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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mysterious Wetangula, Ruto Meeting

Kenyan politics has gotten so confusing. The screaming headline was shocking and yet not clear in what exactly was being said. Wetangula in talks with Ruto? The article confused the matter even further and talked about the 2017 elections. The two were discussing 2017 general elections. Really??

Even stranger was the fact that there were no statements from CORD condemning the "talks." For those who are not naive enough to take things at face value there was definitely something that was not quite right here.

Let's take a look at what we do know to help us figure out what we don't.

* We know that the CORD principals (Wetangula included) told Kenyans very recently that they are sticking together in readiness for the next general elections. An interesting aside here is that Kalonzo Musyoka said at the same meeting that the next general elections will be earlier than 2017. They could be held at any time, he told the crowd. The mainstream media resported that without analyzing it. What exactly was Bwana Wiper saying? What does he know that we all don't know? Anyway that is a story for another day when I have dug around deeper.

* We know that the Luhya community are rabidly anti-JUBILEE, more so Wetangula's Bukusu sub-tribe of the Luhya. It would be political suicide for any politician to cross the floor and join JUBILEE at the moment. Even if that politician was Nelson Mandela.

* It is way too early to start having such serious discussions on political marriages for 2017. In politics a week can be a very long time and so to believe that DP Ruto and Wetangula were meeting to strategize for 2017 is to believe that a girl and boy in Standard 8 can meet to discuss their wedding after they finish school. Even the word "premature" doesn't quite describe it.

So the million shilling question is what were Ruto and Wetangula really discussing? Why are both CORD and JUBILEE cool about it? At least nobody is making any noise about it, yet.

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