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Monday, June 01, 2009

Mutula, Tell Those Hypocrites We Can Handle Our Affairs

Mutula, Saitoti and Wako are off to an important meeting. Those three guys are going out there to defend the Kenyan government against accusations of orchestrated police brutality, bordering on heninous acts like extra-judicial killings and other acts so despicable they've warranted the intervention of the international community.

As the three gentlemen go out there, I've been stunned by the discord displayed by the government regarding Professor Helston's report. It is true that the ODM should have been consulted over this matter so that a coordinated and agreed upon response be formulated. I however think it was wrong for the ODM to come out and essentially walk away from what initial response of the government. There must be matters that we can handle differently, especially where we deal with hypocritical entities like the Western watchdog institutions.

Before anybody accuses me of condoning the mass killings that went on in Kenya and the troubling extra-judicial killings that may still be going on, let me say that I deplore any acts that are not in comformity with the laws of our land. What I can't stand is the hypocricy of an international community that will let a man like George Bush go free after killing thousands of Iraqis and flaggrantly trampling on international law to attack another state while calling on Kibaki to defend himself. Why is Kenya called to account and not the United States?

And wasn't it just recently that they arrested Ms. Kabuye, the aide to President Kagame, accusing her of involvement in the unfortunate acts that sparked the killings in Rwanda? Tell me again why they would want to come after this lady and not Donald Rumsfeld and the bunch of Neo-cons in the U.S. who thought out and sanctioned the war that has left the Middle East in flames. What is the difference.

Look, Kenya is a sovereign state that can hadnle its affairs just fine. This crap about Kenya walking on the brink of collapse and becoming a failed state is rubbish. Our democratic institutions are alive even though they need to be streamlined and made to work in a more efficient manner. What we need to do is make the Judiciary, Parliament and the Press function in a manner reflective of the existance of a vibrant free-market democracy.

We will do it.

So, Bwana Mutula, go look those hypocrites in the eye and tell them to go to hell. But you may want to know that when you come back home we will demand answers from you, Saitoti and Wako over what reallly happened? We will want to know who instituted the silent policy of killings within the police force and how many Kenyans have lost their lives in such a fashion. In the end, we will demand that the chief of police and all those who knew about this matter but kept quiet be held in Kenya.

For now, show those hypocrites what we are made of, will you?

God bless Kenya!


Anonymous said...

as fiery as ever, Mr. Okello, but kibs needs to be hagued.

Anonymous said...

Your grandfather must have taught you how to write, now you are making sense for the first time.

Vikii said...

Lately, you have become very erratic. This, however, is one of those rare moments I have to agree with you. Here is why;

One, both Prof. Alston and the organization for whose brief he holds, the United Nations, lack the moral authority to really speak forcefully against human rights violations.

Alston is American. Like Sam points out, before he sees the rot in Kenya, if he wants to reduce such serious business to a war against individuals, he should be urging his own government to go for Dick Cheney for being such a dick and both Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfield for adopting impunity as their guiding principle in governance. Mr. Cheney, despite all the evidence of misrule, still defends the torture activities his government perpetuated against untried suspects at the Guantanamo Bay.

The United Nations, on the other hand not only abdicated its duty during the Rwanda genocide, it also played those little 'oil for food' games with Saddam Hussein. What interest they have in Kenya, a country whose alledged impunity is nowhere near the proportions of these acts, is hard to understand.

Then there is Raila Odinga and his ODM followers. This is a Prime Minister who has been using every funeral plattform to root for the dismissal of Commissioner Ali and the AG. This is the same Prime Minister whose Party nominated for ministerial appointment an individual who was captured on national television bragging of how "walimaliza watu karibu elfu moja juzi". His own deputy Party Leader is a prime suspect in the post election genocide. What moral authority do they then have to lecture anybody on 'extra-judicial killings'? Talk about situational morality! They should be presentig themselves in court for murdering innocents instead of continually drumming up their chatterbox credentials.

Don't get me wrong, everybody including my 9 year old nephew knows Amos Wako is unfit to continue being AG. He has failed. But the moment crooked politicians use that as an opportunity to propel their own partisan agenda, the moment matters of bedrock importance in ethical governance are sacrificed at the altar of political expediency, then I would rather he stays on. That is why I hope Mutula Kilonzo (and his dlegation) will be at his absolute best in pointing out this dishonesty because, quite frankly, it is time people put their money where their mouths are. You've got to say what you mean and mean what you say!

Anonymous said...

I say let kwekwe/ eagle discharge their constitutional mandate, didnt the US do the same for the Mafia?

Anonymous said...

. What I can't stand is the hypocricy of an international community that will let a man like George Bush go free after killing thousands of Iraqis and flaggrantly trampling on international law to attack another state while calling on Kibaki to defend himself. Why is Kenya called to account and not the United States? Sam you da man. For the first time is a while I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Even Kagame had to do the same for interahamwe, even Clinton did the same for the murderious serbs guys this is how you deal with illegal gangs/ armys first to dismantle them. The problem is that the govt has not taken concrete steps to deal with the longterm issues

DM-Nairobi said...

How do you start comparing Bush & co. atrocities abroad with our so-called leaders' atrocities against their own people?

I believe the guys who oversee the massacre of their own people for political gain are far much despicable than fellows who wage war for resource gain on behalf of their countries.

And by the way, what has happened to Kumekucha's investigative Journalism? Chris has not supplied us with any insights on local breaking news for months now...we are just reading opinions and conjectures here by various Kumekucha contributors. What happened to the News value of Kumekucha?

There's a little known but seriously analytical news web site that is an emerging class act compared to Kumekucha - Check out:

Anonymous said...

Now they are blaming Kenda Kenda (99) for doing what the govt failed to do all these years. Someone has to do the unfortunate, scary, dirty job while others clean up. Down and beaten at their own dirty game, now the cowardly Mungiki is using the Press, ODM, Aliston and Martha Karua to save them. Well it wont happen, on the ground you meet like men and there is no reasoning, you purge

Anonymous said...

No matter what aliston says, the only solution for Mungiki is the FINAL solution. There are no two ways abt it

Anonymous said...

Now Mungiki are scared like kihiis. Kumbe they didnt have the belly to fight a real open battle. They have been preying on the weak and isolated.
This is our message to Martha: You made enemies with ODM, they hate you. You then made enemies with PNU, they wont shake your hand. The only remaining fall back was the people (esp we the Gichugu people), whom you have now abandoned and supported mungiki. So who supports you in Kenya? Maybe the Mungiki who neither have votes nor balls. All the best in your political career!

M-Pesa said...

Where is Chris for the last one month? I hope it's not true as rumour suggests that he has sold his labour of love -Kumekucha- for three pieces of silver. A statement to millions of adoring fans would be quite be appropriate especially due to the fact that I have not been receiving the so called "raw note" after my subscription!

On extra-judicial killings, well people can whine, gloat and whinge as much as they like but if you happen to have lost a loved one through gruesome execution by Kwekwe squad, you would be somehow sensitive on this issue.

20 years from now, Kibaki's legacy will be remembered for the cold blood execution of 5,000 young men mostly from central province, unless Emilio swings into action. He should swiftly fire Gen Ali, Wako, Michuki and parade all the Kwekwe members at the high court!

In any case, the truth, however bitter it is, will always come out! You can bury the truth but not even for a thousand years. short of this, Kibaki, who is busy grooming sonny Jimmi for the top seat, will see himself banned from travelling and wanted by The Hague just like his buddy from Sudan, Omar Al Bashir.

Anonymous said...

We confirm that Mungiki has been completely defeated at least in Kirinyaga district! Locals from the district, which started the MauMau movement that scared the white man away from Kenya, have lived to their true selves ie Liberators from oppression. Kenyans will recall these are the people who opposed kenyattas views and scared him never to visit there again.
Our reporters have confirmed massive surrenders by members of the sect to local vigilantes called Kenda Kenda. Continous executions at the Hague have scared mungiki. Senior local officials of the sect are in hiding in Nairobi and are still being hunted down.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru should step aside until the mungiki problem is solved. He continued to maintain them to use them as a shock army in 2012

Vikii said...

Sasa na nyinyi mmefunguliwa? I think sometimes u deserve what these Kumekucha mandarins serve u

Anonymous said...

This is what Kenyans are getting upto nowadays!

Anonymous said...

Comments on mungiki are spot on, people are tired of this and there is no need to hide. The one thing Raila, Uhuru and Karua agree on is preservation of this sect for different reasons. Raila supports them coz the people dying on both sides are kikuyus, Uhuru because he used them in 2007 and plans to use them as shock troops in 2012 and Martha coz she wants to wear a hypocritical badge of a human rights advocate. So there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine that ODM support the Aliston report simply coz RAO wants Ali to be fired. Kwani what did Ali do to this guy. All he did was what Kibz (Now Railas friend) told him to do during PEV

Anonymous said...

How do you deal with Mungiki judicially?

I don't think that can ever happen, that's why extra-judicial killings came to limelight.

I know they eventually led to killings of also innocent youths, which is what I don't agree with. but which could have been sorted out by the evasive police reforms. Why am I saying this?

The reason is that due to lack of support, resources, trickster from Mungiki etc., it became a bit difficult for the police to identify and isolate Mungiki, and maybe exterminate them, yes exterminate since taking them to court was failing terribly in the quest to fight them.

If Israel have not been effective in killing Hamas without injuring innocent civilians, with all those resources and technology, what do you expect from our Police? I don't think you should expect better.

But please I'm not trying to say that what they did is correct. It is wrong, especially and particularly extra judicial killings of post election demonstrators who did pose any harm to anybody or property.

So if PNU are going to defend the government for extra-judicial killings related to Mungiki, then I will support them. If ODM is going to endorse report of extra-judicial killings of post election demonstrators I'll support it also. However if PNU is going to defend the extra judicial killings of post election demontrators whereas ODM is going to endorse report of extra judicial killings of Mungiki then I'll be against all of them.

That'smy stand. What about yours?

Anonymous said...

Mpesa said "He (Kibaki) should swiftly fire Gen Ali, Wako, Michuki and parade all the Kwekwe members at the high court!" Are you mad? And how would this bring a change? Wont he hire another Ali and Wako? Wont Michuki still be his buddy? Wont another body be formed to do exactly what kwekwe were doing. What we want are real solutions to serious problems. Otherwise take your whole load of crap back into you ahole

Anonymous said...

"his guy Aliston is a bastard. His 'research' makes us doubt his academic credentials or the University that issued them"

Alston is one of the world's leading academics on human rights. He co authored a seminal text on the study of human rights along with a guy called Steiner. I think you are being silly questioning his academic credentials, when his peers acknowledge him as an authority on the subject.You can disagree with his report on the violence in Kenya but, don't resort to trivialities like his supposed lack of qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Alston, he came to a conclusion in a record 10days and presents a report to the UN.
THIS MAN is a the biggest joke since Michuki's torn socks!
Why is this man defending Mungiki, who did he ask these questions before coming to a conclusion,he has no facts only hearsay!
We all thought they would be more drama on madaraka day!
This coalition has failed Kenyans-more empty promises!
Have they found the Airfrance airbus?

Anonymous said...

......Within the military, diplomatic corps and state corporations, the Luo – Kikuyu dichotomy is taking shape. In trying to appear fair, top positions are allocated to people from the two tribes. The same pattern is reflected in corporate circles. Companies are appointing Kikuyus and Luos to boards and management so as to appear neutral. A Kikuyu CEO will be assisted by a Luo, or vice versa.

Similar trends are emerging in social circles, as Kikuyus and Luos embrace each other in a show of “tolerance.” Much is made of weddings between Luo and Kikuyu families, as though Kikuyus and Luos cannot marry people from other tribes.

The ethnic dichotomy reached ridiculous proportions in a national radio game show held by one FM station. Out of six winners, three were Kikuyu and three were Luo. Does it mean that only people from the two tribes participated in this NATIONAL game show?

Anonymous said...

I think ODM is making a serious strategic mistake by backing Alston's report wholly. They should have cherry-picked it.

It is true that our police force has a problem with a small section of its officers and reforms are necessary. But to endorse Alston's proposition that our police force is populated with murderers is to be very unfair to the overwhelming majority who wake up each morning, wear their uniform and go to save lives.

What is worse is ODM's support for Alston's condemnation of our esteemed Army. Again, they have done so without any tangible evidence of Army's misconduct in their operation in Mt Elgon where they successfully put down a rebel/militia group that had terrorized the community for months without end. By supporting Alston, ODM is saying that our Army is made up of human right abusers and should be banned from participating in UN peace missions. I don't know what motivates ODM leadership to try to tear down our Armed Forces, but they are being foolhardy, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Yes this duopoly is also seen in the current drug trafficing scam where the two tribes are equally sharing 'carriers'

Anonymous said...

Our military marched into Mt Elgon and cleared the headache that the residents had experienced for a long time to much applause by Kenyans at large. Instead, Aliston, your 'renowned scholar' came and copy pasted the KNHRCs report after spending a day with SLDF in Bungoma. He didnt even bother to talk to the local victims of SLDF. The report had been written before he came to Kenya. Now ODM support this crap, notwithstanding that the people who suffered were supporters of ODM

Anonymous said...

Our military should feel free to take independent action against ODM, KNHRC, Mungiki and Martha Karua for soiling their colourful uniforms

Anonymous said...

Raila has never forgiven the Kenya Army for putting down the 1982 coup attempt by Luos in the Air Force. That is why his ODM is joining Alston to discredit the Army after it had a superb operation in Mt Elgon where the locals sing praises to the heroic Army.

Anonymous said...

Dear bloggers,

Remmember "Any post/s breaking the house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, out of topic, not in English, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS"

Yours truly,

Sam Okello
For Kumekucha

One Wife Man said...

Samo aka Sam O,
Hallo and long time i hope your Madaraka day was good

The other day we saw Kalembe Ndile on TV using a rather apt metaphor to describe exactly why the amount of rot we see in Kenya invites the interest and courts the judgemental wrath from members of the international community or hypocrites as you call them

Sam, for the sake of those executed extra-judicially in our nation, and i'm talking about both the victims and the innocent, it is a must that justice be is a must. how that is done is entirely another matter altogether, however the fact is without people like Alston and the UN exerting external pressure and making the likes of the police commissioner,'smiling Amos' and of course our political parties squirm in a public limelight there is more than 99% chance injustice will be allowed to get away with impunity

i do understand why you don't want someone with a speck in their own eye try to remove the log in ours however trust you me the role of the international community in having a say in our affairs will diminish more and more in time as we find our own sure footing and ensure that we no longer allow government and others to fail to do what they are supposed to

M-Pesa said...

At the end of day, Kibaki will have to choose how he wants his legacy to be remembered. Will he want the future generations to remember him as the president in whose tenure thousands of young men were executed by Kwekwe squad yet did absolutely nothing except bury his head in the sand? It's your call bwana president, dig deep through your conscious and do what you think is right for thousands of young widows who are still weeping desperately or touring mortuaries looking for a body to lay to rest. Before Oscar King'ara was executed by the police, he asked Jeff Koinange on K24 "will it take a Jimmi Kibaki or a Fidel Odinga to get killed for the government to act on extra-judicial killings?"

Anonymous said...


Kwekwe/ Eagle are doing a superb job just like our Army so stop spoiling their names. Very very few have been executed for nothing and that is the truth. So please stop peddling lies here. Even the army had to be ruthless to finish SLDF. Now they are gone. The only problem is that nobody has desicively and continously applied this to Mungiki. If you do this they will wear out, crack, surrender and sublime. This same tactic was used for Tamil Tigers and worked. No piecemeal action. Complete deployment and sustained- non stop attack from all corners! The army, wananchi, police, the media, vigilantes, politicians etc

Anonymous said...

Mpesa when will it enter your thick head that Oscar was a mungiki? and that he, like other mungiki, are hard if not impossible to prosecute judicially? How do you prove one is a member of mungiki in court? Oscar was warned severally by police but refused to listen hoping kenyan democracy will help him continue with his illegal activities unabated. It had to take the National Committee to sanction his solution and this had to be followed by hard evidence which would otherwise be inadmissible in a court of law like tapped conversations. So stop being ignorant! I am not supporting extra judicial killings but you need to understand that choices are limited and hard decisions have to be made

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Remember you loose your human rights when you curtail, impede and interfere with the human rights of others. So unfortunately and regrettably mungiki lost their human rights when they started beheading and skinning others. The only thing kwekwe should do is confirm and recheck everything to minimise as much as possible 'civilian' casualties

Anonymous said...

I ask vigilantes, members of the public, the police and other security organs not to be distracted by these divisionary, delay, destracting tactics being applied by this illegal gang. They always do this when they are just about to loose, then they survive and live for another day. They employ people like Mpesa to come here and whip up public sympathy by exploting kenyans short memories and narrow ethnic thinking. The attacks against them must be vicious and sustained until a complete victory is assured and this should go all the way to the top even if UK is implicated just like the LTTE case

Anonymous said...

Kwekwe should actually investigate Mpesa. He could actually be on Mungiki payroll and/ or a member altogether.
NSIS, since i know you frequent this blog and you have powerful resources, please track this individual, he could actually be a senior member of Mungiki using the good name of Mpesa to disguise his illegal face or could lead you to them. We cant afford to take chances

Anonymous said...

What's up Vikii,

Me erratic?

What you find difficult to fathom is that I avoid ideological boxes. Where Kenya is concerned, I call it as I see it. It's important to me that we Kenyans learn to feel proud of our accomplishments and strive to do better. The wholesome condemnation and constant put-down by folks like Alston and Renneberger must not be tolerated.

Obviously we are far from where we need to be, or could be, but these things take time. The Judiciary under Gicheru is a joke, but at least we have that institution. The police force under Ali is a threat to peace, but at least we have a force. The press is vibrant even though more space could be opened up for their effectiveness. is this what some Westerners call a failed state? Is this what some of our newspaper folks call a failed state? I reject such characterization with the contempt it deserves.

So Vikii, let it be known that your affinity to ideology makes you think I'm erratic.

I still love you, ma man.


shaka said...

Professor Alston did nothing wrong.he relied on reports previously published by other researchers just like we refer to written books lierature,interviews when conducting research.Why would he reinvent the wheel when the reports by human rights organisations was in the public dormain complete with evidance?
We should not be dismissing what his findings are.neither should we be rubishing the ability to produce report of that magnitude in 10 days.
With modern technology it is more than possible to write an authentic report even without visisting the site.
The Kenya government officials should be more concerned with the contents of the report.
Mutula should produce a toothcomb report detailing answers to Alstons allegation proving the contrary.
Only then shall we be sure.
President Bush ramsfield etal did not abuse human rights at all.he attached Iraqis and not americans.he was serving the interests of the americans.Iraqi interets(which included their own human rights) were not considered before and during the attack.Otherwise american would not have attacked Iraq.

Anonymous said...

We all know that MOST of the human rights watch groups are on mungiki payroll. You need to understand that mungiki is BIG. Just like the mafia, they have magistrates, police and other security organs members, civil society, govt officials, lawyers, bankers, politicians, university students and others like Mpesa on their payroll. These guys collect millions daily running their extortion and rackettering rings. They have even incorporated thieves, armed robbers, poachers, drug traffickers, prostitutes, etc into their ranks. They have complete, well organised departments. So in summary, a fight against mungiki is a fight against crime and anyone who supports them is on their side. These guys are so good that they exploited the wests anti-kibaki sentiments and general kenyans dislike of his admin' then blinded Aliston when he landed into the country. So that he was already biased against the Kibaki administration from the begining. You need to be very objective and have a broad view to see this

Anonymous said...

It's funny how rt hon dr Raila Odinga said quite openly, and just when Aliston (he seems to have been renamed here in KK)had landed in Kenya, that he the PM fully backs whatever will come of out Aliston's investigation. Now, Kenyans need to get a little more critical. How do you wholeheartedly accept what a white man peddles to you, even before you know what is? Such idiots. It could never happen where Aliston comes from.
And yes of course--Sam Okello makes a VERY strong case. If Raila becomes president in 2012, some of these things will come back to bite his black ass.

Anonymous said...

Shaka said "Professor Alston did nothing wrong.he relied on reports previously published by other researchers just like we refer to written books lierature,interviews when conducting research"
Please please please. When conducting research you state your sources of information, Aliston wrote as if he was saying what he knows as a matter of fact. In English there are parts of speech. Aliston wrote the report as First person singular. He never said according to the KNHRC reports or they found ...... He said like he had witnessed the events and knew the issues as a matter of fact. His recommendations did not say "as a result of my findings according to this and that sources", The commisioner should resign. He concluded on basis of findings by other reports that were largely unsupported and based ob heresay. Now we expect better from a professor whom we beleive has done alot of research previously and supervises thesis by many students

Anonymous said...

mpesa actually you statements about the President are treasonable. I advise you to withdraw them before we commence investigations. Big Boys

Anonymous said...

Airheads always resort to threats 4:54 , 5:34 etc

No Kenyan in his right mind supports the Mungiki particularly their extortionist, murderous and other degenerate social peculiarities.

And therefore quite rightly citizens demand an end to Mungiki menace, however this does not translate to execution of suspects or known Mungiki adherents.

If 3000+ security officers can be available to guard 1 man at Nyayo Stadium

Then it must be possible to get 5000 to protect and comb a village of 300.

The methods used to counter Mungiki is that remains the problem. THe security forces are the most corrupt and therefore cannot claim that they are unable to be effective due to corruption, its their duty to stamp out corruption by arresting all those engaging in corruption including their seniors.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
"No Kenyan in his right mind supports the Mungiki particularly their extortionist, murderous and other degenerate social peculiarities" Didnt Oscar, a kenyan, support them?, Dont Muite, Kiai, RAO, Martha, UK support them directly and indirectly? Pls remember they are hiding behind human rights but actually support these crooks with different ends in mind. Kibaki didnt want to use them during PEV but was boxed by powerful forces surrounding him. Pls dont wholly judge our security forces, they operate under vested interests from all quarters

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere.. scratching my head at this point, i think it was Khalil Gibran who mentioned a tale of people and their problems. It goes like this:Once upon a time the village elder called all the villagers under the great tree to discuss their problems. He told them, now, since we all have issues, put them all in this cirlcle and then lets pick and choose those we prefer. After a lot of thought, each villager picked his own problems and went back home. SO, what do we do now? Bang on self righteously about what Alston said perched on his impeccable white high horse and rant or pick our own taabus and go back to our little huts and try to solve them?

Anonymous said...

I ask ODM think globally on this mungiki problem. Since Raila is possibly the next President of Kenya, it is in his best interest for Mungiki to be cleared now under a kikuyu president since the fight will be viewed more objectively. Under his or an allied non kikuyu presidency the issue will be ethnic like it happened during Moi. Remember the community viewed Mungiki then as a defence force against Moi instigated land clashes. If mungiki win back this sort of community support after 2012, it will be impossible for Raila et al to eradicate the problem since he will be viewed as a Jaluo out to revenge Kenyattas ills. He will also realise he cannot embrace them since mungikis demands are unacceptable eg controlling matatu stages/ routes and collecting fees from residents. Social programmes will also not help since their first commandment is "Dont work if others can work for you". So dont be happy that the central kenya people are suffering now, this is actually a time bomb waiting to happen unless you are planning to exterminate all kikuyus which is impossible since the British tried this and failed

Anonymous said...

Anon says " Didnt Oscar, a kenyan, support them?, Dont Muite, Kiai, RAO, Martha, UK support them directly and indirectly? "

No, No, No, and No but Yes/Maybe and Yes/Maybe for Martha and UK, last we heard is that they recruited them for the PEV. Thanks for pointing out that these two are not in their right mind (one resigned claiming the very issues that she so rigourously defended) and the other is still holding up his fingers to do sums 1 + 1 carry 1 and ending with with 10 billion in the bag by the side.

The first four on your list were querying the method used to deal with the menace, and RAO, Muite and Kiai have been doing that even before Mungiki became a factor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.25 i agree with you, Raila should join hands with Kibaki and genuinely solve the security problems otherwise they will be viewed as tribal and take us back to square one

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.31 Uhuru did not steal the alleged 10B as confirmed by IMF. Mars group cooked up the figures and now they are so embarassed they cant even apologise

Anonymous said...


Uhuru has not been accused of stealing, he has been accused of gross negligence and incompetence.

Anonymous said...

You talk like you ignore what the IMF stands for. How many corrupt govts are being supported by IMF today? the list is infinite.
This body does not give a damn what uhuru steals from kenyans theirs is to see kenya back to the begging fold at all costs young brother.
IMF giving you green lights is but a bait to their hook! And you chewed it! Pole, not me.

Fave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fave said...

The fact that Blair, Bush, and all others went unpunished, does not mean that murderers in Kenya should. There is no dichotomy here. I despite being slightly partisan, accepts that all sides committed atrocities and each and everyone should carry their cross. Unless the law is brought to bear upon people, the next time we fight and yes, there will be a next time, we are going to get into Rwandan proportions for people now know that there are no consequences.

Anonymous said...

kingara and oulu were sacrifised by mungiki so that the govt is blamed. These thugs are sophisticated and shouldnt be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

oskar shooting was a deal gone sour, even the car he used belonged to a lawyer that had been carjacked previously. This guy was a crook just like his sis who was shot in Tz. Rip

Anonymous said...

hard continous ltte style combat is the only solution for mungiki

Anonymous said...

why does odm greatly disrespect our men in uniform? Why do they spit on the army? Must they insult all our security organs from nsis to gsu, from police to military? The same trend is seen by their supporters. If you hate kibaki why transfer it to the security organs or entire communities/groups. This will get back to raila one day and it will be nasty

Anonymous said...

i say the army should feel free to take unilateral independent action against anyone who makes unwarranted attacks on them and kenya, from m7 to kibz to rao to al-shaabab. Just bomb them in the interest of peace

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

No wonder ODMorons are beaten like the apes they are in case of riots. Long live the police force. I just wish the police could get a chance and beat the shit out of the ape in chief himself.

Anonymous said...

What a bogus posting?

Why should we support a country’s leadership which tolerates stealing, raping and murder? If you are living in Kenya you will notice violence on people by the executive from village chiefs up to the top man in the state house.

Mind you corruption and vote stealing is violence number one.
Why did Mungiki come to being? Moi got scared to deal with this religious group for fear of being criticized by Kikuyus who supported Mungiki right from the beginning. Infact all Kikuyu politicians including Kibaki took an oath with the Mungiki in 2002 before the elections. It is Kibaki who sent them off to Kakamega, Eldo, Naivasha and Nakuru to kill innocent demonstrators during PEV in 2008.

It surprised the world that the same president turned against Mungiki and killed many after realizing that they were demanding too much and were prepared to blackmail him. Mungiki were and are ready to reveal how they were deployed as soldiers to kill innocent people.

This is the point why Kenya has to explain in Geneva why young men are being kidnapped and then murdered by the police before bringing them to the courts. After all Kenya still has death penalty and can legally apply it. Moi did it with Ochuka et al and nobody demonstrated.

The issue is: Why does a government make an oath with culprits, let the thugs kill people and at last decides to eradicate the criminals? Is someone who uses criminals to perform criminal acts not a criminal?

This is why our ministers are in Geneva and I wonder whether all will protect the state (house).

Victor said...

Geneva: Kenya backs down on police killings - DAILYNATION

Government eats humble pie in Geneva, accepts verdict - EASTANDARD

Excellent move by ODM

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