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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cheap Pride: Sh.1m a Minute Defending Kenya

Plastic patriotism and sovereignty must be our most expensive commodity in Kenya right now. Otherwise we would not be sending a fractious delegation of 30 joy riders who will only address the UN council on human rights in Geneva for only 5 minutes.

And the bill, well, Kenyans have no qualms coughing out 5m to pamper 5 hard working ministers with a busload of busybodies. Why not show the UN that we value our murderous ways and tell them to lay off our own festival of flesh and blood. If anything the police only killed Kenyans and no foreigners.

Our sovereignty is priceless and we will do anything ORTHODOX or otherwise to defend it. Prof Alston can wax legal with his Congo and Cuba reports but he must be told off by our own smiling but superlative legal minds.

Two wrongs only need a Kenyan mirror to make an obtuse right. Alston must hunt down Bush and Rumsfeld for desecrating Iraq before he turns his evil eye on peaceful Kenya. Woe unto you who derides cheap options that fly like blaming the messenger while conveniently glossing over the message.

Moral authority
Let Prof Kiarie Kunuthia show Alston what a real PhD means. Yes, the policemen killed on his watch but that was Kenyan blood they shed which is none of Alston’s business. Rule of the law is only quoted among the weak-hearted not progressive and industrious nations like Kenya.

We must rally behind our leaders in defending our national integrity and identity. Only scoundrels mouth platitudes laden with in patriotism. The 2007 elections may have been flawed but we retain an overflowing moral authority to defend Kenya.

Add that the unique maturity to sort our parallel government positions in Geneva and you get a picture of a country overwhelmed with patriotism and objectivity. Nani kama sisi? HAKUNA.


M-Pesa said...

This just reminds me when Wetangula and co flew thousands of miles to Washington DC to watch from hotel-room TV Obama being sworn in as president. That cost the ever toiling Kenyan tax payer millions of shillings while the freeloading do-gooders painted the town red in endless parties graced by well fed bimbos.

Mind you no one had bothered to invite them but in true African spirit, they had to witness "one of our own" being installed into White House. Now we find tax dodging PNU and ODM Mongrels freeloading once again and will also spend millions of our hard earned cash in a futile attempt to white wash the obvious truth.

All this madness in a dollar a day country where millions are starving to death due to lack of food and infants dying daily due rampant corruption in health care system. No wonder the world laughs at "stupid Africans!"

Anonymous said...

no wonder...

Anonymous said...

Exactly why is everyone so touchy about Alston. The guy is an professional, no? Taabu, Okello - two wrongs do not make a right. Iraq is separate issue from what's going on in Kenya.

If anything, we out to welcome such input as it likely is impartial. Why resort to cherry-picking when it suits us.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.39 you are an idiot

Sayra said...

Don't forget, its about comparing our progress with that of the devil on who is more evil than the other.

Whether a million kenyans die or only 5000 thousands ... point is they have to defend this so called sovereign state of ours ... after all we can handle our affairs well with or without Annan or the hypocritical westerners. The collaborates or organizers or participants aren't the issue and neither is correcting the vice ... its about showing those who care to see or listen that we are a patriotic lot.

We the most 'patriotic' and 'optimistic' people on earth ... BUT DO WE SAY. Spending millions on a useless trip to save the face of the murderers leaving the staving dying and the IDPs wondering where to go. What a joy to be Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

With the benefit of hindsight - of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's first and only legitimate term - all these crazy happenings are not a surprise. We saw a lot of ridiculous things happening during that time mainly due to his pumbavu leadership - The Artur clowns, the very public Lucy and Wambui turf wars over "possession" of Mr pumbavu..........

When a fish starts rotting, it starts from the head - it is an indisputable fact that Mr Pumbavu is a rotten leader, a very rotten leader who has no clue what leadership is all about. That having been said, it's no wonder that after the head has rotted, the rest of the body is or has already rotted.

Anon 11:43 PM, you put it so well:

"No wonder the world laughs at "stupid Africans!"

The way things are going, the world is going to laugh more and even harder at we "stupid Africans!"

Anonymous said...

The highly credible report by Alston has been FRAUDULENTLY rubbished by the PNU wing of the Govt. This is so because many among them and their supporters are implicated by the report. A thief will do all he can to make sure that he does not face the law for his crimes. This is what the PNU wing of Govt is doing by trying to rubbishing the Alston report.

Everything about the PNU wing of govt ever since Mr Pumbavu STOLE the elections has been about THEFT, THEFT and more THEFT. Now they want to STEAL prof Alstons report and render it useless. No!!! It will not work.

Anonymous said...

Did Chris sell Kumekucha to Taabu?

Anonymous said...

The "principals" keep on telling you that the coalition will last. It will of course last as long as the kikuyu and luo elites are happy. In the previous post some one said jobs are being shared between kikuyus and luos. It is true. Could it be the reason okello has become a defender of the gava? And what is 5 million. Can someone tell us what the pm's lengthy trip to us, uk and iran cost?

Anonymous said...

"Professor" Alston took a mere ten days to investigate the extra-judicial killing - i.e., in ten days this miracle worker travelled through five provinces and interviewed hundreds of witnesses as well as write a preliminary report. I though even studying for Std.8 examinations takes longer than that!!

And then ODM tells us to look at the message instead of the messanger. What messange is Alston delivering besides the usual bar rumous peddled before by Maina Kiai. How are people expected to address themselves to the contents of an empty vessel. It is shameful to see how the ODM leadership continues to be captivated by the hot air of these wazungu conmen.

In ten days a mzungu crowns himself an expert in extra-judicial killings and ODM treats him as Jesus. Shame on ODM.

Anonymous said...

Raila has never forgiven the Kenya Army for putting down the 1982 coup attempt by Luos in the Air Force. That is why his ODM is joining Alston to discredit the Army after it had a superb operation in Mt Elgon where the locals sing praises to the heroic Army.

Anonymous said...

Chris has sold us to Taabu for 30 pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

Kenya will still be there long after Alston and other fake experts have come and gone. Today, I ate my ugali with chicken kama kawaida without a shirt. Let us leave alone those who still get excited to listen or read what a mzungu has written, that is their life. They will one day be free from that captivity.

Anonymous said...

What does the ministry of lands and E.A Corporation have to do with Alston report. ODM would have sent assist. minister internal security and justice ministry if they needed representation.

M-Pesa said...

anon 3.53AM said,

"Chris has sold us to Taabu for 30 pieces of silver."

Well since everyone is busy "eating" Kenyan style, why should Chris turn a blind eye when it's his turn to "eat?"

All he said thru the link below was pure porojo..

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka TeacherT,
If only kenyan blood shed on kenyan soil was as precious to kenya's elected government as it is to voteless nosy western busibodies like Prof.Alston&UN eh?

it beggars belief.does living in a sovereign state mean that even though we are members of the international community of countries in the world we cannot afford for our human rights record to be held to account by other democracies we consider morally bankrupt yet we have just as much right to do the same to them and theirs?

no prizes for right answers sio kwa ubaya

Katana said...

This mzungu, Alston, is much smarter than Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki

Anonymous said...

Cheap pride indeed,but would you expect Kenya Airways launching a flight to any other country to be a headline catching event in the major dailies of the host nation,complete with a goverment minister riding in the ineugural flight and a red carpet landing with no less a person than a prime minister waiting to receive the invited dignitaries?It happens only in Kenya and thats the price we pay for being perpetual beggars.

Anonymous said...

Why are we surprised? We have a bloated govt, with only 1 thing holding them together, sme gain whether personal or political.
Anyone can c how stupid we r going to luk, we are 1 state, and therefore should have 1 rep one viewpoint.
I can bet u that both standpoints of PNU are wrong. We are a sovereign state and therefore alston and un must note it is voluntary that we will act on the recommendations but on the other hand u shouldnt dismiss human rights abuses.

Anonymous said...

Political activist, James Orengo, was denied an opportunity to address the UN in Geneva. He madly waved an introduction letter from PM Raila but nobody would listen. Disappointed, he left the session prematurely and went to address the press outside, and to do some family shopping, as he put it.

Fellow Kenyans, a mad virus has trully infected our so called leaders.

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