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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Media Bill Controversy: Oh Boy, It Was A Blunder After All!

In the days of retired president Daniel arap Moi, every move he made was analyzed and re-analyzed to try and figure out what he was up to. And true enough a few weeks later or even a few months later it suddenly became clear what Moi's game plan was.

It is emerging (and has just dawned on yours truly) that the biggest mistake political analysts in Kenya are making these days, including this blogger is to attempt to analyze the political moves of one Emilio Stanley. How do you analyze blunders?

Take the signing of the recent controversial bill aimed at clipping the wings of the media ahead of the post election violence trials. Why would Alfred Mutua suddenly wake up one morning and start distributing anti-media leaflets on the streets of Nairobi? (Nairobians just glanced at them and threw them down, littering the clean streets of Nairobi.) Is this not a clearly an attempt at damage control after the blunder has already happened?

If truth be told, Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki will go down in history as the most blundering president Africa has ever had. Can you think of another one? (Even Idi Amin with his broken English was decisive and made very few mistakes). If you review the Kibaki administration right from the day one, it is a long, boring, repetitive chronicle of political mistakes and blunders.

So what is the big deal? After all human is to err one would say. Sadly it is not as simple as that in this case. The problem we have here is that the Kenyan presidency is so powerful that the consequences of a single blunder can be catastrophic, let alone several in a row. Take the big mistake made to go ahead with the referendum in 2005? That mistake led to the fiasco of December 2007 than left thousands of Kenyans dead (the official figure is still sic hundred and something. Huh!!!) and hundreds of thousands homeless. I have asked several times in this blog what the cost of stealing an election is and nobody has dared to venture to give a figure. Actually it runs into billions and the bills are still piling up even as you read this.

The tragedy of Kenya today is that the country is stuck with a weak, indecisive blundering leader who has got powers in his hands that young King Mswati (of Swaziland) and King Charles (before Cromwell) would envy. The kind of powers that have made his predecessors often confuse themselves with God. Now giving that power to a blundering politicin who has made a career out of NOT making decisions is more than tragic. It is almost like leaving a child with a loaded revolver.

The bottom line, my sources assure me, is that the president did not expect the kind of troubles that he now has in his hands when he signed the Kenya Communications act last Friday afternoon. Just like he did not expect the troubles we saw in January when he made the decision to steal the election.

What will he do next without fully appreciating the consequences?

Kazi iendelee wacha wale wanataka kuropoka waropoke

Could this story about the sacking of journalists over the media bill be true? I was not able to verify from my sources at the time of making this post. But I am still digging around and will get back to you guys.

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PKW said...

By a show of comments, how many Kumekuchans have read the said controversial Bill, hence can post/react from their own insight, not from the media's interpretation of the same? I'll claim no prize for guessing that majority of Kenyans haven't.

Anonymous said...

This is not Kibaki's bill. It is MP's bill, ODM included. The blunder is a parliamentary blunder, ODM included. And by the way, pretenders are worse than murderers. ODM are pretenders that they were not part of the bill. They are worse than Kibaki.

Chris said...

I agree with you Anon @ 5:03AM.

And I agree KABISA!!!

Parliament with majority ODM MPs made the initial blunder.

However why didn't Kibaki correct it?

Why put pressure on himself when he has so many other problems to handle as he finishes his second and last term? If that was not a blunder I have no idea what the word means.


Anonymous said...

From Hapa Kenya blog

Tired of the WHINING Kenyan Media!
Posted: January 6, 2009, 7:52 am
Little is wrong with the Media bill, but there is definitely something bigger, that is wrong with the Kenyan Media. We can blame Kibaki all we want, but the truth remains, the media and the Politicians played and equal role in the so called clashes n death during the past election. The media published unchecked stories,they were biased in their reporting prior to the elections. They relayed to the public irresponsible statements by the political class.

There is a great danger in letting the two groups go uncontrolled, let the politicians watch the media and let the media watch the politicians.

Personally, I got no quarrel with the Communication bill. Please, Kenyan Media, be told, the hullabaloo abt this bill is getting into my nerves now. You have made too much noise, and the fact that Kenyans can only hear what the media wants to talk about is quite irritating.

To kibaki, if you ever log in to this blog(I doubt), gag all media houses talking about the communications bill.Raid their houses, take away their equipments, arrest all of them coz this is tantamount to public incitement that might lead to civil unrest.

To the ODM brigade who are playing saints now. The last time I checked, you had the majority in parliament! I believe the rules haven't changed, and the will of the majority rules the parliament. All bills brought to the parliament are first circulated to each MP's pigeon holes. Raila is still the best at marshaling support. You could have shot down the bill if you wanted! Stop playing with Kenyans minds.The bit that is wrong with the said bill is there because of your own omission or commission. Sad that none of the ODM MPs is willing to introduce an amendment bill to correct it as such. Stop playing saints where you are not!

I would just wish to put on my radio and listen to music without the now common inciting interruptions about how the media is being gagged and how its gonna be bad for me. I am tired of the communication bill issue being the headline everyday, am sick of watching news full of media this media that. I am tired of the listening/reading/hearing just what the Kenyan media wants me to.

Anonymous said...


I have been watching this circus of a government and thinking...

Anything based a FRAUD, DECEPTION or THEFT never succeeds in moving in the right direction (the foundation/Base of this governments existence is Kibaki's THEFT of the elections of DEC 2007)

So long as Kibaki is still in his illegitimate office of the presidency that he STOLE, continue expecting more multiple episodes of theaters of the absurd AND more blunders. His first legitimate term was full of them - the "marital battles" between Lucy the terrible and "Narc activist" Wambui his second wife, the Artur gangsters, Lucy the terrible slapping that that Kamba man and assaulting Gitobu Imanyara, John "the rattle snake" Michuki, theft of taxpayers money via anglo leasing, commissions of inquiry that are not acted upon, Upumbavu, Mavi ya kuku... e.t.c

This second illegitimate term that he did not win but STOLE will have even more theaters of the absurd AND more outlandish blunders.

Anonymous said...

This is the folly of Kibaki thinking watu wengine ni wapumbavu when the reverse is actually the case.

Anonymous said...

Things must be getting desperate when the Kibaki opts to communicate to Kenyans through pamphleteering.

It takes a Government filled with self-doubt and insecurity to craft laws that are designed to kill the free and independent media, never mind that it rode on that media before it got to power.

A peculiar feature of African governments is that the more they feel threatened, the more they turn to repression and anti-democratic tendencies; and the more they turn to grabbing and looting in the vain hope that they can amass enough wealth to buy off the opponents they cannot otherwise vanquish.

The more they grab, the more they must turn to oppression and repression to keep their foes at bay, and the more they must silence all independent voices, starting with the media.

The vicious circle is complete when the Government resorts to strewing leaflets all over the place; afraid that even with all the means of communication at its command, including the public broadcasting service and the power to invade independent broadcasters and smash their equipment — its voice is still being ignored by the people. Its voice is being ignored by Kenyans because it is fake and illegitimate. It is a stolen voice.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you asked:

"I have asked several times in this blog what the cost of stealing an election is and nobody has dared to venture to give a figure."

Chris, you answered yourself very well:

"Actually it runs into billions and the bills are still piling up even as you read this." On top of these bills piling up we will continue having more blunders and theaters of the absurd from the fellow you rightly call a "weak, indecisive and blundering leader who will go down in history as the most blundering president Africa has ever had.".

Meanwhile, More blunders and tragicomedies are soon coming to a theater (Kenya) near you.

Anonymous said...

annon 5.03
If foodf is on the table and the father is warned that he should not feed the children with it for one reason or another but the stubborn father goes ahead and feed the children, in event that the children dies because of the bad food who curries the blame?
kibaki is the father of this nation and he was warned by the public that the bill was in bad taste? The stubborn "father" gave it away and invited his children to eat. I dont want to be a judge but God forbid " Mchimba kaburi pia huzikwa kwenye kaburi siku ya kufa kwake". The bad law that Kibaki approved will follow him and his children at times when we will not be able to reverse the case.

Anonymous said...

good one Chris.
Is this man BLUNDERING AS ALWAYS MR EMILIO MENTALLY FIT...sounds more like he is hellbent on causing anguish-we know too well how drunk he is with power...!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Stop your kindergarten snivelling at once and go back to your room, and don't forget to use a handkerchief to wipe away your mucus, silly little boy!
The tragedy of Kenya is the inability to know when you are beaten. The Kenyan media has had a good run promoting tribal animosity and the shallow agendas of political nincompoops such as the ODM at the expense of Kenya's progress, harmony and security, all because a few tribal elites such as Raila Odinga who want unquestioned authority and power and to be answerable to nobody can pay you.
You members of the media are now paying the price for your lack of professionalism. We all know that you became political hatchet men for various political merchants and you are now just getting your comeuppance. If only you had put principal above monetary gain and mercantilism.
Ironically, Kenya will be the better for it because with the new media bill, media houses will not have the power to publish the kind of incendiary material the EA Standard and KTN excel in, such as demonizing particular communities or personalities without consequence, publishing fake opinion polls or reporting election results before official ones are in.

sereast said...

Kimi, so does the Nation do unbiased reportin? The way you single out only EA standard shows how biased you too are in your analysis and leaves very little objectivity to your argument.

Anonymous said...

anon5:03 AM

Do sut up with your Narc-K PNU Bill that was put together in January before the coalition was formed wewe shenzi sana..


Anonymous said...

kimi...your talking about the same official results that the chairman cannot himself doubts? Where is your attention to detail when the same doubtfull resu;ts are used to declare a winner?
The media billy was brought to parliament after the coalition gova had agreed that they needed father was a dirty little trick.....lets just admit that.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


1/6/09 5:08 AM

It is gone beyond blaming MP's it about all Kenyans now standing up for their freedom of speech and Democracy without the freedom of speech there is no democracy.


why are you forgetting that MP's come and go but the bill stay signed for years to come if we do not stand up as kenyans to say no to this nasty Media Bill..

time to stop thinking petty and look at the broader picture..

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen and his Raila hating histrionics. He exhibits enormous amounts of self-doubt and insecurity - more that kindergarten kid.

The guy sees visions of Raila everywhere... like a fly that always sees imaginary shots of insecticide coming it's way. This is a classic PANUA MONGREL - young and educated but still has the mentality of the retarded dinosaurs such as Kibaki, Njenga Karume and John "the rattle snake" Michuki.

Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen, save up lot's of energy, you will need it for the many bouts and rounds of histrionics that you are bound to engage in in future seeing that your object of adoration and worship (Kibaki) is guaranteed to serve up many more numerous servings of more outlandish and bizzare blunders and theaters of the absurd.

Kimi, Sereast @ 7:02 has pointed out something that you should think about.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen and his Raila hating histrionics. He exhibits enormous amounts of self-doubt and insecurity - more that kindergarten kid.

The guy sees visions of Raila everywhere... like a fly that always sees imaginary shots of insecticide coming it's way. This is a classic PANUA MONGREL - young and educated but still has the mentality of the retarded dinosaurs such as Kibaki, Njenga Karume and John "the rattle snake" Michuki.

Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen, save up lot's of energy, you will need it for the many bouts and rounds of histrionics that you are bound to engage in in future seeing that your object of adoration and worship (Kibaki) is guaranteed to serve up many more numerous servings of more outlandish and bizzare blunders and theaters of the absurd.

Kimi, Sereast @ 7:02 has pointed out something that you should think about.

Anonymous said...

"Kimi Raikkonen!

you being Kibaki's diarrhea won't help him my friend.

Kenyans have spoken - Kibaki's time is up - he has no business being inb statehouse.. hes record under kenyatta and Moi government speaks for it self. source confirm he was on Member of parliament then who believed in journalist being jailed without trail..

Kibaki the dictator must be removed an frog marched to Hague Kibaki is a thieve and a murderer period!! he is a danger to Kenyans democracy!

Anonymous said...

Raila MUST never be allowed to become president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nameless said...

This is not a joke. Just to show how desperate the GoK is, someone has gone ahead to register an entity (on 05 Jan 2009) and it is already poorly working. Check it out and see how much in a hurry Mutua's boys were, they forgot to eliminate some ipsums in the original template.

Kenya News Room (

A quick check at WhoIs will let you know who is behind it: The shadowy frigure Zubedi Pele, who is also associated with a number of shadowy company websites including the one that bought Safaricom shares as a Qatari franchise.

The war is now in cyberspace, and guess who wants to be left behind.

On another issue, has anybody been sacked by the Nation?

Interestingly, there is no such domain named and the registrants email address is a fake. I just hope that somebody may be able to unmask the ghosts behind this.

Interestingly, the site carries Mutua's F-grade analysis in an article published there: Mutua has surely upped the ante in his war with the media.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:28 AM, you must be another panua mongrel. Sorry in future NO MORE STEALING OF THE ELECTION ala KIBAKI STYLE DECEMBER 2007.

The peoples verdict will never be STOLEN again PANUA MONGREL style.

Anonymous said...

Some ODM hippocrates here say that the bill was passed in parliament while coalation consultations were still going on, and ODM was at the time not part of govt. What twisted reasoning? ODM has been the majority in parliament in the life of this parliament and they have always voted for the bill whether in or out of Govt.

Anonymous said...

Molasses was humming to himself as he enjoyed the trappings of power,a huge motorcade,24/7 state security,dining and wining with the high and mighty who represent various interests by the west when his trip to dreamworld was brought to a screeching halt by the poor folk in Kibera during that infamous homecoming and which we were told was financed never mind by people who most likely dont know how and when their next meal will happen(Wapi Phil?)Being the kind of politician that he is and a Kenyan one at that and being smart enough to realize the masses were apportioning him his fair share of blame with his being part of the government that was compounding their misery with high prices of everything,Agwambo had to do something and it had better be fast.And in came the media bill and what better way to redeem his plummeting ratings in the eyes of the public than point an accusing finger at his fellow principal never mind the fact that the bill went through all the stages in an ODM dominated parliament,voted for and passed.And not just content to stop there why not look for a scapegoat about why he has had no balls the past year and who else is more convenient than poor Muthaura and this is where it gets interesting.He dismisses the PS as someone not worth his time worrying about then ODM goes ahead to issue a statement how the PS is frustrating the PM's efforts!How strange can things get,how can someone you are not even prepared to feel bothered about be the one frustrating you?

Anonymous said...

anon7:28 AM

you make me laugh:) by who??
Raila is already the president of the people of Kenyan who voted him in on 27th December 2007(Facts)

Kibaki is another Mugabe of Zimbabwe Kibaki is in statehouse illegally as per ECK and kenyans know that!


Anonymous said...

anon7:54 AM

Get it right my friend this is about kenyans and their freedom of speech - Kibaki the dictator must be removed or silenced like Saddam Husein- Kibaki is a murderer period and he is in office illegally.

I won't even honor him by shiating on his grave..My shit is more valuable than Kibaki the murderous thug.

Anonymous said...

anon7:56 AM

Really I guess while Kibaki is busy screwing the like of Martha Karua(WHO BY THE WAY HAS HIV) and carrying on Incest with his daughter Judy Kibaki as we all know(ask Judy who is the father of her daughter) before you come here to post nonsense( I guess all of them have aids now- no wonder Kibaki is senile!

Kibaki all Kenyans know is a thief and Murderer-



chola said...

'This is not Kibaki's bill. It is MP's bill, ODM included. The blunder.'

This sounds familiar; anon 5:03 is it you Mutua or one of those GK agents. endeleya kutupa karatasi

Anonymous said...

Half of Kenya's HIV+ cases comes from Nyanza.molasses told you to drop your pants get the cut and you the scientists are saying the darker your skin is the more likely you will be infected with the virus.I wonder if Agwambo will tell you to bleach your skin???

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sereast, ditto the Daily Nation and its hand wringing hypocrisy. It does not believe in anything least of all calling a spade a spade and pointing out and calling out the thugs in parliament, especially those in the ODM occult. What does the Daily Nation stand for?
At least we know that rag, the EA Standard, is an ODM mouthpiece, what with pretentious senior Editors like Linus Kaikai donating 600k to the ODM cause?

Anonymous said...

anon8:38 AM

Oh do shut up - Kenyans mean business now. it is about the freedom of Kenyans it has gone beyond MP's being a foolish kenyans that you are does not help!!
wake up and fight for your rights as a Kenyan or else move to Uganda

Maybe you would like to go to lick ass in the Nyati dungeons someday
remember Kibaki will not always be in power!! then what?? central province goons then what??

Think beyond Kibaki- I'm a kikuyu and I'm thinking that... it is not about MP's in parliament it is about the Freedom of speech and democracy for all Kenyans now and in the future!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikkonen

I'm waiting a year or so down the road when Kibaki is out of office and believe me there will be no Kikuyu in statehouse after Kibaki

then the same Media Bill will be used on all Kibaki former mouth pieces and some will end up in Nyati house without trail( charges sedition)

What then my friend will you do?? shout to remove the Media Bill ??

it will be too late my friend-

I remind you don't support you senile Kibaki now when he is power to oppress and gag the media and freedom of speech for like minded Kenyans!! because tomorrow statehouse will belong to others who will use the same to oppress you.

I don't really believe you Kibaki mouth pieces know what you are doing my pity is for you in the future if this Bill stays.

Joe the choma man said...

the greatest lie the devil ever convinced people is he does not exist and he has no kingdom
So according to you the illegal Kibaki is the most blundering president in Africa?mmmm, i see....

that is why he signed the media bill into law so that now he can have an excuse to either completely shut down this blog or clip its and other public voices wings that exercise freedom of expression fearlessly in the open and by example

no one who blunders says "wacha wale wanataka kupigana wapigane"-that is not a blunder statement that is a calculated strategic political move aimed at covering up whatever it is this administration is really doing behind closed doors and now away from the scrutiny of the public through the media

let Kibaki&PNU apologists e-defend and e-stand up for their dishonest political murderer but what they and equally politically erroneous ODM worshippers will never admit is that after all has been said and all has done those leaders they are defending will never recognise their welfare and will never look out for their well being and will never own up to their mistakes and will never abandon their devious ways and scrupulous motives-you can't teach an old dog new tricks but you can give it a new coat

let us just accept we are STUCK with who we have for the next 4 years and nothing we can do about it

Anonymous said...

Is it only me but does anyone else see when O-DreaMers (OK those who can readily eat up molasses shit while still steaming hot)are cornered they resort to posting bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Joe the choma man, where is your big brother Taabu?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.18, it is in their blood. stonethrowing is something that is part of their nature. post what you like and ignore their bullshit responses and meantine let them continue to scoop molasses hot shit.

Anonymous said...

Back in December 2007 a few days before the elections, there was a KTN report done by Mohammed Ali on the Administration Police alledgedly being ferried to rig elections. It was inflammatory, fuel of innuendo and clearly designed to incite. I am not a journalist but that night I told my family, people are gonna die as resuly of that news item. Before the night was over 11 policemen had been killed in Migori. If the media bill will stop such report ever hitting the airways again, I fully support it. Those policemen had families like you have Chris, PKW, Kimi and all other bloggers here. It was the saddest day in my life and anytime I hear that Mohammed Ali on KTN, I feel like puking.

Anonymous said...

How many gays are there in this blog?
Is Vikii gay?

Anonymous said...

anon8:45 AM

Yet again you are wrong !most HIV cases are in central province - where prostitution is the only way they know how to make a living the sad thing is those with HIV kill themselves because of embarrassment and such cases are combined with incest-

Incest plus HIV in central province is the going of the day- after that they hang themselves.. recent studies show suicide deaths in central province 89% HIV positive and incest in the raise

Anonymous said...

anon9:18 AM

No my friend you are not the only one.. I keep telling ODM to let the bill be and use it on the same Kibaki and cronies when he is out of office:):) why make noise when you have been given a fantastic tool for the future?? like someone mentioned here no KIKUYU WILL HAVE BE IN STATEHOUSE- AFTER KIBAKI RIGGED HIMSELF IN BY SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT KENYANS...


Anonymous said...

ANON9:39 AM (Kibaki's malaya that you are)

you busted- when Kibaki was sending out police to shoot kenyans dead where where you?? sucking his cock??

I'm glad those policemen who were in reality mungiki in police uniforms were killed wanaichi and this time kenyans have stocked their guns too- tell your Kibaki murderous police this time round they will recieve them in the head just like they did to our innocent kenyans families!!shenzi kabisa wewe - if the media hadn't been out there showong the masacre on T.V ofcourse Kibaki and his murderous cronies would have gotten away slaughtering thousands of kenyans with thier mungiki murderous gangs in police Uniform

bustard you try again we will be waiting shenzi punda wewe!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad pitiful site that has this kind of comments. I am shocked that Kenyan's feel such much hatred amongst themselves. The comments here are actually more vile than those exchanged between white supremacists in the south and black americans in yonder days. Do any of you who post this comments have friends, relatives etc from other tribes? Do you really believe in the disgusting diatribe you post here? Indeed we are our biggest enemies. Perhaps we get what we deserve

Anonymous said...


This means the coalition must be disbanded - it is not working for the good of kenyans

Infact it is tearing kenyans apart.

The coalition is a cancer that needs to be removed before it caused death to inocent kenyans again..


ODM must walk- let fear not rule you.. KIBAKI can do nothing kenyans are 100% behind you this time yet again ODM- you must stop this train and start again.. kenyans do not care they want a government in place that is for the people of kenya

an Interim government chosen by the people of kenyans is a must..
and in it no member of PNU or ODM will be allowed to TAKE AND CHARGE- Kenyans has enough intelligent people to work on the constitution within 5 months and then call for an election...

take hind or we as Kenyans will be back on the streets to force all of you out of the coalition government that is not working for the kenyans people- but for a few greedy goons- THAILAND DID IT SO CAN WE!!!!


Anonymous said...

anon11:14 AM

Nope we do not deserve the thieving murderous KIBAKI***** maybe you do- he ordered the police to shoot my brother who was just out demonstrating for his rights and many more innocent kenyans died in order for this murderer to stay in power-

Don't ever tell me we deserve the thieving murderous goon from Othaya! never and his time will come to be 6ft under like my brother and may his death be so painful, he deserves to be hanged like Saddam Husein Period!!!!!!!!!!!!death to kibaki the murderer of many innocent kenyans!!why does he deserve to live? when we have buried our loved ones 6ft under?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:14
There is a prominent sicko blogger here paid by Chris to post hate comments. you may have noticed no-one reply to this sicko.for a period of 2-3 months this site was free of this sicko after going under presumably after the mandatory cut by molasses.

Anonymous said...

I found this article in an American website.

"…In a remote part of Western Kenya a place where Obama's father comes from, they employ retards known as Cleansers to go and have unprotected sex with widows and single mothers to protect against having a bad harvest which in their heads is somehow related to one another and as a result of this practice in some places almost one third of all of the people in an entire village are infected with AIDS…"

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:46

You said
ANON9:39 AM (Kibaki's malaya that you are)

you busted- when Kibaki was sending out police to shoot kenyans dead where where you?? sucking his cock??

This must be a very sick guy. Everything to him starts and ends with genitals. I refuse to be sucked into your madness. Stick in your league, below the belt.

marisela said...

hey lets get the whole story, Are there some entrenched interests driving the media bill debate like cross media ownership?

Anonymous said...

The complains about the ''media bill'' remind me of the noise that was made in the 80s when Moi was expanding the capacity of the public universities in Kenya. Moi then, like Kibaki now was right. Those who are complaining of the media bill now, like those that compalined when universities were being expanded in the late 80s are dead wrong. Kenyan media requires regulation, just like it happens here in the UK and in the USA. But for Kenya, the power to regulate media must be vested with the office of the Minister for information and broadcasting. Why? How else would anyone ensure there is smooth coordination between the state intelligence services and the media regulator during times of national crisis in a politically volatile country like Kenya.

You don't have to agree with me!

Anonymous said...

Come to think about it - the noise about the media bill is good for Kenyans in one way. If PNU is pushed to a corner, the "ENVELOPE" shall be released to the ICC.

Don't you see this coming??

And who do you think goes to the Hague.....ODM commanders!!

If PNU legislators will boycott any parliamentary session that deals with the local tribunal, what happens next?

Don't you see whose balls are being squeezed here????

Anonymous said...

anon4:30 PM

PNU mouth piece-sorry in your dreams- why do you image the envelope was not given to Kibaki?

His name in waki report is
number 1.

kibaki's crime: ordering the police to shot dead innocent Kenyans all over the country!!

don't you wonder why Kibaki started calling for forgiveness??

when months back when Odm was asking for the same for he refused.

names in the Waki Report:

1. Kibaki
2. Michuki
3. Saitoti
4. uhuru
and surprise Martha Karua's name is rght there - sources (Mungiki ) shows prove Martha Karua and Uhuru organized and paid them to go and commit the murders in Nakuru and Nairobi

with the ODM names actually they do not have proof whatsoever and infact the Eldoret church burning a Mungiki member come forward with proof that they were paid to burn the church by some PNU big shots and we all know who those are.. they actually tried to kill all the mungiki members that were involved in the Eldoret church massacre but some went into hiding and now the truth is out.. let us see where this PNU shiateheads murderers will hide this time...

Anonymous said...

anon12:50 PM

The only HIV/Aids that is true is in Kibaki ass!!go ask him...or Judy Kibaki since incest is what this father and daughter are good at.. I don't have to ask you if this is true my dear Kikuyu friend this are facts!!

Anonymous said...

anon4:16 PM

Only by the same token if we jail Kibaki in NYATI house without the right of Trail for murdering innocent kenyans during and after the 27th December 2007 elections
I hope you agree with me 100%


Anonymous said...

Anon of 7:56Am,
Talking of molasses,do you have an idea of what the man has done to that place? If he cant start with a plce-a simple factory- he has fought so hard for,will he for the country??
Raila in his true colours!! He made sure his cronies are posted there to take advantage of Kenyan's intelligence-and exploit what they biliv is "cheap" labour.
The other day,he talked of not holding people in casual positions for long-Look at that place and knw he preaches water but drinks wine.
This is a simple illustration-if u cant keep your own house in order,can u be entrusted with a village?
Molasses is the starting point.
Raila is a politician,and they are ALL the same.Lets face that fact.

Anonymous said...

With a new ECK, what is Raila waiting for. Lets go for another election and rid ourselves of this menace once and for all!

startupkenya said...

I came hear hoping to get broad and divergent views on the new act passed into law. Sadly most of the anonymous posts don't even deserve a read. The only decent comment I read is by Nameless @ 1/6/09 7:37am. That's some damn good investigative work.

That said there are three things I would like to comment about this post:
1. There is no such thing as a Media Bill, it is the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act and it mainly deals with broadcasting and e-commerce. Instead of getting into an argument over what the effect of the Act is, I provide a link here for anyone interested in reading it.
2. According to Section 30 of the Constitution Legislative power in Kenya is vested in Parliament. If there is a genuine problem with this bill, then Parliament which comprises PNU MPs, ODM MPs, and the President should all be at blame.
3. Alfred Mutua sucks at his job. If he wants to be an effective spin master (and create propaganda that works) he needs to work much much harder. Perhaps he should study how BushCheneyRumsfeld got everybody to believe Iraq had WMDs.

eddlove said...

Since Independence, Kenyans have moved backwards in their thinking, instead of becoming wiser." Nothing proves this more than in the character of all of Kenya's leaders. The people are ready for the 21st century but the leaders belong to the 19th century.

Thats why 1,200 people are dead, railway lines lie uprooted and bridges blown up. And for what? A presidency?

Now all the anoymouses this one is meant for you.

But truth be told most of the current MPS will benefit from this bill. I would like to remind you that we have the worst MPS in the history of Kenya:
They despise Kenyans and thats why they can equate paying taxes to charity those words from an ODM speaker. Some even say that the church burning was a gas explosion Kamama Roselyn.
I laugh when Kenyans fight amongst themselves for politicians whe are there enemy number one. Remember the maize shortage it was the MPS whom you suppport so much that were hoarding it to coz shortages. They would rather you go hungry for them to make a killing. Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...


I see you have not been answered. After reading Mutua's Adverts, I read the bill (now Act). One issue mutua is very right is the question of Section 88 (power of internal Security Minister). The Kenya Communications Act was passed in 1998. Section 88 is part of that Act. The 2008 legislation is just an amendment of that Act. The Power of the Minister is not part of the bill that was presented to the president. I was very angry when I realised the Media had been misleading people that raiding media stations is what was enacted in the 2008 legislation. It is total abuse of power by the media, knowing how ignorant and stupid kenyans are.

Anonymous said...

I Agree With YOu FuLly.RAO is JuSt anoTher PoliTician like Any other.
LeT HIM Enjoy state security,have his kids crash cars-sleek ones-and continue xploiting kenyans.
BTW,mOlasses is another story.Ask anyone in there to tell you and ul be shocked.
Ask what HaPpened to their Uganda offiCe and ul be shocked-common knowledge in Ksm-Courtesy of RAO's sista and close cousin who runs the MolasSes place.And you say these are straight people?? Pleeeeese!!!
Chris had some Write Up on that place a WhiLe back-ask HiM.


UrXlnc said...

pkw, startups, anon 10:51 and others

i agree. i have been following this bill for a while now since 2003/2004 when it was first floated.

much of the previous debate and discussion with stakeholders was sporadic and for most part not public.

but specifically looking at the 10th parliament if you also look at the debate in parliament when the bill was presented in parliament for the first reading (a minor blip at the bottom of page 33), second reading (bottom of page 39) and third (from page 35)reading ,

the politicians and media are not being very forthright but more horrifying is that this bill exposes either a lot of ignorance or disconnect on the part of MPS on how laws are enacted. if anyone has record of other instances this bill was debated in the house or elsewhere i'd be interested in looking at that too.

luckily in this information age, we are going to be able to get to have a lot more information accessible.

no wonder the speaker/parliament appears to be having second thoughts on live footage/coverage from parliament

Anonymous said...

I find the PM and ODM to be insincere and insensitive to kenyans. The PM has never been able to work with anyone from the days of FORD. ODM has a majority in parliament and they had the numbers to shoot down the bill, they didn't. Why blame kibaki? KIbaki is no angel and I am not holding is brief but Raila is a worse pretender and power hungry. Why is he not concerned about the starving population and the impending teachers strike. What coordination is he doing? I guess the he is coordinating the media houses!

Anonymous said...

I find the PM and ODM to be insincere and insensitive to kenyans. The PM has never been able to work with anyone from the days of FORD. ODM has a majority in parliament and they had the numbers to shoot down the bill, they didn't. Why blame kibaki? KIbaki is no angel and I am not holding is brief but Raila is a worse pretender and power hungry. Why is he not concerned about the starving population and the impending teachers strike. What coordination is he doing? I guess the he is coordinating the media houses!

Anonymous said...

I find the PM and ODM to be insincere and insensitive to kenyans. The PM has never been able to work with anyone from the days of FORD. ODM has a majority in parliament and they had the numbers to shoot down the bill, they didn't. Why blame kibaki? KIbaki is no angel and I am not holding is brief but Raila is a worse pretender and power hungry. Why is he not concerned about the starving population and the impending teachers strike. What coordination is he doing? I guess the he is coordinating the media houses!

UrXlnc said...

anyhow sideshow

history continues to repeat itself as we continue to learn that the only thing we learn from history is that we dont learn from history

Nameless said...

Kibaki directs AG to study proposed amendments to Communication Act


President Mwai Kibaki has today directed the Attorney General and the Minister for Information and Communication to study amendments members of the media have proposed made to the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2008 and the Kenya Communications Act 2008.

The President was responding to a letter, from the Chairman of the Media Owners Association Mr Linus Gitahi, appealing to the President to consider proposed amendments on the two Acts.

In his response, the President says he had noted concerns by the media regarding the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2008 and the Kenya Communications Act 2008 and asked the AG and the information and Communications Minister to study the proposed amendments and consult with the media representatives.

The President has further directed that the Attorney General and Minister for Information and Communications should bring appropriate recommendations on the proposed amendments to the cabinet for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Theatre of Absurdity and the Communication Act ushers in A hard year ahead

Upset comptroller chose to go on leave
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By EUNICE MACHUHIPosted Tuesday, January 6 2009 at 21:03

State House Comptroller Hyslop Ipu opted to go on leave after being frustrated by a member of the First Family during the festive season, the Nation has learnt.

Sources said contrary to reports that he had been sent on indefinite leave, Mr Ipu decided to take a rest following events on December 31 in Mombasa where the First Family spent Christmas and New Year.

The last straw

It is understood the last straw for Mr Ipu was when the First Family member told him off over a room at the Mombasa State Lodge that was to be used to record the President’s New Year message.

“Mr Ipu asked Presidential Press Service director Isaiah Kabira to prepare the room but out of nowhere, the First Family member emerged and demanded to know why the room was being used without the member’s consent,” the source said.

Mr Ipu, the source added, was so frustrated that he informed the President.

“The President told him to take a rest and that they would meet in Nairobi,” the source said.

It is reported that Mr Ipu, who was former President Daniel arap Moi’s speech writer, has been uncomfortable in his job because of interference by a member of the First Family.

Mr Ipu, the source also said, “has no peace at all as he is also fighting those who want his position”.

Retain him

“But the President should retain him because he is the man who knows all the Government secrets,” the source told the Nation.

The source claimed that Mr Ipu should be in charge of the President’s diary, but it was controlled by a member of the First Family, who decides who sees the President.

Mr Ipu becomes the second State House Comptroller to face problems since President Kibaki came to power in 2003.

The first Comptroller, Mr Matere Keriri was sacked after falling out of favour with First Lady Lucy Kibaki.

b-carotene said...

Several people here surely must have a couple of jiggers firmly lodged in their grey matter. How else can one explain the claim that this so-called media bill was not crafted by the current grand coalition government? Subsequently, how would anyone blame Emilio after an entire parliament endorses and passes the bill? Can the ODeMons wake up to their own idiocy and understand one obvious and simple fact--when Parliament was dissolved in the run up to the 2007 elections, any proposed bill that did not make it into law likewise returned to ground zero, warranting fresh debate and consultation.
So shut your big mouths and get to work. Even Ngai Murungu wouldnt bother to punish you retards!

Anonymous said...


Its true the Bill passed through parliament where ODM has majority MPS. You will however note that those supporting the Bill were PNU members while ODM ones like Eng. James Rege were actually calling for amendments before the Bill could be passed. Around that time most ODM MPS were busy preparing for their party's delegates conference hence their few numbers in parliament.

One does not to defend an obvious blunder. Kibaki himself has ordered a review of the contentious clauses in the Act.

Lets wait to see where Dr. Alfred Mutua and other apologists take their propaganda

Anonymous said...

Sections 162 to 165 of the Penal Code criminalize homosexual behaviour and attempted homosexual behaviour between men, referring to it as "carnal knowledge against the order of nature". The penalty is 5 to 14 years' imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

I do get disappointed by some of the bloggers comments but I have to leave with them as they are expressing their right of expression. For those who are bringing Molasses (how come's it just comes up when Kibaki is receiving a bashing?) into this, do the ammended act can be used to make sure nothing is ever heard of that issue again simply by declaring it a state security issue? Is that what you want? As it is said somewhere, before you pass a law, think of twhat your opponent can do to you using it.
Arguing that Kibaki signed it because MP's passed it is what I an call warped thinking. How many bills have he refused to sign (some without any public outcry)? Why did he have to sign this? The analogy of a father giving his children poisoned food despite the warnings was very applicable.
It is true the media needs regulations, but this is not definitely it. For those supporting this bill kindly take a deep breath and think what is the worst thing that can happen to your right of information if this law remains as it is in our statutes!

Somali Pirate said...

After reading all the comments here, i can now see why Kenya is still in dark ages. This Kikuyu/Luo must stop!! Kenya does not belong to only two tribes!Wampumbavu nyinyi!!

Anonymous said...

I second that brother somali pirate usheeg cabida wadaanka waan wada leenahay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Kibaki's tribesmen still adore him. What does that tell you about them, they adore thieves, murderers, rapists, liars etc.
No matter what, Kibaki's tribesmen would rather die that stop supporting this sick old man

UrXlnc said...

an excellent article by Jaindi. certainly requires a lot of clarifications and/or monitoring. too many pple just ready to reap profits

pesa tu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pesa tu said...

This may cut thru the ignorance of some commentators and help those who didn't read the media Bill

kalamari said...

According to Martha Karua, the money set aside for cheap flour has been stolen. It has been pocketed by a few individuals.

This is the problem in Kenya. Why can’t Karua just name and shame? Failure to do so allows the continuity of impunity.

UrXlnc said...

...It is understood that the meeting dwelt on dissipating the perception that only ODM was friendly to the media....

...have been concerned about the “monopoly” of ODM in the media ...

...wanted to water down the political mileage of ODM ..

maybe its rather biased reporting but from this report in essence PNU/ODM-K is not even concerned about addressing the issues raised by the media but more about stealing the thunder as it were from ODM.

there was almost 4 years of opportunity by media association, legislators and other "Stakeholders" to raise and address issues. as pointed out this started off as an ICT bill

this post by rebeca wanjiku highlights how most kenyan leaders tend to avoid consensus and/or building/planning opportunities only later to cry foul.

perhaps another trip down memory lane will help jog a few memories, you will be surprised to see how many familiar names keep popping up along the way

trip no 1

trip no 2

there are many others but a good summary on the ICT bill/policy formation can be found
here for quick overviews jump/scroll to box 1.1, box 2.1 and chapter 3

Almost all the same (political) names keep propping up Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Muthaura, Tuju, etc who were either in charge of their respective ministries or had some role to play.

either these leaders are irresponsible/reckless or too dumb to pay attention to detail and prefer the grand parades of reading out "resolutions" without understanding what it is they are reading.

nuff said on this

Anonymous said...

No matter how you try to gather news and post them here,a large section of Kumekucha readers will never accept you.a hypocrite and two faced wizard!How many people have you bewitched?

UrXlnc said...


learning can be painful

Anonymous said...

WHAT !!what OOH my !! Look at eho is defrauding kenya taxpayers their money when the government can not even bury the dead with respect and want to dump them in mass graves!!

Kenyans read read!!!
How dare they-


Maniago Safaris’ file could not be traced at the Registrar of Companies but its website indicates that it was incorporated in 1998 after a buyout of Abercrombie & Kent. Its managing director is Mr Duncan Muriuki, who also sits on KTB board



Anonymous said...


no!!no!! wewe shenzi- bring us Kibaki's ass and we will show you wich hole we will place it in!!

we are ready to go back to those streets to fight for our rights and this time central Lesotho will cease to exist!!

Anonymous said...

12:40 PM

very good question yes Martha Karua should name and shame- but she must start with

1. Anglo leasing
2. Transcentury
3. Grand Regency
4. charter house
and should I continue?? (tell Karua to name the thieves- she knows them and some are her family members and friends!!!!!!!!
the many stolen by the above thieves is in billions compared to the money karua is claiming is stolen for maize - shame on her !!
we can all see where she is going with that accusation - but she is wasting her time--

Some of the companies given money by the government to buy were UNGA GROUP(Kikuyu owned company)

Martha Karua malaya wa kibaki no shenzi sana- tell her to shut her big ugly mouth or we will shut it for her!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:18PM
Lets face the facts.Some issues zinaachwa zikae tu because you want someone to look like a saint.
Molasses Stinks and tiz high time you people realised that its one of the issues that will point you to who the REAL Raila is.Ask and you shall get answers-start with people inside there.
Lets not pretend here.Am glad the issue has cropped up here.Ul be amazed if u dug deeper.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Kenya is Kenyans themslves they think they are smart or eductated just because the attended school or universities localy teaching 19 century british curriculum Kenyans need exposure and they should stop believing the strash the media in Kenya write, they need proper training.

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