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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tribalism II: Perils of Living in Collective Denial

By M-Pesa

Tribalism remains the most emotive subject in any discussion in this blog. But we fail terribly to understand how devastating this cancer it by shamelessly denying its existence. Even worse still we rationalize tribal acts with some cheap red herrings that only succeed in propping the hydra as it mutates.

The truth is tribalism seeds were planted by one Jomo Kenyatta, cultivated by the fake professor of politics Arap Moi and being harvested by Emilio Mwai wa Kibaki who has appointed his fellow tribesmen in the Finance ministry from Uhuru to the janitor.

So you think I'm kidding? Just look at the Treasury, KRA, State House, Ministry of Interior, parastatals like KBC etc. Don't we have over 42 tribes in our country? I may be PANUA damu as everyone knows but when confronted with such facts, I just bow my head in utter shame!

Rot from head
This TRIBALISM seed has mutated into an ugly monster which refuses to go away and the shocking thing is that it's being embraced even by very well enlightened Kenyans who are busy living in DENIAL.

You don't need to go far but to peruse through various blogs like KUMEKUCHA and sites like MASHADA. Decent Kenyans from the LUO and KALENJIN communities are being sacked en' masse in various companies due to "global economic recession" and such silly excuses yet you wonder why it's only them being targeted.

A good Luo buddy of mine recently told me he was sacked from EABL simply because his surname starts with an "O"...What a shame and just where is this country heading to? I would challenge the EABL to publish all the names of over 200 employees fired in a recent purge! Actually if there's a decent MP reading this, why not take this hot potato into parliament? Where are the ODM MP's when their core supporters are being targeted in mindless sackings?

Tribalism may eventually consume this country into it's oblivion. It has happened in other countries so don't think Kenya is so special or has bribed God.

The first thing we need to do as a nation is ADMIT we have one big tribalism problem in this nation. The fact is that it's being perfected by members of various communities and races in Kenya. You only need to look at staff employed by ministers in their various dockets and you will be shocked!

You can tell which tribe a minister comes from just by walking through the corridors of his or her ministry! If nothing is done, we shall soon have a Rwanda style genocide knocking on our nation's door! It's never too late, my fellow country men and women!

If only Kenyans had the opportunity to turn back the hands of time then they would have reversed the national betrayal following Kibaki’s election in 2002. Add that pain to the 2007 election fiasco and you will see the dark tunnel flooded with blood ahead on 2012.

Living a lie and in serial denial are the worst form of painless suicide your can subject your body to. But again not for Kenyans.


One Wife Man said...

M-Pesa aka Zap,
Nice to see umevuka kama Zain from commentor to poster with this inaugral piece-welcome

about the hot topic button issue of the day in KK your take must be the other side of coin your brother Philip was examining in the previous posting-there is no good without evil in the world, and in fact sometimes good needs evil in order to exist ama?

once again, dear M-ZAP,i beg of you....for your sanity and peace of mind migrate with me to MIJINJO island.we are peaceful like our Ugandan owners kwasababu nyiny Wakenya, mume shindwa sana kabisa na hii mambo ya ukabila; mpaka mtu akichecka anacheka kwa mother tongue yake

Anonymous said...

Those who disregard history are surely bound to repeat it.

When Moi was at the helm, he did to the Kikuyus what the Kikuyus are doing now. We honestly believed that we were rid of that "cancer" in 2002.

You would think that they would have learnt their lesson under the Moi regime. When we had the illiterate and incompetent Kaleos running every worthwhile institution in Kenya to the gorund.

Srub, rinse and repeat. Rest assured the next PORK, will do the same thing as his predecessors. Nothing will have changed, just the cast, same script.

Forget getting a new constitution that they keep yapping about.

God save Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha desperately try to reinvent itself after the huge backlash received from being a Kikuyu hate website.

Andruid said...

A proposal to counter tribalism and mass sackings in thse institutions M-pesa

Trade Unions, and militancy in the working classes

Look at the Kenya National Union of Teachers. Nobody F***s about with them . Even the demagogues of this governmemnt know better that at even contemplate weeding out people from certain ethnic communities because they know these are backed by a strong and militamt trade unuion that backs all its members to the hilt irrespective of religion or creed.

If your friend had been a member of a trade union which represents people of his particular proffesion, and that trasde union had been willing to support action such as a go slow, a wild cat strike or even a factory occupation, against that kind of arbitrary sacking action carried out by the bosses at the EABL, do you think they wwould not have at some point forced them to back down and at least negotiate a reasonable sttlement, or maybe even retain the staff memebers?

All over western europe (the origins of this financial crisis) Employers attempting these kinds of arbitrary layings off are being beaten back by worker who have the guts to stand up and say "You do not have the right to treat me like a Dog!"

We need to have more working people coming together and realising that the sweat of a Luo flower picker is no more important to the profiteer at the top of the chain, than the sweat of a Kikuyu flower picker and treating one another on those ground only serves to weaken the colective bargaining strenghth of all flower pickers. (I use flower pickers because they are the engine behind the boom sector where i come from)

Anonymous said...


Let's adopt the Swiss kind of Gov. Switzerland is a multi-ethnic country comprising Germans, Italians, French and Rhaeto Romanic. They form an all-inclusive government. All the parties are national. Everybody must speak the 4 languages and must have lived in another territory other than his birth or ethnic place.

Let's accept that Kenyatta was, Moi and Kibaki are tribalists.

Game Over! Let's start a fresh.

deroo said...

Who has deleted my comment???? Oh, one should write negativities agaisnt the Kikuyu tribe to be seen to be contributing. I did not know that!

There was nothing wrong with that comment for £$%* sake!

deroo said...

campare that with the one above....incompetent and illiterate Kaleos. Why the incoherence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think parliament should pass a quota system law for hiring. Since there are 8 provinces, an employer with 8 employees would be mandated to have one from each province while one with 8,000 employees would be mandated to have 1,000 from each province. This means NEP would get huge quotas yet it's underpopulated. That's okay because they're in a desert.

Employers who comply would pay low tax rates while those who don't comply would pay hefty tax rates. The law would exempt employers with less than 8 employees, e.g. households, but would apply to both public and private sector employers.

Anonymous said...

Taabu has now mutated into a M-Pesha. The rants and wails of an old woman ravaged by self-hate and Kikuyu phobia continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

Wachana na Kenyatta, Moi, and Kibaki!! What about our KK tribal residents of Taabu and Okello. They are worse, only they lack the opportunity to physically annihilate the imagined adui zao.

Last person said...

The first thing we need to do as a nation is ADMIT we have one big tribalism problem in this nation. The fact is that it's being perfected by members of various communities and races in Kenya. You only need to look at staff employed by ministers in their various dockets and you will be shocked!

M-Pesa you are a patriot!! We need to pressure both sides to be more inclusive in their appointments. The best way is to be active in civil society because our political institution do not have proper check and balances.

JIMMY said...

Sweeping dust under the carpet thinking that your house is clean will come back to haunt you later. When people talk about the ills that have been done by the leaders of a tribe,die-hard supporters think that its all an organized beating of their entire community.As them what they benefit from their corrupt leaders, nothing.Take for example, the new POSTA PAY that is generating money for posta.The new system has done well than western union or moneygram but now coz guys are looking for money to finance the next election,they are kicking out guys who are 'NOT PLAYING BALL'.How can you fire 9 managers without actually knowing what wrong they did?How can the chairman operate deals like firing people even without the knowledge of half the board and when the vice chairman complains,he is fired too.Look at how funny they want to sack the post master general and guess who will replace him?I leave that to you

Kim said...

Yes continue confirming what all of us think about this blog site. Kenya shall be headed the Rwandan way if we continue like this. I have now seen the KK administrators are adding posters comment as blogs to swell their suspects numbers.

I said earlier and i will say now. KK is the neo RTLM radio. Maybe its good sam and Taabu you compare notes with Felician Kabuga on how to perfect the art of hate. Remember also to ask him how to avoid arrest for such a long period of time.

JIMMY said...

i support your sentiments but when people have been oppressed too long by a school of corrupt leaders who get support from people like you just coz they belong in your community,that when kenya will turn into another Rwanda.Don't think people are bashing your community.they are bashing leaders who happen to come from your community.WHAT IS THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE AND ALL ITS PARASTATALS HELPING YOU WITH NOW THAT EVERYBODY THERE IS FROM YOUR COMMUNITY?I guess they don't even know you

Anonymous said...

If the views expressed on this blog are a microcosm of those of the larger population, and if it is is true that we get the leadership deserved, then it stands to reason that if we can air our frustrations still agree to move forward in the spirit of compromise and constructive dialogue on KK (and elsewhere) then perhaps the leadership will pick up the cue and move FORWARD.

Chris, Taabu and others, YOU HAVE A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO move this process forward. Please seize it.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are so SELF-CENTERED. Actually, the world has bigger problems than the Kikuyu-Luo divide.

Please let's get over ourselves and get the reforms in place so that we can can start contributing to the world as a functioning member of the community of nations, rather than being the local brat that constantly requires berating from Big Brother.


Anonymous said...

This post is by taabu. I have said it before and i will repeat: taabu is an imbecile. Ati a luo told you he was sacked because his name starts with "O". He told you that and you are stating it here as a fact. Whenever I read anything written by this fool I always wonder what he is doing here.

Anyway I have an announcement: the next PORK is George Saitoti. The Uhuru/kalonzo business is just a diversion to keep the odm morons busy in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

A Kikuyu called Kinuthia Muthengi alias George Saitoti will NEVER see the inside of State House. This Kikuyu thief who masterminded Goldenberg and almost caused the total collapse of the Kenyan economy, will be a guest of the ICC at The Hague, and sharing the same toilet facilities with another thief called Charles Taylor.

JEFF said...


We all agree that we have tribalism. You don't need to continue reminding us. And it is not just practiced by the Kikuyu, it is done by all tribes.

The thing is what can we do to remove this cancer.

Let us also not rubbish tribalism as it all depends on how we use it. There is positive tribalism and negative tribalism.

Positive tribalism - employ guys from your tribe with the relevant qualifications to enrich/grow the organization. The mentality is that when the organization grows it benefits everybody.

Negative tribalism - employ guys from your tribe with little or no relevant qualifications to enrich you and themselves. The mentality is that the organization has already accumulated so much resources and therefore these need to be 'shared'.

Use this criteria to compare and contrast the leadership of Kenyatta, then Moi and then Kibaki.

Just look at what is happening at the sports ministry and the Coca Cola/Nyayo stadium deal. Just because a GOOD deal was negotiated by a KIKUYU, it is BAD for unspecified reasons. Solution: reject the deal and appoint a tribesman to CEO post. The tribesman unfortunately passes on before taking the appointment. Then appoint ANOTHER tribesman. The sports stadia management board needs to be kept in check.

What logic is this?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that morons like saitoti can even think of leading kenya......some people must think that we are really stupid.........
like someone said here it may take a rwanda situation to get kenyans thinking properly, living a lie only leads to disaster look at vigilante vs mungiki, for many yrs kikuyu insulted everyone now they are acting like animals, and worse still they will come with an excuse, look at karua.....when will people learn? Your enemy is not the luo or the kalengin its the 'owners' of the land..........they are not stupid and they do not care about you, they never have and never will......The way out is to support those advocating for change like RAO and hold him to account, let him create institutions that will hold leaders in check, he made the promise give him the chance how does one vote kibs who did not even bother to mention a new constotution in his second campaign, how do you do that and claim to be a progressive kenyan? And even have the guts to call others tribalist.....I think the kikuyu should admit they were duped en mass and used. Now your killing each other and still don't get it.....I bet someone will soon come up with a theory that its the luos who are causing the intra tribal war in central......we need prayers.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

The reason why a Kikuyu tribe of 8 million people can NOT produce a candidate to run for president in 2012 is very, very simple. Uhuru Kenyatta's name is basically an indicted tribal warlord, no different than the head of Interahamwe, a Laurent Nkunda or Foday Sankoh. This Mungiki godfather's name is in the envelope that awaits handing over to the ICC Tribunal in The Hague.

Kinuthia Saitoti's name is also likely in that same envelope. So basically, two Kikuyu candidates are essentially DISQUALIFIED even before the race begins. As for Kalonzo, he is going nowhere. You, too, know it.

Now you understand why Karua feels that she stands a chance. Unless they eliminate her (KILL HER) before 2012- a very distinct possibility.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

You hit the nail. Well said.

Anonymous said...

you either do not live in kenya or your a denialist.....take it from a guy who lived in kenya and grew up in nairobi fortunately for me that was a time when we new nothing of tribalism as kids, but as a grew up I realised that survival in kenya is a mission and the only reason that people hire their tribesmen is trust, either to help protect their jobs or to help them steal it is never about service to wanaanchi, never about the most qualified person.....if your old enough you know that qualifications alone will not get you a job, that applies anywhere in the universe. You cannot blame anyone under the president, he must set the tone, kaunda did it every well no senoir government official served in his home town or hi mixed everyone about, nyerere built on tribe nation. In short this thing must be engineered at the top.and be seen to be transparent.....what your proposing is what will lead to a tibal war.....its the nonsense that all qualified people come from one tribe and its for the good of everyone.....thats baloney and you do not belive it yourselve so why try propergate it? That is so easy to abuse that and creat a toxic environment escapes you goes to show how out of tune you belong to the same group of nyayo era operators who convincend themselves that kenyans will alwys follow nyao and in PEV to scared to fight for their rights..dream on....We are nort machines we are humans we have tribes and kenya's tribal history canot allow for your fake 'merit' system we will have to have represenation employment and where there are gaps have understadudy like countries do to expartriates thats the only way forward. All tribes must be represented at all leves of government as much as is possible....kenyans are hard workers and those without skills will train on the job......thats the only honest system.......

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

".....I bet someone will soon come up with a theory that its the luos who are causing the intra tribal war in central....."
Kalonzi said it like two weeks ago remember? He said Central are clean people, Mungiki has been planted there from Nairobi to discredit Kibaki. Hahahahahahahahahaha........Heheheheheheh

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney is an idiot. All people of colour and those white-folk of goodwill should work to remove this malignancy from the face of world.

Anonymous said...

When i say saitoti will be PORK it does not mean i want him to be. first am not a kikuyu. What you need to know is that he is the one the governing elite wants. I dont think that elite trusts kalonzo.

As for the numbers, they are there. Trust me the maasai and their cousins will vote for him. He comes from there and whatever development a prezo can bring will go there. The kikuyu and their cousins will of course vote for him. the kambas will have to accept the "betrayal" of their son and vote for saitoti since they will just not for rao. add some votes here and there from coast, nep, kisii etc. He will win. Those talking of corruption should tell me when it became a handicap in kenyan politics.

JEFF said...

Sir Alex,

I have lived in Kenya all my life, longer than you can imagine.

Now, just what did i say that is not a fact?

kabila adui said...

Well spoken, Jeff. I like the distinction you've made--that's what happens in the places they usually call "civilized". Plus they call them "networks." I call it technical-know-who.

Everyone selected is competent to start with and so the question is what is it that separates the one from the other? What guarantees does the employer have that the employee will deliver per their promise? In the absence of full information, the "networks" provide the reputational guarantee. I can live with this and agree that it's a positive thing, whereas tribalism (or anything that ends -ism) is generally negative.

Now the risk, as someone pointed out is that these "networks" can map onto tribe (whichever that will be), and as you have noticed "other" tribes will come out all defensive, guns blazing, bleating discrimination and so on. I dont really care if the organization is non-governmental. Like when the guy who started ICIPE flooded his organization with people from his mijinjo, but it was well run, with competent types and Kenya gained a LOT of mileage for that.

Government positions may have to operate on another logic that compromises competence somewhat for the benefits of ethnic representation. Ugh--I said it. If not, the usual suspects will uproot the railway lines and burn Kissum ssity and the usual victims will this time around be gas-chambered and such like. Eh, too bad.

This wouldnt be too bad if we had some kind of devolution going on so that instead of screwing up the whole country, people just screw up little bits and pieces of it. Though I suspect they'd do a better job cos the stakes are higher (silly tribalists!). But I could live with that.

One Wife Man said...

Jeff aka Jeff,
i respectfully beg to disagree-there's no such thing as positive tribalism aka technical know-how Kabila Adui@2:41 is speaking of

tribalism is a cancer it can't be used it can only destroy
Otherwise what is positive tribalism for one person will be negative tribalism for another e.g. what you mentioned happening at the sports ministry

reputation is more important than employment therefore hiring should be irrespective of tribe because the benefit is more than growing an organisation. what good is it to pack an organisation with your qualified tribesmen and earn a bad name in the process?

the leadership of Kibaki failed primarily because goodwill was squandered with such impunity. This president would have been better off ruling the country 20 years from now when expectations for change and a break from the past would probably not be so high

Anonymous said...

"and a break from the past"

and what is that?

Anonymous said...

....Positive tribalism - employ guys from your tribe with the relevant qualifications to enrich/grow the organization. The mentality is that when the organization grows it benefits everybody......

There are so many good things but not all are applicale in al situations.....if we are serious about solving the kenyan problem we must weed the problem because we have proved that we cannot remove the useless mps.
Fact is where kenya is today no 'merit' system will work because nobody belives in it....not even the proponents and that includes you...the only time a kenyan talks like you is when the think that system will favour them-read they think they have connections...whe the situation changes they will call it tribalism withought such dainty qualifications a s posive and negative.....lats FCAE it its not practical in today's kenya yor serious out of touch........
we are not machines and sytems are created for humans and not humans for systems, lets be honest with ourselves we need to be mixed......orthwise we shall have a legal, 'merit' based system that is a powder keg......with the 'winners' blaming the rest for jealouse and other nonsense......Not to mention that merit can be very dubious, there many ways to make sure certain tribes don't qualify, KSCE debacle anyone? Kenyans must live knowing that its everyones responsibility to ensure that al tribes participate in the national building and benefit from it........The only way out of this as to ensure that for example a pokot is a KQ pilot as much as a turkana, either you train them or the fly you with their little skils, and if you cannot teach them your fired........exparts have to live with it in other countries so must Gov........Gov. Tenders should be given to companies that show a healthy mix of all tribes at all levels......healing a nation like kenya calls for extra ordinary measures.........not wishful thinking and cheap tricks. Its a Mans Job.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

the tribes in kenya are very proud of their languages and so tribalism will never end. If you are proud of your tribal language and ways, then you are prima facie biased against folks from other tribes. if there is something to be given out, you will first give "your" people. This explains sambili's action. You will also not attack your people. That is why taabu will not comment on sambili but will shout from the roof top about kibs appointing a kikuyu somewhere. It is also why a kikuyu will talk about sambili but will not comment if kibaki appoints a kikuyu central bank governor and ignores mwatela who had been acting for over a year.

M-Pesa said...

Is the younger generation less tribal than the old guard? Just curious. What would happen if the young turks who happen to be the majority in Kenya wresteled power from the Wazees?

Kim said...

Jimmy Uhuru is a thief period but tell me how i am protecting him. So if Uhuru messes around its the whole tribe that is messing around ??. I fail to understand the rationale of some idiot thinkers here.

Kumekucha admins should also desist posting more hate comments as anonymous here. When i say KK is RTLM radio the Admin rushes to the defence by insisting that Uhuru is a member of Interamwe, kwani how shallow are you in thinking. No politican can act as Interahamwe or Janjaweed militia leader of Kenya while we have guns for hire like Kumekuch bloggers.

Sam as you churn the Keyboard like an Interamwe militia while spreading flames of hate, ask yourself where you will be 15 yrs from now.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex, I agree with you 100%. You said it very well:

THE CHICKENS OF FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT HAVE BEGUN TO COME BACK HOME - CENTRAL PROVINCE - TO ROOST"Living a lie only leads to disaster look at vigilante vs mungiki, for many yrs Kikuyus insulted everyone now they are acting like animals - with wild abandon, look at Karua.....when will these people learn? Your enemy is not the luo or the kalenjin its the "owners" of the land that was meant to be given to Mau Mau and the landless in central after independence in 1963 - the Uhuru's Michuki's and Karume's. These are your REAL ENEMIES... They do not care about you, they never have and never will... The way out is to support those advocating for change like RAO and hold him to account.

I think the Kikuyu should admit they have been repeatedly duped en mass and used like toilet paper.

Now they killing each other like rats as if there is no tomorrow and still don't get it.....I bet some Raila hating Kikuyu will soon come up with a fraudulent theory that it's the Luos (and Raila in particular) who are causing the intra tribal war and bloodletting in Kikuyuland... My central brothers and sisters, WAKE UP. Kikulacho Ki nguoni mwako, si Mjaluo, Mkalenjin au Mluhya.

Bull said...

So now we are fighting for medals on who spins the best yarn out of tribalism. Ati positive and negative. Well, why then not start an a private company, use personal infrastructure and leave anything govt ouit of it. With that employ all your qualified tribesmen the much you like.

Jeff you are a victim of Taabu's label-LIVING A LIE and in DENIAL. All else is pretense. Before seeking solution we must accept the painful truth that triblism is our singular most enemy practicd from the top. Two wrongs neveer made a right and leadership can only come from infornt and by example. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

I appoint a person from my tribe. the person dies before taking up the job. i appoint another person from my tribe.May be we have been too hard on the kiuks. I work for a gava company (since 1999) and i can tell you kaleos wanapenda watu wao. Even when there are serious discipline issues, Kaleos will do anything to protect one of their own. One of the reasons they so desperately wanted to get back to gava is that they rely heavily on employment provided by gava and its companies. If you move around Nai you will find very few kaleos in the jua kali sector i.e self-employed. Am not picking on kaleos. Am from a small tribe which can never defeat kaleos in a war.

JEFF said...


To what extent are you responsible for the tribalism in Kenya? You are asking for leadership from the top. You will never get it. Not from Kibaki or Raila or any other pretender. Remember, we put these guys there, using our ethnic arithmetic, coercion, ethnic cleansing, killings, etc in the name of our tribe or kabila adui. We elected them to represent our ethnic needs. So, don't blame Kibaki if Treasury is all Kikuyus. Don't blame Raila if all plum ministries went to Luos and Kalenjin. These are the tribes and their kings they owe loyalty to. Not you, not me, not Kenya.

So, my friend, do not expect any 'leadership from the top'. We, you and me, hold the solution. It will start with the moment we stop using emotion and ethnic affiliations to elect our leaders.

kabila adui said...

So they--moderator jokers-- are now pulling off my comments. That's ok. ;).
I wont go away.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you said:

"You are asking for leadership from the top. You will never get it. Not from Kibaki or Raila or any other pretender. Remember, we put these guys there, using our ethnic arithmetic,"

You say we "put" these guys there Well, you left out one very crucial bit in the current "arrangement." We did not "put" Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki there (in the position of president), HE STOLE IT. Has it occured to people that that act of THEFT is responsible for most of the mess, indiscipline, wrangling, high political tempratureS and anxiety, the very poor state of security to the extent that Mungiki is causing mayhem in Kibaki's own backyard.

Let us be honest and put blame where it trully belongs, with Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki - for STEALING the elections and then being a - I can't find a more polite word - pumbavu illegitimate "duly elected" President.

These things that we are complaning about will continue occurRing as long as Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki continues excersizing a mandate that he STOLE.

The Republic said...

Mpesa its not tribalism when you are taking steps to create a Nation. 'Lesotho' does not need workers with 'O'names or Kips.Let them go build their own industries .You can not continue insulting the hand that feeds you and think all is well.

Last month it was agreed that each region shall hire civil servants from its own region.Let them go build their own industries in the private sector and hire their own

EABL has it owners it is not a government institution to be shared 50-50

4th Estate said...

What would you do ?

Now that it seems we have progressed from kihii this pumbavu that - I hope permanently - it’s important to look at the way we have been "trying or pretending" to develop. This in my opinion is the greatest cause of tribalism. People here have suggested quite good ways to end it and what our leaders should do. These operatives promise heaven and earth but do not articulate exactly where the means to actualise these promises will come from.

Acts like creating districts does not add any value and does not cost anything – it just creates more overheads which take us backwards. I will not speak to our leaders as they don’t deserve the name.

It follows that when I become President / Prime Minister my first act will be to empower the country. Is it still illegal to think you are president ?

The only thing I would promise wanainchi is that I will try my best to electrify Kenya. Wind, solar, thermal you name it. Imagine the freedom and energy that would unleash. We talk about sharing of resources as if Kenya is a desert.

If you can figure out why electricity is called POWER then you know what I mean. Any serious Government should first make sure the darkest corners of the country are lit up.
That would be my main objective as president – not to empower myself but to start moving the country out of “darkness “and all the ills of manipulation that come with it.

In the Europe, Asia and America they have nuclear power because they know its “radio active “not to light up their people. - Dark Ages anyone? Our development model is the reverse of what it should be. We leave the countryside with its abundant resources and fight over handouts in the cities under the patronage of a few individuals who call themselves The Government of Kenya.

Most private companies thrive on underhand government contracts; these are in turn used to build electoral goodwill through employment. Do YOU expect a company with Mr MP X connections to reflect the tribal mix in Kenya? the other” Kenyans” don’t even figure as they will not contribute to his votes. A good case sturdy is fish processing in Thika – does that make economic sense anyone? If we empower villagers and I mean cottage industries right in the villages countrywide then we might start seeing kibera and mukuru slums diminishing in size – trickle down will finally be exposed to really what it is – to keep a begging bowl perpetually in your hand.

People need to be provided the means to make their own choices in situ. We can yap and write as many laws as we want but as long as some areas are still lighting up with mafuta [ life stops at six ] while others are plugging in their PCs equity will remain elusive as it has been since “dependence “ of few on many was handed over from the colonial masters in 63

Public debt should be just that and it should by all means be intelligent debt – privatization instead of subsidizing power was one of the most dim-witted things a “developing nation” would do. Whoever hatched that plan should be build a statue that is hanging from a tree. POWER in private hands at this critical stage in our country is a recipe of blackmail and disaster.

Stop for a moment and think about it. What would YOU do if you were President?

JEFF said...

Anon 7:19,

Ok then, Kibaki stole. He is the president, right? Until 2012, right?

So, are you going to whine and complain till 2012 or what are you going to do to ensure another Kibaki does not repeat this, and that the problems we have will be a thing of the past?

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are the most ignorant tribe in Kenya, period.

Most of the stolen land in Kenya belongs to Kenyattas, Kinuthia Saitotis, Mathenges, Michukis, Mahihus, Kibakis, Karumes, etc. The above mentioned thieving Kikuyus between them possess about 1,000,000 acres of land. Repeat. 1,000,000 acres of land.

But please don't take my word for it, just wait for Agenda 4 of the National Accord if you want to know the REAL TRUTH about how the few Kikuyu elites plus their collaborators like Moi stole your land. And that is why ALL these thieves are resisting Agenda 4 so much.

These hyena-like elite thieves stole prime land not only in Central, but also in the Rift Valley, and even all the way in the Coast Province! But even as these greedy gluttons were hurriedly stealing your land like a hyena afraid of being attacked by a pride of lions, they continued creating imaginary aduis be it Oginga, Seroney, JM, or whoever, to deflect attention from their nefarious and twisted thieving ways. The Kikuyu elites have have absolutely no qualms leaving their brothers and sisters wallowing in desperate poverty.

Fact, if I was a Kikuyu squatter, landless and languishing in absolute poverty while the Kenyattas, Michukis, Kibakis, etc, had have over 1,000,000 acres of prime land, I would be their guest on "their land" until Kingdom come!

Yes, the Kikuyu masses have eyes but like the blind they cannot see. All the so-called "victims" of the "post-erection crashes" can easily be settled on land that the Kenyattas, Kibakis, Kinuthia Muthengi Saitoti, Michukis, Karumes and others stole from you.

So the truth is: Kikuyus are just like cows that are being fattened by Kenyatta, Kibaki, Kinuthia Saitoti before they are taken to the proverbial slaughter house. Which in this case is 2012.

kabila adui said...

I think the moderator clowns are bad people. They let anon@7:48's note to pass. And you can all see how virulent it is.

Mine was not inflammatory,nor did it spew hate. I just puzzled at why some other poster wanted the Kikuyu collective to wake up. I also puzzled briefly at the possibility that the Karatina Mungiki attacks had some link to the hobo-bumpkin's purse. That's all.
And the clowns pull out my note :(.
Bad people!

Anonymous said...

kabila adui

" Karatina Mungiki attacks had some link to the hobo-bumpkin's purse " elucidate ?

Anonymous said...

kabila adui

" Karatina Mungiki attacks had some link to the hobo-bumpkin's purse " Use a parable to explain if its too hot we will understand

kabila adui said...

And then he (the PM) was crying crocodile tears (in Karatina)---he looked like one, sort of, if you overlooked the porky snout.

Oh heck--moderator clowns are misbehaving. Not good. I'm tired of being unfairly targeted yet I hold a place of honor, named after hobo-bumpkin's own declaration. Not good at all.

Which language should the parable be in? Kyuk, Kale or Kao?

FACTS said...


kabila adui - use whatever language you please but remember " FACTS PLEASE "

Anonymous said...

The effects of tribalism will be felt for generations to come.

I shudder to imagine the thought of falling sick and having to be treated by a kenyan 'doctor'. Thanks to corruption and tribalism, I understand(correct me if am wrong) courses like medicine are no longer the preserve of the creme de la creme(let's not even mention stealing of exams to get into some of these courses).

Am told kina Biwott would go to Moi Univ especially, with all the kaleos with a passing grade of is it C or C+, and demand admission to 'powerful course' - SI GAT OFF NI C, WEGA YOTE GUWA DAKTARI. Now kikuyus have picked up the cue!!.So next time you see a doctor, know you are doing so at your own risk.

A lecturer i talked to said majority of these students struggle to understand basic bio taught in HS, but woe unto you if any of them failed the medical course.

Jameni, we are DOOMED - does anyone know anything that is goimg right?

Anonymous said...

FACTS--are you a moderator clown?

Anonymous said...

@Kabila Adui there is nothing tribal or virulent about my post at all.

Fact, the Kikuyu elite are the biggest thieves EVER in Kenya. Kenyattas, Kibakis, Mathenges, Mahihus, Njonjos, Kinuthia Saitoti collectively possess over 1,000,000 acres of prime land!

Meanwhile thousands of your Kikuyu tribesman about 300,000-500,000 wallow as squatters and absolute poverty.

Kabila Adui, don't you think it would be the right and moral thing for, say, Uhuru Kenyatta to give up some of his "rand" to settle his destitute squatter brothers and sisters? Or is it OK for Uhuru to use these poor (including some poor Mungiki squatter youth) and to fight his Mungiki battles and then wipe his butt with their blood?

Heck, I thought blood was thicker than water! Ama?

kabila adui said...

anon@12:52 pm

There you go, as virulent as ever.

But the difference between you and the Kikuyu peasants you urge to invade other people's land is one, and its critical. They recognize what does not belong to them and more importantly recognize just where power resides and what would possibly happen if they decided to follow your ill advice. They are infinitely smarter, I would add.

If you and your kinsmen are so concerned about landless Kikuyus, you have a golden opportunity to put to action all that stuff that keeps spilling out of your perpetually running mouths.

Honorable James Orengo heads the Ministry of Lands, while ODM has a majority in Parliament and a speaker that's well versed in favoritism. Anything keeping you from pushing for some kind of redistributive land reform? Put your money where your mouth is!

And how about stopping over at FACTS--she/he is forever whining about FACTS--might rub off on you too.

Anonymous said...

Kabila Adui, quite to the contrary. I repeat again that the Kikuyu are the most ignorant of all Kenyans.

As to your allusion that: "...The difference between you and the Kikuyu peasnants you urge to invade other people's land is one...They recognize what does not belong to them and more importantly recognize just where power resides."

Well, here's my retort to your simplistic analysis. I have not urged anyone to invade other people's land. By way of example, was it right for the late Njoya to invade the Delamare's farm?

To begin with ,the Kenyattas, Mois, Kibakis have absolutely NO RIGHT to the 1,000,000 acres+ land they possess, because they did not work for it neither did they acquire the land in a legitimate matter. So, if the downtrodden and poor Kikuyu were to 'invade' and claim a stake to these lands, I can assure you that practically ALL Kenyans including Mijikendas, Luhyas, Luos, Kalenjins, would support them 100%.

Your second point, that the Kikuyu poor recognize just where power resides, actually proves and supports my thesis. It proves that the Kikuyus are basically a conservative, reactionary, and ignorant group, too afraid to challenge the STATUS QUO. Are Kikuyus content with being slaves their whole lives even as they are raped by a rapacious and hyena like scavenger few like the Kenyattas because.. as you say, "They recognize just where power resides."

If the Kikuyu nation was infinitely smarter than me, they would stand up for their rights, stop worshipping the powerful Kikuyu feudal oligarchs, who have reduced the lives of the Kikuyu masses to one of serfdom, poverty, penury and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Fact, the Kikuyu elite are the biggest thieves EVER in Kenya. Kenyattas, Kibakis, Mathenges, Mahihus, Njonjos, Kinuthia Saitoti collectively possess over 1,000,000 acres of prime land!

I thought you guys didn't know! Sorry anon some of these people are silentish how did you know? Go to the coast and see who owns all that primal beach front property.

Andruid said...

@ Mpesa

When the younger generation are brought up ina system where tribalism is no longer a vice but standard practice, built right into the heart of the system can we really expect them to be any less tribalistic.

I fear they may be even likely to harder to renounce it as aproblem being as it is the default poaition of dealing with the rest iof the world.

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