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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tribalists Ruining Kenya, Please Stop Them

By Philip (the visitor)

First a humble question to readers of Kumekucha, why have you lowered the bar that much? Even if your rants are a reflection of reality on the ground, you can surely do better than outdoing the villagers.

The vitriol and venom spewed here leaves one wondering whether the writers are really Kenyans, living inside or exiled outside. Here I am left imagining what a bloody battle ground it would be if some of you met face to face

I remember what a Kikuyu taxi driver told me on 14th January 2008 at around 4.00P.M as he was driving me to Eldoret airport (by the way my former Kikuyu boss had feared attending a meeting there so I was representing him):

Kikuyu taxi driver: "Niliponea sana,eeh nilishtuka mazee, hao watu walikuwa wakistopisha gari na kichwa ya mtu kwa mkuki. Mazee sita wish noma kaa hii itokee tena. Inafaa tuwachane na hizi story kabisa."

I don't think we will ever gain when, due to hatred for Raila, we pass blame to all Luos, or due to our hatred for Kibaki we pass our blame to Kikuyus.

I'm lucky that my former boss was a Kikuyu, while one of the Consultant who used to give him consultancy jobs was a Luo. This made me to realise that what separates the good and the bad is God (an atheist can tell me other alternative). I don't think there is anybody among us who can say that he has never been hurt by a member of his/her tribe, to the extend that he'll defend his/her tribe as if his/her tribe is better than the other.

In our current society where we have adopted the western culture so much and there is freedom of movement, the different between two people from different tribe is nothing else but the sound that comes out of their mouth when they speak mother tongue.

So you are a FOOL (not you Chris, but some bloggers here) if you think your tribe is better than the other tribe.

If our names were changed, then we were mixed with other strangers, and finally made mute, don't you think you could have realised that tribal difference between us.

It is so sad and pitiful that we have let tribes to blind us so much that even goats, cows and sheep interact better than us, yet we call ourselves human beings given orders by God to control these animals.

Therefore let's not put tribe as a defence to what our leaders do. We better realize that one's tribe will never justify his/her actions.

I hate this attitude of "Raila stole, eehh Raila is a Luo, I am also Luo, so Raila actually never did something that wrong" or "Kibaki stole, eehh Kibaki is a Kikuyu, and I'm a Kikuyu, ah so Kibaki never did something that bad". Its all BULLSHIT!

Forgive me for using any vulgar word. Only that I'm annoyed with intellectuals who are spreading tribalism.


Mwambu said...

Is there any difference between spreading tribalism as opposed to practising tribalism?

Sorry, basically tribalism lives in practise, not in theory.

If your leaders can treating ALL Kenyans equally, tribalism will die tomorrow!

Mwambu said...

Sorry, I meant to say:

If your leaders started treated ALL Kenyans equally, tribalism would die tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Farmer brings new breath of life in village

Published on 02/05/2009

"I cannot believe, I had been uprooting and throwing money from my farm," says Collins Omondi Okumu.

For years, Okumu regarded a plant on his farm as weed. Due to the nuisance of the ‘weed’, he even neglected his farm.

However, a trip to Gilgil and work as a manager at a flower farm and eventual displacement, he says, opened his eyes to the wealth in his village in Alego, Siaya.

"When I arrived in Gilgil, I was shocked people spent so much money tending to ‘weeds’," he says.

That was October last year. Okumu invited Agnes to Siaya to confirm his story.

Soon after, Okumu started preparing his farm.

Four months later, Okumu says he is about to strike gold and could be the first farmer from his village to venture into flower farming.

His one-acre farm is named ‘Ochilo Wonderland Farm’ and has employed over 50 people. Each of the casuals takes home about Sh150.

The first pick will be next month.

"I hope to make Sh10 million this year", says Okumu.

Besides making money, he plans to be a major employer.

"Packaging will be done at the farm. I will engage youth and women," he says.

Okumu says soils in Nyanza are favourable for flower farming and urges more people to take up the business.

"The cost of flower farming is also lower since we do not need to apply many chemicals to boost growth, he says.

Okumu says though he would never wish to see a repeat, the post-election violence that rocked the country was a blessing in disguise.

He was displaced at Naivasha and forced to return home.

His farm manager, Mr Charles Omondi Owino was also displaced from Limuru.

Anonymous said...

Instead of joining gangs like Mungiki, please take note on how to rise above poverty. Kudos to this impressive and exemplary kenyan. … cid=4&

At 24, he was a nightclub bouncer and part-time matatu driver.

At night, Mr Erick Omondi provided security at several clubs and during the day was a driver on several routes in Nairobi.

Sometimes, Omondi slept in a matatus since he did not have a permanent home. He survived thus for two years, making about Sh5,000 a month.

Omondi, now 34, says after sitting KCSE examinations in 1997, he worked for six months as a dough mixer for a Nairobi bakery, earning a meagre Sh100 daily. He also worked as a sweeper and sewage serviceman for a tobacco company.

That was Omondi’s agonising life ten years ago.

However, today he owns a company in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he makes close to Sh1 million a month.

One Wife Man said...

Philip aka the visitor,
well said gentleman.

but I fear though you are shutting the stable door too late after the horse has already bolted long time ago. Wakenya, nyinyi mumeshindwa sana kabisa na hii mambo ya ukabila ; mpaka mtu akichecka anacheka kwa mother tongue yake

dear philip,i beg of you....for your sanctity and peace of mind won't you join me in migrating to MIJINJO island? MJINJANS are not WAJINGAS we are peaceful like our Ugandan owners; we are bereft of any malice or hatred of one another except for Koni of LRA

meanwhile KK blog is like an island-the editorial bloggers own the blog but the opinions expressed here are waters with fish belonging to every tom, dick and harry who wants to comment.

Anonymous said...

This post sounds familiar. Why do you recycle posts from other blogs. Surely have we sunk so low as a state. NB: state not nation!

Mwarang'ethe said...

In our view, the question ought to be, what is the real CAUSE of tribalism in Kenya?

It is our considered view that, lack of SUFFICIENT ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES is the real cause of tribalism. Thus, while willing to be corrected, we hold that, tribalism is nothing but a reflection of a fierce struggle for the few economic opportnities that are available.

If that view is accepted, it follows that, to minimise tribalism, what is needed is an urgent need to expand economic opportunities so that, Wanjiru need not talk to Kamau who is a village mate to get a job. Likewise, if there are enough economic opportunities, Omondi need not talk to Oburu to get a job.

Thus, to the extent that, for every single opportunity, thousands are fighting for it, Kamau will find it difficult to give the job to Omolo, while Wanjiru who is from his village is also an applicant.

Anonymous said...


I hope your words find a permanent home in TAABU's heart.

Anonymous said...

Why are you posting here an article posted before? stale news.. start by asking Kibaki with all his entourage of tribalist goons to step down then you will see a different Kenya.

It starts from the head of the snake down- but maybe we should cut off the neck (uhuru, Saitoti, michuki) this thugs are why Kenya is as is...

then when the head falls off.. kenya will bounce back to normal.

kabila adui said...

Eti lack of resources is a root CAUSE of triblaism. Kwani how rich are Tanzanians?? Go sell your wares elsewhere. Several things are sadly lacking in this country and for which I will refrain from using Mwarangethe's deceptive and deterministic language. First, we lack a curriculum, at all points in the education system that fosters and reinforces nationhood, civic responsibility and basic democratic values. Second, we lack leadership that in both word and deed upholds the spirit of nationhood and divests of tribe as a guiding ideology in political and economic interactions. One can imagine both feeding off of each other.

Victor said...

Kabila Adui

At independence Tz embraced socialism and nationalism, and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere nursed that ideology very well.

Kenya on the other hand embraced capitalism and every man for himself.

That comparison will not work, especially this far down the road.

Mwarang'ethe's viewpoint is an excellent starting point.

kim said...

Sorry my name is kim, i run a blogging website on environmental issues and i have all the tribes there. We even blogg about controversial Mau and it has never taken a tribal trend. kumekucha has simply gone to the dogs.

Yo get what you want. If sam Okello and Taabu gets tribal hate reply, its because they also are tribalists to the core. I said and i repeat, its a high time that Kumekucha bloggers take time and think where they want to be in 15 yrs time. Whether to be Fugitives on the run like Felician Kabuga the former owner of Genocidal radio station RTLM, or they want to sit down and say i used my information tool to unite kenyans.

I am sorry all the hate replies you get is because of who you are. Its your image and a true reflection of who Kumekucha bloggers are.

Anonymous said...

Why are the majority of people employed over the last few years in the civil service, the Central Bank, the treasury, Admin Police, KRA, NSIS,.......etc. predominantly from one tribe?

Kwani wakenya wengine ni ma falla??

e.g. What percentage of KRA employees are luhya?(Luhyas make up ~16% of the population)

Aren't other Kenyans qualified?

Only one tribe is qualified??

These are the tribalists you should talk to!!!

kabila adui said...

Are rich people in Kenya free from tribalism? Are the Kumekucha-ists, who are well versed in spewing tribal hatred, wallowing in poverty? Are they jobless? Let's stop scratching the surface and look beyond the mere symptoms of other well-recognized ailments.

Tribalism is an ideology--a set of negative ideas that will not be changed simply by changing an individual's or a group's economic status. There will always be inequality in society, what is needed is a set of ideas and values (like nationhood) that accords both rich and poor, black and white,and so on some understanding of what they share in common. As I said earlier, the education system and the political leadership have a lot to offer in moving us in the right direction.

Meanwhile, check this:

Anonymous said...

Whether the article appeared elsewhere or not is not the issue. As for me this was the first time to set eyes on it and Philip's article is on the target. I wish all Kenyans would come to their senses and see that tribalism is killing us. We are sowing more seeds for violence come 2012. When one community ones to erect a monument for those killed in Eldoret forgetting that others were also killed in Kibera, Kisumu, Mombasa etc. What does that say? When Kibaki attends the funeral of Kikuyus killed in Eldoret and does not attend the the funeral of Kikuyus killed by Mungiki in his home village - what does that tell us? That other tribes are more important than others? I work for a peace organisation and we have done alot to bring peace between Kalenjins and Kikuyus and now politicians led by Kibaki is spoiling the process. God have mercy.

Anonymous said...

Philip has said what we have always said here to people full of tapeworms and suffering swine flu. The fact that the silly, childish, petty, tribalist called Taabu has posted it shows that he is having a change of heart from the genocidal trends he was taking. I hope Okello and others too sees the light too. It really pains to see people who ought to act mature, patriotic and with level headedness take a narrow - dehumanising path to destruction
We welcome this kind of posts. Chris, i hope you now have fresh ideas from your hibernation

Anonymous said...

Philip the Visitor,

You are right in every sense. Kumekucha, I believe intended that ideas be shared, and sought with meaningful discussions.

But there are people who were not comfortable with this version of an eye opener. In order to discourage well meaning contributors, they deliberately decided to pour dirt and insults as responses. One of their major tactics was to cook and spread lies in order to portray kumekucha as a gutter, and keep away readers.

Good guys, not reading the line of the bad guys' intention, hit back, making it worse.

It would be better for the wise to ignore any comments intended to demean and lower the kumekucha objectives and continue with meaningful comments.

Good, will always overcome evil. This way, the intention of the bad rotten apples will be defeated and kumekucha will remain with shared valuable ideas.

KenyaLuv said...

Mwambu said...
Sorry, I meant to say:

If your leaders started treated ALL Kenyans equally, tribalism would die tomorrow!

5/20/09 2:42 PM
whats troubling is that you actually believe that. Tribalism starts with you and me stop saying "oh if this guy did this, and that guy did that we would all live in harmony." Give us a break with the finger pointing. Always looking for someone/something/some tribe to blame but ourselves..grow up

KenyaLuv said...

...And whats troubling for me is that I'm actually still visiting this blog. No progressive Kenyan should be on this backward blog. And with that said, BYE! is the only decent Kenyan political blog left

Anonymous said...

Okello is not a genocidal tribalist, he is an eye opener for us all.

Philip said...

I pass my gratitude to Kumekucha for putting my post here, which I had nearly concluded was blurred by tribalist's shouts here.

I had really become so dissapointed that I has started posting as anonymous, passing here as a presidential aspirant with a slogan, "VOTE FOR FUTURE AND PROSPEROUS KENYA, VOTE FOR ME" and tribe will be confined to cultural identity and not political and economic identity.

I know the hyenas cannot kill all the gazelles in Maasai Mara or destroy all resources of Maasai Mara, that's why I still have hope, that Kenya will soon be owned by Kenyans and not tribal chiefs.


Let each of our current politicians come with strategies of how they can win 2012 election, but let also we wananchi come with our strategy of how we can take control of our country.

Yes, I know some people will think this can't be possible. Yes, it can't be possible if I go to this battle as Omondi the Luo, you as Mwangi the Kikuyu, while the other as Kipkoech the Kalenjin, while that one as Mwende the Kamba. But it is very possible if we all go as Kenyans.

The vast resources in Kenya has not been fully tapped and it will take long for the hyenas to finish all of it. Despite this, we still should not allow them to take control of us.

Did I say earlier that lets remove the blindfold that our politicians have put on us and tell them that, "we can now see who you are, and get away from us!"

Philip the Visitor.

Philip said...


Is it my parents who told me not to marry a lady from another tribe?

So let's start afresh by encouraging our kids to play tapo (hide and seek) with kids from other tribes, and when they are big, lets not discourage them from marrying someone from another tribe.

Mwarang'ethe said...

kabila adui said...

Eti lack of resources is a root CAUSE of triblaism. Kwani how rich are Tanzanians?? Go sell your wares elsewhere. Several things are sadly lacking in this country and for which I will refrain from using Mwarangethe's deceptive and deterministic language.

Our response:

As we have said, we are open to be corrected. However, it is important to read what is written well before commenting.

We have said, lack of SUFFICIENT ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES is at the root of rampant tribalism we see today in Kenya. This does not amont to saying lack of resources. These are two different things.

We believe that, the ECONOMIC SYSTEM of a society determines all other aspects of society such as religion, family etc.

It is one thing to adopt capitalism as Kenya did, but, it is something else to know how to create wealth or economic opportunities. Yes, we have adopted capitalim, but, we are ignorant on how wealth is created in a capitalistic society.

Since we have adopted capitalistic system wthout being able to generate sufficient opportunities, we have retreated to our tribal affliations as a means of competition for the few opportunities. Seen this way, our economic system brings about the rampant tribalism we have now.

Anonymous said...

Do you for one moment think that Kibaki believes in the equality of all Kenyans? Since he ascended to the presidency, Kibaki has made it crystal clear that the only Kenyans that matter are his Kiuyu and GEMA folk. A perusal of his appointments to the two most vital Cabinet positions, Internal Security and Finance, since 2002 bears me out. At the Ministry of State (Internal Security) it has been Murungaru, Michuki, and now Kinuthia Muthengi Saitoti. At the Treasury, it was Mwiraria, Kimunya, and now Kenyatta.

I totally agree with your premise and hope that Kibaki or one of his goons reads this space: "Tribalism ruining Kenya, Please stop them."

JEFF said...


I think the moment we realize that we are all responsible for the problems we are in, then we will begin to come up with solutions. As i have said before, to solve the tribal problem we need a clear break from the past. Do not expect anyone who has thrived in the current system to want to 'let go'. They have benefited immensely, so the system with all its flaws is working for THEM. They don't see tribalism as a problem, but rather a stepping stone to political power and personal enrichment.

Today I agree with Mwarang'ethe, that the cause of our tribalism is lack of sufficient resources. But in my reasoning, the failure to create wealth in the country has been deliberately engineered by the political class. You see, a wealthy man is an empowered man, and the biggest threat to our current crop of politicians is that day that the constituents will be empowered, because they would be able to elect whoever they wanted without seeking inducements. The politicians have created mini-economies of dependency around them. You will not get that parastatal job if you don't have a politician to 'push' for you. And this has nothing to do with tribe or merit, but the benefit derives fro you being in that position.

But also resources we have in abundance. The problem is they have not been exploited, again, deliberately. For example, where i come from, the River Tana is just around 10 km away. Believe me if my village had access to that water for irrigation i will have no business going to Nairobi or any other town to look for a job. Basically, we will need a deliberate policy to take resources back to the rural areas to ease the pressure of unemployment in the major towns. The fewer the jobs in the major towns compared to the number of job-seekers, the more pronounced the perception of tribalism and favoritism, as even if an equally qualified person gets the job, there is always a feeling of 'there was something'...

Also, our education system needs to evolve from churning out job seekers to encouraging self-reliance and entrepreneurship. I think the reason we go to school is basically to learn how to cope with the changing environment and relate with others, be better human beings. We have been brainwashed that if we do well in school, we will get the best jobs, rather than being told that we will be better persons. This has a direct correlation with the rampant instances of conditioning of students and cheating in exams. The end result is that we are never honest on any issue. We started cheating from nursery school. Do you expect we will be honest teachers, farmers, politicians when we grow up? Never.

The ball is squarely in our court.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Jeff said:

Also, our education system needs to evolve from churning out job seekers to encouraging self-reliance and entrepreneurship. I think the reason we go to school is basically to learn how to cope with the changing environment and relate with others, be better human beings. We have been brainwashed that if we do well in school, we will get the best jobs, rather than being told that we will be better persons.

Our response:

We fully concur.

We have prepared a plan for this. If u wanna see it, send your email at

M-Pesa said...

I'm shocked!

Really shocked!

That there's a sober and mature debate on this blog today.

Without any matusis, so far.

Keep up guys.

Na Chris amepotela wapi?

Chris, if you are up and down the country touring places like Voi, Sotik, Karatina, Mwingi, Kibera, Mumias etc, please gauge the political mood on the ground and report back.


Last person you would expect said...

See Kumekucha, Taabu, it's not that hard to steer discussions in a more constructive direction. We know there are problems and we know they will not be easy to resolve.

It's good to see a better signal to noise ratio on here.

kabila adui said...

So now your argument has shifted to the ills of capitalism? I cannot refute that neither can I agree, seeing that it's quite easily the only surviving and viable system of production to which even the communists (read China and Russia)are tending.

And because you do agree to be corrected, capitalism is quite really a consortium of institutions that are both political and economic working in support of each other, at the core of which is the notion of FREEDOM. So to suggest that wealth creation is indipendent and antecedent is misleading, and that's not because of my leanings towards polsci.

Now, back to my thoughts on tribalism. If tribalism was ONLY about a lack of opportunities--and you had implied a lack of jobs for example (just scroll upward and re-read your post)--then one would expect less or no tribalism from those that have jobs and those that have opportunities. I am suggesting that if that were the case, tribalism would have died a natural death among the economic elite. That is not the case, and even those with jobs and access to opportunity are pretty much as tribalist as those without.

I want to continue to argue that that something which is sticky, which refuses to go away, regardless of economic status, is tribalism. I go on to suggest that it is an ideology ( a deeply ingrained set of ideas, negative ones) and to say that adding something to the school curriculum is a viable strategy in starting to deal with tribalism. The United States (what kind of a name for a country, anyway?!!) is the hotbed of capitalism. For the most part there is an unrivalled sense of nationhood amongst this lot. It is America first, then everything follows. I want to suggest, rightly or wrongly, that a lot of this has to do with what goes on in the classrooms at different levels of the education system. It is also reinforced by the political class, who have also walked through those classrooms.

Your example of someone going to someone else to help them look for jobs is a good one. The thing that allows for the job to be allocated may not always be tribalism. It may be a patron-client relationship in play, which is not unusual in many parts of the developing world--Africa, Asia etc.

Now, this here conversation is one thought experiment, at least until we have some, or cite, some empirical tests and so I must concede that none of us is completely wrong or otherwise. But a nice conversation too, commendations to you for being so engaging.

Anonymous said...

Lack of sufficient economic opportunities is the real cause of the tribalism we are seeing in Kenya today. Tribalism is just a symptom that something big is terribly wrong in and with our country: the very unequal distribution of resources and how one "gets" these resources. This is the unfortunate status quo.

Due to their poor leadership abilities, Kenyatta, Moi and now Kibaki have used this tribalism factor to survive and maintain themselves in power. Remember, just before the STOLEN elections of December 2007, how Kibaki went against the IPPG agreement and stuffed his tribesmen and supporters in the now disbanded and discredited ECK. This one of the steps that made the STEALING of the elections almost inevitable..... and it came to pass.

Do you for one moment think that Kibaki believes in the equality of all Kenyans? Since he ascended to the presidency in December 2002, he has made it crystal clear that the only Kenyans that matter are his Kikuyu tribesmen and the related GEMA folks.

My fellow Kumekucha readers, let us be honest with ourselves. When we elected Kibaki overwhelmingly in Dec 2002 and Kicked out the Moi-Uhuru-KANU team, Kibaki had a golden opprotunity to end or at least greatly reduce tribalism. However, what happened? He betrayed us big time, he practiced and intensified tribalism to levels never seen before in Kenya.

In as much as we would rightly apportion blame to Kenyans in general for tribalism, the buck stops with Kibaki as the leader. He is supposed to lead guide and direct this country and its people. He led us down the wrong path, with he himself being BAD MANNERS EXAMPLE NUMBER 1, that has led to the high levels of tribalism being experienced in Kenya; in this he has FAILED. He has FAILED spectacularly

Anonymous said...

Saying the truth is not tribalism.

Correct me please, if I go wrong:

1)There is security problem in Kenya. People are being killed in CP and the Minister and President are sleeping.

2)Kibaki was installed very fast after elections. A sign that he was hiding something.

3)A foreign flag is hoisted on Kenyan's soil (Migingo) and the executive President refuses to say anything. The President only stages a press conference when it concerns the issue of his second wife.

4) The second wife has gov security body guards paid by tax payers. Why this set-up if she is not the second wife? Or is she the president's prostitute hired by tax payers?

5)A number of ministries hire only from one community. Is it tribalism to say that Central Bank, Finance, Energy, Office of President, State Hse, Revenue offices are over 99% GEMA?

6)Is critizising the attitude of the President and his henchmen towards political MoUs and National Accord tribalistic. The National Accord saved Kenya from being faced out. The big man has no respect for it. Hi ni ungwana kweli? The man has no respect for Kenya and Kenyans.

7)Kibaki agrees today to consult
coalition partner (and his ministers) on vital issues. Tomorrow he does this and that without consultation. Appointing judges, diplomats, army officers, MD of state corps are examples. Is this not worth critizising? I am I attacking Kikuyus, when I mention this?

There are many more topics which many people on this blog have raised against Kibaki and only Kibaki as the ONLY executive power owning powerful dockets(Finance, Security, Injustice, education, etc).

However tribalists have counter attacked to discredit and insulted RAO, Luos, Kibera on cheap grounds.

Democracy means critizising the big fish and forcing him to resign. Kibaki is not Kikuyu. Refer to the scandal in the UK at the moment.
Critizising Gordon Brown is NOT being against scottish people.

Mwarang'ethe said...

kabila adui said...
So now your argument has shifted to the ills of capitalism? I cannot refute that neither can I agree, seeing that it's quite easily the only surviving and viable system of production to which even the communists (read China and Russia)are tending.

Our response:

What are you talking about? We never mentioned the ills of capitalism. (We can do that, but, thats for another day). We have said, we purport (3rd world countries) to practice capitalism, but, we not know how to create wealth in a capitalistic system.

Kabila adui said:

And because you do agree to be corrected, capitalism is quite really a consortium of institutions that are both political and economic working in support of each other, at the core of which is the notion of FREEDOM. So to suggest that wealth creation is indipendent and antecedent is misleading, and that's not because of my leanings towards polsci.

Our response:

Political and economic institutions can work together as much as they want. However, if there is no understanding of how wealth is created, it will come to nought. Thus, our basic premise is simple. We say we practice capitalism, but, we do not know how to create wealth.

Consequently, we engage in COMPETITION and not CREATION. When you engage in competition, it breeds corruption and tribalism. However, when you engage in CREATION, you create opportunities for all. If one can appreciate the deep philosophy behind these two words, we can start solving our problems.

Thats why one wise man said this:

"Every man who becomes rich by COMPETITION throws down behind him the ladder by which he rises, and keeps others down; but every man who gets rich by CREATION opens a way for thousands to follow him, and inspires them to do so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tribalism is killing us. Look at what Mrs Sambili of Sports - she appoints Boit to be in charge of Stadia in Kenya - unfortunately Boit dies (RIP) and replaces him with Sogomo. I am ODM but that should not be allowed. When one goes - the next one must be from another part of Kenya. Which is why the issue of Mwiraria, Kimunya and Kenyatta(BA political science) at the treasury must raise eye brows. Kibaki was catapulted into presidency by a non Kikuyu - he made a big blunder to be swallowed by tribalism.

kabila adui said...

Hmmm, your casual separation of competition and creation is intriguing!

But that's tangential, let's not stray too far away from the initial question. Whether unequal access to opportunity is the root cause of tribalism and whether enhancing access to opportunity to all would automatically end tribalism. I answer NO. In Kenya tribalism exists even among those with good access to opportunities. Tribalism is an ideology and must be fought using the tools that have been used to fight negative ideas. The rest is window dressing.

Someone somewhere talked about marriage. Can the encouragement of inter-ethnic marriage be a route out of tribalism?

M-Pesa said...

Check out this Wakamba connection. NZAMBA KITONGA- the new Chairman of the committee of experts on the Constitution. MUTULA KILONZO- The new minister for Justice and Constitutional affairs. KALONZO MUSYOKA hot favourite to succeed Kibaki in 2012.

What's cooking?

M-Pesa said...

And just in case there are riots in 2012...There's JEREMIAH KIANGA- another Kao who is Chief of the General! The stage is being set slowly for the installation of PRESIDENT KALONZO MUSYOKA. Others are just but decoys. I can see Moi's hidden hand in all this!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are to blame for all the ills afflicting Kenya, Jana, Leo, Kesho na milile. Fullstop.
Why do we run away from the truth! Kenyatta started Moi cooked further and Kifake perfected it!
Even during Moi, the main culprits Or doers were Kikuyus. Kwisha.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are to blame for all the ills afflicting Kenya, Jana, Leo, Kesho na milele. Fullstop.
Why do we run away from the truth! Kenyatta started Moi cooked further and Kifake perfected it!
Even during Moi, the main culprits Or doers were Kikuyus. Kwisha.

deroo said...

Philip, thanx for your observation and post. I tend to believe that everything here is sincere and borne from a patriotic heart.

Philip, if you throw back the argument to some time in 2004, you will discover that Kenya as a nation was in some way or another tense. What was only required to ignite the whole thing was the Referendum that came as manna from Heaven and the illiterate, naive and ignorant were fully exploited.

The circus and unprecedented recipe for death was complete when one man said Kikuyu ni Kabila Adui. Yes he said. Then, the same culprits further polarized the nation with lists of Kikuyu appointments and likewise. The same people peddling the same were, less than three years before beneficiaries of the same system. If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected. Daniel Moi was there, William Rutto was there, Uhuru Kenyatta was there, Kalonzo Musyoka was there and a host of others.

It is shameful that people take tribalism and fail to take with them fairness in their argument. Naïve as people may be, we should consider facts and imagine the same when presenting them in public domain.

The problem with ODM and I repeat, is that they exploited the issue of majimbo, tribalism and ignorance of other tribes.

By telling the poor in Mathare and Kibera that they will not be paying rent and telling the Masai that they are going to be compensated when their cattle died is pure lies and the ODM charade thought it wise.

When you speak equitable share of resources, which I support, I believe that ODM should be the last people to talk about it.

Consider this; did Moi not pepper the civil service, diplomatic service and even the military with cronies from his tribe? Were there not nine generals out of 13 at the Department of Defence? Was the Diplomatic Service, Intelligence service and the rest not ‘Kalejinised’? the argument here is all about the things we do that make us look bad.

When Raila Odinga was appointed in cabinet in 2000, can you tell me any other tribe that was appointed into cabinet from then NDP fraternity apart from his Luo tribe? None. If you tell me one, I will show you a pathological liar. Then you talk of tribalism. Fast-forward to 2008. ODM has Raila as leader, (forget Kosgei he is one of the most corrupt individuals in government), Peter Anyang Nyongo as Secretary General, Jakoyo Midiwo as Party Whip, and shame to note every appointment in the PM’s office has been Luo, including Phoebe Asiyo’s relative.

They have even pushed out the ADUI in Tony Gachoka, ‘outsider’ in spokesman Salim Lone but dare you say it, and it will be met with usual mantra, ‘fighting the PM’.

So, talking about tribalism should be last thing one should call for argument in this forum. It murks in ODM. If sports minister sacks a Kikuyu and employs a Kalenjin, who by stroke of bad luck dies, she goes on to look for another Kalenjin to fill the post means that they are hell bent in tribalising public service. She even got rid of Director of Sport because he was Kamba If a whole professor like Nyongo has to appoint an ODM leaning tribesman in a government role, makes you hate being Kenyan.

Not that PNU are even better, but when Uhuru Kenyatta makes appointments that are tribal doesn’t make him look a saint anyway, but sacking someone to appoint your tribesman is STUPID.

That is why Raila Odinga will not be the President of Kenya. Remember my post on December 31 2007 that Uhuru Kenyatta and Kalonzo Musyoka will determine the 2012 presidency.

Let me go tribal for once. The Merus will not vote for Raila, half the Kalenjins will not, Kambas will not, not after the contempt he shows Kalonzo and Kikuyu will not vote for him, whether the entire Luo tribe are circumcised, he is made a Kikuyu elder, all his relatives marry Kikuyu and whether the man at the centre of the maize scandal Mike Njeru continues to work with son Fidel, the dice is cast. The other tribes will walk away when he loses the plinth that put him up there.

Philip said...

I have been pondering why tribalism has thrived on our Kenyan society this much.

One reason is based on tribal stereotypes, which in most cases is not true.

The other reason is based on the assumption that, if a leader from my tribe takes power, then most likely he will give me a job, or he will give a member of my tribe a job, which eventually may trickle down to me, while people from other tribe will get the crumbs. Yes, this happens most of the time.

However, even after the "tribal trickle down effect" still the common mwananchi, who form majority of the voters, regardless of tribe, does not benefit from it; at the lowest echelon of our society tribe really doesn't matter when we look at whoever will gain from President or whoever is in power.

When Kibaki took over power, we all know who benefited from it immensely, similarly to what happened when Moi was in power. Unfortunately/fortunately based on how you see it, the trickle down effect did not reach the common mwanchi who belonged to the same tribe that the President came from, we have evidence from famine in Baringo and further proliferation of slums in Nyeri.

Sometimes the same tribalism has become a poison to the same tribe where the President comes from. This is because, as is in some cases, the trickle down effect will benefit the high and few middle class, who eventually will use their gained resources, and further pushed by greed, to grab more resources from the tribesmen since they are the ones near them. Sometimes I tend to think that Kikuyus suffered most out of Kenyatta being the President of Kenya, I should be corrected here. This is because Kenyatta did not start by grabbing what belongs to "other tribes" but he started with what is near him, which was owned by his tribesmen.

I can also argue that when Luo take power, and their MPs become richer, and the high class and part of middle class, out of tribalism, also get richer, they will use the gained resources by acquiring wealth closest to them, which in most cases will belong to their tribesmen.

Ask the people living in Kaptagat what Biwott did to them.

Though tribalism can make some people gain, it doesn't make all people gain. Infact the losers are the low class people who, strangely, are the majority of voters.

It is time, therefore for the low class to be sensitise on these issues so that in future they can make a wise decision when they reach the ballot paper. i tis through this that they can choose a leader who doesn't work for his personal gain but for the gain of majority of Kenyans, who are commonly in low class.

Anonymous said...

These are ways of killing tribalism.

1) Make all boarding schools to be national schools. Make sure every student goes to a school outside his province at least for 3 years.

2)Do away with 8-4-4 introduced by Moi to enhance tribal fast track education. (4 yrs at Kabarak and then fast to University). Education should prepare youth to serve the people!

8-2-3-3 should be introduced. 8 years of compulsory free preparatory education. 2 years of grammar or technical school ending with a Kenya Junior Exam (or Guild Grade 3). 3 years of High school (alternatively professional school) ending with an A-Level Cert (or a profession Diploma). Best students join university for 3 years.

Advantages: In every stage, there will be an alternative professional qualification. Education will be cheap and affordable. there will be a fair selection, independent of the financial status.

4) Every ministry and ALL companies must prove that the positions have a balanced tribal representation (20%Kik, 15 Luhya, 15% Kale, 15 Luo, 10 Kamba, etc). If not the minister, or md should be sued and made to resign (should be a LAW).

5)Kenya loses money through excessive administration. Lack of state cash=less opportu=nepotism
=tribalism =corruption

PROVINCES should NOT exceed 10. Kenya can not afford more DCs, DOs, PCs. Instead the money should be directed into building of ROADS, RAILS, etc to create jobs.

6) Ministers should be non politicians but rather professionals.

deroo said...


I was in Nairobi for three weeks and I can guage the mood on the ground. The man called Raila is still popular among the ODM leaning tribes.

But on the flip side of it, he has a headache in William Ruto.REal headache. Have you noticed that ODM leaders make more trips to Central Kenya? Yes, but Kikuyus will never forget, just as the Kalenjins will not be used again.

If Ruto is with Raila at the end of 2010, God forbid. The game is up. Martha Karua cannot divide Kikuyu votes. She will never. If Kiraitu remains PNU secretary and Saitoti chairman, then...Game short

Anonymous said...

All political parties should be national.

ODM-K (Kamba), Narc-K(Kikuyu), DP(Kikuyu), Ford-P(Kisii), Ford-K(Luhya), etc should be de-registered.

This is the cause of tribalism.

Anonymous said...

It is people like Deroo and his/her ilk who feel secure and comfortable in the current pumbavu status quo who always think and react the way he/she has reacted with his/her comment @ 4:39 AM.
They nurture delusions of the continuation of the pumbavu status quo after Kibaki by entertaining the fantasy of a Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka and Uhuru "many hectares of STOLEN land" Muigai Kenyatta presidency. Prepare to be dissapointed, the way KANU was shocked in December of 2002, come the next elections. Your fantasies will turn into nightmares.

By the way, what was the main theme of his comment? The silly, knee jerk, myopic, irrational and pathological hatred for Raila. These are the people who go BANANAS at the mere mention of Railas name. Mental cases these.

deroo said...


how sincere are you in your comment. When Kalonzo and Uhuru were inODM during the referendum, they were good and very good for your cause.

So, when Uhuru left to join PNU afer sensing that PNU was popular in his background, he was wrong and bad.

When Kalonzo Musyoka was humiliated by hammer finging gons in Mombasa, he was good. So, when he felt that he was man enough to jump out of the chartalan brigade that was ODM that will never rule Kenya, he was bad?

Oh, pole sana. It is only one and a half years before we engage you in politics ya maendeleo, siyo ya kelele.

Call Kalonzo all the names, call Uhuru all the names, but you notice that they made the difference and Kibaki Mwai Emiio won the elections by a whooping margin of 0.3 million votes. He will be the pesident of the Republic of Kenya for five years. Take it or leave it.


Philip said...


Let's assume what you say is true.

Will you want it to be that way?

Or you are tired with all these leaders, like me. Nowadays (but note that I'm not addressing you in this paragragh, but everybody) whenever I read two people arguing over Kibaki/ Raila/ Ruto/ Kalonzo/ Karua/ Saitoti, I see it to be tantamount to goats arguing over what is better between a hyena and a leopard. If both are given a chance, when they are hungry, don't you think their is one that will not maul the goat?

We all know Kenyatta was not good, neither Moi nor Kibaki. And that there are indications/evidences that Raila, Ruto, Kalonzo, Karua will not bring any difference.

Further we all know that though we can easily gain from tribalism, we can also easily loose from it (ask the Luos in Limuru and Kikuyus in Kipkaren).

Now to you Deroo, what are you doing in order to improve Kenya?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said:

2)Do away with 8-4-4 introduced by Moi to enhance tribal fast track education. (4 yrs at Kabarak and then fast to University). Education should prepare youth to serve the people!

8-2-3-3 should be introduced. 8 years of compulsory free preparatory education. 2 years of grammar or technical school ending with a Kenya Junior Exam (or Guild Grade 3). 3 years of High school (alternatively professional school) ending with an A-Level Cert (or a profession Diploma). Best students join university for 3 years.

Our response:

Free your mind from colonial hangovers. It seems to some Kenyans that, only A level system can produce educated/learned people.

U need to ask yourself, apart from UK, which other nation/s in the OECD has A level system.

U need to look at Sweden, Germany, Denmark etc, and you will see they have 8 4 4 system. Thus, 8 4 4 system has nothing to do with Kenyan problems. We have not seen A levels in these countries, and they are doing better than even UK. Infact, if we are correct, UK plans to abolish A level system soon.

Anonymous said...

Why are these semi-educated so obsessed with presidency? In future it will be the PM who will have power to rule this country. The president will be ceremonial, the way Kibaki has been practising it: Always asleep at the state house.

Anonymous said...

Singapore, Newzealand, Australia, Austria, Swiss, Germany, Denmark, Holland have A-Levels. This has nothing to do with colonial mentality. It has to do with maturity before taking up university education.

A Kenyan 1st year student in Architecture from Keroka with a Grade A from Kisii High for example can not match a 1st year student from South Hampton due to lack of exposure.

We need our people to be mature, to see places and to develop professional maturity unlike what we see today in Kenya.

Please see newly built houses in Westlands and Lavington to understand what I mean.

Moreover overflooding the country with half-baked graduates who have spent alot of parents' money is a threat to the social peace in Kenya. The result will always be tribalism, corruption and dangerous syndicates of Mungiki types.

Anonymous said...

Yes UK and Germany are thinking of reducing the period of school education from 13 to 12 years.

BUT they want to retain the A-Level syllabus without any reduction whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

8-4-4 is no more. It is 8-4-5 and for Medicine 8-4-8. Can our poor country afford to pay more at university level to compensate for what was missed at primary and secondary school?

deroo said...


I respect cordial arguments, sober engagement and constructive talks. It is sad that over time, people have always taken the appointment of Kikuyus in the civil service as a matter of argument and a recipe of hatred.

Philip, you say you are from Tana River, thank you, you might be Pokomo, Ribe or even the travelling Rendile, though from your name, I leave you out of that Nomadic group. If you walk into any government office, do you come into contact with a Kikuyu? Even at the lowest level of clerk? Yes you do!

No tribe in Kenya, apart from Kikuyu stick to the civil service more than five years. Why? The remuneration, benefits and other perks that come with the jobs tend to push many out of the civil service.

I went to school with tens of different tribes in the country. Was employed in the civil service, left after only three years, moved on, and taken tens of jobs in the country and abroad.

On my first day of employment, there were three Kaleos, five Kikuyus, two Kambas and two Kisiis. Today, apart from the Kikuyus, all the other guys have left, not that they do not want to earn more, but they feel that there is job security in the government service.

Virtually all in that group have left to join private multinationals and practice. What happens when there is an opening for promotion? The civil service rules dictate that they will only look for one within the civil service, even if it means getting it from the disciplined forces. The only person available for that promotion is Kikuyu and so they rise

If you go back to Tana River, you will notice and I know of a few men I was in school with, the agricultural officer is Kikuyu, the DO1 is Kikuyu and the security committee has a few Kikuyus and many others. At least, and this one I am sure of, a quarter of the civil service presence in your district is Kikuyu. Lets face it was Raila going to sack them all and employ Luos who are not qualified or Coastals who don’t go to school? No

The thing and if you were here when that ACCORD was signed and even presented in parliament, I raised the issue here and I was rubbished. I read the accord and even wondered why the thing was not debated in parliament, but the clever people here told me off. The thing favoured the president, the status quo and the way things have been happening.

The same accord, even before being presented to MPs was wrong and had holes through and through, but people on this forum did not like my arguments. It is that in its current form, the constitution gives more powers to the president and no president will want the powers reduced.

Just wait for that time when it will be seen that Raila is the likely president, the constitution review will be scuttled so as to allow him to enjoy the trappings of power.

Whether Karua, Uhuru, Kalonzo, Ruto, Mudavadi, the constitution is supposed to change to stop tribalism.

For your information, last year, I told these guys that it will not change for two years, but the CLEVER ones dismissed me that it will change and they go to the elections. The truth of the matter is that it wil take time and the sitting president will continue enjoying the same.

Leave these guys saying that their man is in charge of the boundaries, constitution or what, if what they have been agitating for in the name of equitable sharing of resources, they should even stop thinking about it. It is a national thing.

Ligale cannot increase constituencies in Nyanza and not Central or Nairobi for that matter. He cannot influence anything that will look biased. Nzamba Kitonga cannot and Nassir will not do anything that supports any party These are national commissions and not Raila, Kibaki or Kalonzo.

Philip, the constitution has to change first.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

The other reason is based on the assumption that, if a leader from my tribe takes power, then most likely he will give me a job, or he will give a member of my tribe a job, which eventually may trickle down to me, while people from other tribe will get the crumbs. Yes, this happens most of the time.

Our views:

This is exactly what we have been saying. The question ought to be, why this expectation that, if X from our tribe becomes the president, we will get jobs?

It flows from our inability to understand how to create wealth. As a result, all we want is to COMPETE for the few opportunities that will be dished by the people in our tribes who happen to be in power at any given time.

We need to understand how to create wealth. When we shall do that, will shall be confident to believe that, we can grow rich without depending on our tribesmen/women.

More importantly, we shall have in our hearts the knowledge that, to grow rich from Wanjiku's purse, is not success, but, failure.

Anonymous said...


You are trying to say that Kikuyus are the only people who embrace job security in the civil service and therefore remain the majority.

You are misleading. Is it not Kikuyus who are hard-working and want to get rich fast? There is no cash and no hard work in the c.s.

Another issue. It is ONLY in Raila's office where you will find Kikuyus, Luhyas, Luos, Somalis, Kambas working hand in hand. Go there to witness. The language spoken here is either Kiswahili or English.

Go to Uhuru's office and make a comparison. The only non-Kikuyu you will meet there is only Oburu Odinga.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Singapore, Newzealand, Australia, Austria, Swiss, Germany, Denmark, Holland have A-Levels. This has nothing to do with colonial mentality. It has to do with maturity before taking up university education.

Our response:

To demonstrate that, you are ignorant, lets take the case of Denmark.

They have:

(a) Pre - school
(b) Primary education
(c) Secondary education

This level, which is the borne of contention, students attend between 2- 4 years depending on their curriculum.

Those who take gymnasium, the academically oriented course, go straight to the university, i.e. higher education.

(d) Higher education
(e) Adult education

Thus, your arguments that, Denmark has A levels shows a lot of ignorance on your part.

Now, as a matter of logic, the idea that 8 4 4 educational system is the problem is stupid.


(a) It is obvious that, we are in a mess.

(b) We know that, those who have been in leadership in the past and even now, are products of A level system.

Since (a) and (b) are true, we can comfortably conclude that, the products of the A level system are responsible for the mess we are in. Thus, the argument that, 8 4 4 is the problem is patently false.

deroo said...

Anon @6.33

You are arguing like a hairdresser in Kibera or a fisherman in Migingo. You are simply irrelevant and misguided.

I mean to tell you that if you walk into Raila's office, most of the people there are either privately employed by him in his private capacity or party goons, stonethrowers of rumour peddlers. Yes they are.

You are simply a TWAT not to realise that Oburu Odinga is a politician elected in parliament and seconded by his elder brother to work under Uhuru Kenyatta in a repeat of Kenya's first post-independent parliament where Oginga Odinga was under Jomo Kenyatta.

That said, you fail to recognise a fault in your pedestrian way of thinking which makes the 8-4-4 arguments above look PhD material.

I said that the argument that people have about Kikuyus being in public service favours them because they offer some kind of hegemony in governmen. They are the dominant tribe in the civil sevice and even Daniel Arap Moi with his ultra-tribal mechanisations between 1978-002 could not dilute the Kikuyu numbers in the civil service.

Your juvenile arguments also fail you when you cant realise that the police force, defence and corporate world is dominated by one tribe.

Walk into the lands ministry and you will find a man who has worked there for 25 years, employed his two sons and two daughters-in-law and nephews and nieces.

If you are a bit clever, which by you arguments I highly doubt, most people, apart from graduates who join the civil service, take it as a last resort. In actual fact, they join while looking for better openings. The Kikuyu factor is further enhanced by their migratory habits that place them in every corner of the country. What happens when the government is planning to employ and the DC who is a Kikuyu is in charge? Employ your trbesmen!

Finally, if you have access to the government payroll, which doubt you have, you will notice that 40% of the civil servants are from one tribe and the rest are Kenyans.

So, kindly think wide when arguing about matters that you know little about. Sawa?


Anonymous said...


I could have debunked most of what you have said but if I attempt to do so I may end up typing for 3Hrs because there is so much I would like to say.

Anyway I shall just touch on the most blatant lie you have said today, namely - and I quote you:

"Mwai Emiio won the elections by a whooping margin of 0.3 million votes."

That is blatant lie. A very BIG blatant lie. Those 0.3 million "votes" - plus some more, were STOLEN and "manufactured" votes. They were not his.

If you actually believe that - that Mr Pumbavu "won", then there must be something very wrong with you "upstairs." You remind me of some years ago when there was serious famine in Ukambani and lots of people were dying from hunger and one kamba man actually killed and ate a dog because of the loud and thumping hunger pangs he was feeling.

At that time Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka had the audacity to loudly deny that there was any famine and hunger in ukambani and that no one had eaten a dog, and that his people were satisfied and very well fed under the wise and visionary leadership of Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi. PHEW!! Talk about amazing lies!!

Your blatant lie about Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's "win" puts you in the same "league" with Kalonzo's antics above.

deroo said...

Kobaki won the elections, he was sworn in and thereafter, he appointed Raila Odinga as Prime Minister, he is the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, the only centre of Power in the Government.

That is why, Raila makes noise about not having ulimited access like Kalonzo Musyoka, FRancis Mutharua and Alfred Mutua.

In 2012, we shall al rally behind a sensible leader to defeat the angel of doom, the one who labled others adui and told others that they will cry.

He used one community and others to massacre a section of the polpulation to negotiate for power which e endded up getting only a fragment.

Prepare for Amargedeon in 2012. Jipange Baba, na ujichanue, Kwaja na imekaribia.

Anonymous said...

Tribalism and racism are but mere tools in the hands of the greedy ruthless self declared owers of wherever they find kenya just like in south africa and other places there is the owner class they are not thr ruling class....but the 'owners' they are best friends with multinationals and other international crooks..their only god is wealth they cannot afford the luxury of tribalism thats left for their tools the clueless middle class consisting of academicians, managers and ther small wannabe important nitwits....this is the lot that comes up with theories like white people are inherently more intelligent than blacks...or such and such a tribe is more industroius.....the owners don't realy care for as long as it has a loyal legion of fools to help the keep their stolen wealth its all good. In south africa for example the whitse where made to believe that they are superior to they provided security and laboured to create a beautiful country for the owners to live in and exploit, when it no longer became tenable the onwers gave over the crown to the black but tetained the jewels...the ordinary white is still busy hating to his own peril, while the 'onwers' are making more money under the new dispensation.....and life goes on.
Moral is those of you focusing on tribalism are fighting some one else's battles an dyou will not be thanked for it..WAKE UP!

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Deroo @ 7:26 AM,

Another big pack of lies. If I were you I would be thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Living a life whose dominant "values" are DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT is a very pumbavu life. It eventually leads to disaster, embarrassment and defeat. A small snapshot of this? You just have to look at the civil war going on in central province where now it is quite "normal" for a Kikuyu to target, zero in, descend on and swiftly chop his fellow Kikuyus head off. Amazing crazy stuff.

The fruits of DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT are very nasty, they always come back "home" to roost. You will experience yours in the near future - Guaranteed.

UrXlnc said...

Mwarang'ethe I concur increased opportunity will lessen impact of vices such as tribalism, corruption etc

for those that don't quite get it, here is an exagerated illustration

if Mr.N from a certain tribe is recruiting and needs fill only 1 slot, but there are 10000 equally qualified applicants. if Mr. N is your typical unethical Kenyan then he may be influenced to select the 1 either through his village ties or size of a fat envelope slid under the table.

now on the other hand, if Miss J is recruiting and absolutely has to fill 300, but only receives 20 well qualified applicants, then it does not matter what tribe or nationality the 20 are.

in short mwarang'ethe's point is if we create many opportunities, then the need to proscribe to certain vices will gradually reduce.

Note: tribalism or rather fear/hate/love of one tribe over another may still exist in the mind but its impact on institutions will not be as crippling.

Mwareng'ethe: have emailed you

Anonymous said...

At least close to a sober day at KK, I guess the asylum is closed.

Good discussions for once!

Anonymous said...

"Mwarang'ethe I concur increased opportunity will lessen impact of vices such as tribalism, corruption etc"

That was not the argument. Would you care to scroll up and read?
These statements here are soooo SIMPLISTIC, it's painful listening to them. Where'd yu go to school???

Progressive Kikuyu said...

It is because of Deroo and people who espouse views like his that explains why we as a country are in the dilemma we found ourselves in today. In reading your post, I do not see a single idea that is postive. In explaining or should I say advocating for a Kalonzo you promote the same old "divide-and-conquer strategy" that was used so effectively by Jomo Kenyatta, Arap Moi, and now by Kibaki.

Your logic is that because Nzamba Kitonga is a Kamba, therefore that naturally makes him a Kalonzo sympathiser. Have you ever heard of a Kamba called Makau wa Mutua? I highly doubt that this great son of Kenya would ever be found supporting Kalonzo despite the fact that they are both Kaos and also Attorneys.

Sad. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or not ,tribalism is here to stay and nothing in this world will ever change that.Kikuyu's will always hate and loathe Jaluos and vice-versa,so lets stop trying to run away from reality and living in denial.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:29 A.M. are you a clown, an ignoramus or both? Take your pea- size brain and slinker back to the cave from whence you came, you Neanderthal.

Anonymous said...

Folks remember when those innocent kenyans lost all their worldly possession, loved ones and livelihood... those stupid politicians were seeping on tusker together... kikuyu , luo, kamba, nameless tribes.... Mwananchi we are foolish to continue biting the hand that feeds you........ all those people that touched the hospitals and killed their bosses .. what good did it do???

We(wananchi) are the ones that have failed the country. we continue to allow mediocer amoung us! If we did not fight each other do you thing this darm-darms would be in power. They all suck-- kibaki, raila, ngilu, martha and all idiots in the kenyan parliament. and to imagine someone lost their life for any of this idiots is a disgrace to the human race.

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