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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Of Poisoned Pyramid Wealth and Drug Money

Our mad rush to join the wealthy class has crashed head on with core values of humanity. The rich are using their corruptly acquired wealth even to impoverish more Kenyans. A look at victims of the pyramid schemes will disabuse you of the imagination that only the less-informed and villagers are vulnerable.

Despite the inviting hooks to destitution, you will find it damn difficult to stop a middle class Kenyan flashing his/her her Sacco loan into the drain of these pata potea schemes. The bait is often so sweet after few pioneers are handsomely rewarded with interests generated from new members. No wonder our televangelists are doing so well in this industry.

Before you know it the pyramid is speedily inverted and saturation at the base leaves it with only one option, crumbling down. You cannot fault Kenyans for their penchant to make a killing with any prey in sight.

The problem is that the prey is often deadly poisonous leaving trail of corpses from those who rush to sample its juicy steak. Just ask Equity bank investors who are yet to get they refunds after the artificially-engineered over subscription. But that is a story for another day.

Enter the PAINFUL tale of numerous young Kenyan women having a date with the hangman in China. These enterprising Dubai-bound businesswomen are now pleading innocent when the bubble bust in their faces together with their plastic fortunes. They must have known the high risk that comes with their REAL BUSINESS.

Hawking fake sympathy
After numerous trips abroad, it smacks of shameless naivety to claim that you were caught with heroin while innocently helping a business associate carry a bag. Leaves you wondering what would they say and tick when checking online whether they packed their own bags. But again we are Kenyans who are synonymous with obtuse vices that define genesis of our prosperity - the end justifies the means.

There is no substitute for honesty. The aura of FRAUD thriving among us will only succeed in extinguishing any trace of credibility hitherto associated with Kenya. HELL FOR LEATHER appears to be our motto. Woe unto you who fail to smell the opportunity miles away. A smart Kenyan will stealthily grab it leaving you wallowing in poverty.

Prosperity built on vice or its derivatives is unsustainable. It maybe human to sympathize with these mothers languishing in Chinese jails. But aware of their original sin in drug pushing and the zombies their heinous actions manufacture amongst us, you cannot be sure to hawk a fake sympathy.

What a sense of déjà vu seeing the MOST SUCCESSFUL only turn to recognize and appreciate the collective value of their less industrious peers when the chips are down and out. Damn values for they bring no food to the Kenyan table.


Katana said...

The same people who invited the Artur Armenian brothers to Kenya aka the PNU folks in Kenya, are solely to blame for corrupting our entire nation of 38 million people. Many of our citizens have subsquently glamorised the easy money and flamboyant lifestyle that comes along with the 'easy' drug money.

So who invited the drug kingpin Armenian Artur brothers to Kenya? Was it Kibaki? Michuki? Muhoho? Or all of the above?

papa plus said...

In fairness, people the world over have been taken in by pyramid schemes. If you thought the ones in Kenya are huge, then you have not heard of one Bernard Madoff and his multi billion dollar ponzi scheme that had the likes of Larry King and half of hollywood loosing billions.

Mama said...

I really felt sorry for those mule women. Other than two ladies, aged 25 and 26, the rest were all old women (definitely people's mothers) and what would make a 57 year old mama get into drugs? Easy money? Aki this society is seriously depleted of morals!

There was a time when drug stuff was the preserve of men (Nigerian men in these parts). Why would women want to get into these things? It really saddens me. We want equality with men YES, but not in vices.

papa plus said...

I think a lot of the drug problems we see in Kenya and Africa is due to lack of governance. Take Kenya for instance. I'd say that one third of the country is not under the control of the government. The port of Mombasa and the city has been over run by businesses of dubious character. The whole of the north and North east might as well be a different country. The president never goes there. The last elections were partly funded by drug money as African has become the laundry center for dealers. These days you will find young folks getting high not from glue but from the real Colombia cut. Even the fact that our economy was growing at 7% was partly due to an influx of drug money in the system. Add poverty to the mix and you get your classic supply and demand

papa plus said...

Check out the documentary "Darwin's Nightmare" filmed in TZ where planes stopped in Mwanza which had only 1 security guard; on their way to supplying guns to Mozambique and made a tidy profit hauling fish from Lake victoria to Europe.

UrXlnc said...

Aki this society is seriously depleted of morals!

hehehe mama

look at this

TI report in the EAS .

Our leadership pool or tank (political parties) is rated as most corrupt, we will henceforth call this the corruption breeding tank or corruption bleeding (oozing really) tank

the law makers (parliament) follow closely behind (no surprise there as it draws its "esteemed membership" from the breeding tank) in fact i'm surprised it ranks lower than parties since this is the cream of the breed.

and finally (having taken care of the leadership and law makers) we have the enforcement of law (judiciary/law enforcement) tying for third place with their partners business/private sector to complete the picture.

All this combines quite nicely to give us our unenviable spot as the third most corrupt sub-saharan country. no need to talk about morals, lets move on to other issues.

Anonymous said...


Kibaki wants Ringera to get another term to cover up mega-scandals
Published on 07/06/2009, The Standard.
Abdulahi Ahmednasir

Five years ago on September 13, 2004, I resigned as chairman of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Advisory Board. This was after the President, without any legal basis whatsoever, refused to gazette the appointment of one of the deputy directors, Dr Julius Tangus Rotich, who was recruited by the Advisory Board along with Justice Aaron Ringera and three others.

The unspoken reason the President declined to gazette the appointment of Rotich was due to his discomfort with Rotich’s ethnic background. He probably thought that Rotich, having served in the predecessor institution under former President Moi, could not be trusted in such a sensitive position.

In resigning my position, which became untenable in light of the President’s omission, I said: "The refusal on the part of the President to gazette Rotich’s appointment provides a graphic and chilling example of re-emerging signs of the big man syndrome that was so prevalent in yesteryears when presidents ignored express and mandatory provisions of the law for short-term political expedience under the wrong legal advice that they are above the law".

Five years down the road, the President is at it again! On Friday, Kibaki gazetted new members of the Advisory Board and left out Billow Kerrow, the former Mandera Central MP.
The board is an independent statutory body established by Parliament. Its main function is to independently recruit and set the terms of employment for the Director and four Assistant Directors of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kacc). It also plays a pivotal role of supervising and advising Kacc.

The Advisory Board has 12 members. The members are nominated by organisations enumerated in the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, Act 3 of 2003. The nominating members include the Law Society of Kenya, the Central Organisation of Trade Unions, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya and the Kenya Medical Association, among others.

Nominees are then vetted by Parliament first through the legal affairs committee, which in turn submits the names to the House. Once Parliament is done with the vetting, it submits the names to the President for gazettement.

The vetting was finalised in February and the names, including that of Kerrow, were submitted to the President. Last Friday, Kibaki gazetted all the nominees, except Kerrow. It is true Kerrow is facing a public safety charge in the courts. He was charged with the criminal offence of incitement.

The trial is on going. In law, Kerrow is innocent until he is convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction. Moreover, the offence is in the realm of offences against the State. It has no bearing on the integrity or suitability of Kerrow as a member of the Advisory Board. So why did Kibaki decline to gazette Kerrow?

The answer is simple. The President has personally taken charge of the effort to ensure that the Advisory Board gives Ringera a second five-year term. Ringera’s term will shortly expire and the effort to recruit a new director or renew his contract will start soon in earnest. In law, the Advisory Board must advertise the position of director.
If Ringera is interested, he must apply like any other interested party. When the list was submitted to the President, a strong presentation was made to him by Kacc that Kerrow is the potential danger man in the Advisory Board.
First, it was impressed upon him that Kerrow will probably be elected as chairman of the Advisory Board and secondly, Ringera’s appointment will probably run into trouble with Kerrow at the helm. The President was then advised to base his decision to decline the appointment of Kerrow on the basis of the criminal case.

Anonymous said...


The saga of Rotich and Kerrow bring to the fore several intertwined and pertinent issues: It shows that the President takes a hands-on approach when it comes to both the Advisory Board and Kacc. He will insure that despite the law, only individuals he personally approves of will be appointed.
It also shows the President has no regard for the vetting of Parliament. It also shows despite the consensus that Ringera’s tenure at Kacc has been a disgraceful failure, the President is most impressed with Ringera’s record of concealment and grandstanding on ‘grand’ corruption.

Kibaki wants another five years of kowtowing to his orders at the highest level of Kacc. He wants Ringera to continue the excellent cover-up of the Anglo Leasing scandal. That has been Ringera’s paramount brief for the last five years, and he has done exceptionally well.

The Kerrow incident, just like Rotich’s, is yet another instance of the President breaking the law. Parliament tried but failed to overturn Kibaki’s omission in the Rotich case. If it fails to force Kibaki’s hand this time round, then it would have to grapple with a debilitating credibility issue.
The writer is an advocate of the High Court.

Mama said...

UrXlnc, it's sad stop laughing! We used to be a very moral, religious, God fearing country with lots of look at us! If women are selling drugs I can only imagine what men are doing!

Side does one link in blogger?

Anonymous said...

The delusions of the religious, like Mama!

Sayra said...

Nothing in this world comes free except for things like love ... of which you have to work to keep it/them.

Been a nation used to free things it does not come as a surprise that many will opt for quick cash/wealth ignorant and arrogant of the price they got to pay later on ... be it in form of loosing what they 'invested' or the consequences of the choices they made.

Many were warned not do get into these kind of schemes and know the dangers of silent thuggery like those in NSE and drug cases but you look like an idiot when you discourage them and envious/jealous when you stop them.

Let them reap the fruits of their labour.

Mwambu said...

Kibaki and his PNU goons have turned our country into a cocaine drug haven.

I totally agree with Katana that the Kibaki regime has totally depleted the morality and ethics of Kenya. It is the same cabal that invited the major international drug dealers, Artur Margeryan and his side-kick, Artur xxxx, to Kenya, just a couple of years ago.

Did not Kibaki's daughter, Wangui, and Kibaki's second wife, Mary Wambui, host these Armenian cocaine thugs? Did not Michuki provide these drug dealers with police cars and ranks of Deputy Police Commissioner? And did not Gearge Muhoho, at the KAA, give them VIP badges providing them access to restricted high security areas of JKIA?

And now you wonder why Kenyans are falling prey to the drug culture. Heck, it is called the chickens have come home to roost.

papa plus said...

Well at least we are in the top 3! It means we must be excelling at something and it might as well be corruption.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on!! personally i have absolutely no sympathy for all these people who "lost" their money on these pyramid schemes,they only have themselves to blame,Kenyans are generally greedy and will jump on any "opportunity" they can lay their hands on to get rich quickly,and as for those feigning innocence in China ,they should all be executed so that Kenyans in future will learn that they alone will be held responsible and accountable for their own actions.

papa plus said...

probably you are missing something. The big wigs involved in those schemes were not using their own funds. Believe me when I tell you they risked mali ya uma and that affects you and me and mama and baba in major ways.

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