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Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Announce My Intent To Form An Exploratory Committee

I trust we've all rested and are ready for hard work this new year.

As the year begins, we must all be on notice that there is no time to waste. We must now move with deliberate speed and put in place a formula for measuring our progress on a periodic basis. Obviously many within the Diaspora and within our beloved nation will want to know how we proceed. To this end, I announce today my intent to form an exploratory committee. Like usually happens in the States, this committee, which must start its work on the 10th and report back its findings by January 25th, will be tasked to study the logistical and all other issues we will face in our quest to win Kenya back from the oligarchies and the power cartels that have stagnated the progress and cohesion of our nation.

If anybody still doubted the intransigence of this government, all you have to do is look at the signing of the media bill. I was assured by an authoritative source that it wouldn't be signed. Raila was assured by an even higher authority that it wouldn't be assented to. Kalonzo was given the assurance that it would be returned to Parliamnet for further deliberation. How good is these people's word? Right from Kibaki down to the last scoundrel in his State House, their word is worth crap. In fact, I was so infuriated by the assent that when I was woken up by my frantic wife Hellen about the breaking news in Mombasa, where the President was on vacation, I picked up the phone and called my authoritative source. Can you imagine my disgust when he told me that a KTN programme that catalogued Kibaki's Coup was the reason some strategists around him used to box him into assenting to the bill?

The question now is not what this bill means. The question is what is the intention of the folks who so desperately wanted to see it signed. I must warn that what is going on is the beginning of another round of rigging. The power barons around Kibaki have set in motion an elaborate plan to deny the nation a president the people will have elected in 2012. Under this scenario, what these folks hope to do is rig, then beat and terrorize us into submission, under the guise of state security...which will force the minister in charge of internal security to invoke this very law Kibaki has now signed. The effect will be a total blackout as Kibaki's preferred heir is installed as President of Kenya. By the time the ban is lifted, we will have a new President.

No, folks. We must defeat this plan. The exploratory committee will give us a detailed report on the range of scenarios our opponents might throw at us. I will bring them to you here at Kumekucha, leaving out what will constitute the classified strategic plan.

The folks around President Kibaki have a knack for making Kenya look very bleak indeed. Just when you thought a new year might make things better, that common sense might prevail, they make things even worse. Did they have to coax Kibaki into opening a new year with a big fight? What's his assent to this bill a signal of? Dramatic impunity? And suddenly Raila and the ODM want to fight for the media? These guys should all go to the caves where they belong and let us build a Kenya that will work for all of us, not just for them. By the way, if he was so pissed at Kibaki, why was he in Mombasa eating a pumpkin pie with him? Or was he called to hoodwink Kenyans one more time like he did with unga? This man is reaching a point where he's beginning to look pitiful.

It's a lot I've had to say, but the big deal here is that an exploratory committee is in place in the next few days. We are going to work with speed, but we shall not rush anything. You never beat a dug in power structure like the one we have in Kenya by screaming out your plans.

When they see what we do, they'll know they are finally facing a worthy opponent. A fight they shall have.

Let's get ready!


Anonymous said...

We're ready to take our country back! Go Sam. We're behind you 100% with every last penny and dimes we've got. So I say I'm behind you sir!

Anonymous said...


now i know it is true.

Anonymous said...


why is a nice man like you doing this, they can kil you.

Phil said...

Happy New Year Bw. Okello.


Anonymous said...

Phil, you can do better. You are the young generation. You need to forget your God Raila and join the youth candidate. We need your support phil.

Shiko-Msa said...

Sam it sounds like you have something good up your sleeve. Let's see what it is.

The KTN feature was hot but it is surely just an excuse.

Raila and Co. should have been in parliament to create quorum and oppose the bill before it was passed. Making noise after the deed does not amount to much help for Kenyans.

Folks around Kibaki, Folks around Kibaki.... is this guy completely brainless and at the mercy of folks around him? Or has Lucy finally got her sweet revenge against the media for writing what she called falsehoods about her family?

Joe the choma man said...

Eh, "Samo" aka Sam Okello,
please relax man-you know as well as i do your e-revolution begins and ends at the keyboard

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Sir. When Phil dares you to bring it on, he is reminding you that ODM thugs rape and murder their opponents. So be forewarned, Sir.

In the meantime, you can count on my support if you mean what you say. Hopefully, it is not an e-dream.

Vikii said...

"I was assured by an authoritative source that it wouldn't be signed. Raila was assured by an even higher authority that it wouldn't be assented to. Kalonzo was given the assurance that it would be returned to Parliamnet for further deliberation."

Mr. Okello, with all due respect i find the above statement to be the hallmark of grandiosity.

The President signing or vetoing a bill is a discretionary measure. On what basis were the three of you (yourself, Raila and Kalonzo) "assured" of the intentions of the President? Why should President Kibaki bother to tell you, Raila or Kalonzo of what he intends to do with the bill? In short, Mr. Okello, who are you to even deserve this assurnce?

Sam,you definitely have a member of Parliament huko "kishaggi". Instead of seeking to influence the decisions of state house through misplaced connections, you should have placed a call to your MP and asked them to be sure to avail themselves and oppose the bill on the floor of the house. Both Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka are influential members of Parliament who can very easily ensure the bill is shot down if they have any vehement reservations about what the bill provides for. It was a government bill that went through those cabinet deliberations. It was sanctioned for tabling by the HBC which Kalonzo chairs and in which Raila is ably represented AND most importantly, it was debated and passed through all stages of law making in the house where both Raila and Kalonzo as members of parliament are paid exorbitant amounts of money by Kenyans to attend and help in passing good laws for Kenyans. Raila Odinga chose not to attend the session or even bother to lobby for the rejection of the bill. Kalonzo on the other hand attended but he is not on record registering any disapproval of the bill. And this leads me to the question; What right do they have to seek to influence the President's decision?

I have another question; How come we are all turning the heat on Kibaki and not the institution of Parliament which passed the bill?

About your committee, Mr. Okello, I assure you of my moral support. An influx of additional players into the political arena is an enhancement of democracy. As for me, I am a loyal member of the ODMK and plan to vote for my candidate (Kalonzo Musyoka or Sam Poghisio). The nobleness of your plans can, however, not be over-emphasized.

Eric said...

Sam Okello, oh the refreshing joy of reading about your intentions!
I want to assure you that we are behind you 100% and you have my full and unmeasured support!.
Start forming the committee, let it report the findings by the suggested date and let us know what these findings are.
Sam Okello, let us start raising FUNDS!. You will not go anywhere without money.

Sam Okello, 2012; NDIO, TUNAWEZA!

Anonymous said...

Okello Sam, where are you? Are you in the States or in Kenya? If in Kenya, how can we start helping from the ground?

Anonymous said...

you can start helping from the ground by digging six feet under it...just kidding.

I am turned off by people who think that the only way to help Kenya is by running for office. if you are truly passionate about the affairs of our country, you do not need a platform that pays you obsecenly to do very little. If you are so passionate about your country, we would have known about you already through your deeds, not just gripes and whines.

Kenyan politics has become just another lucrative investment for con-men and telemarketers.

Anonymous said...


Happy new year!

You are wasting your time with the exploratory business. Do you even have a handful of people who are on the same page as you? Who share the same vision and values and ethics? Or are you going to rely on the same cabal of characters?

Mkenya said...

May God help this country because the way things are,tuko peke yetu-as in the hoi polloi.
Raila and ODM and PNU are taking us for a ride,tiz all about their own interests first.
But Bw.Okello,how do u propose to go about the course??
I need my country back.

Socialist said...

I keep on saying we need public executions the “China way”

We are just dreamers if we believe our jails will teach our corrupt lot anything. Our courts have been conduits for corruption. Our politicians are the source of our divisions. 95% of us outside Kenya have been turned to a welfare agency to subsidize for our government’s negligence and failures in provision of basic services to our people.
The system our country clinches on is rotten and today the world is on the verge of economic Armageddon for believing that unchecked capitalism is the panacea of the world’s malady.
In a country like ours and Africa as a whole we must be prepared to make a break from the past. Only “informed revolution” will save us from the kind of life most of our people find themselves in. The kind of politics that cut across the plains and valleys of our land can only equal poison being administered to a starving body!
Our youths have agreed to eat from the crumbs of the corrupt lot. The educated and especially those living abroad are just as guilt. They live and dream wealth. To them the end justifies the means. They care less when their brothers back home have no fees for their children. They see nothing wrong when they can educate their children in private schools while majority of their nieces and nephews attend makeshifts schools. Or else how will they displace their new found status?
As no night is too long not to see daybreak believe you me a day is coming when the slum dwellers, squatters, poor farmers and pastoralists will say enough is enough. As being witnessed in parts of Central province, Rift Valley, western, Nyanza and mostly Nairobi slums we are headed for a bloody revolution unless those with brains and human feelings join hands to manage the changes. The gang culture taking root in our society is a social phenomenon reflecting dissatisfaction within the society.
To let criminal politicians hijack this change is to abdicate our role as citizens. We must be prepared to sacrifice for the common good. Kenyans wealth belongs to all Kenyans wherever they are.
A system that will redistribute the little we have and ensure each child has enough to eat is the only acceptable solution to some of us. The current system that each day fails to punish the economic saboteur cannot be allowed to continue.
Therefore we advocate for a Chinese-like penal code. We want to see blood of those economic suckers. This is the only language they might understand!
We must engage the youth to become part of this change. Just like Gaza the youth must rise and fight for justice irrespective of the price they and families must have to pay. It will be in their interest to liberate themselves from the shackles of those who want to reap where they never plant.

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