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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just Going Round and Round and Rou....

Can’t tell why many times there is the need to cross the river before we get to the bridge … either by miracles (which scientifically don’t just happen) or fly like a bird. Logically it makes no sense(why would you wanna do that? si just walk to the bridge) and structurally we lack the necessary network, skills and the knowledge to do/achieve that … which in many ways is nothing but a blessing to us considering our RAM kind of memory.

The much crap we keep taking from our leaders tells that we not yet at the end of the road. The much crap we take from each other, from our bosses, from our community leaders, from our religious leaders, from our MPs from the Prime Minister and from the President will tell you that we still have the space to take more crap from them. The only way to change is when you have been pushed that you can go no further. You are so pushed that you can take it no more, you are at the end … and you are literally burning inside, to a point where you can kill and comfortably defend yourself. You stop caring for anything and you will do anything to get out of where you find yourself. At these points you can easily mobilize people just so that you can do what you believe needs to be done, and will easily tell off that ‘boss’ who is standing in your way.

As a nation we are not at the end. There is still a lot more crap we can take from those we have entrusted to lead us. We still need the different mafias all over the country to continue selling Kenya part by part till the day we’ll come home from work and see a sign at the gate to our homes that we are trespassing someone’s property … for a piece of land that was legitimately bought 100yrs ago by great great grandfather. We still need the many shrewd business people to continue reaping mad profits by underpaying us till the day I realize that I can’t even pay for my bus fare to work due to inflation … or continue to kiss ass and boot lick the idiotic boss or sleep with him/her to get a promotion or keep jobs or get favors till the day it will dawn on me that its not worth. We still need to put up with the most sic education system till the day we’ll wake up and find out that no one will graduate in medicine, commerce, etc in the public universities since those who apparently qualified through exam leakage could not manage because they just ain’t all that bright … and in any case they just wanted to pass the exams. I will still continue to take all the crap the mainstream media will feed me till the day they say a lie on me. As long as they aren’t lying about me or feeding my kids with ‘dirt’ so to speak I will continue to take on the biased news and religiously watch them at 9.00pm and let other kids watch TV as they wish. The day they will say lies on me … then I will do something to demand that they should be accountable and responsible on what they show and report on the screen.

In short, as much as we need things to be done correctly we have to cross the river when we get to the bridge. The widespread APATHY among the Kenyans has to end for us to have the Kenya we all need. When a national issue that should be addressed is not … we make noise for some days then forget about it, and move on to the next … and on goes the circle. Demanding good governance then shamelessly showing disinterest when presented and given CRAP is the worst form of hypocrisy.

This kind of insincerity will keep us where we are till the day things get too bad that we are at the end. My prayer this Sunday is that day comes quick. I want to see a lot more crap from the two big losers and from the MPs to the point where we all can take it no more. We as Kenyan need to get to the point where we all will join the so called stone throwers without a care … where we will do whatever it takes to just get the country back in the right path.

Let’s end the APATHY.


Victor said...

The PNU master plan whose only agenda is tribal cleavage at work. Having realised that PNU is just a Kikuyu party now want to split ODM along tribal lines

First get the largest groups and give them some strong enough "reason" in this case the Kalenjin

And then go for the next lot the Luhyas

Next will be the Luo's and that completes the cycle

Then grab as many smaller tribes as possible to beef up the "big tribes"

What a looser strategy, having realised that no other tribe can support the Kikuyu other than their won and cousin tribes, the only other recourse is to split everyone else.

Mr Kumekucha go ahead and delete my comment as you have been doing all the other previous ones, you are just a Kikuyu sympathiser.

Anonymous said...

Raila organised Kibera youths to heckle the president!!!

One Wife Man said...

Sayra aka Sayra,
thank you for writing this, and that is why i support the G10 women's sex ban

They have joined the stone throwers (albeit with their bodies) by throwing sex away they are ending the apathy by ending sex with bosses, community leaders, religious leaders, MPs and even Dr.Kibaki and Dr.Raila

you may ask where have all the men gone! the whole country is too timid to ask questions when a rogue head of state calls a national press conference to appease his gung ho wife

the truth is the women have become men.

anyway at least we men can still type behind computers with false monikers or appear in short amusing 4 min weekly video clips with voice overs on NTV
and it appears to be working

Anonymous said...

Well, its not unusual for an ODMoron to sit comfortably in front of their keyboard glorifying mayhem, disorder and destruction. Why not advocate for a different type of organizing that is legitimate and proactive rather than reactionary.
Oh well, maybe in Nirvana--too great an expectation from our hallowed ODMorons.

Anonymous said...

Raila Told To STEP ASIDE for Investigations if He is Really MR CLEAN

(Even as Kumekucha Continues to Bury its head concerning Railas theft, the Kenyans have Said Enough is Enough)

A youth organisation has put Prime Minister Raila Odinga on a seven days notice to resign or risk national agitation over the maize scandal.

Under the Youth Ten Movement (Y-10 movement), the group demanded the PM’s resignation and that of his officials implicated in the scandal to pave the way for independent investigation.

Speaking at Nairobi’s 680 Hotel yesterday, Y-10 spokesperson Mutinda Kavemba said they would mobilise youth strife if the PM fails to heed their call.

"The PM has always said there are no sacred cows when it comes to corruption. Let him walk the talk," said Mr Kavemba.

Mr Mwengi Mutuse, a co-convener of the Press briefing, also called on officials at the PM’s office mentioned in the report on the Sh3.6 billion maize scam to step aside.

"He has been saying he is clean. Let him step aside so that his innocence can be proved," said Mutuse .

Anonymous said...

The lies about Jomo and Kenya

Published on 14/12/2008
By Edward Kisiang’ani

Jamhuri Day celebrations have just been concluded with pomp and pageantry. What, however, is critical to me is not the annual celebrations we have witnessed. Not even the honours some people might have received.

My concern is about the blatant lies associated with the occasion that we have been living with for a long time. Old wisdom informs us that when a lie is told several times, it actually turns into truth. At the risk of displeasing some people, let me highlight some political lies about Kenya and the late President Kenyatta.

We have been told several times that Kenya gained independence in 1963. We have also been informed that Kenyatta was not only the country’s founding father but also a quintessential freedom fighter. I have spent a lot of time perusing relevant documents to establish the veracity of these claims but I have not been able to find any truth in them.

Divide and rule

Colonial rule had certain fundamental pillars. Through a carefully conceived ‘divide and rule policy’, colonialism was implanted to secure the exploitation of Kenya’s human and material resources. In addition to promoting ethnic hostilities among the African communities, colonial rule was both dictatorial and intolerant.

Those who challenged colonial authorities were killed by the police, jailed or summarily detained without trial. Under the system, the imperial Governor presided over a prefectural network that ensured that British government policies were fully implemented.

On their part, the Africans paid taxes without representation and provided the cheap labour, which facilitated production of wealth. Influential public service jobs went to whites and very few African collaborators. Furthermore, most of Kenya’s productive land was alienated and given to Europeans. Education opportunities for the African people were scarce. Kenya belonged to the white people.

Kenya’s First President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

In the past 45 years of African leadership, Kenya has been unable to deal with the problems the country experienced under formal colonialism. That is why I am proposing that since colonialism did not end in 1963, our celebration of the occasion is rather misguided. Biting poverty, police brutality, political intolerance, unfair distribution of resources and jobs, unemployment and ethnic parochialism continue to haunt every aspect of life in Kenya. Our past history shows that, in fact, 1963 was not the year of independence. Rather, it was the time when European colonialism was Africanised, making Kenyatta the first black governor.

Our struggle for the second liberation was hijacked in 1992 when Moi — the second black governor — took charge of the proceedings by pretending to be a democrat. He rigged the first serious multi-party polls since 1963 and retained the status quo.

In 2002, the peoples’ second attempt to overthrow Kenya’s black colonial rule seemed to succeed when Narc swept its way to power and promised real change. What followed, however, was an anticlimax of our dreams. In a recent interview with media officials, former Lurambi Member of Parliament Masinde Werangai captured the hopelessness of our political situation when he conceded that the promises of uhuru had not been fulfilled by successive Kenyan governments.

Genuine heroes

The lie that Jomo Kenyatta was the founding father of the country should not be allowed to continue. As truly conceived by genuine founding mothers and fathers, the Kenyan nation is yet to be born. What helped Kenyatta to rise to the top was his mastery of pretense and deceit. Kenyatta knew how to mimic what he was not. This is demonstrated by the way he easily changed names to hide his true self. Although he was born Kamau wa Ngengi, he changed to John Peter and by 1922, he had become Johnstone Kamau. While in Europe in the 1930s, he became Jomo Kenyatta. In 1963, Kamau wa Ngegi was simply known as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. So what is the difference-in character and deed between President Kenyatta, Mzee, John Peter, Johnstone or Kamau? Was it safe for Kenyans to have entrusted the institution of the presidency in a person whose names kept changing?

After spending along time in Europe, Kenyatta returned home in 1946 and shortly seized the leadership the Kenya African Union party. Although he was mistakenly arrested and jailed for being a member of the Mau Mau, Kenyatta denounced the nationalist movement several times and eventually set the record straight during the Kapenguria trial of 1953.

His nationalist credentials were further undermined by the fact that during his presidency, he became the biggest land owner in Kenya when he acquired over 500,000 acres of land. Besides, he made it his top priority to punish and neutralize freedom fighters who questioned his political practices.

Crushed dissent

Throughout his rule, Kenyatta did not hold any presidential elections to test his popularity. It is tragic that such a person has been branded founding father and freedom fighter.

Like the colonial governor before him, Kenyatta crushed dissent without mercy, terrorised political opponents using the police and detained without trial those with divergent opinions.

Contrary to the dreams and aspirations of the freedom fighters, Kenyatta failed to unite Kenya when he embarked on the programme of Kikuyunizing the public service, by replacing the outgoing Europeans with his own kinsmen. At the height of his presidency, he failed to appreciate Kenya’s diversity when he receded to his own ethnic cocoon.

This was not surprising because, from the very beginning, Kenyatta’s political operations revolved around Kikuyu nationalism. It is noted that as early as 1929, he had been sent to London by the Kikuyu Central Association to lobby for Kikuyu tribal land rights. He even edited a tribal newspaper, Muigwithania.

We have to recognise that the struggle for independence which began in the early 1890s when British rule was imposed on our people was never concluded in 1963, 1992, 2002 or 2007. It continues to date. In addition, the true heroes of Kenya’s liberation combat include the brave fighters of the Chetambe War of 1890s, the champions of the Mau Mau era as well as the stalwarts of the Giriama and the Nandi resistance. These people deserve respect and recognition.

Individuals who should make the list of founding fathers and mothers of Kenya should not be Jomo Kenyatta and his fellow traitors of the freedom struggle. Genuine freedom fighters include, Mekatili wa Menza, Koitalel arap Samoei, Harry Thuku, Fred Kubai, Bildad Kaggia, Masinde Muliro, Elijah Masinde, and Jaramogi Odinga Oginga, among others. Contemporary scholars have an obligation to the people of Kenya to rewrite our history by correcting the lies we have lived with for a long time.

Dr Kisiang’ani teaches History and Political Studies at Kenyatta University.

Anonymous said...

What a boring sham of a history professor, creating historical 'fact' as he trudges along the twisted path of his prejudicial, under exercised, mind.
Kisiangani can write HIS-story, we shall write OUR stories based on our facts and experiences. Kisiangani shall be met with resistance--measure for measure--and that's a promise. Kenya's history is being studied the world over, nothing makes Kisiangani's work more authoritative than others, not especially when he recycles the same old, same old,tired old, producing nothing that's new.
Waste of time!

kenyaone said...

the worst 'crap' that we pepetrate on each other is we talk to much and do too little. when someone has the guts to stand up against the 'crap' we watch them getting cut down without offering any useful support then blame them when they fail. Kenyans are our own worst enemy. As for the sex boycott. the less said the better. All it does is give those men who so wish the perfect opportunity and excuse to get it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Another ODM Mp dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Whether the report is being used for politics or not, all we want to know is the truth. Who are the other members of the committee? did they agree on the recommendations?

If the pm and his family are connected to this ugali scandal, then odm supporters need to stop and ask themselves if they can continue to support R's quest for power. odmers have always held themselves to be morally superior to pnuists.

Anonymous said...

Victor, the usual stupid village moron/ ape. Can you please show some respect for the tribe that gave you the freedom & independence to write shiat!
Answer the following you bastard:
Q:What has the tribe of apes contributed to the socio-economic development of this nation since independence? exept throwing stones, shouting loudest and blaming others?
Q: Why is kisumu, one of the oldest towns in kenya, sooo underdeveloped? Worst than smaller towns like Nakuru, Thika, even Eldoret?
Q: Why are luos so desperate for a hot square meal that they would rather loose their dignity by resorting to homosexuality?
Q: Why does Nyanza have many proffessors yet rural nyanza remains unchanged since independence?
Q: Why is promisquity/ forced wife inheritance/ rape so high in Luo nyanza yet they know there is HIV and are dying more rapidly as a result? So rapidly are they dying that they have fallen from No 2 tribe to No 5?
Q: Why has the Ape-in-Chief done nothing to improve the lives of his people? Why is he only benefitting himself, luo ruling class, and his family?
Ans: Backwardness, sticking to archaic traditions, laziness, stupidity, apeness & and a false sense of accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Another ODM MP sacrificed by the Ape-in-chief. Everybody knows what he promised his evil spirits just to sleep in state house. The Chief liar, son of the devil....
RIP Charles Lugano

Anonymous said...

RAO burnt women & children in a church just to shit in a vip toilet and walk on a red carpet.

Anonymous said...

Is kenyatimes reporting the truth. kalenjins will not back a non kalenjin for president. How come dn and standard dont have this story?

Anonymous said...

No-one will back ass-loving shogas from lakeside come 2012!!!

richie said...

Nothing can be more absurd than the practice that prevails in our country of men and women not following the same pursuits with all their strengths and with one mind,so we all end up feeling resenting each other and faulting our choices on leaders instead of coming tegether and agreeing that all the choices we made we're inferior and thus we should root them out and place a new breed with specific agendas in mind.(recall clause kwani we forgot about it?) One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors!!!

Anonymous said...

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