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Thursday, February 13, 2014

CBK Governor Case Linked To 2 Untouchables

It was Baba Jimmy who made the phrase Bure kabisa popular in Kenya-speak. During his speeches even today he usually predictably utters the words and the audience is always guaranteed to burst out in laughter.

Ironically there were a lot of bure kabisa moments during his own administration and although many Kenyans (including this blogger) had hoped for a fresh start with Uhuruto the current government seems to be even more efficient in delivering Bure Kabisa moments in quick succession. And some of them are highly entertaining.

Take the CBK governor (pictured above) Professor Njuguna Ndungu’s saga for instance.

Parliament discussed him eons ago and expressed grave concern over some of the things that had gone down at the bank under his watch. But nothing happened until the banana republic’s chief prosecutor Keraiko Tobiko went looking for front page headlines (and got them) by revealing that he had issues an arrest warrant for the CBK governor.

Now there is this true story about Kenyans in distress some years back who called the cops only to be told that they had no petrol and so could the good Kenyans (surrounded by thugs) bring petrol so that the cops come to their rescue? Mpesa did NOT exist in those days.

Now assuming that the cops did not have petrol to fuel a car to arrest CBK governor Ndungu, Vigilance house is right next to CBK. So a short 2 minutes walk would have gotten cops into the CBK. The CBK is also within very short walking distance from Tobiko’s office at Sheria house. Forget the excuse that Ndungu was out of the country bcause if they were serious they would have waited for his return and arrested him. Period.

Instead Kenyans have been treated to this bure kabisa charade in a desperate bid to convince Kenyans and the international community that the government is serious about fighting graft. Go tell that to the birds. Indeed the script is now very clear and is as follows;

1) Issue arrest warrant for Ndungu through the press (headline to prove JUBILEE are fighting corruption delivered).

2. Ndungu goes to court to block arrest (has already happened)

3. Court battle to drag on until nobody is paying attention.

4. Hio maneno itaishia hapo. End of story!

5. Plan B: If those alert idiots on Facebook and Kumekucha follow up too much charge Ndungu in court and follow the Kamlesh Pattni script. 

GAME SHOT, another ingenious move by this genius government. Muta-do???

The truth is that to successfully prosecute Ndungu he would have to go down with 2 other untouchable Kenyans. Highly sensitive details on who they are and what they did that can't be published online are in my latest raw notes. Read it for free by getting a FREE trial 30 day subscription NOW

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