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Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Is Not About Uhuru, Its About A Contemptuous Kikuyu Kingdom


So the Minister of Finance is Uhuru Kenyatta? The Permanent Secretary is a Mr. Kinyua? The folks at the Central Bank are from Central Province? And the line up at the Kenya Revenue Authority is top-heavy with folks from that same zone? Hhmmm..why are we stunned that 9.2 billion shillings are the subject of a growing scandal now?

Look, the folks from Central Province who frequent this site will accuse me of tribalism, but this is the one time I don't really care what they say. What I see is an increasingly corrupt and inept Kibaki government, one where top officials are engaging in the kind of looting that makes everybody in this administration look drunk and utterly contemptuous of Kenyans. It's almost as if these guys have detected the end of Kenya and want to line their pockets ahead of the coming deluge. What I must ask is...where do they intend to spend this money after the ruins they'll have left behind?

Folks, let me tell you something about the Luo. We Luos have something called temperance. We have a sense of shame. If a Luo was president, I can guarantee you that the nation's treasury would not be manned by members of one community like is the case now. A Luo would not allow a situation where everybody at the Central Bank, and at the State House, and at the KRA, and at the Ministry of Finance had names that reflected the texture of one region. Don't our brothers from Central have a sense of shame?

The other day I was at the Kenya National Library for a service. In the department where I sought service, I found five sweet women talking in that deep Kikuyu that some of the Kikuyu children born and bred here in Nairobi wouldn't even understand. For a moment I felt mad, then I started laughing. It was right there that what has been going on in Kenya hit me. Here it is: In this Kibaki presidency, Kenya has slowly transformed into a Kikuyu Kingdom. Everywhere you go you find top and mid-level managers who might as well speak that deep Kikuyu at work. Why would they want to speak English or Swahili when everybody around is some kind of a House of Mumbi descendant? Indeed, why not just nationalize Agikuyu, they may ask themselves.

The question this state of affairs begs is this: Are the Kikuyu in Kenya who are leaders and managers in the public and private sectors hiring only Kikuyus to work for them? How can it be that the KRA is full of Kikuyus? How can it be that at the State House only Kikuyus feel welcome? Didn't the Luo apply? Didn't the Luhya?


I've dropped all pretenses today because I want to say that this nation cannot afford another Kikuyu presidency. We want a Kenyan presidency, one where all the people of this great land will feel like they are part of a system that works for them. Uhuru is part of a cruel and shameless tradition that's been raping this nation since independence. Did you see him say with a straight face that it was a typing error? Even his own kids didn't buy that crap.

It's enough, folks. Kimunya, Michuki, Uhuru...and Who Next?

I can't wait for the end of this kingdom. It stinks.


Sayra said...

Sam, with all due & small respect that i have of you as from now, what is this idiocy you are trying to grace us with?

And who the fuck are you to talk on behalf of the Luos?

Then in the last paragraph you shamelessly try to act nationalistic ... ati we want a kenyan presidency FUCK YOU!!!!

Thankfully generalization is not standardization.

One Wife Man said...

Sam aka Sam,
welcome back & with fire shooting from your nostrils too-woe to anyone caught in the path of your respiration they will burn

your claim that if a Luo was president the nation's treasury would not be manned by members of one community is unsubstantiated. aren't kambas or Luhyas or Kisii temperate too?don't they have a sense of shame also? or were they unfortunate enough not to be born luo?why in particular did you mention Luos only in presidency

you have no proof to back up your claim except your cultural heritage of course which we all have. your haste to remove the speck in your brothers eye you have ignored the mugumo tree growing out of your own cornea

Contrary to your opinion this IS all about Uhuru, he should step down from his ministry because he is incompetent not because the Kikuyu are building a contemptuos Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's arrogance as he shamelessly tried to feed us the computer error garbage wasn't shocking was it?

After assurance from the FOSSILIZED SLOTH, and the predictable out-pouring of support from his tribesmen, why shouldn't drunkard jomo jr show us the middle finger?

The thought of all the pre-rigging going on (creation of districts wily-nily, trying to doctor the budget etc)in the name of shoving such thugs down kenyans' throat makes me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

Easy folks,cool down the rhetoric.But may I ask why the Luos are always so emotional about anything and everything its only a Luo who can commit suicide over a a football game played over 8000 aero kms from Kenya.Huh,these luos and their fikcle temperament,who would be crazy enough to trust them with the presidency of a whole country?

UrXlnc said...

oh my sam

i see you want to touch some raw nerves,

more than likely there'll be a deluge of unpalatable language in response.

looks like the gloves are off.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted with this Okello piece. Firstly let me say I am not a Kikuyu. Infact I come from one of the communities that voted overwhelmingly for ODM. But at the core of my heart I am Kenyan. Anybody who says something that rubs my Kenyan identity the wrong way cannot get my compliments even if he was my blood brother. I also blame Kumekucha for allowing this okello piece to be posted immediately after getting a barrage of complains from bloggers in the previous thread accusing him of being too ODM-partisan. This is like rubbing salt into a sore wound. Kumekucha please, show some sense of levelheadedness. Be fair to your audience. Show them some respect. Let them feel that you hear them. You have a right to choose which side of the divide to support. But at the end of the day show that you are still Kenyan. Why do you allow Okello to disparage the Kikuyus as if they are not fit to be Kenyan. They may have their weaknesses and shortcomings, but they are Kenyan.
Is this the same Okello who used to wash his dirty linen on this blog with one Brainner? If he is, then please don't transfer your personal misdemeanors to the rest of Kenyans. This piece is despicable, abnoxious, irresponsible, hateful and outrightly irrational. If you are a honourable man, you will apologize to the blog readers and Kenyans as a whole. Are you?

Anonymous said...

the end of kikuyuism is nigh. they are busy with internal civil war now. ati "superior"? wa nani? tangu lini mungiki was anything beyond river chania borders. taka taka tupu.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and even Kibaki don't give a rat's ass about the ordinary kikuyu. If uhuru cared wouldn't he give the thousands of acres of his idle land to the displaced from that region.

Kikuyus only support these two because Kenyans don't have a national identity. Their only identity is tribal. This situation is replicated 42 times.

Anonymous said...

You got it Sam. keep it up and as you said this Kingdom is just about to experience a complete destruction. Your prayers has been heard. But alas! do you see how they plan to extend their kingdoms by subdiving the 8 provinces into 19 or more? by excising the kikuyu parts of these provinces to form PNU province? And then the 25% requirement to qualify for presidency will be an easy thing? You can imagine having a small province of about 300,000 Kikuyus in the heart of expansive Rift Province, ukambani, Nyanza and coast provinces? Our MP's should wake up and stop this Kibaki Madness. Creating Kikuyu friendly districts and provinces will not help these greed manifested leadership. This is ridiculous and the most egregious! Chelils

Anonymous said...

Sam Okerro,
Wewe Jaruo jinga!

No wonder your kinsmen are busy selling their asses in Kisumu to make ends meet. You display the same myopic your tribe display here, after 46 years after independence Luo-Nyanza still remain the most underdeveloped part of the country despite having some of the most educated people.
A place where the most powerful man on earth the President of USA can claim roots. Yet, AIDS is ravaging the whole community through ignorance and homosexual lifestyle.

Shame on you Sam Okello!! Your lack of insight and direction in your writings tell us alot about LUOs.

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Wow Sam,

The Kikuyu deserve all the contempt that comes their way. They know what is happening at the top is shameless but since they are reaping from jobs in the various ministries, they pretend not to know the problem. These people are so despicable. I was driven out of Kenya due to this. You see in 2003 I graduated from UoN with a first class in Chemistry. Our class was the first to graduate together with the module II guys. I applied for a job at Kenya Breweries and during the interview I was pleasantly surprised to meet some of my module II class mates. We went on to pass through the first few interviews and until we reached the last one. This was the facing the management of KBL. So there I was facing the board (10 members drawn from different departments). After these guys had introduced themselves I was shocked that they all came from the central region. Ofcourse I never got the job, but my two friends from central were assimilated, this despite them having very inferior grades to mine.

So, now I found myself in the US courtesy of a scholarship. This after 1 and 1/2 years of toiling in Kenya. What I de-taste is that I voted for the thug from central in 2002 and had very high hopes. So could you tell me I will make that mistake again, if ever I return to Kenya?

Ponder on that and you'll realize why Sam is a bitter man.

Bacardi Breezer said...

Sam Okello,

You mean after 20 years of living in USA you can come up with this UBAFFU? Something even pub gossiper would find tasteless and juvenile.

If you don't like a Kikuyu president why don't you go and remove him and replace him with a "Kenyan" president?. You re a DISGRACE! A total disgrace!

I just wonder how you can be allowed to use Kumekucha as a platform to stir up ethnic hatred? And before you start to accuse me of being another Kikuyu, I am a proud MORAN! who can never join you in tribal politic!!

Anonymous said...

Nairobi has become a haven of tribalism, especially in the workplace.

I am convinced that hatred destroys whoever carries it and tribal hate is no exception.

Anonymous said...

Eik!Kumekucha nowdays stinks.The raw stench of Kenya's ethnicity!

Anonymous said...

Kalenjins held presidency for 24 years, all the good jobs were held by some of the most uneducated Kalenjins, corruption was rife during Moi's era, political assassinations were commonplace during moi's regime (father kaiser, Dr Ouko... etc) why did you not complain then?
Wewe bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Siku za muizi ni arubaine. The days of a thief are numbered.

Mama said...

Uuuuwi! Leo kumechacha.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we divide Kenya into different ethnic regions each with their own govt?

Anonymous said...

anon 5/10/09 10:53 AM

Just because the Moi presidency milked kenya dry for 24 years doesnt make it right for the kibaki administration to do the same. you come across as totally retarded when you argue things from such an angle.

another thing, we have to stop the blanket condemnation of an entire community for the misdeeds committed by members of their own tribe. hii ni utoto.

Anonymous said...

ha!!ha!! stop making noise -read the news more carefully

so instead of Mau Mau suing the Kenyatta family and the wakina kibaki and michuki for land and atrocities done to them when kenyatta took over, listen to this now Kibaki, michuki, uhuru have hired for them a lawyer to sue the British government. ha!ha! this is from the insider who was party to the discussions

me thinks they are trying to remove the heat from their backyard

Uhuru kenyatta and family plus all the goons who took land from Mau Mau veterans families should return it to them
and as for the Mau Mau veterans family - hey sue the people in Kenya who are next to you for the land and properties stolen before jumping oceans to sue others

start by suing the Kenya government under yours truly Kibaki watch!!! what are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Stop removing post that you don't want to see when they touch facts!!
before the post on Okello ----- by someone so hateful.. you left it on the site for long until someone countered it with nastiness on behalf of Okello!!

you have double standards on here or should I call you Alfred Mutua's messenger/ mouth piece?

The truth shall come out one day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy kibaki, Kenya is not a Dynasty.

Kibaki mavi ya Kuku na mtoto ya nyoka ni nyoka.

Those who want to know, Kibaki himself can never be re-elected in Othaya. Not even his son, Jimmy who addressss the locals in English. Gikuyu wapi.Kiswa wapi?

This is why, Othaya is being hived into two constituencies. To accomodate Jimmy.
Let all know that Kibaki is useless in Othaya. He milked Munene Kairu. Munene Kairu made Othaya of anything that it is today.But kibaki allowed the man to die poor. Othayanians are very angry of this! whoever exploits the munene factor gets it straight. Not Kibakis!

Wambui kibaki- all her security has been withdrawn since that famous "I have one wife" presidential press statement.
Know what?- Wambui is now campaigning for lawyer Kingara in Othaya. I doubt that they have a chance either. Nobody in Othaya want anything to do with anything tainted with Kibaki's evil blood!

Kingara has been their lawyer. Too bad.

watch the space. Othaya is no longer about money.Moi spent more than Kibaki in Othaya before, but got nowhere.

Sh9bn: Uhuru told he has Kibaki’s support

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta (right) with President Kibaki’s son, Jimmy, during a funds drive at the Othaya Catholic Church on Sunday. Mr Kenyatta blamed unnamed officials at the Treasury for the Sh9.2 billion “printing error” that has put him under the spotlight. A parliamentary committee will on Tuesday table its findings on the scandal, which Mr Kenyatta has blamed on political detractors. Photo/JOSEPH KANYI

By JOHN NJAGI and BERNARD NAMUNANEPosted Sunday, May 10 2009 at 20:17

Finance minister’s allies blame media and political enemies for budget fiasco
Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta was on Sunday assured that he had President Kibaki’s support as he launched a public fight-back over the “typing error” that resulted in a Sh9.2 billion discrepancy in Budget figures.


CID to probe Sh9b ‘typing’ error
Mr Kenyatta, also a Deputy Prime Minister, was told by the President’s son, Jimmy: “We are aware that there are many enemies who are fighting you, but if the President believes in you then the rest of Kenyans also support you.”

The public defence of the Finance minister came at a fund raising in President Kibaki’s Othaya constituency, where speakers accused unnamed Treasury officials of colluding with Mr Kenyatta’s political rivals.

Mr Kenyatta has been under increasing pressure since blaming a typing or computer error for the massive discrepancy in the budgetary figures after initially denying in a Ministerial Statement in the House that there was anything wrong with the numbers, and launching scathing criticism against Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara, who had raised the issue.

On Sunday, Mr Kenyatta left the fund-raising meeting early, explaining that he had to rush back to his office to attend to the matter.

“There are things in my ministry that appear to have gone wrong,” he said before handing over the baton of chief guest to newly-appointed Nairobi Metropolitan Development minister Njeru Githae.

An aide of Mr Kenyatta, who sought anonymity, told the Nation that the Finance minister was going to make a major reshuffle at the Treasury.

Mr Kenyatta had blamed political enemies whom he claimed lacked a development agenda.

“I urge those making noise, including the media, to go back and start working instead of focusing on the negative,” he said.

However, he did not offer explanations on how he came to read figures which had been altered.

“You have all read the newspapers and what they have been reporting. But that will not detract me from working to achieve my goals,” he said.

In Othaya, his allies claimed that the Finance minister was being sabotaged by Treasury officials who were out to ensure that he fails in a docket that has recorded a high turn-over in the last five years due to scandals.

Mr Kenyatta is one of the key politicians in the PNU coalition seeking to succeed President Kibaki. Others are Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Internal Security minister George Saitoti.

Gichugu MP Martha Karua is also in the race, but she recently quit as minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, citing frustrations by forces hostile to reforms.

In addition to Mr Jimmy Kibaki, other speakers who defended Mr Kenyatta at the meeting included assistant minister Kareke Mbiuki and Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua.

Mr Mbiuki, an assistant minister for Agriculture, claimed that Mr Kenyatta was a victim of sabotage.

“We are aware there are people in the Treasury out to frustrate the Finance minister by giving him the wrong figures and we will not allow that to happen,” he said.

Mr Kenyatta has already invited the Criminal Investigations Department (CID and National Security Intelligence Services (NSIS) to investigate the matter.

Anonymous said...


The Finance Minister - whose figures don't add up and whose supporting documents are now proven to be false - needs to resign pronto. MPs need to censure and force this Minister to step aside for immediate investigations.

I further call all auditors and investigators of all future budget estimates of Kenya to pay attention to what Uhuru has revealed to use, to be his favourite line items for theft. These are:

1. Personal Allowances paid as Part of Salary to nurses, police, warders and such civil servants (notice the creativity of these thieves)
2. Training Expenses
3. Hospitality Supplies and Services
4. Domestic Travel and Subsistence and Other Transport Costs
5. Office and General Supplies and Services
6. Research, Feasibility Studies, Project Preparation and Design, Project Supervision
7. Purchase of Office Furniture
8. Routine Maintenance
9. Printing, Advertising and Information Supplies and Services
10. Communication, Supplies and Services
11. Utilities Supplies & Services
12. Office and General Supplies and Services
13. Fuel Oil and Lubricants

These (above) seem to be Uhuru's favourite targets for inflation. And he sure inflates to the tune of tens of billions as already proven.

You see why Kenya remains poor!!!!!! Such theft.

Resources that could be developing our country and boosting the economy are being pilfered into pockets of a few greedy but already wealthy thieves in power.

As Mars Group also documented, the 9.6 billion is not the only theft issue at hand. There are over Ksh 4.89 billion inserted into the budget through the device of absolutely new budget line items which were not approved by Parliament in June 2008.

Then there are also odious debts such as Ken Ren Fertiliser in the National Budget which has been condemned by the Controller and Auditor General’s Report which the Minister of Finance tabled in Parliament on Wednesday. All these matters require a more thorough investigation.

As you can all see, the budgeting process has become too adulterated, the public has lost trust and confidence in the Finance Minister and his junior staff at Treasury, and future budgets should not be left entirely at their hands. The other arm of government - Bunge - needs to be involved in the budgeting process for obvious reasons.

Lastly, as Mars recommended, only a forensic audit of the 2008-9 budget (independent of the Treasury, answerable to, and commissioned by parliament) will clear all these inconsistencies and even possibly unearth more scams.

Let parliament call for that forensic audit NOW!!!!

Then also, pressure must be put to the president to assent to the Fiscal Management Bill. It is clear Kibaki is trying to keep parliament far away from the budgeting proces and this has now been proven to be too costly to the nation. Its time to involve parliament in the process. This will reduce the monopoly over budgeting currently held by Treasury, which has caused this obvious looting. Where are ODM and other MPs and why are they not vocal about this? Kibaki must allow Bunge in the budgeting process now more than ever!

Let us wait and see whether Uhuru will do the first right thing in his career by resigning as Finance Minister. Ameshikwa! I will not hold by breath since I've previously seen Uhuru's decision making during critical times such as when he abandoned the office of Leader of Kenya's Official Opposition to join his tribesmate Kibaki in 2007 campaigns.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:29 PM
be careful CHRIS/KUMEKUCHA will delete your post if you say negative things toward Kibaki, uhuru and his cronies for looting Kenyan tax payers:):)

Anonymous said...

Sh9bn: Uhuru told he has Kibaki’s support.....mta do??

Ati, talking of a reshuffle....yeah, recycling THIEVES by removing one kikuyu from one department to replace them with another kikuyu from another department. Folks, that is a huge shake-up indeed.

Anonymous said...


Keep talking, let some of the others whine.

Some of us have had enough of this shit.

Anonymous said...

Talking facts is no ethnicity.

Kikuyus want to rule Kenya for 10000 yrs to come. They are stealing money now to buy votes with or simply to spend in Ugandan exile when things get bad.

Kibaki is introducing more districts every day. Kenyans can not afford paying 100 more DCs, DOs and PCs. Let's not be fooled that services are to be brought closer to the People. Which services?

People can not afford medical, school fees and food while Kibaki is introducing costly 16 Provinces, 400 districts, 500 constituencies. While Uhuru is stealing in broad daylight.

Let's stop this mischief. Kenyans must go out and demonstrate.

JIMMY said...

One thing i just want to make clear is this,the Kikuyu leadership is doing more harm than good to the entire nation including their very own Kikuyu communities while selfishly filling their pockets.Those making noise here coz Sam called a spade a spade,why don't you spit the hard talk to those same kikuyu leaders when MUNGIKI is killing your very own yet the President,the Minister incharge of security and most of the security operations in the country are handled by the Kikuyus?Why defend likes of Uhuru just because he is one of your won but when he steals that 9.2 billion,you will not even get a dime or a shilling out of that.Why can't Uhuru give part of his family stolen huge land to the kikuyu IDPs who need help now if he has the kikuyus at heart?Lets stop being blind people just coz we speak the same language.Kenya is bigger than that.EVERYBODY KNOWS THE KIKUYU LEADERSHIP HAS ALWAYS TRIED TO DIVIDE THE COUNTRY yet when someone like Sam called a spade a spade,wooo people freak. Look at what they are trying to do now by creating more provinces coz they know the country is totally against kikuyu domination and they will NOT get any other votes in these present provinces apart from Central.KUDOS SAM....Wake up people

Anonymous said...

There are no jobs in Kenya even if you have a 1st class degree.

But a Kikuyu with a pass in Bachelor of Arts will always get a job at the Treasury, Kenya Airways,or any ministry.

Why njameni? Is it because they are hard working. Kenya has 42 tribes but only one is enjoying tax payer's money.

Let's all stand up and say no.

Vikii said...

Sam Okello, this is sheer stupidity. Look here and learn;

Uhuru Kenyatta, if he did take part in or approved, the inflation of the supplementary budget did so as an individual. He, together with his staff at the ministry should carry their own crosses. As we talk, the Permanent Secretary, the ministry's accounting officer whom I would assume 'wrote' the budget should have resigned orgotten fired. Anafaa kuwa anajibu mashtaka kortini sasa hivi.

You can choose to so idiotically continue bludgeoning a whole community with these patently false charges, but we have to remind you that it is manifestly unfair to do so. If uhuru Kenyatta attempted to defraud kenyans, let us deal with him as an individual. His scheme is no different from the stealing of maize meant for starving Kenyans by Raila Amolo Odinga, his sons and psychophants. I am not aware Raila and his family were stealing on behalf of all Jaluos just like i didnt know William Ruto's shenanigans with every coffer placed before him since the '90's were on behalf of the Kalenjin community.

There are 42 communities in Kenya. Like someone pointed out above,you can continue chasing the mirage that is a Raila Presidency. That is your choice. Like so many other people, you are so foolishly obsessed with a Luo Presidency (and you wrongly believe Raila can deliver it) that you now want us to elect our next president guided by an "assurance" that a jaluo president would not stuck up government offices with his tribesmen. Who told you we care? Haven't we seen a party leader from that community handpick REAL BLOOD and MARITAL relatives for the few positions whose apppointments he could influence? You think we are so stupid as not to know the deputy minister for finance, Dr. Oburu Oginga is Raila Odinga's blood brother? And is Raila odinga not the mother of all Jaluos? You are here lecturing us about communal shame. What shame are you talking about when someone cannot see any talent beyond their own family? Give me a fucking break, sam! By the way let me tell you this; if you do not "care what they say", I also DO NOT CARE what YOU and your little disciples in this blog "think"----There will also never be a Jaluo Presidency, never, not in this fucking life!

Where were you last week when a Parliamentary Committe found Raila odinga and his family culpable of maize larceny? Did you, just like your fellow believers in the doctrine of Odingaism; Taaabu, Chris and the other fellows, just wake up from that convenient hibernation that the implication of your messianic "leader" triggered? What do you guys take us for? You think we are just a different breed of morons but morons nonethelesss, dont you?

Sam, what really makes you and your tribesmen think you are more kenyan than the rest of us? This is actually funny in a rather pevert way. Look here you are talking about a "Kenyan Presidency" and at the same time working so hard to convince us to try a "Jaluo Presidency" (which supposedly would govern guided by legendary communal shame). So does it mean a jaluo Presidency and a kenyan one are one and the same thing? Then i guess those of us who have ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP with Luos are Sudanese or Cameroonians, aren't we?

By the way I forgot to tell you what sayra told you----FUCK YOU!

JIMMY said...

after writing all that you wrote and ended it with a 'f...u' note,you just cleared all that you talked about and showed how immature,idiot,stinking fool you are.I am NOT a luo yet i had to read what SAM wrote and clearly the guy is NOT even advocating for a luo presidency.Just because he touched on a raw nerve,people are killing him.With that kind of language instead of having a healthy debate,SYRA AND VIKII you guys just make people puke.You are a bunch of idiots and i wonder if you guys have KIDS>

Sayra said...


Isn't it ironical that you asking me to be forgiven and in the same breath go ahead and insult Vikii & I?

Endelea kujibamba ...

Anonymous said...

truth hurts!

Anonymous said...


You shut up and FUCK YOU! People here have the right to say what they think about Sam's post! Just becoz you agree with him doesn't mean we should.
FUCK off! and go to HELL!

Vikii said...

This is exactly what I do not understand when it comes to these ODM buffoons. Insults are only such if directed at them. They are 'informative lectures' when shot by them toward others. You guys are fucking stupid and that is why we will always call you morons. Go ahead and throw stones at me if you will. When someone who does not recite the ODM creed is accused of corruption, you come with pockets full of stones, when the ODM paterfamilias himself and his flower boys and girls are implicated, you want us to shut up. once again fuck you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila will never become the president of Republic of Kenya! Never! Sam Okello read this, NEVER EVER!! Now go to hang!

Anonymous said...

To Sayra and all who felt offended by Sam Okello's piece.

Please I don't mean defend Sam Okello but the guy had to write his piece from what he understands best. Don't read this piece and then right away pick your gun and aim to kill because there was no way he would have made his point from say a Pokomo point of view because he is not one of them.

His only mistake is that he spoke the truth about our country Kenya but unashamedly without thinking like a Kenyan first albeit we all expected him to be sensitive to our feelings but even though I may find his Jaluo viewpoint offensive, unfortunately that is who is and there is nothing he can do to change it.

By being an ardent reader/contributor of Kumekucha blog like the rest of us, where we have failed always failed, like majority of us who feel offended right right now, is that when something is going wrong and it touches our Central Kenya backyard I have never felt us attacking it with a similar fury and using similar foul language because the truth is, true to our character, we never want to indulge in the dirty linens of our 'mothers beds'.

Sayra, the truth is you have always admired your 'diplospeak' and I have never read you calling others sh****t like you have chosen to use freely against Sam just because he used generalization but still spoke the truth altogether. Sam in particular has always tried to say everything as he sees it even if it involves the most hated Raila and by extension his Jaluo tribe.

If we want to save our motherland from the obvious glaring rot that is going on we will have no one else to blame but ourselves. Personally I have always refrained from talking good on behalf of any current crop of politicians because none has what it takes to shape our country into the twenty first century growing economy where every law abiding citizen is treated with dignity, and forgoing all forms of tribal bigotry that are a common practice these days in Kenya.

Lastly, if anyone felt that Sam Okello's words unwarrantably boxed them into a corner, spare the guy some slack and ask yourself what is your personal take about the glaring ongoing rot in Kenya that will be costly to all the future generation of Kenyans after us irrespective of whether I am a Kuria, Teso, Turkana, Rendile, Ogiek, etc.

Let me leave you all with this wise piece to think about "Silence against all forms of injustice may just be the greatest plague of our time and it hurts most when I know it can be experienced by the people we love!"

UrXlnc said...


.... claiming that the Supplementary Budget figures had been deliberately "cooked up" to taint ...
they need to make up their minds, is it a "computer/typing error" or an act of sabotage, it certainly cant be both

Anonymous said...

Whenever Vikii resorts to using obscene language, be sure that a raw nerve/the truth has really been touched.

Vikii, we know that you really admire Uhuru kenyatta with all his thieving ways, can you please let us bash the guy for heavens sake. After all. don't you guys froth at the mouth about 'laila' whenever you think he has done something wrong.

An entire community is being rightly blamed because the PSs, directors and a good number of the staff who caused the 'error' are okuyus, and predictably his tribesmaen have used every funeral/harambee etc to show support for one of their own.

Your 'duly' elected has also lent his support while the matter is still under investigation. Uhuru himself and some of the technocrats have owned up - why do you people feel obligated to support him if not because he is okuyu?

You can all insult Sam to your satisfaction. The fact remains that KIKUYUS are notorious, can never be trusted with money and Uhuru has just proved this.

kanoo said...

Why would someone in his right mind swear that a luo can never be a president of kenya. Are luos lesser kenyans or humans than maassais or kambas.
Any kenyan can be a president of this country so long as he does not steal the elections. It reminds me of the conservatives who swore no black man would rule the USA.History caught up with them sooner than they expected. If someone tells me an ogiek will be a kenyan president I would only acknowdege his wisdom.
I like this post for one thing. It has achieved by default what sam might not have intended. Unmasking the real anachronistic tribal cobwebs in each ones wardrobe.
Guys you are not in the history train.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

How many of the other Kenyans have you employed in your business? Next time you are in Kenya - I will host you for free to see Kenyans who do not share your outdated thoughts. Sam - why are you sinking so low. As an intellectual, a writer and an exposed man - i would have expected you rise above pettiness. You should join your friend phil in entrenching Raila and misadvsiing him through and through. No wonder he complains about toilets, carpets, mkate nusu etc. Just check all teh statements he has uttered on Migingo since the Saga began - and tell me what leader we are talking about. Check all his statements on Mau and then advise us.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Vikii said...

Cannot be trusted with whose money? Why don't you then petition raila odinga who can be trusted with both money and maize to appoint his brother the minister in charge of treasury?

Am I defending Uhuru? Quote me. I said he has to carry his own cross. What I refuse to buy is this little stupid attempt to sell me a criminal with the false message that he is better than the said uhuru. Will you give me a break? I am not that stupid. u probably think I am one of those guys selling kamongo in kibera. I am not. I know so much more than they will ever know.

And all i am asking is one thing. if uhuru's alleged impropriety is sanctioned and approved by his community, what about the half dozen scandals raila odinga has beeen linked with? Are they also, by extension, not sanctioned and approved by his Jaluo community? I think you guys also need "to make up your minds" when it comes to apportioning blame.

Straight Talk said...

Sam Okello, thank you for showing your true colors.
Now, this is the sad part.
One day someone will produce this piece of article as evidence of your ethnic hatred. That day is coming soon. For now, enjoy the accolades from fellow bloggers hiding as anon's.
That day you will be alone and the price you will loose will be your lifelong dream.
The day is coming soon.

Don't say you were never warned.

Vikii said...

Dont even go there kanoo. You are actualy describing yourself right now. You are the exact kind of people I describeed as having a foolish obsession with the remote possibility of a Luo Presidency. here is why;

The author of this post, Sam okello himself, wrote these words "...and that is why the nation cannot afford another kikuyu presidency" and he went to say that he doesnt care what anyone reads in that statement (and i dont care what you read in ,mine by the way). The fact that you would choose to attack those responding to the initial declaration with accusations of tribalism and defend the originator of that charge only makes it clear who the bigger tribalist is. just so I can remind you even kikuyus and those maasais and kambas you allude to here are not any lesser human beings!.

You just reinforced what i had said earlier; Corruption is only such if practiced by pple who do not worship Odinga. i understand perfectly the warped thinking that leads you do regard the statement that a luo cannot be president tribalist and the one that says a kikuyu cannot be President very nationaloistic. i get it my friend, believe me i do. Yours is a movie I have seen before, friend

Anonymous said...

And what is your name straightalk?

Anonymous said...


You are worse than kimunya 'the nse is not a fish market.' BTW the guys selling kamongo are not as stupid as you think, they just happen not to be from the politically correct tribe. At least they are earning their living decently and not STEALING, OR FOLLOWING MUNGIKI WAYS OF making quick bucks.

Another thing, why do kikuyu mps and kikuyus generally rush to defend their own when all he has been asked is to explain the anomalies in the budget. Do you hear luo mps converge every weekend to defend Raila - man would they have a life given that 'laila' has been a target of all types of accusations, and yet never been proven guilty?

Feel free to insult 'laila', and let others also question how their taxes are used.

kanoo said...

Your words betray you vikii. The fact that sam said the same does not make it right. Someone of better intelligence would treat sams post as that. But when you go emotional to end up loosing your reason as to say a Luo cannot be president as if they are not kenyans, then you only expose your nakedeness that we are not interested in here.

Vikii said...

Once again there you go. You assume just because I am not Luo, i do not pay taxes and so when i raise the issue of Raila's corruption, I am "insulting" him (Well, i have no apologies about that brother) and when you raise Uhuru's case, you have the right to as a 'tax paying kenyan' Funny, very funy!. I am not defending kikuyu MPs. My MP is not kikuyu.

You wanna talk about the NSE and fish business? What is false in that statement? The NSE IS NOT a fish market, true or false? it fucking is not a fish market, get it? You can be born in the Kamongo tribe and rise to become Prime Minister. It has happened. you just need to try. President Obama who most of you have enormous 'respect' for once said this, "It's only when you hitch yourself up to something bigger than yourself that you realize your true potential".
Just think bigger, man and it's possible.

And Kanoo, i am also not interested in your little subjective opinion either. if Sam who said pretty much the same thing about kikuyus is in order and I am guilty of 'tribalism' for touching on the touchable Luo,if that is your sense of smartness and objectivity, then you can go ahead and get your sling shot. I mean, dont you guys think it is shameful how insincere you are in these litle reprimands you try to engage in? Mr. Kanoo, it is wrong when said about a kikuyu just as it is wrong when said about a luo. you seem to be living in this little delsusional world that makes you believe luos are special. They are not, ok?

Anonymous said...

The end for the MK Mafia and their kikuyu middle class supporters who benefit from these thivery and preferential treatment is very near.... of course how can the rest of kenya develop when resources(jobs and capital) are siphoned off and directed to one area? Shameless! And remember it is not just about the Luos, how about the Luhya? the Costals? NEP? the Maa speakers? the Kales?..etc.
ALL communities are asking for a FAIR share and EQUITABLE resourse distribution - including jobs.

A pincer movement has already started:
The poor kikuyu on one hand(read mungiki, from the rear) and the other communities on the other. It is just a matter of time. They(MKM plus) are messing up the country. Where will they run to? Already other parts of the country are a no-go zone. Central is also becoming a no-go zone. This pincer movement will be deadly for them. Tumeamka!!

b-carotene said...

This is a dreadful post, horrifying as well.

There are some petty things that must be dispensed with rather quickly such as the story of the 5 Kikuyu women talking their language. It is a story that we have been asked to blindly believe. I will suspend my disbelief for a few moments and note that having traversed the corridors of the UNEP in Nairobi or in the World Bank offices in DC I did find that people sharing a language very frequently made use of it and there seems to be something universal about co-ethnics, for want of a better descriptor, speaking their language. That Sam Okello would be so distressed by women speaking Kikuyu is indicative of his current psychological status. In times such as these do we fondly recall KKs very own Dr. Mourinho.

It is unsurprising that Sam Okello would make such an unambiguous call for hatred against the Kikuyu collective. For was it not Raila Odinga who did the same before and after the 2007 elections leading on to an ethnic cleansing of near genocidal proportions? There is a precedent to such Kikuyu-baiting, and of which Sam Okello christens as temperate Luo leadership. But such baiting, while it may provide intense pleasure to Sam Okello, Raila Odinga and other Jaluo cheer leaders, it gives very little pain to the Kikuyu. It changes NOT the destiny of individuals nor their resilience. Neither does it do much to hold together the fractious and ever unraveling ODM—even duct tape could barely do that. I am tempted to side with Vikii: that a Luo will NEVER see the presidency, their long coveted prize, to the extent they choose to travel this hate-filled road. History shall continue to bear testimony!! It is no nearer now than it was in the sixties.

Now, it will help to put things in perspective. Sam Okello seems to be one deeply frustrated homopithecis niloticus jaluensis. Getting a job in Kenya at this time is not easy—but that’s reflective of the global recession—for how do you expect to find a job in Kenya if you cannot find one in the United States? But despite these hard times, there is little justification for taking the low road. It is a dead end. Indeed it would be more constructive to take a second look at the Kazi kwa vijana program instead of salivating over what others have.

“Base Envy withers at another's joy,
And hates that excellence it cannot reach.”

Daniel Waweru said...

Sayra, Vikii et al., I'd strongly suggest not playing Sam at his game: he's had considerably more experience; and he has a sympathetic audience. Consider, instead, bringing some good out of Sam's nonsense: make a small donation to victims of the PEV or the peace-building thingies every time puts up one of these.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello should be played at his game, measure for measure, to its logical conclusion. Just because he has a sympathetic audience or is experienced (whatever that may mean--> he responded in the affirmative to the cut call?) is little justification for letting such ghastly provocations slide by.

I've often wondered whether schizophrenia and alzheimers might simultaneously afflict the same individual, at the same time. We may be close to an answer. Sam Okello is the very same one that advanced setting aside some fuzzy, feel-good national day of prayers and reconciliation. And then this post.

I refuse to have some attention-seeking, erratic conman determine my schedule of support for PEV victims and overall peace-building efforts.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans abroad could lose big in land scandal

Over the past six years, the Government has spent a lot of resources wooing Kenyans in the Diaspora to invest back home.

And the move has borne fruits. Money transfers from the Diaspora now stand at Sh78 billion, an amount that has shot up from about Sh59 billion in 2005.

Contributions from Diaspora, according to the World Bank, are the leading source of foreign exchange surpassing horticulture and tourism industries.

But, not all Kenyans abroad are contented with what is happening to their investments back home. At the moment, some are in ownership tussles with the Government.

In Kiambu West District, about seven such investors could lose over Sh150million they have invested in residential houses.

And they are blaming the Government for their plight. They claim corrupt Ministry of Lands officials colluded with agents to sell them public land.

Posh flats

The investors, who are either studying or working in the US and Britain, bought land at Ruaka shopping centre through agents about nine years ago. They were issued with title deeds approved by the district lands registrar. They went on to invest millions of shillings in posh residential flats.

But things turned nasty late last year when surveyors from the Ministry of Public Works informed them that their houses were resting on land that had been earmarked for a link road that will join Limuru Road with the northern by-pass.

The ministry later issued a notice directing them to pull down the houses.

They want the ministry to take blame for the saga and rescind the decision to evict them. The ministry has refused. They fear their investments will go down the drain.

They even petitioned President Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya to honour their word and save them from losing their hard-earned cash in vain.

invest at home

"The three have been coming to the US to persuade us to invest back home. They assured us that all our investments will be protected and guarded as much as they safeguard that of any other foreign investor," says Steve Mwangi, a 30 year-old nurse working in the US. His house worth Sh15 million is among those earmarked for demolition.

It stands next to that of Steve Kibunga, a 34-year-old nurse also living in the US.

Mwangi says they feel betrayed because they followed procedure in buying land – identifying suitable plot, registering and acquiring a title deed. He wonders why the Government is dilly dallying in handling an issue likely to undermine investor confidence.

"It is unfortunate that top Government officials traverse the world seeking investors, but cannot listen to us once we have put the money back home. Are there no laws that protect us?" asks Phillip Gitonga, another affected Kenyan living in the US.

"Government officials should be held responsible and accountable if they knowingly misled us into buying property," he says.

Mr James Kimani, a truck driver in the US, says he spent a fortune to construct a flat on a piece of land he legally acquired 10 years ago.

And with the flat also earmarked for demolition, Kimani has vowed to stay in Kenya until justice is done.

He says he used his house as security to get Sh5 million loan from a local bank.

But once it was revealed that the title deed had double ownership, the bank asked him to withdraw the title deed and he surrendered another house.

"This is the last thing I could have imagined happening to me. I wish the Government knew the sacrifice Kenyans make to make money out there," he says.

The Ministry of Roads is, however, adamant there will be no recourse for the owners if the houses are on public land.

Fake title deeds

"We have surveyors at the ministry and those aggrieved should consult them to find whether the houses are on public land. If they are on public land, then the owners have no option but to vacate.

"If it is not public land, then they will be let to continue with their projects," says Mr Korir Cheruiyot, a public relations officer at the ministry.

The saga follows Government warnings that a cartel has been operating from the Ministry of Lands headquarters at Ardhi House.

Lands Minister James Orengo recently said several senior staffers in the ministry are being investigated for allegedly taking part in the issuance of fake land title deeds, which could have been used to defraud an unsuspecting public of millions of shillings.

Orengo said hundreds of fake title deeds and land documents are being held as genuine documents.

He cited the Central Registry at Ardhi House, Eldoret, Thika, Kisumu, Kitale, Nyahururu, Nanyuki, Nakuru and Kwale registries as the most affected by the racket.

To illustrate the problem, Orengo narrated how a private developer, waving a title deed laid claim to land on which the ministry wanted to build a new lands office in Eldoret.

Orengo warned a crackdown on "land criminals and career fraudsters" is under way countrywide, saying a probe has been launched on officers suspected to be part of the scheme.

Anonymous said...

I am the same anon who did not get a job at KBL because I come from outside the bloc.

And this is what I have to say og Vikii. Never read what this chap writes seriously, he may appear eloquent and such but the fellow is so tribal it makes me sick.

Vikii ni mkamba and you will never say anything about the bone-headed Kalonzo without his wrath.

A shameful excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

"Orengo warned a crackdown on "land criminals and career fraudsters" is under way countrywide, saying a probe has been launched on officers suspected to be part of the scheme."

Bla, blaa, blaaaaa.......He's been saying this ever since he got into office. I am ready to bet my Audi SUV that Orengo's mid finger dips into all these schemes.

Anonymous said...

"I am the same anon who did not get a job at KBL because I come from outside the bloc."

Go peddle your lies elsewhere, you miserable failure of a human being.

Anonymous said...

anon2:08 PM

You must be "kumekucha" the moderator if you can get away of abusing wanainchi on here without being deleted or deleting yourself

Facts remain:

Uhuru, Kibaki and cronies tried to rob kenyans in broad daylight and they were caught.
Anglo Leasing
charter house
Grand Regency
Oil/petrol saga with the Indian thief
and the list goes on and on

meanwhile thier own tribesmen "IDP" are still out in the cold while they Kibaki and his PNU cronies continue to slaughter and execute our youth yes I'm a Kikuyu and yes I denounce all this PNU shenzi thieves from central who soil our tribe in the name of getting rich by stealing and killing!! enough is enough

when we all wake up all the central youth. and face them! there will be no grass left to stand on mark my words

and Kumekucha we hear any attack on Uhuru or Kibaki reading by the posts here, you seem to have a habit of deleting? How much do they pay you????

Anonymous said...

anon3:15 PM

Vikii do shut up and go tell Uhuru to go and resettle the IDP's on his land instead of trying to steal the same money that some has been put aside for the same IDP's

Anonymous said...

3:29 PM
Vikii it is a pity that even if Uhuru were to get away with stealing the billions you and your poor relatives would not see a dime

but i bet you would be yapping away on here still defending and protecting him while using Raila's name in vain

My suggestion to you is to go have a intellectual chat with your tribesmen Maina Kiai, Muite or the good folks at Mars group maybe just maybe they might get through to your think skull to stop following thieves and thugs blindly.

Anonymous said...

CVikii and Sayra and those anonymous who keep trying to push the tribal envelope on here


The link between corruption and tribalism has long been researched and documented. Does it surprise you that when a corrupt boss (with clear intentions to steal from his job) is hiring an accountant - they would prefer to employ someone with close tribal bonds to him/herself?

This is not a hypotheses anymore, it's been researched and tested and proven to be true. Tribalism feeds corruption and vice versa.

So when you see that Kibaki has only appointed folks from Mt. Kenya as Finance Ministers, try to interogate your mind a bit. Does it fit into the data informing the researched observation that tribalism goes hand in hand with corruption?

Let's therefore not start an argument that corruption and tribalism don't go hand in hand and let's also not pretend that talking about it invites an accusation of being 'disgraceful'. I will talk about this any day, any time irrespective of any false accusations.

You are right about Mati and his folks at Mars Group and even Gitobu Imanyara. They are straightout good patriots from Mt. Kenya and trust me there's very many such good peoples from around the slopes, take it from me. They appreciate nationalism in as much as they are proud of their tribal heritage. Above all, many are progressive and pragmatic.

Another one of them is called John Githongo. He too, like Mati et al., thrive on uncensored truth. Read Githongo's book "It’s Our Turn to Eat" to understand the important link between tribalism and corruption and how the twin sins have impoverished a people who have been lied to and made to believe that once their ethnic group attains power, manna from heaven will descend on all members of their group - Of course using well calculated phrases like none other than 'andu aitu'.

Thanks to Githongo's revealing book, the link between Kenya’s poverty, tribalism and grand corruption has never been exposed in such searing detail before.

My use of the phrase 'andu aitu' is borrowed from John Michuki. He is the one who told Mt. Kenya folks that the fight for a new constitution was just a ploy to remoce Moi from power, and that we now don't need a new constitution since Kibaki is 'andu aitu'.

According to Githongo, Kiraitu Murungi also told him that Anglo-Leasing 'is us'. Now, these are some pretty bad folks from Mt. Kenya - take it again from me.

Uhuru is another one of them bad boys, trying to lie to us that 9.6 billion shillings he inflated in the budget was in fact a computer error. Of course after first denying and throwing some heavy brickbats at good 'ol Mati. When Kiraitu, Michuki and Uhuru speak we read a lot of stuff like the 'andu aitu's, our turn to eat and such nasty stuff.

For instance, have you wondered what the inferrence 'us' means in Kiraitu's statement "Anglo-Leasing is us"? Or what Michuki's phrase 'andu aitu' is meant to signify.

I hope you can now get what I mean by using that phrase. I will use it as frequently as you wish me to expound.

Now let's please go back to Uhuru Kenyatta and his attempt to steal 9.6 billion from Kenyans.

Do you think he should resign like his fellow Mt. Kenya native Mwalimu Mati suggests (to allow for forensic audit of the budget)?

I've just watched on NTV how Uhuru's hireling MPs are defending him and blaming technocratic officials at Treasury. Well the PS is one Mr. Joseph Kinyua, and the Director of Budgets is one Mr. DJ Ngugi. Did they also coincidentally 'just miss' the computer error 200 plus times? Or who are these saboteurs?

This is why the nation can't move an inch - we are stuck with mediocrity and theft.

Daniel Waweru said...

Sam Okello should be played at his game, measure for measure, to its logical conclusion. Just because he has a sympathetic audience or is experienced (whatever that may mean--> he responded in the affirmative to the cut call?) is little justification for letting such ghastly provocations slide by.Folk willing to conclude that Kenya is a Gikuyu kingdom on casual acquaintance with the sociolinguisics of the Kenya Library Service are unpromising candidates for inclusion in rational debate. Arguing with bigotry is tiresome, precisely because bigots tend to irrationality.

In this case, it's also likely to be unproductive. Sam has almost certainly had more practice at this sort of low-level ethnohatred -- that's what I meant by «experience». There's a skill to it; his will better-honed. Assuming you don't want to lose, it seems pointless to engage in the exchange; especially when he can expect a sympathetic hearing here.

If the consequences of Sam's bigotry are inevitable, there's no reason to help them along; if they aren't, no reason to help Sam bring them about.

What are the consequences of the bigotry? 2008 opened, in Nairobi, with a bunch of Luo guys gang-raping a 12-year Gikuyu, among other ethnically-selected victims; and with Mungiki in Nakuru busy roasting 11 children alive. The next round of violence will be significantly more horrible. These are the consequences of Sam (and his ilk's) ideas. Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil, and especially not when the multitude is so very unlovely.

Vikii said...

Dan Waweru, thanks, I appreciate it, but I endorse the sentiments of ano 6.41. These morons have to be played at their game. If we continue acting civil with proconsuls, they will screw us. That is what Kibaki is not getting by deciding to play civil and intellectual against stonE age folks who, in this 21st century, still consider stones and violence an acceptable way of getting themselves heard. I am not going to sit here and get lectured by a felow who takes his notes from Raila Odinga and Anyang Nyong'o and considers those notes biblical. If they continue thinking other communities are lesser than their little selves, I will remind them of how much lesser they are than those 'lesser' communities. Come on, it def has to take much more than some small Jaluo philosophy to change what I know to be the truth. I am not from Kibera for heavens sake!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello the Ape!
Ati Luo presidency? Why are Kaleos complaining after your breif marriage? Coz The ape in chief went ahead and apointed the half cabinet full of his luo mafia

Anonymous said...

Go to the PMs office and hear the dholuo being spoken there. EVERYONE IS A LUO! KIDIGIDIGI

Anonymous said...

Sam the gay fool. What a piece, keep dreaming of a luo presidency

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kihiis are back

Anonymous said...

I once said before last year elections that the govt must take deliberate steps to eliminate all the tribes. At the heart of tribes is their language that gives them identity. THEREFORE ALL VARNACULAR SHOULD BE BANNED. Because there is this tendancy by mainly two tribes (Luos & Kiuks) to always speak in their language at any opportunity, not to say other dont. And this fuels hatred amongst tribes. In a matatu, they want to use their langauge, at work, in pubs and many other public palces. SAM OKELLO IS A FOOLISH PRODUCT OF THIS SYSTEM THREATENING TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

I am happy & proud of a new crop of kenyans who cant speak their mother tongue. They are mainly urbanites or people born in places that their tribes dont reside. My small resaerch shows that this group is the best crop of future kenya. You see them talking with friends in Kiswahili, english, sheng and they look like one, a one people. I am however afraid that their parents and goons like okello have started poisoning them with this tribal crap. FUCK OFF WITH YOUR CULTURE CRAP, TRIBES ARE DOING THIS COUNTRY MORE HARM THAN GOOD, LETS ELIMANATE THEM NOW AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji,

Who told you Sam Okello is an intellectual? Don't EVER make that stupid mistake of abusing intellectuals. Sam Okello is THICK, BACKWARD, very retrogressive even a standard 4 pupil have more intelligent than this buffon.
You seem to make emotional comments don't you ever address Sam Okello as a human!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru has a case to answer. I dont trust any Kikuyu. They all have one character of dipping their hands into what is not theirs.

This many was meant to finance the early election because it is now clear that the Raila-Kibaki partnership will not last. What and see the ultimate seperation after the budget. The cetral men know very well that they have not grabbed enough out of this government and the 9.2 billion was meant to fill the gap. But this time they are very unlucky.

Anonymous said...

Your article lacks objectivity. You equate the whole Kikuy tribe with all the corruption that is going on in Government. That is wrong. Yes, you have pointe out a number of people that are in the ministry and they happen to be Kikuyus, but I can assure you that most Kikuyus are just as tired of this group of corrupt leaders are everyone else is. You later mention that you are looking forward to a time when a Kenyan will be elected president,and not Kikuyu. Even Kikuyus are Kenyans. What we need as kenyans is to equate the mistakes of a group of people to a whole generation of kenyans just because they happen to be from the same tribe as those leaders that lack integrity.
If you can't write objectively, you had better stop writing and start another career. May be you better go to Migingo and begin a career in fishing.
We Kenyans, from whatever background are looking for change. We are looking for leaders with integrity, but it may take us longer, especially if the journatilsit we have are so biased as you are.

Anonymous said...

Your article lacks objectivity. You equate the whole Kikuy tribe with all the corruption that is going on in Government. That is wrong. Yes, you have pointed out a number of people that are in the ministry and they happen to be Kikuyus, but I can assure you that most Kikuyus are just as tired of this group of corrupt leaders are everyone else is. You later mention that you are looking forward to a time when a Kenyan will be elected president,and not Kikuyu. Even Kikuyus are Kenyans. What we need as kenyans is not to equate the mistakes of a group of people to a whole generation of kenyans just because they happen to be from the same tribe as those leaders that lack integrity.
If you can't write objectively, you had better stop writing and start another career. May be you better go to Migingo and begin a career in fishing.
We Kenyans, from whatever background are looking for change. We are looking for leaders with integrity, but it may take us longer, especially if the journatilsit we have are so biased as you are.

Anonymous said...

Your article lacks objectivity. You equate the whole Kikuy tribe with all the corruption that is going on in Government. That is wrong. Yes, you have pointed out a number of people that are in the ministry and they happen to be Kikuyus, but I can assure you that most Kikuyus are just as tired of this group of corrupt leaders are everyone else is. You later mention that you are looking forward to a time when a Kenyan will be elected president,and not Kikuyu. Even Kikuyus are Kenyans. What we need as kenyans is not to equate the mistakes of a group of people to a whole generation of kenyans just because they happen to be from the same tribe as those leaders that lack integrity.
If you can't write objectively, you had better stop writing and start another career. May be you better go to Migingo and begin a career in fishing.
We Kenyans, from whatever background are looking for change. We are looking for leaders with integrity, but it may take us longer, especially if the journatilsit we have are so biased as you are.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okelo,

When we are looking for ways to exterminate Luos, here you are dreaming of Luo presidency! Dream on!!! Very soon Luos will be histroy in Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Ok then sinc kyuks are so bad, what do you want them to do?

It is interesting how any big ethnic groups in any country are ostracized. As a kyuk I do not take responsibility for anything Kibaki and his people have done because they are indiviuals.

Excuse me, God did not give me a disclaimer at birth that I am liable for my tribesmens actions, and therefore I think everything you wrote here is totally absurd.

Probably the only reason you hear Kikuyu's talking in Kikuyu is because we are so many anyway. I certainly hear other languages when I am outside, and I make the point of speaking what everyone understands, whether its in any language.

You seem to be suggesting that Kikuyu's should be ashamed of their language and their culture. Kibaki and co. arent our culture, our language, they didnt create us and they havent really done anything except keep the status quo. That is why even in Central the MP's are those gukas who last brought in new ideas in 1980.

You arent a nationalist. You need to read books from true nationalists, like Mandela, Lee Kwan Yew, Gandhi, Nkurumah, to truly understand what it is to be a nationalist.

As for saying Luo presidency, you think that things will change drastically? Its not their tribe that matters, it is the kinds of personalities we have in that government, they eat the cream, milk, bowl, table holding the bowl you name it they take it.

If you want a Kenyan presidency first of all think Kenyan. You have no idea of how politics works, that is why you can write like this.

Sam Okello. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Okello said...

Are Luo's corrupt?

Raila bought Molasses at a negotiated price from Moi.
Is that corrupt?
The Mau forest is about Kalenjins not Luo's.
Even if Raila and son Fidel were involved in the maize scandal, its nothing compared to the magnitude of corruption from Mt. Kenya ministers. Even Raila needs campaign funds just like all presidential candidates.

One Wife Man said...

Samo aka Sam O,
how i wish by now you would have substantiated your unverified claims by explaining what you meant

sadly 24 hours after posting your narrow minded ethno-centric opinions you still have no proof to back up your point of view

Question:- apart from your opinion about what makes your cultural heritage more suitable for a Kenyan presidency what makes you think your view justifies you to speak on behalf of all your tribesmen let alone all Kenyans?

I'm just curious you makes for jolly good debate

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My comments was among the last ones in the last blog @ 3.55 and 4:10.

It is disgusting that after what I wrote then this is what I see. What is the purpose of this blog, is it to unite us or to divide us?

I know Sam Okello is so annoyed but I would have wished that he takes more time to cool down before going near to his computer, for we all know that an angry person sometimes lacks rationality and objectiveness - anger is emotions that blinds straight thinking.

I would have wished that you don't put blame on all Kikiyus, for you know very well that Mungiki was formed as a result of the elite Kikuyus who took their resources, yet Mungiki is made of Kikuyus!

In the same way there are elites who are Kikuyus who are milking not only the government, but also fellow tribesmen dry so are there Luos, Kalenjins, Kamba elites who are doing so to the fellow tribesmen.

I have Kikuyu friends who are not happy with the current leadership, how will they feel when you Sam Okello come with these comments. Don't you know that these stealing not only affect other tribes but it also affects Kikuyus who you want to blame all.



Thank you.

I hope my comments will be taken kindly and will not be deleted.

Shaddy said...

Sam Okello 12.52 is not me, folks. I don't know how this imposter got into my profile and got my password. I will find out soon...including the exact location he/she is blogging from. Meanwhile I'll use Hellen's blooger name: Shaddy.

Chris,how did this jamaa break in?

That aside, I feel very good about touching raw nerves with this posting. When Sayra uses the F word, you know mambo are not good.

But look, we could decide to shove our heads in the sand and not see what's evident before us, or we could see it and talk. I see Kenya through the fresh eyes of one who has been gone for years. What I see is a Kikuyu Kingdom...and it stinks.

Kenya must work for all Kenyans, not just for our brothers from Mt. Kenya. That's what I'm saying. Calling me names will not change this sorry situation. Tell me how we correct this problem or allow me to work toward the end of this kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello thinks with his black ass!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was my post that did not see light of day when I brought here few days ago. I assumed it was because of computer problem, so I won;t blame Kumekucha.




If you are busy, then can you please hire someone who will be checking the mails before they appear here. Why should politics of tribal hatred be spewed here? Or maybe you want to show us the reality on the ground, which is maybe mirrored in the comments in this blog. But would you please tell us if those who are spewing venom here are in Kenya or outside Kenya?

I remember what a Kikuyu taxi driver told me on 14th January 2008 at around 4.00P.M as he was driving me to Eldoret airport (by the way my former Kikuyu boss had feared attending a meeting there so I was representing him):

Kikuyu taxi driver: "Niliponea sana,eeh nilishtuka mazee, hao watu walikuwa wakistopisha gari na kichwa ya mtu kwa mkuki. Mazee sita wish noma kaa hii itokee tena. Inafaa tuwachane na hizi story kabisa."

I don't think we will ever gain when, due to hatred for Raila, we pass blame to all Luos, or due to our hatred for Kibaki we pass our blame to Kikuyus. I'm lucky that my former boss was a Kikuyu, while one of the Consultant who used to give him consultancy jobs was a Luo. This made me to realise that what separates the good and the bad is God (an atheist can tell me other alternative).

I don't think there is anybody among us who can say that he has never been hurt by a member of his/her tribe, to the extend that he'll defend his/her tribe as if his/her tribe is better than the other. In our current society where we have adopted the western culture so much and there is freedom of movement, the different between two people from different tribe is nothing else but the sound that comes out of their mouth when they speak mother tongue.

So you are a FOOL (not you Chris, but some bloggers here) if you think your tribe is better than the other tribe. If our names were changed, then we were mixed with other strangers, and finally made mute, don't you think you could have realised that tribal difference between us?

It is so sad and pitiful that we have let tribes to blind us so much that even goats, cows and sheep interact better than us, yet we call ourselves human beings given orders by God to control these animals.

Therefore let's not put tribe as a defence to what our leaders do- one's tribe will never justify his/her actions.

I hate this attitude of "Raila stole, eehh Raila is a Luo, I am also Luo, so Raila actually never did something that wrong" or "Kibaki stole, eehh Kibaki is a Kikuyu, and I'm a Kikuyu, ah so Kibaki never did something that bad".

Its all BULLSHIT! Forgive me for using any vulgar word. Only that I'm annoyed with intellectuals who are spreading tribalism.

I hope Kumekucha will not delete this comments. I worte it like five days ago when I was also mad at tribalism.

M-Pesa said...

Poor old Kumekucha!

Once a family friendly blog and a worthy news trailblazer.

It continues to be gang raped by twisted ethnic bigots as it's owners cheer thanks to more "hits."

Who said was worse?

Using a single brush to tar an entire community is clearly stupid!

African barbarism re-defined.

A sad day for Kumekucha despite more "hits!"

Sayra said...

Anon 2.54pm, I hear you.
But like your last quote silence against all forms of injustice hurt to the core.

But what is even more disheartening the apparently exposed and educated lot, the guys we would wish to look up to for direction when (guys my age) we feel lost can comfortably write such a piece.
Any idea how that hurts?

The group of akina Sam are the people ati we should be looking at and this the crap they feeding us with? Mind you what he has write here is not news ... even a mad man knows that. This is the crap that has graced this blog for the last 2yrs.

Sina-ubaya na wewe. And since i can't beat you up to wake you from your forced sleep i will comfortably insult you. You have political ambitions, u even want/wanted to be the president of this nation and its disappointing you can think in this direction? If we can have your lot as politicians then we sadly have a long way to go. Be the man you should be by feeding us with things that will move us from the deep hole we are in ... digging the hole deeper will not make you a hero and it will never will.

When i wrote my 1st comment in this post i was not on guinness or amarula ama john mtembezi, i was very sober and i meant every word of it.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

You still want to become a member of parliament?
You can be sure this piece of crap will appear in the local dailies when we analyse you. Be very very afraid. And stop the pretext of ooh someone is hacking, we know you want to say you did not post this. Its too late.

Anonymous said...

"Kenya must work for all Kenyans, not just for our brothers from Mt. Kenya. That's what I'm saying. Calling me names will not change this sorry situation. Tell me how we correct this problem or allow me to work toward the end of this kingdom."

It's a problem that's largely in your head, a *bullet* right through that would remedy it fast enough.

KenyaLuv said...

Sam Okello, I hope laws against ethnic hatred and incitement will be implemented soon in Kenya just like Rwanda. We have saved your article and trust me it will be very useful evidence. Have you ever been to jail before Sam?...prepare yourself

Anonymous said...

Like humpty dumpty ODM is falling to pieces and the glue that held it together (i.e. Kikuyu hatred) is fast losing its appeal. No amount of recasting/repackaging of the hatred will put humpty dumpty together again; the folks who matter are already out the door. That's the problem awaiting resolution.

Meanwhile, you take your cue from one of the kingdom--hacking? Or maybe just typical--failure to be responsibile for your actions.

Makena said...

I wonder if blogs like these will be mentioned in the event of further ethnic cleansing in Kenya?
Sam Okello, it seems you are taking your cue from Kangura and any of Julius Streicher's publications in Nazi Germany.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49 AM. Well said.
This man Okello is pure shit!

Anonymous said...

The likes of Vikii, if only you could realise why Kimunya is dead quiet, then you'll stop defending this thieves because they dont even appreciate those who bare the flak because of their gluttony. I am Kimunya's friend and he really regrets in private why he went the whole hog in defending Kibaki and his close apparatchiks then remain with a permanent feace on his face which even his only daughter cannot comprehend. This group will do anything with impunity knowing very well that Vikii and co. will defend them to the hilt.

Marianne Brinner said...

Sam Okello, why don't you just concentrate in Kenya without foolishly stealing people's money? You stole my money and I forgave you, stop stealing! You are very corrupt.

Anonymous said...

@3:36 am--we're back to groups, no? OK, let's move on this. It strikes me like its the same all round--with the Messiah's followers happily licking and wallowing in all manner of extrusions from him and and his bunch of acolytes. It's an all round phenomenon--Kimunya's story gains you little purchase.

Anonymous said...

"You stole my money and I forgave you, stop stealing! You are very corrupt."

Is Marianne Brinner a subject of the Kikuyu Kingdom? How did Sam Okello "work toward ending this?"

Anonymous said...

The problem with you sam is you are in the public sphere both here and outside.

These sort of posts will come back to haunt you some day. If you want to peddle 2 bit ethnic hatred to let out your own personal frustrations, please be smart enough to hide behind anon

just a word of advice, seek help.. all that bile and hate will just eat you up,. You found kikuyus here on earth and they will be there long after your are gone.

Luos are not God no matter how highly you think of them. They dont decide whicch ethnic groups live and which ones go.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello and Co.

Kenya is a Kikuyu Kingdom! Upende usipnde!

We will rule over you for 1000 years to come!!!

Next years we will embark on a mission to deport all luos back to South Sudan. Kenya must free herself from these dark cockroaches!

Andruid said...

In case it has not occured to you defining corruption as a 'tribal thing' or rather refusing to assign personal responsibility fo corruption exacebates the problem, rather than fixes it. Kenyansd made that mistake when they alloed MOI to become the embodiment of that sin and look at the people we elected in their place.

My temper is pushimg me to list all the Luo's I know who have eaten , Goldenberg, Maize scandal and indeed oil money but then I would be sinking to your level of logic on this issue.

Do not atttempt to apologise for the goons who are finding opportunities to fleece this precisuo country of it resources by pretending that they suffer from some kind of ethnic driven and uncontrollable urge to steal.

If Mr Kenyatta or Mr Kinyua, or even if it turns out to be a Mr Otieno, or Mrs Kosgei working behind the scenes are responsible for the 9.2 billion issue and it then they should carry their own cross. Whether their myopic supporters see its as tribal persecution or not is their problem not the problem of the taxpayers that these crooks are trying to defraud

Anonymous said...

Problem with Okello like all luos is sitting idle waiting for the govt to invest in them. This is why they are so hell bent to make Raila president that they burnt kisumu to ashes last year and almost destroyed the whole country. Is this the price we have to pay for their laziness

Anonymous said...

Kwanini wajaluo wanapenda kunya nje? They have a few toilets in Kibera which they dont use. Instead, they want to do it in paper bags and throw across into Langata

Anonymous said...

So you think that Kiuks should not lead kenya and are not kenyans, and that Luos are the only qualified tribe to lead kenya? and by saying luo presidency you mean Raila, you Ape in chief and god? But why should we elect a person who has failed to build decent toilets in Kibera, why should we trust Raila with the Treasury when he ate all the CDF? Okello, you are just another ape. Now shut up and go back to the cage, NGIRI WEWE

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:36 AM,

You put it so well to the likes of Vikii (Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka's ass licker), KenyaLuv, Makena and the rest of the Kibaki ass licking brigade - those who feel comfortable and secure in this current pumbavu status quo; who irrationally get upset when confronted with the truth.

Anon 3:36 AM, you said thus and I concur with you 100%:

The likes of Vikii, if only you could realize why Kimunya is dead quiet, then you'll stop defending these thieves and looters because they don't even appreciate those who bare the flak because of their gluttony - ask the IDP's if you doubt me, this Mt Kenya mafia clique does not give a fuck about these IDP's who are mostly their fellow tribesmen and women, infact Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki probably thinks of them - the IDP's - as WAPUMBAVU! And they will still lick his ass.

When Kibaki's tribesmen were recently engaging in festivals of ghoulishly murdering one another in Kirinyaga, Mathira and Nyeri as if there were prizes to be awarded for the top most murderer, Mwai "pumbavu" was least bothered or concerned. He did not even bother to visit the area and reassure people of even attend the funerals of those who were butchered by the Mungiki rascals. PHEW!!

I am Kimunya's friend and he really regrets in private why he went the whole hog in defending Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and his close associates then remain with a permanent giant blob of feaces on his face which even his only daughter cannot comprehend.

This Mt Kenya clique/Mafia will do anything with impunity knowing very well that Vikii, KenyaLuv, Makena and the rest of the Kibaki ass licking brigade will BLINDLY defend them to the hilt."

Vikii and your ilk when your eyes open, they are closed right now, you'll really feel embarrassed about yourselves. Now bring on your insults - I know I have touched a raw nerve within the Kibaki ass licking brigade - bring the insults on, I will not waste my time responding.

Anonymous said...

@4:23 am: Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

anon 4:51 AM, the truth anon @4:23 AM has stated has really pained you so much. your comment was very brief but it said and revealed alot about the pain you felt. pole sana. BTW, continue licking kibakis ass with vigour

Anonymous said...

You can join your Arsenal fan and committ suicide coz you are just a pathetic moron and the day you show your face you can be sure ill be the first to cut off that thick head of yours!!

4th Estate said...

Let’s be honest with ourselves – Rewind! Rewind! Basic Accounting Standards and principles

The nation’s books are the most critical instrument for governing. JUA KALI BOOKKEEPING is what has skewed development in our great nation. The results are now in the open for all to see and millions upon millions of Kenyans have given up trying to live but are “surviving “in what was once a shinning star in Africa and beyond. Nearly everybody has been touched by this and you know exactly how dysfunctional Kenya as a country has degenerated into. The jungle rules in TOTO put it mildly. We have concrete comparative countries which we were at par and even some surpassed in development terms during independence - not to mention big advantage in both human and resource base , then what ?

The keepers of the national purse in so called “ Asian Tiger countries “ don’t have two brains as opposed to us, they did not go to special schools, they don’t follow their own accounting standards. They pride themselves with achievement and work hard to leave a LEGACY THAT SETS STANDARDS. In a nutshell they want to leave a mark, not with the how big their compound and how powerful their electric fence at home is, but what they leave behind for their children and grand children to inherit and build on. What they have is a sense of national pride, pursuit for achievement as opposed to entitlement. That’s the OPEN SECRET and it can be well quantified in Kenya today. National development verses private wealth.

Reality check….. In computer terminology we have something called GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT – the computer crunches the numbers that you feed it. It does not generate new numbers on its own. It produces what it has been programmed to do. Any decent off the shelf computer software has inbuilt checks which asks you not once but several times “if the numbers you have feed it are correct “ before it accepts them in the system. At treasury I would imagine that level of security would be second nature and tiered with checks at input level and a secondary double check at verification and even fool proof checks at approval level. The software at treasury I imagine is not off the shelf but one that is licensed from a reputable software company - updates, bug upgrades, support are included in such agreements. What kind of software is used at the treasury and the safeguards it provides can be checked right here on the internet to avoid confusion is somebody just tells us which one.
The company providing it will most likely be happy to give a statement of the capability of their software to minimise human error.

A computer error basically means that you don’t get out anything regardless of what you feed it. Was it a crash? Lets call that a computer crash. You fix it and you get out the correct numbers you feed in. An application error is another matter; depending on how the application is programmed there could be an error in the way the application is coded - “written” which produces wrong figures when they are feed in. That means that all the figures ever feed in using that faulty application have been wrong, which begs the question – How far back have this faulty application been used to produce the budget ? That should be a very very serious issue with grave and devastating implications for the common mwanainchi. If the “error “is due to an application fault – the whole chain would have to be looked at. WHO recommended the purchase of the application, WHAT was the basis of his choice. WHO are the suppliers and SUPPORT PEOPLE, WHAT test runs were done before rollout, what checks and balances are in place to mitigate human error. There are a thousand and one questions that beg to be answered – as any decent novice IT forensic auditor would tell you that.

We have to be very careful indeed when we say that figures provided and vouched for by the MINISTER OF FINANCE in parliament can just be dismissed as “ computer error “ before we even ask what’s his interpretation of computer “ error “ what exactly happened to DUE DILIGENCE. Is this not the mantra of any self respecting treasury department / employee worth their name not to mention salary? Its seem like somebody come up with figures on the back seat of his chauffeur driven Mercedes when stuck in the famous Nairobi traffic, hands the figure to some “Computer Typist “and asks them to input and print the figures and then hand excel printout over to the Finance Minister who in turn presents them to parliament as a true verified statement of government procurement needs.

Close your eyes for one minute and picture the scenario that somebody wants you to believe was due to “computer error”. Incredible … Billions of blue blistering binnacles. What BS, what’s going on here ……shame on YOU for trying , anybody buy that at their own and children’s peril.

For starters I would like some help from readers of KUMEKUCHA, we have to show this for what it is. Can somebody PUBLISH HERE , the job description and duties of the BUDGET DIRECTOR and his subordinates or office, so that we know what he is responsible for – we should be past the stage where excuses like “ I was not aware “ , “ Its sabotage “ , “ A reshuffle will be done “ should be accepted as explanations and remedies. When you have a computerised department and these sorts of things occur – GOD HELP US ALL, there are no checks and balances that will save you. A good standard computerised system with fully implemented checks is almost fool proof. I repeat - The basic and most critical function of a decent financial computer package or system is to eliminate human errors and do the job faster – meaning you have more time for extra checks and verification.

Without a proper INDEPENDENT forensic IT audit coupled with a proper verification of the roles – read job description verification of the “ ACTORS “ and I mean actors like in a stage. This kind of “negligence“ should not wash. Kenyans should not accept anything less. The level of nonchalance exhibited by the keeper of the national books is indefensible and we should make sure it’s corrected – not by the same people who have been part of it. Checks and balance should mean checks and balance – we should not accept our nation to be run with “ Mitumba bookkeeping “ - only a select few have the visibility of the facts and figures which they manipulate at will depending on what their “ entitlement priorities “ demand , instead of putting the national interest left , right and centre.

It is instructive (read intrusive to parliament) that both CID and National Security Organ has been rapidly called in for investigation. These are organizations which investigate secretly and are not accountable to wanainchi contra Parliament – Very soon the paper trail will grow cold, as we speak the story is being co-ordinated and a united front is emerging. The message is being controlled. In stealth parlance command and control centre has been mobilised. We should start logging - WHO SAYS WHAT and ask them the facts behind their statements. Blind acceptance of statements by front men and sycophants should not be accepted. – These actions coincide cleanly with calls for re-shuffle. How can we accept re-shuffles without knowing the facts or the reason for re-shuffle? How will we know the people re-shuffled are trustworthy and should be not be sitting in JAIL instead of another air-conditioned office?
What are the grounds for summary dismissal at the treasury? Whole departments should be in lockdown pending thorough investigation. We need facts not promises and thoughts. No more commissions that findings will be shelved never to see the light of day.

What I mean by facts is WHO did what, HOW was it done, WHEN was it done and WHO SUPERVISED IT. The most critical question in this saga is the answer we will get from a very simple question if put to The Honourable UHURU KENYATTA , FINANCE MINISTER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF KENYA the question is - who told him that it was a “computer error “ and when did he know this . If nobody told him how did he reach that conclusion so quickly if he could not even see that the books were cooked? If somebody told him, WHO was it and what are the facts behind that conclusion and when did he find that out ?. If we follow this “computer error misstatement “to its source this whole sordid episode should unravel very quickly and we will begin the process of removing the rot and the underlying reasons why we look at the Asian Tigers with envy while our beautiful nation is sinking in faeces in Kanaro.

Without answers and actions to these pertinent questions GOD HELP US ALL as we will remain forever a BANANA REPUBLIC pending a very bloody revolution as people who have nothing more to loose know no boundaries , at this rate we will get there very very quickly.

Keep it here …. Simple and in a language everybody can understand.

Shaddy said...

Folks, I just wanted people to respect Jaluos. We have been marginalised for so long. People don't understand how it feels like to be under and beneath.

We Luos we must be respected at all cost. We want our Kikuyu brothers to respect us. We are human beings too.

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Another silly post. Sam you must be in your forties, and clearly you think like all these old goons and I doubt that you will change in a hundred years. You don't seem to be studying the mood on the ground (like most middle-class and diasporans), but I am not here to deprieve you of your obvious ignorance. For your information, we are tired of tired of bad leadership and what you will see in the next election (snap or not) might open your eyes a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all I am sam okello's clone and working towards ending the contemptuous kyuk kingdom, which stinks. Thanks for allowing me to do this. And I begin with declaring war on the stink, which as a crucial part of the kingdom, represents a good and convenient point for attack against the kingdom. Who knows, i might fell the kingdom in one mighty swoop on the stink.

My first task is to make sure they all go take showers/baths so we can start eliminating the reasons for why the kingdom stinks. As a favor to me, grab any kyuk near to you and put them under a jetstream of water, plus do have some scrubbers handy as you may need them.

Once you have done this and there's still a stink (which i bet my pretty wife's big toe will be the case), we will move to the next possibility eg proximity to flying toilets, proximity to decaying fish and so on. Awwwwww, this is so exciting!!!!!

Gooday to y'all.
Sam okello.

Anonymous said...

Boo hooo hoooooo---they dont respect us. sob sob. We will force them to respect us. we will kill them, rape them, maim them, take their property, uproot railways, throw stones, steal maize, tear down gates, demand toilets n carpets, no peace, no peace, no peace till they respect us.
Boo hoo hoooo. sob sob. they will respect us jaluos!

maria said...

4th estate ---> i was reading the comments and just shaking my head wondering why people have been hoodwinked into being cheer leaders for their tribe/special interests and not discussing the fundamentals of the problem. if i could give you a standing ovation for your insight and thoughts i would. thank you for moving beyond this silly notion of tribalism and (hopefully, but i could be holding my breath for a while if the comments are anything to go by) starting a conversation about what really needs to be done. if you dont already blog, please do so. there are some of us who are tired of all the pointless rhetoric and want real solutions instead of recylcing the whole "it's our turn to eat" mantra and insulting people on the internet.

shaddy/sam okello/whoever it is posting about ati you just wanted respect ---> all kenyans want respect. jaluos are not the only ones who have been marginalised - look around kenya. si everyone is struggling with bills? suffering from insecurity and trying to feed themselves and their families? the problem here is not that kikuyu brothers/sisters dont respect luos, its that the political class have you believing that once your tribe is in power everything will be okay and that the people to blame are "the other" never the structure that is in place and perpetuated by those who it benefits the most.

don't get me wrong, the political structure is very tribalised, but only within very small circles. talk about how old men and their cronyism have ruined kenya and i'll agree with you. i'll support you if you say that politicians are the best when it comes to championing their own causes and using tribe as a crutch. i'll even congratulate you for seeing the obvious - that nepotism, corruption and tribalism hold this country back and needs to be eradicated.

but this nonsense that a kikuyu kingdom exists and thus an entire tribe is to blame for politicians and their legacies faults is stupid and i wont stand for it. it wasn't helpful when people talked of a kalenjin kingdon and swore things would get better once moi was gone. neither did it when kenyatta was there. if you notice, the same people have been recycled in one capacity or another since god knows when. the political class is very good at convincing people that they know best, even when best means planting the seeds of tribalism all over the place and then watering them for their benefit.

there is no kikuyu i know of who is having their kids school fees paid by kibaki for being part of this alleged kikuyu kingdom. no luo i know is being paid for rent by raila for being part of the chosen ones. no kalenjin, no luyha, no kisii ... see where im going with this? there is a difference between recognizing a power structure in place that hurts the whole nation as a whole and blaming said ills on people who are struggling and suffering just like you. and kenyans are suffering and the political class is now, as they always have, using tribe to divert attention from themselves and have otherwise intelligent people calling each other mavi ya kuku and using stereotypes to engage with each other instead of trying to get our country back on track and making them acount for their misdeeds.

thing is, alot kenyans see this. we are tired of these tribal diversions and we know where this kind of rhetoric can lead. tribal clashes and violence every eletion cycle with the worst being in 2007. hmm, is it just a coincidence that these conflicts have a 5 year cycle? problem is with the noisemakers and deluded people who want to use tribe as a yard stick for everything, even when the rains fall and kumbe the political class is still raking in the money by the millions. these empty debes do their best to make themselves heard and make everyone else think that their opinion is what the majority thinks and all people want is to be able to provide for themselves and see the country live up to its potential.

and from what i infer from the comments sam okello wants to run for parliament? you had best believe that you and others like you who spew hatred and try to brand it nationalism are being noticed for all the wrong reasons. don't let the idle people agreeing with you fool you - kenyans in no way shape or form want a repeat of rwanda or 07. its people like you who payuka kiovyo then attempt to backtrack with your crocodile tears when shit hits the fan ati oh our beautiful nation let us come together and then call for a period of mourning and a national day of prayer. it's idiocy like this posing as political commentary (you heard people speaking in kikuyu at a library and you decided its a kikuyu kingdom? really? i dont even know where to begin with that) that makes the brightest and most talented kenyans keep away from engaging seriously in politics because anecdotal evidence will be discussed as if its gospel truth and used to malign and entire community to the detriment of wanainchi who are trying to get by. run for office and i assure you this article will not be forgotten. for shame! as someone said, kenyans are better than this and we need to rise above this petty bullshit. it may sell papers and get hits for a website but it doesnt help the nation at all.

oh, and luos deserve respect at any cost? those are frightening things to hear when you remember PEV and what came before it. "at any cost" in this context is something to be wary of and sound alarm bells in those who dont want our country to continue being hijacked by career tribalists.

again, 4th estate, if you have a site or something, let some of us know - we are serious about moving beyond chest pounding and kenyaness being invokes by the very people who sully it.

Anonymous said...

wise words indeed. But this is not about corruption, bad leadership or whatever it is you think this is about,

This is about a frustrated middle aged man who thought he would be a hero on coming back and instead finds no one takes any special interest in his carefully cultivated american twang. Now he has picked the object of his frustration and they happen to be 8 million odd people struggling to survive like everyone else and he has decided to vent his rage on them.

It has as much rationale as the KKK cross burnings or skinhead rally in Berlin. Stop using logic on an illogical man. he is just frustrated. Okello, get a woman or something

Anonymous said...

"We want a Kenyan President"...dude...aren't Kikuyu's Kenyan? Did I miss something. Funny how you rant and rave about tribalism and then proceed to write an article that does nothing to set you apart from those you are claiming practice tribalism.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are Kenyans, indeed the majority populationwise and nicely tucked away in the central part of the country. I didnt know there was debate about this?

Anonymous said...

"This is about a frustrated middle aged man who thought he would be a hero on coming back and instead finds no one takes any special interest in his carefully cultivated american twang. Now he has picked the object of his frustration and they happen to be 8 million odd people struggling to survive like everyone else and he has decided to vent his rage on them.

It has as much rationale as the KKK cross burnings or skinhead rally in Berlin. Stop using logic on an illogical man. he is just frustrated. Okello, get a woman or something"


Anonymous said...

Some kikuyu's now blaming Moi and they are milking this country faster than Moi and have done more damage so far than in Moi's 24. Finance Ministry is gone for the poor fellow.

Anonymous said...

go back to your history class idiot okello and understand why the tribes that fought for independence had to speak in mother tongues and coded speech. the collaborator tribes went on to 'ape' mzungu. let's celebrate our diversity. i hear luo spoken all over - i dont give a damn! everyone has a right to speak in their lingo

Anonymous said...

this is what the other kenyan blogs are saying about this trashy post from okello..

How Can I get atonement for that original sin? How do you rectify a problem if the problem is you? I guess one answer is what happened in Kiambaa, Eldoret early 2008.

There is no end to people's absurdity.

This is the most repulsive retrogressive mindset a person can have.

Following your rationale, you should'nt have a problem with someone associating you with any of the Black stereotypes because it's "really about the contemptuous Black people." An individual wrongdoing indicts a whole population!

Anonymous said...

One was a column by Macharia Gaitho. Me and him rarely ever agree on anything. This on I agree with him even though I think they are still trying to peddle that discredited "error" fiction from Uhuru. We dealt with that already. But here is what Gaitho.

Gaitho message to Uhuru is that by soliciting support from the president and his family and going on a political offensive Uhuru is saying something terribly wrong happened but he can count on Kibaki to bail him out. If it was an "error" why does Uhuru need the president? How about if it was sabotage like Uhuru says, why does he need the president to protect him? And who is the president going to protect Uhuru from.

My sense is that there is more to this saga than we already know. Uhuru made a big blunder bringing in the sabotage claim. It has even confused people more. The error was already laughable enough as it is and now it is sabotage. This sabotage angle was a bigger "error" (political) than the previous "error".

I think that the fear here from Uhuru is that if this thing fails to pass the "computer error" stink test, he has no other defense. May be his cat was changing the budget when he was asleep. Bad cat. We are going to get it.

The second thing that caught my attention is the headline on the Standard Newspaper about ODM M.Ps intending to raise a censure motion. ru

That would be a grave mistake and could actually give Uhuru an opportunity to escape. The motion will be defeated in parliament if it brought. After the Ruto censure motion failed, the M.Ps killed that route of disciplining cabinet ministers. You bring a censure motion Uhuru will get his PNU crew to rally behind him and bring all sorts of tribal gangsterism into play, buy some ODM M.Ps and that will be the end of the story.

In fact Uhuru would love that censure debate to go on so that he can go back to Othaya or may be Gatundu to start "they are finishing me and my tribe" charade. Don;t give him that opportunity.

What the ODM M.Ps should be doing instead of trying to get media attention is to be combing though that budget line by line. Build a list of all questionable items like that Kshs 250 million for legal compensation in the OP and ask Uhuru what that money is for. Bring substantive issues about the budget in the floor of the house and give Uhuru enough rope to hang himself. Uhuru is a very weak debator. He really can't stand scrutiny. He only talk in those rallies.

If the M.Ps can bring enough evidence of a messed up budget the issue of Uhuru resigning is going to be the next logical step but you have to do that with substantive evidence. There is enough trouble for Uhuru in that budget and only M.Ps have the privilege to bring them so Kenyans can judge for themselves. That is what we are asking the M.Ps to do and not issue chest thumping threats and cheapen the debate.

Anonymous said...

Partnership for Change: From Dictatorial Impunity to Democratic Accountability in Kenya


The partnership for change has been on the front-line to make Kenyans understand their budget and the budget making process.

Our leaders in Parliament when the Minister of Finance was reading and presenting the supplementary budget agreed to have it passed without blinking an eye to the details. This shows the importance of also educating Members of Parliament on the process so that they do not once again pass a fictitious budget in the future.

We are however dismayed and disappointed even after the damning revelation by the Partnership for change on the 9.6 Billion shillings that was going to be spent on fictitious items. The very serious issues have been reduced to political commentary by the MPs. The issues as raised by the Partnership for change on the budget should not be politicised.

The budgeting principles go beyond the Minister of Finance, it is about the public servants who have worked tirelessly for this nation, it is about the women and children who need food on their tables, it is about the men and youth who are looking for a livelihood, it is about the poor Kenyans, all Kenyans and how the services of the government reach them.

It should be noted that the supplementary budget estimates were approved in one record afternoon and no member of parliament opposed them.

P4C researched the Supplementary budget and raised key questions as follows:

- Where is the authority for Variation of what Parliament approved last year?

- Where is the authority for the reallocations?

- Even though all variations are supposed to be accompanied by explanatory notes

- why is it that nowhere is there an explanatory note for over 200 items for Ksh 9.6 billion?

The Minister of Finance rubbished the intention of the Partnership for Change in asking the questions. He did not even consult his officers on the issues raised. He later admitted that there could have been an error after realising things were thick following the Speakers ruling that the matter be referred to the committee.

Kenyans are enraged that the Minister could go ahead to read a budget that does not add up. We would like to see a forensic audit on what transpired at treasury while the Government needs to own up to the very big mistake it committed through inaccurate documents of account as prepared by the Ministry of Finance technocrats, do these documents meet proper accounting standards?

Parliament needs to deal with this issue very FIRMLY as Kenyans can no longer afford to have their taxes embezzled through dubious means. The problem here is much more bigger than an individual in the name of the minister.

Let Kenyans be very watchful as we await to see the financial estimates for the year 2009/2010 presented. Should we allow the same people who are misleading Kenya to continue being in office at the Ministry of Finance?

Are they competent enough to handle our financial resources? Are members of Parliament justified not to handle this matter with urgency of a criminal offence?

Our Leaders MUST be accountable to us.

The Financial Budget should serve Kenyans not a few individuals.
Its about all of us. We are very keen to know what the findings of the joint parliamentary committees will present tomorrow.

Emmanuel Dennis
National Coordinator
Partnership for Change

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the rendille kingdom will come around? Sam?

Anonymous said...

What an "idiotic" bunch, Jaluo this, kikuyu that, and you doubt what Dr. Watson said about people of color?

Anonymous said...


From Standard.

1. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:39 PM , spatuel .m.mwachari, United Arab Emirates wrote:
this mp should take the example of the security officer who resigned after the air force one took a shortcut just over new york city and yet the prezzy apologised.

2. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:35 PM , Hellen Otieno, United Kingdom wrote:
Mheshimiiwa should be ashamed of making our father Mzee Kenyatta TO turn in his grave in shame.

3. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:19 PM , Annastacia Nduku Jones, Kenya wrote:
He should resign because that is a serious mistake. In every organisation there are proofreaders, how comes such a ministry can claim to have typing errors yet its the most crucial ministry? Kibaki should be serious with his appointments not to take kenyans for a ride.

4. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 13:18 PM , chuchu alfred adede, Kenya wrote:
computers are not always erring, this cannot even be true to all the ministries and how could he present all erred information. this really tells us how skilled some ministers are. uhuru should resign so as to give room for investigations

5. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:29 PM , Joseph Ngoru, Liberia wrote:
Can someone just check Uhuru's academic credentials? He had the chance to get the best of education but he is used to everything on a silver platter.

6. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:26 PM , festus kibore, Kenya wrote:
yes, he must resign immediately. maize scandal, grand regency, oil scandal; we are actually tired of this govt. if possible may GOD come down and take us local kenyans to heaven, cos if we do take them to kenyan court the are released immediately cos they are gov organs.

7. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:17 PM , DMW, Thailand wrote:
Uhuru should be ashamed of himself, he should respect the intelligence of kenyans. If he is clean as he claims then he should resign to give way for proper investigations into the saga. It's no wonder they (Uhuru and company) want to rule the country by themselves with no regard to the other coalition partner. UHURU OWN UP AND RESIGN NOT ONLY THE MINISTRY BUT ALSO YOUR MP's SEAT!

8. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 12:15 PM , festus kibore, Kenya wrote:
Yes he should resign. How can he cheat parliament? that shows if it had not been discovered that money could have been lost. how can full govt computer have an error? who did the tallying? the should employ us people who are doing IT IN COMPUTER MANAGEMENT. Only sorry for the poor Kenyans.

9. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 11:16 AM , JOSEPH KIRUI, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign. What is so disturbing is how he was responding to Hon Imanyara's question. His behaviour then showed that there was something he was hiding. It is very bad in modern day Kenya, that many of the treasury officials are from a particular community. Uhuru should go to give way for reforms in Treasury. PS Kinyua should also be investigated.

10. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 11:10 AM , AUDREY MATERE, Kenya wrote:
9.2 Billion is a lot of money! I don't agree that it is typing errors as the Deputy prime minster puts it. There are various sophisticated computer packages that are used in calculating and the input of raw data to the computer is done by human beings; and if there is an error the computer will always show. The Deputy Prime minster uhuru kenyatta should resign.

11. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:59 AM , okumu maurice, Kenya wrote:
mr kenyatta has lost sense of direction to work for the people of kenya therefore if he is brave enough that he is innocent, step aside so that we can know the truth.

12. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:50 AM , cleophus ochieng opiyo, Kenya wrote:
There is nothing like "computer error". These are errors made intentionally by politicians to get funds for 2012 elections. Why don't we involve MPs in budget making? Why did he defend the figures on the floor of parliament? Let Uhuru carry his own cross.

13. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:36 AM , muswahili julias, Kenya wrote:
It remains an issue and history to all the kenyans! The minister is not sharp enough 4 a such post. If it indeed happened without his knowledge why has he not brought His PS to question over the same? How can this happen in more than 7 ministries? Doesn't he always keep draft copies for comparison with edited figures! Let him stop fooling himself and think he is fooling us! hand over da flag!

14. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:34 AM , peter saitoti, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign because he is not competent enough to handle the finance ministry. I really doubt if he has the qualifications. Ministries should not be used to award political friends but given to qualified personnel capable of spearheading development.

15. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:30 AM , patrick bondo, Kenya wrote:
Those saying that he should not resign should know that its now 14 billion and not 9B. Surely people are now talking of Raila, Ruto etc we should know that parliament has the mandate of passing a no confidence vote. If Raila and others are guilty then parliament will pass the vote against them but let us not reduce this to another party tag of war. Uhuru just like Kimunya must resign.

16. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:21 AM , Dennis Moiro, Kenya wrote:
By all means Uhuru should resign. The arrogance he exhibited in parliament is evidence enough to show that the so-called 'computer error' was not, after all an error but a well planned plot to steal taxpayers' money. Uhuru is not capable to run such a sensitive ministry. He should be moved to a ministry of lower sensitivity and learn to mature up.

17. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:07 AM , elius kibet, Kenya wrote:
of course yes. Let him not wait for censure because it will bite him mercilessly. Let him resign or apologise.

18. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:07 AM , ODUOR ABWAO GOMBAS(AZIK), India wrote:
I think we have had enough of these mount kenya MPs in the Finance Ministry. What I will continue to raise is that, must the Finance Ministry be under a Kikuyu MP? Uhuru's predecessrs had also messed up big time. Now I agree with what the slain former Nyandarua J.M KARIUKI once said, that we are creating ten millionaires and one million beggars. And how many errors have occurred since independence?

19. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 10:02 AM , BARASA JK BRYSON, Kenya wrote:
He ought to resign. What baffles me - even many Kenyans and the world - is just the very basic nature of what happened at the treasury! The fact that he personally read the 'computer erroneous' figures in Parliament is itself attestation to the fact that Uhuru approved of them. There shouldn't be latitude for incompetence.

20. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:54 AM , martin atito, Kenya wrote:
Yes, the Hon Minister should resign. He should do so because he initially could not grasp the gravity of the whole issue. Initially he tried to dismiss it very casually in parliament even casting the questioner and source (Mars Group) in very bad light. A minister who is so casual in his undertakings must not be trusted with such a sensitive and important docket.
21. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:50 AM , Godfrey Wamalwa, Kenya wrote:
Yes, computer error for 9b is just a big joke and no one would want to believe that this could have gone unnoticed.At least i can see some light at the end of the tunnel through few meaningless legislators. Bravo for unfolding the riddle hoping that its not normal cat and mouse game.

22. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:35 AM , meshack oketcch jobita, Kenya wrote:
well he should go only if found to have slept on the job, it's really interesting to realise that a whole finance minister can go to parliament, read and even dismiss others who had seen glaring omissions in the budget like Mwalimu Mati, please guys in the august house get serious and discipline such ministers, the guy is not interested working for kenyans because he is ok.

23. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:29 AM , Johnson Ngari, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign. He brushed the issue aside when Imanyara first raised and accused the Imenti Central MP for failure to understand simple accounting technics. He should have cross-checked the figures before rushing to the floor of parliament for a show-down with Imanyara. This is no computer error Mr Minister. Kudos to Gitobu Imanyara!

24. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:24 AM , samuel Helu, Sweden wrote:
Yes. I really like Ho Uhuru Kenyatta and he has been one of the best MPs in Kenya. However, the Ministry of Finance is too sensitive, very critical and needs someone with a sharp mind. Please just own up and resign or go to a less hectic ministry. That is the most honourable thing to do, Mweshimiwa. On another note, I'm very concerned about tribalism in Ministry of Finance and its Parastatals.

25. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:22 AM , Jesse, Kenya wrote:
I am not one them calling for Uhuru to resign but let people separate governance issues from politics. My question to Uhuru if the error could have not been discovered by Mars group and raised by Gitobu what could have happened. Instead of being arrogant and claiming support from political God fathers, Uhuru should issue an apology to the public for negligence and clean the mess at the treasury.

26. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:17 AM , Peter Kalei, Kenya wrote:
This tribal war will take us nowhere, the matter is still under investigation, after all what mistake did Kimunya make? Ruto? PM? Be patient and wait for the last word from the investigators. The matter was handled by more than one staff at the Treasury. Fellow Kenyans no one tribe can rule this country alone, OR no tribe can force itself to the top alone, THANKS

27. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:15 AM , samuel magutu, United States wrote:
The fact that Hon Uhuru Kenyatta presented to parliament a blunderous report - the most expensive "9- billion computer error' of solid cash, with or without his knowledge is inexcuseable. Who makes computer errors, and why in billions? I mean, Kenyans are not that stupid? This, and other unresolved past financial scandals should be probed and the culprits be exposed.

28. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 9:07 AM , Erick Owuor, Kenya wrote:
Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta has proven incompetent in that ministry and Kenyans are now scared that so many more "typing errors" may be created by him and his team members. If he needs funds for 2012 he should be clear and we will support him as our fellow youth.

29. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:58 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta first should live up the dream of his father-Kenya's first president, second his name Uhuru which means independence, and third when we clip Kenya from Kenyatta it makes our nation. He is shaming the the trio and telling us computer errors, what! 9.2 billion. This is playing with the integrity of our nation and our money find way to private banks. A WHITE LIE AND THE BLACK MONEY GONE.

30. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:58 AM , jamagunga okeya, Kenya wrote:
After he said in parliament that the figures were correct he should resign and pave way for further investigations. Even in accounting practice one must adhere with financial reporting standards. Which school did he go to? He is not much better than A. Kimunya. He should go to Gatundu south and concentrate with the welfare of his constituents who voted him as their MP.

31. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:57 AM , Kihiu Mwiri, Kenya wrote:
God help Kenya. Going through comments, I read all talk of intelligence, competence etc. But the word tribe is the base. Judge Uhuru as a Kenyan and use the same yardstick to judge every other leader.

32. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:33 AM , DAVID BARASA, Kenya wrote:
How many officers did that figure pass through .Let them say its its investment 2012. Let them spare our taxes.

33. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:31 AM , Abass, United Kingdom wrote:
The finance minister should resign until the matter is e investigated by forensic auditors.

34. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:07 AM , joe kanj, Kenya wrote:
we so quick to make suggestion? wat if censure motion fail like dat of maize? wat do we do next? its high tyme we look at both individual on PNU and ODM, not one side.

35. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:03 AM , Mary murefu, Kenya wrote:
Why should he resign with same structures still in place? First the constitution must be amended to create specific definite structures. This will check occupants of the offices to follow what is prescribed. Top guys are aware of this so please follow them up first before asking Uhuru to resign.

36. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 8:03 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
For sure we are tired of Grand corruption in Grand coalition and the judiciary rewards for not guilty and the big fish swimming in great waters as the small fish are crowded in jails,with no one to give them justice. 9.2 billion computer error,my goodness and Kenyans die of hunger, it is ironical and ridiculous if Uhuru retains the job then the judiciary system mocks democracy and Kenya is cursed.

37. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:54 AM , Evans Omwanga, Kenya wrote:
During election time they will tell Kenyans they are servants and Kenyans are bosses. A servant follows rules and has respect. After election the boss become the servant and the servant become the boss. Like the case of Hon Uhuru he is the boss, he doesn't follow rules, lacks respect, even where there is a mistake. Instead of being remorseful enough to apologise, he is arrogant. Pls resign.

38. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:54 AM , JOSHUA KIPKEMOI BOITT, India wrote:
Yes, we are tired of the so-called "I was not aware" and errors, so why should computer errors be put in quote? this shows there is something fishy and 9.2billion is dancing in someones' account. Let the president and the Prime minister come clean and make Kenya a corruption-free society. We are being taken round circles and today a minister resigns and the next day is back in office. Is this democracy?

39. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:47 AM , Benard Timu, Kenya wrote:
the mistakes of his subordinate staff should not be used to pin Uhuru down. we stand to gain nothing by putting pressure on him to resign!

40. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:45 AM , Peter King Mahulo Ohuma, Kenya wrote:
"Typing errors, political enemies, targeting my community, blah blah blah" Its a big shame that we are being treated to this verbal diarrhoea every time a minister is caught with his fingers deep in the honey jar. Uhuru should resign gracefully and Kibaki should look beyond his stomach and appoint someone of high integrity in this ministry.
41. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:41 AM , mdavi, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should not resign until his boss the prime minister does exactly that over the maize scandal. These so-called reformers are employing double standards, somebody please help me. Are they reformers of maize? Give me a break guys.

42. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:34 AM , OTIENO FRED, Kenya wrote:
This act by politicians when in a mess that it is their political enemies fault for there own mess should be treated with contempt. People like uhuru have no credible past records on financial matters that when a scandal like this happens under his watch, i am surprised that kenyans are surprised. Let's face it: Uhuru was placed to finance ministry for succession reasons and nothing else. RESIGN.

43. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:28 AM , CASTRO FIDEL, Kenya wrote:
9.2 B shs error? tell that to the goats, you're incompetent mheshimiwa. Resign.

44. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:22 AM , Beatrice Ekessa, Kenya wrote:
This is a very key ministry of any government in the world and politics cannot play here. I would urge the President to place an accountant at the Ministry of Finance. If we had a Kimunya, the 9.2b would not have passed. I am sure he would have noticed the discrepancy before presentation to Parliament. As a matter of principle, Uhuru should be replaced.

45. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:22 AM , John Gichana, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru should resign to pave way for investigations. Kenyans are tired of these scandals! Let us have a professional in the Finance ministry who understands financial matters to lead the ministry. Uhuru has let Kenyans down and let him not talk of computer errors...errors in almost every Ministry? Let him honourably resign.

46. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 7:16 AM , mwangemi bashir, Kenya wrote:
Feels bad the manner the Finance minister reported back to parliament to respond to members. He was too casual and adamant insisting the figures were correct and that professional accounts were excellent. I therefore kindly him to resign and pave way for investigation.

47. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:59 AM , N. KERTICH, Kenya wrote:
YES he should resign immediately, it does not mean all the staff are not qualified, who cannot counter check their work. But i do not blame the junior staff who printed, the head should have counter-checked if it had errors. So the head (minister) should first resign.

48. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:52 AM , ADEN FADIT SABE , United States wrote:
The minister is trying to confuse us over the 9.2 billion. How comes it was a typing error? The ministry of finance is not fulfilling its financial obligations. We are sick of all this inefficiency in the government. You know what, only God is going to save us from this mess but not the so-called grand coalition government which is self-centered. They are trying to swallow every cake very fast.

49. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:41 AM , dennis langat, Kenya wrote:
uhuru kenyatta should have resigned long time ago to pave way for investigation.

50. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:35 AM , A Musyoka, Netherlands wrote:
Have we all become this petty! Errors can occur so let's pass judgment after a credible investigation. Have we tossed the innocent till proven guilty out the window or just reversed it? Accountability and transparency is not negotiable but to talk resignation at this point is just but sinister. Should Raila also resign for allegations of family link to maize scandal? Let's be the better judges.

51. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:34 AM , kellah mathew, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru ought to have thrown in the towel long ago, the kind of excuses he is telling kenyans don't just add up, in the first press conference he jokingly said its a computer error. In his backyard he said its political sabotage? Amusingly as the CID is still investigating the so-called computer error. The amount is now mind boggling to 14B, Uhuru come clean.

52. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:32 AM , Philip, Uganda wrote:
I have worked on computers for over 25 yrs and they do not make such errors without human interference. Someone altered figures upwards but somehow decided not to reflect this in the column that captured totals. A smart Uhuru should have accepted the errors and corrected them upwards. But should he correct them downwards then he must accept political responsibility and step aside. Poor Uhuru!

53. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:25 AM , wanje luganje, Kenya wrote:
He should resign with immediate effect. If he thinks it was computer error then why did he not verify the report he read in parliament against the source document before presenting it in parliament? His failure to this is a sign of incompetence. He should quit.

54. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:23 AM , robert maruti wakwoma, Kenya wrote:
I do not think Uhuru understands the budget preparations and the officials at treasury could be taking advantage of his ignorance. Uhuru should be redeployed to another ministry if innocent but all the ministry officials involved should be sent home and be charged.

55. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:22 AM , shaddy ominde, Kenya wrote:
It pure theft considering his initial reaction. The back stops with him and he takes ALL the responsibility because he is in charge. Period

56. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:22 AM , steve gachie, United States wrote:
Mr Uhuru Kenyatta should be held responsible a 100%. He is the minister for finance and should not have presented the supplementary budget to parliament without checking the validity of the figures. His action portrays incompetence considering he is given authority to budget for 40 million kenyans. Mr Kenyatta, you have failed Kenyans. Please resign honourably before you are shown the door.

57. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:18 AM , Rose Macharia, Kenya wrote:
I read malice in all this. Somebody is playing some dirty game to bring down Uhuru.

58. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:16 AM , Bernard Olayo, Kenya wrote:
In my view the Finance docket is such a sensitive one that most presidents would allocate it to the best person they can get from the system. Even from the PNU side I think the president can come up with a much better person. Hon Uhuru's error in this case is not one of commission but one of omission. He slept on a very important job and should therefore resign for neglect of duty.

59. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:13 AM , jackson changwony, United States wrote:
What do you expect from a ministry run by people from the same region from head to bottom? Perfect example of Nationalized Tribalism. I don't think they are there to serve Kenyans but to serve the president, and in extension Mt Kenya region, that is why it does not matter who heads the treasury and the ministry of finance so long as he is from the Mt Kenya region. What a disgrace!

60. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 6:12 AM , michael knox ojera, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru kenyatta is not qualified to head the finance ministry. Many crucial issues may by pass without him noticing.

61. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:52 AM , Baba, United Arab Emirates wrote:
This is absurd and the finance minister has embarrassed the whole country of being illiterate. He should be ashamed and never appear in public again. A finance minister ought to check his figures before presenting and the reasons are not acceptable even in nursery school. Go home Muheshimiwa!

62. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:49 AM , Phyllis, Kenya wrote:
In fact, he should be facing criminal charges, but who'll arrest him? Either he was an accomplice or negligent. How could he read something he had not counter-checked? Unless he is also lazy, sleeping on the job. The buck stops with him!

63. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:47 AM , Godrick Ramsey, Kenya wrote:
That is the Kenya we wanted after Kimunya resigning, now is Uhuru with a typing error. How long to you need to establish an error in whatever you do? Tell Uhuru time za kudanganya wakenya ziliisha. Sahihi Kenya umechanuka and everybody knows and watches what they are doing there.

64. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:37 AM , kilimo kapcharoi, Sudan wrote:
The man is inconsistent with his statements even telling Hon Imanyara that he has a poor understanding of basic accounting procedures and it now turns out that he is the poorer one. Elsewhere, a minister quickly resigns even for the slightest mistake. But this is Africa and UK will not resign of course unless Parliament censors him him like his predecessor. Iromically, UK stood by Kimunya then.

65. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:35 AM , OWEFU, Bhutan wrote:
This time Kenyans are smart. The days of mt Kenya mafia doing things in darkness and under impunity are gone. Remember Kimunya, Saitoti etc. Their tenure were dotted with scandals like this. Amazing but the next appointment will be from the same region and history will repeat itself. LESSON?

66. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 5:24 AM , mutunga, Kenya wrote:
9.2b? what a scam? honestly kenya is one country citizens do not learn a thing, maize scandal, oil, subsidised fertilizer, police on shooting spree, mungiki upheavals, etc and you call them heroes? we either learn to refuse dishonest leaders or go to hell as fools.

67. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:51 AM , Rev. John M\'mbirithi Mugika, Lebanon wrote:
He is supposed to have resigned NOW! i HOPE president Kibaki will not form a commission of inquiry.

68. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:51 AM , Bernard Titus, Kenya wrote:
Politicians like complaining every time a serious issue of national concern comes up, by the way almost all the technocrats at the treasury are from his backyard so how does political sabotage come in?

69. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:39 AM , PHILIBERT VNCENT ORAMISI, Kenya wrote:
Kenya is the worst country where leaders steal openly, while the Executive watches silently. I think when this happens the Executive laughs at poor Kenyans, because they are 'wapumbavu'. Uhuru goes to church in Nyeri and tells people ODM is fighting him politically. Did ODM help him prepare the Budget? Did people in Nyeri send Uhuru to steal?

70. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:24 AM , EVANS ADAGI SALAMU, Tanzania wrote:
Accountability demands that the Minister leaves the office for failing kenyans and the same fate should befall the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

71. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 4:20 AM , luke otipo, Kenya wrote:
The man should take political responsibility and resign. His first railing at Imanyara and Mars group, then claim of computer error don't wash. The tribalists defending him are our greatest enemies!

72. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:27 AM , Abraham Ondieki, Kenya wrote:
He should resign. The sum is staggering and it could be the tip of the iceberg. Kinyua too should resign and an international audit be done. Mr Kenyatta defended the error so vigorously but had not reckoned on the speakers decision. It is this that sent shivers down his spine to an extent that he had to admit quickly to avoid further investigation. Resignation is in order here followed by a probe

73. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:18 AM , Charles Tonui, Canada wrote:
This is yet another big rip-off of the highest order on the tax payers money. I belief the Ministry of Finance is run by very highly trained professionals and for the minister to imply that a typing error passed without detection is a total sham and baseless, the wording has put him in an embarrassing situation. It is a tradition for our Honourable MPs not to own up and take responsibility.

74. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 3:01 AM , Joe Sulo, Kenya wrote:
Uhuru's body language over the budget mess portrays the picture of a very arrogant man. He is saying it was a computer error. And you better believe it because if you do not uta-do? Secondly, I am not sure Uhuru has the intellectual capacity to manage the treasury. Uhuru should remove himself before he commits Kenya to another Anglo-leasing. Does anybody remember Mwiraria's mistake?

75. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 2:05 AM , naftali mwaniki macharia, United States wrote:
All the members who were in the house should also resign, the bill was presented, and they passed it without asking for time to go through it.

76. On Tuesday May 12, 2009, 0:22 AM , Kituku Wa Nguku, United States wrote:
If Uhuru Kenyatta is a real leader, he should quit his job. Do Kenyans really have any self dignity? What happened to the Kenyan pride? Mr Kenyatta is an educated young leader, he is not from the old school politicians. Please quit and if you are innocent of the allegations, then prove those who are tarnishing your name wrong.

77. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:48 PM , sam githinji, United States wrote:
Uhuru can only be judged fairly if proper audit is conducted on the budget. Thus why we have auditor and accountants as professional? This is what citizens should ask for. Otherwise it's fair to express our anger over the error, but unfair to crucify him before we know the truth. It seems many don't even understand what is budgeting, and want to settle political scores.

78. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:37 PM , Sam githinji, United States wrote:
Well its still early and uncalled for him to resign as an auditor, proper audit of the budget should be conducted Let the auditors trace the error as proper auditing doesn't allow an auditor to be a "bloodhood". But rather approach the audit with integrity and ensure all the accounting procedures, policies and guidelines we're followed.Its not timely and fair to demand him to resign.

79. On Monday May 11, 2009, 23:04 PM , Benson Okongo, United States wrote:
uhuru should resign! he is a shame to Kenyans!

80. On Monday May 11, 2009, 22:57 PM , WICLIFE OWILI, United States wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta cannot cheat Kenyans that it was a computer error in many ministries like it was indicated, he should be replaced immediately because one ministry can't be held by people from the same community since 2003 up to now, they must have some hidden agenda which other Kenyans may not know, Kenyans should not take the issue lightly.
101. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:41 PM , Pascilisa Barasa, Botswana wrote:
If common sense is common, then Uhuru should know by now that the ministry of finance in Kenya is not like his family's business empire. This Ministry requires a leader with current knowledge on management and economics. This is a ministry which requires high level of concentration. Uhuru is consumed with presidential ambitions of 2012. Since he is Moi' s student, he will go the Moi way.

102. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:40 PM , Wilbert Kenya, United States wrote:
Uhuru needs to know that the lies of computer glitch are no longer intelligent lies enough as Kenyans have had enough intelligence to know the difference between the truth and a lie. He needs not take Kenyans for granted. If he wants to lie he should give an intelligent lie but not something stupid like typing error or computer error.

103. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:38 PM , james k kirui, Kenya wrote:
He should not resign, but in fact be sacked. If it means we going for mass action we are ready to force him out together with his accomplices. This is our money, taxpayers not their father's nor mum's.

104. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:26 PM , Cynthia Zawadi, Botswana wrote:
It was a terrible mistake to appoint Uhuru finance minister. Uhuru's academic background clearly shows that even if he returned to Primary School, he will struggle to pass simple mathematics. Kibaki should at least know that the reason Uhuru's father appointed him (Kibaki) the minister for finance is because Kenyatta respected a professional to manage the ministry of finance.

105. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:14 PM , Chrispinus Charles Barasa, Botswana wrote:
Kenyatta should resign because he has no qualifications to manage the ministry of finance. President Kibaki from old school of economics should at least know that an appointment to such crucial ministry should be based on merits and not tribe. Kenya has experienced terrible financial mismanagement for long time, so we need serious brains. Not necessarily a politician but a strategic manager.

106. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:12 PM , Martin Memeu, Kenya wrote:
I don't know why you tend to make tiny things huge. What's the big issue here? How many times do you make errors en you don't even apologise? 'Standard' we know which side you are, that's why trouble will never cease. Be fair in your news. Hon Kenyatta did no harm in saying it was an error. Unless we have blind MPs, then that's when I can say he should quit.

107. On Monday May 11, 2009, 14:00 PM , otieno k job, Uganda wrote:
Yes he should resign. This is because if at all he does not so then the citizens are likely to lose faith in the current coalition government. The Prime minister and the President of Kenya should know that all the Kenyans have entrusted to them a great duty to take them to a better Kenya. His resigning will help the parliamentary committee to be able to investigate into the computer error.

108. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:58 PM , john maina mugo, Kenya wrote:
No because when this issue of budget was being raise other ministers were there yet no one complained about the issue.

109. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:42 PM , Tenik Mr., Kenya wrote:
Absolutely YES. How comes he just read a scroll without scrutinising & hoping to be perfectly written as a bible or koran, these shows how our ministers are idle & dormant sitting only to be spoon fed & carry home plumb salaries. What if he is left to be head of state? will he be giving minor excuses to fool kenyans on corruption cases. Mr Uhuru come clear & explain where you allocated funds.

110. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:26 PM , obadiah, Kenya wrote:
The finance minister need not to resign, it is at this time that he should change the system and appoint an independent audit team( preferably a well established audit firm) that that will look at the point of error then Kenya can stand up and say whether he should still remain in office or not.

111. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:09 PM , fred oeri, Kenya wrote:
Now things have literally gone heywire! If this is not crime by government I don't know what is. If this man does not resign we have not seen the end of scandals by government officials which appear to be going on with impunity-because 'this money does not belong to your mother'. God help us!

112. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:04 PM , Siema Edward, Kenya wrote:
He ought to have resigned like and forget his 2012 ambition. If this is already happening at the Finance level, how much should Kenyans expect at the top level with future 'computer errors?' I would like to urge Uhuru to come out clean on this and stop blaming politics since he had the right to personally go through it before presenting it to Parliament for approval.

113. On Monday May 11, 2009, 13:01 PM , Pamela N. Kasili, Kenya wrote:
The minister is trying to fool us. This is one among million cases we have ever had in fiinance ministry in our country. we are sick of all this inefficiency in the government. You know what, only God is going to save us from this mess but not the so called grand coalition government which is self centered. God is watching on us!

114. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:57 PM , DONALD JOSEPH KOECH, Kenya wrote:
Majority of the tenocrats at the Treasury are from Mt Kenya region and I do not expect somebody to tarnish one of their own politically. Those who wanted to loot us but were got red handet. Let them cary their own cross.

115. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:46 PM , Mtimle, United Kingdom wrote:
Uhuru Kenyatta's explanations simply don't add up. From haughtily dismissing Gitobu Imanyara's query, to trying to deflect Mr. Speaker's efforts for an investigation to an eventual climbdown and admission in the face of an investigation is simply unbelievable. The new chorus from Mt. Kenya that Uhuru has been set up is frankly sycophantic at best and blaming junior officials is shameful.

116. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:43 PM , SEWE MATHEWS , Kenya wrote:
Why should Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta resign over Sh9.2 billion yet after resighning the President will form a commission to confuse Kenyans then reappoint him to the cabinet.

117. On Monday May 11, 2009, 12:30 PM , awelo city, Tanzania wrote:
It is annoying that the Minister is insulting the intelligence of Kenyans. What infuriates more is his 'foot soldiers' way of cleaning his name by blaming the Treasury officials. May God punish them as they deserve.

Anonymous said...

(I am not anonymous. My site just refused to register here)

I am a Luo who having read all the comments feels deeply hurt - with all the Kibera and Kamongo tirades.

On the other hand I don't endorse the anti-kikuyu sentiments.

In conclusion, I beseech you all to seek first to be human beings, then Kenyans and then we can just have some good intellectually fulfilling discussions here.

After all, Luo or Kikuyu, some day we will all die and leave our tribes behind. Let us seek the general good of humanity - that is the noblest goal for any sensible man or woman.

Kidha Dan Kidha

Naftaly said...

Blanket condemnation of any community is stupid and an indication of a severely malnourished/underdeveloped mind. You are the kind of leader that Kenya doesnt need as you would turn into an Adolf Hitler and dedicate your life to wipe out all the Jews(read Kikuyus) you see in Kenya. The blood that would arise from such a conflict would end up feeding your evidently blood thirsty heart and you would proceed to finish the rest of the communities as you lay claim to the country. True, you said you dont care what we say or feel, and frankly we also dont care what you feel about Kikuyus or indeed any other community. Whether the country will have kikuyu or kamba or Luhya presidency is not yours alone to decide. What have you lacked now that Kikuyus control the country? Do you have air to breathe and sunshine for the day? Thats more than enough for fools like you, you cant have what you want since you neither deserve nor can you manage. Suck on this nigga, Kenya is here to stay, with our Kyuks, Luos, Kaleos, Kaus, Mijikenda and the rest. You can follow along and see how this shit is done. You have appointed yourself a Luo spokesman but even the thickest of them all will claim more dignity than you. And your claim that Luos have a sense of shame stinks, everyone does! If you believe that what you are arises from the fact that you are a Luo then you are a profound idiot. Pour out your frustrations right here as out there on the streets you are unknown, even unwanted by some. But on the brighter side of it, I know by your note you wanted to make some of us angry, congrats you succeed! Lets see if Uhuru will read your note and resign.

Ruthae said...

I don't know who allows for small mindedness of this sort to flourish. We would all benefit from a president who would think of the welfare of all Kenyans. Clearly we learnt absolutely nothing from 2008. Grow up Sam.

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