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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tribal Clergy on Holy Mission to Re-invent

They hogged, hugged the cameras and waxed religious while playing to the gallery. But are the Kenyan men (sorry no women) up to any good given their soiled past these two years? Well, you can bet your next lunch these men of the collar are typical tribalistic Kenyans albeit with the added advantage of holy hypocrisy from the pulpit.

Taking the plastic high moral ground, Cardinal Njue has found the best excuse to lead his flock for tea at State House oblivious of the image he painfully created since December 2007. The less said about his sacrilegious abandoning of holy duty to prop up his kinsman the better.

Kenya’s Catholic Church built a reputation of defending the masses during Moi’s RUINOUS era but they lost that in a flash by supping with the powers that be once the right church-state DNA mix was complete. Njue’s short reign makes Otunga’s ordinary tenure look like saints of yore just like the present ECONOMIC RAPE FRENZY and misrule makes the devious Moi shamelessly claim the moral high ground in admonishing his astute students of fraud.

The Anglican Church may have found the game to the gallery too appetizing to resist as evident in the Catholic Church’s biblical betrayal to seek audience with the earthly throne. Apologists of the present scoundrels will predictably and readily justify the church’s selfish manoeuvres as one borne out of respect. Well, Kenyans have perfected the art of living national lies secure in the knowledge that nobody ever constipated on the vice.

Toxic fumes
This must be one of the smartest ways to divide and weaken the so-called Inter-Religious Forum. And the government must be all glee for the religious spanner boys coming hot in the heels of successful attempts to cut the giant KNUT to size.

Well, a regime premised on FRAUD and DECEPTION can only sustain itself with serial and shameless mischief at the collective expense of its subjects. With the church playing ball, the game can only go one UP for the gate keepers. Meanwhile ordinary Kenyans continue to choke from toxic fumes of fraud. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...


You are at it again ranting and wailing? There is nothing worse than an educated tribal brain with a broken record stuck in it!

Anonymous said...

There is mothing wrong for Cardinal Njue to have a soft spot fo Kibaki, Raila or any other political figure. But that does not mean he abandons his role as Cardinal to please Kibaki.

What the other Bishops pointed out was the truth in public dormain. No wonder Njue skipped the event only to sneak to State House for secret talks to distance himself from the Bishops' statement. Tribalism perfected by Kenyatta, Moi and accelerated by Kibaki is what has brought Kenya on its knees.

We saw a big split among the so-called church leaders in 2007 and they contributed to fueling the aftermarth brought about by Kibaki's theft of votes. Chruch leaders all over country offered partisan prayers and delivered partisan sermons tailor-made to suit their tribal audience and their own preference between Kibaki and Raila.

We don't want tribal bishops who see and hear no evil as long as their kinsman is in State House. Shame on Njue. Bishop Muge stood by his flock and truth although Moi was his kinsman.

Down with Cardinal Njue and his fellow tribalists!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49,

Taabu had a blocked gut and the GP recommended evacuation. at the surgical table in Uganda, the surgeon who had one too ,many mistook the diagnosis and evacuated his brains instead...when the attendant nurse pointed out the.... the panicked surgeon filled his head with the shit he meant to evacuate....

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Anonymous said...

Moi is clearly the hero here - he was a nationalist not a tribalist; every tribe voted for him. Few were in detention but many had security, food, jobs and peace...

Anonymous said...

if a foreigner is going to head ECK....this is not going to solve the problem as the election officers at the voting booth fudged figures...perhaps the foreigner can be Libyan or Iranian...

Anonymous said...

Taabu aka misery,
when will your posts make sense? everything you post is rubbish!

Anonymous said...

From the comments I read here, the Panua Mongrels are in very DEFENSIVE mode. Ati 1 + 1 = 3? No way. Taabu has just told you the truth that scares the shit out of you fellows.

Down with Cardinal Njue and his fellow panua tribalists!

Anonymous said...

The church leaders had no business telling Kibaki off - they are the first culprits. Let them clean their house first. Even the one who thinks snakes in the form of devils inhabit parliarment was quiet when Kibaki was stealing the votes. And a Catholic Archbishop in Western Kenya was openly campaigning for ODM. How I wish Muge, Okulu, Otunga and Ndingi the first not the later were here!!!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, am not trying to demean you but i always wonder whether you are really educated. Like what is your knowledge of history, and specifically church history. There was a time (before the enlightenment) in western europe when the church had a strong hold on the people. Check and you will find at that time the church was very much tied to the "earthly throne". I mean Christainity (the Roman Cathoilic Church) was founded by an emperor. The pope was (may be still is) an emperor. The monarch is still the head of the church of england.

Religion is today not very important in Europe. But in Kenya it is very important because of our fearful and superstitious mentality. So the clergy here are very powerful. Where the clergy are powerful they always align themselves with the rulers. After all both the clergy and the rulers seek to control the masses and to rob them (taxes and church collections).

BTW has any one ever wondered what the clergy are paid for. To teach one simple subject for ever? In christianity salvation comes through believing. So why keep on repeating it. I guess Karl Marx was right: religion is the opiate of the masses. All this repeating gives them hope. But I always wish the clergy would try something that would exercise their minds, like particle physics (I know some catholic fathers are scientists).

Perhaps I digress, but taabu why should njue be like otunga. Were all the popes the same? njue probably supports kibs but he is not a kiuk. He is embu and there is a diffrence. Arch bishop okoth probably supports rao. What am saying is if you investigated the clergy generally you may find njue is far from being the most "corrupt". Please am not a kiuk.

Anonymous said...

Moi built churches; some kenyans burnt churches

Anonymous said...

75.89% of the Kenyan clergy are prophets for profit ("old time temple operatives" aka money changers), they are business men who have perfected the art of using the shadow of religious cover to their own greedy advantage.

With all due respect to all the clergy in good standing and with upright conduct becoming ethical religious leaders: the rest of the other clergy are real wolves in sheep's clothing, pitbulls in the pulpits, and snakes in the gardens of Kenya.

Show me a clergy man who is not busy stealing funds from their communities, using their clerical status to gain business advantages, chasing after other people's wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, back-biting their fellow clergy and pontificating about what's gone wrong with the current deadwood political leadership, and I will show you Kenya's Bishop Desmond Tutus of today and tomorrow.

As for the Catholic clergy, my foot, who is really fooling who? Their track record continues to speak for itself. Christians and the general public have learned to remain silent as they shamefully watch what goes on behind the scenes.

LOL! The days of hide-and-sneak seem to be over since many of them have beecome so bold in dealing with their mistresses and the willing weak sheep among their thirsty flock.

Believe or not, some of them continue to beget kids out of wedlock and despite their so called celibate lifestyles and vows in these day and age where HIV/AIDS stills well and alive.

Kadi-ya-nil Njue continues to be a failure and a big let down.

Anonymous said...

I am planning a letter writing campaign to the Vatican against Njue the tribal bishop of GEMA. He is presiding over the erosion of the catholic church in Kenya. There is also evidence that he has fathered more than 3 children with his former parishioners even though he continues to claim celibacy. Useless Kikuyu hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Mwibüngia arümagirira o kwenda gwake mwene, akang'athithagio ni üügi wothe üria mükinyaniru.

3:08 AM (2/27/09)
Ukweli! Ukweli! Ukweli! Those men of the cloth were real brave leaders who were worth every oz of their religious salt. They were guiding beacons who stood up for the truth and against tyrants of old like Moi.

BTW, go easy on Cardinal Njue, let's not sully his reputation due to our tribal anger that still spills from what he did or didn't do during the days leading to the general election 2007 and thereafter.

His weaknesses are well known but they don't extend beyond the political sphere and the arena of blindly following anything that the Vatican and European missionaries dictate to him as the leader of the Catholic church in Kenya.

The old mzee is clean and has an impeccable track record when it comes to dealing with women. He has never been known to have violated, destroyed, deflowered nor damaged any nun (sister) or woman under his jurisdiction.

For the record, Cardinal Njue has no biological children neither does he lead an "alternative lifestyle" that is very hard to detect in many African countries. The mzee is very clean in that department.

Give him a break for a change because many of us are closeted tribalists who voted along ethnic lines as well as cheap party lines.

Try looking in the mirror one of these days and you will understand what you did or thought about during and after the general election 2007. We are all collectively guilty and responsible for what happened, regardless of whether you were in Kenya or abroad.

We all voted dirty: tribe first, party second and nation third. Enemies of our enemies were friends, and friends of our enemies were enemies as well, and we wanted all of our political opponents butchered.

That's one of the many reasons why so many of us didn't have the guts to stand up and speak up against the violence that went on unbated around the country for weeks. Just look in the mirror and be honest for change.

It was real sickening to see how some of us cheered or were so indifferent when fellow Kenyans were being shot to death by the paramilitary police in Kisumu, hacked to death, burnt alive in a church, beaten and stoned to death, chased by mobs, violently harassed by former neighbours and raped by gangs in various regions of the country.

We all failed and those "tribal churches and their tribal religious leaders" had a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately, many of the tribal clergy believe in tribalism than they do in God or in Christ the Messiah and their Lord or in the Bible.

Will our actions and repsonsibilities as a citizen of Kenya be any different in 2012 from what we did or didn't do in the aftermath of December 27, 2007?

Well, let's take a second glance in the mirror before then.

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