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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kenyatta's Boy May Be A Good Reader But He's No Leader

The man is a drunkard.

I never cease to be amused by my fellow Kenyans, especially those in the press. Reading the newspapers since that superb reading of the budget by Uhuru, you'd think the press just discovered the existence of a masterful politician in our midst. You'd think that reading, in and of itself, constitutes what makes one great. No, it doesn't. But lest I be accused of diminishing the value of oratorical skills in leadership, let me say that such skills are very necessary for an effective leader to possess.

So, has Uhuru's oratory washed away his glaring weaknesses?

For those who are easy to hoodwink, it seems like that one reading was what it took. For folks like me who consider the totality of a man's character, based on his history, I find the sweet music we are playing close to Uhuru's ear appalling. This is the man who grew up under the protective walls of the State House, mansions in Gatundu and who knows where else, then he went to the States to study political science, right? So what's wrong with that, you ask? For starters, I know that such overfed, blissful sons of big shots cannot feel my pain. They have never had to fight to be where they are. They are always handed everything under the direction of Mama or Papa. There is no difference between Uhuru and that fat boy president of North Korea who inherited the presidency from his dad...and is now set to slap it on his son. Talk of stench!

But that's not what really bothers me.

The biggest fear in me is that Kenyans can be hoodwinked into supporting a man who has not be sufficiently investigated and cleared of his alleged involvement with the Mungiki. Weren't questions raised about his presence at a State House event where plans were hatched to use that violent organization to spread terror in Kenya, ostensibly to help Kibaki retain the presidency? Wasn't his presence in Naivasha at the height of the clashes read by some as a general out in the field to bless his soldiers? And isn't this the same dude who has been accused of being perpetually drunk? How can he now be a politician reborn just by reading a budget?

Fellow Kenyans, we must not allow folks like Uhuru reinvent themselves as great leaders when their past actions tell a story so different from what they try to bring to us now. Before we glorify this man, we must remember that he has questions to answer. Was he tied to the Mungiki? Is he a drunkard? Does he feel the pain of the little man? And what qualifies him to be president other than his being a son of a former president?

Until Uhuru answers those questions and dispels the fears of those of us who suspect him to have a hidden agenda in seeking the presidency, I want to remind my fellow countrymen that all Uhuru did was read. Now let's watch him implement what he read. If he can turn Kenya, over the next three years into a version of that rosy picture he painted in the budget, he just might be the guy to watch.

Until then, I have to wonder.


Anonymous said...

my god!

Anonymous said...


You are certainly right on this one.

Uhuru's life has been a legacy of the chap born with a silver spoon up his ass, never went out of his way to chart a course for himself, and has really been living a life far removed from the ordinary Kenyan.

Even where appointments were literally shoved into his life during Moi's time (nominated MP, Local Government Minister, KANU Presidential candidate), the guy seriously failed to rise to the challenge.

As Opposition chief between 2003-2007, he tragically failed this country. Absolutely no achievements there in terms of keeping Government on its toes. When Githongo provided him with Anglo-leasing facts that he could have used to bring down Kibaki's Narc government, the fellow chose to hide behind class interests masked as tribal interests.

Remember also, he literally finished the remnants of the once mighty KANU during the time due to apathy, disunity and mismanagment. Surely, this is a legacy of incompetence and non-existent leadership credentials.

Besides reading an over glorified budget that will likely not be implemented (except for MPs goodies), what has the man ever achieved in his life that can be pointed out as beneficial to ordinary Kenyans??

Please note that receiving a political appointment is not an achievement - its what you do with it that matters!

Anonymous said...

You are right Sam. Kalonzo for 2012. Thank you for making the case aganist another kikuyu president, Its time we had a change in Kenya...

Kalonzo for 2012!!!!!

Phil said...

very good Sam, now you are talking.

as many will have gathered by now Uhuru's was just an attempt at carbon copying the famous ODM manifesto.

That is is easy part. Now lets us see you implement it; Mr. 1800cc driver.

Anonymous said...

another drunkard after kibs? yawa!

Anonymous said...


Ondinga's Boy may be a good schemer but he's no leader. The man is a thug.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okello please discuss the budget.

Anonymous said...

Sam and Phil,
It is upto to PM Raila to coordinate and supervise the implementation of the budget proposals that Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta prepared and read. Raila's feet must be held to the fire; he has been loitering around the world like a vagabond. It is time he came home and earned his salary by implementing the mashinani budget. Otherwise come 2012 na wembe ni ule ule tu!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please Sam if Uhuru has eaten your goat go directly to him and seek repayment. Do not use Kumekucha to discuss the eating or drinking habits of Uhuru. As a man who pretends to have a great mind, you should be attracted to ideas and not personal lives of others. So DISCUSS THE BUDGET.

Anonymous said...

Molasses Raila Ondinga was in Kahuro, Murang'a to praise the budget and to sing how close he is to Kibaki. He is already trying to steal the warm budget blanket and wrap himself at the exclusion of those who worked hard to formulate it. He is a shameless lay-about.

Anonymous said...


You are damn right. I wait to see if the Mungiki general will go to the Hague.

You left something else out, aside from being a drunkard, he beats his wife.

So much for his upbringing.

Anonymous said...

You guys are asking Sam Okello to do the impossible: to discuss the budget. Shame on you, you should know him better by now.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:52AM

You sound the type who specialiaze in moving from bar to bar seeking free alcohol with rumours of which man is lately beating his wife. Please do not confuse us with the crowds you are familiar with.

Anonymous said...

You focus on Uhuru as a person and not criticise his budget is typical of Kenyan politicians. The budget is never about the presenter but about Kenyans and it doesn't matter whether it was read by an ODM or a PNU minister. We all know the budget was prepared by technocrats in the finance and National planning ministry.

If the resources are equally distributed, Kenyans may not need worry whether the man in state house is from their tribe as none would feel marginalised. The current political problem is a result of competition to control resources

If Uhuru is interested in becoming a future Kenyan President or Prime Minister, he has to face the electorate like any other candidate. It is his democratic right to run for any office and reinvent himself.

The fact he is son of Jomo does not mean he not ready to fight his political battles, Raila is also a son of the Odinga the first Kenyan VP. The list includes Gideon Moi, Mudavadi,Nyaga etc.

It would be better to focus on real issues and not the personality

M-Pesa said...

Lots of the same sentiments could be echoed when it comes to your one and only the Messiah?. Is he a closet Communist? What sort of a man blights his son with a name like "Fidel Castro?" What sort of a man cruises Africa's biggest slum in a Ksh 22 Million Hummer in such a tasteless display of wealth? What sort of man cons peasants millions of their hard earned cash to "buy" a molasses plant? What sort of a man defends his wayward son involved in maize scams? What sort of man calls others "kabila adui?" What sort of man gets "saved" in a posh swimming pool? And swears by the bible and lifts it up always using his left hand only? What sort of a leader dyes his hair daily to look younger although he's rolling towards his 70's?

I could go on till tomorrow, that's why I keep saying to hell with all the scumbags. Only an "Obama" will do for our beautiful country! Fresh breath in our politics and some young blood.

Iko Swali?

Anonymous said...

After bringing down the Ian Smith regime, he of the UDI(Unilateral Declaration of Independence) fame, Robert Mugabe became the darling of the West and was always on the move visiting various world capitals. Not impressed by this turn of events, Zimbabwean povo nicknamed him "Vasco Da Gama." Now our own Raila is always on the move hopping from one capital to another. Shall we call him "The Capital Hoppa." He-he-he!

Anonymous said...


Why are leaders from central province so cagey and guarded about lambasting these blood suckers, neck choppers, beheaders, and machetes wielders? No prizes for guessing. The fruits of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT have come back home to central province to roost.

The Mungiki menace is symptomatic of failed leadership and primitive community "values" that worship money and its aquisition by any means necessary, especially illegal means. The truth is unpleasant and our central province brothers and sisters do not want to hear it, although they are the biggest victims of their own mungiki and vigilante brothers brutality and savageness.

Until they face up to the present challenges and call a spade for what it is and not an earth relocating device, they stand accused of watering the unholy trinity of HUBRIS, DECEPTION and FRAUD that aptly define their "values" to their own peril as is currently happening and will continue to happen.

Right now most members of the Kikuyu community who live in Nairobi are very scared of visiting their shags/homesquared as the they fear that wata kata katwa na mapanga by these - Mungiki/vigilante brutes - members of their own community. This is crazy. What happened to their "fables" of engaging in real industry, enterprise and hard work? It has always been a big LIE.

Daily Nation’s heart rendering gory tale of a husband being asked to pay for "services rendered" by Mungiki after gang raping his wife in his presence should paint a very sad picture to the Mt Kenya community, but still the conspiracy of silence continues.

Central province, your biggest enemy resides within your own community. You have no reason to look for scapegoats such as Raila anymore. You are your own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo for 2012!!!

Raila = toilet!!! flush flush poo poo!!!

Anonymous said...


I wish it was a rumour, but I saw the evidence. So no confusion there, sadly.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to discuss the budget if someone with a tad bit of common sense read it. Uhuru?

Anonymous said...


kenyantykoon said...

After the election violence i dont think that Kenyans are going to pick out a leader just for the sake of it. We are wiser than that so dont worry. No body is going to choose a leader just because he can read well:)
And by the way, is it just me or is there a little jelousy in the first paragragh about his upbringing?? Its his luck that he was born and bred rich.

Anonymous said...

Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop .....

What? I here you asking.

Thats the sound of Kikuyus chopping their fellow Kikuyus heads off and then blaming it on Raia.

Crazy people these ones.

Anonymous said...

kenyantykoon @ 3:06 AM

A correction for you. You said:

"And by the way, is it just me or is there a little jelousy in the first paragragh about his upbringing?? Its his luck that he was born and bred rich."

The correction: There is no jealousy involved in calling a spade a spade. Uhuru was bred on wealth that was stolen and grabbed from the Kenyan people by Jomo Kenyatta. Jomo himself contributed to the current mungiki madness by betraying the Mau mau fighters in the early 1960's

Kiama said...

What Uhuru you are talking about here Sam Okello. Has this Uhuru given the land that was supposed to go for the Mau Mau to the rightful owners instead of keeping it for themselves. to go to the What has he done for the displaced after the PEV violence in the Rift Valley.

I was a handcore PNU supporter but I will never vote the same blidly anymore. Any man or woman tied with Moi, KAnu now or before will necver get my vote period.

Anonymous said...

Chop, Chop, Chop, Chop .....

What? I here you asking.

Thats the sound of Kikuyus chopping their fellow Kikuyus heads off and then blaming it on Raila.

Crazy people these ones.

Anonymous said...

The real title should have been:

Kenyatta's Boy May Be a Good Reader (unlike most can pronounce 50% of his R's and L's), But Is He Mungiki's Leader?

Anonymous said...

Mungikis Vs. Vigilante =

Kikuyu genocidaires against Kikuyu

KanyakwarMolasesss said...

Mpesa--a guy after my own mind.
Assasinating Uhuru's character does little to set apart our god and savior, the bumpkin.

Kiama said...

Beware of the man carrying the envelope to The Hangue. Since Koffi Annan said he hand the envelope in his hand I have noticed some very crazy things happenig all over our land.

I think this man Koffi Annan brought this vigrante problem to our land.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in central province is GENOCIDE on Kikuyu's by Kikuyus themselves.

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta's Boy, the godfather of the Mungiki. Look at what his boys are doing to their own tribesmen and women

The Mungiki sect has cells in Central Kenya, Nairobi and areas of Rift Valley Province populated by the Kikuyu diaspora, where it has established an illegal tax system and imposed it on the residents.

In Kirinyaga Central District, for example, the sect demands a monthly protection fee per household and, as if that is not enough, it has imposed a levy on every dowry payment in the area.

A farmer who sells five litres of milk per day must surrender money for one litre to the gang, and a poultry farmer must surrender four eggs out of every 10 he takes to the market.

“We give them what they want. We don’t argue with them,” a resident of Murang’a told the Nation.

In Nyeri, every matatu must pay between Sh20 and Sh50 for every trip made between sunset and sunrise.

Stories abound of how the Mungiki would snatch wives from their husbands, then turn on the same husbands and callously demand a fee for the “services tendered”.

“They would call us and order us to prepare supper for them, and when they came, they would eat to their fill then rape our wives in our presence,” a resident said.

And due to the trauma and stigma, no man would ever speak of such a humiliation.

Despite all this madness, the Mt Kenya leaders continue with their conspiracy of silence.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru is eliminating ALL the Mungiki who might give evidence against him at The Hague, Netherlands. The acquisition by the vigilantes of the name The Hague is, therefore, no mere coincidence.

Prominent Kikuyus, ordinary wananchi whistleblowers, or snitches if you will, who are willing to link Uhuru to the Mungiki sect are going to die slowly, one by one.

Why do you think King'ara was killed?

Andruid said...

What sort of cretin allows this diatribe to see the light of day.

(looks at Kumekucha)

Anonymous said...

Ati genocide was in the rift valley kwani sasa we know that Kikuyus ndiyo Hutus of Kenya.

DM-Nairobi said...

You want to see how UNSERIOUS this chap really is, just visit his web site

The bloody site has not been updated since 2007!! And he wants to be President of Kenya....What a joke.

Also take note that the site has absolutely no track record of the man worth talking about.

JEFF said...


I think you got this one wrong.

I am not a supporter of Uhuru myself, but the budget he read was a GCG budget, not a PNU or ODM budget. Just look at Phil's contribution that suggests that there was some ODM input in the budget. Your demigod has also expressed sentiments supporting the budget.

So, what is the real purpose of your post? That Uhuru is a drunkard? Just visit Nairobi pubs and tell me how many drinking and womanizing MPs and prospective ones you will find. Why single out just Uhuru? What is the definition of a 'drunkard'? Do we now turn to insulting other people if we have absolutely nothing to say?

As to whether he is a child of privilege, it will shock you to find out that most of the characters blogging here have been brought up with wealth stolen from Kenyans!

Why is Uhuru different? Who are we comparing him to?

Anonymous said...

They scream, shout and retreat to their tribal cocoons, "They are out to finish us, 41 vs 1, the industrious, hardworking community from the slopes", yet what they do not realize or retort or comprehend is that they are their own worst enemy.

Like a virus, it is consuming them from the inside out.

Anonymous said...

How does a man like this qualify to be "THE MINISTER FOR FINANCE" in this Global economy?

Anonymous said...

in the same way that nyongo qualifies to be minister of health in a world that's ravaged by all manner of diseases including a H1N1, H5N1 and AIDs, whil cholera is on the increase. but anyway we shouldnt cry out too loud, maybe he has specialised local knowledge of some of these afflictions.

Anonymous said...

what about obama for president after Jan

Anonymous said...

I have it from uks classmate uk is an alcoholic; why would moi who does not drink support uk in 2002?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you and Sam were supposed to team up and save Kenya, what happened?

Anonymous said...

how abot u analyse william ' kaleo warrior commander' ruto or is rout. or bill ' i malizad them' ntimama or ligale or dru lord gansta Gumo....shidweeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ja Koyugi said...

this bullshit buffoonery peddled by the kikuyu bastards about San Rateng' Kotiende are at best stupid and .Sam is a real nigger,he is my neighbour at home even though I don't like him very much but that is a clan affair.
When a kikuyu is rightfully killed by a kalenjin,they kill luos in naivasha and justifies it as a revenge attack all attributed tio uhuru and his secret state house meeting just ask waki.
O Campo receive the envelope please so that he can go and domicile with karadzic and taylor

Anonymous said...

In June 2009, Mr.Mwai Kibaki appointed Vision Delivery Secretariat Director General one Mr. Kibati who is said to be an accomplished and seasoned business professional with a good academic background. Born in 1969, Mr. Kibati has risen in his professional career to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the East African Cables. He is said to have a Master of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and an MBA from George Washington University, USA. Mr. Kibati has also been recognized as a Young Global leader by the World Economic Forum.

The Vision Delivery Secretariat was created by the Government with supposed intention to ensure timely implementation of the flagship projects of Vision 2030. The VDS is supposedly to operate as a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency headed by the Director General under the overall guidance of the Ministry of Planning, National Development and the Vision 2030 Delivery Board.

However Kenyans must not be duped and they must know that there are five kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, Politicians quoting statistics, and Novelists quoting Politicians on Statistics.

I know Mugo Kibati as a person who does not think out of the box. The guy is very good with ideas that already on the table but can not come up with any original thought of his own. Vision delivery?????? Whatever the heck that means. I guess he is better than most of us because he left here in 2005 and has already made a name for him. To be much more realistic…who knows this guy’s real background, and what is the purpose of moving from one portfolio with such a high financial muscle to another institution that basically seems to be entrusted with implementation of the policies that are meant to propel this country. The problem with Kenyans is that sometimes we are too daft to read any foul play in public appointments whose main intention is to manipulate the government structures to favour certain individuals.

What is really a strong academic background? Competence on academic basis can be used in several ways. For example, one Kiraitu Murungi went to Harvard where he acquired “creative thinking skills in conceiving and then concealing Anglo-Leasing type of scandals”. I am very concerned why we need a semi-autonomous agency to handle tax payers funded projects, when we have all this 42 ministries. Is he running a special kitty for a 2012 project like the one Moi brought in 2002?.

It’s the same old crap “Jobs for the boys”. EA Cables belongs mainly to Trans Century and other hoods. I wonder how Kibaki and company hope to deliver 2030, when 5 year plans are so hard for them already. Heck even putting in place a competent ECK is a job too big.Mugo is the next set of wheels to be used to legally cart away Kenyan wealth…let’s watch and see..and if Kenyans don’t want to see, the time to open eyes is now.There is no question about Mugo’s abilities at company level, but this Vision 2030 Deliveries thing is a parastatal (or is going to be one soon). To the best of my knowledge Mugo Kibati is going to be the 3rd employee of this institution (presently it has two employees) while there is already a Vision 2030 Secretariat appointed by the president (NESC). Two institutions, both with Kibaki’s backing will be handling the same vision. That is poor vision in itself.
Check the truth at
Continue Reading...

Anonymous said...


He was CEO at the time that EA Cables did a share split in 2007 of 10 shares for every 1 share. The prices shot up substantially but when the company went ‘ex-split’ the price plunged and has never recovered. The truth is that Kibati and his Transcentury colleagues agreed to manipulate the price, sold at more than 100 shs and after the prices dropped to 40 shs they bought again. That is the kind of men Mr.Kibaki works with or prefers giving jobs to.

He may be brilliant, but so was Kibaki. He may not necessarily deliver in highly political environment. But this is like an extortion racket against the Kenyan taxpayer.

Bottom line, this is a normal political appointment-Period whose intentions are to cater for the interests of the appointing authority and the oligarchy around him.

Talk of stock price manipulation what these guys did at EA cables is criminal and anyone who claims Kibati is clean needs his head examined

It is better to be right and march to hell than to be wrong and march to heaven with a bunch of fools - Dr Clarke

EAC is a fiasco shares and company. I don’t think Kibati did anything spectacular there except maybe acquisition of Tanzania subsidiary.

A company whose 80% market is one company–politically run Kenya Power and Lightening Company –is plain bolloxed. When Canadians took over the management of KPLC and straighten procurement–EACables lost their lucrative tenders which went to Indians Doshi cables on Mombassa road. And what happened next?–EACables went down the knees–nearly became bankrupt–and Transcentury fought Canadians who had transformed KPLC–and I hear they are back to business selling inflated cables to KPLC.

Kibati tried diversification however he was ‘fired’ since Transcentury is just another company only interested in using political leverage not sound business strategies–and look like MKMafia have given him soft landing.However EAC Cable remains the choice cable for electrical wiring compared to many Chinese cables on the market.

On the issue of money and greed, this is the nonsense that makes the rule of law very hard to implement in Kenya. People like Kibati despite being allegedly super talented and ‘qualified’ education wise are so feeble minded and corrupt that they will do anything for some dough.We need to thoroughly examine this fellow’s background and know that Mr.Kibaki is seriously preparing some kind of project at the taxpayer’s expense.
Check the truth at

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