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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Quip: Impunity, Word of the Moment

I was looking at the word impunity the other day and it suddenly dawned on me that it is made up of two short words (I don’t know whether it is by design or by ‘accident’).

The two short words are: i) Imp and ii) Unity

My dictionary defines an imp as a little devil. A little devil really! So it logically (?) follows that people who commit atrocities with impunity are simply united, little devils. And, boy, what damage and havoc devils (whether little or big) can unleash, is unsearchable.

God knows how many united, little devils we have in this country. The past one year or so has seen the emergence of the handi-work of these “little devils” on the fabric of the Kenyan society.

Yeah. And these are the very same people who should face the heat for their cold, steely hearts! The perpetrators of the post-election violence (these “little devils”) should face the knife of justice Hague-style.

Kenyans are tired of the culture of impunity. “United, little devils” should be served with the kind of “justice” that they know only to well: they should not be let to breathe the fresh air like the rest of us guys.

They should be stripped off their leadership positions and their case hearings and judgement dates should be “fast-tracked”. Impunity must be dealt a death blow.

For how long are Kenyans going to be led by “united, little devils”?

God, please save us from ourselves.

Albinos in Tanzania: Legislators should Stand up for the down-trodden

Do people really understand…?


Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Raila are the worst devils Kenya has ever produced. The two made Kenyans butcher each other to put them in high offices. That is what they wanted. Today, the two swim in cash and luxury yet the poor subjects who fought for them wallow in death, poverty and hunger.

Kenya will be a better place without Kibaki and Raila and any other person who resembles them. Kenyans, let us redeem our beloved country from these two devils.

Anonymous said...

Ritch, hahahahahaha. "Little devils" how very apt!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans love impunity.

Remember these facts:
1) Kenyatta, the big man ordered for the death of T.J. Mboya. What happened to him? Nothing!
2) Kenyatta killed JM. What happened to him? Kibaki promised to reveal why JM was killed. Has he done that?
3) Moi and his relative killed R. Ouko. Did anything happen to him. He keeps on going to church to pray for Kenya. What a hypocrite!
4) Kibaki killed Mbai. What has happened to him?
5)Kibaki killed Were and Too. What has happened? Nothing.

And then the scandals:
1) Moi's Goldenberg
2) Kibaki's Anglo-leasing
3) Kibaki's Grand regency
4) Kibaki's election scandal.

Nothing has happened and nothing will happen jameni.

Note: I have mentioned ONLY the names of the presidents because they have executive powers to protect the lives and property of Kenyans. If they fail, then they are the first to be charged.

For those of us who are tribalists and small minds, you will start to shift the problems to Ruto, Balala, Raila, Karua, Uhuru, Kirauti.

Jameni, these are not culprits.

The Impunity Lords are the Kenyan Presidents.

Anonymous said...

hahhahaaaaa....I found this from previous post very accurate:)!

"....UrXlnc is a very disturbed individual, who have a spilt personality - he can change depending on the topic and change depending on how he want to be seen by other readers.

The most annoying aspect of this individual is the ability to make people believe he his genuine in his objectivity but while the topic is not going his way, he like to use links and paste them here in order to feel he is part of that topic.

I also noticed another sad aspect of his behavior and that is insecurity in form of inferiority complex especially when someone like Kwale post a comment here. Perhaps he feels Kwale is more knowledgeable, much younger and more affluent than he is.

Feeling inferior is a disease. Feeling inferior to someone richer, smarter, skillful, taller, shorter, healthy, beautiful, hardworking..........absolutely anyone is the symptom of the people suffering from this disease. Once again inferiority complex is an emotion experienced by the body. It is a conditioned reflex and once conditioned, it is like living in hell.

People with better clothes, better cars, better houses, even with better mobile handsets makes you feel inferior. If you are suffering from this disease, you will find something in every one to feel inferior of. And you are completely blind to the plus points in you. Rarely you become aware of your plus points...........but that is rare because you are busy looking for something better in others and feel inferior.
Living with this disease is worst way of living.

Here are some symptoms of inferiority complex,

Hypercritical Attitude: People who do not feel good about themselves have trouble feeling good about anyone else. They look hard for flaws and shortcomings of others to try to convince themselves that they really aren’t so bad after all. These people cannot feel intelligent, attractive, competent, etc., unless they are the most intelligent, attractive and competent person around.

Inappropriate Response To Flattery: This can work two ways. Some people are desperate to hear anything good about themselves and will be constantly fishing for compliments. Others may refuse to listen to anything positive about themselves because it is inconsistent with their own feelings.

Negative Feelings About Competition: People who feel inferior like to win games and contests every bit as anyone else, but they tend to avoid such situations because deep down, they believe they cannot win. And not coming in first is clear evidence of total failure.

Tendency Toward Seclusiveness And Timidity: Because people with an inferiority complex believe that they are not as interesting or intelligent as others, they believe that other people will feel the same way about them. So they tend to avoid social situations, and when they are forced to be with others, they will avoid speaking up because they believe doing so will only provide an embarrassing demonstration of their dullness and stupidity."

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

joe the choma man said...

Ritcho aka Ritch,
welcome back and good to "blog" you again
well its true the little devils are united against us all 222+ of them but who untied them and allowed them to roam free? devil's belong in hell not in government

in 1988 when i was 5 years old Michael Jackson once sang a song called "man in the mirror" to sum up the gist of the song... making the world a better place begins with changing the person staring at us from the mirror and not vice versa

Kenyans may complain all they want about the little devils united against us but we have only ourselves to blame because we are the ones that freely chose them to lead us and given a chance we WILL freely chose them yet again to lead us

Ritcho i submit to you that us citizens are the reason Kenya is lead by little devils united. As "M.J." said "its time to make that change" let history not judge us harshly for failing to learn our lessons and repeating our mistakes over again in future.

Anonymous said...

Joe the choma man,

R U really Taabu's brother? Hii Dunia niya majabu kweli!

You sound so objective, excellent commentetor and very reasonable unlike your elder sickly brother Taabu.

Vikii said...

Kenya is an ever whinning society. It is all about,'our leaders are united in crime, they are little devils...' and all that nonsense. Like some of the fellows above have pointed out, where did we get these little devils?

Is William Ruto, for instance, in Parliament today because we didn't know the content of his character? This is a fellow that was introduced to us 13 odd years ago, was put on the weighing scale and he failed miserably. He became an addict of land grabbing and embezzlement of public funds. He has over the years topped it up with an unsatiable passion for violence and mediocrity and all this information is in the public domain. What right then do we, as Kenyans, have in condeming his ways when we have continued to get it wrong again and again and again? William Ruto is just a sample. You can ask the same of Biwott, Murungaru, Saitoti, Kiraitu and the other fellows in politics.

Look here Kenyans, it is a waste of time complaining of the ills in our society. Solutions to our problems do not lie with Ruto and company. They lie with the fellows within our skins. Make a decision today that you will not give/receive a bribe. Make a resolution that you wil not be incited to violence by any other human being and more importantly, do not alow yourself to ever again vote for someone whose conduct is not above board. Like Gandhi said, we must be the change that we wish to see!

A good example is the PEV. Assuming the election results were doctored at the KICC, what had that to do with an innocent 60 year old woman tilling her farm in Nakuru? I have gathered from this blog that the election was stolen by Kivuitu, Karua, Mutula, Kibaki and other fellows. These folks were in the KICC with Raila, Ruto, Musalia, oremgo and their group. Instead of them telling you to attack your neighbour, why didnt they lead by exampe by attacking their colleagues at the KICC? If Raila odinga considers violence against those you differ with a form of "freedom-fighting", why did he not physically attack Kibaki in Parliament when they met for the swearing in? I mean you do not have to be smart to see through this use-and-dump philosophy. You have no business whatsoever crying wolf when you endorsed it. Quite frankly, there is no guessing who the fool is in this case.

Anonymous said...

I thought a previous post on kumekucha said ben gethi was behing the murders.....?

nothing much moi could have done if there were so many pickpocket minsters in his ricketty bus..

everything went downhill with US insistence on multipartyism; this has put kenya behind by 50yrs;

look at the progress of south korea and cuba

Anonymous said...


No Raila No Peace! We will not move on until we get justice! RAO is the best thing that ever happened to Kenya and he was denied the presidency.
Raila is our god!

Taabu said...

Joe C-man said: 1988 when i was 5 years old Michael Jackson once sang a song called "man in the mirror"

Now lil bro you know between the bloggers and you somebody is not saying the TRUTH and fortunately it is not the bloggers. Ati 5 years old in 1988? Why are you extrapolating age bro? Or you are trying very hard to be an overgrown litle devil? In the process you have you bro unmasked, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

In Kenya, impunity depends on which side of the political divide you are at. If you are in PNU, its the Eldoret church burning and IDPs. If you are on ODM's side, it failure to honour MoU, deliberate firing of non GEMA tribes from gova jobs (before 07 elections), election rigging, Naivasha burnings, mass evictions of people from central & eastern provinces, failure of government to offer evictees transport & security even as some were being offered army trucks & overhead helicopter escort, and police shootings in ODM strongholds

joe the choma man said...


you are as young as you look?? i sincerely apologise to KK for misunderestimating.......

lakini MJ alipata plastic surgery akawa mweupe kutoka mweusi mpaka hata mimi nilivuka umri

Anonymous said...

moi built churches
kenyans burnt these churches down

Anonymous said...

like venezuals's referendum on no terms limitation on the presidency kenya needs a referedum on return to one party rule

Anonymous said...

you have multipartyism, election fraud, election violence and international intervention to come up with a coalition government covering 90% of the vote; I have a easier solution to arrive at the same destination without collateral damage - one party rule!!

Anonymous said...

when California votes they have referendum on a number of questions; next time kenya votes a referendum should ask the following questions:
1. limit mp salaries to $x yes/no
2. if a politician is found guilty on corruption/human rights abuse he is barred from holding office yes/no
3. guarantee minimum income for kenyans to $x yes/no
4. increase personal tax on high income earners to x% yes/no
5.guarantee pension income to mau mau fighters and family retroactive to 1955 yes/no

Phil said...

Blogger Taabu said...

Joe C-man said: 1988 when i was 5 years old Michael Jackson once sang a song called "man in the mirror"

Now lil bro you know between the bloggers and you somebody is not saying the TRUTH and fortunately it is not the bloggers. Ati 5 years old in 1988? Why are you extrapolating age bro? Or you are trying very hard to be an overgrown litle devil? In the process you have you bro unmasked, shame on you.

Talking of dates...1988 found one Kalonzo Musyoka was already serving a dictatorial KANU regime in a high ranking party position. Around about the same time, he recommended the explusion of Kenneth Matiba from KANU - Kiharu sub-branch. Okiki Amayo was chairman of the dreaded disciplinary committee.Kenya was a one party state then. 20 years later, Matiba - former footballer - is just but an example of a human being. courtesy Kalonzo Musyoka Stephen

Anonymous said...

20 yrs ago more kenyans had more to eat; today 2000+ died in election violence and more kenyans have less to have more peace, security, less ethnic violence is more valuable than so called multiparty democracy

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