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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Presidential Race 2012: Something Is Cooking

Many Kenyans have gotten extremely angered with the way the 2012 race for State house seems to have started so prematurely. And you really can’t blame them because we still have IDPs suffering like you can never imagine and scores of other pressing issues which the political class has no time or inclination to address.

Still, what is now slowly emerging is the deadly PNU game plan to get their man into State house at all costs when the next elections come (I have always said here that I don’t believe it will wait until 2012).

At the centre of that game plan is one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

It is no accident that this son of Jomo “land grabber” Kenyatta has been in the news in recent weeks like never before. First there was the 10 billion jigsaw puzzle in the supplementary budget (believe what you want but that cash is long gone. I reveal exactly where it has gone in my raw notes to be published tomorrow.)

It is no secret that Uhuru drinks too much (and he drinks the kind of stuff that burns your throat all the way down) and the pressure has been telling for anybody who looks at press photographs carefully. My information is that the political class (which includes Baba Moi) have heaped all their hopes on Jomo’s son. In other words Jomo Junior goes down and the whole political class goes down with him. I will elaborate this point further in my later posts to come. But an interesting aside here is that former president Daniel arap Moi has also been in the news a lot in recent weeks. This too is no accident. Moi is still smarting from the bitter defeat he suffered in the hands of Narc and Raila Odinga in 2002 and seems to have decided that a revenge victory is his sole life’s mission before he inevitably faces his maker like every man has to. His intricate plan to get Uhuru to State house is already in motion. It is a plan that seeks to incorporate all Rift Valley bigwigs (including William Ruto).

However what is most revealing about the next presidential race is that it is now abundantly clear that this will be the race for young candidates and anybody who will be over 50 will quickly find themselves irrelevant (and you can take that to the bank even if you are a die hard supporter of Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga). There are people here who have made an occupation out of labeling me a Raila stooge, but let me just say that I will never vote for Raila Odinga again but if truth be told, he was the legitimate winner of the disputed 2007 elections. The double standards and sheer hypocrisy that western countries often display just irks me because European countries have asked for a repeat of the presidential polls in Iran while nobody dared to suggest the same for Kenya in early 2008. Not because the tribal animosity and emotions were not healed but simply because some very powerful nations decided that they could not trust Raila Odinga to rule the strategically important Kenya. These same “powerful forces” have now thrown their weight behind Uhuru Kenyatta. More so after his maiden budget that appeared to “take care of the poor.” I get very amused when all manner of experts start to analyze the budget and make all kinds of projections. Does anybody ever bother to look at the levels of implementations of the previous budget before a new one is read? NEVER. To me the budget is just a political statement meant to achieve political objectives as funds are allocated to pay the big salaries of our horribly bloated coalition cabinet and to enable the rich and powerful to embezzle.

There is another very interesting development in the coming presidential race. All the candidates who have so far shown clear indications of running (except one) are all from the house of Mumbi. They are Uhuru, Martha Karua and at least two prominent well known persons from the civil society. This would have been excellent news because we would have managed to de-tribalize the race for State house which would be ideal just now, so soon after the 2007 debacle. However in view of what happened in 2007 and President Kibaki’s persistent policies, it is highly unlikely that any campaign (no matter how ingenious) will be able to successfully sell a Kikuyu to the electorate. This is the reason why the PNU think tank is working on winning the presidency by a slim margin. One of the reasons why the party is pushing for more provinces based on population. If Central province has two provinces and a Kikuyu province is hived out of Rift Valley, then it will make it much easier for a candidate like Uhuru to get the required 5 provinces a presidential candidate needs to be declared winner.

The odd man out of the presidential candidates list so far is of course agriculture minister William Ruto whose game of political chess has climbed a notch or three higher in the last 2 years. Still, Ruto’s bid will fail for many reasons, perhaps the most important being the happenings of January 2008.

Notice that all names mentioned are below the age of 50.

Whatever happens, Kenyans can be sure of one thing—and that is that this one will be the most interesting presidential race Africa has ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

It's still too early to say but my guess is, UK is doing his homework with some KANU operatives NATIONWIDE. He will not be gunning for the presidency because of the anti-kyuk backlash, my guess is he'll support Kalonzo for the big seat. He will likely go for the PM post but have Kalonzo and someone else as the VP, would that person be Ruto?

Phil said...

Ati you will never vote for Raila Odinga again.

Chris, who told you Raila will be standing for president come 2012? For once Chris, please leave Raila and/or ODM out of your posts, will you?

And even before you answer that, did ODM members ever hold a gun to your head and compelled you to mark your ballot paper in any particular way? I do not think so. Practicing your democratic right is not a crime, just vote for whomsoever you wish without having to persistenly remind us here. We are also voters, you know!

Back to your post, most people are more concerned about comprehensive reforms Chris because we all know what will happen if Mutula Kilonzo personalizes and commercializes the reform process, like one Kiraitu did in 2005. Kenya without a new devolved constitution will not come out of another general election on its two feet - this is a fact!

Uhuru's recent buget was also a cheeky attempt at preempting the BOMAS katiba that called for ugatuzi. The implementation might be done (ie MPs will receive the funds) but it also appears to me that MPs who fail to deliver will also not see parliament again. This is no easy task going by the records of how the current CDF has been utilized in the majority constituencies.

Uhuru's plan is to emulate his late father who also strted his walk to the presidency by serving as Kenya's first prime minister. And this is where the real power games will start because Uhuru kenyatta is not really after the presidency but after the premiership. You see, the countless districts Kibaki has been creating will at one point be converted into constituencies. Majority of these new districts are being curved out of Uhuru Kenyatta / PNU friendly zones. It goes therefore that Uhuru wants to garner as much MPs as he possibly can so as to get the prime minister's position because this seat is reserved for the leader of a party/coalition with majority of seats in parliament.

While Kenyans want to keep fighting for devolution, it will be worse if we replace an imperial presidency with parliamentary dictatorship, which incidentally is primarily the reason we still do not have a locally constituted Special Tribunal for Kenya to try PEV organisers and financiers, a group which Uhuru Kenyatta features prominently.

I think external forces (lead by President Obama and possibly Jacob Zuma and the AU) must keep up the pressure to force Kenyans to institute reforms as clearly spelt out on AGENDA4 of the NARA act. Unfortunately, the Kenyan civil society which should have otherwise led this fight for reforms, has been weakened as a result most of its members getting elected to parliament or becoming beneficiaries of state appointments.

The common mwananchi must also play his part and avoid falling into ethnic groupings common among some of our brethren in Central province who are so fond of using their numerical strength to frustrate the rest of the country. Hopefully this time, tehy will vote with their heads and for the better of the whole country.

Her Majesty said...

Kalonzo Musyoka for 2012!! That's the man Kenya need at this hour!!

He is a good man, married with one wife,(no known 'second' wife), humble, God fearing, loving and peaceful.

He is the only senior politician to have stayed clear from bickering, wrangling and corruption. He normally say the right words at the right time and unlike Raila his past is not tainted with 2007 post election violence.

So, all the good and intelligent people of Kenya lets get behind this man - Kalonzo wa Musyoka.
Our nation will prosper both economically and peacefully under the leadership of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

God Kenya and her people!

Yours sincerly
Wangu wa Makeri

luke said...

Chris some will accuse you of disqualifying presidential candidates using AGEISM just like the degree bill accuses unschooled ministers of BRAINLESSNESS

Is it age that makes a good president or is it higher education that makes a good minister?very soon someone will ask is it tribe that makes a good politician

Meanwhile its NOT true that Ahmedinejad has had Moi Kibaki's number on speed dial for the past 1month

Anonymous said...

What is happening to Nairobi and Kenya in general? Too many audacious criminals loaming around killing and terrorising people!

Every news I am watching from Kenya is about violent robbery, carjacking, mugging na kadhalika!

I wonder what's like to live in Nairobi these days?

Anonymous said...


The West's support for an Uhuru Kenyatta presidency in 2012 is obvious but not surprising for the following glaring reasons:

1. Museveni Kaguta Museveni with the support of the USA, killed 8,000,000 Congolese in a war Museveni, on the instigation of the the former USA President Bill Clinton, forced a bloody war on that great central African country, DRC, for the control of minerals and all types of raw materials that she bulges to the brim with.
2. In Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni got rid of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, the man the West considered an enemy because of his stand against the British Ian Smith who had treasonably declared UDI against the British Queen, massacring blacks mercilessly for decades, in the British Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, not only against the wishes of the blacks of that great country but also the rest of Africa.
3. The British and the West looked the other way when Jomo Kenyatta assassinated not only innocent Kenyan ministers like Tom Mboya, Argwings Kodhek, Ronald Ngala, J.M. Kariuki but also killed one by one true MAU MAU land freedom leaders/fighters whom the British considered ''enemies'', they having terrorized/forced them out of the land they had stolen from the blacks-the Kikuyu in central province.
4. By extension they prefer Uhuru Kenyatta to Raila Odinga despite the fact Uhuru Kenyatta along with Jenga Karume, Mwai Kibaki, John Michuki, George Saitoti, John Chris Kirubi shamelessly killed more than 1500 young democrats with live police bullets, shooting them from behind, and cutting the rest to pieces with pangas etc in the 2007 December 30 presidential post elections violence, the elections that Mwai Emilio Mungiki Kibaki with the USA support shamelessly stole.
5. It is of no consequence to the West that the above killed so many people and still continue to do so using police since the suffering and dying are not Westerners.
6. The West right now are demanding that the elections in Iran which Mahmoud Ahmedinejad ''won'' be repeated but the same USA and European Union decided that for Kenya a repeat was too dangerous and enforced on us a non-workable Grand Coalition.

The deaths of Kenyans in the hands of the Kikuyu killers are of no consequence to the West as long as their interests are safe, hence they are fronting murderer Uhuru Muigai Mungiki Kenyatta for presidency in Kenya. How cruel!

It is strange but not surprising that the same West is campaigning for the establishment of a local tribunal to try the killers whom everybody knows despite the Kenyan law making body, Parliament, having opted for trial at ICC The Hague.

These are the same killers whom the West through Ambassador Ranneberger helped rig the said elections. The West is now demanding the establishment of a local tribunal in spite of the fact that John Michuki has shamelessly declared: ''Why are you afraid of the judges who are coming to the local tribunal. We are sovereign they cannot control us. We shall control them.''

We have no doubt that come 212 the West lead by the USA are going to kill us through the GEMA group but this will not stop us from refusing to accept Uhuru Muigai Mungiki Kenyatta, the Kenyan young killer. We are forewarned by Vietnam, Iran of the Shah Mohamed Resa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan where until recently Parves Musharaf gleefully killed and massacred his own people for and on behalf of the USA.

The West must ready itself now with enough coffins with which they are going to bury young Kenyan democrats that Kibaki/Michuki with their support are going to massacre come 2012.

Kenyans of good will would prefer to be killed to one man come 2012 should Uhuru Muigai Mungiki Kenyatta be forced on ius the way Raanneberger forced Mwai Emilio Mungiki on us on 30th December 2007.

There could be no more honourable thing to do than for us all to die come 2012 should the West impose this killer to be our president.

Anonymous said...

There is a flaw in your logic. If we increase the provinces from the present 8 to whatever zillion number politicians want, wont we also increase the threshold that a presidential candidate needs, which essentially doesnt make a bloody difference unless the only province being gerrymandered is central?

Give PNU some credit, they may be worse hyenas than ODM but they are not that damn

Wicked Whispers said...

We all remember when some various politicians refused a rerun and also refused to go to the courts because they 'did not believe in the courts' impartiality'. The decision was not taken by foreigners. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Teaches one not to put their faith in the ferangi.

Anonymous said...

michael jackson is dead. RIP dear michael.

Mwambu The Great said...

Good read.

Am just wondering why anyone should even think of wasting their vote on Uhuru kenyatta when it is more than likely that he will be sitting in a jail cell at The Hague in the not so distant future.

Uhuru Kenyatta = Al-Bashir.

So we now run the distinct possibility of electing as president or Prime Minister a man indicted for his Crimes Against Humanity.

Anonymous said...

here's why:

Anonymous said...

I think it is very naive to think Kenyans beyond central will vote for this spoiled imbecile. Even if a pact is formed with a ruto and the ass wiper from mwingi, Kenyans will see right through it. Two war lords and a con? Not quite the triumphrate. Also, if a speech is all it needs to propel one to forefront of politics with little else to show for but ill gotten wealth and a famous name, then Kenya really is doomed.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're describing the bumpkin.

papa plus said...

Man plans but God decides. It is all vanity.

Anonymous said...

who will count the votes?
who will phone in the vote count to Nairobi?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Phil I jst love it! Ati koma story za ODM we even didnt tell u 2 vote 4 us na hata hatutaki kura yako nxt tym!! Chris maze achana na ODM!! n jst 2 ask wat do u eat or drink in ur absence?

Anonymous said...


I've usually found you to be level headed in your posts but this time you went a bit bonkers. You said:

"let me just say that I will never vote for Raila Odinga again but if truth be told, he was the legitimate winner of the disputed 2007 elections."

Kwani did anyone put a gun to your head and force you to vote for Raila? No!

It is on record that you were a late convert to Raila and ODM only just as the elections of 2007 neared.

Chris, your vote is your vote. However, it is wrong for you to keep on telling us that you will not vote for Raila. That is your business and not ours.

If it is a must that you have to tell us that you will not vote for Raila repeatedly, then it is only fair that you also tell us who you will vote for.

Anonymous said...

"The political class (which includes Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, John "the rattlesnake" Michuki et al) have heaped all their hopes on Jomo’s son. In other words Jomo Junior goes down and the whole political class goes down with him."

These are people who feel comfortable and secure in the current Pumbavu status quo. They are actually satisfied with the current deplorable state that Kenya is in.

It will truly be a day of great joy when Uhuru Muigai "Millions of acres of grabbed and stolen land" Kenyatta "goes down," it will mean that the current political class of Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, John "the rattlesnake" Michuki et al WILL GO DOWN.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont even think any of them should be a candidate for 2012, besides it shouldnt be about tribe anyway, but since people always vote that way, we should stick to endorsing a candidate this time round.

The anti-kikuyu backlash has to die down, people cant take any more insults and hostility on behalf of the community.

It should never have to boil down to this, Moi was there for more than 20 years and no one would say that a Kalenjin shouldnt run for presidency, but since with Kikuyu's its about systematic favouring of the community, then the best option is to step back a bit, and represent interests without necessarily having a president.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely wrong that Uhuru is interested in the presidency. Uhuru is going to be the kingmaker in 2012. He wants to be a powerful PM and in hybrid system of government. ODM might end up giving him a more powerful one than he wants as they propose a parliamentary system with one CEO or the PM.

Anonymous said...

Now Martha Karua says that her life is in serious danger. From who? Her own people.

She says that the current violence and chaos in central province has been created and allowed to fester by the security forces so as to create an "enabling and appropriate" environment for her - Martha Karua - to be killed.

Pumbavu wonders never cease. Just last year at after Mwai "pumbavu" had stolen the elections, Karua was the biggest "defender" of this THEFT of the elections and now she is one of the people who feel most THREATENED by this government. Wonders never cease. Kweli Mungu halali.

I guess this time the chickens - chickens the size of Ostriches - are coming home to roost.

Daniel Arap Moi said...

Kenya iko na wenyewe...jijazie.

Mwambu The Great said...


Luo 278
Kikuyu 260
Kalenjin 250
Luhyia 178
Kisii 118
Others 49

Folks, mull over this for a moment:

Uhuru Kenyatta was the genocidaire mastermind who sponsored and funded the Kenyan version of Hutu Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi, in the post-election crimes against humanity, killing more than 1,000 Kenyans.

Good. Those are the facts.

Now consider that many Mungikis who did Uhuru's bidding perpetrating these heinous crimes against 'makabila adui' last year, are dying faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100 meters dash; as the date to Uhuru's indictment to The Hague draws ever so near the faster the Mungikis are dying.

By the time the ICC prosecutors start their criminal trials against Uhuru & Co., there will be NO Mungiki leaders alive to assist the prosecution as witnesses.

Finally, with Uhuru & Co. having shopped for the "right" Judges in our corrupt "justice" system, the coast will be clear for this man who is the system candidate.

p.s. Try the top genocidires in The Hague and the riff-raff genocidaires domestically. Give asylum to key witnesses to countries of their choice. Let the truth prevail.

Anonymous said...

anon2:17 PM

Oh my GOD!! I was actually wondering why the mass killings of the mingiki.. and no central politician coming out on their defense??

Now your post makes sense, so I guess it is a vicious circle the vigilantes is another name of the new mungiki 2.. paid by the same group of Moran politicians from central to kill and slaughter Mingiki 1 group..

So that there are no witnesses remaining to point figures at those politicians who hired them during the 2007 elections and clashes that killed many..

The problem of Uhuru and cronies plan is mass murder of mungiki's will not wash away the proof of thier paying them to kill other tribes in Kenya during the 2007 clashes..

second.. from very close sources of Martha Karua -Karua has written a detailed report of what exactly happened - those who held meetings at statehouse and Kibaki's residence with the mungiki's -how much mungiki's were paid to go out slaughter innocent Kenyans by this same politicians, and how they rigged the elections, Moi's and Museveni's hand in helping Kibaki during the clashes and a lot more damaging material of proof since Karua was in the forefront of all that was happening then..

This sworn affidavit by Karua which is in the hands of two lawyers one in Kenya and one abroad is her life line as her close confidante claims-
although this has not stopped the same morons threatening her life..

Uhuru has no hope in hell as like many of his cronies.. Karua's Sworn affidavit in case someone takes her down is too damaging for even the coalition governments survival..

watch this space kenyans -

Mwambu The Great said...

@ 2:39 PM, the info you have is pretty close to the info that I have regarding the PEV.

I was told that there was a meeting in Nairobi sponsored by a prominent businessman, who owns a significant transport company. Therafter, a subsequent meeting took place in Naivasha attended by several prominent Kikuyu politicians where the idea was mooted to attack the 'makabila adui'.

As I was told Karua was privy to the meeting in Naivasha and what transpired there, because her NARC-K party's losing candidate for Naivasha constituency, a female politician, attended the meeting and kept her abreast of the going-ons there.

Later the Mungiki were shipped to Naivasha from Nairobi, Kiambu, Thika and other parts of Kikuyuland by the tycoon transporter.

Meanwhile, the other prominent leading politician who had bought the pangas in the style of the Hutu Interahamwe was saying to all and sundry that he was "just doing whatever to defend his people".

This is how the crimes against humanities was planned and unleashed in Naivasha and Nakuru on a scale hitherto unheard of in Kenya.

Now you know why Karua is intent on trying someone(s) in The Hague, even as some prefer the corrupt and easy way of trying the suspects in Kenya with judges that are friedly to the "cause".

Anonymous said...

LEDAMA for 2012

Anonymous said...

A son of a thief is a thief, a son of a murderer is a murderer. We inherit all that our parents had.

Kenya should make no mistake this time to vote killers, thieves and Judas.

Anonymous said...

His father already raped and plundered the country, and stole land in the Rift Valley.

Ati now his Mungiki son wants to be prezzo something that we won't let happen. Over our dead bodies!!!

Anonymous said...


Mungiki Uhuru Kenyatta has admitted that he only contributed money and the like to help is people (Kikuyus) who were suffering in the post elections violence and this he said after realizing that his name was already in the list to The Hague.He is even trying through the court to expunge his name from the infamous list! But he will never be able to expunge his killer name from our hearts. NEVER1 NO MATTER HOW HARD THE WEST TRIED AND IMPOSED HIM ON US COME 2012.

Kenyans not only know that he is the one who bought all the machetes at the Nakumat but also the fact that he was at the state house deliberations on how to carry out revenge attacks on the Luos in the Nairobi slums, Naivasha and Nakuru following their stage managed burning of Mungiki in the Eldoret Church, a revenge that logically could have been carried out against the people they accused of removing them from ''their land'' in the Rift Valley and not the Luos who never share any borders with them and who in all honesty did not kill them, the Kikuyus in Nyanza during the PEV.

This same Uhuru Kenyatta whom the West: the USA and AU now wants to impose on Kenya knows that headed by Mwai Emilio Mungiki Kibaki, he, George Mungiki Kinuthia wa Muthengi NEVER ole Saitoti, Jenga Karume, Jimna Mungiki Mbaru, and John Mungiki Chris Kirubi, an old student of Friends School Kamusinga, among others, shamelessly organized feeding of killer Mungiki and transporting the same to the crime scenes, to carry out the crimes against humanity in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru and elsewhere in the country in the post elections violence.

American Ambassador Ranneberger and ambassadors of the AU, knowing very well that Uhuru Mungiki among others are in the Hague list are desperately fighting for the local tribunal in order to save their choice, the dsame Uhuru Muigai Mungiki Kenyatta, to succeed Mwai Emilio Munghiki Kibaki- the Mungiki killer, Uhuru Kenyatta come 2012 general elections, a son of an assassin president Jomo Kenayatta cannot be willingly and freely voted in by honest Kenyans to the said job.

Kenyans clearly understand this open secret by the West to stop Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's son Raila Amolo Odinga from being president even if it means killer Uhuru Mungiki Kenyatta is the one taking the post. Kenyans must know that the West only have interests and not friends therefore should at once cease smiling with the likes of Ranneberger. Period!

We should as Kenyans realize that Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has given Luo land in northern Uganda to Kikuyu killers who escaped the Rift Valley during the PEV is now building the best golf club facility at the Coast, Vipingo, Mombasa together with one, Mwai Emilio Mungiki Kibaki the killer president.

More is coming as the West is currently making coffins for the people GEMA with their support are going to massacre come 2012 general elections, since true Kenyan democrats have chosen to commit suicide the way Iranians did when they protested against the pro-USA Shah Mohamed Resa of Iran in the late 1970s.

We must never be fooled by actions of ambassador Ranneberger with the naive young Kenyans when he ignores their legal representatives by trying to create an artificial love between the Kalenjins and the Kikuyu in the Rift Valley, the love which none other than Jomo Kenyatta pre-empted with his pro-GEMA oaths during his 15 year rule. The same youth that ambassador Raneberger is now seducing to love the Kikuyu are born of the same people the father of the the nation, Jom Kenyatta, Uhuru Kenyatta father, then shamelessly called NYAMU, wild animals!

Anonymous said...

How long will it take Kenyans to understand Raila is not fit to lead kenya?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28 AM,

You asked the wrong question. This is the right question:

How long will it take for the Mt Kenya/Panua mongrels to understand that Raila is fit to lead kenya?

We have had Jomo, Moi and Mr pumbavu. They have all flopped spectacularly - or are your bench marks so low that you consider them to be successes?

You people are like flies. You thrive in filthy environments. You thrive where FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT reign supreme as has been under Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's tragic and comical rule.

We know what you hate and are scared about Raila, it is this:

Remember I equated you to flies. Well, when Raila starts cleaning house you will have no where to thrive; that is why you hate and are scared of him.

Imaging that, 7 million Kikuyu's trembling and scared shitless of just one very simple good man called Raila. You thieves and cowards!

Right now Raila can not do much to clean up the place we call Kenya because all the levers of influence and power were STOLEN by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and his Panua gang of thieves. Kenya is reeking from the stench of Kenyatta'ism, Moi'ism and Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki'ism. There is only so much that Raila can do under the current pumbavu circumstances.

I wish to end by quoting Mutahi Ngunyi in last sundays Nation newspaper:

"Kibaki's presidency since 2003 has been one that has been based on DECIET."

This has been the major reason why we have been having endless crisis after crisis, stupid things like the Lucy and Wambui "tuft wars" over Mr pumbavu, the Artur thugs, Lucy slapping Musyimi and Imanyara ....... Just endless nonsense and more nonsense.

Daniel Arap Moi said...

Anon 7:55 AM,

I have led Kenya for 24 years and I know what it takes to lead a country like Kenya, so don't give me that shit.
Raila ni ghasia bure kabisa!!

Anonymous said...

EU, US, Russia and AU do not want Raila Odinga as the president of Kenya and you can take that to the bank!

Anonymous said...

10:57 AM

Actually buster you are wrong.. again the usual Kikuyu lies

USA under Obama welcomes Raila's presidency with open arms! I guess you have forgotten who is in power in the USA now:):) it aint your fool George W.Bush who congratulated kibaki and them beat a hasty retreat when he found out he was backing a criminal and a murderer of his own tribesmen "Mungiki" youths and add other tribes in Kenya..

EU stood firm and demanded the elections were rigged by your murderer Kibaki and they are the ones who put pressure on Kibaki to accept a coalition government or else he was out and the army was to take over..:):) ha!!ha! the thieving coward had to accept by force..

Russia? has no problem with Raila - but i believe they have a big problem with Kibaki.. go check your facts...

my friend you can take my words to the bank.. wait a minute not the crocked banks controlled by Kibaki and cronies but straight to the world stock exchange!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:57 AM
My friend while you are busy maligning Raila- go tell your gutter press daily nation to print facts not lies on the census reports and issues... kenyans are very educated and with information posted on the internet... they have nowhere to hide:):)

Controversy over inclusion of tribal identity in census
By SAMUEL SIRINGI Posted Saturday, June 27 2009 at 21:03


Signed by then Minister of planning Hon G. Ndambuki-in 2001-same figures

Anonymous said...

anon6:28 AM

Please direct your hate for Raila to your fellow tribesmen in Central province, although soon you won't have any surviving youths in central province since you have allowed Uhuru Kenyatta and Kibaki to slaughter and murder almost all of them in the name of Mungiki fighting vigilante.. what are you going to do with all the old people in central who won't have their sons to take care of them?? " all murdered senselessly??

remember Uhuru and Kibaki's sons live under state protections while your sons and daughters in central province are encouraged to murder each other!!

can someone from central province answer me seriously? I'm not joking this is a very serious question,,,

I pray Martha Karua is strong enough to spill the beans on the murderers.. although she is also guilty for being involved at the beginning of the 2007 clashes!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16 PM


Controversy over inclusion of tribal identity in census

Out of the 1989 figures, it is estimated that the Kikuyu comprise 22 per cent of the population followed by the Luhya at 14 per cent.
According to the 1989 census, the Kikuyu comprised 4.5 million, the Luhya 3 million while the Luo were 2.7 million.

The Kalenjin were 2.5 million, Kamba (2.4 million) while Kisii and Meru were 1.3 million and 1 million, respectively.


the last census was in 1999 not 1989 what the heck do this daily nation gutter press think they are playing at???

I read through your two independent census reports below and the figures are not what the daily nation had quoted.shame on them

Signed by then Ministerof planning Hon G. Ndambuki-in 2001-same figures

Anonymous said...



Scramble for Triton’s key assets emerge

Six months since the Triton scandal exploded, not much news has been coming through apart from what is going on around the court cases filed by the company’s creditors and fugitive businessman Mr Yognesh Devani’s legal battle to have a warrant of arrest against him lifted.

But away from the limelight, an explosive behind-the-scenes scramble is going on for some of the most valuable assets of the company, the Sunday Nation has learnt.

The latest is the news that Swiss multinational oil trading conglomerate, The Vitol Group, has been quietly lobbying the government to allow it to buy the massive multi-million-shilling oil tanks terminal which Mr Devani was building in Mombasa before his business empire imploded early this year.

One of the most formidable local oil magnates, Mr Devani fled the country, leaving behind a major scandal at the Kenya Pipeline Company whose impact was felt through the length and breadth of the oil trading sector in East Africa.

In the wake of the scandal, the government effected a major shake-up in the board and management of KPC. The scandal has been the subject of multiple investigations by anti-corruption authorities.

Vitol is one of the largest oil traders in the world, with a footprint in several African countries.

It has been an active player for years, lifting crude oil from North and West Africa and at the same time supplying petroleum products in several countries, including Kenya.

One of its subsidiaries, Vitol Tank Terminals International BV, operates massive terminals across the globe with a total capacity of four million cubic metres.

What is raising eyebrows within the oil industry, however, are the Swiss company’s lobbying tactics.

Apparently, Vitol’s first offer to purchase the terminal came through a letter to the minister for Finance, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.

Last month, the Swiss company wrote to Mr Kenyatta, seeking the green light to buy the terminal.

The company argued that it was in the interest of the Government of Kenya to see that the legal case surrounding the Triton terminal was concluded swiftly.

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Anonymous said...

The last 5 anons, you are all one! So you are back to Kumekucha after you were banned in Mashada? Or you think we don't know you? I can list all the handles you had in mashada here but unlike Kumekucha, mashada banned them all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good post, good comments, but guess is, the poster and all the commentators all belong to that dangerous class in the society "the middle class".......that has miserably made itself irrelevant in the socio-political and economic affairs of this country. And in light of this, it is highly unlikely that we are going to significantly determine the outcome of the next general election (just like in the past) - that is a matter of the political class and the poor. Sadly enough, the politician know this. They know we are scared of everything, from losing our jobs, to stopping rubber bullets or simply enough being caught by cameras foolishly holding placards. We are just total cowards (for lack of a better word)!!! Surprisingly enough, we are the one class that is capable of ridding this country of bad governance and instilling sound, fair and prudent policies in the society...

Anonymous said...

Only a fool can quote Mutahi Ngunyi

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