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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kalonzo Blasts Mungiki's Foreign Sponsors

Mungiki and its murderous modus operandi is in no hurry to leave Kenyans lips. Nut just as everybody was wondering and scheming to annihilate the soul of this mutating hydra, VP Kalonzo has BRAVELY called its sponsors from outside Central province bluff. And you cannot argue with the man of God, he must know better given his privileged access to classified information.

Kalonzo has ashamed the shadowy sponsors of Mungiki whom even Central MPs dared not mention. His is true leadership by example and from the front. He was honest enough and dared look at the savages in the face in TELLING THE TRUTH. In one fell swoop, HE the VP cut off the chain of lies and provided LEADERSHIP where none existed.

With this selfless act, Kalonzo has mounted a higher moral ground by reminding Kenyans who their true enemies are. Thanks to him, we must refuse to sink any lower. Kalonzo has used his office to tell nothing but the truth.

Come to think of it, Kalonzo’s infinite wisdom has opened our eyes to the fact that Mungiki’s nocturnal wave of beheadings can only occur with overt and covert outside sponsorship. It defeats any trace of fertile imagination how an industrious people can all over sudden turn into savages by mauling their won.

Brave, holy leader
The evil outsiders plotting to destabilize Central Kenya have been exposed and they must REPENT now. It had to take the courage and honour such as the VP to dissect and disabuse Kenyans of the fallacy that Mungiki menace is a regional problem. Mungiki is a national problem albeit incubating and hatching locally.

We must now all support the visionary VP in his efforts to clear Kenya of all forces of evil like Mungiki. We must all embrace Mungiki’s SOCIAL and COMMERCIAL entrepreneurial skills that will speedily transform and industrialize our economy before 2030.

Behind Mungiki’s uncompromising code of discipline lies our national success. And we owe it to the VP for his non-partisan and holly intervention to save us from ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kalonzo for speaking the truth.

Did he mention Uhuru Kenyatta's name as the principal Mungiki sponsor? Just checking.

Anonymous said...

Actually he said money has been poured from without the borders to finish us people of central.

Kiama said...

Everybody knows that the Mungiki was created to finish the Kikuyu by the selfish and ambitious politician who called Kikuyus the Adui in the elections. We should not let the outsiders divide and destroy us.

Anonymous said...

The clown called Kiama @ 4:29 pm, are you saying that the Mungiki is not an atavistic Kyuk tribal organization?

Vikii said...

Taabu, it just amazes me how you recycle everything those boys and gals at the I&M write. It is clear your life long dream is to be like the standard writers when you grow up. Your note-taking skills are commendable, but as far as i am concerned, originality is more appealing.

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Taabu,
RFLOL@ brave and holy leader

Hapa umeniweza. no comments for today from me


Kim said...

Taabu you and fellow Okello has earned somewhere in History as the best propaganda machines who are good in prostituting your tribal dermonization for myopic gain.

Mungiki is for real a problem in central province but there is no difference between you and Okello congratulating them Murderers while they Kill the innocent and the ensuing melee.

Taabu and Okello, as you churn that Keyboard like an Interahmwe swinging a machete committing genocide, ask yourself where you will be in 15 years time. Tell us whether you will be happy narrating to your sons of how you were excellent in sending out tribal hate. Lakini malipo ni hapa hapa tu !!

Anonymous said...

Way to deflect blame!! It is outsiders, ha!! Maybe the devil, maybe Al-Qaida, maybe Martians. Denial will entrench them even more in CP.

If some leaders can treat "their own" in such a callous manner, what would they do for those they don't think are "their own"?

Anonymous said...

Yes Kalonzo the " Judas" has spoken - rewind the clock - when mungiki were beheading innocent kenyans in Nakuru and Naivasha !!Kalonzo was busy negotiating for the VP position.. not even one tear drop for the children and pregnant mothers in the mortuaries..

Hell.. evil.. and the devil in disguise is the person known as Kalonzo musyoka!! na nimesema..

Anonymous said...

Mungiki is a central province madness.. when one lays evil and beheading on innocent souls- it comes back to bite you

the evil and death paths Kibaki his cronies "Michuki, Saitoti, Uhuru, Karume, Martha Karua- remember on BBC in Dec 2007- shouting Genocide!!Genocide!while mungiki slaughtered and beheaded innocent kenyans

hey where are the shouts of Genocide in central province from the above goons? or when its their own tribesmen being slaughtered it is OK??

Anonymous said...

Empty suit Kakoozer Musyoka a.k.a Judas.

Anonymous said...

peace begets peace;we should emulate Obama and create a peacefull society

Anonymous said...

You guys are naive if you think Mungiki is totally self-sponsored. There r some very powerful forces out to destabilize Kenya...just like they did to Zim. They want us to keep relying on them...look beyond the trees people, see the forest.

Anonymous said...

U should realize that some powers were NOT happy that Kibaki was making Kenyan self-reliant and a looking to the East. Remember they call Kenya a "strategic" nation. U think Carson & the rest r here every other day bcoz they love us? haha. yall r still so blind. All I can ask is that Tinga should not sell us out bcoz we know the Western powers r using him right now. He should love his country more than a seat at the top.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo was probably referring to the sponsors of Oscar foundation which was acting as the Mungiki legal arm. The NGO probably had foreign sponsors, 'foreign' in this case could mean outside central Kenya or abroad. It is no secret, Mungiki leader Maina Njenga received books as presents from a political leader

Anonymous said...


Maina Njenga, the henous Mungiki leader, has been receiving personal gifts in max prison from Raila Amolo Ondinga. Is this evidence of external interest in Mungiki or just a coincidence of two goons exchanging bonding gifts?

Kiama said...

Now we know that this man who is very ambitious is the head of Mungiki. I will be telling all the youth that I meet in my home area of Nyahururu area to be ware of joining outside forces like Mungiki trying to divide our community. Now we know how evil they can be.

Kiama said...

Maybe Maina Njenga and this man Raira are actually related by different mothers, how do we know? It is time we did a DNA test to find out if this man Njenga really from the Lake because they are busy exchanging gifts for their activities. Is this their secret siri.

Remember what Kenyatta used to say to us that the government ni siri kali.

Anonymous said...

Who had seconded Mr. Oulu to the Oscar Foundation and what was his instructions? How come the Foundation became the tactical and strategic Mungiki think tank immediately after Oulu's arrival? How many other NGOs are offering Mungiki the tactical support they need and whose interests do these NGOs serve?

Victor said...

12:06 12:18 12:22

I hope stupidity is not contagious and if it is, I hope its not spread through blogging.

Anyone with disinfectant?

Anonymous said...

If ODM means well when they propose reaching out to Mungiki as Raila has suggested before, then it must be done openly and the current covert outreach being conducted by the paty must be discontinued for the peace of the country. And the time to discontinue the outreach is NOW!

Reality Check said...

The paradox of relevancy in kenyan politics - to remain relevant is to be irrelevant.

When you have been a passenger all your political career and the wheels are coming off - what do you expect. Governing is about ideas and solutions.

The centre is imploding and the messegers are becoming more eratic.

The fact is that there is a new kid on the block and former leader of goverment business does not take it lightly that the squeeze is on. The only option left is dirt, unfortunately that has never produced progress.

My advice to him is to get out of the kitchen, he has to admit he was played and now he has no where to hide. His fellows in PNUA have started backtracting.

Poor Kalonzo Musyoka!

Philip said...

It is indeed sad when "Mungiki" issues wants to be blamed on other people.

We all know that Mungiki started like a political outfit just like Baghdad boys in Kisumu, however it decided to spread it's tentacles beyond politics - and soon emerged as an economic entity.

Since money accrued from politics was only available after 5 years, yet they needed this money, they had to come with ways of collecting money, and that's why they started collecting from people.

We all know that Mungiki makes more money from extortion than what they get from politicians, in other words Mungiki has become self reliant (okay from politician)- it doesn't need politician to push for their agenda, though politicians may need them to push their (politician) agenda. Despite this Mungiki still need common mwananchi with whom they collect bulk of their money, and that's why it will never stop to extort money from them until the last "Mungikian" dies.

Therefore Kalonzo's accusations of outside forces for the ills befelling Kikuyus is laughable, and I would like Kikuyus to see beyond the wall, Kalonzo is saying this because he wants votes from them in future.

Maybe someone can tell me the exact name of this kind of politics - of dividing Kenyans,then telling one section that they are targeted, and you are their messiah, in order to make them vote for you.

I wonder if these "political lies" will succeed but all I know is that if Kikuyus will believe what Kalonzo is saying then they are likely to put their efforts to wrong side in their bid to fight mungiki. Which, I would not wish to happen because it can lead to more bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Errand boy - do we need to say more, lets not waste precious bandwidth

Anonymous said...

What Kalonzo Musyoka is afraid of is come 2012 or earlier his long "political" career will be over with nothing to show off.

indeed a miracle that he lasted so long.

Anonymous said...


First, you are right that the Mungikis are financially self-reliant and don't need politicians' money; but Mungiki still need political cover. Just a thought: imagine if the the political class said no to Mungiki and joined the restless Wananchi in uprooting the Mungiki!

Second, the Luos and the Kalenjins believed the political lies Raila was telling them in 2007 about Kikuyus being "adui yao." What makes you think that Kikuyus are smarter and that they will not believe Kalonzo's "lies?"

Finally, to castigate Kalonzo for saying that there is external interests in Mungiki today is to be naive. The problem with Kalonzo's statement is that it doesn't tell us the nature and magnitude of this external input, and, as usual, he was light on suggesting solutions to the problem.

Anonymous said...

The lasting solution to this Mungiki menace is self-help from the local communities. None of the national leaders are willing to help - Kibaki is disinterested, Raila is in a gift-bed with Mungiki kingpins, and Kalonzo is just offering prayers. It is up to the local communities to rise up like the people of Kirinyaga District and defend themselves even if it means some will part with their heads.

Kiama said...

If you look very carefully you will find that Mungikis are actually sympathasing with Raila right now. This King'ara guy of Oscar Foundation and Raila were working for land change in Kenya, and Maina Njenga who is really related with Raila is why what happened had to happen.

Anonymous said...


Why fault 'empty suit' when he is trying so hard to remain relevant?Leave our VP alone, you think the wait for the presidency is an easy task?

Central province politicians aren't brave enough to say anything, why not let the warrior with legendary courage wrestle the bull to the ground?

Anonymous said...

What is the progress of Raila's US tour? When is he going to be feted in White House as PM office had announced? I hope he doesn't return to Kenya without seeing his "kachini" else Ida will not get to sleep because of Raila's nocturnal cries.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.55

Okay, maybe there is more I don't know. Let's wait.

But please try to find out how Farc-ep started. I think Mungiki are smarter that's why they are not like Sabout Land Defence Force, which has created more confusion on how to exterminate them (mungiki) completely.

Yes, maybe now they still need political cover up in order to continue pushing further their agenda. But the truth is that they will never want to continue relying on politicians and that's why all along they have wanted to indulge in national politics, through eh remind me their political party?

Where mungiki has reached, among the few ways of fighting them is to first of all fight their leaders and then empower the youth economically. At least the later will discourage youth from joining or participating in mungiki affairs.....

I'll be back.

Philip the Visitor

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka's accusations of outside forces for the ills befelling, traumatizing and rattling Kikuyus is laughable, I would like Kikuyus to see beyond the nonsense - but can they? I Doubt it. They may even blame "Raira."

Kalonzo "msaliti" is just saying this because he finds himself relegated to the benches of irrelevance and therefore, with such antics he is trying to remain relevant. He also wants votes from them in future.

Kalonzo "msaliti." Musyoka, Miracles stopped happening

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy that Dr. Kalonzo has made such far-reaching statements on a very important and urgent issue in Kenya.

Yesterday someone was about to reveal the link between some sinister politicians from outside and Mungiki's recent unhappy adventures, but it seems their comment was deleted by those that own this blog. There's a lot brewing where that came from. Stay alert everyone.

I so look forward to 2012 when Dr. Kalonzo be my prezzi!

Anonymous said...

11:21 PM
Yet again central province fools digging their heads in the sand while their leaders use mungiki to kill each other and innocent kenyans in central.

now you spew filth trying yet again to blame Raila,,

it is a wonder the rest of kenya careless as your tribesmen continue slaughtering each other.. with your attitude I'm happy to say good riddance!!Kibaki is doing a good job

Anonymous said...

anon12:18 AM\
Kikuyu shaite and mavi let your tribesmen kill each other, who cares
when you use nastiness and shallow arguments like this, instead of condemning your own tribesman kibaki and why there is so much bloodshed in central province, you are mpumbavu for trying to abuse Raila

shenzi sana keep enjoying the bloodshed in central province. I bet you are happy

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo haters need to leave some room for manouver. They will probably have to live with H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka come 2012 or earlier. That is the reality of Kenyan politics. Anything else is delusion.

Anonymous said...

anon12:22 AM
Only a kikuyu fool can ask such ridiculus questions:):) Oscar guy was fighting for your rights pal.. kibaki execution of innocent youths was at full throttle..

Kibaki and cronies assassinated him. I guess you are the few that are happy that he is dead.. you are the most foolish human being i have come accross.. ati now you blame foriegners :):) while you and your tribesmen kill each other??

mark my words soon central will be reduced to old people.. all the youths will be dead and then you won't be able to challenge kibaki and his army of old guards the next opposition leader in central will be Michuki note i said opposition " central will never ever get another presidency" after all the bloodshed and mascara they created and continue to do so in their own backyard while executing innocent kenyans and blaming it on munigiki? shame shame!!

Anonymous said...

anon12:55 AM

Unless you indeed believe kikuyu's are dumb then I can't see what else you are trying to imply.. the only foreigners backing mungiki and supporting them with money are the kikuyu's affiliated with mungiki abroad..

I guess Kalonzo calls them foreigners because they can't vote:)

Stop digging your head in the sand while your brothers and sisters are being mascaraed left, right and center in the name of mungiki - you should be ashamed of your self.
Instead of laying blame on Kibaki who started by executing thousands of innocent youth, ati now you want to label foreigners..

nyinyi shenzi sana and cowards.. you speak in the dark while death is in your own backyard. continue running away from your problems in central and soon you will find it on your own or relatives door-steps!!

hey!! don't you think we don't know where you and your kalonzo are trying to lay blame..

we read the papers that they were accusing the USA ambassador for encouraging youths to stand for their rights and demand answers of their elected leaders!!!

is this the foriegner Judas
Kalonzo is referring to??Mpumbavu sana you guys have no shame!! no wonder your tribesmen are slaughtering each other!!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:08 AM

My friend stop spewing Raila's name from your ugly mouth- you think if you keep on repeating it - kenyans will listen? the mantra that your senile Kibaki has asked you to perform?
get some facts straight

1. 2005-2008
KIBAKI started executing mungiki with in thousands

2. December 2007- Kibaki and cronies Uhuru, Karua, Michuki, Saitoti, Kalonzo funded the same mungiki to behead, slaughter, burn innocent kenyans from other tribes
in order to stay in power

3.While the dec 2007-8 killings were going on the JUDAS KALONZO was busy negotiating his VP position in the kibaki the murderers PNU government

an eye for and eye.. Kibaki and cronies in return promised to release the Mungiki leader Maina! to date they haven't and we all know Kibaki never delivers MOU!!!!!

Keep pretending that nothing is happening in central province but the folks down there will continue killing each other

it is Vigilantes (funded by Kibaki and cronies


Mungiki (funded by some high powered individuals in central province and Kikuyu's abroad)

na kazi iendelee

Anonymous said...

anon1:10 AM

Kiama take your stupidity to PNU and your senile Kibaki.

No wonder your tribesmen are slaughtering themselves encouraged by stupidity if the posts here from PNU kikuyu's are the collective thoughts out there!!

Then the old senile fool Kibaki has won.. he says since I was caught executing them mungiki's and reported to the Hague...
I Kibaki had to reinvent myself through funding another group in central province known as the vigilantes to counter my worst enemies the Mungiki.
but wait the kikuyu's in central are fools I kikbaki can say..

they don't care who I execute or send to be slaughtered.. if I were to stand for the next elections:):) all central would vote for me 100%.

Anonymous said...

anon3:25 AM

Yes yes!! we can see you are happy with the Judas evil Kalonza who got his VP position on the bloodshed of innocent Kenyans

and you should blame your tribesmen the diaspora Kikuyu's abroad that Kalonzo is calling foreigners for funding their mungiki brothers.

if I recall in December 2007 the blogs were full from brothers abroad singing praises of mungiki and fund raising for them to keep up the slaughtering of other tribes in Kenya.. people have short memories on here

who care if the central province goons now Kalonzo to lead them:) mark my words- he will be only in opposition leading the foolish goons in central- since they can't even lay blame on the guys in statehouse who is to blame for the massacre and senseless deaths in central province today!!

Shame shame on the Kikuyu's on Kumekucha posting nonsense while their tribesmen keep on slaughtering each other in the name of Kibaki and Uhuru! when will you all have the guts to stop it and stop hiding and digging your stupid heads in the sand.. are you waiting for it to hit your immediate families?? to realize this central province killings must stop!?? Kibaki is your guy! go ask him to stop it!

Anonymous said...

3:38 AM
Kenyans are not fools
we all recall clearly when Kalonzo stood up to claim the VP position.. blood was flowing all over Kenya-from Nairobi to nakuru to naivasha to coast and western = over to rift valley..

while KALONZO was toasting champagne with KIBAKI

Kalonzo the Judas will be the central Lesotho president only and if that is what you are saying them good for you.. don't hold your breath on the rest of Kenya--- only in your dreams pal:)

Anonymous said...

First and foremost dear Kenyans, I would like to state that Luos are not enemies, Kikuyu are not enemies, we are all Kenyans. Kenya is our beloved country either we like it or not. and we shall all co exist together either we like it or not. the biggest enemy in Kenya right now is the politicians. Kenya would have been very far right now in development if our political leaders offered proper guidance. and these failure started right when Moi took over in 1978. The failure of Moi and his corrupt elite created what we are currently experiencing, rural - urban migration. this brought about the ongrowing slums in Nairobi. the best way to initiate a long term solution is to create jobs for the youth outside of Nairobi. build and strengthen factories upcountry and let the youth go get jobs there and decongest the city and slowly by slowly, destroy these slums while offering them jobs and alternate land out of Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:08 well said ....

Martha Karua who defended the stolen presidency is stuck in the headlights and Kalonzo now wants to upstage her by confusing the residents of her own constitiency.

Whats happening in Marthas backyard has nothing to do with Raila its all about not splitting the Kikuyu vote.

The ones who have a lot to loose are the ones fanning the flame. Kalonzo should look himself in the mirror and he will realise the foreigner he is talking about is actually HIM.

He can talk about miracles but we are not blind.

Anonymous said...

It’s very fascinating to hear that it’s only in Kenya where we have people who keep on forgetting every other chance. About Mungiki – It’s been with us from independence so some people cant come and tells us of foreign forces when is has alwaz bin home bred. Whether by claiming a liar to be true to make it true, please keep on.
Its good 2 hear dat da dude u is stuck in da middle wen he promised da he will go thro’ and encouraging da Thief-Chief and Rao 2 kip on fighting dat he has at last seen da right is to miss da mark by miles.
Any way if we were 2 believe this tired dude then we will conclude dat CP is a community dat is paid to finish they own and wat a shame!

Wen al is said n done da Thief-Chief is da one da is solely answerable 4 da mess we ve thus he and is companion da miracle wont and cant pass blame. If u know somebody destabilizing ur family as da man of da halo do something or fore4 hold ur peace as ur family is blundered and let’s say dat u ve failed thus shouldn’t blame forces without.

Kalonzo “Fake Miracle” beware they used Karua and they r now using you. Free advice they will never support to and forever, so do da jst thing and shut up’

May Kenyans wake from this cheap politics that has and wont put food in our tables.

4sure siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya!

Anonymous said...

By Foreigners is Kalonzo trying to blame the US Ambassador? why doesn't he come out and say it? the coward and Judas that he is?

the foreigners that kenyans know are the Kenya diaspora who have always sponsored the mungiki movement more so during the clashes!!

shenzi sana Kalonzo kibaki's ass wiper!

Anonymous said...

Kitandawili tega , Kitandawili tega, foreigner in the house of mumbi - kalonzo!

Tumiya kio tafadhali!

Anonymous said...


maybe you need to be educated on the mungiki??
updated 12:30 p.m. PT, Fri., June 22, 2007

NAIROBI, Kenya - A wave of violence across the Kenyan capital killed 22 people early Friday, and police were investigating whether a shadowy gang that has threatened to launch an uprising against the government was involved.

Several of the attacks had the hallmarks of the Mungiki gang, which is accused in a string of beheadings and whose founder was sentenced to prison just hours before the violence erupted. Three of the victims were beheaded, and the Kariobangi neighborhood where at least eight people died is known to be an area where Mungiki operates.

Kiplimo Rugut, the commissioner of Central Province, said that Mungiki was suspected in some of the overnight killings. "This is a possibility we are looking at," he told The Associated Press.

Mungiki claims to have thousands of adherents, all drawn from the Kikuyu, Kenya's largest tribe. The group, whose name means "multitude" in the Kikuyu language In recent years, it has been linked to extortion, murder and political violence.

Anonymous said...

I am a kamba and saddened that kalonzo has adopted central province as his home.

Residents in his own backyard are starving and he spends most of his time and energy running errands for MKM -Mount Kenya Mafia - come next election he should compete in kirinyaga as that is where his interests lie.

I am very sorry to share the same tribe with him. He is a disgrace to the proud Kamba people and he can forget about my vote , I will not forget and I hope it counts.

Anonymous said...



You are NOT fooling anyone with your cowardly emails. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and NOT THE Solution to the Community’s terrible situation or the country’s equally terrible mess.

In the first place, you are Kibaki's sycophants and cheer leaders. You have blindly supported him on his journey to destroy the community and the country with his lack of leadership.

In the 2nd place you continue to divide the Kikuyu community into "haves"and "have not", Ngati na Itungati, Royal Families and Commoners. Your sole mission now is to impose the children of those who have as leaders so that you can continue ruling the community from your graves.

Your children are beneficiaries of the enormous wealth, which you have stolen from 1963 and before ’63, benefits given to you as bribes by the colonialists with whom you were collaborating. All these years, you have sucked our blood. You live on our sweat and you now have the audacity to style yourselves the saviours of our community!

In 1992, you conspired to stop Hon. Kenneth Matiba who cares for the poor and has no time for your class system from taking over as President. You, the “Royal Families” rallied behind Kibaki and formed D.P. at the 11th hour to split the Kikuyu vote. To you Moi was preferable to Matiba and his supporters who were “tumundu tutu” You do not care at all about the thousands displaced from their farms, businesses and properties. If truth be told, you do not care how many more are killed.

All you care about is your hold on power to continue with your obscene accumulation. This is why even now you are leading the country to civil war and disintegration. You have killed thousands of our young men whose only crime is being poor and unemployed on the pretext that you are “crashing”and wiping out “mungiki”. Only recently, you murdered Boniface Maina and his wife Elizabeth Nyambura in cold blood and dumped their bodies at Karura forest.

Their young children are now orphans. And you entrusted the crashing to Kimendero the crusher to continue and finish the job he was doing in the 1950’s! You can rely on the pseudo mungiki youths who in truth are merchants on hire claiming the brand name mungiki.Before on behalf of the Community we confront those in the country who think they can isolate and exterminate the Kikuyu community, we shall sort you out first.

You are the Traitors to the community. Your stomachs is your only concern. When you are issuing your threats; do NOT for one moment think that you have the monopoly of violence. What you have is the wealth stolen from the masses and we shall come for that too.

Do not ostracize one of your own Charles Mugane Njonjo because of his personal differences with Kibaki. He is one of you. The others are Emilio Mwai Kibaki, John Njoroge Michuki, James Njenga Karume, George Kamau Muhoho, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, constituting the House of Lords and the recently constituted cast of Maina Kamanda, Amos Kimunya, Martha Karua, George Thuo, Dick Wathika, Lee Muchiri, Beth Mugo, na kanda cianyu cia moko, Murathe, Muigai Njoroge and Kamau Ngunjiri. There are others. We know them all.

Inyui Inyuoothe ni-inyui thaata cia Ruriri na cia Bururi.We are ready for you.


Anonymous said...


Launch of a GEMA "Renaissance" Movement?
Post by admin on Feb 1, 2008, 12:28pm

[A friend of mine from the Agikuyu community shared with me the following message that is circulating among the Mount Kenya tribes]

Hallo Brother/Sister:

Receive our greetings and best wishes for 2008.

Recognising that Kenya is facing a serious crisis and that the offence of genocide has been and is continuing to be committed against certain communities in our country;

Realising that the genocide was conceived, instigated and funded by well known politicians and orchestrated, encouraged, promoted and fanned by certain media houses and well known journalists;

Aware that the ongoing genocide also happened in 1991-92, 1997/98 and 2002 against the poorest sections of OUR COMMUNITY; knowing that this genocide recurs after every five (5) years and is likely to happen again in 2012;

Appreciating that we have an inalienable right to exist as social/cultural communal entities and every right to live in Kenya;

Knowing that we rightfully voted in the just concluded general elections and that our votes were counted and are no less valuable than those of the people committing genocide against us;

Acknowledging that our people have been displaced from their homes in Rift Valley, Coast, Nyanza and Western provinces and are now being forced out of their own houses in MATHARE NORTH, HURUMA, BABA DOGO, KARIOBANGI, KASARANI, KAWANGWARE, MWIKI and DANDORA

Realising that His Excellency Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki, CGH, C-in-C, MP, is a weakling, rudderless, lazy coward of a man who is unwilling and incapable of protecting our people, our children and our property;

Apprehensive that that this coward of a President is likely to auction the blood of our people who have and are continuing to die on his behalf and reward the genocideers with political positions to protect his presidency and power;

We have conceived and designed the formation of a Renaissance Movement and a Communal Defence Structure to protect and defend our people from genocide, our woman and girls from mass rape and our reclaim our property in Nairobi City;

We are a renaissance movement and not a militia group; we shall not operate underground or use violence to achieve our aims; we are educated people, professionals in various disciplines, trades and investors and business people of repute;

We shall only act in self defence to protect the lives of our people, our children and the dignity and honour of our women and girls or protect our rightfully owned property.

We have identified the traitors of our communities and request you to spare them for now; we WILL take decisive appropriate action against them at an OPPORTUNE moment;

We have carefully selected you to among the first group to receive our first communiqué because you are important and we trust that you believe in the cause of our people;

Our first epistle outlines the justification of our movement

OUR REQUEST is that you take time to print, read and internalise our message. If you are persuaded by our cause we RQUEST FURTHER that you send this message to 100 members of the Thagicu Communities and print and distribute JUST 10 copies of this message to our homeless, orphaned and jobless children and victims of the GENOCIDE.

The landscape version can printed on one page for distribution as a leaflet.


Yours sincerely,

TPRM Interim Central Committee

TPDF Interim Command Council

Anonymous said...


His Excellency Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki, CGH, C-in-C, MP and Hon. Professor George M. Saitoti, EGH, MP will not protect us, our wives, our daughters and our boys from GENOCIDE, mass RAPES and the plunder of our hard earned possessions, AMEN.
They cannot, will not and have never because they have no will nor CAPACITY, AMEN!

His Excellency Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki is a lazy rudderless coward of a man,He cannot, and in his political life he has never and will never fight for anybody or for anything, not now! For five years he sat pretty in silence and was insulted, belittled and humiliated by immature political upstarts, AMEN

For five years he watched in silence as the Standard Group (Kenya Television Network TV & the Standard Newspapers), the Nation Media Group (Nation TV and the NATION Newspapers), KISS (100.3) FM Radio, KASS FM Radio and others abused, belittled, humiliated and demonised the Thagicu/GEMA people.

They did so deliberately and blatantly with the sole purpose of justifying, inciting, fanning, promoting and encouraging GENOCIDE against OUR PEOPLE

His Excellency Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki was in charge and did nothing to protect us, OUR WOMEN, DAUGHTERS and SONS from the invective of irascible, senseless and heartless journalists in those media houses. He also watched as our YOUNG MEN were destroyed and their future rendered HOPELESS by cheap liquor manufactured and sold by merchants of DEATH in Mt. Kenya Region.

In December ‘07 he begged us to come out in large numbers and vote to protect his presidency, his power and his cohorts. And now he is watching unperturbed as our poorest people get killed, their wives and daughters get raped; children get roasted in a church in the ultimate acts of inhumanity in a GENOCIDAL FRENZY orchestrated by the above media houses and the GENOCIDEER – In – Chief, William Samoei Arap Ruto, AMEN.

And now His Excellency Mwai Kibaki wants to negotiate with their Commander –in- chief, Raila Amolo Odinga and reward the Genocideer - in – Chief and his accomplices with good posts to enjoy our taxes over the blood of OUR PEOPLE, AMEN.

Is OUR BLOOD that CHEAP, to be auctioned at STATE HOUSE?
Are our VOTES that CHEAP to be traded for raw POWER? Were they not counted just like those of other Kenyans? Are our lives that CHEAP to be sacrificed every five years?

Are our women and daughters that CHEAP, to be raped and violated with abandon?

Their ill gotten wealth and looted, yes looted property is SAFE, while OUR meager POSSESSIONS are now HISTORICAL RUINS, AMEN.
FORTUNATE too because His Excellency Mwai Kibaki, OUR VERY OWN COWARD will soon REWARD them with positions for the GENOCIDE, MURDER, RAPES, PLUNDER, LOOTING and ARSON against OUR PEOPLE!!

Because we are a PEOPLE with the RIGHT to LIVE and EXIST in liberty, honour and dignity we refuse to be BELITTLED, INSULTED, HUMILIATED & DEMONISED not by these insensitive politicians and insensate mindless journalists, NO, NEVER AGAIN!! Journalists who believe that their right to insult us and the right of opposition supporters to demonstrate, rape, rob and loot is GREATER than the right of innocent children roasted alive in a house of worship, GOD forbid!

We should not be asked to make PEACE because we are the VICTIMS! RENAISSANCE is OUR only HOPE and WEAPON for the next five years because we must protect ourselves, our wives, daughters and sons plus our property now and in 2012.

Anonymous said...


We request His Excellency Mwai Kibaki and his minister Prof. George Saitoti to keep off our backs because they and their police force cannot, will not and have never protected us, our wives, daughters and sons plus our property. They cannot even protect the wives and children of the Abagusii, Abakuria and the Ababukusu who stood by OUR PEOPLE! We mourn with them and SALUTE their BREVITY, AMEN!

We shall protect ourselves on OUR OWN from now on, using RENAISSANCE. The renaissance and empowerment of OUR PEOPLE!! Revitalisation of our innate power, our sense of belonging, our right to exist as a PEOPLE, our culture and OUR right to belong to Kenya. We will not go underground, NO, not this time!

God, Ngai, Mwene Nyaga/Nyaa, Mulungu gave us the land and the mountain at the HEART of Kenya, the valleys, springs and the rivers, the hills and the plains and we shall start here, the RENAISSANCE of OUR PEOPLE, the DEFENCE and the REDEMPTION of OUR BEING as Thagicu People!

Our genesis will be momentous and auspicious and our children will cherish our HOPES, AIMS and ASPIRATIONS. They are the hostages to our fortune! Renaissance will begin today, tomorrow and the day thereafter, by attacking our innate fears and the enemy from within, the traitors of our people, our cause is our defence.

The traitors live among us in peace, just like our detractors. They are the inherent weaknesses of our communal collapse and worse than the GENOCIDERS because they gnaw on our dignity and honour as a people from within.


We shall protect their wives or husbands, children, relatives and their property because they are own FOOLS but not their LIBERTY and EXCESSES to INSULT, BELITTLE, HUMILIATE and DEMONISE our PEOPLE from within. This we refuse from now on.

We are no amateurs in this game; our fathers did it between 1950 and 1960 while the relatives of these traitors were sleeping with the British enemy. We know where and how to begin, AMEN.
Our second epistle will be on our Constitutive Instruments, Associative Charter, Organisation Structure, Command and Operations Structure and Resource Mobilisation and Exchequer Functions.

We have history, the present and the future on our side! Long live the spirit of Mount. Kirinyaga/Kiinyaa and the Thagicu people.

Anonymous said...

anon5:14 AM

Thanks for reminding us that facts are central province in fighting are a power struggle

there those who hate Kibaki with passion and support the Mungiki movement

and there are the new kids on the block called vigilantes supported and funded by Kibaki and cronies

by the time they finish killing each other. the innocent are the ones that suffer and unless seine minded individuals take up the fight to stop this nightmare then central province people should not blame anyone or try pretending there are foreigners in the mix
using the Judas Kalonzo as their DOMO( I find him stupid as usual)

time has come for central province youth and intelligent people to stop Kibaki executing their youth - that is the only way this madness will end- oops i guess none have the guts to so so except for the same youth who are being hunted like flies!!!!!

and the struggle continues........

Anonymous said...

Published on 20/05/2009

Envoy dismisses police reform team, PNU proposals

US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger has dismissed PNU proposals for minimum reforms.

He said the country needed a comprehensive reform programme.

[img] [/img]
US Ambassador, Michael Ranneberger with a traditional musical instrument ‘Nyatiti’ given to him by members of the Nyanza Youth Coalition in Kisumu, yesterday. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA /STANDARD]

PNU is pushing for a ‘hybrid’ system of government and has identified 14 reform items it wants endorsed through consensus in Parliament. ODM has rejected the proposals.

Mr Ranneberger also rubbished a task force set up to spearhead police reforms.

The envoy also told President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to stop blaming each other over the reform agenda.

He said the two principals in the coalition Government should take charge of the reforms.

Addressing Nyanza Youth Forum members at the Kisumu Museum grounds yesterday, the American ambassador described the blame game as "nonsense".

"Kibaki and Raila have equal responsibility in pushing for comprehensive reforms," he said.

He said the US-Kenya relationship was based on democratic values and good governance.

He added that Kibaki and Raila had committed themselves to fundamental reforms when they signed the National Accord.

Under pressure

"Kibaki and Raila signed the Accord because of pressure from Kenyans. Such pressure is needed for them to initiate reforms," he added.

Nyanza National Council of Churches of Kenya Chairman Joshua Koyo, Chairman Inter-Faith Network Charles K’Ochiel and Forum Chairman Joshua Nyamori accompanied the ambassador.

Mr Ranneberger had earlier met Kisumu Municipal Council civic leaders.

Anonymous said...


GANGS of marauding youths are reported to be stripping women dressed in long trousers naked in Naivasha, Thika, Limuru and Kiambu towns.

They are reported to be forcing those of them wearing trousers to either cover themselves with lesos or to return back home to "dress decently" claiming that their mode of dressing was not African and was immoral.

Those who had fallen victims to the gangs complained that they had in the process lost cash and mobile phones among other valuables.

This came as relative calm and normalcy returned to most parts of Nakuru district following post-election violence in which 19 people, among them 13 children, from one community were burnt to death in a house in Naivasha.

The so-called dress code was imposed two weeks ago by the mungiki goons following a fresh flare-up of post-election violence. Most affected areas include Naivasha, Kikuyu, Banana and Limuru.

In some of the affected areas, the police have been accused of not acting to arrest the situation, but the officers said to be complaining that they were numerically stretched to handle such cases at the expense of more serious issues relating to the ongoing post-election skirmishes.

Naivasha district commissioner Katee Mwanza and his Kiambu West counterpart Peter Leley, have since warned that those found forcing the rule of the jungle on the people would face the law, saying investigations have been launched into the matter.

Fearful residents have appealed to the government to move in and arrest the mungiki gang, with some of the women reported to be afraid of speaking about the matter publicly fearing possible attack.

Meanwhile, residents of Limuru town yesterday woke up to a rude shock of heavy presence of military and police officers patrolling the area after suspected members of the outlawed Mungiki sect were reported to have threatened women with circumcision.

The suspected Mungiki sect members had earlier taken the town by storm at the weekend, stripping naked women they perceived were inappropriately dressed.

Disgusted residents interviewed, however, condemned the actions of the mungiki gang arguing that Kenyans had a right to decide on how to dress.

Anonymous said...



Having been asked to defend the bandit government in its times of crisis, Mungiki now feels short-changed and abandoned, we can reliably report. This morning, members of the gang were caught up in police running battles in which tear gas cannisters were lobbed to disperse them. They were protesting the incaceration of their leader Maina Njenga. We recently reported that Njenga was still Mungiki, and not many people took us seriously.
BBC has learnt of allegations of state-sanctioned violence in Kenya during the recent post-poll crisis. Sources allege that meetings were hosted at the official residence of the president between the banned Mungiki militia and senior government figures. The aim was to hire them as a defence force in the Rift Valley to protect the president's Kikuyu community. The government has declined to respond to the allegations which are likely to be investigated by a new commission.
The allegations come as parliament is due to open on Thursday preparing the way for a new coalition government. Although parliament's focus will be on healing ethnic divisions and creating a coalition government - allegations of state involvement with a banned Kikuyu militia, known as Mungiki, will not go ignored. Not least because of growing suspicion that some of the violence that led to 1,500 people being killed and hundreds of thousands displaced was orchestrated by both sides of the political divide.
Gangs with machetes The BBC source, who is a member of the Kikuyu tribe and who is now in hiding after receiving death threats, alleged: "Three members of the gang met at State House... and after the elections and the violence the militias were called again and they were given a duty to defend the Kikuyu in Rift Valley and we know they were there in numbers."
On the weekend of 25 January, the Rift Valley towns of Nakuru and then Naivasha were the focus of the some of the worst post-election violence. Eyewitnesses spoke of non-Kikuyu homes being marked, then gangs with machetes - who they claim were Mungiki - attacked people who were from other ethnic groups. Sources inside the Mungiki have told the BBC that it was a renegade branch of the outfit that was responsible for violence, not them.
A policeman who was on duty at the time, who has spoken to the BBC on condition of anonymity, has also pointed to clear signs of state complicity. He alleges that in the hours before the violence in Nakuru, police officers had orders not to stop a convoy of minibus taxis, called "matatus", packed with men when they arrived at police checkpoints. "When we were there... I saw about 12 of them [matatus] packed with men," he said.
"There were no females... I could see they were armed. "We were ordered not to stop the vehicles to allow them to go." The current and previous minister for internal security have both been invited to respond to the allegations. So far they have declined to do so.
It is believed that Mungiki adherents are fearing for a merciless clampdown by the police whose minister is likely to be from the ODM. Time to go look for the warlords who helped recruit the mungiki is now. The group has been hunted down and killed before including their bodies being dumped at the Ngong Forest.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If this clown called Kalonzo becomes the nxt Kenyan President then I'll migrate to Katmandu.

For those of you who are tribalists, I have no trust in Kalonzo to lead Kenya. I have not said that I dont like Kambas, I have only said I dont want this fake Christian to lead this country.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. uhuru and his ilk should be put in a gas chamber and be annihilated. His family owns land equivalent to Nyanza province and yet fellow kenyas languish in poverty. They have registered companies abroad and come in in the guise of foreign investors. They employ white managers who masquarade as the actual owners of the properties.They have erected police stations around their properties to harass squatters and maim them. moi wasted kenya for 24 years. he and his sons can now speak from a higher moral ground.Let mungiki and other freedom groups target these guys. Then we can focus on museveni. It's time to get at them!!!

Anonymous said...

Are Wajaruos financing Mungiki or it is Obama?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans have only fools as leaders. In Europe Kalonzo would be a toilet cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is like Moi. He goes to church every Sunday. Instead of praying for God, he prays for devils.

Only a fool can vote this fool to lead him.

Anonymous said...

Anon @6.40. Get that kathmandu plot mapema. So that u clear the ka loan by 2012. Posting shit abt kalonzo hia wont change the tide.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

8:31 AM


Anonymous said...

Kathmandu is nice--> old, historic buildings, good food, culture, power struggles among the maoists and so on. Good choice for a place to migrate to (good riddance), now that Dr. Kalonzo will be our prezzi. Yippeeee!!!!!! Good riddance, you're allowed to check in agwambo as extra luggage.

John Maina said...

I see there are so many kindergarten students who did not understand the post which is to call kalonzo and his like-minded a bluff

Kiama said...

A friend of mine who knows 100% what goes on in the Mungiki world tells me that the Oscar guy, King'ara, belonged to a politically wing of Mungiki which was more interested in changing the land reform in Kenya. This group, he says, believing that towards Raila could help them with the land problems in Kenya especially against the Ngati class like Michuki and other wealthy landholding types who they think took the land of the Mau Mau but Raila is someone who means what he says the only man of action in Kenya.

Another Mungiki group are the social conservatives who believe only in traditional Gikuyu culture. This is the group that is

Anonymous said...

While Kenyans are busy shoutin at each other, Kikwete is meeting with Obama.

What a sad day for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kiama, are you suggesting or do you have any conclusive evidence that this chap at the Oscar Foundation was working on land reform and was killed because he was soliciting assistance from RAO?

Anonymous said...

There is no rift between Luos and Kikuyus.

The real rift is in the Rift Valley. It is between Kikuyus and Kalenjins and between Kikuyus and Maasais.

This has led to many small wars which many Kenyans are not aware of. Kikuyus were 'planted' in RV and have oppressed Maasais and Kalenjins. There has been fighting between Kiks against Maas over water, Kiks against Kales over space. Kiks dominate RV and their population increase every day. They take and rename the areas immediately. Places like Kiambaa sound to belong to Central Prov.

Laikipia, Magadi, Narok, etc which once belonged to Maasais are now under Kikuyu folk.

This is what will bring civil unrest in future, if not regulated by law. Kiks should go back to the lands in Central occupied by Kenyattas, Kibakis, Michukis, Njegas, etc.

The Luos and Bildad Kaggia noticed this mischief long time ago in 1964 (only 1 yr of independence). They were called names including Communists, Lazy people, Kihiis, etc. The West supported the Kiks. But the world today is more enlightened. There is no cold war, no East/West conflict. The world knows who is a thief and who is unjust.

Agenda: Past Injustices and Land Matters should start immediately at SERENA.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo might be right. Let's figure this out: Moi and Kalonzo are very close. Mungiki was founded during Moi era. We know Mois consequent action in dealing with unwanted forces.

If Moi wanted Mungiki to die, he could have used force to phase out the movement. Instead he let them grow, even letting them to demonstrate in the capital, in Kenyatta Avenue in broad daylight.

Moi knows more about Mungiki. This is what Kalonzo was referring to.

Our comments: If Moi, Biwott, and Kalenjins co-founded Mungiki then his Kiuk friends like Karume, Uhuru, GG, Kinuthia, etc were also in the frontline.

Anonymous said...

Wacha story mingi. Raila is working very closely with Mungiki.
The rift is not between Kikuyus and Maasais or Kikuyu and Kalenjin. Museveni hit the nail right on the head--he identified what's ailing Kenya. A certain group of MAD people who have to be dealt with thoroughly and conclusively. Fortunately the Kalenjins have realized that these people offer them nothing (hence some part of ODM will be moving to UDM) and the Maasai have little respect for the MAD ones.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be surprised if this were true, just goes to show how complex politics can be and how dirty people can be.

Anonymous said...

The only mad people I know come from Gema. Look at the creatures in the State House. Slap, slap is the order of the day. A professor from Gema has told us that Mungiki and their supporters are literal mad....... to chop off a human's head or genitals is madness which needs med. attention!

Museveni, Kibaki's darling, also killed and choped many heads and genitals. No wonder he is running to Ruanda, Burundi, DRC and now to West Kenya for more.

Same feathers flock together.

Anonymous said...

I put it to all of you. The Jaluos only want their turn at dipping their snout in the trough, unchecked.

There is evidence all over, including all the corrupt people agwambo put together in his team of 'reformers.' Reform has nothing to do with it. If it did, ODMs majority in parilament would have been used to good measure by now.

It's kindergarten style--if i dont get it, none of us will. The worst irony is--they wont get the presidency and neither will kenya burn. Heh-heh.

But because they hate the kikuyu more than they love themselves, they turned away the ONLY people that would have delivered the presidency to them on a silver platter. Irrational. Struggle on, my friends, struggle on.

Anonymous said...

“I mainly concentrate on business but occasionally serve as a go-between for ministers seeking to visit State House,” Jimmy Kibaki

Correct me if am wrong , ministers have to go through Jimmy to visit state house. WOW ! Its really a family business

Anonymous said...

Mungiki is a product of selfishness, robbery and lack of respect for human life by the ruling elites.

Go to Southern Italy to understand why Mafia came into being.

In a country where people can not spell the word 'social' responsibility and justice, it is the only alternative the poor have.

There is no where in East Africa where there are so many selfish and brutal millionares as in the Kenyan Central Province. No body cares about the poor. At the same time, no body cares where you have got your millions. People value only money. A human life is nothing in Central Province. The creation of Mungiki is therefore a short circuit (it doesnt matter where the money is coming from)

But take care Kenyans. This behaviour can find a following in other Provinces or can be exported.

Let's mind about the poor and dont consider poverty to be laziness. Poverty comes when a society fails to take social responsibilities. We must practise capitalism with a human face.

Anonymous said...

Bildad Kaggia told Kenyatta that one day the Kikuyu people will come up to take what belongs to them.

Meeni, did'nt Kaggia forsee the coming of Mungiki?

Anonymous said...

Whose DUTY is it to "take care" of the poor? Even in the US where there are bigger and more brutal millionaires, there is no expectation that they (millionaires) "take care" of the poor. Remove your stupidity from here.

"Taking care" of the poor is not an imperative of the private sector, but rather of the public sector. And for it to solidly fit into public sector programs, it must be endorsed and demanded by the public. Now, there are some steps towards this when the hobo-bumpkin talked (he's always talking, you know) of introducing some kind of social safety net program as a government obligation.

There are pilots already--see the conditional cash transfers supported by DfID. There are experiments with livestock insurance programs (note that pastoralists have high poverty rates in Kenya--see the ILRI poverty maps).

So get it out of your head that anyone has to "take care" of the poor. That only promotes dependency and even more poverty. What are needed are programs that keep people from falling further into poverty and/or destitution when faced with shocks and in which the same 'poor' are part and parcel of, contributing whatever they can in ideas, time, labor etc.

Will Africans EVER think?????

Anonymous said...

Why is it easier to live a much decent life in the Scandinavia than in the richest nation on earth USA?

Your stupidity to know what a human life means has prevented you to understand that assisting the poor is not equivalent to dishing out money to the disadvantaged.

Central and Northern Europe care for their people, poor or rich. It is not easy to be a millionare but it is also very unlikely to become poor.

Once more for your uninformed mind:

Social responsibility means quality education for all (No parallel university intake), Standard education for all (No Alliance High or all schools with Alliance status and equipments), creating opportunities for all, medical care for all, fair taxation for all (Kenyan rich pay no taxes), no corruption, fair distribution of wealth and utilities, etc.

Anonymous said...

The British gave Kenya a grant in 1963 to buy back the Mau-Mau land by then occupied by the colonial settlers.

The Kenyan tax-payers managed to repay the British grant in full in 1983.

The settlers went back home as millionares. However our young nation was left with a debt of millions of pounds. But the most disturbing thing is that the land re-purchased by all Kenyans was never given back to their Kikuyu owners. Kenyatta and his friends retained nearly all, leaving Mau-Mau land fighters with nothing. Those who were lucky were taken to Kalenjin and maasai areas of Rift Valley.

The poor Kikuyus decided to form a self-help group, Mungiki. The only way to avoid interferance from the gov was to declare it as a religious movement.

Mungiki is not only a problem of the Kikuyus. They are killing one another to get land, which all Kenyans bought back from the British. The land owned by individuals in Central Province is Kenyan land. All Kenyans have a right to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

You are an even BIGGER idiot than I thought. You've just agreed that its the STATE and not any brutal billionaire to "take care" of the poor. That was the issue.

Now, conditional cash transfers and school feeding programs do allow kids to go to school and stay in school. What kind of an idiot is this? The livestock insurance programs will allow individuals to rebuild their herds out of which they derive both nutrition and incomes.

Africans really dont THINK. Why cant you see such a simple, straight forward connection, you imbecile?????? Must EVERYTHING be broken down for you?

Now, differentiating between Scandinavia and the US is a different story, which can be chambuliwad sector by sector, to include quality, dynamism etc and we can talk about that if you want.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from someone who could do this??

Latest Emerging Details

A Disturbing new story has emerged from the Kibaki's birthplace in Nyeri,Kenya. Its a story never told before about the reason for the death of Kibaki's father. Mzee Karauri,speaking to a news reporter in Nairobi in November said that one day in the 1980's,Kibaki had hatched a plot to kill the then president Daniel Moi. A bomb had been placed in a chartered Kenya Airways plane that was to carry the president to a meeting in Ethiopia. Kibaki was responsible. Moi,who had an airtight intelligence network got hind of this plot. The former president was known to hit back hard when betrayed. He announced at the last minute that Kibaki represent him in Ethiopia. Kibaki was terrified. He badly needed a reason not to travel to Ethiopia,and it better be a good one. At about the same time,his father was ailing at a village in Nyeri. Kibaki is reported to have began a well executed plot that ended up with his father being killed. He then called Moi to inform him of his "loss".

Cosequently, Kibaki escaped by sacrificing his father. The bomb was defused, but from then on, Kibaki knew that he owed Moi his life and that he would do Moi's bidding. That's why Kibaki willingly split Kikuyu votes in 92 at Moi's bidding, this was supposed to be the payback for the attempt on Moi.

Anonymous said...

Osiang elected SONU chairman
Written By:Catherine Achienga , Posted: Sat, May 23, 2009

David Osiang is the chairman elect of the students organization of Nairobi University, SONU.

This follows a hotly contested election at the university that was marred by violence that left four students admitted in hospital having sustained deep panga cuts.

Osiang has pledged to be revamp the student body and restore it to its former glory.

Song and dance took centre stage as the students who have been subjected to weeks of intense lobbying welcomed the newly elected chairman.

The campaigns were marred by allegations of top political interference from both ODM and PNU parties that left the elections gravely polarized.

However calm returned during the election process that was deemed to have been free and fair.

The students were proud of the way the elections were conducted and said the country could learn from them in avoiding unnecessary post-election confrontations.

Nixon korir was elected secretary general.

As the new office takes over, many will be waiting to see if it will ape former students' bodies that were noted for influencing key national issues including being actively involved in the clamour for multi party democracy during the KANU regime, especially now that the country is eagerly awaiting for comprehensive reforms in form of a new constitution.

Anonymous said...

Countries with social responsibility have less crime.

A 15yr girl can walk alone safely at night in the streets of Copenhagen than in downtown LA.

LA is much well-off than Copenhagen but harbours dangerous thugs because the US has no Social Policy.

A country must plan and implement social policies to assist the poor to compete fairly with the advantaged. Failure to do this is inviting Mungiki.

It is a pity that such small minds like anon 5:32 will feature soon in the Kenyan politics.

By the way, who told you I'm an African? You seem to have been so much brain washed as to look down upon Africans. If you are an African: shame on you.

Anonymous said...

To the writer of this article, Where you Drunk when you wrote this ?/

VP Kalonzo has BRAVELY ?? where was his bravery when he did not fight to determine who was the really the president in 2007?? and avoid the bloodshed that followed. The Man ran to get a post in a goverment with ministers from 1/3 of a country

By the way did he name any persons by name as sponsors of Mungiki?

You say outside sponsors, but does that mean originators? not everything is an attack against central. This is just a mishap of private army politics coming back to bite its creators in the foot.
Remembe those days of Jeshi la Mzee?when a certain priest was beaten in public by a member/leader of a private army while the police just watched?? well that kind of Ogre had a son in the new political establishment post 2002 who grew up real fast with a voracious appetite nobody can handle.
Play on the crocodiles back but you soon end up in its stomach

TELLING THE TRUTH.?? Wow What financial acandal has Kalonzo ever broken or investigated


Kalonzo has mounted a higher moral ground by reminding Kenyans who their true enemies are?? Why didnt he name them by name? All of kenya would like to know who are true enemies are?? if he has such priveleged information as you say

Kalonzo’s infinite wisdom ??

Brave, holy leader??

visionary VP??

Some where in your Bible You must have replaced God's name with Kalonzo's or someone lied to you very seriously. Your worship of Kalonzo is Idolatry. for yor own sake please stop

We must all embrace Mungiki’s SOCIAL and COMMERCIAL entrepreneurial skills ?? Which ones are those extortion ,bribery murder, illegal syndication?? Please do tell.

Sounds like you know so much about the business they do, thier social and commercial skills, could it be you yourself are a sponsor yourself or an originator of the murdeous crocodile consuming kenya while faulty leadership [Read Kalonzo) continues to play on the crocodiles back)? Kalonzo only came up with this statement as he missed being in the headlines


Anonymous said...

"Countries with social responsibility have less crime."

So do many Asian countries with negligible social responsibility.

But even more interestingly,why are they (Scandinavians, Germans etc) busy flocking to the US not much unlike 3rd world refugees, economic and otherwise? Because they somehow miss the high crime rates?

Anyway, dont get me started.

"May God bless you with discomfort,
at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships..."
A Franciscan Benediction.

Kiama said...

Who said that Kikuyus are going to vote for the Moi errad boy called Kalonzo and for what reason? It is not going to happen because he was a strong Moi supporter.

Anonymous said...

kibaki was moi suporter as well, as was/is uhuru.

Anonymous said...

Man named councillor month after his death

Ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

A good Aprils fools joke.....just bad timing...chang it for nxt yr.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Many Middle and North Europeans are in the US as tourists, Aupair, language learners, post-doctorates and representatives of their companies: Scania, Phillips, Volvo, Mercedes, Siemens, UBS, ABB, BASF, etc.

On the other hand American GIs decide to remain in Europe to avoid poverty and crime in the US.

The US should not be a role modell for Kenya. Kenya should learn to love it people, rich or poor. And of course find a way to support the disadvantaged.

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