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Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Are Now Two Nations Under God

The blind won't see it, but it's the sad reality.

Allow me to be candid again today. My retired old man always told me that when things go wrong don't sugarcoat anything. Talk candidly and talk with force until the wrong is corrected. I intend to do just that, but I must wonder about Kenya. Have we finally reached the point where nobody can bring this nation back to the unity we once experienced under the dictatorial regimes of Kenyatta and Moi?

Last week I watched with gloom as an event that should have been solemn was turned into just another sickening political show. I watched as the Kikuyu elite in the PNU led their pretend supporters like Noah Wekesa, Wokoli and others to the mass funeral of victims of the post election violence. In an instant an event that should have stopped each Kenyan for a few moments of reflection was turned into a Kikuyu affair. By so doing, I had to wonder what the intention of Kibaki and his handlers was. Were they calling for unity or reminding the Kikuyu Kingdom that there is an enemy out there? If so, was that funeral a call for Kenyan unity or a blatant call for GEMA unity? I'll let you be the judge.

The failure by the ODM, the coalition that brings Kenyans together against Kikuyu hegemony, also spoke volumes. What you saw was another case of Kenya being split right down the middle. You may choose to see it differently for fear of dealing with the consequences of the direction this nation is headed, but I see it for what it is. This nation is now two nations under God. We have Kenya, the bloc of six provinces that voted ODM and takes its marching orders from the Prime Minister. Then we have Central and Eastern, the bloc that voted PNU and now feels surrounded by an increasingly agitated fellow Kenyans.

I've taken calls from friends abroad who shake their heads at what they see as the inexplicable intransigence of Kenyans. Why are you so keen on destroying your country, they ask. But they don't understand. They don't understand that after the theft of elections last year, Kenya lost her innocence. We now feel just like another African country headed straight for the doldrums. Even that crap about Kenya being an island of peace sounds hollow to our doesn't hold the power to unite us for a purpose as it once did.

Two nations under God?

I invite you to a sober debate. I'm aware too that the Big Boys will come here in droves to dilute the impact of this post. They will fail. And may I just warn that I no longer use the blogger name Sam Okello, which the Big Boys have acquired as their own. What an honor.

We shall overcome, but what will it take?

On this sunny morning in Nairobi, I wish on each of you a cool breeze.


Anonymous said...

Okello, we may not want to hear the truth, but someone must speak it. If we don't deal with these issues you place on the table, we are in big trouble. Kenya is now devided. I fear for my children.

Anonymous said...

Sam what did the Gikuyu poor folks do to you to warrant all this kind of blatant attacks against them. I mean how does the burning of a woman or that child inside that church help you as a person to give your continuous verbal attack of these people even in their graves. May their spirit haunt you like the way of it haunts those who killed them.

Your Kings said that the reason they failed to attend the burial was because Kibaki did not attend theirs. Sam can you remind us when your messiah Raila attended to the burial of innocent victims murdered heinously inside a building in Naivasha. Sam tell us maybe for me i just dont get it.

Again Sam plans are there to exhume the bodies of the dead which is being prepared by your godfathers. Please also don't forget to write about that defending it well.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

It is suprising that today, the people spreading lies, propaganda, rumours and tribalism in it raw form are the young generation. This dotcom group spend valuable time and energy doing nothing productive than blogging crap. Look at this post for example. What value does it add other than speading hatred? Hasnt your thirst been quenched by the blood spilt in 2007? You travel across this nation and you find many idle poor young people waiting for a government to help them. Then you find this other group of middle class, YOU, who are fed, clothed, housed, bathed in good confort who then expect to be handed over the future leadership button. Then you wonder why old men still lead every sphere of your lives. How can the future of this nation be trusted on these spoilt brats? wont they self distruct?

chola said...

Kenya is like the doctor who treated everybody around him. When he the doctor fell ill nobody there to treat him His illness consumed him with vengeance. Warring country have always surrounded Kenya, Kenya was very instrument in bring peace to its neighbour, maybe in our arrogance we took it all for granted , now its Kenyan turn to test the sweetness of war and destruction

Anonymous said...

People dont carry invitation cards to funerals.They go there on their own accord for the need to console the bereaved.Those who didnt attend probably didnt consider it worth their time.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

The ignorant bastard with double speech. You now claim that Kenya was one nation under Kenyatta and Moi. Are you mad? Go read history again....The two dictators held together a deeply divided and tribal nation from the start. It has now shown/ manifested coz Obaks unlike his predicessors is a tribalist but not a dictator. How kenyans have a short memory. Moi put his 'incompetent' kaleos everywhere; kibaki put his 'competent' kiuks everywhere; Raila is doing the same with his 'learned' luos, look at all appointments in ODMs 'half' and you will see a trend of things to come. Same script different cast. Maybe you mean that you want Raila to be president so that he forcefully reunites a deeply divided country since like Kenyatta and Moi he is both a tribalist and dictator
Anon 11.15 pm i agree with you, wacha old men rule until we grow up

Anonymous said...

Allow me to reproduce this comment from previous post that was quite something to think about
ps Dont you people have work to do? wasting a whole day doing nothing? posting trash? what sort of laziness is this? Blogs were meant for discussion and interaction during free time. But maybe thats why you dont have anything to do, no one wants an unproductive person! and if you are employed, have you heard of theft of company time? if you are self employed, ever wondered why your business is underperforming?

To the blog that went to the dogs!

Anonymous said...

May Sam Okello and et al be haunted by the innocent blood of those killed by Raila worshippers.

KenyaLuv said...

I honestly hope this Sam Okello fellow ends up in jail. Stop hiding in the diaspora, why don't you come back to Kenya and speak this things your are speaking. Stop demonizing whole tribes from your hiding place. Why don't you face this so called tribe or I guess you are a coward. You actually think you are so brave putting a post up and then running back into hiding. Sam Okello you are a hateful COWARD, don't fool yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello dont you know that when you hate a people and try and finish them they only emerge stronger? Look at the Tutsis, the Jews, the blacks in America they came out even stronger. You are only giving the tribe you hate a stronger platform for the future.

M-Pesa said...

I logged on this blog hoping to have sober and mature debates like how Obama is avoiding Kenya's legendary FRAUD AND DECEPTION in his tour of Africa. Little did I know I will find the usual dose of tribal Mashada nonsense packaged as "political analysis" by some quack publisher who has conned Marianne Brinner among others thousands of shillings. Oh dear, how sad, never mind it's all in a day of deception extraordinaire!

IsthisGuy4Real? said...

Since when did people need invitations to grieve and sympathize with fellow Kenyans? Are you for real or are u a clown? You need an invitation card to grieve for your fellow Kenyan? You are a sad person

Anonymous said...

Imagine what rao would do for a photo with president obama. I remember the photo with senator Obama! On a serious note, i thought there were reports that rao would meet wth BHO on 20 may 2009?

Anonymous said...

Okello welds the keyboard like a genocidal Hutu with a machete. But unlike the Hutu, he is a coward, he cannot confront the objects of his hatred face-to-face.

Anonymous said...

Raila was not assured of a VIP toilet in the burial and opted a boycott it. When will Kibaki learn and give this guy what he wants. How do you expect a VIP like Raila to share toilets with ministers like Saitoti. Kibs leave RAO alone until you start providing him with decent sanitation and protocol during public functions. Kiambaa victims mean nothing without observation of protocol

Anonymous said...


You need some mental help, you are the types giving Luos a bad name. I don't think even Raila approves this extreme hatred for Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Raila needs toilets though he doesnt provide the same for Kibera residents. They shit on paperbags and throw them into langata

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Mijinjo fishermen use shit as bait to fish? This is dispeakable behaviour. We should boycott fish now!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!
Sanitation problems now dog Mijinjo
Residents are polluting the environment and do not use toilets. Water contamination is rife and residents are now falling sick to the dreaded cholera. Ugandans are now fleening the tiny rock
We will keep you posted

Anonymous said...

Sam, you predicted it, the Panua Spies are here trying to dilute the impact of this post.

This goes out to you Panua spies: You are very big FOOLS.

Anonymous said...

I am a luo who disapproves of these irresponsible and disparaging remarks by Sam Okello. This is disapponting coming from a member of a tribe known fairly for decorum, decency and respect for all tribes. This is unacceptable bigotry to say the least

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Have we finally reached the point where nobody can bring this nation back to the unity we once experienced under the dictatorial regimes of Kenyatta and Moi? Sam, the "unity" under Kenyatta and Moi were not sustainable. Anyone from Nyanza would tell you that. I am surprised that you of all people would think those days desirable.

I watched as the Kikuyu elite in the PNU led their pretend supporters like Noah Wekesa, Wokoli and others to the mass funeral of victims of the post election violence. In an instant an event that should have stopped each Kenyan for a few moments of reflection was turned into a Kikuyu affair. By so doing, I had to wonder what the intention of Kibaki and his handlers was. Were they calling for unity or reminding the Kikuyu Kingdom that there is an enemy out there? If so, was that funeral a call for Kenyan unity or a blatant call for GEMA unity? I'll let you be the judge. I would have to agree with you here. If the Kiambaa atrocity merited special attention - I dont know how one decided that - then at the very least the President ought to have stayed away in order to not show insensitivity to victims in other areas.

What you saw was another case of Kenya being split right down the middle. You may choose to see it differently for fear of dealing with the consequences of the direction this nation is headed, but I see it for what it is. This nation is now two nations under God. We have Kenya, the bloc of six provinces that voted ODM and takes its marching orders from the Prime Minister. Then we have Central and Eastern, the bloc that voted PNU and now feels surrounded by an increasingly agitated fellow Kenyans. Look man, the faultlines always existed. PNU's charge is that the pre-election campaigning was "poisoned" with ethnocentrism by ODM. I ask you - does this argument have any merit? I believe it does but as much as I don't condone it, I do think that the political institution failed Kenya for 45 years - which is why for instance we don't have decent infrastructure in Nyanza and other parts while Central continues to move forward.

They don't understand that after the theft of elections last year, Kenya lost her innocence. We now feel just like another African country headed straight for the doldrums. Even that crap about Kenya being an island of peace sounds hollow to our doesn't hold the power to unite us for a purpose as it once did.

Indeed we did lose our innocence. What we saw was a gritesque powergrab. But dont't tell me ODM is clean either. Let us have hope. Kenya will adapt. We need to ensure the the current crop can deliver on the reform promise.

Anonymous said...

To all you Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki fans, from your very defensive reaction to Sam's post it seem that to you people whenever the TRUTH is spoken you fraudulently label it lies and propaganda. This is silly.

All you members of the Panua mongrel brigade, WAKE UP! Abandon your cowardly FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING ways, when you do that, you will eventually be able to face the truth that Sam has written about in his post.

I shall end by saying that it is very FOOLISH to continue hiding your heads in the sand like an Ostrich and thinking, like Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, that the storm that is the the truth will fade away, it will not.

Anonymous said...

Anyone talking about sanitation issues, especially in Kibera should re-read Anon 11:15 PM.

You bastards are the safe, contemptible middle class who can make disparaging remarks about a section of the population that lives under $1/day. Please set this RAO VIP WC issue aside. And if you do raise it, please don't bring the disenfranchised into it. If you don't change your mindset soon, you may regret it in 2012.

Anonymous said...

kikuyus are a very interesting social group.perenially in strong denial and paranoid about other tribal groups(foreigners).
the rich kikuyu elite are using you poor folks for their political wealth grabbing agenda.
why did kibaki attend the funeral for the kiambaa victims and not the nyeri (mungiki)victims in his own constituency?
dont you see that he and his rich friends are just playing a game with you kikuyu peasants as pawns?

Anonymous said...

The President asked leaders to avoid using abusive language towards others and instead strive to unite Kenyans for the sake of the country's development. Perhaps Museveni is listening.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21 AM, you put it so well:

"Kikuyus are a very interesting social group, perennially in strong denial and paranoid about other tribal groups.

The rich kikuyu elite are using you poor folks for their political wealth grabbing and stealing agenda.

Why did Mwai "pumbavu" kibaki attend the funeral for the kiambaa victims and not the Nyeri (Mungiki) victims in his own constituency?

Don't you panua mongrels see that Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki and his rich friends are just playing games with you kikuyu peasants as pawns?

Get your panua heads out of the sand and face reality.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
'the rich kikuyu elite are using you poor folks for their political wealth grabbing agenda'
Isnt this the same for Luos, Kalenjins, kambas etc etc? Why do you have to mention a particular tribe? I am a Taita myself and i believe you are the generation anon 11.15 is talking about. The pretentious middle class who talk crap about other tribes and then greet them every morning, do business/ work with during the day and then have a beer with them in the evening at Seasons, K2, Ibiza etc as you support the same english team. Then you log in to KK and bash each other unknowingly. When PEV erupts again you will stay in your cozy homes in Buru, South C/B, Langata, West, highrise, Ngong road, mountain view etc etc and say "Kwani what happened to this country? how horrible? wawa why are maskini fighting and they share poverty?" etc etc
I am sure that you share friends from all tribes. Do you tell them this crap you post here as you hide behind KK?Do you honestly TRULY believe that any particular tribe benefits from corruption? Do you really practice your hate ie decline a job/ do business with a kiuk, or refuse to lay/ date a fly luo chick, or refuse to sit and support together Man-u, Arsenal with a Kaleo? etc etc
Why are we pretending and destroying ourselves with hatred? Why do we still do it and yet we know it is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Sam, you will do better in kenya if you stick with the lies our politicians feed the masses. My brother, that animal called the truth is a thing people fear. They will never face up to it. Do you think kenyans are capable of confronting the ugly truths you are forcing us to confront? We want the lies, man. They are like medicine to us. Lies heal the soul.

i love you okello.

Anonymous said...

Okello is looking at Kenya without the lenses some of us want to wear, what he sees is not pleasing. the man is calling us to see the reality around us and wake up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.49 true indeed
please lets take a moment and remember the friends we have from other 'enemy' tribes. Do we really tell them this crap we say here? Do we show them this hate? Dont we men salaivate and fuck chicks from all tribes; dont we drink our heads off with our bossom buddies Omosh and Kamaa? Do you honestly believe that the Shikuh you shika shika benefits in this 'kikuyu kingdom'? Do you think Adhiambo sianda you have been drooping at is part of this 'Luo dynasy'?
Lets please be honest with ourselves. Tunagonganishwa na tribal chiefs and we are falling for it yet we are the educated middle class. What about the maskini dropouts in Kibera, Kayole, Mathare etc? Please stop for a moment and think
To the blog that went to the dogs!

Anonymous said...

Now Okello is posting as anon saying he loves himself sijui he is visionary with blah blah lenses, to hoodwink us that he has support of other bloggers. Please spare us the silly games. we can read you miles away and honesly we are not even moved. Same old noise

JEFF said...


Please i would urge you to stop living in the past. In my opinion, what has been done has been done. We need forward looking ideas. What i know for sure is that the future you are looking for Kenya will not be found in Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo and their looting, tribal and subjective sycophants. I mean, did you guys watch/listen to Mututho and the ideas his committee had for food security and yet ODM MPs trashed the document without considering the salient points, just coz it touched on the integrity of their leader? There is also talk about PNU MPs having been bribed to stay away!

So Sam, by making this post you are just trying to lay blame on one side, yet both sides have their share of blame.

Again, another troubling fact that has been pointed out is why this blog comes to life when it is a Kikuyu (not PNU!)President/Minister/Priest involved in some misdeed. Are we lying to ourselves that all the other tribes/parties have no blemish?

What is the core objective of this blog? Is it a perpetuation of the past, tribalism and all, or to bring about ideas that will sort the mess we are in. Do we have people here with ideas on how we can get rid of tribalism/regionalism which are our biggest curses. What is the average age of the contributors here. If it is less than 35 then Kenya has no future.

Chris/Taabu/Sam, we are tired of your anti-Kikuyu rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Kweli you even have chamas and 'investment clubs' with friends from these tribes.......

jamal said...

Ati the funeral was acall for gema unity? Really? I thought the government had tried to bury the victims in a mass grave until an outcry from the relatives prompted this ceremony.

People like you are complete and utter shits pretending to care about the country whilst spreading tribalism on this blog. Try and run for election and we shall let the electorate know of your Julius Streicher past.

BTW, why the silence on the maize scandal? It is because your god agwambop is implicated?


Anonymous said...

we are two nation from the day Raila announced the 'Kabila Adui'

Anonymous said...

KK/ Chris
I have previously debated on posts in KK on POLITICAL bias. Then TRIBAL bias/ attacks were strictly confined in the comments section and often moderated/ contained. However, lately there have been alarming increase in RAW TRIBALISM from your authors. The last about 4 posts have been unashamedly openly tribal without shame. You have allowed Sam, Taabu and commenters from both divides to continue raising tribal tempratures unessesarly. Now you are deleting comments but first you should delete entire article with clear tribal inclinations such as this. Ask yourself why PEV occurred, didnt we, before elections, do what we are just doing now? didnt we stay in our nice homes/ apartments when the fighting erupted? didnt we continue to call our friends from all tribes to see how they were doing. I ASK KK TO BAN WRITERS SUCH AS THESE. THIS KIND OF TALK IS WHAT CAUSED THE RWANDA GENOCIDE.
Sam, from you i ask for common sense, decency, and a sense on nationalism. Measure your words and clear you thoughts. Indeed some members of your tribe have disowned your views so please stop pretending to represent them or ODM. Please re-read the posts by anons 11.15 pm, 11,44 pm and 1.49 am which make a world of sense. Next time before you write...ask "how will this help the republic? How will it make the country move to the next level? will it solve our myrad of problems? will it get us out of the rut? how would i feel if the same was done/ said to me?"
Remmember hate destroys the hater and breeds counter hate from those you direct it
God Bless Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are a very strange and interesting community, They are perennially in strong denial and paranoid about other tribal groups.
They will go to enormous lengths using fraud and deception to justify the unjustifiable and to unjustify the justifiable.

These are very sick people. No wonder they have this silly and stupid hatred for Raila when their real enemies are the "elite" cynical wealthy old men such as Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and John "the rattlesnake" Michuki et al....

Anonymous said...

THE KIKUYU CIVIL WAR - WANACHAPANA WENYEWEThe proscribed Mungiki sect is on a recruitment drive, targeting anyone from primary school pupils to unemployed youth, even as the Government announced it was stepping up its crackdown.

The weekend pledge by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki to act on all illegal militias is yet to translate into a concrete action plan - It never does!

The police response so far has been muted, triggering the emergence of vigilante groups that pose equal threat on security in central province and the Kikuyu diaspora areas as the criminals they seek to rout out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59 AM,

The question is, when will this Kikuyu Mungiki/"Vigilantes" silly madness end?

The answer: When these Kikuyus stop being in a state of strong denial and remove their heads from under the sand; stop this silly and stupid hatred of Raila and face the reality - the ugly truth - that their real enemy is firmly embedded within their own community. Then, and only then, will this silly Kikuyu Mungiki/"Vigilantes" madness end.

Anonymous said...

Please does anyone have Chris/ KK direct email. I want to register my protest directly to them. I am starting to have doubts whether they read comments in their now careless tribal articles. I also request Sams direct email to give him a piece of my mind.
NB: I voted ODM and do not belong to the Kikuyu/ luo tribes. But this utter dispeakable crap is unacceptable to say the least. It is provacative and serves divisionary purposes only

One Wife Man said...

Samo aka Sam O,
nice to see this week you are cool and calm not breathing fire like a volcano

quick question-which God is this we are under?The PNU God or the ODM God? i thought there's only one God and He (unlike us) unites everyone (irrespective of tribe) under Him

just curious.....

Anonymous said...

Another village idiot has brought up the Mungiki debate. Again, the reason you support Mungiki is because the people killed on both sides belong to the tribe you hate. Very shallow indeed

Phil said...

Bw. Okello.

Do not let myopic criticism from those who only see wrong when certain tribes are mentioned put you down.

Those of us who buried our friends and comrades in January and February last year did not have the benefit of state funerals. We never complained.

The family that was burnt alive while locked inside their own home never merited the attention of the president.

The bitter truth is what many of these hypocrites fear. It is the same cyberstalkers who go around Kenyan blogs posting comments how Kumekucha has gone to the dogs, yet they still find time to come back here to caution Okello! What nonsense.

Okello, please keep them coming.Tuko pamoja bega kwa bega.

Anonymous said...

How DARE you mention God to talk ill about the same people he created in his own image? Are Kiuks not people? Shenzi wewe!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello has now taken Gods position and usurped his powers of judging. Just know that you will be judged with the same measure

Anonymous said...

Phil @3:20 AM,

I agree with you 100%. You had said:

"The bitter truth is what many of these hypocrites fear. It is the same cyber stalkers who go around Kenyan blogs posting comments how Kumekucha has gone to the dogs, yet they still find time to come back here to caution Okello! What nonsense."

The reason they say Kumekucha has gone to the dogs is because they can't handle the truth at Kumekucha. It is too hot and frightening for them.

Lesson to them: FRAUD and DECEPTION will never succeed; it will always come back to haunt you painfully.

Anonymous said...

Phil you said
"Those of us who buried our friends and comrades in January and February last year did not have the benefit of state funerals"
Ask yourself why Raila never bothered to bury those people either. Coz he had achieved his objective of power

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon 3:22 AM,

You ask: Are Kiuk's not people?

Answer: People whose predominant values are FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT and do not hesitate to go into extravangaza's of chopping off their own fellow tribesmens heads off are more like ... what do you call them? Ahhh, yes, SAVAGES!

Anonymous said...

We shall overcome, but at what cost? Sam what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.45
You said "People whose predominant values are... blah blah blah"
You already called them people. So now shove you ship back into your ass. And please go eat, utakufa just delivering shit every minute in this blog!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!

Raila Frustrated By Obama Aides

Raila has been denied the much sought audience with Obama. He has severally been asked to provide reasons for this but every reason provided has been turned down as matters not requiring BHO direct attention. Instead he has been reffered to channel the matters through top diplomatic channels available. Raila is said to be so frustrated since all he wants is a Photo with the most powerful man on the planet. Though it may seem a joke, It is believed that Raila wants this photo badly to rush back to kenya with it so that he apparently uses it boosts his now dwindling political support by showing association with the most popular man in the world.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, why were you deported?

Anonymous said...

Just in case it escaped your pumbavu panua brain. Taken together, Mobutu sese seko, emperor Bokassa, the Ghouls were also called people. Unfortunately, these were people whose behavior heavily "bent" towards the savage side.

And why did you cut the sentence short. Ati:

"You said "People whose predominant values are... blah"
blah blah"

I shall re-ask it with the words you left out:

"People whose predominant values are FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT and who do not hesitate to go into extravangaza's of chopping off their own fellow tribesmens heads off are more like ... what do you call them? Ahhh, yes, SAVAGES!"

Phil said...

Bw. Okello.

Do not let myopic criticism from those who only see wrong when certain tribes are mentioned.

Those of us who buried our friends and comrades in January and February last year did not have the benefit of state funerals. Infact, party leader’s tent was tear gased at Ligi Ndogo grounds in what we have since learnt was an assassination attempt on RAO’s life. We never complained.

The family that was burnt alive while locked inside their own home never merited the attention of the president nor his minister. Even the police has never arrested anyone who was involved in the Naivasha massacre. Is it surprising that those who were arrested for the Eldoret arson were realeased by the high court? Of course it is not, if you know how double standards are applied.

The bitter truth is what many of these hypocrites do not want to be told the truth. These are the same cyberstalkers who go around Kenyan blogs posting comments about how Kumekucha has gone to the dogs, yet they still find time to come back here to caution Okello! What nonsense.

Okello, please keep them coming.Tuko pamoja bega kwa bega.

Anonymous said...

****Maize from the port silos only leaves there in National Cereals and Produce Board-branded bags*****

**but the maize found and sold in central province has South African-labelled bags*


Raila: Bad maize not from port
Update 9 hours and 28 minutes ago

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 17 - Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed reports that the contraband maize recovered in parts of Central Kenya was the same that was declared unsafe at the Mombasa Port.

Through his Spokesman Dennis Onyango, the premier said in a statement sent to newsrooms on Sunday that ‘he has read mischief’ in circulating media reports of contraband maize said to be on sale in parts of Central Kenya and Nairobi provinces.

“There are also subtle attempts to link this sale to and question the Prime Minister’s assurance to Kenyans last week that the bad maize is being held at the port and is not in circulation,” the statement read.

In Parliament last week and backed by numerous documents, the Premier had told MPs that the imported maize that was found to be unfit for human consumption is still being held at the port, contrary to reports that the maize was on sale in some parts of the country.

“The rumours of bad maize being sold in the market are cheap propaganda being spread by desperate politicians, who looking for something to keep them afloat,” Mr Onyango said in the statement.

In the past week, maize in South African-labelled bags were recovered in Murang’a and parts of Nairobi, raising fears that the recently imported maize could be in circulation even though it was declared unfit for consumption.

In Murang’a alone, some 60 bags of the maize packaged in 90-kilogramme bags were recovered at a warehouse where dozens of local businessmen confessed to police that they had been buying the commodity for sale.

The Prime Minister however said on Sunday that maize from the port silos only leaves there in National Cereals and Produce Board-branded bags.

The issue was first brought to light when Public Health Minister Beth Mugo demanded to know whether the maize had been destroyed.

“The idea that there is bad maize in the market, which first came from the Public Health Minister Beth Mugo, borders on recklessness and irresponsibility,” the statement from the PM’s office stated.

“It is causing unnecessary panic among wananchi and the correct facts need to go out to the people.”

He said that ‘all the institutions involved in the importation of maize, including the NCPB, Grain Bulk Handlers Limited (GBHL) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) have confirmed that the bad maize is at the port’.

5/17/09 5:27 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, sopt the shameless deletion of my posts that point out your partisan posting of issues. And delete this one also in the same shameless manner. As the leading blog on social-political issues, you are no better that Njue and others you keep tainting. You serve partisan and biased interests, as your posts indicate, for they point at one side of the political divide. In fact, you are worse off that Njue and his ilk, for there is alot of pretense and hypocricy in your posts. We have no problem with shortcomings and problems being stated, but to build a prosperous and unified Kenya, we young people have to stop divisive actions and act with sole objectives of resolving the misdeeds from all sides of the political spectrum, not perpetuating the same divisions, hatred, biased analysis of issues etc. We young people can heal the nation, can change its destiny, but only when we refuse to be trapped in tribalism, refuse to worship or protect tribal chieftains, and keep the interests of our nation first, for that is the only way to safeguard the long term interests of our communities.

Anonymous said...

anon12:41 AM

Sam thanks you have brought back the munigiki's on kumekucha from under the shaite

Kibaki went to the funeral- because he ordered the burning of those people in the eldoret church- who doesn't know that?

Anonymous said...


I am with Phil. Keep posting. What some people don't realise is that you write your opinions on your blog post.

Ati they now want your opinions, to be their opinions.

This is ridiculous. I like your posts, and expect you to have a view.

I may not always agree with you, however respect that you can write what you like on your blog post.

Anonymous said...

what Funeral sam kello?
who murdered who? and why should other Kenyans bother to go to that funeral when they know how it happened themselves?

kenyans buried their own ages ago and they were not waiting around for state burials!!

and kenyans didn't need the same killers attending their funerals

i sincerely pity the eldoret church people laying in their graves and knowing very well that the same person who ordered their deaths was standing there claiming he cared.. what a sham

Anonymous said...

sam Okello

that eldoret burial was just a show case for Kibaki to spit on those he killed- those people are turning in their graves as we speak.

Anonymous said...

My learned Friend Okello

Just to remained that that most of us Kenyans are aware what happened and who planned the eldoret massacre

and as we can all see he is continuing executing mungiki or whose he claims are mungiki's in central province - meanwhile still ordering the assassination of activists

The same murderer burying the people he ordered to be burned in Eldoret church to confuse kenyans while rigging the elections

kibaki is a nasty piece of work we all know that- my question to you same is why haven't kenyans frog marched him out of statehouse? other countries have forced murderers out?

Andruid said...

If Kenya is divided it is because of myopic and escapist logic like that.

This enourmous tumour of tribalism is the fruition of the divisive and selfish (our turn to eat) politics that has been practiced under varying methodologies by both Mr Kenyatta (whose proteges are in power now) and Mr Moi, (whose proteges are now dominantly definign opposition plitics in Kenya today)

We cannot escape the fact that this demon we call GEMA, which you insist is the sole cause of our problems, was conjured specifically to help Kenyatta and his MEN eat. You cannot escape the fact that many of those men still haunt the corridors of power long after the proper GEMA organisation was banned.

However you cannot escape the fact that we have allowed this to blind us to the only reason these thugs are still there is because we refuse hold ourselves top a sufficiently high standard of governance as to hold them individually responsible for their wrong doings. No we would rather blame some abstract idea like their ethnicity for all the ills in this country whether they have any personal involvement in it or not.

That Mr Okello is the problem

Anonymous said...


good post, look at the reactions it got from kibaki ass lickers?? blinded by greed and who don't come out of the woodwork's when their own fellow tribesmen are being slaughtered and executed by the same Kibaki they support?

This actually doesn't shock most kenyans- just look around you even their IDP's have been forgotten!
this shenzi types on here should go home and try help resettle their Mau Mau veteran's families
instead of domo shenzi here..

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello


Kibaki the known Killer went to bury the same people he ordered burnt in the church-
Hey I forget did he go to the funeral for the other victims that he ordered the police to shoot and kill?

Anonymous said...

anon3:09 AM

Oh please !! who ask you who you voted for? go give your protest to Kibaki the murderer to stop executing your fellow tribesmen
that makes more sense

you won't stop people speaking their minds here. this blog is not controlled by your Alfred MUtua:)

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.42 i believe the same person who has repeated many silly comments here. You are clearly idle however, YOU WIN! YOU TAKE THE SEAT FOR IDIOTS IN YOUR TRIBAL COUNCIL CONGRATULATIONS! HEHEHEHE

Anonymous said...

anon3:33 AM


I agree with you 100%. You had said:

"The bitter truth is what many of these hypocrites fear. It is the same cyber stalkers who go around Kenyan blogs posting comments how Kumekucha has gone to the dogs, yet they still find time to come back here to caution Okello! What nonsense."

The reason they say Kumekucha has gone to the dogs is because they can't handle the truth at Kumekucha. It is too hot and frightening for them.

Lesson to them: FRAUD and DECEPTION will never succeed; it will always come back to haunt you painfully.

Anonymous said...


Ha!ha!! you amaze me.. isn't true you kibaki used the mungiki to assassinate other tribes in kenya in the beginning and his cronies used them for illigal jobs.. and were executed by kibaki after job well done!!

then elections come and they were used to behead, slaughter and burn innocent kenyans in churches & houses December2007-feb-2008

After which Kibaki ordered yet again for their mass execution.

Now it has come back to bite the same mungiki chasing those who have used them and now

kibaki has pitted mungiki against ordinary people in central now calling themselves vigilantes

who are you blaming for the central province madness??
mpumbavu wewe.. take a hike


Anonymous said...

Why do some people in Kenya think that ruling Kenya is their God given right and only them and their families can do it?

- We had Jomo Kenyatta, now we have Uhuru Kenyatta (Not forgetting the many Kenyatta Kin who have been in influential positions like Muhoho, Beth Mugo etc)

- Then we had Daniel Moi, now we have Gideon Moi (Not forgetting the billions Raymond Moi and company have robbed Kenyans)

- We have Mwai Kibaki, and he is grooming Jimmy Kibaki (Incase you have not noticed he has been on TV a lot lately. Has he just discovered he can help out in Othaya?)

After this, we have the others:

- We had Jaramogi Odinga, now we have Raila Odinga (Not forgetting akina Oburu)

- We had Moses Mudavadi, now we have Musalia Mudavadi

- We had Snr. Salat, now we have Nick Salat

- We had Kipkalya Kones, now we have Mrs. Kones

- We had Laboso, now we have Laboso's sister

- We had Kihara, then Kihara's wife.

Guys, what the f.uck is wrong with Kenya?

I know even in US we have political families like the Clinton's, Bushes, Kennedy's etc, but at least these are people who have an agenda for US.

In Kenya, they rob us, use any means necessary to protect their ill gotten wealth, then shove their sons, wives, brothers OR sisters down our throats to continue where they left.

Meanwhile, we the common Kenyans are busy fighting and tearing at each other, calling each other skunks and ngozi and all those other names.

As we do this, they are eating and congratulating the one who beat them to the game and waiting to rotate the positions among themselves.

I expect a lot of matusi on this, but this is the BARE truth in Kenya and only WE Kenyans can reverse it.

PS: There is no difference between the common mwananchi, be he Kikuyu, Luo, Kale, Luhya, Kisii OR even Dorobo. They all pay tax, drive on dilapidated roads, are shikwad ngeta, buy unga at 95 bob and are the ones who suffer when the mighty decide to lock horns in search of power.

On the other hand, there is no difference between the rich, be they kikuyu, Luo, Kale, Luhya, Kisii OR even Dorobo. They all live in upmarket places with private security guards, don't pay taxes, drive top of the range vehicles that never feel the potholes, have no idea how much a packet of unga costs and evacuate their families to other lands before they decide to lock horns in search of power.

Anonymous said...


I think we are all beginning to sense the gravity of the situation we are dealing with. I obviously write with punch so our eyes can open. Our brothers and sisters from Central think I hate them. Not so. I love folks from Central. One of Sahel's best sellers is a sweet lady from Kabete called Njeri. And you'll notice from our website that I work with a lot of guys from that area. They are all fellow Kenyans to me and I love them dearly.

So the point of my strident voice lately is this...that we open our eyes and correct the ills we see in our nation before they swallow us. Is it the case that our brothers from Central have dominated public life? Yes. Are other Kenyans feeling a bit left out? Yes. What I'm saying therefore is...what can we collectively do to correct this situation?

Phil, I like bega kwa bega. I'm still waiting for the Kosewe thing. Or have you thought of other more exotic places?

Jeff, nice to hear from you. It should be bega kwa bega with you too.


Anonymous said...

anon4:09 AM


when will kikuyu's stand up to this murder?? instead of being consumed with the hatred of Raila and other Kenyan tribes.. isn't it a pity?

Anonymous said...

anon4:47 AM

The truth hurts and you are the same thick head and shiate head trying to police people on kumekucha - go bury your dead from the forests kibaki has dumped them in.

stop wasting your time here while abusing Raila and other tribes while ass licking kibaki's shiate when he keeps executing your own tribesmen- wewe shenzi wa wapi?

Anonymous said...

Taabu/okello, why do things to do with kikuyus excite you so much. why should i be bothered that kikuyus organised a funeral and did not invite me? Actually why would one want to attend a funeral, especially where you are not wanted.I have followed taabu's comments here and i have come to the firm conclusion he has an inferiority complex when it comes to kikuyus.You cant miss it.

Anonymous said...

4:58 AM

I would hate to see other Kenyan tribes turning to be like kikuyu's that means being thieves, thugs, murderers and with their kibaki who encourages them to do exactly that

the sad thing is the same kibaki just goes round killing and executing not only other tribes but his own mungiki tribesmen whom he used to behead and burn other tribes during the clashes

Sam kikuyu's are not in office because they won elections they are there dominating because they killed, beheaded, burned, slaughtered stole to get there period and no other tribes should copy them.. thee many ways to getting into power without murdering innocent people!

Anonymous said...

5:10 AM

Funeral? ha!!ha!! which kenyans wanted to be invited? a funeral that was planned before the clashes as a showcase? for kibaki and his cronies? lets send mungiki to burn them in a church in the Riftvalley and blame it on the kalejins ( we all know there are many mungiki's residing in Eldoret before the clashes!!)

Kibaki thought after murdering and burning his own tribesmen in the Eldoret church he would have Martha Karua shouting on the BBC "genocide genocide" ha!!ha! no body bought it - then the same mungiki they send to burn the church were gunned down one by one and executed.. hey but wait!!same opened up and confessed and it was no more a secret..

Kibaki went to busy the same people he murdered! most kenyans stayed away because they know the truth! pole sana

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Just look at the reactions your post has got from kibaki ass lickers? These clowns are blinded by greed and who don't come out of the woodwork's when their own fellow tribesmen are being slaughtered and executed by the same Kibaki they blindly support?

Anonymous said...

abusive language doesnt help anyone. as kenyans, what we saw last week surprised us. there was lack of planning, very poor show for the late colleagues. the kikuyus, luos, kales and all those who perished due to kibaki theft were innocent. Kibaki stole the elections in clear view of all kenyans. instead of killing the thief, the innocent were killed by the thief. now the thief goes to burry the innocent, what do you expect? and what a shame for the thief?? and to those who post syaing we are luos or kikuyus, start to reason like human beings. use your brain. tomorrow it might be u, your son or mother in one of those coffins.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
"On the other hand, there is no difference between the rich....they all live in upmarket places with private security guards, don't pay taxes, drive top of the range vehicles that never feel the potholes, have no idea how much a packet of unga costs....." Is it a sin to be rich? Are all rich people theives? Look at Sammy Wanjiru, Jelimo etc etc are they tax evaders? Are the other hardworking kenyans who have made it to the top theieves? Why is being rich so criminal

Anonymous said...

Give Diplomacy a Chance on Migingo, The President is Right on the Bull's Eye

A casual read into Museveni's comments on Migingo dispute betrays an attempt to manipulate the Kenyan populace into tribalising an otherwise National problem, but the real intention could more cunning and sinister. Like other East Africans, Museveni seem to believe that Kenyans are incorrigibly tribalized so much so that anyone can manipulate these differences to their advantage.

What such mindset does not appreciate is the fact that though our diversity is sometimes manipulated negatively particularly by the political class, Kenyans are for the most part very nationalistic and tend to celebrate their national achievement with abandon. We all celebrate our sportsmen and women irrespective of tribe and at micro levels we've never had a problem with each other, but for few dimwits.

Little wonder then that you'd find a Kenya Member of parliament of Indian origin in a predominantly native constituency, a Luo councilor in Muranga, a Somali Mayor in Migori. Who do you think voted Dr.. Lwali Oyondi and the late Ramogi Achieng Oneko in Nakuru? We all remember that the Kamukunji electorate chose TJ over Dr. Munyua and better still, Luo Nyanza voted overwhelmingly for Kibaki in 2002 than his own Gikuyu community though in a period of less than two years some losers resuscitated the Luo bogeyman, well lets leave that for a different day. My point in citing a few of these statistics is to show that the tribal differences and competition is for the most part a manipulation and exaggerated.

Museveni's characterization of the Luo, despicable as it is to Kenyans, is a manifestation of unfettered arrogance of an overstayed leader lack of empathy not only to the Kenyan Luo but also to his fellow country people who share the larger Luo ancestry. I don't know but if a Kenyan politician were to talk disparagingly against Tanzanian Masai or Somalian Somali then I doubt if the locals would take it kindly, so please madam or mr. honorable just don't do it. But perhaps Museveni has long ceased to court (well he is under no meaningful democratic pressure) or respect those Luo people in Uganda, no wonder instead of proving them with security and helping them resettle he is contemplating appropriating their land.

Museveni also assumes that all those who live around and or make a living from the lake are Luo. They are actually a smorgasbord of communities some of who trace their ancestry to the Baganda and so forth. For your information Sir, there are no pure breeds here, we are all mutts. His cantankerous utterance has also created a potential of mistrust between otherwise brotherly neighbors. People from border regions appreciate and are proud of their relatives on the other side of the border. In fact these relationships have proved to be life insurance of sorts. Because of this many Ugandans found it easy to melt into Kenyan society during Idi Amin regime (many middle aged Kenyans most likely had a Ugandan teacher), quite a few Kenyans at one point also found refuge and work in Uganda, not to mention the help himself, Museveni, received from his Rwandan brethren. The same may also be said of other border commuties. For example, whenever the GSU are set on poor Kuria where do you think they head? Not Migori of course. Your guess is as good as mine, Tanzania. It is therefore inhuman for a Head of State to saw seeds of hatred between otherwise peaceful brothers.

But Museveni's callous utterances also portend a deeper and sinister motive than is immediately apparent. Museveni appears to have found himself between a hard rock that is Migingo, and other Islands and border hills. It is very likely that the border survey may not only confirm Kenya's claim to Migingo, but could also shutter Ugandas' claim to other islands and border points. So what is Museveni to do faced this this realization and with no credible evidence to back his un informed territorial annexation? Set a trap by localizing the Migingo affair, accept it as Kenyan and disrupt the work of the survey team. This way, he can keep his claim to other islands in the lake as he continues to harass and intimidate poor fishermen and the Turkana. By bowing to his unbridled predisposition to aggression thus invading Little Rock Migingo, Museveni is staring at Migingo Waterloo and will soon have to explain to the people of Uganda why they may no only relinquish sovereignty over Migingo but over other Islands as well. Not a cozy spot for a any Head of State to chill in. Moreover, it will immediately poke reservations on the credibility of Uganda's claim on other territories, the Lake Albert Island dispute being one.

The onus now lies with both Kenya Parliament and politicians to make sure that Museveni does succeed in derailing the border survey team by not biting his bait. Instead they should pile pressure on a speedy execution of the border survey and its immediate implementation. Concomitantly, security agencies together with the politicians should make sure they let the public know that we are not in anyway at war with the people of Uganda and trade and communication routes should not be interfered with but facilitated with an even greater abandon. This way would have provided a good example and leadership to our brothers in the East and Central African region. May I also add that which ever way this survey turn, it should never ever be used as an excuse to expel those who already live in these places. It is only fair and human that such a consideration be made. In any case there are more Kenyans living in mainland Uganda and more Ugandans living in mainland Kenya than in these islands or border points. Nobody is going to die because a few Ugandans are let live in a Kenyan island or vice versa.

As for President Kibaki, he stands to get allot of accolade and admiration should the whole process get consummated and implemented to the later. Years to come, may be months, we might all sit back and wallow in his judgment and handling of the crisis. My message to Mr. President therefore is "stay the course", we are almost there. And to Raila "give the Kibera youths both Uganda and Kenya flags to wave the trains through every time a Uganda bound train passes by". Good luck and long live East African Community and always remember, East Africans have always been a community only geo-politically compartmentalized.

Anonymous said...


Not from the government silo's they have a south African tag and government distributed maize or bought maize has a stamp of delivery on it..

sources now confirm a PNU campaign to soil Raila's name ati they are going around their constituencies saying

Raila wants to kill all of you in central province by selling all this poisonous maize to us kikuyu's

it is called fear mongering of a dangerous kind..

remember Obama was once accused by the republicans that he was "laying in bed with terrorists" during the campaigns!

Kibaki and his PNU cronies are trying to rally their troops by claiming Raila wants to finish them

Kenyans you have seen the same people claiming the same here on kumekucha -


they actually believe Kenyans are that foolish? or have lack of intelligence to check on facts

only murderers and thugs use fear mongering to justify their means

and yet

kibaki continues to execute the same people and known of them raises up to stop him

this kikuyu tribe is doomed and i don't feel sorry for them for allowing kibaki to finish their youths by pitting Mungiki against vigilantes that is the oldest trick in the book-" let them kill themselves since i was caught executing them and i might be taken to the Hague(kibaki's thoughts) and i can see he is doing very well..

they are killing each other in central province alright - families against families no body is safe anymore - i guess except for Kibaki and his rich cronies

Anonymous said...

anon6:09 AM

You have hit the nail on the head

yes PNU is rallying its troops-
that Raila wants to kill people in central province by selling them contaminated maize!

it reminds me of " genocide -genocide" the song that went out and Martha Karua leading it on BBC now Martha Karua the hunter is being hunted( I wonder how she feels) going back to the maize
Beth Mugo and the PNU cronies find themselves stack peddling lies that kenyans are not buying

ha!!ha!!ha!! the lie lays in that the Maize was found only in central province and did you see the police force mobolized to go and arrest the maize traders??
even during the clashes or in Nairobi were the crime rate is at it's highest - kenyans don't see that many policemen send out

fishy !!fishy!! but i blame the kikuyu's who are so foolish and have lack of intelligence or should i say they are so blinded with hate for other tribes that they follow their leaders blindly and hang on every word spoken from their lips

do i pity them kikuyu's yes because while the sing the praise of kibaki and his cronies... their sons and daughters are being slaughter in the name of mungiki and vigilante groups formed by the same kikuyu elite mafia under kibaki's watch.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!ha!!ha!! at last the truth comes out. the maize saga is for the PNU to rally it's central province thick citizens that follow orders blindly

1. they are told to kill each other and guess what they do exactly that

MUngiki vs Vigilante groups

Now they are being told Raila is selling you contaminated maize to finish the kikuyu's

and instead of checking the facts like most kenyans have done!

central province just claps exitedly and says yes yes!! we hear you..

aren't this central province people educated? or are they the rich and who are only educated and the rest fall under the umbrella of mungiki and vigilante with no education since they don't seem to follow on facts
the worst is they are told to kill each other and they do it.

i sincerely don't pity them now since they have the power of the people in their hands to stop it but have decided not to.

or is it God punishing them for the killing of innocent kenyans in 2007- you all recall central province was protected by Kibaki while he was using the police and the mungiki to murderer other tribes- God does not sleep now central province roads are flowing with blood and fields are called the valley of death.

Anonymous said...

Sam, you are spot on -

"We Are Now Two Nations Under God
The blind (The PNU crowd) won't see it, but it's the sad reality."

Even on this comments section, The blind (The PNU crowd) still do not get it.

Anonymous said...



Vigilantes who kill with equal force

Updated 17 hr(s) 1 min(s) ago
Related Stories
"I delivered my son to his killers"
Gang uses force to get new recruits
The 48 rules of power
Mungiki: The untold story of a gang reinvented
‘The Hague’: The open court where only death sentences are passed

By Standard Team

On Monday last week, a blood-thirsty gang of vigilantes arrested Elvis Kibara, 22, accusing him of being a member of Mungiki.

They trussed him with ropes then rode in a convoy of motorbikes from his Karinga village to Kamuiru, where the vigilantes have been operating a kangaroo court they have cheekily named "The Hague".

The trial at the spot was swift and lasted only a few minutes. Forced to stand on the ashes of other suspects, burned alive before him, Karinga was found guilty and sentenced to death.

The vigilantes then asked the frightened man to choose his preferred mode of death and gave him three choices. He could choose to hang himself, to be hacked or to be set ablaze.

Kibara chose suicide.

But there was a hitch. A section of residents tired of continuous bloodletting at the spot urged the vigilantes to take the man elsewhere.

They took him to a roadside, selected a tree and gave him a rope with the noose ready so he could hang himself. Witnesses said the gang was cheering as Kibara climbed up the tree at around midday.

Pleas on deaf ears

He pleaded to be spared, saying he was an innocent man earning a living as a driver. But the gang had already smelt blood.

"He delayed to release the rope, and someone slashed his hand so he could let go," his mother Cecily Wanjiru said, citing witness accounts. "He died in great pain."

As Wanjiru’s son chocked to death, the vigilante gang exploded in wild cheering, even as two men stabbed him repeatedly just for the fun of it.

His final moments before death were horrific. When his lifeless body was brought down, it had nine stab wounds – six on the chest, one on the neck, hand and at the pelvis.

The activities of this gang are not isolated. Several vigilante gangs are rampaging through villages in Kirinyaga and have so far executed about 20 people in similar blood-chilling fashion.

Residents told of the atrocities committed by the gangs, which the Government has failed to stop despite pledges to do so.

Police, who have failed to dismantle Mungiki, appear to be spectators in the violence that some officers secretly admit to be supporting, despite the glaring abuse of suspects’ rights.

As residents plead with the police to stop vigilantes who have mutated into execution squads, there are claims they are operating with the full support of the government and local police.

The gangs are headed by "chairmen" who serve as judges at the trials. They are the ones who order the executions once suspects are found guilty, residents confided in us.

These chairmen are well known people, but none of them has been arrested or prosecuted. Interviews with several residents suggest the Government is an accomplice in the murders.

State interference

"I called our MP to ask him to call an end to the violence, but he told me a senior Government official had advised him to keep off the issue," said the father of one of the killed suspects.

Relatives of four of those butchered said they knew the killers, but police had not visited their homes to carry out investigations.

The vigilantes have spread fear and are threatening to disrupt the funerals of those they have killed. At Karinga village, young men have been warned against digging a grave for Kibara.

"They want him buried like a dog," Kibara’s mother said a week ago.

Residents are also questioning why the gangs are allowed to operate in broad daylight without police intervention.

Kabara’s arrest, trial and execution was conducted during the day and lasted about two hours, yet police never moved to stop the gang.

However, Central PC Kiplimo Rugut said it was difficult for police to investigate the deaths if those aggrieved fail to report.

"There would be no complainant in such a case," he said.

The PC said a new programme to turn the vigilantes into a disciplined, community-policing outfit has been launched.

A senior police official from police headquarters had been dispatched to Kirinyaga to organise the issue, said Rugut.

It is at "The Hague" that three students of nearby Mutitu Secondary School were butchered in an incident that has left their parents in anguish and residents of their Kabaru village sharply divided.

The killings, which were carried out by well-known people, have turned neighbour against neighbour and the small community is falling apart. One morning last month, the boys Peter Kinyua, 16, Jason Mwangi, 17 and Reuben Gachoki also aged 17 were asked to report to the local vigilante gang and explain their membership to Mungiki.

Together with their parents, they reported to the vigilante gang and explained how they were forcefully recruited to Mungiki and threatened with death if they failed to enlist.

Their parents told The Standard that the boys explained to the vigilantes that they were lured by another boy to a homestead where they had gone to borrow books. But as soon as they entered the house, they were grabbed, beaten up and forced to go through a Mungiki oath.

The vigilante gang had promised the parents that their sons would be forgiven since they had confessed and had promised to walk out of Mungiki.

However, as soon as the boys confessed, they were taken to "The Hague," sentenced to death and hacked with machetes.

"They lied to us as if we were small babies," said Gachoki’s mother, Mary Muthoni.

She added: "When a child goes astray, do you kill him or do you hold his hand and show him the right way? Most of those who killed my son are parents too."

She said Gachoki and the others should have been forgiven since they were forced into Mungiki and had promised to quit.

The Standard was told many young men had been forced to join Mungiki against their wish. Muthoni said on the day he was killed, Gachoki woke up early and prepared to go and meet the people who had promised to forgive him. He appeared happy that finally, the heavy load he had been carrying would fall off his shoulders, she added.

"He spent the whole day in his room praying," she said, standing next to the fresh grave of her slain son.

There are claims that police have not shown interest in investigating the murders, and are concealing deaths caused by vigilantes.

Dangerous criminal

Kibara’s father, Mr Dioniso Kithaka, said when he complained that his son had been murdered, he was told he (Kibara) was a criminal.

He showed The Standard a post mortem request form indicating his son was a gangster.

In explaining the circumstances of the death, the form written by a police officer says: "The deceased was lynched by the public after having been identified as a dangerous robber."

Anonymous said...

All the above 4 stupid posts from anon on maize are from the same village idiot

Anonymous said...



‘The Hague’: The open court where only death sentences are passed

By Standard Reporter

An eerie silence hangs over "The Hague", the spot where vigilantes have been operating a kangaroo court and executing Mungiki suspects in a gory fashion.

It is a disused field meant for a cattle dip at Kamuiru village, about three kilometers from Kagumo town in Kirinyaga district.

Two cows nibble at the short grass oblivious of The Standard crew.

Ashes of past victims burned to death are scattered on the ground and are testament to the atrocities that have been committed here in the last few months.

"The Hague" in Kamuiru village a few kilometres from Kigumo town in Kirinyaga District, where suspected vigilante groups parade and sentence to death suspected Mungiki members.

The vigilantes, who also call themselves "The Hague" (in reference to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands) have been lighting bonfires and roasting their victims even as they plead for mercy.

So far no suspects has been to "The Hague" and been found innocent or granted amnesty. When on trial, suspects are made to stand on these ashes, then tortured to reveal if they are Mungiki members.

Bloodied clothes of those already killed litter the scene next to a black patch where the fires have consumed vegetation. A crow flies into the field from a nearby try and makes as it to land but then changes its mind and flies away.

Two shirts, a pair of trousers and a red cap that belonged to one of those slain earlier litter the scene.

This seemed to confirm accounts that victims are first ordered to strip naked before they are brutally murdered. Also at the scene are large stone blocks used to batter suspects to death.

Cold chills

More than half of those killed by vigilantes were executed at this spot.

A visit to the scene sends cold chills down the spine.

On noticing strangers, young men, who are probably spies, emerge from nearby farms and quietly disappear.

The obvious reaction for a stranger is to run for dear life.

Trials at the kangaroo court are witnessed by hundreds of vigilantes who keep watch armed with machetes, clubs and whips.

Residents said suspects are given little chance to defend themselves and are tortured during the trial sessions, mainly carried out in the dead of night.

However, some of the vigilante members say they have been forced to join, where they are then taken on execution orgies at night.

At Karuko village near Kagumo, a resident said all men aged between 18 and 45 years are woken up at night and forced to go round hunting for mungiki members.

"If they find you asleep, they whip you and then force you to join them," he said.

Anonymous said...

Village idiot
congratulations for for taking top price on posting shit the whole day. You have wandered on topics from Kikuyus to maize to mungiki
Question: Dont you have work to do? why are you wasting a whole day arguing, defending and bashing on issues of which we know where you stand? Any effect? NO
Now shut up, shove it and go sleep. Am sure your fellow baboons on the other side can pick it from here since they are waking up and KK continues
Lala unono/ peace

Anonymous said...


shut up instead of posting lies on maize which we now confirm didn't even have the government stamp!! like the maize in the silo ( which by the way is still intact)

yes you forgot that little detail when you start your stories blaming Raila.. now you have been caught in your lies

and the idiot is you for standing by and letting your tribesmen kill each other, but i can assume you are not in central province but abroad where you look down at the vigilante killing innocent kenyans and you laugh and say well done Kibaki Job well done you mpumbavu!!

Anonymous said...

anon6:51 AM Kibaki ass licker

Happy that your kikuyu tribesmen are encouraged by Kibaki to kill each other and i can see you don't care -
shenzi type that you are..

keep licking Kibaki's ass and soon it will be your family being taken to the vigilante Hague or mungiki beheaded
is it that you are all idiots and just foolish or simply just greedy and blood thirsty that you don't care for your dying tribesmen?

shenzi Bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

Sam, how are we going to unite this nation?

Anonymous said...

anon6:51 AM

Ha!ha!! I can see the truth hurts but why blame me?? shouldn't you be blaming yours truly Kibaki and cronies?

1. who encouraged the mungiki's to behead and slaughter other tribes? in dec 2007? and now the same mungiki have turned on the same people that use to pay them to murder innocent kenyans

2. who encouraged the vigilante thugs t go after the mungiki and even innocent youths from central in the name of flashing out the mungiki and they even have the "HAGUE" but this hague one is executed without trail!! again KIBAKI and his PNU government under the police are encouraged them to do so..

why because the police can not go openly and kill mungiki since Muite send a report on the killings to the Hague and blamed it on Kibaki..

Kibaki and cronies had to find another way of killing the mungiki without showing their hand and

suddenly the birth A new group named the "VIGILANTE" now known as chilling and vicious MURDERERS
being used and supported by kibaki and his PNU 100%

the pity is for the ordinary kikuyu's in central not idiots and shenzi mavi like you.. go back under the stone you crawled from mpumbavu wewe.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but KK is the leader in Kenyan blogging. I have been to the other blogs and I do not see anywhere near the lively debate going on here. Matusi aside, we must scream at each other before we become friends.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:25,

you call such extremism lively debate?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Bwana Okello, if Central and Eastern are indeed 'surrounded' by six hostile provinces (including the patently stupid ODM claim that this 'surrounding' and hence hostility includes Nairobi province where GEMA and Akamba people combined are the overwhelmingly clear majority!), and that we are indeed two nations, then why not split up permanently? You can have your Western Kenya republic beyond Nakuru composed of Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins and friendly Maasais. The GEMA, the Akamba and friendly Maasais can form a Central Kenya republic including Nairobi, and then you can have a Coast republic. Other tribes like the Somali and Borana will have to decide where to belong or even form their own states. When a marriage is beyond salvage, the best solution is divorce, not constant quarreling and fighting that can lead to murder. Kenyans should just sit down and agree on how to go their separate ways.

Anonymous said...

Kenya my Kenya,

I really don't know where we are heading.

This side is Migingo

The other side is vigilante groups, who have become as murderous as Mungiki, and maybe they will also start forcing villagers to pay a fee for protection from Mungiki.

And by the way someone told me there is no mungiki - that original mungiki was hijacked by criminals. The vigilante's face has started resembling that of 'mungiki'. If the government supports them then I'm seeing a conflict that will take long to end for neither side is willing to give up and surrender. The government should fight mungiki and not allow vigilante to do that.

Now let's go to Migingo.... no let's go to Kiambaa burial.

Haki, where are we heading?

Anonymous said...

Imagine this, mungiki forces youths to join them or else they might kill you.

Vigilante forces people to join them or else they might also kill you.

If mungiki knows you are a member of vigilante they kill you.

If vigilante knows you are a member of mungiki they kill you.

So if you are a youth in those areas you must make a decision to join either mungiki or vigilante, or face death.

But also if you join either knowsthat you also faces death when the 'enemy' gets you.

If your brother belongs to mungiki while the other belongs to vigilante, really what will you do?

If my brother or son is killed by either then I'll want to revenge, and the cycle will continue, that's why if the government can't do anything, then in future even the economy of central will be affected, security will be so bad and you never know where the refugees from central will want to run, maybe to Ahero or Mihoroni or Homabay. The places that some of them despise, for it can soon be better than Central province.

By the way what I'm saying is serious that only a fool will response badly. You just need to go and ask those living in those areas, it's getting worse.

Anonymous said...

anon7:43 AM

the question you should be asking yourself like most kenyans are asking is that why why! are central province big wigs quiet while the ordinary mwanaichi in central province is being slaughtered in the name of mungiki??

2. why has the Kibaki PNU side of government allowed ordinary wanaichi's in central province be judge and jury their fellow tribesmen? "Hague" kangaroo court??

doesn't that scare you? if the Kibaki PNU side of government can allow such mascaras to take place in their own backyard then God forbid when they decide to turn on the rest of Kenyans

The only saving grace is that the rest of Kenya learned their lesson and now they see through the kibaki and cronies tactic and they will not buy it- in fact that is the day Kibaki will be frog marched out of statehouse BY KENYANS LIKE FORMER PRESIDENT CHAUCHESCO.... this time the rest of kenya is watching and waiting as the saga in central province unfolds

I understand most MP's don't even visit their own constituencies in central alone unless there is a function and they travel in a convey- they are scared shiatless.. and it serves them right since they are not fighting for the ordinary people on ground in this ghost towns..

Anonymous said...

7:28 AM

Only a blind fool can say what you posted here- like the Coast and Eestern can vote for PNU? didn't you learn your lesson in the last elections? or you are so arrogant after kibaki rigged elections and was sworn in in the dark that you can't even imagine otherwise.. let me say this to you your arrogance as a kikuyu will come to bare.. other tribes you may think they are foolish but come the change at statehouse kikuyu's yes better be prepared to face the wrath of kenyans - you have abused, insulted, maligned beheaded, assassinated and murdered so many kenyans without a blink of an eye and now

your own tribesmen are killing each other in the name of kibaki and his rich cronies who care less how many ordinary kikuyu's slaughter each other... you must be a fool or too blind to even fathom what is happening in your own backyard in central province and let me advise you it will take years for people in central province to trust each other and live together as neighbors

and we all thought Moi was bad?
Kibaki takes the golden trophy for the senile bastard that introduced killing fields and the kangaroo HAGUE court in central province.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please summon Baba Moi from retirement to hold the fort until 2010?

Anonymous said...

7:28 AM


Kenyans already decided on December 27th 2007 or you have forgotten
and infact after Kibaki slaughtered many kenyans- they all come to an agreement to separate from Central Landlocked Lesotho

Maybe your brains have gone numb and this is what kenyans still want seeing that the central province has decided to be lawless and use Local Hague to execute each other.

Does the rest of Kenya need central province? No no no no no!! we can do very well without them
tea and coffee is grown in other parts of Kenya, so we don't need any from central province ..

you see central province is not strategically placed to matter to Kenyans and in fact it is the province that is dragging Kenya down. (looting, Anglo leasing, grand Regency, Oil,charter house, transcentury and now add the mini budget which just by the grace of God was caught before implementation - it is about time the rest of kenya divorced central province like i said we definitely don't need them. they can have their statehouse in Othaya or is it Kiambu under the mafia thief Uhuru ??

Anonymous said...

Kenya should be split and governed according to the will of its people and the voting outcomes of 07.

Central and Eastern should be a country unto themsleves and let the other 6 provinces that voted ODM be self governing, until 2010/2012 and we go back to the ballot. If the outcomes are the same are the prior elections, let's secede and make it permanent.

Anonymous said...

Gatundu court destroyed by night fire..... just after another one (in the same province) was destroyed in the same way last month..... ONLY IN KUKUYULAND.

When not burning their own in kiambaa, they are busy destroying evidence that touches on their numerous cases involving THEFT, DECEPTION AND FRAUD!!SHAME ON YOU.

Anonymous said...





A law court has been destroyed by a night fire in Gatundu town of Kenya’s Central province.

Image Gallery

The fire is thought to have been started by an electric fault in one of the rooms and quickly spread to the whole building that houses the resident magistrate court.

The registry, where court records are kept, was also completely destroyed.

Court files of at least 300 criminal cases and 1,200 civil cases were burnt.

High Court Registrar Lydia Achoda said that the criminal cases, which were in different stages of investigations, will be reconstructed with the help of the police. She added that lawyers handling the civil cases will be involved in reconstructing the cases.

Ms Achoda also said all court activity will be transferred to Thika.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:16 AM

Marshall law?? are you serious??

unbelievable and do they think they can get away with that? I don't think your buddies understand kenyans!!

let them try enforcing Marshall law the will be sorry:):):)

Anonymous said...

anon at 1.49am yes my kikuyu associates know exactly how i feel about their strange characteristics and mannerisms(culture).but they dont take me seriously because i'm not 'one' of them.....
are you sure you're not a kikuyu yourself? i know the truth hurts but then again the truth does set you free once you embrace it.
i dont hide behind kk as you put's just one of the many forums where i express myself just like you do.
personally i feel the only solution for kenya is to divide it majimbo style and let everybody manage themselves.
we are going nowhere with this coalition business.
when kivuitu announced the infamous results the shit hit the fan and the air in kenya will be full of shit for a long time to come....

Anonymous said...

There are comments here that imply that the Gikuyu have hatred for other tribes but i got to ask, who has the hate? the blatant tribalistic comments made on this blog are made by members of other tribes. pointing the finger at other people/tribes/nationalities is a well used strategy by politicians world over to cover up their misgivings and lack of performance. the best example of this is Hitler(read a history book) and those dumb/gullible enough shout the Bullshit back the loudest. Irrespective of what Kikuyu leaders have done they are no worse than those of other leaders(of other tribes) in power meaning they are all crap!! Blatant generalization of a tribe based on acts by a few idiots is ignorant. KENYANS died because of nonsense (like what is on this blog) and other shit and at the end of the day there is nothing to show for it other than a hefty pay rise and a new Benz in every MP's garage. I thought this blog would offer an enlightened conversation on the current political atmosphere in Kenya, but i will not be subject to hate speech cloaked as patriotism.

Anonymous said...

Even after stealing elections Kibaki wont help tis country heal. He would evoke emotions of the Kikuyu. However each action from Kibaki proves to me how much of a tool he has become to be used by those who surround him. Principally Saitoti!! George you shall never be president of Kenya even if you mutate into a true Masai.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 7.28am. Now what is your problem? You say that other communities after Dec 2007 wanted to secede and keep Kikuyus in 'Lesotho'. Well, that is exactly what i am proposing we should do but it doesnt seem to have made you happy, in fact the idea has made you livid! So what the hell do you want with Kikuyus now? We have agreed we want to be in Lesotho, which is what you ODM cult adherents desired, so what is the problem?
If you think Mungiki can take on the Govt, then you are an ignorant, uneducated imbecile. The Govt has not even applied a 10th of its potential power in Central. Did you know, for example, that Kibaki, if he so desired, could declare a state of emergency in Mungiki infested areas of Central province, the Central Rift and Nairobi? Do you have ANY idea what that means? It means a nighttime curfew from 6pm to 6am. It means any one caught outside at this time will be shot on sight. It means no idling ANYWHERE during the day, no prolonged stationary groups of more than 3 people, you must be able to prove you are law abiding, entire villages can be transformed into Army secured concentration camps, all young men would have to flee if unemployed, probably to Tanzania. This situation can be maintained indefinitely. In other words, Mungiki, which hides amongst the people but needs an atmosphere of relative freedom and openness to survive and operate, can be so completely smoothered it would be unable to breath, leave alone survive. Its members, majority of whom are in it for easy money, would soon dessert it. Unfortunately Kibaki is an incorrigible coward and cant make the tough decisions. In a Lesotho republic however, Kibaki would have no say and real men would deal with Mungiki, mano a mano. Why are you now opposing a Lesotho republic?

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