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Monday, January 05, 2009

Kibaki And Raila: Two Jokers Who Want To Sink The Country Back Into The Abyss

This past weekend has been the most eventful politically for a very long time. In a way we have opened 2009 in much the same way we opened 2008 with a lot of fear and anxiety flying around—amongst those who can read politics pretty fast. Although this time there is no bloodshed (at least not yet).

Those who think that this is just about the Kenya Communications bill signed by the president last Friday need to think again.

Fascinating whispers are emerging and as the saying goes that there is no smoke without fire, Kenyans cannot dare to afford to ignore what is being whispered. There is too much at stake for us to simply sit back and ignore “the rumours.”

Interim Military Government Will Be PNU’s Bargaining Chip - Shocking Whispers From Insiders Claim

Firstly it is emerging that the signing of the said controversial bill, that the media is up in arms against and which has triggered off the heat with the coalition government unity now quivering and threatening to collapse, was timed perfectly. It is no accident that the bill was signed late Friday. Meaning that those holding the carefully choreographed plan in their hands have had time through the weekend to take in all the reactions and intent of all those they are watching carefully who could not take any real action until today (Monday) and were therefore doing a lot of talking instead. ODM have brought forward their crisis meeting over their future in the coalition to today.

Secondly the provocative act of signing the bill has been done at a time when no electoral commission exists. According to the national accord in the event that the coalition collapses it can only be replaced by an interim government pending elections. The fact that we do not have an election body in place and the major players are already squabbling over the composition of an interim one means that no elections can be held in a hurry. Then we have the President’s men who insist in private that the Kenyan constitution is supreme and in the event that the coalition government was to collapse, then the president can re-constitute a new government on his own because he is the “duly elected president.” Let us stop before you start getting dizzy because as a commentator pointed out in the last post, this is a legal minefield where lawyers from both sides can argue until the chickens come home without coming anywhere near a consensus.

In short the intention behind the signing of the media bill was to re-assert the president’s authority as the sole executive power in the land and to bring an end to the coalition government, having carefully laid plans already in place. As you read this reports are filtering in to me that the government is circulating anti-media leaflets on the streets of Nairobi.

Further whispers that may sound far-fetched insist that the PNU side of government will propose the compromise of having a military government as an interim government until elections are to be held. This will be done knowing fully well how Kenyans fear and loath a military administration which the country has managed to avoid thus far, save for the 30 minute administration of air force Senior Private Hezekiah Ochuka on 1st August 1982. The idea is to have Kenyans surrender themselves to the grand PNU plan.

Now the most dangerous thing in all this circus are the two principals. If Kenyans were to be honest with themselves, there is very little difference between the two (Kibaki and Raila) and 2 selfish, spoilt kindergarten kids refusing to give an inch as they punch each others noses bloody in a nursery school yard. None of the two are interested in the greater good of the country because if they were, both would resign and pave way for more neutral Kenyans to take over the reigns of power. As it is Kibaki is determined to rule until 2012 and Raila is determined to be the next president. If Kenyans die as they play their war games who cares?

Wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane.”

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Anonymous said...

its 2009 folks, shit is about to go down in Kenya. prepare for the worst

Joe the choma man said...

"wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane" indeed...truer words have never been spoken
what are we waiting for?the first punch has been thrown already!

Anonymous said...


Don't be an emotional wreck. How do extrapolate from a Media Bill to a military govt. This Bill is the handiwork of th coalition govt - the ODM controlled parliament passed it and PNU Kibaki signed it. ODM want to tame the Daily Nation and PNU wants to the Standard. Orengo was present in Parliament during the Bill's first reading - did he say anything? The people are just grandstanding and are happy to see some of you working up yourselves emotionally.

Both the Media and the political class are a problem to Kenya. To side with either is to side with the devil. Last year the media played the tribal card to the hilt like the politicians. Both need to be sorted out.

Anonymous said...

ODM holding a crisis meeting? What crisis? The one they have artificially created by stealing people's maize? This party is a den of old KANU thugs.

Anonymous said...

ok so KiBAKIS card is the military, what is Raila's ?

kenyaone said...

annonymous of 2.25 has something there. the truth is that MP's as a whole are to blame not just Kibaki. He can always fall back on the fact that this was parliaments doing. They could have shelved it or amended. they chose not to including the ODM who MP's who are now making noise.

But i believe the real reason for the media bill is to protect the political class when it comes to the Wki tribunal. With such a dangerous 'animal' on the loose the first thing one must control is information and that can be used to direct the process. Hence the media bill pasing just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

I think all this smoke is just how best the political class can finger us Kenyans. first to stave you off ugali by maize shortage and high prices, secondly gauging your mouth through media bill ,that when fingering start the out side world will hear single ngwee, Kenyans you will be too weak to respond, the energy you display PEV 2007 , you will not have this time round. Pumbavu mavi yakuku,

Anonymous said...

You wrote that "According to the national accord in the event that the coalition collapses it can only be replaced by an interim government pending elections". The NARA is silent on what happens if the GCG collapses. Pse check you facts rights b4 you post.

Personally I dont think there is any crises as the president is not under any obligation to consult ODM and PNU parties or even PM before signing any bill passed by parliament.

blessed said...

Chris, you are the biggest jocker. Your silly attempt to apportion equal blame to Kibaki and Raila is simply silly... for lack of a worse word.
I think you have been paid by the PNU brigade to make this look like shared responsibility. You sound like that goon Frazer from the the US state department that came here last year to claim that "both sides rigged".
It has been a long time since I read Kumekucha, and I must admit that this post has really sounded my alarms that you have decided to follow the path of the mainstream media in Kenya, the path of being paid to protect this illegal president that is out of touch with reality.
The simple fact is that we have a sick man, that does not know what is going on in his own country, claiming to be president of the country.
Your attempts to drag Raila into the sickness is simple silly

Fave said...

After the past elections, if we could call the murderous event elections, I was pissed off and not very hopeful. I was a partisan contributor to this blog. I decided to give this blog a six months break just to see how things pan out.
Nothing has changed at all, our nation still floats in a sea of anarchy.We are being fisted by Kibaki and co. My question remains;'I someone gets a job by cheating, do you expect them to it properly and honestly? Answer: NO.
Where is a stroke and heart attack when a nation desperately needs it? Unfortunately the good die young? Kibaki is not good

Anonymous said...

Fave, why don't you just stay where you were! were you expecting Raila coronation after six months? It won't happen now or ever!!!

Ken said...








Anonymous said...

Anybody disputng whether Kibaki is the President, consitutionally, once you are sworn in as the President by the Consitutional authority, you are the President irrespective of the means and you can jail for life any other person claiming so. Thats how even Museveni assumed Presidency of Uganda after a coup. Kibaki hit Odinga by first having ECK announce him as leader, and then immediately gets sworn in as President. By the way, Odinga never dared declare himself asPresident after that, coz probably now he would be under treason charges. That is the constitutional law. It may suck, but is the constitutional order worldwide. Odinga only challenged the way of election of the President, but never said "I am the President." The Kenyan Constitution knows only one President, and will only protect one person to that claim, one Mwai Kibaki, unless there is a successful coup de tat, or he willingly resigns, dies, the High Court annuls his election or he personally dissolves the government.

On issue of ODM pulling out and calling for dissolution of government and parliament, honestly,(which I still doubt whether can lead to that) how many MPs from ODM are ready to face the people for a fresh mandate? We all know that 80% pee on themselves when they think of an election, given their current greed.

Also remeber as we speak we got no ECK to preside over elections, and only God knows when we shall have one given the current infighting in government that pulls in all directions especially on elections body that is very central to the election of the next president.

Anonymous said...

If someone (Kibaki) gets a job by STEALING it, do you expect him to do it properly and honestly? Answer is a big NO. He will be very busy trying to protect what he STOLE from being given to the rightful owner; that is what he has been doing since he STOLE THE ELECTIONS and will continue doing. That is how THIEVES think and operate.

My fellow Kenyans brace yourselves for the next 4 remaining years of his (Kibaki's) illegitimate term for a lot of NONSENSE, UPUMBAVU, MAVI YA KUKU, TRAGICOMEDIES, MAJOR SCANDALS and OUTRIGHT THEFT and MISCHIEF.

A THIEF is always a THIEF and these are things they do and enable to happen... They cannot survive otherwise - Just like flies, they cannot survive in clean surroundings, they can only thrive in filthy surroundings...

It is a great dissapointment. Kenya would have been at par or event better than countries like Singapore, South Korea e.t.c but thanks to imbeciles such as Kibaki we have remained a disappointing underachiever since 1963...

Sam Okello said...


It's getting scary around here. The monsters are about to be unleashed on us. By the way, if a monster is coming after you and you've got a nice kirigiti, can you use it as a missile?

Anonymous said...

kibaki and raila are cut from the same cloth to think or believe otherwise is downright stupid. only a fresh break from this tribal chief will give us the new kenya we are yawning for.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered how come Kibaki still manages to remain popular... tribalism.
The Kikuyu will still support one of their own. Even if his actions cause the death of thousands of their own, even if they lose business opportunities accross the country.
Dont blame Kibaki, blame his supporters

b-carotene said...

After reading this piece of trash by Chris it's become increasingly clear to me WHY Emilio went ahead to sign the Bill--and am now GLAD that he did!
You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading such lies, rumor, innuendo & kuku shit so early in the year. Bure kabisa.
Meanhwile--a fabulous new year to you Vikii, Kwale and Kimi; including also the ODMorons with whom we share this space:)).

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45 AM,

You Put it very aptly:

"Ever wondered how come Kibaki still manages to remain popular... tribalism.

The Kikuyu will still BLINDLY support one of their own. Even if his actions cause the death of thousands OF THEIR OWN, even if they lose business opportunities accross the country. Don't blame Kibaki (here i disagree with you. He and his BLIND supporters have the same problem), blame his supporters"

Anonymous said...

b-carotene, a prominent PANUA MONGREL, welcome back.

Anonymous said...

If Raila is so holy as ODM guys want us to think, why not move a motion to amend, or revoke, the Act? ODM guys have been bewitched by Raila & ODM MPs that they never see their double speak.

b-carotene said...

anon@6:03am-->Pumbavu. But thanks for the welcome :)).

It takes things like signing a bill to wake the bondo bumpkin from his delirium. Heh-heh-heh.
But one cant fail to marvel at what a fraud he is--remember his true to character attempts at shirking responsibility and shifting blame when the bill was passed by his cronies in parliament???

Nothing beats seeing a white-suited bumpkin being called out and booed in the House.
Such a phony ghost!

Anonymous said...

Its not right to pin this on kibaki and raila, the MP's did the lion's work. Besides, it seems like the media wants to fool people into thinking that they are the only authority on the matter, that what they say should go. Im sure that the bill has some clauses that really hurt the media's freedom of speech, but on the other hand, the media had total freedom last year to write whatever they wanted about the elections, and ended up fuelling some of the violence, even if it wasnt intended

Anonymous said...

Why it s hard to sympathize with the media
Posted: January 5, 2009, 6:13 pm by REBECCA WANJIKU
As a journalist, it is very easy to be swallowed into the bandwagon calling for actions to amend the Kenya Communications Act, which the media hoped it would not be signed.

But most of us shouting from the top of our heads do not even know much about the history of the process. It has been a long process since 1998 when the Kenya Communications Act came into force. The ICT policy was published in 2006 and since then the amendment

We do not even know that the media owners did not consider it as priority then, to send high level officials from the media houses to the multi-stakeholder forums.
I recall at one time we were laughing that the only media official, apart from those who were covering the event, was from DSTv.

Of course my stint at the Kenya ICT Action Network allowed me to engage with the ICT industry in regard to the ICT policy and the subsequent law.

What would have happened, if Linus Gitahi, Nation Media Group CEO and other media heavy weights were there from the first day of the multi-stakeholder deliberations? What if all those concerns were tackled at another level, maybe the wording would be different.

Since December, the media owners have met more times than they have probably met in the last three years. Too bad the result did not go their way.

This should be a lesson to the media owners, to be more engaged not only in covering the functions but in the deliberations. Yes, the process can be tough and involving, and to some extent full of gibberish but it saves a lot of last minute troubles.

In my opinion, this was a fight more for the media owners than ordinary journalists. The open sides that radio stations took during last elections was more of an issue of editorial policy than individual journalists. I mean the policy that the owners come out and say we support certain parties, not the story done because the journalist received a handout. The debate has been going on for sometime.

For us journalists, we can not even champion our own cause. How do you walk out to protest against a bill that affects telecommunications equipment when you can't protest against rubbish wages and crappy working environments.

What would happen if we wanted to protest against a media house that fires 60 journalists without notice, you go to work one day and you find a letter and a cheque and instructions to the security team that they should not let you in. Just because the media house has enough money to pay off three months salary, there is nothing you can do.

If the journalists wanted to take to the streets, would the media houses even cover the event?

That is why Gitahi and his team needed to take to the streets and protest if they felt aggrieved. It is true that if the equipment is confiscated, then journalists will be out of a job media houses don't need such drastic measures to kick journalists out.

I see this as a battle for the media owners because if they perceived it as important, they would have allocated a team from all the media houses to deal with the issues.

It is also easy to be led to believe that these rules do not exist elsewhere, I was reading the Tanzanian Act and it is far more stringent than what we are complaining about.

UK, Australia and majority of the EU have these rules, and that is why you see there is no much of convincing cries from the international community. This is because there is need for some level of regulation.

dr murinho said...

May ask a simple polite question, what is it you people see in Raila Odinga? What is it about him that obsesses your mind so strongly?
People, this is a sure sign you are suffering from obsessive love. In psychology Obsessive Love is a form of love where one person is emotionally obsessed with another. Folks, this is serious, obsessive love is a delusion, and therefore can lead to dangerous consequences. There are several factors that can contribute to this delusion, so check yourself out and seek urgent attention!

1.Feelings of vulnerability and a perceived failure to belong because those who feel they do not have a recognised place in the world (e.g., those who are required to perform an unfulfilling job), and/or those undergoing dramatic life changes and the associated fear and lack of self-confidence will seek out an outlet for their anxieties.

2.An inflated opinion of oneself, as this is believed to ultimately stem from insecurity, with this insecurity driving the obsessed to seek an individual with attributes that they want for themselves.

3.Particular childhood experiences, such as deep feelings of unworthiness during childhood that lead the obsessed to seek out one who finds the obsessed similarly unworthy in adulthood.

4.Feelings of being special and/or different, as there is an apparent correlation between feelings of distance from peers (whether real or perceived) and obsessive love.

Let me remind you, Raila Odinga is a human being, he shit the same way you do and the same kind of smelly shit like you do.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

chola said...

Kenyans why don’t we elect a ndorobo, turakana or karamojong for presi ,this guys are less corrupted by western material world.

Vikii said...

Happy new year, b-carotene

This is the exact kind of crap that is unhealthy, folks. What is the beef? Traditionally, President Kibaki does not attend Parliament. Those mouthy bastards now pretending to have the interests of the corrupted media fraternity at heart are the same fellows who call the shots in Parliament, the institution that passed the bill.

It is completely dishonest to blame Mwai Kibaki for signing into law a bill we all knew was being tabled in parliament long before it did. It pains me when I see Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka engaging in the kind of political fundraising that is shameless at best and utterly stupid at worst. But I dont blame them. Neither do I blame the alarmed media. If you had a pool of 38 million idiots, why not take them on a cruising ride?

In short, we are being lied to by these politicians, you morons!

About the ambiguity of the NARA, why does Parliament exist? The accord was made an act of Parliament and Parliament should just move with haste and ammend it so that if one half of government decides to call it a day, we do not have a crisis. It reminds me of those who decried the President's powers to appoint ECK commissioners when they had been in Parliament for decades and had the opportunity to ammend the ECK act but never bothered to. We are a nation of morons.

Anonymous said...

Another mentally sick one is back ( the imposter "Dr" Murinho). If you read whatever he says, it is very clear that it is possible for someone, such as him, to be very highly educated but still remain a FOOL.

He is, despite claiming to be a "Consultant Psychologist" an ignorant fool. If he actually practices, I fear for his patients, their psychological problems will multiply exponentially by the day should they take his "treatment."

He claims to be a psychologist but suffers from some of the biggest mental afflictions:


2)Excessive and misplaced adoration and worship (Obsessive Love?)of a sorry excuse of a human being (Kibaki).

3) A highly distorted sense of reality. He even uses his "education" to justify this distorted reality. Do the words FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT ring a bell here? They surely do.

As far as his being educated and still a FOOL, he is not alone. Kibaki, the cartoon he worships, is highly educated upto masters level in one of the most prestigious learning institutions of the world but, inspite of this, still remains a FOOL. One example:
Kibaki still believes in trickle down economics despite the fact that they have never worked and will never work. George bush Jr tried it in the United states and look what happened - DISASTER!

I guess there goes another example of a person who is highly educated but still a fool (Bush Jr has a MBA)

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Happy New year B-Carotene, and to you too Vikii and Kwale, the only people who don't wear blinkers on this blog.
Also to the poor ODM+ positive infected and affected on this blog, our prayers are with you and i hope you can get a vaccine soon that will not only cure you, but stop the spread of the ODM plague. I think Dr Kibaki and his award winning team of scientists at the PNU Centre for Disease Control are on the verge of finally destroying the mother host and source of the virulent virus, one formally elusive specie called Railus Odingansii. Keep hope alive and hang in there, its only a matter of time!

Anonymous said...

Now the most dangerous thing in all this circus are the two principals. If Kenyans were to be honest with themselves, there is very little difference between the two (Kibaki and Raila) and 2 selfish, spoilt kindergarten kids refusing to give an inch as they punch each others noses bloody in a nursery school yard. None of the two are interested in the greater good of the country because if they were, both would resign and pave way for more neutral Kenyans to take over the reigns of power. As it is Kibaki is determined to rule until 2012 and Raila is determined to be the next president. If Kenyans die as they play their war games who cares?


Mwarang'ethe said...

Vikii said:

It is completely dishonest to blame Mwai Kibaki for signing into law a bill we all knew was being tabled in parliament long before it did. It pains me when I see Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka engaging in the kind of political fundraising that is shameless at best and utterly stupid at worst. But I dont blame them. Neither do I blame the alarmed media. If you had a pool of 38 million idiots, why not take them on a cruising ride?

Our Comment:

We concur.

Anonymous said...

From the 1982 Bunge Archives:
"...On June 9, the Kenyan Government, led in Parliament by Vice-President Mwai Kibaki , the Leader of Government Business, moved a procedural motion to reduce the fourteen day period of publication of a Bill to six days. On clearing this impediment, Throup and Hornsby noted that"legislation (drafted by Charles Njonjo’s legal adviser Paul Muite ), was rushed through the National Assembly by Vice-President Mwai Kibaki to make a Kenya a de jure single party state ….Kibaki and Njonjo made all the "debate" on the Bill except for interruptions of applause from the House; an intervention by Nicholas Biwott, the Minister for Regional Development, Science and Technology, who hastened the Bill along; and an irritant from Orengo who interrupted Njonjo …. All 158 members present voted in favour of the Bill on the second reading. The speaker, Mr. Fred Mati , in a further setting aside of the rules , committed the Bill to a committee chaired by Moses arap Keino . In no time, arap Keino reported back that they had approved the Bill without amendment . The Third Reading took place immediately while some MPs left . This time 151 members were present including Koigi wa Wamwere who had joined the sitting, They all voted in favour with neither a nay vote nor an abstention . The amendment had been passed in an hour and 45 minutes. President Moi assented to the Bill making it a Constitutional Law on June 17, 1982.

From the 1988 Bunge Archives:
- Njonjo sacked as Minister, taken to Commission of Inquiry, charged with Treason and curtailed in his political or economic interests.
- Ngumba and Rubia are designated as Govt enemies and flee to exile. Later on they are joined by Matiba
- Koigi wa Wamwere dabbles as a hot-bed opposition MP who wants to repeal the 1982-clause
- Kibaki is sacked, defaced and demoted and curtailed in Nyeri by the Kalenjin elite, Karanja is abused for a year and then SAITOTI comes in
- GOLDENBERG is hatched and executed during this same period. Kenya loses a staggering 20+ Billions
- And the biggest losers happen to be STABEX-farmers (tea, coffeee) from Central
- Mati (MUKAMBA like MUTUA, KIVUITU, etc) is long gone. Biwott emerges as a borker and Keino is promoted.
- 60% of the MP's who voted for it are not in Bunge. Post-1988 elections, those MP's now outside agitate for repeal
- MOI-KANU clamps downs hard on Kenyans and the Biggest casulaties of his regime are the Kikuyu community
- This is the same community that DRAFTED the clause that led Kenyan into a single party state
- Hundreds of thousands of Kikuyus in RV, Central and Eastern are terrorized and bankrupted
- And since Media (VoK) was under state control, no one outside the affected areas knew
- Budalangi frarmers continued witht heir lives while the Kiambaa farmer was harassed into a pauper

Vikii said...

"we concur"

Mwarang'ethe, what do you usually mean by "WE"? I am just curious, man. Who else are talking on behalf of? I saw in kenya imagine some fellows ask you the same thing, but I missed the answer.
So who is this 'we", "our comment"..?

Anonymous said...

Word from Kenyans on ground while you fools debate here about the thug and thief KIBAKI- he will be stopped and the kenyans people have spoken..

this is about the people of kenya not kibaki.. no dictatorship will eve be allowed back into kenya period

Kenyans will fight - it is not about the media anymore it is about our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Ready to ride the wave of democracy- Kenyans are stocking up-

Kenyans are tired of Kibaki & his dictatorship.

Kenyans want a new government

kenyans are ready to die for their right to freedom and democracy

yes we can- and yes we will.

Anonymous said...


Propaganda leaflets from the government shenzi goons on the streets of Nairobi!
does the Kibaki government sincerely think kenyans are that stupid and not educated enough to read the media bill signed by kibaki??

Does Kibaki forget that the internet is the mother of all news this days- Opps I forgot he is nearly 90 years old- the senile fool has no clue



Anonymous said...

My dear Kenyans

Time has come when we all have to stand up against dictatorship - our country has come a long way and we can not allow a man called Kibaki from Othaya backyard who stole elections and denied us our right to vote- to take back our country to people being jailed without trail-(Kenyans do you remember??)

When our children were beaten up for saying the truth, when we had to hide our relatives and get them out of the country because they printed the truth about the government.

Kenyans we can not allow that to happen ever again this means Kibaki must be marched out of statehouse by force.- no coalition is worth it. Kenyans we must go back to the streets to take back our beloved country, we must we have no choice.

Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...


My dear the truth hurts so why don't you go flash yourself in a toilet??

Kibaki is a murderer and a thief we all know that- so what is your excuse for worshiping a murderer??

Anonymous said...

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

1/5/09 6:45 AM

and may I ask what you see in A MURDERER AND A THIEF like Kibaki?? facts are he is a murderer- (he ordered the police to shoot innocent kenyans dead- he ordered the police to execute mungiki youths without trail-

he rigged the elections (stole in broad daylight)

and another facts- he committed or still commits incest with his daughter Judy Kibaki..

as Judy who is the father of her daughter!!

Yours truly Mwai Kibaki her father(facts)

So my friend why do you so worship Kibaki?? he shits innocent peoples blood that he killed,

Anonymous said...

Kenyans watch what kibaki and his cronies are spending your hard earned Taxed money on

Kibaki must be removed and frog marched from statehouse by force. he is illegal in office and this time round Kenyans we must finish the job even if we die doing so..
Our children and grand children will thank us for it in the future

This beast called Kibaki must be removed.

Anonymous said...

Did Raila Kill any kenyans During the 27th December 2007 elections clashes??? NOpe


Kibaki Killed many Kenyans

He must be answerable to all the crimes against humanity.

Sayra said...

Fave mambos? long time.

I was a partisan contributor to this blog.
Umerundi na kuanza kutu-enjoy.

Aii man ... good to 'see' you though.

Anonymous said...

The ODM cry-baby-in-chief is back. Raila is crying he was not consulted on signing the Media Bill after his ODM party passed it in parliament. Folks, it is not the media bill he is opposed to. He is annoyed that he was not invited to the signing ceremony. Also Raila is miffed that there was no New Year party at State House Mombasa. He wanted to go and showcase his FAT wife at public expense. A few hours ealier he had put his New Year message in newspaper advertisement paid for with public tax money. This is the height of Luo grandiosity and cry-babiness rolled into one. And we have not seen anything yet!!!!!!!!

dr murinho said...

Let me explain myself a little bit, I do not worship or support Mr. Kibaki. I am Portuguese born and bred but with Kenyan ancestry (like Obama). I am in Kenya and have been since April 2008 on a case study assignment to obtain an in-depth analysis of Kenyan People through personal interviews and in Kumekucha case through direct-observation and psychometrics which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits and collect data through qualitative research. Qualitative research
aim is to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior. Kenya is a fertile ground for such research since the disputed presidential election in December 2007. The level of delusion in Kenya is a dreamland for any psychologist.
Like other research methodologies within psychology, this case study in Kenya will produce valid and reliable results in order to be useful for the development of future research in human behaviours. At some point, you will be able to read the data collected and analysis of your behaviours.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

Anonymous said...

Why can't these ODM thugs quit the government instead of giving endless public threats. They think they will be able rape and murder as they did in January 2007. This time around tuko tayari. This time if the police doesn't protect ODM targets, the targeted people will defend themselves acccording to the dictates of natural law. The thugs should consult their best witch doctors before they quit the govt and go about breaking laws as they do when they want attention.

Anonymous said...

ODM will win the presidency when the rapists and murderers in our midst will outnumber the law-abinding citizens. And I am not ready to bet when that is because your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

First, ODM stole people's maize. Then, ODM controlled parliament pass a bad Media Bill. Now, they want to be given the right to be co-signing the bills into law. Next time they will demand the keys to our bedrooms. Wake up, good Kenyans before they demand that we shouldn't think before we consult them.

Anonymous said...

anon1:22 PM( shiateless kibaki mouthpiece skunk

Kibaki will be frog marched to Hague for ordering police to shoot innocent kenyans during and after 27 December 2008 elections you kikuyu shiate... na mambo bado.. your murderous thief Kibaki will be looking for where to shaite in the Othaya forest after kenyans finish with him... opps maybe giving him a rope to hang himself is a better deal.. even Saddam Hussein was helped(he was lifted up to the rope) wewe kikuyu shenzi sana mavi ya kuku wewe.

Anonymous said...

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

No wonder Kibaki breeds shitheads like you and how dare your kikuyu ass compare yourself to Obama- mpumbavu wewe get your ass back to Othaya- or ask your malaya mother who born you-Opps a Portuguese man? she indeed went very far for an Othaya malaya.

Kibaki must be frog marched to Hague - he is a Killer.

Anonymous said...

anon1:33 PM

Do shutup kibaki mouthpiece-

ODM won the elections fair and square-
Kibaki rigged the elections

while Kibaki was being sworn in the the dark of the night he ordered the police to rape and kill innocent kenyans -

while Kibaki was being sworn in in the dark of the night the thief that he is after rigging elections

He paid his personal bodyguards the Mungiki murderous gang to go out to burn, murder and behead innocent kenyans from Nairobi to Naivasha and Nakuru( sources confirm some of the blood removed from the beheaded innocent kenyans was brought back to Kibaki the Dracula to drink to cleanse his Thai thia chi- Kibaki is a full blown murderer and a thief- he must be removed from office

kenyans prefer his punishment to be hanging - not jail term- The innocent dead kenyans demand this.


Anonymous said...

anon1:43 PM

Martha Karua here on Kumekucha?? what a joke.

Kenyans woke up long time ago in December 2007- when your loving senile lover called Emilio Kibaki send the police to murder their friends and family for demonstrating against his rigging of elections
KIBAKI IS A KNOWN MURDERER WORLD OVER( Mingistu of Ethiopia went into hiding but he was guilty as charged- death penalty)

yes Kenyans woke up -
Kenyans know Kibaki is a Killer
yes Kenyans know that too A FACT

Kenyans will never allow Kibaki to get away on signing a Media bill which takes away their freedom of speech.. NO NO!! NO!! NO!!

Kenyans will not - it is not about ODM or other parties.. My friend this is about the rights of KENYANS

Kibaki will be stopped mark my words- he will wish he neve signed that bill while he is in a shithole -
Yes Kenyans woke up long time aga!! Kibaki is the one asleep with his goons called Martha Karua, Saitoti, Uhuru, Michuki - but guess what-

KENYA IS OWNED BY KENYANS NOT A FEW GREEDY MURDERERS AND THIEF- and this time round we will proof to them we as Kenyans are not peoples to play around with.. watch this space -

Anonymous said...

anon1:38 PM

My dear you are asleep or have your head stack in the sand.
ODM won elections already- you want me to remind you? 27th December 2007 Raila Odinga of ODM won the presidential elections (facts)

what happened after??

Emilio Kibaki the Murderer, rapist Killer of Innocent Kenyans rigged and rushed to be sworn in at night..
This Kibaki is the same guy Kenyans are going to remove from office hey but wait... he must face crimes against humanity in Hague although most Kenyans prefer Kibaki to be hanged same way like Saddam Hussein ( the independent survey done in 4 months ago says that) the dead will rest in peace if this was accomplished.

Kibaki must be removed with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

"That is how THIEVES think and operate."...HAHAHA Ok I get it, so you're a Thief? Mwezi wewe!

UrXlnc said...

ICT Bill

lets look at the official parliament record starting at page 35 of that record, there is effort by Githae, Ethuro, Rege, to mention the issue of press freedom. Indeed Temporary deputy chair (Imanyara) makes a statement that clause 88 is a "new one" which Poghisio does not deny but squeezes thru an explanation. Musila opposes teh deletion of section.

after which house goes into a well choreographed third reading starting at the bottom of page 44 where apart from Rege and Githae, the house appears to be patting each other on teh back for a job well done

a look at the orders of the day indicates that the MPs or house were aware this bill would be presented (i.e not sneaked through while members were absent)

vikii @ 7:17 (of course minus the unnecessary and rather uncouth language) best summarises these sad events, these legislators have no business turning around now. this does not absolve kibaki since he too had time and opportunity if he deemed so fit not to assent.

vikii i know its possible for you to keep things civil. a great deal of these mistakes by MPs hurt all of us as kenyans.

Anonymous said...

anon3:57 PM

Let us be clear mistakes are done all over the world- but that does not mean the person leading the way take Kenyans for granted just because a few MP's where foolish enough not to read in the intentions of the media bill by the Presidents and his cronies..

Freedom of speech is a must for Kenyans and KIBAKI this time made a big blunder he undermined the will and determination of Kenyans to fight for their freedom of speech and democracy.

the coalition is not serving the interests of kenyans - ODM must walk away Kenyans will support their move 100%
Kibaki is a thief and a thug- add a murderer on that period.

Anonymous said...

I happened tohave just flown in from Kenya. Nairobi looks beautiful, security is high and i was really proud by the order (zebra crossings are respected) and the beauty (read green plants)in the city. the roads within and around nairobi have also been repaired. the only problem is the fuel shortage, traffic snarl up, cost of goods and the political noise.

seems the half part of the operating government is still going places.
Kudos HE Hon. Dr. Mwai Kibaki

Taabu's Mistress

UrXlnc said...

hehehe the last line of the govt sponsored propaganda is in clear contrast to some of the discussion here

whereas mutua would like us to believe that "they" (really have no idea who this means) are trying to protect citizens/public from a ROGUE govt, ROGUE parliament, ROGUE judiciary and ROGUE media

since we already have a ROGUE govt, ROGUE parliament, ROGUE judiciary and ROGUE media.

and also it would appear that many here are protecting media, govt, parliament (kibaki, rao, skm plus whichever flavor of the divide you support) from a ROGUE public (whichever side that you do not support)

all else being ROGUE perhaps rather than repeat just agree the we are a ROGUE republic of Kenya and then add the individual/title starting at the top president and trickle down to the lowliest (rogue-"iest") rogue.

kweli tu me rogue-wa (rogwa)

no laughing matter

Anonymous said...

dr murinho at 1/5/09 1:30 PM,
Taking up with you regarding to your research assignement my concern is that you are not narrowing down to studying Kenyan's behaviour as a result of the effects of 2007 general election results. Any professor sitting in your research committee should have already pointed out that whatever the findings from your work will be biased and cannot be used anywhere for valid conclusion!

UrXlnc said...

na hapa kumekucha iko wa rogue-e (e-rogue)

eddlove said...

letme just laugh at kenyans. Mps are happy this bill has passed and guys you are right it is the president's perogative to sign the bill into law wether he consults or not. these politicians are taking kenyans for a ride. so guys just wait mambo ya media bill is about to end as we start on the tribunal of PEV.

Anonymous said...

Do you thing any of the current minister's in both divides are ready to give up their positions for any reasons ?

kennyo822001 said...

Dont expect change from this Govt.Dont you see now the spin doctor..Mutua is up..and bussy with propaganda leaflets in the street..

Anonymous said...

Crisis meeting indeed. The PM is a parliamentarian before the PM. He has the numbers to to shoot down any bill or motion in parliament not forget his skills in mobilising his group. Shame on him. He is as bad as kibaki. Both are political turn coats. Kenyans wake up and smell the coffee. Politicians will take you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

When Raila missed the Media Bill discussion in the parliament, he was busy talking to Mungiki leader who is in Naivasha max prison. Raila is still intent on becoming a Kikuyu elder even if it means being installed by Mungiki - anasema ati hata matumbo in nyama.

Anonymous said...

When Orengo proposed to his Kikuyu wife, the only condition she put forward is that he be circumcised before she said yes to marrying him. That is how poor Orengo lost his foreskin. And how did Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o lose his? Stay tuned!

eddlove said...

Nation Media Sacks 100 Journalists for Supporting Media Bill
Written by Chief Editor

In an unprecedented move aimed at gagging their own journalists, Nation Media Group has sacked 100 journalists for refusing to be used to demonstrate against the so called draconian media bill.

Media owners have taken an uncompromising view of any journalist who voices a different opinion from that of media owners when it comes to the media act.

Some journalists have said clearly that the media act does not contain any draconian clauses but journalists are being forced to write stories to support media owners who are scared that the legislation will weaken their power.

Some of those fired include Nation News Editor Emman Omari, NTV Anchor Winnie Mukami, Coast Bureau Chief Edman Kwena among many others.

The sacked reporters and correspondents are in the process of filing court cases against Nation Media for unlawful termination because freedom of expression is their constitutional right. They have engaged a prominent Nairobi Lawyer S.B Oliech & Co Advocates to represent them.

Journalists in the media houses are now scared of standing out for the truth.

Some of the journalists were part of a group of reporters who held a press conference in Nairobi and expressed solidarity with the Government and President Kibaki’s assent to the communication bill. The journalists said they were happy that the media bill has now become law, signaling the end of their exploitation by the media houses.

The new law requires the media houses to remunerate all journalists well, and this did not go down well with media owners who in spite of reaping millions of shillings yearly, pay journalists peanuts. “Some of us have remained casual journalists for 20 years or more, but with the new law now they will have to employ us as permanent.” Rejoiced one journalist from North Rift Region.

Anonymous said...


I have been watching this circus of a government and thinking...

Anything based a FRAUD, DECEPTION or THEFT never succeeds in moving in the right direction (the foundation/Base of this governments existence is Kibaki's THEFT of the elections of DEC 2007)

So long as Kibaki is still in his illegitimate office of the presidency that he STOLE, continue expecting multiple episodes of theaters of the absurd. His first legitimate term was full of them - the "marital battles" between Lucy the terrible and "Narc activist" Wambui his second wife, the Artur clowns, Lucy the terrible slapping that that Kamba man and assaulting Gitobu Imanyara, John "the rattle snake" Michuki, theft of taxpayers money via angloleasing, commissions of inquiry that are not acted upon, Upumbavu, Mavi ya kuku... e.t.c

This second illegitimate term that he did not win but STOLE will have even more theaters of the absurd.

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