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Monday, January 27, 2014

Multi Millionaire Caught Working As Street Cleaner

What kind of lifestyle would you have if you were a multi-millionaire? I bet there wouldn't be too much real work in your schedule.

Now here is a multi millionaire with solid assets that will definitely NOT disappear tomorrow and yet she chooses to hassle and wake up every morning going to work. And get this. NOT to the office or some nice job she can easily get using a multi-millionaire club contacts. She goes to work as a filthy street cleaner.

Wonders never cease but there is an extremely important lesson to be learned here in case you hit the jackpot tomorrow. See Millionaire works as street cleaner.

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Anonymous said...

The lesson here is that it is not all about the money. There is much more to being a successful man/woman in this world and being worth millions. Ask Bill Gates.

Telling Kenyans this is like playing the guitar for a goat. They just worship money. PERIOD. And to many making millions is license to have a lazy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy life to the fullest for tomorrow you go back to your maker. She is nuts working as a cleaner.

Anonymous said...


The hardness of life in Nairobi and rest of the country, the struggle it presents us, people from all walks of life, every day, is easy to pass over, but very difficult ultimately to ignore by all accounts.

However, unlike the Youzhens of this world, there are a number of Nairobians and others in the country, who are so addicted to leading lives - in any way, shape and fashion - beyond their means, and at every high cost unnecessary.

Why? And for what? Well, all is done in the wasteful, sickening and tiring name of trying to impress their neighbours, former classmates/schoolmates/village people, general public and other people out there, who do not give a hoot or toot whether the impressing lot 24/7 - so-called wannabe elite, famous (aka infamous) native sons/daughters, or considered rich and famous - live or die the following minute, hour, day, week, month, year or decade.

Some of the best blueprint and ways of living and enjoying life for all its worth - call it to the fullest - is surely provided by the daily lifestyles and examples of next door millionaire neighbours like Youzhen.

Ordinary looking millionaire folks who know hard life is and help us, the people, find ways to uplift ourselves as we try to emulate them without much fanfare, fakeness and the usual deep seated modus operandi of wanting to be what we are not, let alone living beyond our means.

Can't wait to find out how many hardworking and down to earth versions of Youzhen are there living in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Malindi, Lamu, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Machakos, Murang'a, Homa Bay, Kerugoya, Garissa, Kisii, Bungoma, Isiolo, Kakamega, Karatina, Voi, Runyenjes, Kitui, Soyi, Kitale, Kiambu, Embu, Kericho, etc., by October of 2024.

Anonymous said...

Youzhen's chosen lifestyle debunks the old saying, masikini akipata matako hulia mbwata.

Mombasa County needs to deploy a cleanup bicycle crew - men and women - like Youzhen's in order to cleanup Mombasa and keep it clean at all times, as was the traditional routine during the early-mid 1900s.

The island and surrounding areas have become cabbage pit besides the now deeply polluted waters along the Bahari ya Hidi.

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