are dying?

Anonymous said...

The issue of GNU is Nonsense! Kibaki and his ilk are not sharing the cake with ODM!

Luigi Kichalu

chris said...

Don't be idiots if you want to criticize please give us your better idea. Otherwise please shut up. This is not the time!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate the efforts of these Kenyans, I think the rest of us have lost trust in this Kibaki government controlled by Mt Kenya Mafia. The contempt that has been shown to the other 41 or so tribes has created such a deep wound that things may never be the same again. Daylight robbery is what took place. You cannot claim that the winner of these elections was not obvious. That is a lie. Even the unschooled can see.
There can be no stable building of the nation without a proper foundation. Falsehood cannot be our foundation. I don´t think the issue is ODM sharing power. The issue is Democracy has been trampled on. How do you share with a thief who has stolen what is yours. Kenyans, only the truth will set us free.

Anonymous said...

If any of the nay saying critics have better ideas or proposals, the meeting place and time has been posted and yes, it is open to any and all Kenyans. This is the time to put aside cheap, petty, hate promoting politics and work to save our nation from falling into the abyss of certain destruction.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:38, if you knew better, you would not be making the rather misguided insinuations that you make. These Kenyans do not need the fame or fortune you accuse them of. Why don't you do a little reason on who they are or better still google some of their names and find out who they are and what they have been doing to contribute to Kenyan society first before you go about your misguided diatribe.

Tom said...

Chris, the GNU initiative is the ONLY sensible way forward and I strongly support it. Please don't be deterred by a few nay sayers. I shall be giving more suggestions later.

tnk said...

a govt of national unity is almost certain going to fall flat on its face. the main bone of contention would be specific ministries such as home affairs or whoever is in charge of internal security (currently michuki), justice/constitution (currently karua assistant Mungatana), finance (kimunya). THese four have constantly taken a hard liner stand. put these with any core ODMers and no business will get conducted, it will be just a sham. drop these 4 and kibaki loses his most loyal and courageous lieutenants/backers. Moderate ODMers will be viewed as traitors. THese four are way to arrogant to negotiate with anyone and now add to that mix Uhuru Kenyatta, Saitoti and a few other PNU diehards and ODM diehards and its out of control. Keep in mind Kibaki does not honor trusts so he will likely renege on any agreement at any time.

the real solution is to let kibaki form his govt as he surely will and ODM to use its numbers to bring the govt to an early constituionally acceptable end and that includes file against the election irregularities as a matter of urgency, i don't imagine PNU or affiliates doing so. Hopefully before they do that, they will enact laws that will seal all the loopholes witnessed in the runup to elections.

The courts (karua, Mungatana, Gacheru) and AG as usual will drag their feet for 5 years so nothing will come out of that.

the greatest dissapointment is that kibaki has legitimised handling of stolen goods.

the three presidencies can be stereotyped

a) steal but do not get caught
b) steal but toa kitu kidogo (kubwa) ya mzee
c) steal in plain sight, mta do?

but then i could be wrong

Aly said...

Is GNU really feasible? It's no secret that Raila has had his eyes on the presidency - and for good reason - look at the development record in Nyanza. The saving grace of ODM is that it looks like a coalition of interests unlike the PNU. IMO even if GNU is the best technical solution moving forward, implementing it will be a nightmare.

Is a run-off in 3 months really practical under these circumstances? - perhaps in a year.
I'm afraid I don't see a way out.

I know - ODMers will say - give the presidency to Raila - do we honestly think that there was no rigging on the other side. The bottom line is that the election was too close to call. The ECK not being rigourous is a failure of process which probably reflects the level of evolution of some Kenyan institutions.

GNU is the way to go but will the two candidates be able to rise above their ambitions and their respective communities self-interests? I am somewhat removed from the situation so perhaps a bit naive.

Aly said...

tnk, IMO you've nailed it. GNU is probably not workable and letting Kibaki form the govt. is a risk ODM will resist. Tough choices ahead.

mike said...

Majority of kenyans knows that Raila won the elections. How can he be in a coalition (GNU)with Kibaki as the head !!! Nonsense !

Aly said...

Mike, I appreciate your sentiments but there's an emergency at hand.

Kibaki has 'taken' it. The question is: Is it possible to undo what's done without more loss of life and without bringing the country to a halt.

See cms article for this suggestion:

Ayesha Kajee, an elections expert and head of the International Human Rights Exchange at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, says that a road map to peace might look like this: Since parliamentary elections seem largely to have been carried off with fewer irregularities, the largest party in Parliament could be allowed to form an interim government for a limited period of time, in order to carry out the necessary tasks of government, such as running schools and health programs, and paying government salaries and contracts.

In the meantime, Ms. Kajee says, the AU could be invited to send a fact-finding mission to study the Kenyan election results – a procedure that every AU member except Egypt has agreed to in the AU's new charter on elections and governance. Then the AU mission could be allowed to recommend whether to retally voter counts in disputed areas, hold new elections in disputed areas, or the most expensive option, hold new elections nationwide.

"Kenya is a country that can be an indicator for the political health of the entire region, so why not use this election as a test case," says Ms. Kajee. "It is certainly within the AU's interest and its mission to intervene in a case like this, especially in the name of ending ethnic conflict before it spreads."

Kenya's attorney general called Thursday for an independent body to verify the vote tally. But Wafula Okumu, an African security analyst for the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria, South Africa, says that conducting a retally of the Dec. 27 results will be time-consuming and difficult, given that much of the documentation has either been doctored or has disappeared since election night.

Anonymous said...


Ask my friend Ngenga and others to try other means of resolving the conflict.

First, Raila is not interested in anything else other than presidency. That is why you fools are attacking Kyuks as if Kibaki is a Kikuyu. He is not and Raila is not a Luo. These guys belong to the ruling class and are only using democracy to get into power.

Ask people to stop killing Kikuyus in the name of their rights.

Anonymous said...

Damning article:

Kenya carries on stolen tradition,0,6598876.story?coll=la-sunday-commentary

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a man eat man society.

All of you reading and commenting here are doing it at the comfort of your homes or offices or abroad. The reported deaths are 300-350, this is totally wrong as more than 1000 people have died.

I think what has happened proves what James Watson had said last year about africans. Ivory Coast, Zimbambwe,Somalia etc and Kenya has joined the list.

Frank Smith, Nairobi Kenya

Anonymous said...

GNU? Who are you kidding?

Besides, there is nothing to salvage here. Kenya is gone. For good.

Before you folks start your trip to nowhere, if any of you have access to Mr. Kibaki, Mr. Kivuitu or Amos Wako, go and sit down with them and have an honest talk. They have the means to turn the situation around.

Those of you telling ODM leaders to prevail on their supporters are wasting time. One only needs to see the emotions during the campaigns to realize that these leaders were just the means for Kenyans to attain change. They have no control whatsoever and they cannot help.

You can choose to say that demonstrators are tired and the situation will return to normal. Go on, go back to your offices and buy safaricom. But you will only be cheating yourselves.

Aly said...

Frank, you are bigot. Go make your living in the West.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:42 - what exactly do you mean there is nothing to salvage here - it's tragic, but not quite the Third Reich. Isn't in a bit defeatist to give up hope. Assuming you live in Kenya, "go back to your offices", then what?

Anonymous said...

So what if Raila became the president? as of now my two lorries were burnt, my hardware shop burnt. Mind you I voted for Raila. I dont know what to do now.

Manoj Shah

wiliams said...

If one is sick and you go to a doctor, the syptoms of the disease could be visible and any qualified doctor cannot just treat the symptoms but diagonise the disease and prescribe the apropriate medication. after proper medication, i think you dont need to bother with the symptoms coz for sure they will naturaly disapear.

Now for those of you who start with these words "FOR THE SAKE OF PEASE", what you are doing is simply treating the symptoms and the disease is quickly left to spread.

The disease here is JUSTICE DENIED AND DEMOCRACY TRAMPLED ON. so untill justice is served and democracy left to prevail, those who labour on any method of creating pease labour in vain coz the disease is not cured so the symptoms shall keep appearing.

It seems that most of us have very short memories and have queckly forgoten thay GNU is what NARC was all about and after the famous MOU i dont think anybody in his right thinking mind should suggest it.

my suggestion is for kenya to put pressure to the goverment nomater the cost Untill justice is served

Remember kenya is already on its knees and from the president right down to the courts, nothing can be trusted anymore.


Anonymous said...


There is nothing to salvage. The Kenya you knew is gone Kabisa. Like i mentioned, those three gentlemen can do something.

People meeting at the Cellar is inconsequential. what are they going to achieve?

Unless someone can convince Kibaki to listen to the voice of reason, Kenya is going one way.. downhill. You can meet at the cellar until hell freezes over. While at it, please tell me how you are going to prevent the next genocide if we bury our heads in the sand as usual.

Just look at the bunch meeting. I might be mistaken but i suspect half of them hope for things to cool down and the status quo to prevail. What with the upcoming IPO and the possibility that with the chaos, the government has no option but to sell it for a song?

Meanwhile the grievances of the youth in most of Kenya go unresolved. What do you think they will do next time? Or are you hoping they will come and meet you at the Cellar?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki talks very little, so you do not know what he is cooking. I think Kibaki does not give a damn about joining hands with RAO. To him, he won the election, and RAO is the official opposition leader, like it or not. In my opinion, he will carry on 'business as usual' while ignoring ODM with their alleged rigging. The obviousness of buying Kalonzo and his ODM-K is his strategy to get a majority in parliament. Dr. Alfred said they cant share power with losers!Those fronting for an election petition, or using parliament to get power from Kibaki, am sorry this wont work against Kibaki!
In my opinion, Kibaki WILL NOT give in to any of ODM demands.
The only way out is:
1. ODM eats humble pie and forms the official opposition, and the country runs as normal.
2. ODM continues to try and get power from Kibaki. This will, mark my words, only result in chaos - mass action, police confrontation, loss of life and destruction of property now and then, till the five years are over for other elections.

I dont see anything like a run-off, another election before 2012, a success by ODM to get power. Let us all wake up to this reality!
The option number 1 above is my humble submission to us all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the initiatives of reconciliation.

BUT before the likes of Moi, Raila and all the other parties that live in anger against Kikuyu`s sign that agreement, The government should initiate a program to educate all Kenyans that we are brothers and sisters and Kenya belongs to all of us.

I think that program will benefit us Kenyans to learn how to live together asand learn how to live togethet without jealos and tribalism as one people.

Anonymous said...

This is rubbish. GNU my @$$! This is a group of Kikuyus trying to "look" like patriots when the bitter truth is that Kibaki lost the election and is in office illegally. GNU with Kibaki as president? This is laughable. Where in the world does the loser of the election become head of a coalition government? This is cheap Kikuyu propaganda, and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. Mucai, Nderitu, Murigu, Ngenga, Kunyiha... please!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are very accommodative and that`s how we managed to live with the British "colonialists" and learnt from them.

AND we later kicked them out when we realised that they were sucking our blood.

Other tribes are not accommodative.

Ni wivu tu na urogi.

And the the Kalenjins stealing cows.

Anonymous said...

How come only poor youths mainly Luos are rioting. I have seen many welll off Luos continue with their lives with Kikuyu girlfriends laughing over beer and nyama choma.

As for the killings and eviction that was planned long before the elections. Raila started the Majimbo issue and went around the country inciting other tribes againist the Kikuyus. Even if Raila was sworn in Kikuyus, Kisiis and others would still have been killed withno one to protect them, and ODM know this very well.

Whichever way everyone is a loser in all these chaos. The farmers in the North Rift cannot deliver their milk which is going to waste now. The fishermen in Lake victoria are also losing because no activity is taking place.

I think what Kenyans do not want to accept is that Moi ruled this country for 24 years with support of the minority. Kibaki will lead Kenya for another 5 years with the support of the majority who alos happens to be hardworking enterprising. The concept of democracy is abused by and China is a superpower but they dont entertain noise makers.

Those people evicted will be rebuild their lives elsewhere. Right now no economic activity is taking place in Rift valley and Luo Nyanza while its normal in all other places. Nairobi is normal safe for Luos being misused by their elite kinsmen.

Kenyans should go back to work!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki should have thought of the consequences before attempting what he did. Who will lose most if Kenya degenerates into a full-fledged Rwanda? Who hold economic power? Kibaki may have rigged the election in the false knowledge that he was helping House of Mumbi, but the truth is that he was really putting them on the line. And some clown here says accomodative? Well, I guess you can be accomodating if someone comes into your house and pushes you out of your dining table and takes your seat, then proceeds to give you left overs as you squat under the table. Everyone knows the Kikuyu were Britain's bitches. And you can shove that GNU where the sun don't shine!

Anonymous said...

aly why are you hurling insults? I have lived in this contry for many years and I know what I am talkin about. In the west its the politicians who go to the people but here the masses follow them. This is stupid.

I cant understand why Africans should fight and kill each other when those they are fighting for are comfortable in their homes.

Frank Smith, Nairobi

MistaT said...

It is really a worrying trend that has been set and it is bound to cause a Rwanda kind of situation if nothing is done about it.

I think we are sitting on an explosive time bomb that will definitely happen. The question only being will it last until the likes of Michuki and Kibaki are promoted to glory or they will be alive to see for themselves the consequences of their short sighted action.

The tension and bad blood is building up even amongst the otherwise rational individuals, and this make me worried about our future as a nation. Some of us are ready to die for a better Kenya!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Smith,

You are absolutely correct. We Kenyans are extremely gullible. We are the bigots and fools sometimes.

We know that Mungiki are kiling people countrywide but forget that for now. Just look at these statistics and tell me if they make sense;

500,000 displaced 350 dead


100,000 displaced 350 dead.

Only a fool would swallow such stats.

Patriot damu.

Anonymous said...

If no action is taken urgently, the following would become the consequences:
1. The country will degenerate into unprecedented chaos. The consultant mentioned above who has worked with many third world countries that went through similar experiences, is of the view that Kenya is ripe for this type of disintegration.
2. Many of us, including the very leaders who are refusing to take up action, if not dead or if they will not have run away, will be lining up with other refugees for daily allowances.
3. We shall lose all the gains we have achieved to date and go down in history as another fallen African republic.

Well you have Kibaki to thank for that, don't you? It is shocking that you are agitating for a GNU well in the knowledge that Kibaki lost the election. And that mzungu should shut up. It's a whole nother can of worms when we start talking about the West...

Anonymous said...

Thank you mistat. Now, let those who want to meet at the Cellar go ahead. But frankly speaking, i don't see what they hope to achieve.

Wamunguti said...

The President of Kenya, Rigged in or Not should call for a minute of silence to the whole republic the he represents for the Dead people.

AND then we take it from there.

Imagine if one American die, the Whole country mourns, irrespective of whether they are Spanish, blacks whites or Yellow "Chinese"

Kivuitu, Kibaki and Raila Killed more than 100 innocent voters and no-one is talking about it.

Their hands are blood stained.

Anonymous said...

Correction, Kibaki and Kivuitu are culpable. Kibaki rigged the election, and Kivuitu made the announcement.

Anonymous said...

i support the cellar guys. even if they fail they r doing something. what r the rest of u guys doing apart from farting from ur comfy seats?

patriot damu

Wamunguti said...

Anonymous Wamunguti said...

The President of Kenya, Rigged the elections. and should should call for a minute of silence in the whole republic that he represents. Particularly the innocent Dead people.

AND then we take it from there.

Imagine if one American die, the Whole country mourns, irrespective of whether they are Spanish, blacks, whites or Yellow "Chinese" and the Indians.

Kivuitu, Kibaki and Raila Killed more than 100 innocent voters and no-one is talking about it.

Their hands are blood stained.

3:50 AM

Aly said...

Frank, I am hurling insults because of your mention of James Watson.

Regarding you other comment about writing from the comforts of your homes - I agree it a privilege - but there may be many more who are apathetic.

Aly said...

Williams, I hear you about the disease vs. the symptoms. The problem is how do you cure it? IMO, short of a coup, civil society has to push for the solution along the lines suggested by Ms. Kajee.

Anonymous said...

"Many of us, including the very leaders who are refusing to take up action, if not dead or if they will not have run away, will be lining up with other refugees for daily allowances."

Ha-ha! It now dawns on the Kikuyu elite that Kibaki's actions could lead to the loss of money they have worked so hard to steal... it's all about the money for this Cellar lot!

Legal Hawk said...

This article by Kenyan Advocate was an eye opener.
It is not too late for Kivuitu to nullify the results under his constitutional powers...afterall he didn't follow the due process of the law.
Before any1 unleashes their tongues on it.
There is hope,all is not lost.
And this GNU thing...guys...don't u think that will take us back to a 1 party state?
We wont have an opposition...who will keep the govt on thea toes?
it isn't the wisest move!

Aly said...

Manoj, sorry to hear about your losses. It must be a terribly difficult time. But you also have to look at it in perspective. All business people who took a hit (asian or otherwise) regardless of who they voted for will have to find a way to regroup using their acumen, networks and any savings. The real tragedy though is the killings, brutality and displacement.

Anonymous said...

john oilepo said...

Government of National Unity is not practicle (which party's policies will be implemented?), neither is the creation of a Prime Minister's post to please some. Why don't we just agree on new elections. Why can't that forum turn itself into an advocacy for a level playing field for immediate free and fair presidential poll?

Yellow said...

Innocent voters who were exercising their democratic rights were killed like rats.

There have to be prosecutions to heal the wounds of Elections Mistake.

Perpetrators should be brought to Justice.

Whether it`s slapping Lucy, Ruto or Raila.

Kenyans are not Rats.

Anonymous said...

@Frank, you are very wrong. In the West (Europe) people demonstrate ruthlessly to force their politicians to wake up. Think about demos against NATO, neuclear weapons and power. Many demonstrators die and several polititians are consequently forced to change their policies and even made to RESIGN.

The only problem we have in Africa is that NO politician is prepared to resign to save lives, even if he is aware that a gravious mistake has occured, as now with Kibaki with the rigged elections. No African president takes responsibility.

Aly said...

anon 3:09 and any other GNU dissenters - Kenya is not under the microscope for nothing. Let's not underestimate international pressure. What's at stake is not just democracy in Kenya, but also as a trend-setter, in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Why GNU can not work.

PNU wants continuity, no mention of scandals which have rocked Kenya (Anglo-Leasing,Goldenberg, Artur Bros, tribalism, etc)

ODM wants transparency and intends to bring back Kenyan money hidden by criminals in Europe (in accord. with the Kroll Report).

Kibaki is an old man who rules from the golf field (hands-off style). Raila wants things done rightly and quickly (the German style where neatness and responsibility is the theme of learning in every school).

A fast repeat of the elections would save this country.

Anonymous said...

The first and foremost thing we have to consider is the personalities and past deeds of the two groups.
From past experiences when Kibaki had problems he always run to kabarak for advise.
On the other hand Odinga stood ground and regrouped and convinced people to join crusade against corrupt and untrustworth leaders.
My suggestion is destroy kibakis support and he will be on the table ready for negotiations.
Kenyans find out his support and destroy it completely.This will be the first step towards negotiations for a better kenya

Anonymous said...

4:41 A fast repeat of election when the wounds are still fresh would not be a good idea - perhaps that's what ODM wants to leverage.

Didn't Kibaki promise transparency in 2002? You're painting Raila as a saint - which no politician is.

Anonymous said...

5:21 Question: How do you 'destroy' Kibaki's support. I pray it's not more violence.

Silaha said...

@Anon 11:38PM, What?!*&! Our country is burning and you're response is "oh these are Gikuyus so disregard what they say". At some stage we become part of the problem and not the solution. We are all something or other, does that mean that our ideas should be thrown out wholesale because of our ethnicity.

Jeez, maybe "people do deserve their leaders."

@All: Unfortunately given the reality of our super-powerful executive behind GNUs, Interim governments etc is the question... "Who will be President?" if it is my person then I am all for it, if it is your's then it's not a viable solution.

We're making progress but we have a ways to go yet.


Anonymous said...


a) It is interim.

b) Followed by elections in a matter of months.


Anonymous said...


Wetangula Jnr said...


a GNU should only be place tentatively. they have to call for re-election

-there must be an equal distribution of power, if not creation of an executive PMs position, and a diluted presidency.

-there MUST be a TRUTH and RECONCILIATION commission prior to the elections.

-elections MUST be held not later than De 2008

kiwi said...

Kibaki and Rila are not leaders. They are OLD KANU crooks hungry for power. THEY JUMPED SHIP WHEN MOI, OLE NTIMAMA, SUNKULI AND BIWOTT COULD not tororate them in OLD Kanu.

Can kenyans elect Rev. Njoya to be President OR Rev. Gitari?

I`m just just asking.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Njoya or Rev. Gitari do not deserve that privilege Kiwi. There silence in the past few days has been UNACCEPTABLE, HYPOCRITICAL and rules them out completely!!!!!!!!!

savin said...

Strange, didn't we have a GNU in 2002, look at the results. All your points were to be implemented in 2002 but Kibaki pissed it all away.

Kazi iendelee is not going to cut it this time, Kenyans MUST STOP NOW! and prevent this from EVER happening again.

I think you have the sequence wrong, otherwise we have a repeat of 2002 resulting in 2007.. 2012 etc, and it will only get worse each time, the root of the problem must be addresses and not just treat the symptoms.

1. #4 PNU, ODM and other parties can agree that the election was irregular, Kivuitu holds a press conference and invalidates the Presidential results.
2. Elected MPs immediately hold consultations on a change of the Constitution,
3. Once the Constitution is signed into law by all parties, Then a government of National Unity be formed to do the following:

4. Based on the Constitution, Create New Administration Institutions that all Kenyans can respect that are based on Logic.

New Administrators in all positions
New Justices in all courts/ECK, with all Positions requiring a 2/3 Majority Parliamentary Approval before taking office.

The constitution should specifically target the following:

Civil rights for all Kenyans and a new respect for the Law and each other.

New Local based administration structure where Provinces/Districts elect their own local representatives, Kenya is still running under an administration system that the British created in the 1920s and this needs to be uprooted.
While we are at it get rid of the White wigs justices wear, it is embarrassing.

The United States went through the same thing in the 60's with Riots, Anti War Movement, Civil rights Movement, Assassinations etc. They were able to build institutions that to this day though not perfect but are cherished by all Americans.
(African Americans were second class citizens before the 60's, now Kenya's own native son, Obama is the the leading US Presidential candidate)
Likewise we need to build similar institutions and Laws that transcend personalities and that all Kenyans respect and cherish.

There are bright days Ahead for Kenyan lets not lose this opportunity to get back our African Tiger status. said...


Wed, 2 Jan 2008 08:05:02 -0500
From: Maurice Nyaware

It’s right to keep each one of us in Diaspora who has access to our beloved web “”’’.As you know we are all astonished with the self declaration of Jaraboun’s win.What I can say is that some of the reliable source back from home says that, the peoples President is not locked in and his fellows like Ruto and Orengo Jimy is also not in,they are all expected to hold THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENDT INAGURATION at the venue that have not been mentioned at 2pm, so far it is that the deaths fom Dagoreti.Mathare, Kariobangi, Kayole and some other estates in Nairobi may be 50 in number’s there have been fights through out the night since Kibaki imposed him self yesterday .The forces are also devide and this is said to couse more havoc scince the majority of the foces are wakale and this are pro Aguambo. Otherwiase this is the time when force should be implemented to achieve the demand of the people as it is said when diplomacy fails Force should be implied, the reasone why am saying this is for the reason that the Court will not solve this situation and if some body is thinking of international community this still will fail couse Okuche as you know they are nincompups who do not look at this as a national concern but away of making more “”Mbesha”” .this is way I say lets find a way of making use of our forces THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OUT.

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Anonymous said...

Mutahi Ngunyi's "Phrophetism" in 2003 Came True

Sunday Nation, Dec 2003

Why our second liberation is yet to be completed


This week I want to give a suggestion to President Mwai Kibaki: He should fire his speechwriter! If we lived in a ''banana republic,'' these people would have actually been charged with sabotage. What they gave the President to read on Jamhuri Day was flat and shoddy.

In fact, his speech on this day sounded like recycled material from the Madaraka Day and Kenyatta Day addresses. And what is worrying is that his speechwriters did not even seem to notice the repetitions. The question we should ask here is why?

The answer to this is simple: Maybe they also slept through the speeches! The long and short of things is therefore that someone is being negligent.

Let us now turn to the fact that the President has finally put his portrait on our currency. In my view, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, there would be nothing wrong if he put a family portrait on one of the currency notes.

What we must understand here is that President Kibaki is a human being. He has urges and excesses. To deny him some things is therefore ridiculous. It is like placing a pot full of honey in front of a little boy and expecting him not to dip his finger into the stuff! In other words, our new President is cuddling in the warmth and comfort of the institutions that shaped former President Daniel arap Moi. And, if this is the case, why should we be surprised if he ''hatched'' into a dictator?

What we have witnessed in the last one year is the degeneration of President Kibaki from a reformer to a ''Toad King''. This process begins with the President becoming insensitive. At this point, he breaks one pledge after another without feeling a thing. And, as he does this, the question in his mind is: Where can you take me? In the case of the MoU for instance, we took him nowhere. The begrudged politicians yapped until the cows came home. Now the President has put his portrait on our currency and we will take him nowhere. The general attitude here is this: If you do not like it, you can sit on a pin!

Numbing his sense to popular voices will definitely degenerate into a state of paranoia. At this point, the President will make one blunder after another. And instead of correcting his mistakes, he will increase his speed in the direction of the wrong. This is where former President Moi was when he introduced ''Project Uhuru'' to the country. The crowds booed him, his loyal followers in Kanu abandoned him and even his own people questioned his wisdom. But the more we rejected his ''project'', the more determined he became.

There is a lesson for President Kibaki here. He is increasingly becoming like Mr Moi during the 2002 elections. He is not yet paranoid, but his insensitivity could develop into ''political blindness''. Who knows how low he will have sunk by the 2007 elections? And this is what worries me.

Consider a hypothetical situation here. What would happen if President Kibaki decided to run for re-election in 2007 and lost? Would he and his men have the grace to hand over power peacefully? From the way they have behaved in the last one year, I doubt it. And where would that leave the country? At the risk of sounding crazy, I want to suggest the following: If we thought that Mr. Moi would plunge the country into civil strife, he proved us wrong. Narc is the party to plunge the county into civil strife. You just have to listen to the FM stations and the call-in television programmes to see a pattern. From the name of the caller, you can almost predict what they will say and what side of the divide they will take. In a disputed election, such polarity would certainly take ugly proportions.

But there are two possible ways out of this. The first one has to do with the agenda of the second liberation. This process was meant to achieve two things - to remove Mr. Moi from power and replace him with reform-minded leaders. This was done successfully. However, as we are beginning to realise, Mr. Moi was not the problem. The problem was the institutions he inherited from the Kenyatta. To change the leadership without changing the institutions is like treating cancer with Malaraquin. This is partly why the ''institutional cancer'' in the presidency is beginning to affect President Kibaki.

Putting his portrait on our currency and junking the pre-election MoU are just manifestations of this cancer. This is why the other agenda of the second liberation was institutional reforms. Until this is completed, the second liberation will not have happened. More specifically, this refers to the constitutional review process. And, at this point I would want to address the delegates preparing for Bomas III on January 12, 2004.

It is my hope that you have had time to reflect on the issues at hand in Bomas III. We are also told that the politicians have spent this long break to bribe you. In my view you should take the bribes and use the money to enjoy your Christmas. You must realise at this point that you are involved in politics and that in this game there is no morality. As such, you should have fun on someone else's account! However, when it comes to voting, you must reject the ''bribe givers'' and vote for the country.

This is important because of the following reasons. If the second liberation had two phases, the first phase of replacing the leadership had to be carried out by 3.1 million voters. Replacing Mr Moi and his cronies was in my view the easy part. The second phase is the tough one. And this is where you come in. You are only 600 people, and the future of our country depends on you. I have two questions for you at this point. One, as you vote for issues, will you be thinking of your ''tribal chief'' or your children? In my view, your tribe is your children. If you make a constitution for your children, you will have made a constitution for Kenya.

Two, consider the question of the Prime Minister's post. And the question to you is this: If this post had been created before the 2002 elections, do you think President Kibaki would have ''trashed'' the MoU? Do you think he would have put his portrait on our currency and retained corrupt ministers in his Cabinet? If the answer to these questions is no, then the cure to the ''institutional cancer'' in the presidency is the creation of this post. Do think about it! The second possible way out of civil strife has to do with the Kikuyu. Now that the presidency has returned to the ''House of Mumbi'', some people from the community are convinced that it is there to stay. In my view, this kind of thinking is retrogressive and could result in ethnic animosity.Kikuyus should come to terms with the possibility that they could lose the presidency in 2007. As such, they should do two things: One, ''bank'' with the other communities. This is important because they cannot survive alone in future. Two, they should disown the Kikuyu ''sharks'' in the Kibaki government.

Unless they do so, the entire community will be blacklisted simply on account of a few people. In future, a Kikuyu presidential candidate would be rejected because of the misdeeds of isolated people. My submission therefore is: They should not support this regime blindly!

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