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Friday, May 01, 2009

What A Country

Labor Minister stoned by workers on labor day. Great. Wanainchi are becoming bold. Haki Yetu!!

Kibaki disrespected by mere Speaker of the house. Imagine showing such 'disrespect' to Moi. Folks, mambo inabadilika.

Fidel Odinga selling maize in Southern Sudan. Need more Range Rover SUVs?

'The Hague' murders fifteen mungiki adherents within a few weeks.

Mungiki murders thirty hapless villagers within half an hour. The police commissioner still has a job.

Mungiki leader released then rearrested. No comment.

Women Groups say No Sex for seven days to urge reforms. I support this but how do we enforce it?

Migingo Islands. No Uganda flag. More Ugandan soldiers. No Kenyan administrator in sight. Even Moi is incensed about this one.

Weekly Cabinet meetings. What weekly cabinet meetings?

Nairobi City. Ranked the 43rd worst city to live in for expatriate businessmen. I say for everybody.

Swine flu. What's the fuss?

Folks, even with all these, the Kenyan Passport is still number one in the black market.


UrXlnc said...

good one kalamari

do not forget, the university, secondary and primary school kids, burning dorms and classrooms

the reign of anarchy is here with us.

Anonymous said...

Resilient we remain.

For lack of better leaders to follow, we use our pens when our courage to do anything more tangible is lacking.

But still we point fingers.

Andruid said...

Moi would have you and I rotting in jail several inches underwater and suffering several broken bones for merely noticing thses things leav alone complaining. ;-)

Kids buring schools dates back to the 80s, Even Kenyatta was stoned IIRC,

On am mpre serious note we need to start showing how things can work as opposed to just complaining about how they don't. Hand me down IMF/World Bank neo-librealism will be the death of us all and if we do not come together to make these silly politicians recognise that it is not compulsory then nothing will change

Sayra said...

... how we always want to comfort ourselves that things will change but keep doing things the same way?

... or is it that things remain the same the more they change?

... i think we just a confused lot going around in a circle and too big is the circle that it somehow has a look of a straight line.

... only the sober & those with clean eye sights will notice the curve ... ole wetu.

Anonymous said...

Change will come , note this, only if and when Kibaki and his oldies are either at home (Othaya) or permanently 6" under.Period.

We keep blaming Raira for all that is wrong in Kenya. His son didn't sale maize. If anything it was the associates of his son's wife!

The Kiuks put a snake in Raira's family to mess things in Raira's name!

Vikii said...

Interesting how we defend some of this stuff! Good luck with that.

One Wife Man said...

Kalamari aka Kalamari,
long time bwana. ama umepotea plot 10 siku hizi?

this is a great country we live in men, we are the success story of Africa and we have peace to show for it. all we need is a football team that wins and we're set

Taabu's Mistress said...

Poor Kalamari,

I like the way you had to bring out many evils in Kenya and inside bury a line of Raila's son FRAUD AND DECEPTION.
We all know that Kumekucha writers are SCARED STIFF on touching on this one. The website KUMEKUCHA is founded on the DECEPTION that RAILA is a REFORMER. Like we don't know a thief when we see one. Leta ingine.
Why did you try to soften it and heap blame on the son. The report was categorical that Raila, his family, aide and relatives were directly involved in this SAGA.
And as usual, Raila displayed arrogance about the issue and his spokesman was abusive. MTA DO???

Anonymous said...

Democratic space in the making. Thanks to Emilio!

Anonymous said...

The hypocricy that is KUMEKUCHA,

Yesterdays all dailies had a headline story about Raila and his involvement in the maize scandal. The writers in Kumekucha ignored it and choose to let a stale story run.

Today's dailies have a story about the labour minister booing during the labour day celebrations. And guess what, the story was posted pronto!!!

Now what about that???

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the murder of witches and also the SLDF.

Anonymous said...

No isn't this hillarious?

The Raila's wife reminiscent of the biblical story of Ananias and Sapphira came guns blazing to defend his stealing spouse and son...i wish it was that time and she would have suffered Saphiras fate.

“No member of my family or relative is involved in the maize trading or importation business. A culture has emerged in this country where people believe that they have to steal in order to become rich. My family is forthright because I HAVE INSTILLED IN THEM GOOD VALUES and that is why none of them is involved in any kind of malpractices,” she said.

te he he heee...and we are supposed to believe that as the gospel truth. Talk of a family used to DECEPTION. Since their supporters will BELIEVE anything they say, they think all kenyans are STUPID.

shame on you public looters

Anonymous said...

The hatred towards the Muhindi has turned in towards the brothers. What goes around comes around. Only a visionary can save Kenya. Even thought my loyalty is to Nyanza and Western, I am not sure if Raila is inclusive enough. Kibaki, for all his faults, and for his cronies, has at least shown some vision.

Let the hyenas come and tear this comment apart now. Am sure they have smelt blood.

Anonymous said...

Ati Ida Odinga has supported the sex boycott. But we know Raila was castrated by Moi's police and he cant rise to the occassion. So, Ida maybe wating to starve other women the way she is starved.

But all is not lost for Ida. She gave birth to one of her sons - whom Raila prides as his - with Kiraitu Murungi when Raila was in detention. Kiraitu was Raila's lawyer and he took good care of his legal matters and bedroom matters while he was away. Talk of being a good lawyer and a friend!

Chris, why focus on Labour Day fisco and ignore jucy story on Raila and his family stealing maize meant for the poor? A crime committed by Raila and ODM is not a crime? But a crime by PNU, even if imaginary, becomes the worst crime on earth?

Talk of double standards!

Anonymous said...

Now i understand why chris said Kenya will not be saved by Raila or the current big shots. If Raila in his 1 year as a PM has overseen such looting by his own family, what about if he is a president. He is making Kibaki look like an angel now that his family has never been directly connected to sleeze.

if raila is dirty, who can point a finger in ODM circles? it is a full house of crooks and ethnic killers.
God help Kenya. Like someone has pointed out, it seems Kumekucha is keen in burying its head in the sand where raila's evils are concerned. all of a sudden, Chris and Taabu have gone underground. Kalamari is doing a pitiful job in diluting the news of raila's family direct involvement to scandal.

Owiti from LA

Anonymous said...

You all forget how the castrated ALIAR earned the tag molasses!

Anonymous said...

Kenya is going to explode very soon,and its gonna be much worse then the Rwandan Genocide!!

Anonymous said...

Lay off Ida.
She has every right to defend her family, which is what any good mother would do.
Moreover, she likely has NO clue of what the bumpkin and his spawn have been upto.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those optimists who believe that Kenya is in the right direction. Kib's hands off leadesrship style is a blessing in disguise. We have been screwed by the ruling elite since independence but never even got to know it. Now we have the freedom to express ourselves and share information on all these happenings. Information is power and for those who doubt, Kenya is at the brick of a revolution. The only danger is how we carry out this revolution. Even if we decide to throw stones at Munyes, let's do it kindogo like it happened. But let's seize the 2012 moment and do the real revolution. Kenya, our beloved country will rise among nations if we send the entire bunch of MK, Raira, Kaloser et al home. The writtings are on the wall.

Anonymous said...

No, Kenya is not going to explode, at least not in the negative sense. It will come out much stronger, more progressive and much more conscious of what it MUST do to maintain and regenerate itself, peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is abeautiful country but Kenyan people are devils on earth.

If a Matatu hits your car, the crew and all passengers will come out and accuse you.

If you are hit by a boss' car, he will accuse you and spray you with alcohol to prove that you were drunk.

The accusations on Raila and Ruto are well planned. These are strong personalities who can not be finished by a mere smear campaign.

You remember how Kibaki planned to let Raila win the presidential elections but to lose the parliamentary contest to a PNU illitrate. They managed to let him win the MP seat but to lose the presidential.

These devils will always try. Next time they will target Mudavadi or Orengo or Sally.

A devil is a devil. He runs for the earthly materials. God and peace loving Kenyans must be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

Moi was a dictator through and through

Anonymous said...

Kibaki's dictatorship is annoying.

Anonymous said...

word is that this guy is back on Kenyan soil or soon to clear his name as he claims he was framed....even interpol believes him...he must love his kenyan passport...maybe biwot will flee to Canada where his son in law is...after all B.C. means bring cash..lots of it..from you know where

Anonymous said...

Maize scandal: ODM MPs turn the heat on Mututho

The maize scandal has taken a new twist with a section of ODM MPs vowing to take the matter to the floor of the Kenya Parliament...........

Anonymous said...

Why we should celebrate Okoth-Ogendo’s life

Anonymous said...

Raila sometimes back said he sacked his aide for involvement in the maize scandal. I know the timeliness of bringing up this issue now gives it a political angle especially after speaker's ruling. However this does not mean that Fidel and the PM aide were not involved.

What PNU is probably doing is reminding him that they have a dossier on him as it is now turning to mud slinging. They are telling him 'ngo slow bwana PM and we keep quiet on your son's case'

Anonymous said...

Mimi Kenya siwezi rudi... Hell NO!!!

Anonymous said...

The half-blind, stuttering bumpkin knows that politics is a dirty game. Very. He played it in 07 and in prior times. He should expect to get everything back on equal measure.
Dont whine; strategize!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, you forgot the rise of homosexuality in Kenya.
According to gay right activists in Kenya, there are about a million gay and Lesbians in Kenya. And the number is rising despite homosexuality being a criminal offence.

John Maina said...

Anony 3:20 AM
Whats with you and gays. go seek therapy ama knowledge on how to co-exist with others and stop projecting your issues on others. Your ignorant attitude/stupidity examplifies part of what is destroying our country.
Si, you leave them alone and concentrate on what is under your control or what you can change. If you live in the west by any chance you may have come across harmless gay pple whos brains are probably better than yours and making positive progress in the world.
Respect diversity and stop playing God.

Anonymous said...

@3:20 am:
You pathetic freak, this is where it's all headed--get used to it, butthead!

Anonymous said...

John maina, how cheap is that coming from you when we all know here you exhibit homosexual character trait.

Where in the west do you that big number?

Wewe ni shoga!

Anonymous said...

If Kenya is to be united again and successful,these PNU life members should school the Kikuyu leadership (not the community)that creating a gap between the Kikuyus and the rest of the nation will lead them no where.If they think that what am saying is a joke,then what happened during the last election where they voted alone will look like just an icing on the cake.Come next time,the Kikuyus risk being sidelined unless they come to realize that their leaders are rich and have nothing to loose while they are being slaughtered by Mungiki yet the security control is lead by their own.Come on and shun your ill minded leaders and join the rest of Kenyans in building forward

Anonymous said...

John maina ati "Diversity" do you know what that really means?

You seem to understand it only when it suits you! You of all people you like heckling with strong disapproval for anyone who don't support Raila Odinga. Do you really know what is diversity or like usual you want to sound holy than almighty.

If you believe in diversity you would respect the views of others in this forum.

This just expose what is a common knownledge in this site - wewe ni shoga.

Anonymous said...

Tamaku @ 5:06 AM, STOP promoting your sick perversion in this site!

Anonymous said...

National News
Updated on: Monday, May 04, 2009
Story by: VPPS

VICE President Kalonzo Musyoka has asked police into the murder of 29 people by Mungiki thugs to find out whether the heinous act was planned in Nairobi. Addressing an inter-denominational burial ceremony held at Gathaithi Primary School in Mathira, Nyeri District,Musyoka told police to explore possibilities of the act having been planned in Nairobi before the attacks in the Mathira village. Maybe this was a bomb that was planned in Nairobi and exploded here in this peaceful villages of Gathaithi and Kiaruhiu. We shall leave no stones unturned. It is painful, shameful and sorrowful act, said Kalonzo.

The VP wondered how a community can turn against itself just a year after it lost most members in the post-election violence. A total of 16 men out of the 29 victims were buried yesterday at Gathaithi village out of which 14 were cousins. The other 12 were buried last Thursday at Ndiriti village in Kirinyaga West district and the last one will be laid to rest on Monday. The VP was accompanied by Cabinet Ministers George Saitoti (Internal Security), Beth Mugo (Health) and Esther Murugi (Gender).

Others were MPs Mitheka Linturi, Peter Mwathi, Johnstone Muthama, Martha Karua, Jeremiah Kioni, Eugene Wamalwa, host Ephraim Maina, Kabando wa Kabando and Central Provincial Commissioner Kiplimo Rugut. Speaker after speaker urged the Kikuyu community to stop further bloodshed saying the one lost during the independence struggle was enough.They said the province residents should respect President Kibaki by keeping the province peaceful.PNU activist Stanley Livondo said it was unfortunate that after voting overwhelmingly for President Kibaki, the Kikuyu community had turned on each other with crude weapons.

Livondo challenged members of the community to stand strong and united.The Langata parliamentary 2007 election loser caused laughter when he said those who died were his voters.Tears flowed as the 16 white coffins were removed from a police lorry and lined in front of residents. Some fell unconscious and had to be assisted by Red Cross staff who had been deployed to the area. A camp will be set to counsel victims before a major harambee is conducted to help widows and children of victims.

Anonymous said...

LUO Presidents, VP's or PM's

Obama (USA)
Obote (Uganda)
Kiir (S. Sudan)
Lule (Uganda)
Okello (Uganda)
Raila (Kenya)
Partly Nyerere (Tanzania)
ETC ...

Anonymous said...

John Maina, I live in Brighton, UK's gay capital and I don't support them here or back home in Kenya! FYI: Despite Brighton's gayness, they only make a fraction of Brighton's population and they are still face stigmatization.

So stop promoting your sickness to Kenyans! gay is NOT normal, even in the west they make a very small percentage!

Victor said...

The PNU master plan whose only agenda is tribal cleavage at work. Having realised that PNU is just a Kikuyu party now want to split ODM along tribal lines

First get the largest groups and give them some strong enough "reason" in this case the Kalenjin

And then go for the next lot the Luhyas

Next will be the Luo's and that completes the cycle

Then grab as many smaller tribes as possible to beef up the "big tribes"

What a looser strategy, having realised that no other tribe can support the Kikuyu other than their won and cousin tribes, the only other recourse is to split everyone else.

Mr Kumekucha go ahead and delete my comment as you have been doing all the other previous ones, you are just a Kikuyu sympathiser.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.30 or let me say Kumekucha coz thats what you are! trying to pretend using negative psychology. ati you said " Mr Kumekucha go ahead and delete my comment as you have been doing all the other previous ones, you are just a Kikuyu sympathiser" Stupid nyani!
We all know you as the usual village ape trying to tarnish the tribe that gave you independence & freedom to write this sort of shiate!
Q1: What have the apes done for the country before & after independence?
Q2: What has the Ape-in-Chief done since he joined government?
Q3: Is the shoga-nyani kubwa a reformer?
Your guess is as good as mine!

Anonymous said...

This tribe of apes have not contributed to the socio-economic development of this nation...they are only good in blaming
Q: Why is kisumu, one of the oldest towns in kenya, sooo underdeveloped? Worst than smaller towns like Nakuru & Thika?
Q: Why are luos so desperate for a hot square meal that they would rather loose their dignity by resorting to homosexuality?
Q: Why does Nyanza have many proffessors yet rural nyanza remains unchanged?
Q: Why is promisquity/ forced wife inheritance/ rape so high in Luo nyanza yet they know there is HIV and are dying more rapidly as a result? So rapidly are they dying that they have fallen from No 2 tribe to No 5?
Ans: Backwardness, sticking to archaic traditions, laziness, stupidity, apeness & and a false sense of accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari karibu

RAOs wife should shut up and go to the kitchen where she belongs..political battles belong to men though even her husband is not a man on 2 accounts:
1. He is castrated; and
2. He is a kihii.
Sorry Ida, i know you are frustrated coz you are not getting laid by the baboon-in-chief, but thats life, you always dont get what you want. Am sure you are unaffected by the sex boycott, but usijali, there is afterlife

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.37 very very true
In fact the little development in Kisumu is by Asians. Luos have nothing to show in Kisumu other than fish

Anonymous said...

Kisumu is called anal city.
Wajaluo wanapenda matako sana, even Kisumu women prefer the back door to the front.
Almost all men in Kisumu either receive it from the back door or give it from there. You wonder why there is so much HIV infection in that region? They don't seem to know back door was meant to expell excreta.
Or maybe we should send biology teachers to teach them.

But we should leave them alone, we don't want them protesting for "haki yeku tunataka matako"! Folks leave them alone with thier asses, God will deal with them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:53 ... Kenyans are dying because of IDIOTS like you!
kumbaff!!! you have nothing to contribute...except your tribalism.

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