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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Constipation from Five-Course Humble Pie

You can fool Kenyans sometimes but not the world all the times, Bob Marley could have as well sung. Saitoti must be still smarting from an exclusive five-course sumptuous meal of humble pie.

What a colourful and dramatic overnight climbdown? The local bravado from the ruling class melted in Geneva and all the hitherto brickbats at Prof Alston speedily transformed into accolades. Last weak Prof Saitoti derided Alston as a shame to the title professor and not worth the reference and at Geneva he hailed Alston’s recommendations as CONSTRUCTIVE and USEFUL.

Patriots had egged Saitoti and Mutula to call Prof Alston bluff in defense of our so-called sovereignty. To them damn all the global village buzz, we are independent and capable of butchering our own. Well, not quite as the world will not sit back to see us self-destruct. Forget all the balderdash about two wrongs making a right ala Iraq and Pakistan.

Exotic lies
Living beautiful lies only succeeds in eternal embarrassment. Without the international community we would be having no country to pride ourselves with. We lost all the moral fibre after bastardizing a people’s democracy in 2007. Continuing to live in denial will only expand the circumference of your ego, period.

Make no mistake, militias must be stopped dead on their tracks. Mungiki's barbaric beheadings is as unacceptable as officially sanctioned police brutality and extra-judicial slayings. You cannot use Mungiki to fool the world in covering state sponsored anarchy. Rule of law is what separates from inhabitants of the jungle.

What an obtuse scale of embarrassment to have factions of the same government export their division abroad? Until the scoundrels come to terms with the naked fact that it is NOT-BUSINESS-AS-USUAL, we continue the bumpy circular rise into oblivion.

Damn consultation
We are so divided and at war with each other so much so that even a foreigner like Prof Alston refers to the fissures between the coalition partners so casually. But expect smart Kenyans to rationalize any rot thrown at them. We baptize impunity with all exotic names but the monster remains just that IMPUNITY as it mutates to claim us all.

Well, the paper patriots can threaten fire and brimstone of all shapes and colour. But Saitoti must have seen it coming in his climb down. The hitherto bravado and attack on the messenger while glossing over the message would have left his face neatly pasted with eggs.


papa plus said...

It is quite a different feeling as a big fish in your backyard whence one is immersed into the ocean. There is always one fish that is just a little bigger.

Damn technology. There was a time when state controlled media carefully crafted successful trips abroad sans any dress downs, thereby keeping the village jogoo analogy true.

JIMMY said...


kumekucha said...

I remember when Kumekucha first told the world about extra-judicial killings. Some people here huffed, puffed and dismissed the whole thing as pure fiction. More so my figure of at least 5,000 (which I still stand by).

Now the government (reluctantly) admits. Hehehehehehehe.

It just struck me that an ideal heading to this post could have been;

It's official, it wasn't a Rambo movie after all.


Anonymous said...

Now that PNU have been forced to accept what the whole world knew, and what they have been denying all along, what next? Of course Saitoti didn't mean whatevEr he 'promised' would be done.
Not even 'I know it all' Mutula the new spin doctor could save them - where is Karua?

Anonymous said...

Taabu, village idiots and others;
Please please please understand the following:

1. Nobody denies extra judicial killings;
2. The killings during PEV were partly not justified. H/ever, what would you want police to do when they find you raping, killing, stealing and burning others?
3. The killings of mungiki are largely justified. These guys are beheading/ skinning kenyans who resist their illegal ways. H/ever, Kwekwe must take extra precaution to verify the culprits before firing the gun like they did for say Oskar?;
4. The killings of SLDF are completely justified. You can ask almost everyone from Mt. Elgon and you will get this standard answer;
5. Our Army, police (kwekwe/ eagle, CID), GSU, NSIS are doing a superb job under the prevailing circumstances to uphold the law and keep the peace. Remmember, it is a global maxim that the security organs have a monoploy to violence. Violence by them against illegal groups is justified PERIOD!
You see, if you deny others their right to live, you loose your human rights. There are no unlimited rights in this world. Ask even the UN, who largely applaud the actions of SiriLankan govt against LTTE.

Anonymous said...

Shida, allow me to raise a matter more important than Aliston:

I ask all kenyans to join me in wishing the Harambee stars defeat in the match against Nigerias super eagles. YES i said it!
There is really no need to win when
a. our players are not paid the paltry allowances, when KFL sqwables prevail,
b. we dont believe in our local well performing coaches like kimanzi coz 'ni mkamba wa kawaida ambaye hajui mpira',
c. we get an idiot with a loosing record called Hey to coach our team coz ni mzungu,
d. when our minister of sports wants a mere name "Nyayo" retained at the cost of loosing valuable and lacking resources coz the name belongs to her tribal chief, confidant and former benefactor Moi,
e. football and Govt officials argue everyday on TV over KFL, KPL, KFF really OVER NOTHING!
Tell me one thing. Athletics, volleyball, rugby, cricket are successful locally and intenationally. Do you see ANY foreign coach there? Arent they just kenyans like you and me? Wasnt Kimanzi doing a good job? Why do we still have these persistent wrangles that hinge on nothing else other than TRIBALISM, CORRUPTION AND POOR LEADERSHIP!
I say i pray to God that we loose until we stop, think, make a U-turn and set things right FIRST!

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Taabu,
He he he.....even in a marriage if a husband and wife are fighting it always takes a trusted third party from outside to come in and help settle disputes and you'd better tell them the truth or else risk destroying what you have. why do you think my hero Dr.Kibaki aka the real One Wife Man invited 3rd party of the media to cool down angry Lucy with monogamous falsehoods

In our sad case the truth is it was the international community and now like it or not moral authority is invested in them. no one has the power to influence Kenya by force to address our current circumstances like they do

But then again there wouldn't even be any Kenyan situation to speak of in the first place if it wasn't for those interfering foreigners.

Sorry to bust any egos out there

Anonymous said...

I bet taabu belives Prof. alston wants to "help" Kenya become a thriving, great democracy. Lol.

Anonymous said...

People are killed by the state everywhere all the time. There are a lot of "extra judicial" slayings in Russia. The West make their noice but their oil and gas comapanies are all over for some deal. No one should think the kenyan issue is big. I mean look at pakistan, sri lanka, afganistan, drc, dafur, chad, somalia etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.14 i concur
Why does Raila believe that Germans are superior? Why would he rather get a losing white man than a winning African? Isnt this racism aganist ones self? Can you imagine believing you are inferior? KENYA MUST LOOSE AGAINST EAGLES AND ALL OTHER TEAMS

Anonymous said...

Has this issue (kenyan human rights) been covered in any international media? not that i am aware of. So it is only big in the pages of our newspapers. Actually the NATION says contributions by european countries were generally supportive of the kenyan government.

Anonymous said...

Hey has NAZI roots. Did anyone bother to do a background check on this guy? in addition his record shows nothing but defeat. Raila please fire this guy and make Bobby Ogolla coach NOW!

Anonymous said...

ODM are so eager to please their masters. "thankyou white man for scolding us and spanking us into line. We thankyou for keeping us savages in check, we know you love us sooo much and only want what is best for the children. we know you have no hidden motives but only do these things because you love us oh so much! We know white people can do NO wrong and we thankyou once again for showing us the white pure-light"

sincerely your loving servants, ODM

Anonymous said...

must europeans/wazungu support us for anything to be valid. Eg look at ODM, after IMF said there were no errors in the revised estimate and the original one was trully a technical error, they have now gone quiet. What apes!

Vikii said...

What are we supposed to say about some of these screeds? What is the theme? What are u trying to say bro?

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you should realise that ODM and PNU are different sides of the same coin. They went to Geneva and did exactly what was expected of them, defend their chieftains not kenya. Kibaki is a tribalist, agreed. But so is Raila who went ahead and appointed most of his 'nusu' cabinet with his tribesmen mpaka Kaleos protested. He even sent an irrelevant minister to Geneva, Orengo, coz since he comes from his tribe, he will defend his views vigurously. Please, you need to wake up and realise this fact

Anonymous said...

So Taabu at least Saitoti/ govt swallowed humble pie. If you are a 'genuine' patriotic kenyan, why havent you apologised for calling Uhuru, in many words, a thief? You jumped as usual on the opportunity to attack him without thinking, now IMF have exonorated him. Be a man at least like Saitoti, BUT ARE YOU A MAN? only you can answer

Anonymous said...

Kimanzi was fired because of telling KFL that they need to consult him before fixing international friendlies and other national team matters. But as usual they said "Huyu mukamba anatuambia nini kuhusu mpira? Tumeona wengi sana". Funny enough, same group of monkeys listen to Hey and faithfully follow all his directives including the stupid unheard of idea of signing contracts; all this coz he is an 'expert coach'. Our Prime Minster, to show support also went ahead and gave directives that everyone should listen to bwana 'manyasi'. Tell me ONE success story by this Hey guy? This is very silly

Anonymous said...

I ask Hon. Raila to fire Helen Sambili for being ignorant, moribund and narrow minded. Tell me what she has done since becoming minister? dont tell me abt rugby coz she did NOTHING for them. Also to follow should be a dissolution of all football bodies and banning of ALL current officials. If FIFA dont like this then too bad let them ban us for a while until we fix things and put our house in order. Its not really like we will loose much from a FIFA ban since we are already at our lowest, Iraq is even ahead of us

Anonymous said...

Helen Sambili like other ODM ministers has done ZERO since being given the post. Its ONLY Ruto who has done work we can see, thanks to not listening to Raila. Orengo rushed to warm the Geneva seats and do shopping for his family on our account, yet he has done ZERO on land reforms

Anonymous said...

Has Muthaura procured a VIP mobile toilet for Raila? I know he bought a carpet for him 2 months ago but not toilet. We dont want shida from Rt Hon Odinga. Lets stop annoying him unnesearily and to Muthaura, how would you feel if you were given an 'indian' toilet? Pls respect the Right Honourables right to relieve himself honourably :)

Anonymous said...

Why is Nyongo causing a scene at JKIA? shouting at and intimidating everyone? All travellers should follow the laid down procedures. this BIG MAN syndrome/ attitude by our African leaders is really wrong. This man used to be very humble during them days but now? what a shame

Kiama said...

In the last election until now I have been a handcore PNU supporter. But after this Geneva trip, I am beginning to think to myself mmmm, maybe Saitoti and these other guys are actually not serious about protecting the human lights of youth in Central.

Thank you Orengo. Thank you Amazon Kingi.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Taabu:

Living Beautiful Lies Only Succeeds in Eternal Embarrassment.

The local bravado from the PNU wing of Govt quickly melted in Geneva and all the hitherto brickbats at Prof Alston speedily transformed into accolades.

Last week George "goldenberg" Saitoti had derided Alston as a shame to the title professor and not worth the reference and at Geneva he hailed Alston’s recommendations as CONSTRUCTIVE and USEFUL.

Panua "Patriots" had egged Saitoti and Mutula to call Prof Alston bluff in defense of our so-called sovereignty - pumbavu sovereignty, actually. To them damn all the global village buzz, we are independent and capable of butchering our own (mungiki/vigilante style)

Anonymous said...

Kiama, we are actually not suprised that you are member of Mungiki. The outlawed sect has hired a number of people to promulgate their cause through such forums now that they are clearly beaten in their game just like LTTE. How is Mpesa your collegue? dont forget to collect your payments through Equity, they are never late

Anonymous said...

NSIS/ Kwekwe, please note the information given here is valuable....happens only in KK

Anonymous said...

Kiama @ 1:26 AM,

You said:

"In the last election until now I have been a handcore PNU supporter. But after this Geneva trip, I am beginning to think to myself mmmm, maybe Saitoti and these other guys are actually not serious about protecting the human lights of youth in Central.

Thank you Orengo. Thank you Amazon Kingi."

Kiama, I can see your eyes are beginning to open up to the Deception and Fraud of the "elite" PNU leadership. These Nyangaus were and have never been serious about protecting the human rights of Kenyans leave alone the youth of Central Province.

They have have been brainwashing a lot of the members of the Mt Kenya community to blindly support and follow them without (the Mt Kenya Community) thinking and asking themselves this question: What do these people really stand for and why am I supporting them?

I Hope more of you open up to the truth about your "elite." They have been doing these things since and maybe even before 1963 (independence year). They have been exploiting and stealing from you while brainwashing you that "someone else" is the enemy and is out to finish them as they fill their stomach with the "fat" of central province and the rest of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43 AM,

Uhuru "Millions of acres of STOLEN and GRABBED land" Muigai Kenyatta will always be considered a THEIF because ........ He's a THIEF!

Anonymous said...

What a bogus posting?

Why should we support a country’s leadership which tolerates stealing, raping and murder? If you are living in Kenya you will notice violence on people by the executive from village chiefs up to the top man in the state house.

Mind you corruption and vote stealing is violence number one.
Why did Mungiki come to being? Moi got scared to deal with this religious group for fear of being criticized by Kikuyus who supported Mungiki right from the beginning. Infact all Kikuyu politicians including Kibaki took an oath with the Mungiki in 2002 before the elections. It is Kibaki who sent them off to Kakamega, Eldo, Naivasha and Nakuru to kill innocent demonstrators during PEV in 2008.

It surprised the world that the same president turned against Mungiki and killed many after realizing that they were demanding too much and were prepared to blackmail him. Mungiki were and are ready to reveal how they were deployed as soldiers to kill innocent people.

This is the point why Kenya has to explain in Geneva why young men are being kidnapped and then murdered by the police before bringing them to the courts. After all Kenya still has death penalty and can legally apply it. Moi did it with Ochuka et al and nobody demonstrated.

The issue is: Why does a government make an oath with culprits, let the thugs kill people and at last decides to eradicate the criminals? Is someone who uses criminals to perform criminal acts not a criminal?

This is why our ministers are in Geneva and I wonder whether all will protect the state (house).

Thanks to the civilized ODM parliamentarians. Prof Alstom's report will be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Kiama said "In the last election until now I have been a handcore PNU supporter." Yes you started supporting them coz they used you, Mungiki, in PEV with promise of allowing your operations but later on betrayed and fought you for stealing and extorting kenyans in central. Pole ndugu, start working like the rest of us, your account in Equity should be frozen

Anonymous said...

Porojo Na Ujinga tupu.
Kenyans should not entertain PNU rubbish. We want a clean executive which doesnt kill but uses an independent judiciary to sue thugs.

The independent judiciacy has to be checked by the legislation. All the three bodies have to control each other without losing their respective sovereignity.

After Geneva, the parliament has to go for Ali's, Prof Kinuthia's, Gicheru's and Wako's heads. Time is running. Our country must be free from executive thuggery as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot said "Thanks to the civilized ODM parliamentarians...."
Civilised? How do you call the behaviour od Nyongo at JKIA civilied? How do you call the behaviour of Orengo who went shopping ni Geneva civilised? How do you describe Railas demand 4 a toilet civilised? What about their calls for war over a rock? Take your load of shit back into your gut where it rightfully belongs

Anonymous said...

Lets see who will implement Alistons recommendation for our military to be banned from peace keeping mission. Lets see who is brave enough to support this and see FIRE from the Army. You know, you baboons have been taking our army very lightly and they are getting very impatient. You are now trending on a very dangerous path

Anonymous said...

Jeshi should take action on persons who are playing around with their names and dirtyfying their colourful uniforms

Anonymous said...

Stop this stupid topic about executive toilet.

Raila fought for your freedom when you were still wetting your naps. Without Raila, Kenya would be still dwelling in the "dark days".

Remember, it is Raila who raised the profile of this fence sitter and Mugumo tree Klepto-economist called Kibaki and secured him a nearly 70% win in 2002 from all corners of Kenya EXCEPT central Province and Noth Rift.

Only stupid people keep on repeating the phrase of the useless nominated Transport Minister. This Mwakere has no profile and can only be quoted by fools.

Anonymous said...

A village idiot said:
"After Geneva, the parliament has to go for Ali's, Prof Kinuthia's, Gicheru's and Wako's heads."
Then what? Remmember these are PRESIDENTIAL appointees and HE Kibaki can go ahead and appoint another Ali, Wako etc and reappoint the same guys in other positions say, make Ali Commander of the Kenya Army etc. Then what will you do? Since ODM are gluttonous they cant quit Govt, they will yap and then another Mijinjo will distract them. IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.13

Anonymous said...

An idiot said:
"Raila fought for your freedom"
Please please please what freedom are you talking about? Didnt we get our freedom when Raila was wetting his pants? Wasnt it our forefathers shed blood for Kenya?
Didnt Raila betray the cause and went to bed with Moi for a few pieces of silver? Didnt Raila join Nack and support Kibaki due to limited options after realising that Mois project uhuru will sail through? Please take your crap and shove it....You make it sound like Raila saved Kenya and yet he is the main cause of PEV that almost destroyed kenya

Anonymous said...

Civilisation starts in the mind.
If you are elected to represent the people then you have to learn to say the truth.

Civilisation is not wealth, it is taking responsibility for the community.

Saitoti was forced by ODM to accept that Kibaki ordered the youth to be killed. He read before the UN what he has all the way been denying. What a primitivity.

Orengo and Kingi are real patriotic leaders who say and do what the right this for Kenyans is all about. This is what is termed political cleanliness or simply civilized politics.

Anonymous said...

Mau Mau was about Kikuyu land occupied by the British and Not to liberate Kenya. The land was later stolen by Johnstone Kamau. The cause of Mungiki uprising.

Kenyan Independence came from West Kenya. Without Odinga Kenyatta would have died in Kapeguria.

Anonymous said...

Rock the boat from within. This is what Raila did to Moi and is doing now.

The wind of change will one day reach Central and Eastern.

Anonymous said...

A fool said "Kenyan Independence came from West Kenya. Without Odinga Kenyatta would have died in Kapeguria."
Which west are you talking about? Odinga? poor Odinga was too scared to form a govt without Kenyatta coz who in Kanu would have supported it? They guy was wetting his shorts at his name. These fools were literally worshipping the old man. And please go read history again; the white man let kenya go because of the scare they got from Mau Mau; the other paperwork was to happen regardless of who did it...Odinga, Kibaki, Mboya, Moi, Ngala, Kenyatta, Kaggia, Ngala etc etc, Sir Everlyn Barring had aleady made up his mind to hand over govt to Africans, period!

Anonymous said...

A dreamer said
"Rock the boat from within. This is what Raila did to Moi and is doing now."
TRUTH: Raila joined Moi at the promise that he will be given the presidency when the old cock retires. Little did the narrow minded guy know that Uhuru had been lined up. The others ie Mudavadi, Saitoti, Kalonzo etc had also been promised the same. Kumbe mzee was playing with their minds. Remmember that Railas NDP had said it would be better for Moi to do a 3rd term than Uhuru to take over? This was because of their personal grudge with Kenyatta family. I can assure you that Odinga would have even supported Mois project if it was Mudavadi. He then thought of taking over Govt through backdoor by making Kibz sign an MOU that would make him an exec PM without asking for votes, only for it to backfire.So stop decieving yourself. If he is trying to rock the govt from within now, i wish him all the best. Maybe its okey for kenyans to die as he plays his silly and dangerous games

Anonymous said...

Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo, Wako, Kiraithe et al ended up eating so many humble pies. I can see them right now..... Everyone, get out of the way! They are about to throw up and diarrhea at the same time.

The Guiness book of records guys need to make a quick beeline to where these guys are; its record breaking time - throwing up and diarrhearing at the same time. Panua wonders never cease; this is not the end of their tragi-comedies. More are yet to come

Anonymous said...

Now Hey has boycotted travel to Nigeria for the stars match coz he claims not to have been paid some allowances by KFL. We all know that KFL paid him 8 million on Tuesday. The real reason is that he has realised that he will loose like he always has. Where in the world have you heard a captain abandoning his ship?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First Raila said Moi tosha then Kibaki tosha, look where it has gotten us now..He then said Hey tosha, look where its taking us. What does that tell you about RAOs decision making? Why does he always pick the wrong choices? Any succesful picks EVER by Raila?

Anonymous said...

look at Obama speaking to the whole muslim world asking them to say those things they hold in their hearts and only speak behind closed doors in the open so that they can move forward. this is what leadership is about

why then can't our own duly elected president do the same and come out to address the real cause of tribalism in kenya instead of allowing seeds of hatred to be sown because of wrong words and ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard in kenyas football history a coach abandon his team for not getting allowances. The excuse of being late in traffic is silly comming from a mzungu who are known to keep time. How do they think the boys will feel? Going into battle without their commander?

Anonymous said...

ODM murderers and rapists think that they now have a free pass because Prof. Alston is defending their barbarism. They should think twice, police don't know who Alston is, they know Kibaki. And kibaki dosen't play golf with your kind.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
"why then can't our own duly elected president do the same..."
Why is it always Kibaki? I thought that the PM as the Presidents 'equal' can also do the same. Please, speeches wont solve the middle east question and Obama is asking the muslims to say what he and all of us know ie USA and the west should stop meddling and forcing their democracy on others while applying double standards. Why can Israel own nukes but not Iran?" POTUS should stop his unessesary world tours and solve the global financial crisis first. The rest are details and sugar coating

Anonymous said...

Please kumekuchans don't waste time discussing about Raila's decision making abilities; the guy is an unstable thug. He sold his tribe to Moi and got his billions and his followers raped and murdered last year for him to get power (PM?).

Anonymous said...

You cant send a super power away by throwing stones and sticks. Mau Mau were slaughtered like Kibaki is slaughtering Mungiki.

The real wind of change came from West. Yes, I mean West Kenya.

Trully the wind will one day reach Central. So far only Kaggia understood the meaning of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Obama say that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the Jewish state? that it belongs to Israel only? Why didnt he condemn the killings by Israel during the Gaza incursion last year? So what is he trying to tell us muslims? to say what to him? Isnt he an agent of zionists like all US presidents?


Anonymous said...

Hey has pulled the same move before as coach of Gambia where he failed to travel with the team which was supposed to play Guinea Bissau after the Government delayed his salary.

Anonymous said...

And what change is there in the West of Kenya? Any progress worth writing home about? Or is it again our moribund Kibaki blocking your progress?

Anonymous said...

To be honest, you are the biggest mistake to happen to KK. I critisised Chris but i now have tasted a worst writer and trust me it cannot be worse than this, LOWEST OF THE LOW

Adherent blogger, KK

Anonymous said...

In West Kenya there is no Mungiki, everybody has land, you can walk at night without fear, you can sleep in your house without doubting whether tomorrow will come.

The first message I got at Alliance High was: never go out of the school compound at 4 pm.

I then understood immediately what JM meant with: no need to have 10 millionares and 10 million beggars.

Where there is no security, there is no freedom. West Kenya is a heaven in Kenya where cultured people poor or rich coexist peacefully.

We must export peace and culture (of peace)to all corners of our beautiful nation.

Anonymous said...

Adherent blogger, KK @ 7:12 AM,

Your comment is very amusing. You are the kind of people who like living a lie.

To you and your type, the TRUTH hurts deeply. You actually prefer to live a lie and be fed on lies.

Taabu is not the problem. You and your kind who like living a lie are the problem.

Taabu, keep on serving up more TRUTHFUL postings as you have always done. Let those who prefet to live a lie continue wallowing in the miasma of DECEPTION, SELF DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT.

Bottom line: Living a lie and self deception only succeeds in eternal embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Panua mongrels,

Your attempts to change the subject of this post by Taabu ("Constipation from Five-Course Humble Pie". So many humble pies, may I add) with your Raila hating inspired comments will not have any impact here. We know where you fellows are "coming from" and where you want to confuse us to go to. You are wasting your time(s); your deception laden "smart tricks" will not work.

I suggest you find other more worthwhile activities to engage in.

Anonymous said...

The real Western Kenya is too cultured to burn a human being.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I would call it Mutula meltdown. He was tough talking the other day. Why do we let these Nyayo era pinheads to represent Kenya. Let Orengo present the damn paper

Anonymous said...

Reading from this forum of late, one would think that Luos are the causes of all bad things happenning to all Kenyans! One would think that all Luos are so bad so much so that all the other peoples of Kenya do NOT want them within the boundaries of the republic! The truth couldn't be fare from this!

A first time reader of this forum would think that Luos are bains of Kenyan problems. Are luos responsible for your problems? Are luos mad as you claim? How many Luos do you know and have interracted with?

Are Luos responsible for the Mungiki beheadings? Or are they responsible for the Vigilantees Hague killings near a dip in Kirinyaga? Were Luos responsible for all the deaths in RV and CPs in PEV? Are Luos able to feed, house clothe and care for themselves? Are they responsible for the criminal activities in Kenya?

If your answers to these questions are Yes then you have a right to demand that Luos cecede from Kenya so that your problems can be reduced.

Kindly stop this stereotypes. You need to look at yourself in the mirrow. Whoever you see on that mirror is a tribalist, a liar and an imbecile!

Mr seed I challange you to post this article if you believe in democracy and freedom of expression!

Kiama said...

Anonaymous @ 1:38 AM what do you mean that I am a member of Mungiki as if you have seen me there. Kichwa ndebe wewe.

What I am saying in plian English is that evn though I am/was a handcore PNU supporter during the last election, I am not sure that they are protecting the human rights of the youth in Central anymore.

Kiama said...

You @ 1:55 AM did you see me supporting PEV at all anywhere in Kenya so do not say that I was used by anybody. For what I may ask?

The reason I said thank you to Orego and Kingi is becuase they seem to be supporting the rights of victims of the extra judiciary killings in Central. Now if they can start supporting many people not just in Central but many others I can change especially on the land issue.

For example, I am from the Elbugon area. I have my relatives all the way to Kamwaura since the 1950's and Land is the big problem for us and even Kenyatta failed to do anything for us in 1963. If this man Orego or this other man Kingi can do what they did in Geneeva why should I not think differntly.

Anonymous said...

I said it and will repeat, YOU ARE A MEMBER OF MUNGIKI. We know it and you are being used by them to peddle propaganda and propagate their cause. for what? well for that you can look at your Equity account. Yes you were used in Elburgon/ rift valley to diffuse the ODM massacres. If you so believe in human rights, why did you support the Naivasha killings by Mungiki? I share in your frustration that Kibaki used and dumped you, that PNU did not keep their side of the bargain but thats life my friend. Leaders always use and dump. Look at what Raila did for Kaleos? But all am saying is that you stop extorting, beheading of innocent people. If Mungiki could offer a fair service to the people, then we can pay a small fee for it as long as its not security related eg CSR activities, planting trees, cleaning environment etc etc. I finally ask you to leave this sect before Kwekwe catch up with you. Denying it further wont help, we care for you

Yours truly,
A friend

Kiama said...

This man @1009 pm should know that i am fighting for justice for all Kenyans especially theose uplooted by the PEV all over the Rift Valley. Now if any body has a problem with that then it means they do not believe in justice, fairness and human rights.

So do not call some peaceful Kenyans Mungiki if they have voted for PNU in the past unless you do not believe in what we call the First Amendment Rights for all Kenyans. And at the same time any Kenyan can change who they feel like voting for if that man/woman supports their philosophical worldview.

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