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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Perils of Propping Partisan Police Force

If Major Hussein Ali ever thought he is the overall boss then he better stop living the lie and smell the coffee. Ali must be aware that AP Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua is an authority unto himself answerable to those calling shots.

Forget all those glossy proposals by Ali to modernize Kenya’s police force. Retired Judge Philip Ransley’s task force, just like the myriad commissions before him, is nothing but a stop-gap measure meant to fool Kenyans of an apparent motion with no intended movement.

Any member of the disciplined forces would readily tell you that Kinuthia’s contradiction of his boss Ali amounts to gross insubordination. But who cares, Kinuthia is on the right side of power. He knows Ali would never dare question him lest the police boss wants to kiss his post goodbye.

True Kinuthia said AP operations are crucial to security in every corner of the country. But wait a minute, between the regular police and AP who is better trained to cope with complex security challenges outside raiding changaa dens? No prizes for guessing because it is all politics, period.

Political errands
APs are symptoms of acute dearth of any progressive post-colonial reforms. They are relics of colonialism that the black boss inherited from the departing white boss with the exclusive purpose to subjugate his own people. No wonder the villagers aptly call them TP for TRIBAL POLICE.

Kinuthia Mbugua must have thought of himself being very intellectual in proposing more autonomous police divisions including border police. Nothing could be further from the truth in his quest to propose parallel command lines that will leave him more powerful at the expense of the wider good.

The world over, a country’s police force must have a central command with different specialized divisions answerable to one authority. But not in Kenya where modernization acquires a whole new meaning exclusively designed to serve parochial interests.

Just look back to 2007 and see how our APs are perfect vehicles to run political errands.

Tribal police
Only within our deceptive shores do you find such skewed logic spewed to package division as source of strength. All those grandstanding about merger of competing police units to foster effective service delivery are just clever tricks to keep us engaged as the looters scheme on their next prey at our expense.

Kenya’s gatekeepers will not allow tranaformatio of the police with commensurate power to operate independently. Doing that will deny the power to unleash official militia to further their narrow political agenda.

We have been warned of Armageddon come 2012 by both Judges Kriegler and Waki should there be no comprehensive reforms before then. Well, it is just about 1000 days to go. OLE WETU.


Daniel Waweru said...

You've explicitly supported the implementation of the Bomas Draft. The Bomas Draft explicitly establishes two police forces: the Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service. (para. 280 and 284). Make up your mind.

Vikii said...

Thank You Dan for TEACHING some of us confused folks. That was classical with graphs and charts. Couldn't have done it better. But wait a minute, they didn't read the Bomas Draft; Anyang Nyong'o and Raila Odinga did it for them!

Godfrey said...

Point of information: Kinuthia is not Ali's subordinate. The Administration Police is a separate entity from the Kenya Police.

Anonymous said...

Reproduced again

I said it and will repeat, YOU ARE A MEMBER OF MUNGIKI. We know it and you are being used by them to peddle propaganda and propagate their cause. for what? well for that you can look at your Equity account. Yes you were used in Elburgon/ rift valley to diffuse the ODM massacres. If you so believe in human rights, why did you support the Naivasha killings by Mungiki? I share in your frustration that Kibaki used and dumped you, that PNU did not keep their side of the bargain but thats life my friend. Leaders always use and dump. Look at what Raila did to the Kaleos? But all am saying is that you stop extorting, beheading of innocent people. If Mungiki could offer a fair service to the people, then we can pay a small fee for it as long as its not security related eg CSR activities, planting trees, cleaning environment etc etc. I finally ask you to leave this sect before Kwekwe catch up with you. Denying it further wont help, we care for you

Yours truly,
A friend

Anonymous said...

when your tribal chief and former president Moi filled the police with illitrate Kaleos, it was not a tribal police. When he filled the Army with his tribesmen who neither could speak english or Kiswahili it wasnt a tribal force. Do you know why many police are such idiots? Just jog your memory and go back after 2002 and you will realise the truth. Police couldnt even adequately deal with PEV coz they were so partisan. The kaleos in the army had threatend mutiny if kibaki used them, this was not the case during Moi when other tribes in the military who were in opposition respected the 'one order' and acted professionally except for 1982 when a certain tribe attempted a coup through airforce. Do you know that even now the army is struggling to balance their numbers so that they appear national? Everywhere there is a Boit, Ngetich, Koech etc. They had even told Moi not to hand over to NARC in 2002 and If it wasnt for the firmness of Joseph Kibwana, it would have been a different story

Anonymous said...

Idiots with short memories now try to claim the the police favour a certain tribe. Can we have a census for the police graded per tribe and see. You cheekily mention Kinuthia, but he is just an individual. Look at the APs composition and judge for yourself

Anonymous said...

I ask the Police and Military to stop recruiting R/ valley err no Kalenjin for at least 2 years until a balance is achieved. How do you expalin the 4th largest tribe having half of the disciplined forces. There should be a clear policy on tribal balance like the case of singapore based on the coming census, on all govt/ state bodies

Anonymous said...

Taabu, take a little moment and listen to Obama's speech yesterday. I believe you will learn alot about dealing with hate and aspiring for bigger things.

Its two years now and this rants aganist anything kikuyu are boring.

BTW prepare new rants for the akamba people for post 2012. It seems fate has designated you to be the guy who spends his days yelling and screaming tribal insults outside the gate

Anonymous said...


True, however there is also a Kenya Army, Navy and Air Force each with their own command structure, but all report to one Chief of Defence.

This is the structure that Gen. Ali is proposing because he feels that some of those police units are out of control or insubordinate

Anonymous said... i give you a challenge. It may seem hard, but it goes like this. I challenge you to break ties with ODM Party. Kumekucha if you havent realized by now neither ODM nor PNU are going to take this country to any meaningful destination. Is Kumekucha willing to bring ties with ODM and forge a new more sensible path. Likewise are PNu pyschophants willing to break tiees with Kibaki & co. Kumekucha, we really need a new beginning away from this 1st & 2nd liberation people. they were all just wolves in sheeps clothing. They continue to bcker while this country crumbles beaneath their feet.


PNU commenters here should also declare that they have walked away from PNU.

People wake up, these wazee are taking us to Rwanda. are we goignt o wake up now and reject them or shall we be sheep led to the slaughter.

We must be smart and be willing to forge a new path away from these greedy people.

Im challenging all Kumekucha readers and bloggers to declare that they have abandoned their respective parties so that we can forge a bright new road where all Kenyans can take part.

Kumekucha...the ball is in your court!!! How shall you play it?

Anonymous said...

Dont you people realize how FOLLISh and STUPID ypou are fighting for PNU or ODM. even after what they have dont to our country? Are we soo blind, why cant we brave and reject them? are we sheep, when will we wake up for the sake of this country and our children. Do you really think defending Raila or Kibaki is whats best for the future of this country. My fellow Kenyans are we all FOOLS? When will we wake up from our own nightmare? After we are all dead?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, stick with ODM. At least they think of our problems and put them in the open. What has PNU ever done for some of you? They have never proposed anything that is beneficial to us. They keep quiet on issues like Mau Forest, they propagated triton and Angloleasing and now keeps talking about Maize but cannt pinpoint with eveidence that Raila and Ruto are involved. Kumekucha, stick with ODM. Let these panua mongrels not derail you as they continue eating what they think they are entitled to. I am warning you that you are on the wrong side of history

DM-Nairobi said...

The world over, a country’s police force must have a central command with different specialized divisions answerable to one authority. But not in Kenya where modernization acquires a whole new meaning exclusively designed to serve parochial interests.


Not to weaken your submission today but, isn't the United States of America policed through a de-centralised system???

Mwarang'ethe said...

To Mr Daniel Waweru and Vikii:

In the April 1933 edition of “Harijan”, one of Gandhi's journals. He states straightforwardly:

"I would like to say to the diligent reader of my writings and to others who are interested in them that I am not at all concerned with appearing to be consistent. In my search after Truth I have discarded many ideas and learnt many news things.... What I am concerned with is my readiness to obey the call of Truth, my God, from moment to moment, and therefore, when anybody finds any inconsistency between any two writings of mine, if he still has any faith in my sanity, he would do well to choose the later of the two on the same subject."

Thus, inconsistency in search of Truth is not such a bad thing. Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Taabu, have you ever taken an IQ test? not those dumb internet tests but a real one administered by a licensed psychiatrist. If yes please let me know the score. And no need to delete this.

Because of your kaleo kind of thinking, AP guy is more powerful than Ali becasue he is a kikuyu! Ali is a very powerful commie, not like those moi used to appoint. So mbugua should not have given his views? you know you are so tiring, and dont call me a kikuyu 'cause am not. I dont think there is any one with an iota of intelligence who would support the rubbish you have been writing. you are just so so stupid. But it's been my experience with kaleos. Now start deleting.

Kiama said...

You @10:26 PM you sign your letter saying ati you are my friend, is this a joke? later on you say I am a Mungiki and that I have equity account and all your crazy imaginations. kweli, ya mungu ni mengi.

I am an ordinary Kenyan who believes and cares for the same things that all Kenyans want, like justice, human rights, and so on. yes in the last elections I admit that I was an handcore PNU because I thought the other guys were using too much propaganda but now I have discovered that Kibaki does not believe in all thse things.

Where is the human lights when they are killing the youths in Central worse than dogs? And were is justice for the PEV victims?

I am now thinking that maybe this Mama from Gichugu is a better alternative than all these useless

Vikii said...

Yeah, ODM have done so much for my family and I tht I cant take crap spewed at them. They buy my food, my clothing and pay for my shelter. They are the providers of my soul,additionally. I will continue to believe in the magica powers of their "leader", Raila Odinga. Mtado??

Anonymous said...

Am not an odm supporter but i think raila has a good chance of becoming prezo. But i wonder where he will get his advisers from. if he gets them from odm supporters most of whom think like taabu, his administration could outdo the moi one on stupidity. BTW where did kwale go? we need more non-kikuyus here (there is vikii) on the side of reason. It shoud not be assumed that anyone speaking against odm moronity is a kikuyu. This is just the thing that scares me about odm: stupidity. And to think that such stupidity could be imposed on us for 10 years. Taabu am still waiting to know the results of your IQ test. Or does silence mean you have never taken one?

Anonymous said...

Taabu going by your previous posts I gather you live in the UK. If this is so how can you say police forces the world over have one central command?

As some one has pleaded, chris please come back. kumbe you never know the value of something until you lose it. This blog is read by a lot of people, many of them not that dumb. It needs writers of at least average intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, my question was, what has PNU done even just to highlight the plight of Kenyans? All they say is respect the president and protocol issues. Please adress issues and not Raila. You will die of Raila phobia, it is deadly disease!!!!!!

One Wife Man said...

Mwalimu aka Taabu,
Ali must be under no delusions whatsoever that the buck stops with him as far as commanding the police force under him-remember the insubordination from CID boss Kamau that allowed the Arturs raid the Standard newspapers?

As for modernizing the police force let them stop trying to hoodwink us-how much crime committed in the country is really reported let alone in the city? How about what goes on even in the ranks of the forces itself which is kept quiet? you must clean up your own act first before you try cleaning the house we all live in

Anonymous said...

kiama, are you denying the fact that you are a member of mungiki? yes am your friend and i know this fact so sema kweli.

Anonymous said...

kiama if you are interested in human rights, why did you support the naivasha tragedies?

Vikii said...

Heheheh, hilarious Mwarang'the. And who decides or rather determines our choices? Ghandhi, u, Raia Odinga, who? You can make a good comedian bro. Thank yoiu for the Gandhi copy cast, it achieved little, however!

Anonymous said...


Gandhi was addressing those who believed in his sanity. Here, the inconsistencies of Taabu and ODM are not as a result of search for the truth, but are a product of minds labouring under the debilitating effects Kikuyu phobia. We do not believe in the sanity of Taabu and Co. because over time we have observed that they no longer know right from wrong or the consequencies of their words and deeds.

As Vikii puts it, for you to attribute their inconsistencies to a search for the truth is indeed hilarious. And you know it, but mischief has imprisoned you today.

Anonymous said...

The only consistent thing about Taabu is his inability to be normal even when conditions are favorable. An amoeba can do better than him under similar circumstances!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember the adage: No one kicks a dead dog?

Well, Taabu must be doing a good job at this blog because a lot of people like Vikii and his ilk who always try to unsuccessfully pour cold water at his and the other post at Kumekucha ALWAYS NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT THIS BLOG - despite the fact that they always try to dismiss the posts at Kumekucha to be trash.

If Kumekucha was really "useless" as they claim, they would have stopped visiting this blog a long time ago, but they still come. Kweli No one Kicks a dead dog.

Chris, Taabu, Sam and others, Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody name me all the police chiefs of all provinces, districts and towns.

I can bet with you that all the names begin with K, N, M or W. These names are from province only.
Ali is the only person in the police force leadership who doesnt come from CP.

What does this imply? Reforming the police will not help if nepotism, tribalism and favouritism doesnt stop.

Anonymous said...

We have to democratise the police force.

Whether there are two forces or three does not matter. What matters is that the leadership must be ratified by the parliament and independent civil bodies.

This will make the police commander take responsibility for whatever happens. E.g. Ali could have resigned long time ago due to police rapists at KU, Artur bros, PEV killings in Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru and Naivasha, if he were in a civilised country.

Do we need GSU? Do we need a force trained to kill and rape citizens? Kenyans are we still under colonial rule or we are still underdeveloped upstairs?

Anonymous said...

We come here to be with watu wa home. But you some time feel you have been infected with a disease called stupidity after a visit.

Anonymous said...

Who is this cursed idiot

Anonymous said...

Kenyan in US faces Sh160m fraud case.....


Kiama said...

Who is this @3:26 and 3:27 AM trying to spoil my good name saying that Kiama is Mungiki which, of course, I have never been though i know some who have been.

Let me talk about justice and human rights for all those victims of PEV violence in the Rift Valley. Nobody is doing anything for these long suffering innocents and it is time that we demanded that those who were uplooted by the violence should be resettled.

Kibaki however has failed to do anything for these people who I know very well in Bahati, Elbugon, Kwa Mwaura, all the way to Burnt Folest, etc.

Are these innocents victims not Kenya too? That is why now I am thinking differently now after being a handcore PNU in the last election, any man/woman politician will have to earn my preciuos vote.

Kiama said...

I meant to write Burnt Forest not Burnt Folest.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry about the misspelling. What matters most is the content of what you have to say. "Mother tongue interference," we can can quickly edit to get the proper spelling.

Anonymous said...

Nyinyi Nyote ni Pumbavu bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

A partisan Police force is just one small piece that is the Machine that sustains the current status quo that is preferred by the ruling Class of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and friends and supported by likes of Daniel "kleptocrat" arap Moi, Nicholas "murderer" Biwott etc....

Change scares this class, who know that impunity pays. A class that knows that economic wherewithal belongs to those who have the power or means to manipulate the levers of governance - for example the Police. They do not want reforms, and cannot be relied on to push for them. Status quo serves their greed, as it denies wananchi basic needs.

This is the power class whose vested interests have in the past aborted change. They do not want economic justice, so they stifle political democracy.

Each time there is an opportunity for re-organizing the State and its power structures, the ruling clique buys and manipulates public opinion. They manipulate public perception and turn the poor against the poor.

The gospel according to the rich went overdrive in the 2007 General Election. Alienated youth from Mt Kenya region were told (DECEIVED and LIED to that) there were those who wanted to "grab" power - a big lie as an election was going to take place to CHOOSE the president, MP's and Concillors - so they could seize and redistribute the wealth of the "hardworking."

Never mind the message was sold to the desperate(Mt Kenya region youth) that had, and still have, nothing to lose, nothing to be grabbed, nothing to be redistributed. It is the desperadoes who would gain from economic justice.

Anti-change messages serves the propertied, power elite. This is the lot that own much of the land, while other children of the soil squat as labourers in what they should truly own. This is the lot that defend ill-gotten wealth. Their easy, cheap alibi is that the land they own, at times in criminal and wasteful acreages, was "allocated to them just like any other Kenyan". You may know the beneficiaries of such allocations, but mostly they are power hoarders and their co-conspirators.......

Mt Kenya youth, wake up and refuse to continue being duped. Your real enemies are not found "outside," they reside right within your region: The cynical, contemptuous, greedy, vile, corrupt, thieving Wazee's, their friends and their children who are now in their 30's, 40's

In 1963, Kenyans were encouraged to see there was light at the end of the tunnel. Africans would reclaim lost heritage from evicted wabeberu now that the majority would govern. After years of living in reserves, Africans would reclaim their prime lands, which the colonists had appropriated as ‘White Highlands’ for settlers. The possible repossession of this common wealth was the inspiration for the Mau Mau, for example. When fighters returned from the forest or detention they found new landlords, largely made up of collaborators and homeguards. Someone powerful - Jomo Kenyatta - had dimmed the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

kiama i know you very well. How dare you claim that you are not mungiki but know some members? Kwanini unabehave like judas au kalonzo? why are you betraying the cause? i also abandoned kibaki after what he did to us. Uhuru should rename and repackage mungiki into a community friendly defence force. They should do community work for a small fee. i have a feeling they will be handy in 2012. remember their retaliatory attacks are what made ODM rethink their violence strategy in 2007. Dont be cheated that raila wanted peace

Anonymous said...

and kiama dont worry, you still have a good name so why defensive? It is true about the beheadings and they must stop. Mungiki was hijacked by crooks who are the ones largley executed by kwekwe. Mungiki can transform and provide employment through community work. Look at what ngos are doing? Cant mungiki do the same? There are many envirommental, agricultural issues that we can channel this energy to. So kiama kiama kiama are you up to the task? Can you be used like saul to transform mungiki from within? What say you?

Kiama said...

By comparing me to Kalonzo, you @2:24 AM you are trying to compare me with someone like Kalonzi who is the worst Kenyan ever. Since I was growing up I remember this man Kalonzo shouting and fighting against human lights, and so forth. KANU this and KANU that. This is the man who supported the dictator called "Baba" Moi like a discipal.

As for Uhuru, you people know where I stand with him. Jomo Kenyatta did not do anything for my family or many people that I know in Bahati, Kwa Mwaura, and so forth. Many are still leaving in poverty an squatters. So do not talk to me about Uhuru either.

Anonymous said...

I hate people who hate kenyans

Vikii said...

Kiama, it's good to note that you stand for the human "lights" of those "uplooted" from their farms as well as those others in Burnt "folest".
You clearly have something to offer!

Kiama said...

Those who are deliberately looking for mistakes in what I write should know that I am human like everyone else and do make mistakes also. OK. Wacheni porojo. I come here to discuss serious issues, including the pright of the PEV victims that the government is not addressing.

The point I am making remains induspitable, including the fact that I am steal going to fight for the rights of those displaced by the PEV violence all over the RV province because the government has shown it will not to do anyrhing for the innocents.

In 2012, my vote will only go to the man/woamn who helps to fight for justice and the pright of the displaced in these areas I just enumerated.

I do not care what tribe the person comes from because after all, I have been disappointed before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks kiama for finally owning up that you are mungiki. The first step to change is acceptance

Anonymous said...

Honourable shit for our Lord and King, Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga

Anonymous said...

Good article by Mutahi Ngunyi today, guys read this. Is it possible for our very own 'Problem' to learn from such mastery articles

Anonymous said...

Vikii how can you allow Kiama to insult our future president?

Anonymous said...


Save the lives of Kenyans in China

Dear Sir,

Many Kenyans were surprised by the article in the local newspapers that several Kenyans are on the death row in China.

We know that you have a special relationship with the authorities in Peking.

Our fellow citizens are charged with serious offences of drug trafficking. This is very serious indeed but is not a capital offence.

We are aware that any nation can set up it's own standard when dealing with crime.

We have seen leniency in Kenya when dealing with capital crimes committed bay foreigners. Recently Lord Delemere's grandson got only 8 months for murder, an American soldier went scott free after killing a Kenyan woman in Mombasa in 1980. There are more of such cases in our country. Even internationally the then German Chancellor managed to release many war criminals in 1950s charged with murder of civilians in Russia. Why not our beloved brothers and sisters, who were driven by poverty to commit the serious offence. This is not an excuse at all.

We think it is due to the fair gesture we send out when dealing with foreigners in Kenya.

It is on the basis of this gesture, which we are asking you to apply to save the lives of fellow Kenyans.

We would thank you, if the Chinese authorities could agree to release them and maybe allow them to face an alternative punishment in Kenya.

Yours faithfully
James T. Otieno Mukora

Anonymous said...

mukora, i hope you are not one yourself. Am sorry abt the plight of kenyans. H/ever, we have noted that despite trying his best like finishing sldf no one ever thanks the old toad. Why has raila commented abt everything except the plight of these kenyans languishing in foreign jails? Why is kibaki blamed abt all bad things and not thanked for the good ones? Nway we need to tell our citizens to behave while out there. For how long will you be bailed out? If its injustice the govt should step in. But if its illegal, you carry your cross. Am sure an idiot will respond to this with the usual mwai pumbavu kibaki remarks. Its a cool evening in nairobi. Kenya-nigeria match is about to kick off, enjoy

Anonymous said...

Anon @1.32 AM. Well stated. You do not know what you got till you lose it. Brick bats and all, People will miss the so call 'Pumbavu' whom we loathe. Why wont we, if we are missing Chris. The same Chris we wanted to shoot, hang, strangle, all means before he pocketed the 30 pieces of silver and abdicted!. Chris, please come back to this lost blog.

shaka said...

there is something brewing with the APs.Last week I saw a clip on Citizen TV where the APs were practising in Ngong -military style.Compare their anti riot uniform with that of the other police departments especially the GSU and you have answers to what will happen to innocent Kenyans in of tactics to keep power at all costs because it is our tun to eat!

Anonymous said...

A'Ps are just "ASSISTANT-POLICE"...!!

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