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Monday, May 04, 2009

Are You Looking At Kenya From Westgate Or Mathare?

We keep getting reassuring statements from all quarters that the coalition will not collapse and that it will run its’ course to the next scheduled general elections in 2012.

We have even had a statement issued by a diplomat in Nairobi ruling out snap general elections as NOT being a viable option for Kenya. Wise words indeed. But wise words don’t always rule.

So on the surface of things it seems that the country will limp on until 2012 in its’ current state of uncertainty and constant squabbling within the coalition. But is this the case? The mood of the country and recent events seem to contradict this view.

Take for instance the incident at Uhuru Park on Labour day May 1st where angry wananchi threw stones and walked out on Labour Minister John Munyees as he delivered the president’s speech. There are those who say that the heckling was organized for political reasons by ODM diehards to embarrass the president. This is of course difficult to prove, but even if it is true the truth is that Kenya as a country is now dangerously on the edge and amazingly nobody seems to see where the real danger lies.

About two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing first hand just how deceiving the state of the country can be to a casual observer depending on where you are. I went to the Sarit centre, the prestigious Westgate and surrounding shopping arcades and could not miss the huge crowds of shoppers with heavy trolleys threatening to spill their contents on the neat pavements next to roads without a single pot hole. I quipped to a friend; “This is where the thieves of Kenya live and play.” I then traveled through a section of Ukambani and it was stark contrast. Children staring back with hunger visibly in their eyes. Desperate people who asked for my cell phone number and then quickly followed with requests for help—any kind of help. My informants have told me the situation is pretty much the same across most of the country. Most dangerously within slum areas in Nairobi.

To put this danger bluntly; there are far too many Kenyans at the moment who have absolutely nothing to lose. My question is; will all these people wait until 2012?

Kenyans are angry and hungry and that deadly combination means that anything can happen at any time.

Interestingly as I mentioned in an earlier post, both ODM and PNU are busy secretly preparing for a general election. Indeed the recent “campaign” targeted at the Prime Minister is part of PNU’s preparation for those elections. However what both political parties do NOT seem to realize is that Kenyans are long fed up with the old order and whatever kind of preparations both political parties make, they will NOT make an impact in the next polls (whenever that will be).

I love Shakespeare’s political classic Julius Caesar and in one memorable scene of the play Julius Caesar sees the soothsayer who had earlier warned him about the ides of March and reminds him about his prediction. The Soothsayer quietly replies that indeed the ides of March has arrived, but it was far from being over. Before the end of that day Caesar had fallen in bloody mess of stabbings. I made a bold prediction early this year where I doubted if the coalition government would survive beyond May. Well May is here… but it is far from being over.

Of course I have been wrong before…. But I have also been right.

P.S. Increasingly old corruption and crime rings that have been suffocating the country for a long time seem to be under attack even as they seem to continue to thrive. Fascinatingly one of the recent attacks to the old order seems to be coming from a most unlikely source. Technology.

Last week a Kenyan data recovery company launched a cell phone and laptop tracking device that is sure to put a lot of crooked people in Nairobi out of business. These people being put out of business are NOT nice people and the company in question needs to give serious thought to their personal security and that of its’ top executives.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the love you have for Kibaki, the man has failed miserably and history will judge him. He inherited a torn country from Moi and instead of mending it, he did worse damage to it. Unlike before, Kenyans live in uncertainity and do not know what tomorrow holds for them.

Raila on the other hand is no angel. His greed for power has not helped matters. Both Kibaki and Raila stole votes in 2007 and no of them can claim to be an angel.

As a revenge, Raila and his ODM vented their anger on innocent Kenyans whom they targetted for slaughter. History and blood of innocent Kenyans will judge Raila harshly.

Kibaki and Raila are both a curse for Kenya and the best gift God can give Kenyans is to wipe them out of this earth before year ends.

Without the two, Kikuyus and Luos would be left orphans and they would reason with their brains and not their matako.

I think it was silly for the ODM leaders who organised goons to go to Uhuru Park to heckle Kibaki if he turned up. Kibaki and Raila are both a disaster for this country and no matter how one feels loyal to any of them, history will tell years to come. None of the two idiots is close to the Bibilical Moses. They are agents of doom.

Sayra said...

Chris, till the day you and all the other kenyans will join the stone throwers nothing much will change ... just the colours but everything else will remain the same.

Whether the elections happen today or tomorrow or next year and we continue to selfishly think about 'me, myself and I' trust me it will be nothing but zero work. 1st as things are now we are bila an electoral body, 2nd we are in a sort of a constitution vacuum/confusion (apparently us the citizens follow the constitution and the parliament holds the accord high than the constitution that we the kenyan citizens are following). We can't have elections in such a state. 3rd, like i said earlier we still have more space to accommodate crap from the leaders. If we go for elections right now it will simply be a change of face but still get the same old shit from them.

I don't want elections before 2012, i wanna see how much more crap these people can put on us till we ALL reach the end and can take no more.

When that day comes ... i will accept its time for general elections. Within the year or next year it will be a total waste of time and space.

One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Chriso,
Sadly we are all looking at Kenya from behind jail bars of our comfort zones.

Especially those here in KK hiding behind keyboards using false monikers to hurl insults and abuse at others. useless

The sad thing though I disagree with you Chris my friend is both ODM and PNU will make it to the next general election and indeed both PNU and ODM will make it into the next Government and consequently the 12th parliament in one form or another

If ever there was a time for new thinking and new leadership to show up on the scene its now.away with sex boycotts and demonstrations. where are the new generation of future leaders?

Anonymous said...

and whom do plan voting for Chris?

And who do you think Kenyan's will vote for?

M-Pesa said...

So on Labour Day the top political brass went into hiding to avoid booing and heckling at Uhuru Park. On june 1st it will be Madaraka Day. That's in just about 3 short weeks. Where will they hide, these bloody cowards?

I'm predicting what you saw on Labour Day will be kid play compared to people's revolution on june 1st! Kibaki is fond of hibernating when things go hay-wire like snubbing the burials of Mungiki massacre in his backyard of Mathira but he's just about to be exposed for the coward he is.

Wait for june 1st, fellow citizens!

Sayra said...

One Wife Man,

the new generation of future leaders are waiting for the future ... pliz don't for get that ....

Anonymous said...

The usual Chris the moron telling us nothing we dont know. Even sayra is a far better writer, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

Chris, we were enjoying Syras article until you posted yours. A true f@*#ing loser, Hurray!!

Anonymous said...

I know Renneberger (the viceroy of kenya) said he would like to see marende's ruling respected but i think pnu have no choice but to ask the courts to interpret the constitution as amended by nara with regard to the executive. The role of interpreting legislation belongs to the courts. Even if the speaker ignores the court's decision, a decision will be there from the right body and people working in gava will know who is who.

Regarding hostile crowds, kibaki should talk to either moi or raila. moi used govermnet machinery to ensure the "right" crowd while raila uses his "networks" for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

You can even shoot Obako for all we care leave alone heckling...but qestion: Will the castrated baboon bring change?
Ans: Not even in your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Boys are slapped by women.
Martha is a woman
Raila was slaped by Martha
What is Raila? (10marks)

Anonymous said...

Nyani haoni kundule
Baboons ask what they dont give
Raila is MP for Langata
Kibera is in Langata
Raila complained/asked for a toilet
Kibera residents dont have toilets
What is Raila? (20 marks)

Anonymous said...

Kumbe the parting of kibs and karua was for real. I always thought he would persuade her to stay. But he has accepted her resignation and appointed mutula kilonzo. kweli kwa siasa hakuna marafiki

Anonymous said...

Jeshi la Raila aka Kibera thugs were paid 10ksh to go and heckle president's speech on mayday.
you guess by who?

Anonymous said...

One and a half years but ODM have yet to produce evidence of how kibaki stole the election.


ODM attempted coup resulting into 1500 people killed.


Anonymous said...

I thought raila had said he would not go to see kibaki except thru the coalition management committee. Now it is being reported the two met this morning and even discussed lbg. According to orengo and nyongo, whenever raila goes to see kibaki alone he (raila) always makes a concession. Are we to expect him to withdraw his letter to marende. methinks this maize thing is big and is probably being used on someone.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29 AM,

It is quite evident that you have saw dust instead of a brain in your head. Go get a Kikuyu to swiftly chop your head off, Mungiki style.

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the duly illegitimate and fraudulent president of Kenya having STOLEN the elections of Dec '07

You can see him here swearing by the bible that ataendelea na kazi zake za UHALIFU:

Only fraudsters and people living in denial and self deception can actually believe the big fat lie that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki "won," he LOST and then STOLE the elections. If he was really confident that he had won, why did he have to have himself sworn in in secret at state house and in the dark? Only someone who lost would behave like that - the classic hallmarks of a THIEF!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:29 am,

go shove your raila hatred up your ass hole right where it belongs together with your digestive products

Anonymous said...

Flip flop,no no its not that common footwear know by most kenyans as slippers.Its Raila Amolo Odinga

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:06 am said:
"methinks this maize thing is big and is probably being used on someone."

same, same! heh-heh.

Taabu's Mistress said...

Hurray Chris,

Have it occured to you that you have been doing a terrible SIN by covering up Raila'a evils in Kumekucha?

First it was Mau forest issue that you hushed it up when the committee Raila had appointed himself brought not so shoking revelations that the forest had infact been hived of by CURRENT ODM POLITICIANS. You actually deleted some of your readers comments to this effect.

Last week when anothe parliamentary committee on agriculture still with ODM MPS brought a shoking revelation that RAILA AND HIS FAMILY AND ASSOCIATES engineered the MAIZE SCANDAL, Chris went underground for 4 days and today you have called it 'PNU CAMPAIGN' stratergy.
Chris, you cannot purport to stand on the pedestal of honesty, promote your blog along these lines only when your sworn enemies are involved and do a shoddy cover up in protecting your political sponsors. THats shows how cheaply auctionable your principles are. It is noteworthy also your partner in this "CRIME" aka Taabu of DECEIT and FRAUD has conveniently taken a holiday from Kumekucha.

Here is a good reading about the criminal record of Raila's son Fidel. (am posting the link for free not selling it as raw notes since its 'too hot to be published' ..te he he he ) He was involved in THEFT AN FRAUD..are you listening Taabu?

Anonymous said...

Chris, you captured a snap photo of the quagmire Kenya is in so aptly with this:

"About two weeks ago I had the privilege of seeing first hand just how deceiving the state of the country can be to a casual observer depending on where you are.

I went to the Sarit centre, the prestigious Westgate and surrounding shopping arcades and could not miss the huge crowds of shoppers with heavy trolleys threatening to spill their contents on the neat pavements next to roads without a single pot hole. I quipped to a friend; “This is where the thieves of Kenya live and play.”

I then traveled through a section of Ukambani and it was stark contrast. Children staring back with hunger visibly in their eyes. Desperate people who asked for my cell phone number and then quickly followed with requests for help—any kind of help. The situation is pretty much the same across most of the country. Most dangerously within slum areas in Nairobi."

Andruid said...

Stone throwing is good means to vent frustration as there is no arguing on intent but to what end?

The crooks in govt deserve every single stone thrown in their direction but of what use id it if we kick them out and do not know where we can find politicians who will not be as blatantly crooked or as myopic as this lot.

As for the elections it will not matter if there in 2009, 2010, 2012 or after Kibaki manages somehow to successflully cross over from being a useless despot to president for life, if we do not find it within ourselves to break this cyle of agitating for "reform", throwing out one bunch of politicos for another, cheering them on as they waste five years grandstanding and bootlicking to whatever degree, before reverting back to agitating for "reforms" at the next pools then the election wuill mean absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is a real coward.
sworn in as president by night.
pu..y whipped by lucy at home.
cant face kenyans on public holidays.
and yet you people keep yupping ati duly elected president.
talk about a real kihii.
ki for kibaki
ki for kihii.(100 marks)

noshaggin said...

Obama 'YES WE CAN!'
Kenyans 'NO CUNT!'

Anonymous said...

Another ODM MP died today, look like God is avenging for the innocent blood of Kenyans killed by ODMorons.

Taabu, Phil, Chris, Kalamari, Sam Okello, UrXlnc and other ODemons, REPENT! and you will not perish.

Anonymous said...

5 ODM MPS dead now, folks, that should tell you something!

UrXlnc said...

Anon 6:19

Kindly explain

Anonymous said...

I still havent recieved a response to the following questions:

Q:What has the tribe of apes contributed to the socio-economic development of this nation since independence? exept throwing stones, shouting loudest and blaming others?
Q: Why is kisumu, one of the oldest towns in kenya, sooo underdeveloped? Worst than smaller towns like Nakuru, Thika, even Eldoret?
Q: Why are luos so desperate for a hot square meal that they would rather loose their dignity by resorting to homosexuality?
Q: Why does Nyanza have many proffessors yet rural nyanza remains unchanged since independence?
Q: Why is promisquity/ forced wife inheritance/ rape so high in Luo nyanza yet they know there is HIV and are dying more rapidly as a result? So rapidly are they dying that they have fallen from No 2 tribe to No 5?
Q: Why has the Ape-in-Chief done nothing to improve the lives of his people? Why is he only benefitting himself, luo ruling class, and his family?

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc, simply, REPENT for cheering for murder of innocent Kenyans and don't pretend to be an angel. You are the worst hypocrite on this site!

Did you think God will just ignore ODM taking innocent lives for POWER?

You haven't seen anything yet! Watch that space.

UrXlnc said...

6:37 and who are you, gods rep, an angel, prophet of doom, soothsayer, witchdoctor or what? how do you know all this?

Anonymous said...

If you are so sharp why dont you ans anons 6.31 questions

UrXlnc said...

because I am my good chap, its because I am

Philip said...


You need to realise that whenever there is corruption, not only the corrupt leader benefits from it but also many people benefit hugely from it.

You need to realise that though the gap between the rich and poor in Kenya is increasing, also a number of people who were in middle class are climbing to high class.

You need to realise that nowadays it's very hard for low class to revolt and be successful without the blessings of middle class, and maybe high class.

You need to realise that the middle class, especially those in urban areas, only whine but they will not join the low class in demostrating,the only ones who will do this are the civil activists. Go to bars in Kenya and you will see a number of middle class fellows drinking and whining and finally staggering home without coming with any solution on how Kenya will improve.

I might not be surprised that most MPs would rather stay in parliament with all the fights rather than having an election since they feel they will be toppled, and maybe, for some, they will not be able to repay their loans.

From what I have mentioned above I see possibility of an earlier election is far-fetched. I think the next election will be in 2012. I see an earlier election will only occur through people's revolution, which needs support from middle class. But can it happen?

All in all I would also wish for an earlier election, but I don't think I will participate in physical revolt if any, though I can fund if called upon. But if me, you and all others in this blog cannot participate in any physical revolt (I know any other form doesn't work in my motherland), then who will?

Anonymous said...

Fidel Odinga criminal records exposed
Posted on May 3, 2009 by nairobichronicle

As Prime Minister Raila Odinga defends his family from accusations of corruption, fresh evidence has emerged from the United States regarding the criminal tendencies of his first born son.
Truly, Kenya’s cruel and corrupt political leaders must be cursing the rise of a global information society. In the modern era, it is impossible to keep secrets. Not only is the technology to disseminate the truth freely available but there are many Kenyans who simply cannot keep quiet as they see lies being peddled left, right and centre.

And so it is that the criminal past of the first born son to Kenya’s Prime Minister is slowly coming to light. As the wise say, “what is done in the dark will one day come into the light.”

Fidel has been named by a Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture as among the people who profited from a maize shortage early this year. Records from the courts system of the State of Maryland show that Fidel Castro Odinga’s criminal conduct did not begin with the 2009 maize scandal.

In 2001, while studying in the United States, Fidel Castro Odinga was fined US$305 (Kshs24,000) by the District Court of Montgomery County for possessing marijuana (bhang). Fidel was also found guilty of possessing what is referred to as, “paraphernalia.” This is a term that refers to equipment used for preparing and consuming bhang. Fidel’s case number is 1D00109194 and his probation officer was Malcolm Mac Dermid.

Earlier, young Fidel was found guilty of theft by the same court. He was accused of stealing $300 (Kshs23,000) in criminal court case number 4D00083780. Fidel’s probation officer is listed as Ms Deborah Williams. The complainant police officer was S.D. Murphy and whose police identity number was 1579.

The record from Fidel’s theft case shows that he was released on 9th December 1999 after being “committed” the same day.
Back to the present

The parliamentary team chaired by Naivasha MP John Mututho said Mr Odinga’s family and a personal assistant should be investigated to establish their role in the importation of maize by three firms. The report, tabled in Parliament on Thursday, also recommends the sacking of the Agriculture and Special Programmes permanent secretaries and the National Cereals and Produce Board managing director.

When the maize scandal rocked the political scene earlier this year, Raila’s close political allies were afraid that the press would get hold of Fidel and force him to speak on the sensitive matter. It has now been established that Fidel was sent to South Africa as a way of hushing the matter.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed the parliamentary report as vendetta. He said it was a smear campaign aimed at settling political scores. Through spokesman Dennis Onyango, the PM said some of the conclusions by the Departmental Committee on Agriculture “stand out in their display of ignorance” and that the report lacked integrity.

Mr Odinga said the three firms in question - Euroworld Commodities Ltd, Senwes Ltd and Afrig Trading (Pty) Ltd - existed long before he became Prime Minister or chairman of the ad hoc Cabinet sub-committee on food. The PM said the three were publicly quoted firms and it was easy to establish whether they were foreign or Kenyan owned.

Meanwhile, Raila’s wife - Fidel’s mother - has defended her family, saying she had instilled good values in all her children. “That is why none of them is involved in any kind of malpractices,” she said.
Fidel Castro Odinga (right) with fiance Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a. Picture by DRUM Magazine.

Fidel Castro Odinga is no stranger to controversy. In the run-up to the 2007 General Elections, Fidel got engaged to Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a, a young woman from the Kikuyu tribe. At the time, Raila was running his presidential campaign by exploiting anti-Kikuyu sentiments because his opponent, President Mwai Kibaki, is from the Kikuyu tribe.

Raila has for long championed himself as an anti-corruption crusader, accusing President Mwai Kibaki’s administration of complicity in the Anglo Leasing and Grand Regency sagas. The involvement of his family in the maize scandal while millions of Kenyans face famine means that he is now in the same leagues as those he previously condemned.

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc ati "because I am good chap" take that crap to your fellow apes!
You are just another asspounding hell-bent Luo shiate!

Go preach to your HIV infected homosexuals in Kisumu that crap!

UrXlnc said...

needless to add that my response, although cryptic to some, is self explanatory to those with elevated perception.

didnt take long for the holy robes to come off did it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58 AM,

At the foundation most, if not all, of the so called Kikuyu "business tycoons" have "made it" thru the same way Kibaki "made" it back to the presidency during the elections of Dec '07: THEFT. Not the so called "business acumen." Just straight forward THEFT. With fraud, conning and deception being the major "ingredients" of their "business strategy."

This applies from the wazee's like the late Jomo Kenyatta right on down to the present young ones. You doubt me? Look at the case of the MP of Kamukunji, Simon Mbugua, this guy is a fraudster, conman and thief. There are many victims of his fraudulent ways, now, surprisingly, most of the victims are his own tribesmen and women. This thing of believing blindly in your own tribesmen and women is NONSENSE!

Another example: these firms of stock brokers that have gone under recently but not before STEALING from their clients. Who owned them? Mt Kenya thieves.

Philip said...

........and by the way a friend of mine was crossing Uhuru Park last Saturday and he met two decent looking guys. Due to his size these guys told him that they know he is doing well and maybe that evening he'll be joining his friends in drinking spree, that he should just help them, even with Kshs 100, and they will appreciate. They were given and surely they appreciated a lot.

That's how bad things are. I'm hoping things will be okay but aaarrrgghhhh with our current leaders, I doubt.

Sop it's time we should come with a solution and stop whining only.

The only solace I have is that I'm assisting several people who are being hit by this hardship, but I don't think that's enough. We all need to aprticipate to bring good leadership in Kenya......

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc, "good chaps" don't suffer from inferiority complex. They are happy and comfortable of who they are.

Anonymous said...

why is it that everytime I go to Luo night or Kuche kuche, there are very many Kikuyu chicks hoping for a hook up with a Luo man?

Whats wrong with Kikuyu men? Why are their women running away from them?

Anonymous said...

As ODM count another dead MP, Deputy PM Mudavadi is seriously ill in an Indian hospital apparently suffering from AIDS related illness.

Anonymous said...

The Luo tribe is the largest tribe in Kenya, and in East and Central Africa. Moi separated the suba from the Luo to reduce their numbers, and refused for the Luos outside Nyanza province to be counted and the same reflected in the official statistics, while allowing Kikuyus to be counted twice and even thrice. The truth is Kikuyu is the third largest tribe in Kenya (due to their low birth rates). The second is Luhya and Luo is the largest. kikuyus are more than Kalenjins just by one point. just look around you and count how many luos you see, add to the ones in Nyanza plus in Coast Province.

UrXlnc said...

mwenzangu 7:26

nasikitika, hiyo lugha hau ielewi viema.

kwa hivyo hapo ndio mwisho wangu na wewe kwa hiyo mambo.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the Mungiki menace, stealing and cheating, what is the contribution of Kikuyu culture and customs to the political, social and economic development of Kenya? how come that for every organisation that falls or is perfoming badly, eg NSE, Uchumi, etc, there is always a Kikuyu at the top?

And how come there are so many rape and defilement cases in central province as opposed to other parts of the country?

Add mungiki

Lets face it: the Kikuyu way of life is inferior to any other.

Philip said...

Can someone please tell me if there is any English term to describe this stupid arguement:

"Fidel is a thief, Raila is Fidel's father, so Raila is also a thief"

"Most Kikuyus are thieves, Kibaki is a Kikuyu, so mostly Kibaki is a thief"

We should desist from such thinking.

What about someone telling me the answer to this:

"Two buffaloes were fighting, one won through unfair means and took all the cows, and had offsprings with the cows. The other stayed a bachelor. Does it mean that the other cannot get cows and have offprings?"

Please help me, I need answers to all above.

Anonymous said...

The foundation of the Kenyatta family wealthJomo Kenyatta stole the money that was given to the Kenya government by the british government to help in settling the landless and the Mau Mau in central province - his own tribesmen and women! Gosh!! The guy later went on a land grabbing spree. No wonder the Kenyatta family is one of the largest land owners in Kenya.

This theft is the foundation of the Kenyatta family wealth. Even Brookside dairies would have not seen the light of day without this initial theft of funds that were supposed to help his own fellow Kikuyu's.

That my friends is the UGLY TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc, hiyo ndiyo mwisho sababu I have just hit you reality.

next time don't come here to tell us how "good" you are, let people judge you and we'll do it fairly.

Anonymous said...

Luos contribute immensely to the economy.every good doctor, engineer, Lawyer, honest Accountant, Teacher, Lecturer, and yes, even the jua kali luo is vert skilled and trusted by his clientelle. shame the same cant be said of the short people calle Kikuyus. I symphathise with people who entrust their children with kikuyu doctors, cos they surell end up dead. and what can those over-subdivided farms of theirs in central province produce anyway?

Instead of spreading lies, you are better of stealing or joining mumgiki where you will be more useful.

UrXlnc said...

you are a funny one

anyway kindly ask someone to decipher my response to you at 7:07, no real need for me to consume any more real estate on this thread. sorry

Anonymous said...

Now I get it. no wonder, kikuyus, who are supposed to be short and brown, are turning tall and dark. Our genes are strong!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

That's how bad things are. I'm hoping things will be okay but aaarrrgghhhh with our current leaders, I doubt.

Sop it's time we should come with a solution and stop whining only.


Agreed. Can you please get in touch via: May be we can talk more.

One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Chris,
it seems the mashadites are back with us again....oh my....

Anonymous said...

8:05 and 9:03


Moderation now in effect

Blog Admin

Anonymous said...

Wish Mudavadi well. meanwhile, Mutula Kilonzo is the new minister for Injustice and Unconstitutional affairs.

Anonymous said...

Raila just got baptised finally. He has been a pagan for a long time. But never mind, he is merely preparing himself for 2012 by trying to shed off the fact that he ordered the killing of women & children in a church.

Anonymous said...

Chris must be broke otherwise he wouldn't be bitching about overflowing trolleys at the Westgate Mall. Most people who are customers of that world-class mall are actually hard-working Kenyans who got lucky. If you're still out of luck or lazy, well, too bad.

Secondly, the residents of upmarket neighbourhoods are very united so they're able to lobby effectively for good roads and permission to manicure the road reserves. They also find littering and spitting socially unacceptable and take a keen interest in flowers, trees, and manicured grass.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading this blog everytime and all guys say is how some of the leaders are great and others are worse. Both leaders and their followers aren't here to lead this country their are their cos of greed.

So people please do something instead of just going on and on talking about leaders who can't help our country. All we need to do is get young blood in and get all those who have been in power out cos Kenya has always had the same old people since it got its independence.

Stop trying to see which tribe is more than the other. Tanzania is a great example they got like over 100 tribes and the got a president who is from a smaller tribe but they never fight while kenya got only 42 tribes and out of those 42 tribes in Kenya Kikuyu and Luo keep on wanting to see who is more powerful. This should stop we should be countrymen and women who are their to make our country a great place to be.

Young Kenyans think of great ideas of how to change our country and stop nonsense. Vote young blood!

Anonymous said...

I have seen you quotting that the latest report implicating Raila's family to maize scandle is an attempt by PANUA..... Chris you are just a sick. Why cant you see that Maize burg has spread wings across the political divide, instead of seeing the issue of starving kenyans on your PNU/ODM struggle.

You are truly a letdown chris

Anonymous said...

The angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said 'I have to talk to you. We have some Kikuyus up here in heaven that are causing problems.
They're swinging on the pearly gates, my horn is missing, they are wearing Savco jeans instead of their white robes, they're riding pick up trucks instead of the chariots, and they're selling their halos to people for discount prices. Furthermore, they refuse to keep the stairway to Heaven clear, since they keep crouching down midway hawking their wings!

The Lord said, 'Kikuyus are Kikuyus. Heaven is home to all my children.
If you want to know about real problems, call the devil.' The Devil answered the phone, 'Hello? hold on a minute.' The Devil returned to the phone, 'OK I'm back. What can I do for you?'

Gabriel replied, 'I just wanted to know what kind of problems you're having down there.' The Devil said, 'Hold on again. I need to check on something.'

After about 5 minutes the Devil returned to the phone and said, 'I'm back. Now what was the question?' Gabriel said, 'What kind of problems are you having down there?' The Devil said, 'Man I don't believe this.......Hold on.'

This time the Devil was gone 15 minutes. The Devil returned and said,'
I'm sorry Gabriel, I can't talk right now. Those Kikuyus have put out the fire and are selling me a match box if I want to put the fire up again!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We were enjoying ourselves until you started the moderation crap. If you can moderate KK then also the Govt should moderate the media. Down with press freedom

Anonymous said...

Chris, you may not know it but the Mashadites have achieved their objective through your stupid unreasonable moderation crap...YOU ARE KILLING YOUR OWN BLOG THINKING UNASAIDIA. Chris you think we visit KK because you write nice artices? NO! we visit KK coz the blog provokes political debate and provides kenyans an avenue to vent and say what they want anonimously. But now you are killing that with your moderation crap. Sawa adeus bastard!

Anonymous said...

Sawa let flower girls post their nice comments lets see how many posts you will get

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation Monday 4 May 09 page 8
"Residents live in fear as primates raid villages & wreak havoc"
I think i have seen/ read this before about a year ago.....

Anonymous said...

"I quipped to a friend; “This is where the thieves of Kenya live and play.” I then traveled through a section of Ukambani and it was stark contrast. Children staring back with hunger visibly in their eyes. Desperate people who asked for my cell phone number and then quickly followed with requests for help—any kind of help."

Chris, your comment above touches the very essence of the Kenyan struggle - that of equal opportunity and equitable distribution. The heart-wrenching poverty in parts of Ukambani (or anywhere else) is unacceptable 45 years after independence - but I do think that you are generalizing by suggesting that an entire suburb consists of people of questionable character.

The wealth gap is increasing all around the world - even in western democracies. That's not to say that endemic poverty is acceptable. If people have become wealthy through nefarious means, it is because Kenya in one country where TKK is the modus operandi. It's the culture that shapes you. Only when the culture of impunity is crushed and transparency is fostered will we be moving in the right direction. I will only believe that we are on that path when the architects of the PEV are brought to book, and a serious effort is made to create a new constitution framework devoid of the trappings of monarchy.

Anonymous said...

6:04, your suggestion while well meaning cannot alone affect change. The key is to reform the constitution and make the highest office(s) more accountable.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is moderating - that means the tensions are rising.

Anonymous said...

What's with M07's hat - it's so 70s.

Anonymous said...

What kind of people rejoice when others suffer? How can you be happy that 5 ODM MPs are dead and Musalia is sick in India? Mungiki killed 30 people in one night, are you also happy that happened? May God change you, and always remember there is KARMA - It will come to you, and soon.

Makena said...

"Another example: these firms of stock brokers that have gone under recently but not before STEALING from their clients. Who owned them? Mt Kenya thieves."

Not wishing to indulge you in lunacy but, who owned Bob Matthews stockbrokers?

All this hate of yours isn't good for you. Criminality exists in every community. Please learn some new words other than FRAUD, DECEPTION. You mentalist.

Anonymous said...

There is a certain village fool (i suspect he is a mashadite) who recently surfaced in KK like a serial killer on the prowl and has been talking of FRAUD, THEFT, DECEPTION, PANUA crap. The goon doesnt ans questions or provide any useful insights/facts/suggestions/ideas etc. He makes himself (and whoever he reps') clean by making others dirty. His footprints are littered everywhere in this blog. KK ensure that this bastard is blacklisted completely; He will bring down your useful blog

Anonymous said...

Let people express themselves freely. Matusi kidogo sio mbaya, at least you have helped in avoiding heart attacks of some of these kenyans who are pent up. It would be better if these guys used words than convert the words into action like last year. Ask yourself "Why are kenyans full of harted?" Look at what happens when you suppress anger, its like putting a lid on a steaming sufuria. Thats what you have just done, you have sent the mad men from this blog to the streets. You are loosing an opportunity of being the peoples barometer, coz you can now see a tread in this blog playing out in kenyan politics. Watch this space, the bar has been raised

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.04, thank you for reminding these guys about Tanzania.

I dont know why in Kenya we think that our tribe really defines everything about us. I can bet you that many organisations that are successful are run by Kenyans, who are not tribalistic.

If we want change we have to start it, we always complain, all talk no action, like manna will fall from heaven and all of a sudden things will change.

We cant even respect simple laws like road rules, tax because we find it easier to do TKK, yet we complain.

What separates the changers from the loungers is the way they handle such things. Dont evade taxes, dont pay the bribe, obviously its easier said than done at times, but if everyone stopped paying one bribe, one tip to the guy who helped you at the ministry things may actually change.

Anonymous said...

Ok so everyone who shops at Sarit Centre and Westgate is a thief? Ama the thieves shop there? It is better that it is the second one, because surely you are not insinuating that someone with money is a thief?

Not everyone with money is a thief, in Kenya there are two sins, to be well-to-do, to be a from a certain tribe which is just very sad. Because you cant put a label on a whole group for the sins of a few.

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