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Friday, February 14, 2014

What Future JUBILEE Government After 3 Explosive Developments Yesterday?

If there was nothing terribly wrong with our media in Kenya then the top TV news items last night should have come in the following order;

1.    Letter from National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) chairman Francis Kimemia to the Foreign Affairs ministry asking them to IMMEDIATELY summon United States Agency for International Development (USAID) over "credible intelligence" that the US government (through USAID) is trying to destabilize the Kenyan govt by financing demonstrators.

2.    Peaceful demonstrations at Uhuru Park led by activist Boniface Mwangi Reverend Timothy Njoya and musician Eric Wainaina broken up by riot police (picture above shows traffic policeman kicking away enlarged doll used in the demonstrations yesterday).

3.    The Public Investments Committee finally names the Kenyan directors of companies at the centre of the standard gauge railway saga. Shockingly they are a Mr Peter Maingi Gatere and Leonard Mwangi Ndungu who are the registered directors of China Road and Bridge Corporation-Kenya.

All 3 items were missing from most of the top TV news stations.

Instead the most watched 9pm Prime TV news had as one of its' lead stories the saga of a woman who delivered a 7Kg baby which is fine, except that the country is burning and people are talking about overweight babies.

Any top political analyst who is neutral will tell you that so explosive are those 3 news items that they are enough to trigger the downfall of the JUBILEEE government (I discuss the solid reasons in my latest raw notes). The superstitious (like one Facebook friend who survived the Moi era) will tell you that it is a very bad omen to have Rev Njoya in a demonstration against your government. It means that the said government is doomed (I also discuss that in my raw notes).

In a nutshell we are now firmly back in the Moi days and the writing is so clearly on the wall that even the blind can "see" it.

But even more interesting is the fact that we did not get here suddenly and without ample warning. The path to the very dangerous place where the banana republic is today was clearly documented here and in the books with highly sensitive information that I have been churning out (see full list at the bottom of this email.

So what is the way forward from here? Expect the following to unfold in the coming weeks and months;

- More anti-government demonstrations.
- Postponement or halting of international aid as they wait to get a clearer picture of what is unfolding in Kenya.
- Desperate measures by a government faced with empty coffers including going ahead with the long postponed laying off of 100,000 civil servants to cut down on the government wage bill and more taxes on already over-taxed Kenyans.
- Unprecedented tough economic times as a result of the consequences above and reduced direct foreign exchange injections into the economy. Foreign exchange controls quite likely if the situation persists.
- Boiling point for ordinary Kenyans as economic implications bite harder
- Unpredictable chaos. Widespread riots and demonstrations etc.

Will the last person leaving Kenya remember to switch off the lights.

Get more sensitive details of this post (not publishable online in Kenya at this time) in my latest raw notes. Read it for free by getting a FREE trial 30 day subscription NOW

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